One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Path of the Unknown

[Dan] Why do you think
I wanted to talk to you?
[Jahki] Uh, because of the mistakes
I've been making.
[Dan] I think that you feel underneath,
you're not sure if we want you here.
- Is that true?
- Yeah.
[Dan] I'm telling you I want you to be
at OTE.
There's so much potential for you
to be a huge star here.
- [announcer 1] Uh-oh, Howard. Oh, my God!
- [announcer 2] Oh, my God!
I appreciate that.
But, you know what scouts tell me?
They all tell me the same thing:
"I watch them without the ball.
I watch them when they're in the corner
and no one's passing to them.
I watch them on the bench."
[Jahki screaming]
I don't give a fuck.
I really don't give a fuck, bro.
And so, when I see the mistakes,
the difference between getting
from here to here, is the mental game.
- Don't fuck it up.
- [Jahki] I won't.
[upbeat music throughout]
[Wilkins] Finals match-up is the Dreamerz
versus the City Reapers.
You know, a tale of two teams,
two coaching styles.
City Reapers have that two-headed monster
in Amen and Ausar
who can pretty much dominate a game.
This is exactly how I wanted it.
They beat us one time
so I wanna kill them in the series.
[Jahki] Top three my ass. Top three my
Coach Leitao, he won the championship
in the first year,
so he knows how to get his guys going
during this time.
The Dreamerz, it's hard to scout them,
because you never really know
who's gonna be the guy.
They have consistent guys who come in
and get work done,
and it's all led by Coach Fanning,
who's our most organized coach
that we have.
Tim's a great coach
and he has some great players,
so it's gonna be a challenge.
I'm excited about it.
[Jahki] Feels good to be back,
you know, be with the team.
See how I'll do today,
make sure I'm in shape.
- [Wilkins] Question for you.
- [Fanning] Yeah.
[Wilkins] You want him on the bench
He can't play this weekend, I don't think.
I I figured that.
[Fanning] You know what I'm saying?
Like, just from a fitness standpoint,
like, he ain't done nothing in a month.
Would I like him on the bench?
Yeah, I'd love for him to be on the bench
dressed and ready, and also okay with,
"I might not play tonight and tomorrow."
[Wilkins] Jahki struggles at times.
The ball is certainly in his court.
At some point you gotta say to yourself,
like, "I gotta be a part
of the solution,"
and find a way to get done the things
that you need to get done.
[Jahki] I'm tired already
and I ain't even do shit yet.
[Wilkins] Hopefully, he'll do the work
to show how much
he really wants to be here.
But there's only so much
we can put up with.
And at some point,
we have to do something about that,
just to keep the integrity
of our program.
Touch up, touch up, touch up. Touch up.
- Touch up. Anybody have anything to say?
- [player] Get it done.
I wanted to say this after practice,
but I wanted to sit here
and apologize to all y'all
for not being here,
you know, being away
for two weeks suspension,
because of something that I did,
and I just wanted to apologize to y'all,
I did not have y'all's back,
not being here for y'all,
for the times that I know y'all lost
my head, y'all had tough moments,
and I just wanna all,
apologize to all y'all.
[somber applause]
- Family on 3, 1, 2, 3, family!
- [Dreamers] Family!
[Trey] NC State came to see me play
in last spring.
I ain't never really had no college coach
like texting me
or come up to see me in person.
I'm excited about NC State
because it's closer to home,
so it's, like, I can have the city
at my back.
So that's a big motivation to me.
Everything was just like so big
and exciting,
seeing the basketball gym,
seeing the courts, they were just crazy.
We're one of 14 schools that have won two
national championships, so
Coach V, they won it in '83, and Coach
Sloan won it in '74.
It's our first time coming to check out,
aayyy. [giggles]
[indistinct cheering]
Trey where do you want
your locker to be at?
- You want T's?
- Yeah.
- [coach] You sure you want this one?
- [Trey] Yuh.
Cause you gotta get buckets to come
here, and we'll give you this one.
[Trey] Really doing it for me and my
family, my grandma.
That really just keep me pushing.
I just wanna give them
what they want to see.
[crowd cheering]
[Jarod] We don't, we don't look at it
as no pressure.
Where we come from, our moms working jobs,
that's pressure, that's real pressure.
