Orphan Black: Echoes (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Pegasus Girl

Welcome back, sweetheart.
Do you know where you are, honey?
What did you do to me?
You've been in a coma for a few weeks.
You were just transferred
here yesterday.
We're gonna take good care of you.
Hey, there. (DOOR CLOSES)
I'm Dr. Teller.
You can call me Pam, okay?
You have a stain on your boob.
What? Oh, goodness.
I'm your neuropsychologist.
And I'm here to help you
get your memory back.
Knock yourself out, Pam.
Okay, I'll do my best.
So I have some news and, um
it's not good.
You were in a head-on collision
with a driverless truck.
You were sitting in the back.
Your parents were in the front.
They didn't make it.
I am so, so sorry.
Okay. What else?
Well, you suffered head trauma.
Then your heart stopped
on the way to the hospital,
causing brain hypoxia.
So you've lost your long-term memory.
And that's what I'm here
to help you with.
I'm so, so sorry.
You've just suffered a really big loss.
I'm not sad because they died.
I'm sad because I feel nothing.
I can't remember them!
Where are you from?
But we were visiting Boston
because my mom wanted to see Fenway.
What were your parents' names?
Monica and Nicholas Anderson.
Everyone called my dad Nicky.
And what about school?
I was a junior.
But I skipped a grade.
Yes! You're getting so much better!
I'm just spitting back facts.
They still look like strangers to me.
I know, but we're stimulating
your limbic system.
Your memories, they're still in there.
And then I get to live with my grandpa?
No, honey.
Your grandpa's not well enough
to take you.
He had a stroke.
I thought you knew that.
My parents worked in shipping.
We were working-class,
but I got a scholarship
to a private school.
I had a dog.
Sparkle Fatty.
What a shitty name for a dog.
I hope I didn't come up with that.
I wanna go home.
But there is no home.
And then like a ride
with some, like, rando guy
who picked me up because Payton
wasn't going to walk
all this way in these boots,
and Payton didn't have money
for a ride-share.
So, you owe me.
Nobody else really wanted
to come and I was like,
"Hello, you guys? She literally
almost died and shit." Oh.
I really appreciate it, Payton.
Oh, my God. Your hair looks amazing.
It's like 100% mental patient. Ah!
So, my mom is like kind of
really pissed with your mom
for being three months
behind on the rent.
And I was, like, "Mom, the woman
is literally dead now!"
God, what a bitch.
So, are there any guys in here?
You know you gotta get that D!
Uh, I haven't really looked.
- Hello! You must be Payton.
You two know each other?
No, Payton reached out to see
if she could visit.
I thought it'd be nice.
You're more than welcome to stay
for Jules' rehab.
Support improves prognosis.
Actually, Pam, I think it
should just be you and me today.
Uh, that's kinda messed up.
- I'm sorry, it's just
- No, no, no, no. It's fine.
I kind of used you as an excuse
to come up here, anyway.
I'm meeting with a guy
in New York who thinks
I should model, so
She was energetic, huh?
Do you think all of my
friends are like that?
I don't know. She was
the only one who reached out.
I was counting down the minutes
until she would leave.
Yeah. Amnesia patients
often feel alienated
from their past selves.
So maybe you just need a fresh start.
Yeah, maybe I do.
Wait a minute, what?
I don't know, it just happened!
Oh, my goodness!
You have to tell me about it!
Okay, so I was making my bed
- Uh-huh.
- And I had a flash
of walking Sparkle Fatty!
And-and a car honked and
and Fatty took off
through someone's yard,
and we crashed through sheets
on a clothes line. And
And that's it.
I just I dunno, maybe it's not real
and I just invented it after everything
you told me about myself.
No, no. Don't doubt yourself.
That was a recovered memory. You did it.
I mean it's textbook, right?
Making your bed,
the sheets, that was the trigger.
Anyway, I have some really
good news for you.
