Ordeal by Innocence (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 It was your fingerprints mixed with your mother's blood.
I didn't kill her.
She was alive when I left the house.
I am the man in the car.
Jack Argyll's alibi.
Arthur, I'd like to buy you dinner.
You're too late, Jack died before the case could come to trial.
- Jack was adopted.
- God, yes.
They all are.
- I would like to say thank you for agreeing to be my wife.
- No I'm not able to discuss my work.
Official secrets.
The whole bloody family are suspects.
No-one hated her more than you.
- Filth! - Jack's brother came to see me.
- I need to go.
If Leo Argyll wants you gone, he'll have to pay big, 50-50 split.
That's extortion.
Which one of them has got blood on their hands? - Rachel.
- To Rachel.
He didn't do it.
He's innocent.
No, no! I'm damned, I'm damned.
- You can't be here, you really can't.
- I need to speak to your father.
- I'll wait until he's awake.
- If this is fun for you, it's not for us.
We've been through hell, you don't know what that's like.
I know what hell is like.
For Christ's sake - I need to make your father listen to me! - Shut up and get in the car.
Why won't you let me help? Back in the house.
So, did any of the men try to flirt with you? Of course not.
They must be blind.
Your father enjoyed himself.
Despite that odd little chap turning up yesterday.
He seemed to.
That's what matters, isn't it? You know, I'm going to do all I can to make your father's wedding day - memorable.
- You're in a good mood.
I am, aren't I? Excuse me.
I know I am too late for your brother, but I can still help.
I can clear his name.
Leave my family alone.
Leave my brother alone.
Next one.
- It's as if you want him to be guilty.
- Don't tell me what I want.
- That hurt.
- It's meant to.
- Why don't you believe me? I'm telling the truth, Jack was innocent.
Why come straight to us and not the police? - I came to - Shut up.
It's because you're not telling the truth.
Not one bit of it - who you are, where you've been - is true.
- You're fake.
- I I don't enjoy doing this.
OK? It's not fun for me.
But I will keep doing it.
Be told.
That man came back, Doctor Calgary.
He was outside the house waiting.
Mickey said not to tell anyone.
Then why are you telling me? Daddy, I suppose.
Why do you think he came back? That's what vultures do.
They keep coming back.
To peck at the bones until there's nothing left.
I think such terrible things sometimes, Tina.
What I'd like to do to people.
Smash their faces in, so they're just blood and teeth.
- Anyone can snap, can't they? Really do this - Stop.
You have to stop.
I could've killed her that night for what she did.
I'm dreaming of a white I want Daddy.
Christmas Just like the ones I I wanted to kill her, I wanted her dead.
You have to stop this.
You have to, because I I just can't.
Hester, run along to get dressed.
It's done.
He left early.
That's a relief.
Thank you.
Yes, that Calgary chap said that you'd pay him a visit.
- Told him to leave.
- You didn't tell me that.
You actually spoke to them? Well, it isn't as if I can walk away, darling, is it? But he did rather sound as if you'd threatened him, Michael.
- Well, I didn't.
- Well, I just hope nobody overheard him.
He's an excitable fella.
He's so desperate to be believed and tell his story, as it were.
Do you know, the waiters had to pull him off me.
- What? - He sounds rather volatile, and I think it's a very good thing that Mickey did go and see him.
You wouldn't want anything disturbing the wedding.
- No, we wouldn't.
- Muddying the waters, raking up the dirt.
- You really are a first-rate son.
- He is.
Now, let's have breakfast.
I just can't help thinking, that at the very least, you should tell the police about this chap, Leo.
I think they'll be very interested.
Appearing after all this time.
Not to mention, the papers.
I mean, we all want to be beyond reproach, don't we, in this tragic, tragic matter? And warning Doctor Calgary off does not appear to be beyond reproach.
Quite the opposite.
Don't you think? Do you know what I think? I think it's a fucking shame that you got out of that car crash alive.
