One Shot: Overtime Elite (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

This is Our Dream

[ambient music]
-[dribbling sounds]
-[Frazier] Yep. Good.
Keep pausing it, pop, pop, pop.
The season comes down to how Amen
and Ausar perform in the finals matchup.
[Frazier] Let's go, pick-and-roll
right now, you got the ball.
[shoes squeaking]
We always say when the check writers
are in the building,
you gotta punch the clock.
We're not letting anybody get in our way
of what we set out to do
in the beginning of the year,
and that was win the championship.
You gotta give me a make on this,
let's go.
Right now, y'all know
where he is mentally.
He's got some other shit
he's worried about
and it's obviously not here.
We can't have it.
Now keep shootin' that
until your arm fall off, let's go.
-Right back.
-[dramatic music swells]
[commentator 1] Ausar drives
[DW] When you're strugglin'
with your shot
[commentator 1] Looks for his, short.
[DW] your concentration is off.
You start rushin'
you start forcin' shots.
[commentator 1] No, nothing.
It's easy to have that compound,
a snowball effect.
-[music intensifies]
-[commentator 1] Off the mark.
The biggest thing Ausar mentioned,
he was just like
"Yeah, everything's happening
so fast right now."
[chuckles] You know, I feel like their
head is just like
[Frazier] The anxiety is super high.
[DW continues] The pressure is, you gotta
win the biggest game of your life
to gain that confidence of the scouts,
general managers, team decision makers.
Free throw. Here we go.
If you don't figure this shit out,
this ain't gonna make it.
[scoffs] Oh, my God.
[music swells, stops suddenly]
[theme music]
[commentator 1] Welcome back.
We got the OTE Finals.
It's a close one, 40-38.
City Reapers went today
and they take it home.
Dreamerz had to fight to stay alive,
they got an uphill battle.
Here we go!
[upbeat music]
-[unintelligible chatter]
-[shoes squeaking]
[music continues]
[commentator 1] Amen, shoots and misses.
[Frazier] Fuck that shit.
We can't do that shit tonight.
[commentator 2] Hey, if I were Dreamerz,
I'm taking every shot like it counts,
but like know what I'm sayin'
like they need it, bro.
[commentator 1] JGort wide!
Open lay, takes it all away.
Let's just go to Game 5 and lose!
That's what you're tellin' me!
That's what you're tellin' me!
You guys got two goddamn choices,
pick it up, or cancel the fuckin' game!
[commentator 2] The Dreamerz
are doin' a great job of just like,
keepin' they foot on the gas.
[Frazier] This is good, you know why?
'Cause it's gonna turn some shit on
in a minute. You understand?
You guys are ready to run through
a fuckin' brick wall right now.
Finish the fuckin' game.
-[music intensifies]
-[indistinct chatter]
[commentator 1]
Amen back to Ausar, three.
Ausar Thompson. Nice move.
-Bryson Warren, three! And one!
-[commentator 2 cheering]
[commentator 1] Dreamerz trying
their best to just keep them away
but the Reapers just fight back.
-[commentator 1] He's open again.
-[commentator 4] Oh my God!
[commentator 1] What's going on?
[commentator 2]
First, Ausar, then Amen, then Ausar.
[commentator 1] You don't want
the Reapers get back into it.
And Dreamerz need one badly right now.
-Kanaan, three, open! Oh, he connects!
-[commentator 4] Kanaan is cooking
[commentator 3] Okay Kanaan!
[commentator 2]
Hey, man, that was a big shot.
[commentator 1]
Back to Amen, the twin is working.
-Cross court, Nate. He hits it.
-[commentator 4] What?
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 1]
What I love about it is they're not even
-being selfish today like
-[commentator 2] It's the best shot.
-[dramatic music continues]
-[cheering continues]
Keep attackin'. They got too many guys
on the floor that can't guard.
[commentator 1] 46 seconds
on the clock, it is a one-point game.
JGort and the Dreamerz have it.
[raucous cheering]
[commentator 1]
So now the City Reapers are down 1!
[Leitao] Same play, same play!
[commentator 1] The Reapers
have a chance to win the game.
-[commentator 2] Yup.
-[commentator 1] Down 1.
-Everyone is on their feet.
[commentator 4] All right, here we go.
-Championship on the line.
-Look at the whole arena, okay.
[tense music]
-[indistinct cheering]
-[whistle blows]
-[commentator 1] In bound.
-[commentator 2] All right, here we go.
[commentator 1] 10 seconds on the clock.
Amen has it.
