Ordeal by Innocence (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Still anything I dream is possible But only you can make it all come true Ah Stop, stop! Kirsten, now, now, calm yourself.
There, there, there.
Shuh, Shuh! There, there She was alive when I left the house.
I hitched a lift.
It was a good car.
It was big.
It was practically brand-new.
The driver was in his 30s.
He was wearing a dark overcoat and a striped shirt and I saw the cuff.
It was striped, like pyjamas.
- I'm sorry, am I boring you, Father? - If you had a name I didn't ask his name.
I didn't know I'd be needing it.
All your life, you've courted trouble and never faced any consequences.
But you have to face the consequences now, Jack.
- You have to.
- I didn't kill her.
Please, find that man, find that man.
He can prove it.
I didn't do it.
Perfect match.
'And that's the last twist of the knife, Jack.
' Your refusal to admit what you have done.
It was you.
Your fingerprints mixed with your mother's blood.
No-one else's.
Yours, Jack.
I'd hoped that, one day, he might understand what he had done to us.
I'd hoped your brother might, one day, be sorry.
He wasn't.
But we forgive him because we loved him.
And now .
we have to look after each other and keep on living.
Michael? Christina? These are your new sisters and brother.
Mary, Hester and Jack.
You'll be very happy here.
A good bath, tea and then straight to bed.
Aren't you grubby little tykes? Everybody ready? That's quite tight, Jack.
Smile, Mother.
So everyone knows we are happy.
Best faces, please.
Leo! I'm off now.
Don't lose track of the time.
Bloody hell.
All the cuttings raked up.
- All the cuttings! - Yes, ma'am.
- I'll be checking.
'There are, of course, some concerns about the high risk of fire should there be an atomic detonation in Britain.
But people must remember that our homes are built very differently to the domestic architecture in Japan.
There, the houses are made from light, highly flammable materials, such as paper and card - Kirsten? - .
and any schoolchild will tell you that paper and card burn quickly and easily.
Kirsten! Why doesn't anyone in this house answer when I call for them? I didn't hear you.
My dress for this evening is hanging in my room.
It needs a press.
And will you please cover your legs? Hosiery.
No-one wants to see your chunky calves.
Yes, Miss Vaughan.
And no creases in the tablecloths.
Nearest stop to Sunny Point, please.
Hester? Hester! I don't know what you're smiling at.
It's my house now.
[Hester?] [Hester!] [Hester!] Honestly, Hester, we're going to be late.
I do have to go to work after this.
I think fitting bridesmaids dresses is a teensy bit more important than stamping books in a boring, bloody library, actually, Tina.
Now look what you've made me do.
You ready for me, darling?] You need a shave.
Don't they sell razors in London? - Where's your case? - I'll get it in a minute.
Well, well, the prodigal returns.
Let's round up the fatted calf, slit its throat and sport and play in its hot blood.
- Philip.
- Mickey.
Good, you're here.
Sorry, darling.
It's only London, Mickey, you could have got here sooner.
Mickey, this sham of a wedding cannot go ahead and I'm relying on you.
I'm the only one that cares that Daddy's marrying that bloody secretary.
Tina's like a ghost, Hester's playing the innocent baby.
It's as if mother never existed.
You're cutting it a bit fine, aren't you? I mean, they're getting married the day after tomorrow.
Daddy isn't thinking clearly.
He's just blinded by S-E-X, which is all Gwenda's got, but that works in our favour.
I've got a plan.
You pay her a lot of attention and flatter her, let her see you looking at her.
At her curves.
Letting your eyes linger.
You make up to her and then, well, you know? - What? - You make a pass at her.
She responds, which she will, because she's a tart, and we arrange it so that Daddy catches her and she's gone.
He throws her out and he'll be upset, of course, but he'll have us.
If he catches me up his fiancee, he won't have me, will he? Yes, but I'll convince him it was all her.
And you'll be completely forgiven because he'll realise you are both just victims of the same gold-digging slut! Mary, you need to lie down in a nice dark room for just about the rest of your life.
I don't know why I ever expected anything from you.
You never help.
You just swan off.
To Korea, to your new life in London.
It's all right for you, but the rest of us have to stay here.
Korea was a war, not a bloody holiday! Are you going to help save Daddy from Gwenda, yes or no? No.
Jack would have done it.
Jack's not here.
Mickey? Dear boy! My best man.
Mary, isn't this wonderful? He's come home.
Wonderful This gathering tonight, I absolutely will not mind if you slope off.
There are so many people to thank and since the wedding itself is only going to be us Do you think it's too soon? - The party? - Me marrying again.
Mary's not taking it particularly well.
She didn't say anything to me.
I'm I'm happy for you.
That means a great deal, you know.
A very great deal.
Hester is giddy to see you.
- Prepare yourself for an onslaught.
