Orphan Black: Echoes (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


Stop! Let me go!
Let me out of the car right now!
Where are you taking me?!
Stop pretending!
If you don't know anything,
then why are they watching you?
Nobody's watching me.
Then why is there a woman
stationed outside
of your building with a gun?
Who does she work for?
A woman who knows my name!
I don't know who that was,
just like I don't know who you are
because as I keep telling you,
We don't know each other!
I would've expected you
to be a better liar.
I'm actually a really good liar,
I just don't know what the hell
you're talking about.
What are you doing? Give me
Give, give me that!
Who is this? Neva Lee?
Is that the scientist?
No, it's my mom,
because I'm a kid, and you're a psycho.
Give me your passcode. I want to know
- who you've been talking to.
- Yeah, right.
- Okay.
- Give me your passcode.
Okay. It's B-U-1-1-S-H
- Ugh!
Josh, uh, it's Kira.
I'm concerned about the accuracy
of the machine.
I know we didn't have enough resolution
for long-term memory,
but there's been a suggestion
of, uh, mental instability.
I'm worried. Did we miss something?
Just call me as soon as you can.
I've just flown in from New York,
and the bags under your eyes
wouldn't fit in the overhead bins.
Hello, Uncle Felix.
Hello, monkey.
Work was good, until the King of Divorce
cut my hours again.
I should've called my sponsor,
but, instead
at least I got a poem out of it.
Well, let's hear it.
All right.
This one's called,
"Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?"
Every time I look
at your stupid fugly face,
- I see a disgrace
- Craig? Can I get, like,
a minute of your time?
I'm in the middle of a session.
- PJ. Hey.
- "Hey"?
I haven't seen or heard
from you in, what, a year?
I-I had to leave town,
and I couldn't tell anyone
where I was going,
but I don't have time
to get into it now.
Right. You've probably got
somebody else waiting for you.
Something like that. Craig, can I?
Excuse me.
Sorry, everybody.
She never got over you.
I bet she wrote a shit ton
of poems about it.
So many.
In here.
What the hell is this?
It's not what it looks like.
Good, because it looks like
something we're gonna go to jail for.
I think she's me.
I'm sorry?
At 16.
I have seen her.
In the mirror in my dreams.
So, what, you you kidnapped yourself?
What if she's in on it?
I have to know what she knows.
I am not helping you
hold a kid prisoner.
Craig, she is not
a normal kid. Look at her.
Whoever made me
made her.
I wasn't expecting you.
Neither was my mother.
Cosima called you, didn't she?
Came into town early to set up
for next week's installation,
and I wanted to see my niece.
What did she say?
- Oh, piss it.
Only that she was worried about you,
and she thought you could
use some checking up on.
Not to mention your mum
would pickaxe me in my sleep
if I didn't come by.
How is Mom?
Couldn't be happier
working at the shelter.
Helping women. She's practically
like Mother Teresa,
if Mother Teresa had
discovered she was part
of a human cloning
experiment gone wrong.
I know she'd love a visit.
You know I love her.
But after everything
that happened, you know,
things have never been
comfortable between us.
And yet
you still have this.
I haven't opened that in years.
I heard you, uh,
dropped that UN thing
you were working on.
Not like you,
quit something with such a fancy title.
No, I-I've just had so much going on.
You know, the waitlist
has never been so long.
Sometimes you need to take a break
to have a breakthrough.
And it just so happens
I met a chatty bloke
at the airport,
who told me about this bar
where attractive people make all
kinds of terrible life choices.
You do know how old we are, right?
Apparently, their Happy Hour
is the happiest.
Free champagne and street drugs
for everyone.
Street drugs? Like
like cocaine?
Have you got a taste for nose candy now?
(TUTS) Ugh, how very
mid-life crisis of you.
- No, it's not for me.
- Is it for Lucas?
I always wanted a son
I could buy drugs for.
Actually, it's-it's for an experiment.
It's definitely not for Lucas.
All right, well then
I definitely won't tell him.
I would love to see him, though.
He's at a Meeting now.
Uh, he's been spending
a lot of time there;
he's volunteering, worshipping.
Oh, please do say "worshipping" again,
I couldn't tell how you
really felt about it.
All right, then.
Let's pop 'round for Happy Hour, yeah?
Now, come on,
let's put some alcoholic
in the workaholic.
