One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Minutes Aren't Guaranteed

So, couple things, just wanna talk about,
just wanted to huddle up
and get you guys' thoughts
on the potential of a new addition to OTE.
Tonight, a growing number of companies
are cutting ties with Kanye West
over the hip hop mogul's offensive
and anti-Semitic remarks.
[reporters yelling]
[female anchor]
His private school, Donda Academy,
will close in light
of this recent controversy.
[male reporter] Donda Academy is done,
and that leaves some of the nation's
top basketball recruits out in the cold.
These four and five-star recruits
are gonna have to figure out
where they're playing, this season.
[Rob] It's 4:17,
and we're going to Atlanta.
Going to make the move to Overtime.
When Donda blew up and stuff,
it was just like a mess.
It was either I was gonna go to school
or come here and just like,
play against competition, like the twins
and all the players that's here.
Now, the question is where does he go?
What roster do we put him on?
Who do we move?
We gotta try to figure out
how we gonna situate the teams,
predicated on Rob, and looking
at the best fit for the overall league
because he's a really talented player.
[Coach Calipari]
Unbelievable feel for the game,
speed and quickness with the ball.
He's got a quick twitch,
if he sees something,
it doesn't have to register with him,
he sees it, he reacts to it.
[fan] Come on!
[Rob] It was definitely super crazy,
because I ain't even get
to get all my clothes at all,
like I had to ship my stuff here.
It's just a lot of adversity,
and you just got to fight through it.
[Damien] We have an addition to our roster
as you guys know.
Rob Dillingham, we signed him today,
he'll be here in market tomorrow.
[Kevin] It's gonna be a domino effect.
Somebody's ego is gonna be bruised,
and it's gonna take some minutes
from some guys.
But at the end of the day,
that's part of being a professional.
This is true basketball.
This is true life.
[player] Family on me
-One, two, three
-[players] Family!
Good day, media day, man.
Ready for the shoot.
[Whitney] Look at this new look!
-[Trey] This is so weird.
-[Whitney] I know, it is weird.
[Trey] I look good in red.
It's like, weird, 'cause I feel like
you were such a Cold Heart.
Yeah, I am such a Cold Heart,
but I'm a Reaper now. [laughs]
[Damien] The Dreamerz know that they are,
you know, the team that's right
on the heels of the City Reapers
and you know, Jahki, coming from Reapers
and going to the Dreamerz
-[Jahki chuckling] Oh, boy. Damn.
[Damien] What we're hoping
is to create an intense rivalry.
I think that's what's gonna bring the best
out of all of our guys.
These is nowhere near the Reapers jerseys.
But it's okay, the black one's still
The black ones are fine.
That jersey's trash.
Weak-ass jersey, man.
I'm dunking on you.
-You said what?
-I'm dunking on you.
I think that's generated some hot
and cold feelings,
depending on who you are
and where you went,
but that's also the business
of basketball.
[Trey] I have a media day
with my new team, City Reapers.
Same number, but new jersey.
Fixing to take a smooth media day.
[producer] Are you happy about the trade?
Honestly, no, but I wanted to be traded,
just, I didn't think
it was gonna be the Dreamerz.
I just heard, there's a lotta rules
with Coach Tim.
I told him he was gonna be
on our team from the jump.
-Remember when I told you that?
-Now that's a fact, you definitely did.
[Damien] We wanted to make our games
a lot more competitive,
all right, like you're really gonna have
to show up and be elite every single day.
You know,
you have to come to work every day
and bring your lunchbox, because
your minutes aren't guaranteed here.
It's gonna be fun.
[Jahki] You let this happen to me.
-I didn't do that, I didn't
-I'm heartbroken.
I didn't even know who got traded
until today. I swear it wasn't me.
They wanna see you all lose now.
Not gonna happen.
-That's not gonna happen?
-We still gonna smack y'all on the 13th.
It's okay, you know.
You remember what I said earlier.
You know who I wanna dunk on.
Only Ausar.
Everybody usually says, like,
"Oh, the superstar twins
that can't be stopped."
I'm excited to play the twins
and just beat them.
I just wanna prove myself
and show everybody what I can do.
I gotta make three, to move on?
