Orphan Black: Echoes (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

It's All Coming Back

I'm guessing you heard everything?
What are you gonna do now?
I'm getting the hell out of here.
Come in.
I just thought I would check in.
See how you're doing.
I'm okay.
Well, I was thinking maybe
we could go and get
some ice cream?
You and me, the two of us?
Can I get a raincheck?
It's kinda been a long day.
Yes, of course.
Look, Jules
I want you to know that
I really care about you.
We all do.
Okay. I'll leave you to it.
"I really care about you,
Jules." Bullshit.
I mean, she really wanted me
to get a sundae with her?
After that stunt
they just pulled? No way.
I'm going to get some answers.
Um, can you cover for me?
Uh, well
Wes, come on! I need you.
Please, I-I'm a printout, remember?
Yeah, I guess that's still a thing, huh?
Hey, um, here, give me your sweater.
Hurry, fast, fast. 'Kay.
And, and give me your phone too.
And mine's right there.
Take mine, we'll switch.
- And I'm gonna need this.
- Hey! Be careful with that hat.
- It's vintage.
- Dude! Priorities.
I need to figure out
who the hell made me.
Yeah, of course.
I'll see you soon.
I mean, you can't compare
Celine Dion to Mariah Carey.
They're totally different artists.
100% agree. Like night and day. Please.
Word up. I mean, Celine Dion
is proof that angels can sing.
Hey, hey, hey. Look! There she is.
No, no. It's not her. See?
It's the kid brother.
I've seen his standup online.
He's actually really good. I'm
telling you, man, he's going places.
- For real?
- Yeah.
- No?
- Yeah. Look it up.
Hey, Sedan: Pull up "Wes Lee standup."
Oh, wait, wait. Uh, look up the one
with the six-toed cat. That's
You're gonna die. It's so funny.
You like cat comedy?
- Not all
- Feline funniness?
No. No.
Just messing with you.
Cats are great.
Cats are really funny. Hey, uh,
uh, pull up six-toed cat.
I would have given him
the final rose too.
Nah, she chose wrong.
Look, sure, he was rich,
but she didn't love the guy.
She had the kid to think about.
- We good now?
- Yeah.
Um, you've got a very young
visitor here to see you, Lucy.
So, you're related,
but she's not your sister?
And she's not your cousin or your niece?
You know what? I don't need to know.
I don't need to know. Um, good luck
with whatever weird stuff
you've got going on.
I have a date!
Have fun!
Oh, I will.
Uh, by the way,
mess my stuff up, I mess you up. Got it?
She's intense.
What are you doing?
Did you not hear the woman?
She owns guns.
So, did you bring the stuff?
You know, Lucy. I'm kind of surprised
you're in a monogamous thing.
Unless, of course, I'm missing
something. Are you two open?
- No.
- So, monogamous with a cis-het
snoozer in Dullsville.
Hm. Not really my vibe.
I guess printouts are a lot
different than we think.
I spy with my little eye:
a quaint normie picket-fence
scenario in your future!
You don't know anything
about what my life was like
before now, and you know nothing
about my relationship with Jack.
You would be lucky to find
someone like him.
Oh, gee. I sure hope I do!
So, you told him the plan?
Yes, this drug, whatever it is,
you think will trigger a shared
memory between you two.
Are you sure it's safe?
It's totally safe. I've done it.
I mean, not like this, but I
Sorry, what do you mean, not like this?
Lucy, I-I don't like this.
I know, but if it helps us remember
- or figure out who we are
- Look, we're not burning holes
in our sinuses for this, okay?
Only desperate meth heads snort.
I'm thinking a classier,
more effective option.
Like a nasal spray.
Exactly. The closer we get to the
Blood-brain barrier?
Look at you, knowing a little
something about this stuff!
He used to be an army medic.
For better, for worse.
Whatever, Designated Dave!
You gonna help me or what?
You two really are the same.
Thank you.
Gonna not do blinking.
You gotta try it! It feels so good.
I'm having fun! Are you having fun?
Yeah Listen.
Uh, I'm gonna need you two to focus.
You're pretty.
Thank you. Focus, please.
That's her.
That's the woman who made me.
- Whoa.
- Mm-hmm.
Do you recognise her?
But these, this
This is what I see, too.
The knife looks just like this.
And why a hunting knife?
I don't know.
I wish we could see the whole thing.
The whole memory, the whole bathroom.
I know. Me, too.
I have a fantastic idea.
But we're gonna need some paint.
I guess this is everything.
I've never seen it all together.
What's that sound?
I don't know.
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
You guys need a break.
You must be hallucinating.
I don't even know
what I was like as a kid.
Whether or not I had a happy childhood
or a crappy one.
I mean, I guess I feel okay now.
If all of this is true,
you're only technically,
like two years old
so welcome to your childhood.
Do you think
we're happy?
Or were happy?
Whoever we are? I don't
Are you happy?
I don't know. Maybe not.