Okay, I'm removing the gag,
but you can't do anything crazy.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
You mean like kidnapping a 16-year-old
and taking her shopping
for zip ties at Home Depot?
- You took her to Home Depot?
- She ran away!
I didn't know what else to do.
I've never had a hostage before.
I'm your first? That's so special.
And I didn't just get zip ties.
I let her get Coke,
and chips, and Gummy Fish.
You're the one who
wanted the Gummy Fish.
I don't have time for this.
I need to know what you know.
Lucy, ease up.
Okay. Well
not the kind of day that we thought
we were gonna have, huh?
I'm, uh, Craig.
I run this place, so nobody
is gonna hurt you here.
Why don't you tell me about yourself?
What's your name?
It's a nice name.
And where do you live, Jules?
Cambridge. It's where
the wacko grabbed me!
You grow up in Boston?
No. Florida, I think.
You think?
My parents died in a car accident.
So who do you live with?
An adoptive family.
My grandpa was too sick
to take me in,
and I didn't have anybody else.
You think losing your parents,
everything you know,
at 15 is convenient?
What do you mean, everything you know?
I lost my memory in the crash, too.
I didn't have my memory
either when I was made.
When you were "made"?
- Lucy.
- Don't act like you don't know!
- Know what?
- Lucy.
- What if she's not in on it?
- Come on.
But you have always known what you are.
Maybe What if she doesn't?
- How could she not know?
- She's a kid.
She's been told a story.
Maybe she believes it.
Let's just
let's just say for a minute
that I do believe you.
But I also woke up
and I didn't know who I was.
It's not because of some accident.
I have no past to remember.
And neither do you,
because we were both made in a printer.
We-we were "made in a printer"?
That's why we look the same.
We're printouts of the same person.
It's true there's stuff
about my past I don't know.
But what I do know
is that you're a lady with some serious
chemical imbalances
who needs to piss off!
- He lives here?
- Mm.
Where are we?
Uh, the whole place is some kind of
nature sanctuary.
There's always a peacock
in the road or something.
I thought he made his money
in shipping, logistics.
Yeah. Now he's all, uh,
one with the Earth.
If I had that kind of money,
I'd just buy a new planet.
Planet Tom.
- It'd be awesome.
- Yeah, I bet.
Oh, yeah.
So, what's he like?
Brilliant, but strange.
Just listen to what he doesn't say.
Please, ladies first.
What do you see when
you look at my face?
Thank you. What else?
is that a chin hair?
We have the same features.
I mean, they're similar.
It's not like we're identical twins.
We're closer than twins.
Twins don't have the same scar.
It's just a scar.
It doesn't make either
of us Harry Potter.
What the hell is that?
I think it's what they branded us with.
To show we belong to them.
What? What is it?
Nothing. It's not there.
I just feel like
a marshmallow man in this getup.
Why do we have to wear these?
He doesn't want us bringing in
any outside contaminants.
Hold on.
- You missed a flap.
- I got it. I got it. Thanks.
All right. You got it.
Hey, guys. Come on, come on.
Mr. Darros.
Sir, allow me to introduce
Emily Pritchett.
You have a very impressive track
record at Langley.
Thank you, sir.
I was thrilled to come here
for this opportunity to
work for someone who has done
so much for the world,
and for me, personally.
It's a privilege.
Uh, let me show you something.
Emily, you are looking at the last
Hawkstail tortoises on Earth.
We're saving them from
the brink of extinction.
See, these orchids,
they feed on them,
and it makes them more virile.
Huh. Maybe I should eat orchids.
Orchids wouldn't help you, Tom.
Have you, uh, found her yet? Lucy?
No, sir.
We're having a hard time tracking her.
And, unfortunately
Unfortunately, what?
She's kidnapped Jules.
Well, then, um
let's make sure we keep this
off Dr. Manning's radar, yes?
- Understood.
- But we need to find her,
and more importantly, Jules,
before she
Just hope she's okay.
If we need to use more
forceful measures with Lucy
What would you advise, Emily?
She's already murdered one man.
At least.
And she's kidnapped a teenager.
That makes her a threat.
So you do what you have to do
to bring the girl back safe.
We can't protect
them all, can we, Darwin?
Thank you, sir. Let's go.
It doesn't mean
that she's not lying to us.