Don't you say that to him, don't you dare.
Something on your mind, Mickey? Hm? Where were you on the night of Rachel's murder? - At work.
- Who works Christmas eve night? You and Saint Nick? It's where he lived.
- Of course, he was there.
- Oh, she's piped up.
The faithful retainer.
It's always the servants that know more than they say.
Philip, be very careful.
How are you getting along with the old reading and writing now that there's no-one to help you? All right as long as it's short words and big letters? Well, at least I can get it up.
No wonder Mary's gone out of her head.
Stuck with you sponging off her and not even a decent shafting for her trouble.
- I hate you.
- Michael - I hate you, I hate you! I'm trying to eat my grapefruit, actually.
Actually, just trying to eat my grapefruit in peace.
- Eat your bloody grapefruit, I'm not stopping you.
- Enough! You insufferable little prick.
I used to hurt men like you.
- Thrashed.
- Used to? Not thrashing anything any more, are you? Can I just say that this subject matter and this language is not fit for the breakfast table or any other table for that matter? Oh, don't be coy, Gwenda.
We all know that you were riding Leo like a seaside donkey while Rachel was still alive.
Probably on this sodding table.
I know this is about money.
I'm not increasing Mary's allowance.
So this cruel game you're playing needs to stop .
Well Where were you? When? You know when.
As I told the police, I was at home listening to records and wrapping presents.
- I went to bed early.
- Oh, yes, home.
Home That little bedsitter of yours in town.
Why did you give that up? Why did you .
come back? Hm? I wanted to be close to my family, obviously.
And what happened to you and Mickey? You used to be as thick as thieves, you two and Jack.
The Three Musketeers.
Now you barely look at each other.
I wonder why.
Our mother was murdered and Jack died in an act of unspeakable savagery.
It has an effect.
You're like a little cat.
Silent and secretive.
Here pussy, pussy, pussy.
Keep going, I like it.
Something gnawing away at you, Christina? Why don't you just unburden your soul.
Can I get a lift? Yes.
No No, let me off.
Let me off.
Let me off! Let me off! Let me off! Let me off.
No, no Hello.
Oh, here she is.
Morning, Miss Argyll.
Why are you so rude? You never say hello back.
Jack saw us.
You're our favourite.
We just want to be friends.
Fuck off! Fuck off! And leave me alone.
Go on, that's it! Hmph! What on earth possessed you, Christina? My daughter screaming profanities in public and hurling her shoes at children, completely unprovoked.
They're not children.
It wasn't unprovoked.
It's every day, every day.
You are an Argyll.
Before anything.
First and foremost, an Argyll.
Your mother taught you to behave with dignity and restraint.
She taught you standards.
So, remember them.
Telling off, over.
I need my best girl to be at her best.
I'm quite nervous about this wedding day tomorrow, you know? Run wild, make all the noise you want.
- Come on, Mary.
- Come on, Mary.
Wait for us.
Make room for each other, now hold hands.
Really tight.
Ready? One, two, three Yell, Mary.
Scream! Sunny Point.
You want me to go to the police? I beg your pardon, who is this? It's Calgary.
I'm going to the police.
I have telephoned them and told them I'm coming in to make a statement.
Then you'll believe I'm telling the truth.
Jack was innocent.
And your wife's killer is still free.
So what, let him.
Let the police deal with him.
Yes? I've got some errands to run before tomorrow.
I won't be long.
Chief Constable Gould.
- Bellamy.
- I'm going to take charge of this, Leo.
Nothing left to chance.
Perfect match.
Doctor Calgary, the station rang me at home.
Are you certain about this? I'm certain.
Whoever was investigating, accused the wrong man.
Jack Argyll is dead because of their mistake.
I'll go ahead, set everything up for you.
You could have given me a lift.
All right, all right.
No, no.
- There's no water.
- I'll get some then.
And .
