Onimusha (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Yang Soul

Those extra arms kind of
get in your way, don't they?
A little, yeah.
How about we do this somewhere
else? Somewhere less crowded.
Lead the way.
I don't think you've got any
way out. Sahei's won the game.
Enough, Goromaru. Show
some respect when you speak!
Yeah But I mean, look
If Iemon's troops can't even
move from there, well then
That doesn't make any sense!
Why would soldiers lose their
minds just by inhaling smoke?
As I said
It's because this particular
smoke comes from burning cannabis.
That's no joke Common herbs
can have surprising properties.
Oh, so that's why you were checking the
wind direction before starting the fire.
Yes, indeed. Goromaru's quite right.
I was thoroughly beaten.
What?? Iemon!
And you did it without us even
crossing swords You frighten me, Sahei.
Oh! That wasn't my intention.
It was an experiment, that's all. An idea
of mine that I've been wanting to try out.
Ah So you're all here?
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Time for training then. I will see
you in five minutes, at the dojo.
Next time, I won't lose.
In fact, I'll never lose again.
I won't ever lose again!!
I won't die! I won't
die! I will never die!!
The real game begins now!!
I don't see any sign of them.
I think the Genma must all be
gathered to watch Musashi fight.
It seems like we're getting closer
to the surface. Let's keep going.
We can't stay here, in any case.
You go on ahead. Forget about me.
I'm not leaving you here!
My mother and my father
my grandma and grandpa
They're all dead.
So, what happens to me
doesn't matter anymore.
It's fine for you to say that But
the others I think they'd disagree.
Let's go.
Persistent little shits, aren't they?
Sword technique Swallow Gale!"
Secret sword technique, Swallow Splash!
Whoa, you've learned
some weird techniques.
That? That was just a bit of fun.
Wait till you see my real strength
I know you've been waiting for it.
Swallow Dive!!
It's okay.
Don't exhaust yourself.
You should take it slower.
Guess I am an Oni.
This is where we part ways.
That was quite a ride.
Can't wait to do it again.
Oh, I know you don't mean that.
What the hell's all this?
Those are weapons devised by Iemon
From his researches into the
histories of East and West.
Can you imagine a battlefield
where such monstrosities roam?
No samurai, no fighting face-to-face.
Just aimless killing and dying. What
kind of meaning is there in such a battle?
I've never found much
meaning in any battle.
So this fight between us,
you're saying it has no meaning?
Nah, this is just a little
scrap between an Oni and a freak.
Always so cool and collected, aren't
you? Well, now I'm going to make you
After all that I think I'm
going to stick with this.
Yeah, I was afraid of that
Okay, so now I am sweating a little.
Sahei Just who I needed.
Be happy, Sahei
I'm going to make you
master of half the world.
Now listen carefully.
I'm not going to survive long like this.
There is just one way I stay alive.
By becoming a Genma.
But I can hardly do it myself in my
present condition. That's why I need your
help, Sahei.
Carry me to the room next door and
I'll explain what needs to be done.
Even if you were to
explain it I'm not sure I can
Oh, of course you can do it!
I'm not sure anyone else could.
You're the man who defeated me, remember?
You can do it And when you do, and I have
finished creating a new world that is
greater and stronger than this one, I
promise you will have a
place there second only to me.
You will finally be able to live the life
of a true samurai A life of pride, glory
and power.
And no, not just you alone.
All true samurai will
find salvation in my world.
There, they'll be free to live like
warriors, free to vanquish their enemies
and to wash their swords in blood!
I was planning to give Matsuki
full command of all of my samurai
But your arrival seems
like a stroke of fate.
Brother disciple!
It's what Master Matsuki-
wanted! Help me see that it's done!
It's the only way a
chance of saving this country!
The future rests on your
shoulders now, Sahei! What will you do?!
Go to hell.
You can go to hell! You don't even
deserve to live after all the people
you've killed!
You're no kind of samurai.
Garbage, that's what you are!!
Sahei, time is running out on us.
Now, hurry. Pick me up and
carry me into the next room!
Alright, brother disciple
I will do as you ask.
What strength! He's even more
of a monster than he was before.
That was a good one.
If I were you, I
would've started with that one.
Instead of wasting so much
time with that four-arms trick.
Why are we even doing this?
You belong with us, Musashi.
Join us and leave the
limits of humanity behind.
I admit, there is
something to what you say.
There's no place for me in
the human world anymore.
Maybe I was meant to end my days with you.
Kill him! Now!
I'll kill him I'll feed you his soul
Sahei! You're not gonna
actually do what he says?!