Your foster family is coming
to pick you up next week.
- What?
- Yeah.
I'm leaving? I I mean, I
I haven't even met them yet.
Social Services, they sent me their file
and they seem really lovely.
Mom's a banker and the dad,
the dad's an artist!
Now, I can be here
when they come, if you want.
Oh, look at you guys.
Get in. Get in tight.
There we go.
- Is this okay?
- Uh, sure.
- My face is starting to hurt.
- Uh-huh. Mine too.
One, two, three!
There ya go!
- Thank you.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye, Wes.
- Bye.
- Right over there.
- Thank you so much.
- We'll see you soon.
- Thank you. Bye-bye.
See? They're nice.
I like her, especially.
Yeah, I guess. (LAUGHS)
- What?
- You have lipstick
- on your teeth.
- Here?
Did I get it?
You've got rehab on Monday,
so this is just a
it's just a "see ya later."
I know.
You got this, kiddo.
Go on now.
It's okay.
Bye, guys!
And this is your bedroom.
And there's the en suite.
Wes has actually been trying
to get me to swap rooms,
but I think that a woman
should have her own bathroom.
Don't you?
I've been trying to get Mom past
this whole gendered paradigm.
Try less, Wessey. Try less.
Oh, I-I wanted to finish that
before you arrived.
Look, you just pick whichever
one is your favourite
- and then we'll paint it.
- They're all really nice.
I'll, uh, think on it.
Okay, no rush.
Just let me know if you need anything.
And Jules, I-I just wanna say
I'm really looking forward to us
getting to know each other.
Me too.
Raw tarts for a black heart.
I don't know how you eat those cold.
You okay?
Or did you finally realise
surviving a kidnapping is a huge deal?
I'm fine.
You practicing for motherhood?
I need the extra resistance
for this morning's road work.
"Road work?"
You mean our four-block-walk
to school, right?
I'm not absorbing
any negativity this morning.
By summer I'll have a 20-pack.
Listen, Lucy, you sure about this?
Jack, this girl is me.
If this is where she recovered
after her so-called accident,
someone in there's gotta know something.
Is Charlie okay without you?
Yeah; yeah, she'll be fine.
Tina's on it.
Thank you for
being here with me. It means a lot.
Yeah. All right. Let's do it.
Let's go.
- Thanks, Josh.
- Here we go.
Ooh, yours looks fun.
No, my therapist says
it's important to practice joy.
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
I've been spending a lot
of time with Mom and Dad.
And Jennipurr, my Bengal,
has had this stomach problem
that has been the most
stressful thing in my life.
So, you're, uh,
you're worried about the output?
What was the calibration
accuracy of the machine?
The margin of error was virtually zero.
It was calibrated perfectly.
They're worried she's dangerous,
which doesn't make any sense
unless there were cellular variations
that we didn't anticipate.
She was a perfect match.
I checked it 100 times.
- We both did.
- She woke up with no memories.
'Cause the scan wasn't high-res enough
- to replicate the detail
- I know.
needed for memory. Structurally,
her brain was exactly the same.
I don't think you're really
having doubts about the method.
It's the fact that we did it
at all that's bothering you now.
Of course it does.
Do you think I wanted her
out there in the world
with no support, no idea who she is?
Look, I-I know things got complicated.
(SCOFFS) but if you ever want to come
back to Additive,
there is a place for you.
Thank you.
Yeah, that means a lot.
I'm thinking of retiring, actually.
What? Kira, no.
I don't trust myself anymore.
Just think about it.
That's Jennipurr's food alarm.
I'm here, though, if you need
to troubleshoot anything.
Thanks, Josh. I appreciate it.
I can't give out private
patient information.
I know, I'm so sorry
to be a pain in the ass.
I just, um, her parents
my aunt and her husband, uh,
they actually, uh, they died.
And I've been trying
to track her down ever since.
Her name is Jules Lee.