- Yes.
It wouldn't have been the same without you, son.
I've missed you.
Very much.
A good bath, tea and straight to bed.
And this is your new daddy.
Come along.
I say, I do hope that's not THE dress.
No, that's going to the hotel on the morning - so there's no danger of Leo seeing it.
- We saw it, though.
It's white and that's all I'm saying.
- Look who's here.
- Oh! Door, Hester, please.
- But Mickey - Will still be there when you've answered the door.
Michael, the tailor is coming tomorrow to make sure your morning suit fits.
Hello, by the way.
I'm so glad that you could make it.
Do you ever stop talking? You're very early.
Where's your instrument? My instrument? Your cello.
And I do hope you have something smarter to wear.
- No, I - Oh, for God's sake.
What is the matter with people? This is a formal occasion.
We can find something for him to wear.
I'm not a musician.
I'm Arthur Calgary.
The man in the car.
I'm Jack Argyll's alibi.
My apologies for keeping you waiting.
My family are very .
Understandably so.
You're an Egyptologist.
- A gentleman amateur.
- Oh.
Most of them are, aren't they? Mr Calgary It's Doctor, actually.
Not that I set particular store by titles.
And not a doctor of medicine.
Does that have a bearing on this situation? It does, actually, yes.
I came across this only very recently.
And recognised him straightaway.
It was Christmas Eve 1954 he flagged me down and I gave him a lift to the local town.
I dropped him off outside the public house.
I asked him for the time.
I've never worn a watch.
I'm late for everything.
He told me it was just before nine, but it says here that your wife was That she died just before nine.
But that's when your son was with me some distance away, so Where were you going when Jack stopped you? What were you late for? A dinner party.
I'm afraid the cliche about absent-minded scientists is true.
It's been 18 months since my wife was .
Why have you not come forward before? I went away for my work.
Just after Christmas.
A research station in the Arctic.
- The Arctic? - That's why I didn't see any papers, hear any radio reports.
I only got back in the last few days, and if this hadn't been wrapped around some equipment, I wouldn't have known anything at all.
You were going to a dinner party, so you were wearing a dinner jacket? - That's right.
- I just want to be absolutely clear.
A dinner suit.
Black tie, black jacket, black trousers? I wish I could have got here sooner, but I'm here now, and I'm willing to go on oath in court.
So your son con be released because this terrible crime, Mr Argyll, he didn't do it.
We've had a lot of people coming here claiming to be Jack's alibi, to know something about him, about our family.
All those claims proved fraudulent.
Well, obviously.
Psychics, tarot readers.
A water diviner turned up once.
With rods.
Greedy, venal people.
Fame seekers and charlatans.
You can imagine the hurt and distress that caused us.
It must have been awful, but I just want to do what's right.
Jack was in my car.
He's innocent.
Well, once again, you're too late.
Jack died in prison before the case could come to trial.
He died? He can't be dead.
He He has to be alive.
He He died how? He got into a fight with another inmate.
Jack was a difficult young man.
We loved him, but he was difficult.
We hope he's at peace now.
And I hope you'll leave us to our own hard-won peace.
I'm so sorry.
- So dreadfully sorry.
- Actually, we're all rather busy, - so if you wouldn't mind - Yes, of course.
I don't suppose you know of any hotels or boarding houses nearby? There's a hotel in town.
Good day, Doctor Calgary.
Don't come back.
There's nothing for you here.
No more information than he'd read in the newspaper, like all the others.
He said he was wearing a dinner jacket so we know he was lying.
I thought this had stopped.
Why won't these ghouls just leave us alone? He told me he's a physicist who's only just returned from an expedition to the Arctic, which has got to be one of the best ones yet.
Forget about him.
This is not going to shake us.
Hester, take those boxes upstairs.
Kirsten, we'll have tea on the lawn.
I'll take mine in my room.
As you wish, Lieutenant Durrant.
Strange turning up like that out of the blue all this time later.
Very strange.
Like my dad said, forget about him.
Well, I'm sure we'll all give it a try, but it brings it all back, doesn't it? Like it was yesterday.
Your poor, dear mother.
There are two Ts, Michael.
Two of them.
Christina can do it.
Why can't you? Butter.
Stand up.
Look me in the eye and say it.
Give me that.
Kirsten, Michael has had a little mishap.
A dab of disinfectant and a plaster, I think.
Mary, your French composition.
Jack always said he was innocent.
I'd say the same if I'd been charged with murder.
When we were standing around his coffin and they'd had to cover most of his face so we couldn't see .
what had been done to him, how he'd been hurt, you didn't once think, "What if Jack was telling the truth?" - No.
- Well, I did.
I do.
I think about it all the time.
What if Jack was telling the truth? What if he was innocent? - What if he had an alibi? What if Dr Calgary - Was lying.