Or she doesn't know anything,
in which case she won't be much help.
- Excuse me? Psychos?
I drank a crapload of Coke
and really have to pee.
Can I go to the bathroom,
or do you also make
teenage girls piss in front of you?
I don't know if you're her or not,
but you certainly share her charm.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry for scaring you.
I-I know what it's like
to wake up and not know who you are.
Yeah, it sucks.
You don't know who
to trust or who to believe.
Maybe I shouldn't
have grabbed you. But
I'm in danger,
and I think you might be too.
The only person I'm in danger of is you.
- What the
- Craig, go after her!
Shit. Shit. Shit.
I'm taking you to the ER.
No, no, that's
That's how they found me.
You're bleeding everywhere.
It's okay.
I have someone.
I know, I know where to go.
Best part of retirement was never having
to drink army coffee again.
First thing I bought when I got out.
There's nothing this can't do.
Lattes, cappuccinos.
It can even hold you when you cry.
Ah, that's usually your job.
Only for you, buddy.
Only when the mother of your kid
calls to say she's bailing
and you're a cool 7,000 miles away.
Yeah, there were a lot
of terrible days over there.
That was that was the worst.
Have you heard from her? Clara?
No. Not even a birthday
card for Charlie.
How 'bout we talk about something else?
- Please.
- Like what you and Charlie
are actually doing here.
So, uh, we got in some trouble.
A man with a gun
broke onto the property and, uh,
and Charlie Charlie shot him.
Oh my God.
Is she okay?
Physically, she's fine. Emotionally
You can stay as long as you need.
Are you expecting someone?
Well, all right.
Should've known there was a chick.
I wouldn't have come, but
- it's an emergency.
- Hey, hey, lean on me.
Lean on me.
Are you sure you know what you're doing?
- Just don't think about it.
Just listen to the sound of my voice.
Sutures. Sutures.
- Sutures.
- Yes, that it is very sexy.
- Ah, okay.
(MUFFLED): Are you ready?
Yeah. I'm okay.
- Okay.
This place is like Neolution
without the tails, thank God.
Hey, Tom?
Yeah, I-I'm here.
What do you mean you still
haven't found her?
How hard are you looking?
Okay, call me in the morning.
We do not belong here.
Right. For the love of God.
Excuse me! Can you card her, please?
(ROBOTIC VOICE): Thank you
for your payment.
Enjoy your ride.
I was deep in process
on the McLuhan collection
when your school called.
Completely disrupted my flow state.
Apparently, you didn't feel
the need to attend?
You know how it is, James.
Sometimes you just
aren't feeling academic.
No, you are not going
to appeal to my artistic spirit
to get out of this. I
need to know where you were.
I was, um,
actually reading
at that tea shop you like.
In fact, I grabbed you something.
Oh, they have the best kombucha.
That's what you always say.
Maybe we could, um, just keep this
between ourselves, not tell Mom?
Thanks, James.
I think your mom would like
it better if you call me Dad!
People always look
sad when I say I was adopted.
But at least I got some
good jokes out of it.
Like, How many birth moms does it take
to screw in a lightbulb?
Just one, but we can't
tell you her name!
If you liked this,
you're gonna love me live.
Friday at Bar-B-Cade.
Don't go for pity laughs.
You're better than that.
George Carlin said a laugh is a laugh.
- No, he didn't.
- Yeah, he probably didn't.
So, I had a weird day.
Yeah. A crazy lady
kidnapped me at gunpoint,
and told me I was, like,
made by a machine,
and tied me to a chair.
But I stabbed her and escaped.
Wait, what?
- You were kidnapped?
- Yeah.
Like you were grabbed off the street
by a menacing stranger?
Yeah, but I don't want to get into it
with the parentals, so no squealing.
Of course, no, I wouldn't, but, like,
if you were kidnapped, don't you
think they should know?
Neva would just wanna call
the cops and James doesn't care.
That's not true.
I've been with them since I was 11.
He's a decent dad.
He comes to my comedy shows.
He doesn't laugh, but he shows up.
I believe he loves you, Wes.
But he's treated me
like a persistent haemorrhoid
ever since I got here.
I don't even know why
he agreed to take me in.
He knew how much I wanted a sister.
And, yes, Mom will want
to call the cops,
but all things considered,
don't you think that's a good idea?