I wanted to say that .
there is no disappointment.
About, well, certain consequences of your accident.
That side of things isn't important to me.
And I love you very much.
Your breath smells.
It's all those pills you're taking.
They dry you out.
You're dried-up.
Why are you so cruel to me? It's like kicking a whipped dog.
It's easy.
And the dog expects it, which you are, Mary, you're a whipped dog.
Licking the hand that beats you.
I'll get your water.
You have to be nicer to Mary.
You'll get on better with Daddy.
That's what it's always about, isn't it? Keeping Daddy happy.
Just please, Philip.
All right.
For you.
Uh! Well, there have got to be some perks to being in this bloody family.
You keep coming back, Doctor Calgary.
I have to do the right thing.
And I am telling the truth, but .
I have been lying.
On the 24th of December 1954, I was admitted to a psychiatric institution against my will.
I got out.
I stole a coat and I stole a car and I absconded.
I met your brother on the road.
I drove him to the town.
And then I was caught.
Of course, I was caught.
I don't know why I thought I could get away.
I wasn't myself, I was quite distressed.
And that's where I've been, for a year and a half.
Not in a research station, not working.
I've been in an asylum.
I was released yesterday.
What were you wearing when you met Jack? Hospital-issued pyjamas, they had stripes.
Miss Argyll, I have to speak to your father urgently.
It's so important.
You all thought he was a con man.
I kept saying it, didn't I? What if Jack was telling the truth? What if there really was an alibi? Well, here he is.
So, what now? Well, why would someone want to run you over? - I don't know.
- What did he look like? I don't know.
I didn't see his face, not completely.
I mean, I did, but that was when he was dead.
Doctor Calgary, Arthur, this all sounds rather - fantastical.
- He had a signet ring, on his little finger.
The crest was in the shape of a crown.
- You know him? - I think so.
Bellamy Gould, our friend.
Well, I have to tell someone, his wife.
- Mr Argyll, think just a moment.
- We can't just leave him lying there.
- That's barbaric.
- I told the police I was coming in to make a statement and the next thing, your friend is driving his car at me.
I was being shut up, got rid of.
You can't trust the police, they're they're covering for someone.
We've lived here for 25 years.
You're talking about people who came to Rachel's funeral and wept.
I don't want my family to know about this, not yet.
Michael is He has a short fuse.
He'll want to retaliate, I don't want another child in prison.
Poole will know what to do with all this.
My solicitor, I trust him.
And as for Bellamy .
who I thought was my friend He arrested Jack.
He charged Jack.
He said .
Jack had done it.
I gave my clothes to a tramp.
A gentleman of the road.
Anyway, desperate for a slash.
Now, what do you see in your husband? I mean, really, he's just a jumped up copper.
He's the Chief Constable, a very important man.
Aren't you so bored you could scream? He says you should have gone to Korea with your brother.
He says a good war would sort you out.
And do you think I need sorting out, Lydia? Don't call me Lydia.
It's bad manners.
And move.
I need to get to the bathroom.
Step over me .
Mrs Gould.
Nasty boy.
Spelling mistakes.
Do them again.
Morning, Mr Argyll.
Where's Jack? What's this about, Bellamy? He's been stealing from us.
Not true, I'm afraid.
The fragrant Lydia practically forced the money on me.
Well, why would she give you money? Because I've been fucking her, Mother.
It was only supposed to be the once - Stop it!.
- but she's a thirsty old horse, isn't she? - You little shit! - Jack - That's more like it, isn't it? Bit too old for you, though, aren't I? Pervert.
Bellamy, I am so The Goulds are friends of ours! - Bellamy has helped me so much with the trust.
- Yes, I'm sure.
He's very keen on orphans and neglected children.
Always happy to help them.
You try so hard to appal me.
You're such a gutless fraud, Mother.
Smiling like there's nothing wrong.
