Ordeal by Innocence (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 I didn't kill her.
She was alive when I left the house.
I hitched a lift.
Find that man.
He can prove it.
The fact that I'm too late for Jack is unbearable, but I can clear his name.
You're not fantasising or seeing things? They're all in on it, every bloody one of them.
I could have killed her that night for what she did.
- What are you going to say? - Might spill my guts, tell it all.
The only thing you have to do tomorrow is to come to church and put a ring on this finger.
You were riding Leo like a seaside donkey while Rachel was still alive.
Morning, Mr Argyll.
FILTH! You built a nuclear bunker in the cellar in case the bombs start falling, so I know you're a mess.
You won't break me, Jack.
She's a thirsty old horse, isn't she? Nasty boy.
He's very keen on neglected children.
A bit too old for you, though, aren't I? One word against me, and I shall have his head kicked in half.
Bellamy -- he arrested Jack.
He said Jack had done it.
Jack shouldn't be dead.
He shouldn't have been charged -- shouldn't have been inside.
Why is he dead? Jack! Hester! Where are you going? Has Philip rung for me? Er I didn't hear him.
You look terrible.
So do you.
All of you.
You've been fighting.
And talking.
We've been talking.
No more secrets.
Here he is! Ah! Ah, you've grown.
Look at you! Went away a boy, came back a man.
- Ah! How many Chinese communists did you kill? - Stop! What have you been up to? You're looking way too pleased with yourself.
Ask Mrs Gould.
Mother is furious, but of course, she's smiling though it.
Yeah, well, you want to watch yourself.
One of these days she'll snap, lock you in a nuclear bunker and throw away the key.
Come on, soldier boy.
We've got beers.
Guess what -- we're going swimming! Here we go.
Hey, hey, hey! Nothing changes, Mickey.
Absolutely nothing at all.
You want to live in a bedsit.
I have found one I like.
And I can afford it.
I'm incredibly proud of you, Christina.
You and Michael.
You've both done very well.
You know, he seems more at ease.
With the world.
Has he met a nice girl? Not that I know of.
And you? Do you have your eye on a young man? I'll want to meet him, you know.
I'm so busy at work.
I don't have time for anything like that.
Well -- I'm certain this bedsit will be hideous, but you know your own mind.
Now, I've got a lot to do, so run along.
Oh, mother.
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm! None of that silliness.
I've trained you better than that.
Remember to breathe.
Did you come to tell us something? We understand how it could happen with Mother.
Especially that night.
Anyone can snap, Kirsten.
And Mother pushed people.
She pushed all of us.
If you're going to be mediocre, Hester, at least look pretty.
Slouching is ugly.
Sit up.
"Dear Mother, I'm sorry I'm never going to be good enough for you.
"I can't live here any more.
"I will ring every Friday at three, so that nobody worries.
"I want Kirsten to answer.
"Please don't look for me.
"You won't find me.
" - Hester? - 'I'm well, don't worry.
' Hester, please come home.
Please, we miss you so much, so much.
Do you have to sound so desperate? You're playing right into her hands.
I never heard her say a kind thing to you.
Not even please or thank you.
Just orders, clicking her fingers.
We don't hate you, Kirsten.
We could never hate you.
You might.
I don't know what I'm going to say to Mary.
I hope she doesn't want to see him.
I had to see Rachel .
and it'll never leave me -- her face.
Like that.
You know? This is supposed to be my wedding day.
Mr Argyll? Is all of this happening because of me? I only wanted to do what was right, but I seem to have set something off.
It's not you, Arthur.
All this happened a long time ago.
It's only now it seems that everything's coming home to roost.
Mary! Smile, Mother, so everyone knows we're happy.
These are your new sisters and brother.
Darling, I'm here! Right! Mary, have they wiped their feet? Argh! Everything hurts him.
Please, just don't jolt him.
ARGH! You fucking morons! Welcome home, Philip.
Be careful! Please, just be careful.
Last post.
- Take charge of that, before I lose my mind.
- [ARGH!] [SLOW DOWN!] [ARGH!] Mickey! Oh, Mickey! Mickey, I'm drunk, and I need to sleep on your floor.
Mickey! Where's Hester? She went to the laundry.
You have got to be the mother.
Here is a cheque .
for £500.
You take it on the understanding that you never contact my daughter again.
Hmm! Where's Simon? He's gone to get eggs and bread, so we can have breakfast.
I'm not cross, Hester.
- You're not? - It's Christmas Eve.
How can I be cross? Sugar milk.
Your favourite.
- I don't feel very well.
- Hold on tight.
One step at a time.
Good girl.
Good girl.
Come on.
Come on.
Keep going, there's a good girl.
Nearly there.
She's been involved in an unfortunate liaison.
I want her examined.
I want to know if she's carrying the expected result of such a liaison.