[buzzer buzzes]
[men laugh]
[Fanning] After the buzzer,
after like the whistle,
-don't take the extra shot.
-I got you.
All right?
[Damien] Tim Fanning, you know,
is a great coach,
and he's organized and structured.
[Fanning] Move around,
get out your area code,
get out your area code, say what's up.
[Damien] We felt that Jahki
would thrive well
under that strict kind of structure.
Guys, we got Jahki with us.
Jahki, welcome to the team.
Nothing changes, guys,
I hope everybody's ready
for a good second half of the season.
Just keep doing the small things, like,
TJ, today you were late for
Late for personal branding.
-[TJ] Late?
-Two minutes late.
-[TJ] No, coach.
-Two minutes late, a bunch of you guys,
I got four, like, four of you guys
were late, 9:02.
Be on time guys, take care of your shit.
Everybody's shoes tied?
Yep, love that.
Let's have a good practice, all right?
-[Jahki] One, two, three
-[players] Family!
[Jahki] First practice with the Dreamerz,
you know, I think that the most
that excites me is how big we are.
-[Fanning] Rebound, rebound, rebound.
Go get it, yes! Nice, nice, nice.
[Jahki] We got a lot of talented players.
Jaygort is always bringing energy,
Kanaan, you got J. Lew, Jah,
so it's a lotta size, you know.
[Fanning] Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Get back, get back, get back. Go, go, go.
[Jahki] I mean, I'm a competitor,
you know, I'm going to just do whatever
my role is on the team to just win.
[Fanning] Nice. Nice, Jahki. Good, good.
Everyone knows how talented he is,
he's gotta just stay focused
on the simple things,
just kind of buying in
to the process of being a pro
and kind of what that looks like
day to day.
It's not the end? It's not the end?
[Fanning] All right, let's go, let's go.
I like what I've seen so far from Jahki,
and I'm looking forward to see
how he can contribute to our team.
[Jahki] I mean, me being added,
hopefully, no more losses.
I just really can't wait
to see the Reapers, honestly.
[light clicks]
We have a big match up tonight,
it's the one-loss YNG Dreamerz
taking on the undefeated City Reapers.
Man, am I excited for this one.
We know how fast these guys play,
so everyone be prepared
to guard everybody,
as we talked about all week,
especially with the twins,
try to keep them in front of you.
Most important thing, guys,
take care of the basketball,
play hard, play together,
you guys have worked
your ass off all week,
you guys worked your ass of over break,
this is a game to go out and enjoy,
have fun, we're playing for first place,
trying to beat a team
that hasn't lost, all right? Let's go.
That's a family, one, two, three!
[Jahki] My feeling going into the game
is, you know,
I tend to, like, tune out everything,
you know, lock in on myself.
I just like, you know, I be hyped,
and I like to win
and be able to prove a point.
That's why I be jumping so high.
Like sometimes, I don't even know how I
get that high to do some dunks that I do.
I'm ready to just play and
get on the court and just get the dub.
[Isaiah] Yeah, I'm gonna go
with the Dreamerz too,
-we need the Reapers to get a loss.
-[Agent] Okay Wow! Look at us three!
And we are off underway at OTE Arena
in Atlanta, Georgia, let's get it going.
-[Davis] City Reapers just a machine.
-[Agent] That's Eli Ellis in the corner
-[Isaiah] Can't leave him open.
-for three!
-And blows a kiss to the Dreamerz bench.
It's never too early
to get the trash talk going.
[reporter] Hey, I'm here with Jahki Howard
of the YNG Dreamerz.
Someone said you're trying to dunk
on a Thompson, is that true?
Yeah, I ain't really worried about that
right now, I'm just trying to get the dub!
[Agent] Here comes the newest
YNG Dreamer, Jahki Howard,
checking into the game,
you know he's motivated for this one
playing against his former team.
And here we go.
[Davis] Oh, Lord
Oh, we got little confusion off the bat.
-But here we go! Dreamerz. Oh!
-[Davis] Showtime. Oh!
It's always a little nerve-wracking
playing against your former team.
-[Davis] I bet.
-[Isaiah] You try to do the most.
[Agent] That's Amen Thompson
with the ball, guarded by Jahki Howard.
[Isaiah] Okay, okay
Real physical. Real physical. I love this.