I don't even want him
to look at it like that,
like, people gotta wake up
and do 9 to 5s,
man, he been blessed with the ability
to go out there and play,
do something that he loves
so, any kind of pressure,
I don't even want him to think about
pressure when he in those lines,
'cause it's way harder
outside those lines.
[Trey] Coming into the NC State
atmosphere, it does motivate me more.
Miss Christy, can't let her down.
Time to lock in, get my books right,
get my head in the game.
[cheering, laughter]
There's a lot of support behind me.
Ain't no need to be scared.
[Ausar] Oh, my goodness.
I feel like once you get in the NBA,
you don't even play 2K anymore.
- [Ausar] Exactly.
- [Amen] And then you start complaining
about the rating.
As soon as my ranking comes out,
I'm gonna just start complaining.
[Troy] It is crazy like how you guys
about to be in the league.
Especially cause you went from like,
2-star to 5-star like that fast.
[Amen] I felt like
we were always 5-stars, though.
[Troy] People from Oakland
do not get recruited very highly.
It's like a huge knock
on Oakland basketball players period.
That is true.
[Ausar] It's a very real possibility
that we might be living
in different cities next year.
That was me crying, cause you can,
y'all can make it look like I cried.
What I'm gonna miss most about Amen
is just someone that has your back,
someone that's gonna, you know,
always push you to be the best you can.
[Amen] It's gonna be different,
but it's gonna be
I mean, it's exciting to like go
on a journey, possibly by myself.
[Ausar] Amen, you know we're gonna
get clowned for eating Life.
That's like what old people eat.
[Ausar] I think we're both prepared
to play
with or without each other,
it doesn't really matter.
Just with each other we're just dy
More dynamic.
They don't know what to expect, right?
And they're wanting to know everything
to expect
and no one can tell 'em that
because it's a path of unknown.
I feel like the longest
we were apart was two days.
Not apart, but that wasn't, you know,
we weren't in the same building.
[Wilkins] I can't tell you
what team you're gonna go to,
I can't tell you what city
you're about to be living in,
I can't even tell you
where you're about to be drafted.
I've been preparing for that
like my whole life,
so, like, don't even feel no type of way,
maybe when it happens,
like, if I was on the east
and he was on the west,
it'd be like, "Well."
But like, as of now, I don't even know.
[Wilkins] It's a stressful time for 'em.
There's just so much unknown,
all the things that's in their future.
[phone ringing]
[automated voice] At the tone,
please record your message.
When you are finished recording,
you may hang up
or press 1 for more options.
[Christy] Hey, sweet pea,
it's Miss Christy.
You were supposed
to call me back yesterday
when you got finished eating dinner.
Call me back when you get this message.
Love you lots.
I'm very worried about Trey.
He set a goal that he wants to graduate
in May and move on to college.
It is a challenge
and I'm hoping for the best outcome.
We've gotta get this done
in this time period.
- I'm going to get Georgia peach.
- [cashier] Okay.
[Christy] And I want it in a waffle bowl.
Yes, ma'am, the only waffle bowls we have
are dipped in chocolate.
- That's exactly what I want.
- [cashier] That is perfect.
That's exactly what I'm feeling!
- I'm so glad to be out here today.
- [Roxanne] Mhm-hmm.
- I needed a break.
- Yup.
- Life has not been my friend.
- What's going on?
- I don't know, just life.
- What do you mean?
Just, my stress levels have been high.
Just doctor visits and still trying
to make sure I make it to work.
I have been battling with cancer
for quite a while now
and between doctor and therapies,
just trying to prepare for classes.
It can be a struggle.
[Roxanne] I just truly believe
that everything will work itself out
in the end.
- Yeah.
- It will.
I need to get Trey.
To make sure Trey is inside of a cap
and gown.
You do. You do.
And I think that's another thing
that's weighing on me, heavily.
- Like, I'm so afraid to be absent.
- Yeah.
Because if I'm not there, I'm not sure if
he's really gonna give a hundred percent.
- Absolutely.
- You know what I mean?
- I got to get him to that point.
- Yeah.
[Christy] He's made a promise.
There are days
that I have to remind myself,
this is the reason why you don't give up.
[phone ringing]
Hi! Whatcha up to over there?
[Trey] Nothing, just waking up.
Trey inspires me simply
by his own personal joy.
He refuses to accept defeat and it helps
me because then I set my goals higher,
so it's like we, literally, boost
each other up.
- [Trey] How are you doing today?
- I'm actually doing pretty good.
I went and I met Ms. Roxanne
to get some ice cream.