And if she is? Well? About three months.
May I? Have the porters bring her to my car, and burn the clothes that she was wearing.
I'm dreaming Of a White Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the tree tops glisten Why are you crying? And children listen I want Daddy.
To hear sleigh bells in the snow Hester's in the car.
Tell everyone she has flu.
Only you and I can nurse her.
- Why? - Get her in.
Put her straight to bed.
Christina, it's Mother.
Come to the house.
Find Michael and bring him, too.
You tracked her down, then.
I hope she told you to piss off.
- Mother! - Where the hell are you? Leo? Oh, shit! Oh, Christ.
No, Leo.
Just your wife.
I'll talk to you in your study, but first, I want a word with you, Miss Vaughan.
Naughty Daddy! Yours, I believe.
You're nothing special, Gwenda.
He's done this before.
My husband has a predilection for screwing the staff.
The plainer the better.
I suppose he thinks it'll make them more grateful.
I'm not the grateful one.
Sometimes, he cries.
Argh! You ordinary bitch.
Put your cheap knickers on and get out of my house.
You know, I never really enjoy Christmas, but this one's shaping up to be a real belter.
Hester? Leave me alone, Jack.
She's has a fever.
It's flu.
Don't worry.
All right.
There we go.
Good girl.
I've got you.
I've got you.
I'm divorcing you, Leo.
You won't do that.
You couldn't bear the shame.
Oh, I'll cope.
But you, with your easy life and your bloody book that no-one wants or cares about You'll be penniless.
You'll have to work for a living.
How will you cope? Mother? Philip can't live upstairs.
- We need to arrange the house, so he has his own rooms.
- Stop pulling.
I can't bear it.
Always pulling at me! It's intolerable! Why did you get me? Why did you get me, if you weren't going to love me? I was sad, Mary.
I thought you could make up for that sadness.
It's not your fault you couldn't.
God almighty, Mother.
- Is she settled? - I'm getting her a hot water bottle.
You're leaving, Jack.
Michael and Christina are coming to get you.
Have a drink, Mother.
Ah! - You're going to need one.
- I don't want a drink.
They've always been close, haven't they? Tina and Mickey? Mickey and Tina.
So close.
I suppose it was inevitable.
They're at each other.
I I saw them.
His hands all over her.
Her legs wrapped round his back.
"Ah, ah!" I'm not going anywhere.
There's no getting rid of me.
Poor Mother.
You should have left me at the orphanage.
I didn't get you from an orphanage.
The woman who gave birth to you is in the kitchen.
You've known her all your life.
Little boy.
With your temper tantrums.
You've no idea what it takes to keep going.
I'm going to adopt the baby, Kirsten.
My child, but you won't be separated.
No-one will ever know.
I thought you were going to send me away.
None of this is your fault, Kirsten.
None of it.
Did you want something to eat? I'm just going to sit here for a bit.
Park on the road.
Christina, meet me in the garden room.
- And Michael, you stay in the car.
- I'll walk with you.
- Do as I say.
It's important.
It's Jack, isn't it? Of course it's Jack.
I wish he'd stop baiting her.
I'm done with this.
I'm done with all of it.
I'm done with her.
Her mad rules, her mad bloody bunker.
I'm done.
Mickey, don't.
She loves us really.
Say please.
For once in your life.
Say it! Please.
There we go.
Wasn't that hard, was it? Keep that up -- we might get on better.
When you were in Korea, I prayed day and night that you would come home safely.
So did I.
Who'd have thought we'd have something in common? See, Mother -- we're getting on better already.
Wouldn't he marry you? What? Who? When you told him you were having a baby .
wouldn't he marry you? It wasn't like that.
Is it because of him that I am the way I am? Not knowing when to stop.
Am I like him? I don't I can't You have to take that to Hester.
- Are you coming back? - Of course I am.
How did you bear it? I just .
Jesus! What is it? You found Michael quickly.
He was already with me.
Wrapping presents.
How fortuitous.
Jack tells me that you and Michael are .
With each other.
Tell me it isn't true.
I can't.
The love .
the love I've wasted on you, you whore! You're disgusting, you repulse me.
So ugly, so stupid.
You are an abomination.
You disgust me.
You are filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, FILTH! Where's Jack? What has he done? Jack saw us.
He told her.
Well, she was going to have to find out sooner or later, wasn't she, eh? Everyone was.
- We're disgusting.
We're filth.
- No.
- No.
We're not.
- We're stupid and ugly and dirty.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
We're not any of those things.
Don't run.
Don't run.
Let me go! Let me go! Don't! Do you have the time? I'm supposed to be there by nine.
I believed it was true.
We all did.
That Jack had done it.
Because of things that had happened.
Things Things that had been said.
And his fingerprints.
They were on what was used to kill her.
On the decanter.
Then the weapon must have been something else.