Yeah, little out of control here.
[whistle blows]
[angry yelling]
Top three, my ass. Top three, my ass.
Get to the league first, my boy,
then talk shit.
Make a free throw, come on.
[Davis] Players just had the
-Uh-oh, showtime ball!
-[Agent] Oh!
I told you he was capping.
I told you he was gonna go for it.
Yo, what's up, man?
Bro, I'm about to Wiling, bro.
[coach] Go, go, go!
It's a close one here at OTE Arena,
these two teams are very evenly matched.
-[Fanning] You gonna do all that? Look!
-[Jahki] I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck about them, on God.
Bro, he punched me
in my fucking stomach, bro!
Jahki! Can you be resilient right now
or no? Huh?
Can you play one possession at a time
right now or no?
-Yes, sir. Yes.
-Huh? Tell me.
I wanna know if I can trust you right now.
You're hot right now.
All right? Lock in. Don't try to win
this thing right now one-on-one.
You wiling.
You know you in my shit, right?
It's my city,
you know it's my city, right?
-[Agent] Jahki Howard.
-[Davis] There he go, there he go.
[Agent] That's Kanaan Carlyle
with the ball.
-[Davis] Jahki Howard!
-[Jahki] Whoo!
Ausar Thompson has no points,
but the Reapers are still up two.
Is that a little scary for the Dreamerz?
-Reapers ball. Here we go.
-[Davis] It's not over.
[Agent] Oh, not over,
we're in the thick of it.
Not at all, but
-[cheering and laughing]
-[Davis] Oh, my goodness
[Davis] That doesn't make sense.
-[Agent] Amen Thompson
-[Isaiah] How?
[Agent] Dreamerz going
the other way. Throws it up!
-Oh, my goodness, Jahki Howard!
-[Davis] Jahki Howard!
Ain't no off days on his schedule.
Oh, baby.
Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah
Oh, this place is getting going. Uh-oh.
-Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh
-[Agent] Jahki Howard.
-[Agent] Oh, my goodness!
-[Davis] Dunk contest dunk.
This is an OTE classic right now.
-[Isaiah] Dope!
-[Davis] Oh, come on.
It's my shit, Leitao!
It's my shit, Leitao!
They're getting frustrated.
Play mentally tough.
Compete with these guys, every loose ball,
compete with them,
but stay focused,
one play at a time, all right?
[hip hop music playing]
-[Agent] Eli dishing
-[Davis] Oh, no!
-[all] Rejected!
-[Davis] Reject What?
[Agent] Return to sender!
Guard Oh!
-Come on, ref! Come on, ref!
-[Agent] Eli stole it from Howard.
-[Jahki] Nothing!
-[Agent] Oh! Oh
We have a goal tend call.
Goal tend call.
And this place is going crazy right now.
Fuck no. I'm not going for that shit,
I'm not going. I'm not.
-That's your only bucket. You suck!
-Come here! Come here!
[Agent] Wait a minute.
It is a three-point game.
-[Davis] The Reapers fans are going nuts.
-[Agent] Do not sleep.
[player] Hey!
[Davis] Listen, hey, my heart
beating fast, I don't know.
-[Isaiah] This is good, though.
-[Agent] Standing room only at OTE Arena.
And we have a playoff atmosphere here.
Alex Sarr with the ball,
he finds Jahki Howard for three, huge!
-Look out.
-[crowd cheering]
-[Davis] Wants and needs!
-[Agent] Jahki Howard!
-Dagger, and
-[Isaiah] Man, wow
At OTE, now both with one loss.
-71-61, YNG Dreamerz.
-[Davis] Man.
[Agent] Jahki, is it any sweeter
because it was against your old team?
It feels amazing right now,
I ain't gonna lie, I'm in a great mood.
[Agent] Hey, thank you.
Appreciate it, Jahki, have a good one.
Yes, sir!
What are you talking about, man
What are you even talking about, man?
[chattering and laughing]
I feel amazing right now!
[Leitao] We asked for it, and we got it.
We got too many nice guys in here.
Too many nice guys.
I can't even say that they earned it.
I know one goddamn thing,
we gave it to them.
Sometimes, I even get frustrated
because they can sink down
to a low level, emotionally, really quick.
It's not important enough.