Leave it.
You going on won't change anything or bring anyone back.
Tina! It's about time.
I'm beside myself.
We need help with the tables.
Can you make sure they all have the little lamps on them? Poor Tina.
That's why I hide up here, so they can't make me help.
Where are you going? - Get some cigarettes.
- There's cigarettes in the store cupboard.
Not the ones I like.
I'm not cross, Hester.
- You're not? - It's Christmas Eve.
How can I be cross? Well, of course, I saw through him immediately.
If you're going to pretend to be a doctor, don't dress as a caricature of one.
A tweed suit and winter brogues in July? It's ridiculous.
- What did he say? - Oh, the usual.
Daddy dealt with him.
Look at her, pointing at flowers as if she's the Queen.
You know, I thought Mickey might help for once but he only cares about himself.
Is her dress really white? - Ivory.
- Ivory! It's the same as white! This is unbearable! How can you go along with it? Bending over backwards to be her new best friend.
Why doesn't it kill you like it kills me? Because it doesn't.
Well I was the first.
I loved Mother longest.
- Mother - Always pulling at me! It's intolerable.
It's different for you.
It's not different for me.
You think you were the favourite .
but you weren't.
Mother just felt sorry for you.
Filth! Filth! Filth! '.
Against fire and radioactive fallout.
And if you don't have one of those, then simply place a door against a wall inside your house as an extra precaution for yourself and your family until the police or Civil Defence Corps arrive to tell you the danger is passed.
If you are outside, then simply lie down.
It is inadvisable to smoke, so keep your cigarettes in your pocket until you hear the all-clear siren.
I want to remind everyone that although Great Britain does face a threat from unscrupulous foreign powers Sh.
No, no, no.
Who are you? Arthur Calgary, Dr Arthur Calgary.
Well, you don't have anything that proves it.
How did you do that? I got brambles caught in my trousers.
The thorns, they Tell me the story, the one you told my dad.
- It's not a story.
- Tell it anyway.
- I was driving.
- What sort of car? - I don't really know about cars.
- Describe it.
- I don't - Big? Small? Big, I suppose.
You suppose? Where is it now? Because you didn't drive here.
I don't have it any more.
Go on.
- I was driving - In the car that you don't know whether it was big or small? - Yes.
- That you don't have any more? - Driving on the road that goes past your house.
- How fast were you going? Quite slowly.
Go on.
Driving on the road that goes past your house and this man stepped out into the road and put his hands up to ask for a lift.
I stopped and gave him a lift -- your brother, Jack.
And we drove on and I dropped him off outside a pub.
I asked him for the time and I went on my way.
How come you don't have anything that proves who you are? You're a driver.
Where's your licence? I don't know.
Did you lose it? In the Arctic? I might have done.
Did it get eaten by a penguin? Penguins don't live in the Arctic, they live in the southern hemisphere.
- Don't take the piss out of me.
- I'm not, I'm just pointing out a fact.
I need you to do something.
I need you to go.
Because we've had enough of people like you, we've really had enough.
It's important you get that.
Don't be here tomorrow.
And don't go talking to anyone else around here.
Remember .
I can get in.
You can't go out.
Darling .
an evening spent in the company of your father's friends and their bloated-pig wives braying over my head while my face is at crotch level Not my idea of fun.
I'm just going to go out and have a quiet supper in town, all right? Oh.
Ah, yes.
Now, you won't drink too much, will you? You look very pretty.
Don't let any of the men flirt with you, will you? I'll see you later.
Hm, hm, hm.
Oh! I'm honestly not trying to take your mother's place, Mary.
I'd like us to be friends.
We could have shopping trips, lunches.
Just us girls.
I don't want to be your friend.
And as for taking my poor mother's place, with your elocution lessons and .
your padded brassieres, you don't have a chance.
Well, look at you, playing the adoring, heartbroken daughter.
"My poor mother.
" The thing is, no-one hated her more than you.
- Well, it looks like real gold.
- Shut up.
Here she comes, Mother Superior.
Thank you.
What are you doing? You've got guests.
It's just that it's my last evening here, so I thought I'd just You need to change into your going-away outfit while your husband is still sober enough to walk you out of the house.
What's the rush? Why can't she just sit here with us if she wants to? Because it doesn't look right.
And that's what matters, is it, "looking right"? Look, it won't take me a moment to change.
You are happy for me, Mother, aren't you? Such hot, little hands! You'll mark my suit.
Come on.
One day One day just to crack the shell.
See if there's anything inside.
Don't! We can't avoid each other.
So, we should probably make an effort.
Don't come back.
I suppose we should.
One tiny, little push.
Go ahead.
Doctor Calgary.
I apologise for not coming to find you myself but I'm not as good at the stairs as I once was.
