Onimusha (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


You've said goodbye. It's time go.
So you came, Musashi.
Kudos to you.
Where's Sayo?
Don't be in such a rush.
We'll show you but later.
After we've finished our business.
Musashi Musashi
Destroy the Genma in front of you
Kill them with your sword Musashi.
Just as expected.
You're some kind of monsters, aren't you?
Demons in human form, controlled by Iemon.
I never thought he'd be this slow.
Oh, well. Let's put him out
of his ignorance, shall we?
Matashichiro Denshichiro Seijuro.
The three Yoshioka brothers!
But they died years ago! I was the
one who put them in their graves!
You sent us to the land of the
dead. We've come to return the favor.
Yeah, we want to finish what we started.
The time has come, old
friend for you to join us.
You can't believe your
eyes, can you, Musashi?
It's understandable.
Cause you killed me at
Sanjusangen-do Temple, right?
And you killed Matashichiro at
Ichijo-ji Sagari-Matsu Pine.
You brought disgrace on the Yoshiokas'
reputation, and for that, we have borne
you a grudge that knows no end.
The most famous instructors of
swordsmanship in Kyoto. They taught the
But those three were supposed to have
been killed in duels with Musashi over 20
years ago.
What's the matter? Does seeing us remind
you of what a despicable coward you were
back then?
Okay, I guess you are the Yoshiokas, but
you're not the ones I knew. You're the
bogey Yoshiokas.
At least according to this thing.
But actually I couldn't care
less what kind of monsters you are.
There's only one thing I need to know.
Where is Sayo??
We've already killed her.
What would you do if we had?
You didn't.
Why's that?
You wouldn't kill her and lose a hostage
At least not until you were sure I wasn't
No, that would've been sloppy, and the
Yoshioka brothers I knew were smarter than
Hm. Smart enough to arrange it so that I
had to fight seventy of their disciples
all on my own.
It was fifty. Fifty disciples.
Nah. It was seventy.
That was just a lie you
spread around afterwards.
If it were up to us, we'd take our revenge
by watching you suffer and die right here
and now.
However, we
However, you have
orders from Iemon, right?
Aren't you smart.
He didn't forbid your suffering,
though. The only thing Iemon specified
Was that you remain technically alive.
You really think you three can beat
me? When you couldn't even manage it with
We'll see won't we?
It was fifty!
Faster than you used to
be, and more bloodthirsty.
The three of us are very
different than we once were.
Just like you've borrowed the power of
the Oni, we've borrowed the power of the
Genma, so I'd say
we're even on that score.
Why don't we skip all the
talking and just get to it?
Yes, why don't we.
Yes, very impressive, I must say.
You have clearly
undergone a lot of training.
Your skills are extraordinary.
Even with the power of the
Genma I could never beat you.
At least, not alone.
But there are three of us, Musashi And
together, we have sworn to defeat you at
any cost.
You're always so impatient, Seijuro.
But I have to admit, you've
got me fired up, brother!
So you're finally
revealing what you really are.
Now you see why you should
start taking us seriously, Musashi.
Matashichiro! Go ahead!
That's oil!
No, no!
Do you save the girl from burning alive
Or focus on defeating us? So many
things to worry about, aren't there?
She's in there??
Sahei, Kaizen, Heikuro!
Get her out of there! Hurry!
Find a well!
Oh Yeah.
You're not going to
save the girl yourself?
Got it
The years of resentment
finally end here and now!
We're going to send you on your way to
hell! It's all over for you. Goodbye,
Sayo! Stay as far away
from the bell as you can!
We'll get you out, don't worry!
The well's dry!
What do we do?
We'll have to move the bell! Come on!
Let's go!
Not so easy, is it, when it's
three of us at the same time.
Even if you can parry the first attack,
the second or third will get through.
Get up, Musashi! We're not
done playing with you yet!
One! Two! Three!
It's no use, we didn't even budge it!
The three of us don't have the strength.
- Damn it!
- Don't kick the bell striker!
Don't lecture me!
A lever! We'll use it as a lever!
Kaizen, help.
- Hang on, Sayo, we'll get you out!
- Hurry!
- And push!
- It moved!