Your career is not important
because if it is, you would add your
talent to an emotional desire to be great.
The players have to grow and evolve
into more mature young men.
Because we know we're gonna face
the YNG Dreamerz
down the line again and again.
You allow 20 guys in this building
to out-work you,
then you give your career
to somebody else.
I've seen it a million times over.
And then you become really good
at something, which is excuses.
[Isaac] Garlic sirloin.
-What are these? Rib-eyes?
-No, porkchops.
Now, don't judge me before you try this.
I know it looks bad.
Every time they would trade somebody,
or he would face some adversity,
I'd try to talk to him, he'd say,
"I'll figure it out," which
Most kids his age, they just quit,
you know, or quit trying, you know.
That team's way different
than what he was coming from.
And playing with Amen and Ausar
is awesome,
but it can have its, you know,
challenges with how competitive they are.
All right now, I got a hot pan.
[Eli] There's so many times
I thought about quitting
-All right, now.
-like, it was about to be done.
Kind of wanted to go invisible,
act like nothing happened,
act like ready to kind a get out.
[Jenny] We had a conversation with him,
when we said there's two options.
If you don't want to play basketball,
we're okay with that,
but you will be great at something.
I think there was 11 guys in the NBA
under 6 foot or 6'1, something like that,
so like And he's not very athletic,
not very quick.
I knew, toughness-wise, he'd be fine.
I just didn't know
if he could athletically handle it, so
But I would rather him try
and fail than not try, so
I thought if he failed it would still be
a good lesson, a good story.
We've always preached to him,
you get to choose your choices,
you just don't get to choose
your consequences, you know?
[Eli] It's really different for me,
coming in here.
The athleticism, length, the mindset
and everyday work that you had to do,
and mentally, was probably
Mentally, it was probably
the biggest thing here,
just staying strong mentally, so
No matter what happens,
my dad always told me to finish,
like, you're not gonna quit.
[hip hop music playing]
[ball rumbling]
[shoes squeaking]
Coming into this, I was just finding
any way to beat that person
in front of me.
[coach] Come on, second, E.
Come on, get back to this side.
[yells] There you go, nice.
You know, five guys,
there's only gonna be five guys starting.
[coach] Come on.
Bro, that's a bad pass, that's a bad pass.
Somebody's on you, Eli.
You gonna have to work for that spot,
and it's really,
whoever the hardest working,
who knows the most,
and who can perform
is gonna get that spot.
[coach] Middle. Middle.
There you go. Come on, Eli. Come on, E.
[Eli] It's super hard, 'cause, you know,
they're not gonna give you a role
Here, you gotta find that role.
[coach] You got four minutes, Eli.
Come on, E. Come on, E.
Let's go to five. There you go, Eli.
Six, seven, there we go,
there we go, eight.
Come on, E. Get there.
Good, tough pace.
Good pro pace, good pro pace,
them pro reps right there, don't stop.
Come on, E.
[Eli gags]
[Eli gagging]
[coach] A lot of people,
they scared to get to that point,
you got to that point,
and now you can build off of that.
Don't worry about nobody else
in this gym but you.
That's what the fuck I'm talking about,
Eli. The fuck I'm talking about.
[overlapping yells]
[Gomes] What's up everyone, everyone good?
Let's get ready to get right to it.
Let's have a great practice today.
We know what we got coming up tomorrow.
I ain't saying we gonna win the game,
we going in to win,
but if we play as hard as we can,
we give ourselves a chance.
We struggled a little bit
in parts of our season
because we kind of had
one dynamic ball handler,
Bryce Griggs, in clutch situations,
and in set-up situations for guys.
But we're bringing in Rob Dillingham,
the guy who, when we go home,
when we look at TV,
we might see some
Rob Dillingham highlights on ESPN.
So we know he's a big deal,
he's an attraction.
He can do a lot of things,
magician with the ball,
has unlimited range
and can shoot the ball.
Take a good shot, yeah.
Shoot the first one.
[Gomes] He's one of the guys
that stepped up, like,
"We got it, I'll do this, I'll guard him,"
he was just, like, I'll take on
any challenge that's in front of me,
and I love that competitive spirit.
Listen, let's get it, man.
Hopefully, this could take us
all the way to the finals.