But you built a nuclear bunker in the cellar in case the bombs start falling, so I know you're terrified, I know you're a mess.
Just admit it.
Stop smiling.
Stop pretending.
And, in return, I'll stop.
You won't break me, Jack.
One word against me and I am warning you, I don't care if we are friends, Leo, I shall have his head kicked in half.
Every bone in his body broken.
I'm not going to say anything about your offer to help me blackmail this family.
I don't want to upset your wife.
Do you really not know what you've done? The bomb you've just dropped? If Jack's innocent, then one of them isn't.
Dinner's served.
The family are waiting for you.
The old back's playing up.
I think I'm just going to take myself off.
Shall I fetch Mary for you? I'll be fine.
I realise that my .
my history of .
being unwell makes me an unreliable witness.
But the hospital can back up what I say.
The time and manner of my absconding and the time of my .
well, my capture.
And you're quite well now? Not fantasising or seeing things? - Gwenda.
- Well, really, he said he'd been to the Arctic.
I really was meant to be going there.
I was part of a research team.
- But, obviously, I - The question is, if Jack didn't kill Mother .
then who did? There was someone else here.
- Someone else? - There was a car parked on the road.
I had to swerve to avoid it.
What sort of car? I only saw it for a second.
If the owner of that car could be found, you'd have the person that did this to your family.
Or at the very least knows something about it.
A brown car? There's no shortage of them about.
It's a start.
The fact that I'm too late for Jack is unbearable.
But I can clear his name.
I can do that much.
Just .
one good, true thing.
Well, my solicitor will be here first thing in the morning.
And then we can begin clearing Jack's name.
I think you're a very honourable man.
I'm not.
I'm really not.
What are you so scared of, Arthur? The end of the world.
All those people blown to nothing.
Boom! (All those people) What have I done? What have I done? I'm dammed.
I'm dammed.
No! No! No! He only went to bed because you were rude to him.
People like that shouldn't be allowed to just roam about.
Where are you going? A bride never spends the night before her wedding in with her groom.
And I wasn't even in the house that evening.
So .
I don't see why I should be subjected to an interrogation, if it's all the same to you, Mary.
You told us you got rid of that car because Mother had given it to you and the memories hurt too much.
- They did.
- Well, why are you worried they might be recognised? Because, in the dark and fog, a red car might easily be mistaken for brown.
Mickey, don't.
Say please for once in your life.
Say it! Daddy is blind to you.
And you.
Always has been.
But I am not.
I'll see you in the usual place .
where we won't be heard.
You'd better start thinking about what you're going to say.
What are you going to say? Fuck it.
- I might just go spill my guts, tell it all.
- You wouldn't.
It'd be better than this.
Because this .
this ain't living.
No-one can call this a life.
Solicitors tomorrow? - Really? - I have to.
The only thing you have to do tomorrow is put on a suit, come to church, say your vows, and put a ring on this finger.
- I don't see how I can - Find a way, Leo.
I don't care what way, just find it is.
And I'll make it all better.
As I always do.
(Stop breathing down my neck.
) (Bitch.
) I'll get you ready for bed and then I have something to do.
I'm staying up.
Why? What have you got that for? The only person in this family who couldn't have killed her .
was me.
Because I was upstairs in bed.
With a broken spine.
Where were you? Well .
this is a new experience, isn't it? You being afraid.
Am I still the whipped dog, licking the hand that beats me? Hm? I like you nervous, Philip.
It suits you.
Well, then, spit it out.
I wanted to speak to Mother about changing my job at the library.
I parked on the road to think.
I got out to get some fresh air.
I didn't see any car go past.
I didn't see Mother.
I changed my mind, and went home.
If you're going to make something up, try and make it good.
It's what happened.
I was with her.
Of course you were.
Lurking in the dark.
Why were you there? Backup.
You know what Mother was like.
I'd been telling her for ages she should leave, - she is treated like the tea girl.