Stop it, Sahei! Stop! Stop!
Sahei, thank you
Aargh! Argh!
I've soaked this cloth
in essence of cannabis.
You know what I told you
earlier? Well, that was a lie.
You see, I was given a secret mission
that even Matsuki didn't know about.
I very much enjoyed listening to
your story, Iemon, I really did.
But I still think it's a total fantasy.
Besides, you know something? I find this
world to my liking just the way it is.
And I really have no interest in
command and conquest and all that.
Just leave everything to me.
And now farewell.
It seems I have beaten you once again
Brother disciple.
Here's the thing,
The mission that I've been entrusted with
Is to kill anyone who
knows about the gold mine.
So now you're going to kill me?
Well, that's what I was told to do.
But should I?
A lot of people have died,
and mostly for your sake.
I'd hate to think of my brother
disciples having died in vain.
After this
I have to kill Musashi as well.
I'm supposed to poison him as
part of my mission later on.
I mean, I don't even know if he
could be killed at this point.
So what'll you do, then?
Shall I call it a day?
A gold mine is one thing.
But a gold mine full of monsters?
That's the last thing our domain needs.
Guess I'll just have to
bluff my way through it.
Come on. Let's go find a way out.
No. You go on by yourself There's
something here I still need to do.
And what is that?
Ah I think I understand.
In that case, I doubt we
will meet again in this life.
Be well.
You too.
Where are you going?!
Huh? There are even
lower levels to this thing?
Mu sa shi!!
Oni swine!!
Genma cur!!
Now die!!!
Musashi! Musashi!
Kill the Genma and become an Onimusha.
Musashi Musashi
- What did you come back here for??
- I came to see you, Musashi!
Get out of here, little
girl! You're in the way!!
Kojiro's right. A battle to the death
between two monsters is not something you
need to witness.
But you're not! You're not a monster!
I'm an Oni! Can you have any doubt
of it, after what I did to your?
No! No! That's why I came,
to tell you you're wrong!
What you did was the act of a human being.
It was cause of what you did
that my mother and father could
Die like human beings.
That's why I came here To thank you.
To thank you for being human.
Coward. Just when
things were getting good!
Yeah, sorry.
But you see, unlike you, I've been alive
a long time, and things get complicated.
But don't you worry. It's not like
I'm ending the fight or anything.
Not after I kept you waiting for so long.
Yeah, that's the Musashi I
know! You had me worried.
What? I don't understand you, Musashi.
Why settle for being human?
Why? When this existence is
so much more interesting!
I forgot There's a reason that
I have to go back to being human.
I made a promise and I need to keep it.
Treat it with respect.
Only a human being can defeat you.
You sure about that?
I'm sure.
All right, then!
Sayo. Look.
You can see the way the air's flowing out.
It must lead to the
outside, so follow it and
Ah, perfect. Just when you
needed a guide, you've got one.
Keep her safe.
Oi! Musashi!
Where's Sahei?
He went on ahead.
He what?? You mean he
just left you behind?
Well, anyway, you take care.
Same to you.
And don't goof around for too long.
Maybe it's time you grew up.
Yeah, you may be right.
Seven samurai three of them villains
So I guess that makes me the
remaining villain Right, Musashi.
I kept you waiting again.
Oh, don't worry, I'm used to it.
Kojiro, you're defeated!!
Huh?? How do you get that?
Heh. That's why you've
thrown away your scabbard.
I got rid of it a long time ago.
You used to be more charming.
‘Cause this is our second fight!
You're right, that's why this time
I'm gonna put you down permanently.
Let's see you try!!
I've always trained to become strong
You just gonna stand there?!!
Mu sa shi!
Oh, Mother!
Well? What is it?
I can't get rid of this little beggar
girl. She's demanding our best room, and
she won't take no for an answer!
Now, young lady
You do realize you would have
to pay for the room in advance.
That enough?
What in the world is that??
It's mine.
This is real.
Of course it is.
As for belongings, that's
all I've got That and this.
I apologize for our rudeness.
You're welcome to stay
here as long as you'd like.
But Mother!
Thank you.
- Huh?
- We have a guest!
There's something strange about her.
More than strange, dear. I'd
say that girl is a monster.
But she can pay, can't she?
And at least she isn't boring. In
fact, I think she might make things very
Pardon me, Master Unsho.
Hm? What is it?
I thought I heard a noise,
so I went out to investigate
And found this.
You saw Kaizen, then?
No. By the time I came
there was no one here.
I see.
Well, wherever it's been, it's much
heavier now than it was when it left.
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