[commentator 2] Show me somethin'!
[commentator 1] Cross court to Ausar!
[announcer over stadium speakers] Ausar!
-[commentator 4] Three!
-[all commentators cheering]
-Amen right there. Two seconds. Kanaan!
-[raucous cheering]
Oh! Ausar Thompson
wins it for the Reapers!
-[cheering continues]
-[thematic music]
[Frazier] Let's go!
Sweep they ass up out of here, let's go!
-That's fucking go!
-[overlapping cheering]
[Frazier] Hey, hold up.
All I wanna say is this,
all that shit they talkin' about
we can't shoot?
-Fuck them.
-[indistinct cheering]
[commentator 1] Ausar Thompson
has done the remarkable.
Here to present the trophy, the Head
of Basketball and our General Manager,
Mr. Damien Wilkins.
It gives me great honor
to present our OTE Finals MVP
-to Mr. Ausar Thompson.
-[applause and cheering]
[upeat theme music]
-How are you feeling?
-I'm feeling great, you know,
I think it should've been co-finals MVP,
you know, Amen, he did so much,
he led the team every game,
so I'm sharin' it with him.
[MC yells] Your City Reapers!
[all cheering]
[music and cheering fade]
[car hums softly]
It's super cool, it's very, um,
exciting, you know New York,
it just looks like excitement.
I always dreamed of comin'
to New York for the draft,
and now I'm literally in New York
for the draft, so, I couldn't be happier.
[DW] Oh, the draft is comin'.
So, that's exciting.
Talk about goin' from whirlwind to
whirlwind, playin' in the OTE Finals,
one minute and the next minute
you gotta get ready for, arguably,
the biggest day of your life.
Just gearin' up and gettin' ready
for that is a lot.
Guys, we are gonna have
a very busy few days.
Um, first day is gonna probably be
our busiest,
and It's gonna be
a pretty packed few days,
but, nothing that you guys can't handle
and sort of, you know,
all a part of the process and what you
guys are gonna be doing at the next level.
-[indistinct chattering]
-[rhythmic music]
That's the twins.
[excited chatter]
-What's your name?
-[fan] Oh, my God
-[fan 2] Oh, my God. Three, two, one.
He walked by and he
was like "that's Amen Thompson."
That's crazy.
-[upbeat music]
-[street sounds]
[player 1]
There's a lot of competition tomorrow?
[player 2] Yeah.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[gentle music]
All right, fellas, you know what it is,
Pro Day, combine,
we got 55 scouts from 27 teams
comin' to watch y'all play today.
You guys are unbelievable
when it comes to talent,
uh, you guys got an opportunity
a lot of kids don't get.
Bounce around these workouts,
bounce around these drills.
Be competitive, but have amazing energy
while you're competin'
and tryin' to get another dude's spot.
Our OTE Combine
is gonna be really big for Bryce.
You know, he's gotta come out
and show that he can make shots,
show that he can run a team.
[Bryce] Just gettin' my body warmed up,
in basketball you just have
a few chances,
so today is one of those moments
we have to take advantage of it, so
I still have a lot to prove
on what I need to work on,
and, you know,
I just wanna show the scouts I'm worth,
you know, bein' on a team, bein' drafted.
Let's get it.
[DW continues] He's behind the 8 ball
and has to fight to gain
the confidence of the scouts,
general managers, team decision makers,
and he has an uphill battle to climb
because he's not on a draft board.
But it's been done before.
-[commentator 1] Bryce Griggs.
-[indistinct chatter]
What percentage do you feel
like you should be shooting
-in these situations right here?
[commentator 2] Man, you shootin'
10 a spot, you gotta be makin'
seven out of ten.
[commentator 1] 70%?
[commentator 2] It's just tryin'
to get in the zone and not really,
-not, not worry about everybody watchin'.
-[commentator 3] Yeah.
-All of this is mental right here.
-[commentator 2] Yeah, that's all it is.
[indistinct chatter]
[commentator 2]
You gotta knock these down.
-[chatter continues]
-[squeaking and thudding continues]
[Bryce] You know, if you miss a shot,
even if you miss 3 shots.
My dad, you know, he built that toughness,
so when challenges come,
I always refer back
to just havin' him on the sideline,
and, you know, those little things help,
you know, when adversity hits.
[gentle music swells]
[commentator 1] Once you get out there,
I think you score a couple baskets,
I think the mental side
of things goes away.
Workouts like this will help him,
especially if he's shootin' it well.
[commentator 3] Yeah.
Help him more likely.