[Trey] Was that
the only thing you ate today?
Yeah, I'm guilty.
Only had ice cream today.
[Trey] You gotta make sure
you eat something else.
[Christy] I promise.
I know we talked about school
a little bit yesterday,
but, you know, we gotta try
to wrap this up
and get it done before graduation.
[Trey] Yeah.
- All right, love you lots.
- [Trey] Love you too.
- Okay, bye.
- [Trey] All right.
All right, look at my baby.
[walk sign beeping]
- [Marcus] Good morning, gentlemen.
- [players] Good morning.
[coach] Get louder!
Let's try it one more time.
Good morning gentlemen.
[players] Good morning.
[Marcus] All right, so we're doing
the Champ of the Week real quick.
So, Somto! It is time.
You've been holding the belt for a while,
you been the Champ for months.
Um, it is time to give that thing up.
Describe the person,
give their characteristics,
keep the energy up,
the same I just modeled for you,
and we go that way.
Uh, the Champ of the Week, he's been
through a lot.
Ups and downs, with everything, he still
shows up. You know, still going for it.
Really he's trying to make everything
right. Jahki.
[Jahki] I'm just trying to make sure
that I'm able to, you know,
get on the court, still, like,
focus on my mental health,
getting myself right.
[Marcus] And who
or what are you grateful for?
Uh, I'm grateful for all my brothers,
all my family in this room right now,
you know, I had a lot of ups and downs
but everybody in this room, you know,
always had my back
or, you know,
talked me through something.
Anything happens, just smile through it.
Don't give nobody a reason to think
that I'm mad, frustrated, just smile.
[Fanning] Hey, Jahki, Jahki!
- Uh, how're you feeling?
- Feeling great!
[Fanning] It's a long series, man,
you're gonna have moments
where you're gonna shine,
and you're gonna have moments
where we gonna need you
to just be a good teammate.
The series is not gonna be perfect.
The skill that's gonna help you the most
is your ability to get through aversity.
So, like, as much as you want to,
and I know you wanna fucking guard
the twins, and you will,
and I know you wanna dunk on some people,
and you will.
But also working on that skill of, like,
when there's a tough moment,
being with the team.
Being with the team, man.
That was the first thing you said
when we were talking before,
I was like, "What do you miss?"
You said "Being with my teammates."
So there's nothing
that can take that away.
Even if you score zero points. All right?
- Be smart tonight.
- Yes, sir.
[dramatic music throughout]
[hype music playing throughout]
[announcer 1] All season long,
we waited for this moment right here.
City Reapers and the Dreamerz
about to face off in the OTE Finals.
Man, this is a packed crowd
in the building.
Ooh, there's nowhere to sit
so, there's actually, like,
an infantry of people standing.
[Jahki] I'm feeling good, you know?
I feel like my team
kind of just needed an energy guy,
someone to you know, bring the energy,
help 'em out.
Kind of lacking energy right now,
so, I'm feeling good about tonight.
All I know is, I can't wait to get out
there and show everybody what's up.
Feel like I'm not gonna be able
to play that much,
but it's Coach's decision
at the end of the day.
[announcer 1]
It's electric in the building.
Oh man. My shots up man.
Getting my shots up!
[dramatic music throughout]
[announcer 1] Here we go! OTE Finals!
Game 1!
[announcer 2] Man, here we go. This is
what it's all about right here.
[announcer 1] The Dreamerz are gonna need
their whole bench
to contribute to this game if they want a
chance at beating these Reapers.
Good drive, pass inside to Alex Sarr.
Another bounce pass, it turns it over.
[announcer 3] Oh, man.
[announcer 1] Amen, on the fast break
over to Ausar, back to Amen!
[laughs] I can't believe he got
that one to go.
[player] Oh, shit.
- [announcer 1] Kanaan pulls up.
- [announcer 2] That's an insane pass.
[announcer 1] Corner 3.
Eli on the rebound, up to Big Nate for a
big slam!
- Transition.
- Turnover.
They cherry pick. They literally cherry
[announcer 2] Dreamerz have got
to figure out a way to make some buckets.
[announcer 1] Oh, my God! What a put back!
Here we go!
[Jahki] Shit! Oh, shit!
[announcer 1] Always fun watching
these two teams play
because you know it's 2 juggernauts
going at it.
Defense! Defense! Defense!
[announcer 2] Ausar, thinking about it.