We weren't introduced earlier.
I am Flight Lieutenant Durrant, but please call me Philip.
- Arthur.
- Arthur.
I'd like to buy you dinner.
I thought that at least one person in the family should be hospitable.
What do you say? Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
It's funny, isn't it? How some murders fly right under the radar and no-one really cares .
and others make a lot of noise.
Although let's face it, "Perfect mother beaten to death by her adopted son" is a newspaper man's dream, really makes you sit up over your toast and marmalade.
Especially when the perfect mother is an heiress.
Jack was adopted? Yes, God, yes, they all are.
Even the maid is from some dismal foundling home, they couldn't have children of their own so they filled the house with little unwanteds.
Landed with their bums in the butter with all that Argyll money.
Not that I see any of it.
They keep me on very short commons.
Every man gets himself into a bit of debt, you'd think they'd be only too happy to help a chap out.
A flying ace, decorated, I'm a bloody hero.
The whole world tilted on my wing, I was I was a god.
Now Now I piss in a bottle.
I tip them extra.
Don't I?! Yes, I'd only got out of hospital the night before Rachel's sad demise.
I wrote the car off on the way back from the races.
Broke my back.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
Wonderful spread, Kirsten.
- Thank you, Chief Constable.
- You always feed us so well.
Things are bound to change under the new Mrs Argyll, if it gets difficult, you just let me know.
I have Leo's ear.
Difficult? I wouldn't like to see you get side-lined when you were so devoted to Rachel.
So, what were you doing in the Arctic, then? I'm not able to discuss my work.
You were a military man, you will understand.
Official secrets, hm? Well, you're right to keep quiet, you never know who's listening these days and all after the same thing.
Jack's brother came to see me.
Mickey? And what did he want? He suggested that I leave and not come back.
How typically charming of him! And .
are you going to go away and never come back? I don't see what else I can do.
Jack's dead.
I can't do any good here.
There is an awful lot of good that you can do here.
- What do you mean? - You're going to stick around, Arthur.
Tell your version of events and let the rumour mill do the rest.
A place like this, suspicions run riot.
The whole bloody family are suspects.
Which one of them's got blood on their hands? So deliciously squalid.
You're leaving, Jack.
God almighty, Mother.
Jack killed Rachel, all right.
He was a nasty, little bastard.
A demon seed.
- But he didn't.
- Yes, he did.
Of course, he did, His fingerprints were all over the murder weapon, the whisky decanter, which weighed a bloody tonne, I can assure you.
No, no, no, he got what was coming to him.
But people starting to think that it might not have been him works very well for us.
- What do you mean? - Well, if a newspaper picks it up .
lawyers get interested.
I feed you all the information that I have and together we stir the pot.
And if Leo Argyll wants you gone -- and he bloody well will -- he'll have to pay.
And pay big.
50-50 split.
That's That's extortion.
I won't do that.
I can't believe you'd suggest such a thing, your own family, when they're grieving.
If I tell a newspaper or a lawyer anything, it'll be about you.
- Sit down! - Let go of me! - Sit down.
If you're a scientist doing secret research in the Arctic, - then I'm a baboon's ball sack.
- That's where I've been! The sun doesn't set far north in the midsummer, you'd have a bit of colour in your face, but you, you look like a maggot, like you've been living under a rotten log.
And, to me, that says one thing, you've been in prison.
Yes, I'm right, aren't I? Is that where you met Jack? - I gave him a lift.
- My arse! You're a conman.
You've been inside, and one word from me will have you sent straight back! Oh, Christ, you look terrified! What are you so scared about? He's attacking me! The war hero in a wheelchair! He's attacking me! Dear friends, I would like to say thank you to Gwenda .
for agreeing to be my wife.
No! - Which I think is happening quite soon.
- Stop! And I would like to say thank you to my children all grown up now for giving us their blessing.
) Thank you for being here.
You have been steadfast during the most appalling ordeal any family could endure.
And you have the gratitude of myself and my children forever.
Can I get a lift? Well? The toast I would like to make is to Rachel.
Wife, mother, a force of nature, a crusader for good.
Let me go! Don't! Do you have the time? I'm supposed to be there by nine.
Yes, well, it's nearly that now.
So, you're late.
There, there.
Sh, sh.
There, there Rachel.
To Rachel.
We've been through hell.
You don't know what that's like! I know what hell is like.
Leave me alone! - Why don't you believe me? I'm telling you the truth! - Shut up! I could have killed her that night for what she did.
Why are you so cruel to me? It's like kicking a whipped dog.
It's easy.
Jack was innocent, and your wife's killer is still free.
Do you really not know what you've done? The bomb you've just dropped? A bit too old for you, though, aren't I? You won't break me, Jack.
They're all in on it.
If Jack didn't kill Mother, then who did? Of course it's you.