-[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
-What's up buddy?
-I'm Bryce. Nice to meet you.
-Thank you for coming.
-Nice job.
-Good job.
-Where you from?
All right, that was everybody?
I feel like the time is gonna come,
you know?
I already know I'm good, but like,
this is my path, for sure.
[upbeat ambient music swells]
[street noise]
[dinner guest] There was a lady on
the plane today with a dog,
and I thought about your cats?
What are you going to do with those cats?
Those are my kids. They can come with me.
[all laughing]
So, what's been goin' on?
Every time we walk out the hotel,
there's like 20 people
like, just askin' for autographs
and stuff.
-[Rhita] From you guys?
Everybody like just started followin',
just because
they were like "Amen Thompson?"
Then everybody started turning around.
Then more people,
then it became like a little crowd.
[Rhita] This is the beginning
of your lives. This is a new life.
It's not gonna be this bad.
No, it's not bad, it's great, it's great.
[Claude] I've always believed
that this is what you guys are gonna do.
I wanna make sure that you don't forget
where you come from,
and who you are, and whose you are.
Do that, and I have nothin'
but the greatest admiration
and things that you guys are gonna do.
I don't care how big
or how successful you get,
you have a responsibility
to uphold the family name,
and the values that we put into you.
I don't have to worry,
because you've never done anything
to disappoint.
-[gentle music]
-Thank you, Grandma.
I'm happy, you know?
I go right now, I'm happy.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[Claude] I love you, love you, love you.
-[chatter continues]
-[music continues]
[groaning] Hey.
[moans] Mmmmm, I need a drink already.
Is it 5 o'clock anywhere?
Today is NBA Draft Day, and
[smacks lips] exciting times
for a lot of people, obviously.
Amen and Ausar Thompson, Bryce Griggs,
all have a opportunity today
for their dreams to become a reality.
-[Justin] How you feelin'?
-[smacks lips]
-[dramatic music]
A little stressed out.
But um, gettin' shots up,
always, it's a cure.
-[music continues]
I thought I was going to Miami
at pick 19.
But, took Dorell Wright
out of high school.
That still bothers me. To this day.
For Bryce, you gotta play.
Wherever that might be, it might be,
it might have to start off
in the G-League, right?
Like, you know, you don't get drafted,
people look at that as a disappointment
and I get it, it is disappointing,
but, sometimes you land in
a better spot because of it.
You know, I just wanna make sure
I'm doin' everything I can
to focus on Bryce,
and make any calls I need to make.
Reach out to people that I know in terms
of the relationships I have at the NBA,
um, I'm workin' for them today.
That's good stress relief,
let me go get on the phone.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[city noise]
The design and the inspiration is just
based around them being twin brothers.
So, one has cream, one has navy.
And here we are.
[Amen] I'm starting to get overwhelmed
by these cameras.
It's gonna be a challenging day for them.
Two guys projected to be lottery picks.
Do you mind pulling out
for just a second?
I'm just gonna let the NBA
get their stuff really quick.
[DW continues]
Their nerves are all over the place,
they're that much closer
to their life-long dream.
-What's up broski?
-What's happenin', what's happenin'?
It's that day!
NBA is a different monster, like,
everyone in that locker room pretty much
has walked across that stage,
and the higher you get picked,
the tougher it is everyday to show up
and justify that pick.
[Whitney] I want everybody else out
but mom and Amen and Ausar, please.
-One, two, three.
-[indistinct chatter, laughter]
[DW] Coaches don't have
a whole lot of patience,
organizations don't have
a whole lot of patience.
[heavy sigh]
The schedule is a whole lot different
and challenging
Pre-season, training camp,
82 games, play-offs, travel,
the responsibility, the pressure.
It's a dog-eat-dog world.
[Adam Silver through speaker] Good
evening and welcome to the 2023 NBA Draft.
Tonight, we usher in the next wave
of NBA players, young men
who come from different backgrounds,
who are brought together by
their common dream of playing in the NBA.
[dramatic theme music]
You know, I'm just, I'm here.
We're at the beginning, about to start
the whole process,
the whole start of the dream.
-[music fades]
-[chatter fades]
[thematic music]
[DW] Ooh, this place is packed!
[indistinct chatter, cheering]
-What's up, sir?
-What's up, dog?
I think tonight means a lot
to our players, and their families,
but also I know tonight means a lot
to all the work that all of us do,
that people that's watching
this draft don't see.
So, let's keep this thing goin' man,
let's not let this be the last time
we sittin' together
and watch guys walk across the stage
from Overtime Elite,
-so toast to you guys.