- She is the tea girl! All lah-di-dah and full of herself but we remember when you arrived, crawling with fleas, wetting the bed every night.
- What's that got to do with it? - Everything! - Why did you lie? - Because she's devious! And he he's a freak.
Having to eat your dinner with a spoon because you can't be trusted with anything sharp.
Gouging holes out of your arms and your legs.
- We all know you do it.
- Shut up! You're no better than us, Mary.
- You're no different.
- I am different, I am better, I was first, I was chosen! The rest of you have just - .
- just turned up.
- Tina, why didn't you just say that you were there? I didn't want anyone thinking Mother was difficult to talk to.
I We didn't want anyone thinking that about her.
You sound like you've been practising that in the mirror.
Well Let's just see who's best girl now.
I was so scared that I had done something, and every time I said that to you, you couldn't tell me that I hadn't? You're no better than them.
What you did, what you are.
Throwing yourself at men.
So cheap.
Damaged goods.
Shop soiled.
It's no wonder Daddy's ashamed of you.
It wasn't us! It wasn't, and it wasn't you, Hester.
You were so ill! We thought you were going to die, too, how could you have done anything? Ahh! None of you should have been here! It should have just been me! On my own with her, it should have just been me! You ruined it.
You ruined it, you all ruined it! Mary .
was it you? Police? Hello? Hello! Philip.
Put the telephone down.
Don't call the police, Philip.
We'll talk when you're sober.
- Lieutenant Durrant.
- Calgary, get in here.
Get in here! Is everything OK? Come here.
They're all in on it.
All of them.
Every bloody one of them.
- How do you mean? - I tried to call the police and Leo .
Leo wouldn't let me and then he came and took the phone away from me.
There's a good reason for not wanting the police.
Listen to me! This house is a bloody death trap.
And you need to get me .
out of here.
They know that I know, and they'll come for me, and you.
Lieutenant Durrant .
when you wanted to use Mrs Argyll's murder as a means of extortion, you were drunk, and you're drunk now.
Very drunk.
I think you need some rest.
Oh, Christ.
Get away from me! Dis missed.
Of course it's you.
It wasn't only the police I told.
I was coming in to make a statement.
I also told you.
You're the one who wants to shut me up.
It's you.
Off you go.
Take my car.
Drive to the nearest city.
Talk to the police there.
Tell them who you are.
No-one here is holding you prisoner, least of all me.
Door's open, keys are right there.
Pick them up and go.
Not everyone would have taken a psychiatric patient into their home, Arthur.
I presume they gave you pills or something to keep you reasonable.
Do me the courtesy of taking them.
I don't have them any more.
They make me numb.
They make me .
not mind.
I don't deserve to not mind what I've done What could you possibly have done? My work I didn't know.
Didn't know what? You're a physicist, what was it you were working on? I wrote a formula.
Part of a formula .
for detonation.
Fat Man and Little Boy.
For the bomb.
I'm damned.
So clearing Jack's name, it's atonement.
One .
good, true thing.
Just one.
Just one.
And you can have it.
The door's open, you don't need to be here to be .
I'm so sorry.
I'm .
I'm Come on.
Least said .
soonest mended.
- Will you need anything else? - Not at the moment, thank you.
Well? You promised.
May I - .
- ask a question? - Of course.
Why are you so convinced it was Jack? He was an extreme young man.
The evidence against him seemed .
Everything against him seemed conclusive.
Where is Mrs Durrant? Still asleep.
It was a late night for everyone.
I didn't hear them come in.
She sometimes spends the night in her old bedroom upstairs.
- Why? - The shower has been running quite a while, I think.
Perhaps he's fallen.
Philip! - Is it locked? - No, in case he needs help.
Philip? We're coming in.
Is all of this happening because of me? All this happened a long time ago.
Tell me it isn't true.
How did you bear it? I suppose it was inevitable.
They're at each other.
He can't reach the morphine on his own.
No, no!