She was in a terrible
accident and her
If she's a minor,
you need to contact DCF.
No, I know. I did that
and they actually directed me to you.
So, um, could you just maybe
tell me who was in charge of her case?
If you keep asking, I'm gonna
have to call security.
Hey, hey. There you are.
Sorry, uh, since her accident,
she sort of wanders off sometimes.
It feels like they're hiding something.
Oh, excuse me?
You said you were related to Jules?
Oh, they tried to notify next of kin
but they said they never found anyone.
And then when they placed her
with her adoptive family,
she was discharged.
- Who discharged her?
- Her neuropsychologist.
I mean, it was a private hire,
which was weird.
We don't usually bring in consultants.
What was their name?
Uh, Pam Teller.
Jules was such a sweet kid. Troubled.
She had these nightmares
and I'd find her huddled up
in the common area.
And then she'd just sit there all night,
not wanting to bother anyone.
Nightmares about the crash?
I don't know. All she'd say is,
"I can't get the blood out."
Oh, my break's over.
I'm really sorry.
I wish I could be of more help.
You okay?
Yeah, no, it's just
that nightmare.
I think we're having the same one.
Okay, today we'll be extracting this
from this!
Jules, could you please wait
for my instruction!
Last time, Ingrid lost her eyebrows.
Okay. First, we will prepare
a solution of
Hey, do you wanna hang out after school?
Only if Z can come too,
and you don't get possessive this time.
Right. Um, I thought about
that and, sure, let's be poly.
We can totally do that.
How about let's not be a "we"
but free individuals instead.
That's what I meant, yeah.
Um, also I have this calc test on Friday
so I would like to make
a purchase from the pharmacist
if you've made that new batch?
Zero dollars, please. Friend's discount.
- Cool.
So, I ended up snorting the last ones
and I tripped hard.
Like, my dream from the night before
started playing out
on the bus ride to school.
Yeah, that's probably a bad idea.
Hey. Where did you just go?
I'm just thinking about
this afternoon with you.
Jules, you're wanted
in the principal's office.
(CLAIRE): I'm sorry.
Ugh. Hi, there.
What are you doing here?
Well, your advisor said
you weren't in school yesterday.
Where were you?
I didn't realise you were
keeping such a close eye on me.
Jules, if something's wrong,
you can tell me.
I care about you, kiddo.
Can I go back to class now?
So then there's nothing going on?
Nope. I'm good.
Who sent all my things back
when I was at the hospital?
My stuffed alien, my journal?
Payton's family sent up a box
to help with your recovery.
The stuff I wrote in that journal
it's nothing like me.
Habits, even personality traits,
can change in brain-injury patients.
- Remember Jules, you have perm
- I know.
"I have permission to change."
You're it!
- You're it!
Go on.
(BOY): Now, behind you!
(LAUGHS) Got you back!
- Are you okay?
(CRYING) Why'd you do that?
I am sorry.
My goddaughter's been having
a hard time with bullies
and she misread the situation.
That boy's parents are not pleased.
I-I'm sorry, young lady, I
I don't understand.
Excuse me?
Her hamster just died,
and she is blaming herself,
so I should really get her home.
Ma'am, can I see some ID, please?
Sure thing.
Army, huh?
Two deployments. You?
Marine Corps.
Keep an eye on that one.
Will do, Officer.
So, is it her?
The woman who printed you?
No. It's some woman with a degree
from Harvard Medical School.
She's building some
"Memory Experience Center"
- that looks expensive.
- Hello?
Ah, shit.
Yeah. Okay, okay. I'm on it.
- What?
- We-we have to go back.
Charlie just confessed to a cop.
She's hunting alone again.
Like a wolf.
Actually, wolves generally
hunt in packs.
Not lone wolves.
Apex predators?
- It's a thing. Look it up.
- I will.
The autopsy came in
on our man shot in the orchard.
The angle of bullet entry
is canted from below.
