Onimusha (2023) s01e07 Episode Script


I heard you picked a
quarrel with Master Bansui.
That is not what actually happened. I
simply expressed my opinion, because he
asked for it.
So you told him his battlefield tactics
were hopelessly outdated, is that right?
Yes, that's right.
I see Leaving me to deal
with his outrage and sarcasm.
I think it was wrong of
him to trouble you with it.
I'm sorry he had to drag
you into it, Master Matsuki.
I wasn't finished yet.
Along with his
outrage he gave you praise.
He said you're keenly observant of the
smallest details and able to grasp a
situation quickly.
And he's confident you have a
bright future ahead of you.
That was very generous of Master
Bansui. I am grateful for his kind words.
About your future Yes, he's
probably right. You've come along well.
If I have, it's because of your guidance.
Raise your eyes.
Tomorrow, we will hold
your coming-of-age ceremony.
From now on, you may call yourself Iemon.
That sword
Take it in your hands. Both the
sword and the name are yours now.
You beat me again! It's so frustrating!
No, it was just a fluke.
It's not a fluke if it
happens over and over.
It always ends the same way, with
you aiming your sword at my throat.
Cutting off your opponent's head, is the
best way I can think of to end a fight.
Yes, Master? You wanted to see me?
Yes I'd like to hear your
answer to my question from long ago.
You have become stronger and grown wiser.
Much more so than when you
first came to this house.
All thanks to your
guidance and encouragement.
Not really. I'm merely someone who
picked up a crystal lying on the ground.
Put in the proper light,
the crystal will shine.
On the day you came here, you said that
you wanted to become a samurai, but that
at the same time, part of
you didn't want to become one.
Now that you've had your coming-of-age
ceremony and you are a samurai, have you
any regrets? Have you found the
answer you were looking for back then?
I will always be grateful to you for the
kindness and benevolence you have shown
me It's only because of you
that I am alive now. And well
I fear that an honest answer to that
question might be taken as a sign of
disrespect, and imply that I've
forgotten the debt of thanks I owe you.
That means you have
found the answer, then.
Iemon it will be a dark night tonight.
The clouds will soon cover the moon and
We will be surrounded by darkness.
Trust me, Iemon. I will listen to your
answer in the darkness and keep it forever
confined to this same darkness.
Whatever it may be, it will never
be spoken of in the light of day.
I will take it to the
grave, you have my word.
Master Matsuki
Tell me, Iemon.
Forgive me, but I have
come to believe that
That all the samurai alive today,
every one of them should be exterminated.
It's so nice to meet you
at last, Musashi Miyamoto.
Oh, dear My, my,
what's this? You're crying!
I must say, I wasn't expecting tears
from a man famous for having slaughtered
countless opponents in combat.
And now, one more.
Because I'm going to kill you!
Oohoo, such harsh words! It's true
indeed, a single blow from the legendary
Musashi and I would surely
meet my demise almost at once!
But given that, what have you got to lose
by restraining your bloodlust to listen to
what I have to say?
You may even have something to gain by it.
It's not about what I might gain or
lose. It's a question of human decency
"Human decency."
Spoken by the man who just turned into
an Oni and is standing there with blood
dripping off his sword!
That truly is a heart-rending sight,
isn't it? Though at least now she knows
that the world is hell.
So, so sad, but then your situation's
not good either. In fact, as far as I can
tell, you're left with
only one way forward.
After what you did to her parents, you
can't very well remain at the girl's side.
Now that you know the motives of the lord
who sent you here, you can't go back to
his domain And now that you've stumbled
into my domain, you know I can't let you
What's more, you've come to the
realization that you're so old and tired,
you can't do anything without
the Oni Gauntlet. Isn't that true?
Therefore, you really have only one
option To stay here and join me.
What the hell makes you think that?
This is what I think, Musashi I think
the samurai we have now are weak,
miserable and pathetic things.
The best thing we could do would be
to round them up and kill them all.
Why do you say that?
Because they're just paid lapdogs of the
shogun. Peace has made them soft and weak.
Is that so bad?
Perhaps not as long as the
peaceful reign of the Tokugawas lasts.
However someday, inevitably,
foreign forces will invade our country.
When that day comes, we
won't need lapdogs, but wolves!
Wolves that will tear
out our enemies' throats!
We need to forge a new kind of samurai,
for our country's sake! For the sake of
our future! That's what I want to be,
a samurai who will help to secure that
I see.
But even if you're right, is
it necessary to kill them all?
No, I'm assuming we'll keep some of them.
We'll sift out the wolves from
the lapdogs through a bloody sieve.
What are you talking about?
The battle between samurai that
determined the future of this country. A
great battle, in a which a moment's
decision made the difference between
survival and dismemberment or death.