Let's get back on the winning track
so just bring your hardhat
and play aggressive,
that's all I'm asking you to do.
-[player] One, two, three
-[all] Hard work!
-Four, five, six
-Cold Hearts!
This would be separate,
so you would do your piece,
they would do their piece,
-and then he would do
-Is it here?
They would film it here, they would bring
a crew in and film it here,
probably next week before the finals?
My job is primarily in public relations
and player communications,
so I spend a lot of time with the players,
helping them to know their stories,
because I don't ever want them to feel
like they have to be someone
that they aren't in the public space.
And it's helping you develop
a healthy relationship with the media,
rather than one that you have
that's like, "I don't wanna do it."
-I don't even like media.
-Well, we're about to fix that. Come on.
This is really the first time
that they've had any coaching on this.
What we wanna do is sort of start
from the bottom,
build a foundation of understanding,
and then they can make their own decisions
about how they wanna show up in the space.
Our guest speaker today, Israel Gutierrez,
he's a reporter who has been working
in sports for many years,
but at ESPN for the last 12,
so I will let him take it away.
[Israel] Thanks for having me.
You know, this whole idea
that like there's this whole contentious
relationship between media,
that is kind of ridiculously overblown.
It is not real.
You are in charge of your relationship
with the media,
you're in charge
of what you say, obviously,
but you're also in charge
kind of when you say it.
[Amen] Whitney.
Hey, Amen, do you wanna come
to media training or no?
[Amen] Me and Johned
are two minutes away.
-You're two minutes away.
-[Amen] Yeah, I literally forgot about it.
That's okay.
It's not really okay, but we'll make
We'll figure it out when you get here,
but we'll wait for you and Johned.
Do you know where TJ is?
Amen and Ausar specifically,
they get a lot of media attention,
and therefore need
a lot of media training,
so I do spend a significant amount of time
helping them to develop
and learn how to tell
their stories publicly,
because they also are two young men
that don't really love to be very open
about those things.
Are you raising your hand?
-[Ausar] Yeah.
-Tell me.
I don't know why like
a lot of people don't, like,
just act like Marshawn Lynch
when they get asked like a dumb question
because some of the questions I hear,
I genuinely wouldn't feel like answering.
[Whitney] Every person is different.
If you wanna be Marshawn Lynch,
if you wanna be
No, but I'm being serious, like,
that works for him, that works for him,
and everybody sort of knows
that's who he is, and that's okay.
I think that you can say,
you know, I'm not really interested
in answering that question,
but I'm really glad that my team
played great tonight. Boom, move on.
NBA is a different monster, so the part
of the accelerated learning here
is teaching you early
how to deal with those pressures.
The quicker that you learn
how to handle it now,
the better, I think, you'll be handling,
you know, when you're 25, 26,
30 years old.
So today, we're gonna go
individually into this other room
and answer, each of you
have about three to four questions
that you're gonna answer to camera.
What we try to do was help them
become more comfortable
with the things they were potentially
uncomfortable with before.
As if it were on the record, Mr. Thompson.
-All right, do I look at the camera?
-No, you can look at Justin,
because that's how you would do
in any other interview.
[Justin] You're gonna have
a lot of these, big dog.
I know.
[Damien] It's the constant pushing to, you
know, come up to the level of maturity,
you know, and accountability
that Amen and Ausar need to handle it all.
Yo, I'm actually like, nervous now,
because I don't know,
didn't even know this was happening.
In order to be as successful as I know
that the Thompson Twins want to be,
there certainly is gonna be
some challenging days
that they're gonna have to fight through,
mentally and emotionally.
It's gonna be challenging
every day for them.
Why do I think I should be a franchise
player for some of these teams?
There's a lot asked of them,
but you know the old saying,
"To whom much is given, much is required."
Okay, remember that we have lunch,
today, with Miran.
You have an hour-long interview
with her tomorrow.
-An hour? Like me and Ausar?
-That's what she's requested.
No, you guys will be going separate.
[Damien] You know these guys say
they wanna be pro basketball players,
projected to be lottery picks,
The NBA scouts continue watching them,
evaluating their every move.
[Whitney] See, this is another good point.
Like if you were ever, Johned,
in an interview
and you were in a green room,
or you were anywhere else
and you just left your stuff like this,
you would get a reputation.