That's interesting. She shot him
from a bended-knee position.
Or the person who pulled the trigger
was a lot shorter than Lucy.
A child, maybe.
Lucy may not be dangerous.
She kidnapped a girl at gunpoint.
Under extreme duress.
What are you doing?
I think we might want
to reconsider our approach.
Lethal force may not be necessary.
Oh, Darros already signed off
on this approach, but thank you
so much for always
contributing your input, Emily.
This feels weird.
A brother's supposed
to steal his sister's diary,
not be asked to read it by said sister.
But what do you think?
"He looked at me in Spanish class today.
Really looked at me, you know?
And I felt like 1,000 tiny knives
sprang from his pupils
and pierced my heart."
Doesn't not sound like you.
Uh-huh, screw you.
Okay, this one's amazing:
"I have a secret.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
I imagine myself flying,
wings springing from my back.
I gallop and take flight
toward a destination unknown.
Forever wild. Forever free. Forever me."
Holy shit, Jules!
Too late, it's already burned
into my brain forever!
What are you doing?
"I gallop and take flight
toward a destination unknown.
Forever wild. Forever free. Forever me."
What if I didn't write this?
Or, old-you plagiarised Pegasus Girl.
David Stanley Fagerland.
And his address is right here.
Let's go see him.
What? No, Jules,
I think it's just better
if we leave this alone.
I can't just leave this alone.
This whole year
I've been living with this
dread in the background.
Knowing something's wrong,
even though everyone's been
telling me everything's fine.
I have to do this.
it's good to see you, Dr. Manning,
uh, but you didn't have
to come all the way out here.
I just want to make sure
we understand each other.
Of course. Clarity is paramount.
I know there have been some concerns
about irregularities
in the printing process.
But, uh, I have been back over the data,
and there's nothing to suggest
that she is structurally flawed.
No reason to think
she could be dangerous.
Actually, you know what?
Um, she calls herself Lucy now,
so I think we should
follow suit, don't you?
Does that name mean something to you?
No. I, uh I was just surprised.
I want your word
that you won't hurt her.
Hurt her?
Dr. Manning, I-I'm sorry.
I'm a philanthropist,
not some movie villain.
I have absolutely no intention
of hurting anyone.
Okay? We will sort this out.
And just like my grandfather
always used to say,
um, it'll all come out in the wash.
She's not a piece of laundry, Paul.
- She's a human being.
- Of course.
And your concern for her
is very touching.
And I promise you,
we will take care of Lucy.
We're in this together,
just like we've always been.
What did she say to the cops?
She used her phone to tell him
she killed someone.
Yeah, it was pretty bad.
And then he, uh, he asked for your ID?
I showed him my old Army DoD.
That always smooths things over.
- Is her finger gonna be okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, she just jammed it.
Hey. Hey, I'm so happy you came.
Of course. Uh, Mom,
this is Rhona, my, uh, friend
from the Quaker meetings.
Such a pleasure to meet you,
Dr. Manning.
Lucas has been telling me
everything you do here.
Thank you for donating blood today.
Giving back is one of our
foundational Quaker beliefs.
Yeah, a lot of people have that belief.
All right.
Lucas, why don't you go ahead
and show Rhona how it's done.
Just roll up your sleeve here.
Maybe this is the wrong place.
You scared?
Yes! This place is sketch as hell.
I'll protect you.
Also, that's classist.
So, uh, what's that thing on your head?
Supposed to help me with regrowth.
Jury's still out.
And, uh, who the hell are you two?
"I gallop and take flight
toward a destination unknown.
Forever wild. Forever free. Forever me."
You're fans! Welcome!
I've got a couple signed copies
here for ya if you'd like to
How'd you get that?
It's mine.
I'm Jules Anderson, or I was.
Okay, look, you can't
tell them I re-used that line
in my book, okay? They'd be so mad.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Please, just, just
So, to be clear, you wrote this journal?