Pulls up.
[player] Shoot it! Shoot it!
[announcer 1] No. Nothing.
[announcer 2] Yikes.
Ausar with an airball.
[Jahki laughing]
[announcer 1] Great defense being played,
it's a close one so far this first
quarter. Back in 2.
[Fanning] Hey, zone defense.
We're zone defense right now,
okay? We're zone defense.
[Leitao] Hey, sprint back on D, be solid
and they'll make the mistakes on defense.
All right?
[player] Hey Reapers on me, Reapers on
three. 1, 2, 3.
Yeah, Ki, Ki, Ki.
Hold on.
[dramatic music throughout]
[announcer 1] Oh, that's a big block
from Jahki Howard.
The Dreamerz are gonna need
that same Jahki athleticism on offense.
[Jahki] Wide-ass open bruh.
[announcer 1] TJ! Oh, my goodness.
[Fanning] Ki, Ki! 2!
- [announcer 3] Right over him. Oh, man.
- [announcer 1] Oh, my goodness!
Oh, and he smiled at him.
[player] Fucking Jahki.
[Jahki] Fuck.
[announcer 1] It's so challenging to beat
City Reapers
if the twins
are consistently hitting threes.
- [crowd cheering]
- [announcer laughing]
Go Dreamerz!
[Fanning] Talk to me TD, talk to me.
- Wrong personnel, man.
- Huh?
Personnel. That's what the difference is.
Jahki's horrible.
- He's terrible, huh?
- Over here, complaining.
Finally gets his ass in, and he ain't
doing shit out there.
[Fanning] Full time out.
[announcer 1] About time, man.
Much needed time out
for Coach Fanning and the Dreamerz.
Effort level is just not there right now.
[Jahki] He just played me for two minutes
and take me out of the game.
And playing Izan
for 40 minutes, like, fuck, bro?
Hey, stay with me we got two more
Look, we gonna need you to win the game.
- We gonna need you in the game.
- Nah, bro.
Yes we are, bro.
[Jahki] How the fuck
y'all gonna need me, I don't play.
J-Lew! J-Gort! J-Lew! J-Gort!
If you're going out there proving
yourself, you think they'd never play you?
[Jahki] Bitch, I can't prove myself,
I'm open every time.
[announcer 1] Elli pushing it out on the
floor for Reapers, over to Bryson.
Amen in the corner, attack the back rim.
[Jahki] I'm really a bum, bro.
[announcer 1] Bryson for the 3. Yup!
And just like that,
man, we got ourself a close game.
Ten seconds on the clock.
First half winding down. Alex Sarr.
- [buzzer buzzes]
- [announcer 3 laughs]
[announcer 1] 41 to 39,
the City Reapers up two.
Hey, it has been a close half so far.
We're playing good basketball,
right there, it's our game.
If we can stay together more than them,
we're gonna win the game.
[Leitao] All right, fellas, listen up.
They're sitting ducks!
I would like to know,
what's the ultimate form of respect?
"I cannot guard you. I cannot guard you
so I'm gonna just play like this."
And you can't oblige them.
You gotta move the ball,
right here's your decision,
right here's your decision.
[Jahki] Just frustrated because,
you know, him not playing me as much,
I can get in and make a big impact,
but then at the same time,
it don't matter to Tim.
[Fanning] It's that simple, all right?
Let's go out there and fight
one play at a time.
All right? Come on,
let's go, let's go, let's go.
- [Fanning] Go.
- [announcer 1] Top of the second half.
City Reapers up two, 41 to 39.
What adjustment do you feel like
both teams really have to make?
[announcer 2] I feel like the Dreamerz
gotta not just let the Reapers shoot.
[announcer 1] Wide open shot.
Uh-oh. This might get ugly.
- [announcer 2] Amen!
Behind the back pass to Bryson Tiller!
The Dreamerz are sleep walking
to start of the second half.
[coach] Any way we get Jahki?
[Fanning] For who?
[coach] You know I just feel like he might
be able to give us
- Bryson?
- Bryson's dead.
- I would think about Bryson.
- Jahki, Bryson? All right.
Jahki. Jahki. Jahki, you got Bryson.
Hey, guys, let's go! t's our game!
It's our game, all right? It's our game.
[announcer 2] I like the substitution.
Coach Fanning needs Jahki to get inside
and make some tough baskets
to stop the bleeding.
[Fanning] TJ, hit. TJ.
