Onimusha (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Yin Soul

Prepare yourself for battle.
Miyamoto Musashi.
I don't know who you ladies
are, but I have a proposal
If you let us go on our way, I
promise I won't take your lives.
It seems to me he's
desperate to avoid a battle with us.
He's even more cowardly than we were
told. Apparently, our big brothers were
Big brothers?
- Exactly!
- Exactly!
We are the Yoshioka sisters and we
have come here to avenge our brothers!
We are the Yoshioka sisters and we
have come here to avenge our brothers!
Yoshioka Are you serious?
My technique was honed in
darkness Prepare to taste it firsthand!
Musashi, above you!
- Musashi!
- No!
What the hell!
I'm sorry
How's she doing?
Well, apparently there
was no poison on the darts.
That's good.
However She has a high
fever, probably from exhaustion.
She needs a poultice. I'll
find some herbs to cut the fever.
You're going now? It's foggy outside.
Even so There's still some sunlight.
And the river's nearby. Once it's dark,
I won't be able to move around freely.
Please dampen this cloth and put it
on her forehead every few minutes.
Okay, got it.
While I'm gone, please
keep watch, Musashi.
Those three warriors could show
up and attack again at any moment.
Where are you going?
I'll be outside.
- But the fog is so thick.
- I can still practice technique.
Watch over her.
Their sword technique was certainly
in the style of the Yoshioka Clan.
Could that also be the power of the Genma?
With the Genma's power and the
vast amount of gold he now possesses
What is Iemon planning?
It's all a haze.
What are you doing?
Hey, stop!
Good, you're finally awake.
Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
I heard you are from one of the brothels.
What brought you out
here looking for a sword?
Uh A samurai who came and stayed with us
last night wound up killed in the fire. I
thought the right thing to do was
to return his sword to his family.
Stop lying to me.
The expression I saw on your face when
you were looking at that sword It had
nothing to do with honoring the dead.
Tell me the truth. Why were you
looking so desperately for a sword?
I'm sorry I wanted it for myself.
So you were going to steal it.
I don't see it that way! There were no
bodies nearby, and the sword was lying
there! A samurai who abandons his
sword no longer qualifies to carry one!
The owner of that sword just
happened to be a man named Iemon.
He was my disciple and he
was found dead this morning.
Now tell me Why do you want a sword?
Are you hoping to become a samurai?
Answer my question.
Sometimes I feel like I want to
become one but sometimes I feel I don't.
Get up and come outside.
A sword is the soul of a samurai. Every
attribute needed to become the owner of a
sword are strengths you currently lack.
Strike me however you want.
First lesson Never drop your sword.
A move like that leaves
you totally defenseless.
During a battle
It turns out you're
quite an interesting person.
I'll let you to stay here for a while.
Right now, I have to attend a funeral.
I love fire.
Look at how it constantly flickers. It
never stays still, does it? In the end, it
keeps everyone away.
Everything and everyone should just burn.
Musashi hasn't shown up yet?
There's nothing to worry
about I expect him to arrive soon.
If you let him escape,
there'll be consequences.
Oh, please! As if he could get away!
Right, Alfred?
A person has no desire to
escape from interesting things.
Life is difficult and sad so people
naturally seek out things that are
The fact is, no matter how
immoral those things may ultimately be
Humans cannot help but gravitate
toward what they find interesting.
Did the vintage not
agree with your palate, sir?
Gold is the embodiment of desire and the
Genma is power. With these two components
available to me, I can
re-shape the world as I please.
When you think about it, how
interesting How incredibly interesting it
is! Who in the world who could
possibly stop this from occurring?
Good question Then why don't you proceed
on your own? What compels you to wait for
your old companions?
I was taught the art of swordsmanship by
my master, Matsuki Kensuke. There were
many disciples under his guidance.
We trained and endured hardships together.
In a real sense, they are my only family.
I was convinced I could share the
excitement of this moment with these
As I recall, you have
someone like that. An old friend?
You're right. I do.
While we all studied and
trained in the same way
- I turned out to be completely useless.
- I'm sorry
- Sorry Sorry
- Please forgive me.
- I'm sorry
- So why? Why am I the one who survived?
I'm sorry
Why are they gone while I'm still alive?
Forgive me! Forgive me!
Don't go!
You're awake. Do you feel better?
How's your fever?
Where's everyone?
Sahei is out gathering medicinal herbs.
Heikuro waited Hm?
Isn't he inside?
I haven't seen him.
Sorry. Forgive me.
But what? What can I do?!
How can I possibly help anyone?
What is it?
It's not as if this is
interesting to watch.
The kids in my village loved
to pretend they were samurai.
They said they wanted to
become samurai when they grew up.
Is that so?
Musashi You're looked up to
by the other samurai, right?
Even though you don't act like it.
There's no-one who would
look up to me. No one.
I don't get it. Why do you
practice all those swings?
To become strong.
But you already are. How much
stronger do you have to be?
If you have nothing to do, go back
inside. You're still hurt, aren't you?
You can talk about this to
Sahei when he gets back.
Sahei can be kinda hard to talk to.
I'm weak.
So I end up relying on
this thing more and more.
The longer I have it
The more it consumes me.
When you get stronger what
is it you want to turn into?
Like your friends I'm
trying to reach my goal
Become a powerful samurai.
We're no match against these people. Even
with Musashi, I don't believe we can beat
them and return home victorious.
Iemon was always on a different
level, from the very beginning!
He was masterful with the sword! So the
rest of us sought other skills, to avoid
Why did Matsuki choose me
to be part of this mission?
I want to go back to the old days, when
we battled each other for bragging rights,
not life and death!
I don't want to die and rot on
a remote mountain like this.
And I don't want
You should really leave.
Or at least stay here. There's
nothing ahead but a battlefield.
I know. But I have to come with you.
Why's that?
‘Cause I'm responsible. I'm
the person who began this war.
It was my doing. I was the first to
bring the gold back from the mountains.
I wish I'd never found it.
Six months ago, my friends and I were
playing in the hills nearby. I got lost
and went deeper into the forest. I
found some gold sand in the river, and
then discovered a mountain of gold
upstream. I got excited and brought a
nugget of it back to the village.
My father and mother were just happy
that my friends and I were able to return
safely. But all that the other people
in the village cared about was the gold.
That's all that mattered to them. And
then, it seemed like nearly everyone
around us started to change.
Take care of yourself.
My father and mother were kidnapped.
My grandpa and grandma died. And so did
everyone else.
The village was destroyed
All because I
- Brought back that gold.
- You are right. It is your fault.
But it isn't solely your fault.
The act of kidnapping The greed for gold
The crime of murder Those were the faults
of other people.
Those burdens shouldn't fall on you.
All you can do is face what you've done.
You didn't intend to harm anyone. What
happened there Well that's our job to
I trust you.
You only have to shoulder the first
stone. Then go on and leave the rest to
I won't leave again.
Sorry to have kept you waiting, Musashi.
Are you ready? You're about to
experience the Yoshioka Sisters at full
I plan to defeat you with a single
strike! You won't even know what hit
My rear-shurikens will wipe you
out You don't have any defense against
- You ready?
- You ready?
- What the?
- What the?
Fine. Let's go.
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