You know what I do in here.
You really think calling
the cops is a good idea?
I mean, I'm trying to run a business.
I guess not, but are you okay?
She was just a crazy lady
who said some weird shit.
I'm fine.
So how is the show coming along?
Swimmingly. Yes. It's all very
beehive meets womb.
I'm thinking of having
an entire room that's sticky.
People pay for that? Sticky art?
When did you become such
an old fart, Kira Manning?
Hm, I suppose the 20 years
of intensive therapy it took
for me to get over my childhood
gave me taste for being a little boring.
Oh, yeah. But it wasn't
all bad though, was it?
I did teach you to play
Queen on the piano.
How am I gonna score drugs
in a place like this?
Ah yes, the "experiment."
We are printing neurons.
But when we transplant them,
they fail to communicate.
So I have a theory
that a boost from cocaine
might amplify the signal.
The problem is that I can't
access Schedule II drugs
without triggering legal review.
The kind of review that takes months
and jeopardises my funding.
God, you Manning girls, you never know
where to draw the line, do you?
You see that guy?
- Yeah.
- He's wiping his nose.
Do you suppose he's got
seasonal allergies?
- I'm going in.
- You're "going in"?
Well, I'll drive the getaway car.
Do you, uh,
do you have do you have cocaine?
Do you have cocaine?
- Why don't I get the blow?
- Ah.
Do forgive her;
she was born in the country.
Yo, Charlie.
Do you want to check out my vintage
Dungeons & Dragons card collection?
Come on.
- You're leaving.
- I got an address.
I have a lead.
Lucy, what-what is going on?
I told you, I
the more you know,
the more danger you're in.
You just showed up
with a hole in your shoulder.
My-my daughter shot someone
and I still don't know why.
So, you're gonna tell me the truth,
or I'm taking Charlie
far away from here,
far away from whatever this is.
And you will not see us again.
I am trying to protect you.
To protect us.
Lucy, if you can't be honest with me
then there is no us.
Let's take a drive.
This is it.
This is where I was made.
Lucy, is it safe to be here?
I've been back about a dozen times;
they must have cleared everything out.
It's like nothing happened here at all.
Why-why didn't you
Why didn't you tell me about this?
That I'm "man-made"?
That I'm somebody's science project?
Would you have believed me?
Do you believe me now?
After I escaped, I had nothing.
I had nowhere to go. I
had no memory, no family.
But you and Charlie
were the first things
that I found that made me feel real.
And I thought if you knew the truth
Yeah. So this girl
- the one who stabbed you, she's
- She's another me.
- Right.
- She's a printout.
You don't believe me.
I, I just, I just need time.
It's this is a
I get it. It's a lot.
What are you gonna do now?
That girl, Jules,
they're obviously watching her
so I can't go back there,
but I have the name of the woman
she thinks is her adopted mother.
I know where she works.
I can at least find out
if she's a part of it.
I know that you have
to do whatever is right for you
and for Charlie.
But you've gotta know
that everything I did
was so that I wouldn't lose you.
I'm gonna drop you off at Tina's.
I've never been with an old guy before.
Tell your friends.
- Gross.
- Anything for science.
Hey, Mom.
Lucas, what are you doing here?
Oopsie, that was me. I texted him.
I hope that's all right?
Yeah, I mean, well, I'm always
bumping into my son in weird clubs.
- Well, I've been here before.
And, no offence, but I don't
know how they let you two in.
Lucas, I heard
you're in a religious cult now.
Aren't religious people
supposed to be nice?
Okay, well, Quakerism is not a cult.
- All right
- It's about finding
spirituality in other
people and community.
- Oh dear.
- And you know I've met a lot
- of great people there.
- Oh yeah?
Actually, I'm gonna bring one of them
- to the blood drive tomorrow.
- Oh!
She's a preschool teacher,
just moved to Boston,
and we kinda hit it off.
So you're bringing her
to the blood drive?
My God. Whatever happened
to dinner and a movie?
Or just, you know, shagging?
Ignore your uncle.
Ah, I-I have to get this.
It's the lab. All right.
All right. What's going on?
Your mum told me you left school.
Yeah, I, um,
I was finding it pretty pointless.
I mean, I dunno,
I just, I needed something,
some meaning, and it wasn't
in those classrooms.