[music swells]
[Adam Silver continues]
Welcome to the 2023 NBA Draft.
With the first pick
in the 2023 NBA Draft,
the San Antonio Spurs select
Victor Wembanyama,
-from Monterro, France.
-[cheering, applause]
-What a surprise.
-[staff] Shocker. Major shocker.
[music swells]
With the second pick,
the Charlotte Hornets select
Brandon Miller.
With the third pick,
the Portland Trailblazers select
Scoot Henderson.
[commentator 1]
The Rockets on the clock
[music swells]
Here's the commissioner, the pick is in.
Oh God, my stomach is killin' me.
[Silver] The Houston Rockets select
[dramatic music swells]
Amen Thompson, from Oakland, California,
and Overtime Elite.
[overlapping cheering, chatter]
Yes, sir!
Man. We got us one
walkin' across the stage.
'Bout to get another one.
[Silver] With the fifth pick
in the 2023 NBA Draft,
the Detroit Pistons
select Ausar Thompson,
from Oakland, California,
and Overtime Elite.
[raucous cheering]
[music continues]
[commentator 1] I mean,
the parents they have this dream.
The boys, again,
they have a vision board at 9,
talking about the dream getting
to the NBA.
Man, how bout that, bro. That's crazy.
Does it feel weird
that you're actually like
like on the Rockets?
-Yeah, it does, it's like
-Like when you actually think about it
like that like, I'm on the Pistons,
like, that's the team I'm on.
-Yeah, it's weird.
-That sounds crazy.
[Amen] We're goin' separate ways
but, you know,
he's always gonna be in my heart.
[DW] Let's get these other guys
off the board!
I just been feelin' like
it's Draft Night for me too.
Obviously, we feel good about the twins
but I know how hard
Bryce worked for this.
More than anyone, honestly.
I just want him to get the opportunity
he deserves.
[Tatum] Thank you for joining us
for the second round of the draft,
as we continue to welcome these
young men into the NBA family.
It's hard to watch all these players,
get their name called,
and you're lookin' at most of 'em, like,
"I know I'm better than this guy."
[Tatum] With the 41st pick,
the Charlotte Hornets select
Amari Bailey from UCLA.
It only takes one team to just give you
a chance and believe in you, just one.
[Tatum continues through TV]
With the 49th pick,
the Cleveland Cavaliers
select Imani Bates,
from Eastern Michigan University.
With the 55th pick, the Indiana Pacers
select Isaiah Wong,
from the University of Miami.
Before I announce tonight's final pick,
I want to congratulate all these
young men and their families.
With the 58th pick the Milwaukee Bucks
select Chris Livingston
from the University of Kentucky.
It's a lot, I guess, cause I feel like
I'm supposed to be there.
Pretty upset.
[phone ringing]
[answering machine]
I'm sorry the person you are
This guy ain't answered
his phone all day.
That worries me a little bit.
[Tatum continues through TV]
Enjoy the rest of the night.
[DW] Night gentlemen.
[rain falling]
Roxanne, did you check your teeth?
-[Roxanne] I was waiting for the mirror.
-[Christy sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
[Christy] Gettin' ready. Graduation.
The ultimate celebration.
[chatter continues]
-[Christy] Roxanne, can you cute cry?
-Oh, I know how to cute cry.
-[Christy] You know to cute cry?
-Keep it nice?
-Yeah, keep it nice and classy,
-you know, not the ugly cry, I got you.
Gotta go get 'em
in their cap and gowns now.
Let's do it.
No cryin'. It's okay.
[Christy] As a teacher, my joy comes
from seein' a child happy
of their own accomplishments,
their own goals,
of them takin' accountability
for their own education.
[indistinct chatter]
-Okay, hold this right here.
-[relative] You look like Judge Judy.
[Christy] Okay, where's some bobby pins?
With your links showing
in the front, [squeals] okay!
Come on gentlemen.
But some days are not always good days,
and sometimes it's a struggle.
Alright, we missin' Trey.
Trey and I worked together
almost every day.
He's comin' through the door. Yep.
Struggling and making sure
that he gets everything
that he needs to be successful.
-How you feelin'?
-Feelin' good.
-You okay? You nervous? You ready?
[Christy] Why am I nervous?
-You feel like you relivin' it.
Hey, I wanna cry,
but I'm tryin' to be cool.
All the ups and downs we been through,
I learned about myself this year,
just really stayed by myself.
and I gotta keep going for it.