Don't stop! Keep pushing!
- Quick, get it off of her! Push!
- They're sure having quite
a struggle, aren't they?
You want to help them, don't you?
But first, you have to defeat us.
When I send you to hell
again, you'll stay there for good.
Ah Now we're getting somewhere.
Not to worry He's still only mortal.
Don't rush me, okay? I know you're hungry
for their souls. But you'll get 'em soon
I'm fine It's only a scratch.
Only your legendary two-swords
technique allowed you to survive that
The next will finish you!
Denshichiro! Matashichiro!
Whether any of us three live or die is of
no consequence All that matters is that
the Yoshiokas emerge victorious!
Sayo? Sayo!
What's wrong?
I can't hear her
anymore! Sayo! Sayo! Sayo!!
What's the matter? Have you had enough?
I thought he was
unbeatable. How disappointing.
Kill them Kill them Kill them!
- Keep pushing!
- Wait.
- Zojo enma Zengyo kaho Daiji daihi
- She's still alive! You two keep pushing.
- Togyo jojinIssai shujo
- Kaizen, what're you doing?!
- Shitsuu bussho Ujo mujo
- Shitsuu bussho Ujo mujo
- Shikkai jobutsu Tenku zoriki Unso kuyo!
- Are you insane??
Keep pushing!!!
- Shuen mago Onmyo metsuzai
- Shuen mago Onmyo metsuzai
- Gubuku sokusai Sangai kenbaku
- Gubuku sokusai Sangai kenbaku
- Zeidan
- Zeidan
- [Push! Push!!]
- Our mission is clear.
You need to cut off his arms and
legs Nevermind. Just kill them all.
Kill them Kill the Genma!
- Jungotsugo daishin
- Jungotsugo daishin
Zeisho bussetsu Kamu
myozai Kouzai ryouken
Heikuro! Heikuro!!
What's taking you so long?
It's this damn wound
Kill the Genmas.
Become an Oni.
Daiin kongo yasha myoh Chikko
daisho Komyo Kinyo shobutsu
Daiin kongo yasha myoh Chikko
daisho Komyo Kinyo shobutsu
- Komyo henjo!
- Komyo henn-jo!!
They tipped it over!
- Sayo!
- Hey! Are you okay??
An Oni??
It's an Oni.
It is indeed.
Sorry to keep you Genma waiting.
Come over here and let's finish this.
Doesn't it feel great?
I'm finally starting to feel
the joy of coming back to life.
She seems to be all right.
With Musashi as an Oni, and we as
Genma This is the ultimate showdown!
But the victory of the
Yoshioka brothers is inevitable
For there's a reason you cannot defeat us.
Big brother?
Go! Farewell,
Matashichiro! Farewell, Denshichiro!
As I expected But as skillful as Musashi
is, he has only two swords and there are
three of us!
Outnumbered and off-balance, even an Oni
can't defend itself against Denshichiro's
This is the Yoshiokas' victory!
Is that Is that really Musashi?
I'm not sure.
Hey! Don't
Musashi, no.
Even though you were able to
obtain the power of an Oni
You must not become an Oni, Musashi.
Sahei, I
I leave it to you to fulfill my mission.
You can rely on me, Kaizen.
Heikuro you, too.
Yeah I will.
I trust you both.
I regret that that it
had to end this way.
I don't.
I've had a most excellent journey.
Why did you save me?
I don't know.
But whatever the reason,
it wasn't your fault, Sayo.
So you mustn't cry, you hear?
I'm not crying!
Why'd you do it?
The answer lies within you.
You must never tell my master Unsho this
But your cooking was much better than
the meals we were served at the temple.
It tasted so good.
So good
Sahei. You'll wait here, with Sayo.
I'm going with you I have to go.
I might be tired but you're worn out too.
I won't be left behind.
All right.
Then let's get moving.
I've got a deadline to keep.
I didn't really expect men like the
Yoshiokas to be a match for Musashi.
The great swordsmen of Kyoto,
instructors to the shogun himself.
Yet all so insignificant.
A master swordsman like that
deserves a worthy opponent.
Oh I can't wait to see the look on
Musashi's face when you show up.
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