That's what we need! Of course, you were
there yourself, Musashi. You know what I
mean How that hellscape of a battlefield
sharpened and honed you and Master Matsuki
in your youth and made you what you are!
Matsuki told me I was
dreaming but he didn't laugh at me.
How would I ever gather an army that could
stand against the Tokugawas? Where would
I get the weapons, the provisions? Yes,
he said it was all a dream. But he didn't
laugh. Why?
Because he saw that, while it might
be a challenge, it wasn't impossible.
Think of it. An army of Genma, equipped
with new weapons, in a final, decisive
battle with the Tokugawas! The Sekigahara
of a new age! Doesn't the very sound of it
make your heart dance?
There you have it, Musashi Now
that you have heard my dream
What do you think of it?
Well? Well? Well?? Well?? Well??!
Very interesting!
What a waste of time.
Oh, Musashi.
I really think you
should give it consideration.
Why do you think an exceptional
swordsman like you came to be here in the
first place? Join me and you'll never
again have to wander from domain to
domain, scratching out a living as a
sword for hire A new Sengoku period, one
in which your extraordinary skills can
be fully unleashed, is just around the
Sahei! I'm sorry the others couldn't
make it, but I'm glad you're still here.
With your talents, you could be an
enormous help to me. We'll talk about it
Don't worry, Musashi. Your aging body and
deteriorating skills will be revived by
the power of the Genma.
You've already seen what it can do.
The Yoshioka brothers?
Exactly And someone else, too.
Wait, let me guess.
Right I had a feeling
you'd show up sooner or later.
Sasaki Kojiro.
So we meet again Musashi.
- Kojiro That's the Kojiro?
- Oh, yes, the very same The genius
swordsman and Miyamoto Musashi's greatest
The Yoshiokas, Sasaki Kojiro, and more.
By using the power of the Genma to
resurrect the greatest swordsmen of all
time, think of what an army
we can put into the field.
Once we have defeated the
Tokugawas and unified the country
We'll conquer the
continent and move on to the West!
You've grown old.
You don't look like you've changed a bit.
Yes, I don't know why. And I don't care.
Musashi, I think you'll find that this
gauntlet's going to be nothing but a
hindrance to you from now on.
You really need to get rid of it.
Now, I've exhausted all my arguments.
It's time for you to make a choice Will
you die here, a mere human, at
the hands of your old rival?
Or will you embrace the new age of warfare
that lies ahead as something greater than
What is your answer? Which will it be?
Kojiro, I think our friend here
needs help making up his mind.
Be so good as to cut off
both his arms, please.
- Iemon, no!
- Keep quiet, Sahei!
Losing his arms should
simplify his decision-making.
Don't worry. His wounds will be
promptly and carefully tended to.
Cut off both his arms, you said.
- No! No! Wait!
- Do it now, please, Kojiro.
Huh. Well, then I guess I'll
What a noisy fellow.
Hey You weren't really paying attention
to anything that idiot said, were you?
All that about Oni and Genma
That boogieman nonsense wasn't the
reason we took up our swords, was it?
To be the best Isn't that a good enough
reason? In fact the only reason, to fight?
You may be right.
What happens now?
Musashi! We're surrounded!
I'll handle them You two get on
that thing and get out of here.
I'm sorry.
Guess I am an Oni.
But I don't care what I am anymore.
I'll take care of this You get
down the mountain with Sahei.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
I hope you're not as old and tired
as you look, or this'll be a quick.
Well, don't get your hopes up. My
life has been a long and weary journey.
Has it now?
You'll soon find out what it's like.
We of the Oni Clan were
destroyed by the Genma.
Musashi Kill the Genma and
seal their souls in that gauntlet.
All right Get ready
One formidable soul is on its way.
Now we can fight without
any further interruptions.
I heard you were coming. I've
been waiting for this moment.
Just waiting for it.
Anxiously, impatiently
waiting with baited breath.
Waiting and waiting and waiting!!
You're the one the one
who always keeps me waiting!
Hey I take back what I said before.
You've changed a lot.
Heh! Trust me, you haven't even
begun to see how much I've changed.
Let's pick it up where we left off
on Ganryū-jima, shall we Musashi?
Of all the opponents I ever fought,
you were my closest rival, Kojiro.
I'll see to it you rest in peace.
Out of the way!!
Turning Swallow Cut? Hm?
No, this is Double Swallow.
You're still a genius with a blade.
You're not doing so badly
yourself, considering your age.
Very interesting.
A new Sekigahara?
What a profoundly
interesting idea, my boy!
Master Matsuki, look, the moon is out.
Huh? Oh
It was just foolish talk in the
dark. You wouldn't tell anyone?
My lips are sealed.
Besides, who in the world would be fool
enough to believe in such a crazy dream,
Who, except for me?
Master Matsuki
Iemon you must share the rest
of your dream with me someday.
Yes, Master.
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