Onimusha (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


It's dark in here.
At least it's a single
path. So, we can't get lost.
Heikuro You have to guard the rear.
Watch for a pincer attack.
Look, Musashi.
Welcome, Miyamoto Musashi.
We've been expecting you for some time.
Behold, everyone!
Welcome to the Golden Castle!
Not kidding, are you?
This place is made of gold?
Not just this room The whole mountain,
apparently. We're right in the middle of a
gold mine.
What you see here is the castle that will
serve as the base for my master, Iemon,
when he makes his mark on the world.
What the How did you
build something like this?
My people from the village!
They manipulated and exploited
them just to make this thing happen!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is
Alfred. I am Master Iemon's butler, and
serve at his will.
I am here to answer any
questions you may have.
Good grief Your fellow disciple likes to
gather a crowd of strange folks around
him. And this one's a great example.
You are Al fred? Right?
Yes? How may I help you?
As you may already be aware this
gold mine's located within our domain.
You need to surrender it to us.
Is that so?
And after that you'll need to stay in our
custody. You'll all be brought to justice
soon enough.
Oh, yeah?
Of course there's a faster
way to resolve this issue.
It's my guess your master
likely prefers that option.
Oh my, no, no, no!
That's totally not the case!
He wishes just the opposite. As he's
said over and over, he'd like all of you
to join him as comrades.
Oh, please.
The guy's trying to
bewitch us as he did to Matsuki!
Certainly not! You're
wrong! That's not what I was saying at
Release all the
villagers! Or we won't negotiate!
Well now You are quite
a courageous young lady.
Iemon was quite specific He told me he's
impressed by your bravery in dealing with
the disruption to your village.
Who, me?
Indeed. He said your unwavering spirit in
dealing with the renowned Miyamoto Musashi
is truly admirable.
No argument.
It's not just my master
who wants to see you.
Your father and mother are also eagerly
awaiting your arrival, as soon as it can
be arranged.
You're saying my father
and mother are alive?
Yes. Of course.
Take me to them!
Why it would be my
honor. Please right this way.
Well Guess we're going along.
This Golden Castle serves two purposes.
It's not only the residence of Master
Iemon, but also operates
as a superb laboratory.
We've learned to harness the heat of the
underground lava to operate the furnaces,
and in the process,
generate immense power.
So much power, in fact, that ordinary
armies would find it impossible to stand
against us.
And I'm not just talking about the
shogunate. We have the power to overcome
any force on earth, even if the armies of
the West were all to attack in a combined
This place is a castle that combines the
tactical wisdom of Master Iemon with the
power of the Genma, making it the
strongest and most advanced fortress in
the world.
But even though you have power
and weapons what about soldiers?
Without soldiers, there can be no battle.
Ah, there is no need to worry about that
Iemon will be supported by a powerful army
of the Genma behind him. And beyond that,
we'll use secret arts to revive the dead.
They'll become our demon army, much more
powerful than they were in their previous
Like the Yoshiokas.
Ah, yes. They were a truly
splendid work of art, weren't they?
But Musashi You are much greater.
You'll surpass them with the
overwhelming strength provided by the
power of Oni.
I think you comprehend our intentions
now that you've seen the extent of our
Well The gist of it.
Quit stalling! Take
me to see my parents!
Hold on Before that, I have
to ask an official question.
This is important, so think it over
carefully. Would each of you be willing to
join up as comrades in the new world
that Master Iemon is now going to create?
You would, right?
Stop wasting time!
I don't care about whatever your master's
big plans are! So quit your delays! And
take me to see my
mother and father right now!
Uh, excuse me. I don't mean to be rude.
But at this point I have to ask you a
question. You've understood
everything I've explained, right?
I wasn't listening to
a damn thing you said!
You what?
Now you've gone and made her angry.
Alfred, sir We understand. But we
absolutely cannot become your allies.
I'll say that to Iemon himself. So if
you'd be kind enough to bring him here
And I feel the same.
What? Are you kidding
me? This is unbelievable!
Have you all taken leave
of your collective minds?!
Even after you beheld such a magnificent
Golden Castle, you people still failed to
grasp the greatness of Master Iemon!
You are fools! Fools! Utter fools!
I-I-I don't believe this! Why don't you
understand?! How can intelligent people
not see the opportunity they've been
given? Ah! How am I to
explain this to my master?
Quit throwing your stupid tantrum
and go get my mother and father!
I don't know how your master's going
to react. But if I were you, I'd listen
closely to the demands
our leader is making.
Fair enough. I hear what you're saying.
It seems the negotiations have now reached
an impasse.
That being the case
I will adjust. I will change my approach
in dealing with you, following the orders
of my master, Iemon.