Every little thing, even outside
the interview, they pay attention too.
[Agent] Welcome back to OTE,
arena tip-off is just moments away,
first place on the line,
two one-loss teams.
The Dreamerz beat the Reapers last week.
[Jahki] Going into game two, they're dogs,
so they're not gonna want to lose again,
so it's gonna be a hard one.
I'm just trying to make sure that I'm able
to get on the court a little more,
so I can just, you know, help my team,
so I won't get myself so frustrated.
[Isaiah] I'm excited about tonight,
it's a huge one,
hopefully, we see some special moments,
can't wait to see
what's going down tonight.
[Eli] Succeeding is really everything
right now.
I need to be able to get more time,
more minutes,
or just be able to get on the floor
a little bit more to prove myself.
[Agent] It is time for tip-off.
I think this is gonna be
another close match-up.
Last week was fun,
this week will be even better.
And here we go.
[Isaiah] This is what you work
to play for, baby, right here.
[Agent] And we are underway.
Ready, help, JLew. Ready, help, JLew.
Ausar drives, looks for his Short.
[Fanning] Go! Go!
[Agent] They hounded Bryson Warren.
The dish and the finish
-Alex Sarr.
-[Davis] Good pass.
-That's a great pass.
-[Agent] Dreamerz defense
has been unbelievable,
especially on the Thompson twins.
They're really using their length.
They're being versatile
in switching off screens.
[Agent] Amen and Ausar Thompson continue
to struggle putting the ball in the hoop.
[Fanning] Remember with Amen and Ausar,
guys, around half court, give them space.
J. Mart said it, watch Jahki on the curl.
-[Agent] Dreamerz going the other way.
-[Davis] See, this not a one-on-one game.
You got to move the ball
from side to side.
-[Agent] Oh, Jahki Howard
-[Davis] Oh, good God.
-Oh, my God!
-[Agent] Allow me to reintroduce myself.
[Isaiah] And you know he's up for this
game because this was his previous team.
-Oh, yeah, we here!
-[coach] Stay on, stay on.
I just love the defense intensity.
Jazian Gortman
Up and away! Jahki Howard!
Show me what you got.
-Oh, my goodness.
-[Jahki] Hey, direct!
1.7 seconds, Amen Thompson. Short.
-[whistle blows]
I asked you two to give me something,
didn't I?
I said leaders, don't say shit right now.
Just listen. I said leadership.
I don't see it!
But I see a bunch of one-on-ones,
so if you do it, they're gonna do it.
If we move the ball
don't shake your head!
Because it's the truth.
So don't talk! Sit down!
If you do it, they're gonna do it.
Ain't no place for what I'm seeing.
Because, defensively,
we're killing ourselves.
-I'm calling plays, nobody's
-Stop talking and play defense!
Let's go. Hey, don't do that with me,
I'm not the one, Amen. Let's go, finish.
[Agent] Jazian Gortman
-Oh, my God!
-[Davis] Oh, my God!
My fucking city, my city,
my fucking city, fuck you up.
[Agent] And that will do it for us
for the first half.
Killing it right now, you know,
we're up a lot,
you know, I just dunked on Big Jah,
it was just like a big momentum.
They are mad as shit right now,
like, they're pissed.
They don't even want the ball.
So if y'all wanna talk about something,
let's talk about the snowball effect
of how they got up, what,
16, 18 points? 16.
How does that happen? You play as a team.
So we go back out, man. We move the ball.
Get easy baskets. One play at a time.
Be ready for them to make a run,
keep our energy up, bench energy was good.
and let's go have
a great second half guys, all right?
A season low 24 points in the first half,
they're gonna need more
in the second half here,
let's get it going,
Thompson Twins with the ball right now.
No look pass. Off the mark.
City Reapers have really picked up
the intensity here in the second half.
[Davis] Yes.
[Isaiah] They gotta attack now,
you gotta get some easy baskets.
[Agent] 94 feet of defensive intensity
by the City Reapers,
and the YNG Dreamerz are struggling
right now with this pressure.
Bro, I ain't touched the ball, at all.
Bro, fucking they don't pass
the fucking ball, bro.
[Davis] Jazian Gortman bringing it up
the court, loses it.