Well, you would be carrying
on this family's
longstanding tradition of dropping out.
Well, everyone except your mother.
Lucas, how is she, really?
There's something's going on.
I-I don't think she's sleeping.
I've tried to get her to talk,
to come to a meeting,
to do anything. But she's just
It's all right. It's all right.
I'll get it out of her.
I will.
(ROBOTIC VOICE): Welcome, Jules.
Opening family photos folder.
(NEVA): You're always overreacting.
I don't understand why you're
getting so worked up about this.
James, she's a special girl.
Maybe school is boring for her.
She's a teenage girl
doing God knows what,
lying straight to our faces.
Come on! How do you know she lied?
When are you going to admit
we are in over our heads?
James, we took her in!
We made a commitment.
Well, it was a lot of them to ask of us.
Look, she just needs time.
Give her time.
- And you need to try.
- I have been trying,
for over a year, and she is never
gonna see me as her dad.
I don't know if I'm ever
going to see her as my kid.
What? You know you have
to work at these relationships, James.
Well, thank you for
breaking me out of here.
- My pleasure.
Are you really not gonna
tell me what's going on?
I, uh
I guess, uh
I guess I've always tried to be good.
Like a good, uh, a good mom,
and a good scientist.
And good person.
But now, this, this project
I'm working on
I'm-I'm worried.
What if all the terrible, painful things
that I lived we lived through,
what if
they didn't make me better?
What if it just made me selfish?
You need to cut yourself some slack.
How many lives do you think you've saved
with those horrifying organs
that you make?
Everything you've accomplished, Kira.
Everything. S would be so proud.
- Thank you, Uncle Felix.
- My dear.
I love you, monkey.
I'll uh, see you at the opening.
All right, see you there.
Your Dad told me that
you had a hard day.
You mean James?
Yeah, James.
Do you know that when I came
to this country,
I did not speak a word of English?
It was hard.
And going to school
was hard for a long time.
I imagine that you must
feel something similar.
It's not the same.
There are things that
I will never know the answers to.
What-what was my first word?
My first friend?
How did I get this scar?
I don't know, honey. They never told us.
But, Jules,
I don't need to know
every detail about you
to know how wonderful you are.
Processing identity.
Jules Lee, permitted
guest of Neva Lee.
That's funny.
Apparently, you're in
my office building right now.
(CHUCKLE) I better call and let them
know it's an error. Hang in there.
Hi, this is Neva Lee.
I got a visitor notification
on my phone. It's an error.
Yep. I'm here now. I'm checking.
Totally empty.
You know I'm missing
the Pats game for this shit?
You missed a spot.
Mr. Darros.
Jules is back home, safe.
And Lucy?
We just got a solid hit on her.
Thank you, Tom.
Absolutely, sir.
Josh, where have you been?
I need to check the calibration
of the printer.
Yeah, uh
We need to meet right away.
So, I'm glad that you texted
me and, um
for future reference,
finding out that your girlfriend
is a printout is
totally grounds for ghosting her.
Thanks, I'll remember that.
So, do you believe me?
It's too crazy to make up.
And, crazy or not
I love you.
I know what it's like
to have someone walk out on you.
So you don't think it's weird
that I don't know who I am?
You're Lucy.
I know who you are.
Jules? Honey?
Grandpa, hi.
- Hi.
- I-I'm sorry it's so late.
I didn't hear the phone before.
I left my hearing aid
in the bathroom.
And it isn't Tuesday.
Is it Tuesday?
No, it's not.
I just had a weird day,
I wanted to hear your voice.
do you know how I got
this scar that's on my arm?
Sure. I was teaching you
to ride your bike,
and you were doing great.
And then you turned around
and saw that I wasn't
holding on, and down you went,
straight into the pavement.
Cut your arm open.
Was I scared?
You were a wreck.
But I cleaned you up.
Put the Minnie Mouse Band-Aids
on myself.
Thanks, Grandpa.
I know you probably wanna go to bed,
it's after call hours.
Oh, no, honey. Call me anytime.
Love you, sweetheart.
Love you too.
Well done.
- Someone ought to tell
that girl to stop asking
so many damn questions.
Yeah, well, it's not your job, Grandpa.
Fine, but next time,
I need more of a head's up.
You know, I like to prepare.
And it's your job to get me ready.
Now, can we get to catering?
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