Therefore, I kindly request that everyone
here discard their swords, bows, and other
To ensure that no-one tries to run away, I
will proceed to sever both your arms and
I'll gouge your eyes, so my lord's look
isn't defiled. I'll cut off your tongue,
so you can't spit in his face.
Whichever one of you is ready, I will
start the process. And when I'm done, I'll
carry you into the
presence of Master Iemon.
Each of you will be reborn as an entity
different from the way you are now. It's
likely you will become a being ten times
stronger and infinitely more fascinating
than your present incarnation.
I look forward to reuniting with the
transformed figures you'll become. ‘Til
- Oh no!
- Musashi!
This way!
What the hell! What in the hell is that?!
That, my friend, is one of our
cavalry soldiers. Infantry and cavalry
play significant roles in a battle. When
they come together as one, there is
nothing more powerful.
This example alone demonstrates the
exceptional capabilities of Master Iemon.
Once the musket squad is added, there
will be no-one and nothing on earth that
can stop us.
Now, everybody Prepare yourselves!
Look out! Move!
It won't open!
Dad! Mom!
I see now. This is it.
Is this what I?
Only I can do this. I
leave the rest to you.
Swallow it! Hurry!
I finally get it.
This is my destiny.
It will finally give
meaning to my existence!
A smokescreen?
No. It's a powdered drug
with a base of poppy seeds.
A drug?
It's a hallucinogenic drug, created by
blending a series of compounds together.
It's a special mixture. Take just one
breath of it and your head will spin.
It'll affect the core of your brain.
Will it work against these guys?
I don't know.
There is a way to amplify its effects
by tenfold or even several tenfolds.
The medicine isn't complete
until fresh blood is sprinkled on it!
This is it. Heikuro's
final mastery of his training.
He's done for! Now finish him off!
It's falls to us to be his witnesses.
I'm hesitant to keep Master
Iemon waiting for much longer.
This will be the finishing blow!
If this means the others
can be saved by my sacrifice
Thenmy luck wasn't so bad.
What? What the heck is going on?
Hey! Over here! Alfred!
Where are you aiming?
Even an Oni can't go faster
than a bullet at this distance!
I can see what's going on with you,
Musashi. Your body has reached its limit.
You're exhausted due to the stress of
repeated battles. And on top of that,
you're anxious about being consumed by
the Oni within you. Isn't that right?
Rest assured That anxiety's about to be
dispelled! You'll soon be in the hands of
Master Iemon!
[What's going on here?
Sahei, is it over?
The drug has diminished, but could still
be poisonous to you. Please just wait back
You're injured. What happened?
I got hit by a stray
bullet. I was careless.
This drug You knew about it?
Yes, I did. We studied
pharmacology together.
The truth is, I liked
medicines that healed people.
Heikuro was drawn to
medicines that harmed people.
In the end both things
are important in life.
Musashi You can't take much more of this.
Well I'm not in high spirits.
But don't worry.
I'm sure there will be many more battles
ahead of us before we reach our goal. But
I'll make it through.
What if, in the process,
your humanity breaks down?
It's possible it's already broken.
Dad? Mom?
- Mother! Father!
- Sayo
- S-Sayo S-Sayo
- You need to run away! Run!
Father? Mother?
What are you two doing?!
Musashi, wait! They're being manipulated!
They're conscious, but their
bodies are being controlled by Iemon!
How perceptive. Just as I
would have expected of Sahei.
Iemon, is that you?
Indeed it is, Musashi. And I want to
thank you for taking care of Alfred.
Release the parents! Stop
them from choking the girl!
Now why would I do that? Don't you
find it an entertaining spectacle?
As Sahei has deduced, I've kept their
consciousness intact, but I can control
their arms with my own will. It's
amusing. Why don't we see how long the
girl can hold out?
It's quite the conundrum, wouldn't you
agree, Musashi? What will it take to end
this show?
- Can you help us, samurai?
- Can you help us, samurai?
Please end our lives, samurai! Stop
us now, or else we'll murder Sayo!
There's no other choice! You
have to kill us, please, I beg you!
Don't do it.
- Musashi, no!
- Oh, now this is interesting. What are
you going to do, Musashi? Are you really
going to slaughter them?
- Kill us! Please, kill us!
- Please do it,
- samurai! We beg you to stop us!
- Don't hurt them it's not their fault
Musashi, no!
I've no choice.
That was amazing!
Incredible! So tres bien!
What an accomplishment! Beheading a
child's parents right in front of her!
Such a performance is the mark of a
warrior who has risen to become an Oni!
Welcome Miyamoto Musashi, the Onimusha!
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