[announcer 2] Huge 3 from TJ Clark.
Let's go! Let's go, right now! You go!
Right now! Come on!
Yeah, Gort! Yeah, Gort!
[announcer 2] Dreamerz
still looking sluggish on defense.
[Fanning] Get in front, J-Lew.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Great switch.
[announcer 2] Another offensive rebound
for the Reapers.
Jahki! Jahki! Rebound! Rebound!
Jahki! Rebound!
Fucking missed the rebound!
Another 2nd chance point.
'Nother 2nd chance point.
Aww man, c'mon.
- [Fanning] TJ, hit him. Hit him, 8.
- [Jahki] He gonna pass the ball?
[announcer 2] J-Gort talk to me nice.
And one. J-Gort is single-handedly keep
the Dreamerz in the series.
[Fanning] Jahki! Hey, hey. Ki!
Jahki! Come here!
Compete right now.
You said you worked your ass off to get
back on the court and compete,
right now try to compete.
All right, just bring energy, Ki!
Bring energy! All right?
[Fanning] Ki, you got Amen!
This guy's fucking moping around,
one more minute, he's moping around.
We can't, no more fucking moping around!
No more fucking moping around!
[announcer 1] Amen Thompson walks it up.
High pick and roll with Bryson Tiller.
[dramatic music throughout]
- [Fanning] Back in front!
- [announcer 1] Nate, thought about it,
almost got it. Seven on the clock,
Trey has it.
[Fanning] Jahki and TJ. Jahki, TJ.
[Jahki] Hey Coach, last time I remember we
won I played.
[Fanning] Jahki, quit pouting.
Quit pouting! Quit pouting!
Be a part of the fucking team,
quit pouting!
[Jahki] Then fucking play me. You fuck!
I didn't come here for no fucking reason.
Last time we played, we won, right? You
[Fanning] Grow the fuck up!
- [Fanning] Grow the fuck up!
- Last time we fucking won, I played.
[Fanning] All right, see ya!
Fucking kidding me, bro.
They don't fucking play me at all.
Fuck am I here for?
What the fuck I look like?
A fucking benchwarmer?
[announcer 1] With just 4 minutes to go,
the Dreamerz finally turn up the
We're on J-Gort. Got something to say.
Kicks it to the corner.
- [announcer 3] Man
- [announcer 2] Oh, my goodness!
TJ Clark!
[Jahki] Trippin'. The fuck I look like.
[announcer 2] This what you want.
Everybody about to stand up in the arena.
J-Gort got it.
They need a bucket.
- [announcer 3] 8, 7, 6, 5
- [announcer 1] 5
- [announcer 1 & 3] 4, 3, 2
- [announcer 2] Stand back. J-Gort
- Oh, wow.
- [announcer 3] Oh, man.
[Beckwith] Jahki, you walk away, that's
[Jahki] I don't care. The fuck I look
Hey, can you give us a minute please?
Thank you.
[announcer 1] 1.8 on the clock
Opportunity to ice it. For the game.
Eli Ellis, game!
No foul.
And just like that,
the City Reapers take Game 1
of the OTE Finals, 81 to 77!
[Fanning] Just be calm, right now
we gotta stick together, all right?
Stick together, okay? All right?
[Leitao] I wish I could say,
"Man, great job,"
'cause we gotta come back
and do the same thing but more tomorrow.
We need 11, not 10,
11 to win this thing, okay?
We good? Let's bring it in,
let's bring it in.
[Fanning] Everybody stick together,
everybody stick together, okay?
We're back at it tomorrow.
They made a ton of shots at the end,
a couple of plays didn't go our way.
Uh. 4th quarter was tough, guys,
it was a tough 4th quarter.
Don't get into your feelings,
don't start thinking
about anything individual,
just think about the team,
think about us winning tomorrow.
If you can do that, we'll be okay.
All right?
It is what it is, the finals,
it wasn't gonna be a straight line.
If you're not cut out for it,
keep your head down.
If you're cut out for it,
fucking head up,
and we come back,
and we get these guys tomorrow.
All right? Let's go.
- [player] Family on 3, 1, 2, 3 family.
- [Dreamerz] Family!
[Wilkins] For Jahki to allow his emotions
to get the best of him, again,
and commit one of the ultimate sins
as a teammate,
as a basketball player,
as an athlete, to leave.
We had to make a tough decision
to remove him from our campus.
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