It's all you?
Look, man, they told me
it was for a study, okay?
Some new therapy technique.
But, listen to me,
you can't tell them you know, okay?
- I can't tell who?
- And I think they're still
watching me!
Who hired you?!
Jules, I think we should go.
Dr. Manning?
We had a ton of donors today.
Thank you for organising this.
Of course.
Why are you not freaking out?
I'm freaking out! That was insane!
- Yeah.
- I can't believe
that crazy lady who kidnapped
you was telling the truth.
You're a printout
of another human being?
I don't know.
I mean, if this journal is a lie,
then my whole life is a lie too, right?
Like everything Dr. Teller said
that happened to me.
Did she just make it all up?
I mean, what kind of asshole
would do that, though?
Oh, my God, do you think
I'm a printout too?
Wes, you have all your memories.
- You're not a printout.
- You don't know that.
My hives are coming back.
What are we gonna tell Mom and Dad?!
Do you think they're part of this too?
Go home, Wes.
No, they're not. There's no way.
Go home.
Where are you going? Jules?
A man died. You need closure. Okay?
We didn't know you.
I don't think we would've
liked you if we did.
Uh, but, um
(WOMAN): Get out of the bathroom!
What? What is it? What is the emergency?
Your captive has returned.
I'm thinking you and I
should maybe have a do-over.
I don't get it.
Why would anyone even want
to print out a copy
of someone else?
I have no idea.
And why two printouts
of the same person at different ages?
My guess is that
you are a newer version.
A new version of who?
So, Dr. Pam
I think she's involved.
I heard in the hospital
that you were having nightmares.
I have them too.
I'm in a bathroom.
There's blood on the floor,
and when I look in the mirror
I see your face,
but I know it's me.
Did we do something really bad?
I don't
That dream is my only memory.
Mine too.
My only real one, anyway.
Yeah. I keep thinking if
I could just see more details,
I could figure out who we were.
I might be able to help with that.
I'm listening.
So, there's this study drug at school.
Kids have started snorting it
like the greedy meth-heads they are,
and they've started to,
like, dream trip.
Where do you get it?
I make it.
Of course, teenage version
of me is a drug dealer.
Maybe if we try it together,
we'll be able to see something new.
Where are you going?
It's at home. I have to go get it.
Okay. Well, be careful.
I'll be fine.
They're after you, not me.
Jesus Christ!
How did you find me here?
You worked for the State Department
until three months ago.
That's code for CIA. Who leaves the CIA
to go and work for Paul Darros?
That's private.
I'm off the clock, Dr. Manning,
so if you need something,
it's gonna have to wait.
You were upset in the meeting.
I saw you.
What aren't you telling me?
She-she's a person.
Well, then you should've thought of that
before you left her out there.
You wanna keep Lucy safe?
Just find her before we do.
You missed dinner.
Where were you?
With friends.
How'd the, uh, Spanish studying go?
Me fue muy bien.
Um, I'm tired.
I think I'm gonna go to bed early.
Actually, honey,
we'd like to talk with you.
Wes, would you give us some time
alone with Jules, please?
I'm happy to stay, though.
It's okay, buddy.
Please, head to your room.
We're worried about you, Jules.
Skipping school. Lying to us.
We got a call from Dr. Teller.
She thinks you've been having some
"unhealthy disruptions" lately.
Do you know what that means?
Well, uh, she came to school
and took me out of class.
That certainly was a disruption.
She says your teachers
think you're hanging out
with the wrong crowd.
What is this? A police state?
See? That
This is what I'm talking about.
Okay, James.
Dr. Teller is worried
that your emotional distress
is affecting your treatment.
She wants you to take these.
They're just antidepressants.
Just until things smooth out.
Wow. Okay.
Take one now, please.
You're supposed to take them with food.
Show us your tongue.
- James!
- What? It's a thing!
Can I go now?
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