Our boys look sharp.
What is this, a beat?
-[indistinct chatter]
I know you need some stats
With my bro, yeah, my name is Mac ♪
I'm from Long Beach, spinning back ♪
Do I know, TB, Bro, Kanaan
That's some stats ♪
-[rapping fades]
-[indistinct chatter]
-[gentle music]
I fought a long time for this.
I mean we have been through
so much struggles, I mean
we just been through a lot,
and I'm glad we got here, thank God.
My mom's watchin',
my dad's watchin', and we made it.
[announcer] Welcome to OTE
Academy's Class of 2023 graduation.
-We welcome you, families.
It is very difficult in life
to get anywhere without taking risks.
But the biggest risk
is not taking any risks.
If you are not willing
to reach the unusual,
you will have to settle for the ordinary.
[cheering and applause]
Let's go conquer our dreams and goals.
Thank you.
[cheering and applause]
[teacher through microphone]
First, Matthew Raymond Bewley.
[teacher continues]
Somtochukuwu John Cyril.
[teacher 2]
Treymayne Jamere-Sumuhn Parker.
-[Christy] Yes! Yes!
[Carmen sobbing]
-[gentle music]
We did it, baby.
Look at him.
Trey has given me hope,
and he's given me joy,
the energy of such a youthful spirit,
I've learned to enjoy every day of living.
-[gentle music]
-Look at him [indistinct]
He and I had [sighs]
Wait a minute.
He and I had kind of like, you know,
developed a liking based
on some challenging situations,
and he's been my guy ever since.
I had said I wasn't gonna do that.
Congratulations, baby. You did it.
[Trey] God don't ever like let nobody come
into your life if they're not meant to be
so, at the same time Miss Christy
came into my life I came into her life.
[announcer] Can we have all
of our 2023 graduates line up front here?
-Give them a hand, a shout, a praise!
-[cheering and applause]
-[cheering fades]
-[gentle music swells]
[music fades]
[street noise]
[Bryce] Draft Night, it didn't go
how we wanted it to be planned
but my agent just told me
to just keep workin'
and he told me I'll have something
for me in 24 hours.
[uplifting music]
Yo, BG. Look at it, I went out
and I bought myself a Sixers shirt
and everything, just for you, right?
[DW] Bryce's agent, he has
a relationship there with the Sixers.
Okay, come on. Yup. Yup.
Just through that relationship,
made some phone calls,
convinced 'em to bring him in,
now he's on their summer league roster.
-[music swells]
-[indistinct chatter]
[DW continues] Gives him a boost of
confidence, I think, he's gonna do well,
'cause he knows what he's
up against and he knows that
these opportunities
for him hasn't always been easy to get.
I'm lookin' forward to him provin' it
to himself and others that he belongs.
-Point guard!
-They gon' let me hoop.
-Point guard! Damn, man.
So there's your shot right here, bruh.
I'm happy for you my guy.
When you leaving?
-Tomorrow at like four.
-Alright, man.
-I'mma check in with you, I'mma call you.
-[music continues]
-[gym sounds]
-[indistinct chatter]
-[grunting and laughing]
Yeah, yeah, yeah Hey
-Oh, God, here we go.
-[indistinct playful chatter]
You know, it's fun man
bein' back with the family.
[Eli continues] Little chaotic at times,
but we got it under control.
13-8. Um, ew don't believe in shoes.
And you're wearing my overtime socks,
that's crazy.
Comin' to OTE, I proved a lot, I mean,
everybody knew I could kinda play,
but they didn't know
if I could play at the next level.
So, I kind of created that narrative
and kind of solidified
that I am the real deal, I'm elite.
[Jeremy] Are you excited about goin'
to watch the twins in the NBA?
[Eli] Oh, yeah.
That's gonna be fun, for sure.
Watchin' them play
against my favorite players.
[Jeremy] Well, you did it, you finished,
you finished strong.
You fought through all of it.
Got to see the reward and all that.
What's your big takeaway from the season?
Probably just the people,
the people you meet, you know,
I think Amen and Ausar
just texted me earlier,
so I built a lot of relationships at OTE.
That's kinda the cool thing about sports
is the relationships it forges and stuff.
A lot of the stuff we tell you
about, like, put your head down,
keep sowin' a good seed,
you'll reap a good reward,
it's not often that you get to see it
in a 6-month period,
but it's kinda cool that like,
you put your head down
and got to see the reward at the end.
[gentle music swells]
-You gotta shoot it.
-[dribbling sounds]
-You think I can do it?