It has to have been.
Something similar.
How is Mrs Durrant taking the news? I put the coins on his eyes to close them, so he looked more peaceful when she saw him.
I'll take them off before she does, though.
There was a needle in his arm.
Poor man.
He can't have realised how dangerous it was.
Whisky and morphine.
I'm so sorry.
I have to tell to Mary.
I didn't leave Philip's shot out for him last night.
He was too drunk.
How could he overdose if I didn't leave him his shot? It doesn't make any sense.
He can't reach the morphine on his own.
Well? You said he'd never know.
That no-one would know.
You promised.
I'm sorry.
I I I was angry.
I hope he doesn't hate you.
I don't want him to hate you.
None of this your fault, none of it.
None of it.
- Ah! - Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
Ah! I I don't know what's happening to me! I'm I'm going to get help.
No, no, no, no, no! Don't leave me! Please don't leave me! All right.
Don't go.
Please don't leave me.
- It's OK.
- I'm so frightened.
- Sh, sh, sh.
Please don't leave me.
Little Kirsten.
Rachel? Rachel? There, there.
There, there.
There, there.
You say you went home at the usual time.
You didn't see Rachel.
I'll come and get you when the police have gone.
What were you doing up there? Making sure there's no-one else upstairs.
Go to your rooms.
Do not go downstairs.
Do as you're told! Jack .
was here.
Your fingerprints mixed with your mother's blood.
No-one else's.
Yours, Jack.
All right.
Yeah, let's go to trial.
I've always liked an audience, and now I'm going to get one.
A packed-out courtroom to see the bastard boy go down for murdering his mother.
What everyone will want to know is, what made him the way he is? Yeah, "He'd been given everything.
Why did he turn out so vicious?" It's something in you.
It's your temperament.
Something I've inherited.
- Maybe.
Who can say? - Kirsten can.
Who made me the way I am? Well, you did.
I've worked it all out.
- You're mistaken.
- She was 15.
Little girl straight out of some home, little girl with nothing, come to help with Mary.
You know she told us once it was the first time she'd had a room of her own.
And who walks into it? You.
With your cock in your hand.
The murderer's father.
Your blood in my veins.
Oh, I'll take a life sentence for this.
If I get the rope, I'll walk up that scaffold with a song in my heart.
It'll be worth it.
I'm going to ruin you.
I will sow your fields with salt.
I will drink from your hollowed skull.
I know exactly what you are, Leo Argyll.
By the time I'm done, so will everyone else.
I am your plague.
And I'm coming for you.
Open the window.
Unlock it.
- Open it now.
- Unlock the window.
Come out.
- Why? - Arthur! You're in danger! We need to get you out.
Through the garden, not out the front.
We can't trust our father.
- Open the window, Arthur.
- I'll get my case.
Forget the case! Arthur! Oh.
I'm I'm leaving now.
Well, let me see you to the door.
No! No, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no! No, no! No, leave me alone! No! No! Leave me alone! Get off me! Leave me alone! No! Very professional men.
They know what they're doing.
I'll come and speak with you on the drive.
Calgary did abscond.
He very likely did meet Jack, but much later than he said.
Jack gave him a time that would exonerate him.
That fragile young man has been a stooge, not an alibi.
I'm sorry you had to listen to all of that.
It's very upsetting.
So Jack's still guilty.
He still did it.
I'm afraid so.
No-one wanted him to be innocent more than me.
Mary, I need to speak with you, and you're going to have to be a brave girl.
You're going to tell me that Philip overdosed in the bathroom.
Why is he dead? Well, I'm afraid barbiturates and whiskey are not a happy combination.
Not Philip.
Why is Jack dead? I told them.
How he was mine.
And yours.
Why is he dead? He started a fight with another prisoner.
You know this.
But they never found out who killed him.
- No.
- Did they try? Of course.
Good God, what is this? How did he start the fight? Someone must have seen.
Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong person.
Did he say the wrong thing to you? - Did Philip? - Did mother? What the hell are you accusing me of? Have you lost your damn minds? I keep thinking about what Chief Constable Gould said to you that time.
What time? That time he said he'd have every bone in Jack's body broken.
That he'd have his head kicked in half.
And you didn't say that he shouldn't.
And I keep thinking how you went to see Jack, and the next day he was dead.
My baby! Oh, Kirsten.
How bitter you are.
This is her revenge because I'm marrying again, and I haven't chosen her.
I have to speak with Doctor Morsuch, and then I expect all of you to apologise.
But you -- there's nothing you can say.
Trying to turn my own children against me? Your life in this house is over.
Why? He was so happy.
We were so happy.
He admitted it, Gwenda.
Admitted what? Mother.
Kirsten, please.
PLEASE! There, there.
There, there.
Kirsten, come back.
Please, Kirsten! KIRSTEN!