[Agent] Ausar Thompson diving
on the floor, Amen
-[Isaiah] This is what you don't want.
-That's how you get back in the game.
-[Agent] Here we go. Here we go.
-[Isaiah] They should be pressing.
What the fuck, bro?
I'm wide-ass open, bro.
[Agent] After lighting up the arena
in the first half,
the offense has moved away
from Jahki Howard here in the second half.
And it looks like Coach Tim Fanning
is gonna put him
on the bench for the rest of the way.
-[Jahki] I really don't give a fuck, bro.
-Here's the thing, we gotta like reset.
I be wide-ass open.
-I know, I know.
-This shit remind me of the Reapers.
[Agent] Both Amen and Ausar Thompson
struggling to get a bucket right now.
Who's gonna be that number three option
for the City Reapers?
[Frazier] Why would he shoot
the three, man?
-You're the only one who'll take it.
-[Eli] That's what I'm saying, but
-But you gotta take your attempts!
-Yes, sir
[Frazier] That's not you, I don't want you
to do that, I want you to shoot.
[Agent] Looks like Coach Frazier
is giving Eli Ellis a little pep talk.
I mean, time is running out
on the Reapers,
they need to string together some offense
before it's too late.
-Going the other way.
-That's how you get back in the game.
-Kanaan, help!
-[Agent] Amen Thompson. Eli Ellis
-[Davis] That's a big shot.
-[Isaiah] It's a game.
-[Agent] For three!
-[Isaiah] It's a game.
[buzzer buzzes]
[Agent] Pushing it.
-Eli Ellis for three! Hit me!
-[Isaiah laughs]
[Agent] And blows a kiss to the sky.
And we have a six-point game
just like that.
Eli Ellis is cooking!
Shot clock going down.
Eli is unconscious!
Way to go, Eli!
Get him the ball! Get him the ball!
Trey Parker
-Eli Ellis, you know where this is going.
-[Davis] Thank you, thank you.
[Agent] Talk to me! Nice!
I'm out right after this shit,
I don't give no fucks.
-[Agent] Seven for 11 from three.
-[Davis] Uh-oh.
Eli Ellis, you know what's coming.
-[Davis] Uh-oh.
[Agent] He said, I'm the best shooter
at OTE, no cap!
[Isaiah] Oh, my
The Reapers win 76-64
and reclaim 1st place
in the OTE standings.
I'm out this shit, fuck that.
Hey, way to shoot the ball, boy.
[Agent] And our Prime player
of the game is none other than Eli Ellis.
Eli, you guys were down double digits
halfway through that third quarter
and then went on a 20 to 2 run.
What changed halfway
through that 3rd quarter?
I think just our mindset, you know,
we've had it in us the whole year,
we are a defensive team.
We just picked it up
and played with momentum, got stops,
and the twins
really took over, defensively,
and we just got back in the game.
Fuck this shit, man.
[fan] Jahki! Jahki!
Get out the way, bro.
I'm fucking out this shit, bro!
[Jahki] It was a lot of frustration
because we knew what our game plan was,
and we knew that we executed it
the first half, so not executing,
you know, turning the ball over, you know,
the ball just slipping
out of everyone's hands,
it's a lot of different emotions.
[Jaygort] Bro, what the fuck?
Why y'all got an attitude? We all lost!
Y'all are the fucking point guards.
I don't have the fucking ball!
It's your fucking fault!
All y'all fucking turnovers,
-you're the reason why I fucking lost!
-[Jaygort] Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro!
No I'm not going do nothing, bro,
I'm just gonna talk to him, bro.
Look, bro, look,
you can't get an attitude every time
something don't play
your fucking way, bro.
What I told you about that?
Pick your fucking head up, bro.
Bro, come on, bro.
Come on, you can't do that shit, bro.
-[Jahki] No, bitch!
-You know how the fuck you gotta lose.
-[Fanning] Don't do it, Jahki.
I really encourage you guys right now,
keep your head up.
Keep your head up.
[Jahki] Hate this shit.
[Fanning] Remember this feeling,
test of character.
We're gonna see those guys again,
we're gonna keep working hard,
we're on a good dynamic.
-That's all I gotta say.
-[Jaygort] Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
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