-[Mikel] Can I do it?
-[Alisha grunts] Ooh-hooooo!
-[Jahki laughs]
[Jahki] My mom, you know,
she's my right hand, you know?
Always by my side, so, you know,
just bein' able to be around my family,
that's just the most important thing
to me.
Your turn.
-[Jahki] You do it?
-I don't know how to.
If Mommy can do it you can do it!
You know, I was just traveling a lot
and not bein' to see them as much,
but now it's just like I finally have time
-to just, you know, be there for them.
You know it was very difficult
bein' at OTE,
you know the schedule and the days,
you know, it kinda gets long.
Stop bein' a sore loser.
[both laughing]
[Jahki off screen]
I made mistakes myself.
You know, I was mad,
and it was just like,
it was kinda also just the same things
happenin' repeatedly,
so just like, just mindset-wise,
me just understanding
to keep my frustration
and keep my mental straight.
So, it's a learning process.
It's like Victor.
You know, Jahki means a lot to me,
I know he means a lot to this league and
my hopes are that he goes away
and realizes that "man, like, I'm really
blowin' an amazing opportunity,
that thousands of people
in my position would love to be in"
You know, for us, our arms
and our doors are still open for him.
Hopefully, we'll get him back soon.
-[siren wailing]
-[city noise]
Hello. Good morning, good morning.
Amen and Ausar, their time is up here.
They've done a great job
of representing themselves,
their families and Overtime Elite well.
[assistant] Yup, we're gonna go
right in here.
[DW continues] They are two guys that play
with really good intentions,
and just that attitude alone
is gonna take them places
that I don't even know
if they imagine yet.
I'm Hoda, how are you, honey?
Congrats, congrats, congrats,
congrats on yesterday.
-How are you feelin'?
-[Amen] I feel good.
Yeah? Takin' a breath, you got tea,
I figured you had tea, you got to.
That's all there is.
Congratulations again.
[Craig Melvin] Oh, look
at those Thompson twins!
-I haven't even taken a shower yet.
-[Craig] They haven't even slept!
[producer] Five to the jib,
four, three
[Al Roker] Well, lifelong dreams
came true for 58 young basketball players
at the NBA draft last night.
Yesterday, Craig introduced us to
The Thompson Twins, Amen and Ausar.
Yeah, and last night, well, we found out
where those phenomenal brothers
are headed.
Gentlemen, congratulations.
[Ausar] It was surreal
to go back-to-back, you know,
be the first brothers in the same draft
drafted in the top 10.
[gentle music swells]
It was kinda like almost
the perfect ending to the OTE story
because we came into the year,
everybody saying we couldn't shoot,
and then to end in the NBA,
it's just It's crazy.
-All right, good to see you.
-Bye, guys, thank you.
-Mom, thank you.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[music continues]
Thank you so much, appreciate it.
Congratulations, too.
-[crew] Amen when do you leave?
-Uh, I go to Detroit with Ausar,
and then I leave Monday,
then I think I leave Houston Monday,
like, leave Detroit Monday and then leave
Houston like Monday or Tuesday.
[crew] So you guys
aren't even separating yet.
Mm-mm. Not even yet.
I thought we were. I guess not.
-I've never known them to be separated
-[music intensifies]
but they're not afraid
of all the challenges.
It's gonna be fun to watch
their evolution.
[music continues]
[music fades]
Good mornin'! Good mornin', people,
good mornin' good people, good mornin'!
Our season, it's over with now.
How can we top that?
[dramatic music]
First day back from a long weekend,
a lot of catchin' up if you will.
Expansion plans, you know,
where do we go for season three?
The harder part is figuring out
what that process looks like.
[laughs] Turn it around.
[DW continues] We're growing as a league,
we're still workin' on,
expandin' even more for year three.
We definitely have a lot of work to do
in the recruiting world,
because it's a competitive place.
Tough guys are still gonna be going
to those teams
that are top 10 every year.
[DW] The pressure
of bringin' it back again
We're Overtime Elite.
[DW continues] getting our fans excited
about what's coming up next.
It's the same thing I saw yesterday,
he can't shoot.
[recruiter] He's shot well every other
time we've seen him.
Yeah, but I've just gotta go off
what I see.
[DW continues]
It's a tall order to replace
as much as talent as we have
exiting the building.
It's exhausting, and I get it.
[music continues]
We're gonna reload,
we've got some horses in the stable
that's gonna come here and build off
of what we've done
in season one and season two
and make season three just as great.
[dramatic crescendo]
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