Maybe sometimes.
Even if I was, I don't know
that what makes you happy
makes me happy, even if we are the same.
Jack and Charlie make me happy.
I love being Charlie's mom. She is
She's so special.
I think that the "original"
version had a kid, too.
Are you saying I'm a mother,
or the me that was me
before me was a mother?
I think so.
What happens to printouts?
Do printouts have souls?
What happens when we die?
Then we go back to Staples?
The mirror was a good idea, right?
Like, it has to be.
If it's the only thing that we remember,
then it has to mean something, right?
It has to.
Don't you think?
Good morning.
As you all know, the Darros Foundation
prides itself on identifying
and supporting the finest minds
in science and technology.
Well, these individuals
are changing the world.
I am humbled to just play
a tiny part in that change.
So, without further ado, uh,
today's speakers include
climate researcher
and ocean robotics expert,
Syuko Funada-Espino.
And working at the forefront
of tissue and organ printing,
we have Kira Manning
of the Additive Foundation.
If you've ever seen the harrowing sight
of the North Pacific Ocean,
you'd understand why I got
into robotics.
Nerves of steel.
The North Pacific is as beautiful
as it is daunting,
but we never could have calibrated
the most effective, scalable,
long-term cleanup system
I-I need to talk to you
about our project.
Hey, I wanted to thank you
for participating
in today's event.
I know you usually don't
like to go for these kinds of things.
Yeah, I-I'm, uh
I'm, uh, worried that you haven't been
entirely honest with me
about your plans for Lucy.
No, I'd assumed you weren't
the kind of person
who would feel comfortable
with blood on their hands.
it is, as you suggest, our project.
Right? Yours and mine, so
whatever the consequences,
I think that falls on
both of us equally. Hm?
You know what I love
about Dr. Funada-Espino?
She really understands
that even the best science
needs to be flexible. Right?
Sometimes we have to make sacrifices
for the greater good, Kira.
Why don't I remember anything?!
Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.
You okay?
Depends on your definition of okay.
Well, I think there's
something you need to see.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. Come on.
We don't have a lot of time.
I mean, it's not going
to the Met any time soon.
I've never seen this pile
of clothing before.
And that's a watch?
Yeah, but I don't know
who it belongs to.
And I've never seen that window either.
And what's that, is that like
a statue or something?
Or maybe a church steeple.
Oh, hey. Charlie.
Come meet my friend. This is Jules.
How did you know?
Cool PJs.
Um, so, uh, Jules and I
have the same dream,
and so we're just trying
to figure out what happened.
Is this some kind of homage to JP?
- JP?
- Jamaica Plain?
Used to be wall-to-wall queers?
Lesbian capital of Boston.
I mean, not Northampton level,
or anything.
Got pricey when the university moved in.
Uh, Tina knows that
this monument is Boston.
Identity confirmed.
Well, this is it.
This is where she's been living?
Near the orchard where she works.
Ugh, I grew up in a trailer like this.
Might have been even more
of a shithole, honestly.
I've been wondering how
she's been living,
where she sleeps at night.
At least she had a roof over her head.
We searched it. We thought
maybe we'd turn up something
that would help us find her,
but no luck.
Maybe you'll see something
that we missed
that'll help you get to her first.
Why are you helping me?
I guess I know what it's like to be
the only one looking out for someone.
It weighs on you.
You know, I made her.
I put her into the world.
And I'm not a religious person
but hoping she's okay
Wanting her to be safe
It's the closest
I've ever come to praying.
Well, I hope this helps.
You can let yourself out
when you're done.
It really is just like the painting.
So it's gotta be one of these houses.
So, should we just start
knocking on doors
and asking if anyone
has a murder bathroom?
Come on.
We've walked down this street
like five times.
We're never gonna find the place.
We might be the same person,
but you are definitely more impatient.
Do you hear that?
- Is that the same sound?
- Yeah.
Looks like some kind of party.
Shall we?
Wow. Places like this still exist?
Welcome, welcome, welcome
to Zeta Rho Beta's
Triannual Frozé Tournay!
You're just a little bit late,
but feel free to get in line,
and rules of the game
are up on the board.
Thank you so much. Uh, hey
my mom really has to use the bathroom.
Your mom?
Yeah. Teen pregnancy,
but, uh, she really made it work
Sorry, you only get
the key to the bathroom
if you win at frozé pong.
Otherwise, you have to pee in the yard!
Oh, it-it's not hazing. It's a game.
Yes! Okay, woo!
All right.
Bathroom's upstairs.
You know, maybe this
isn't the right place.
Hey, look.
The monument. Just like the mural.
I guess so.
Hey. Look.
Yeah. This is definitely it.
I have to admit, you really
crushed it at frozé pong.
Oh, didn't you want
to ask them, uh, about your,
um, school project?
Yeah. I know it's a long shot.
I've been working on this
community history project
about gentrification
in the neighbourhood.
Do you happen to know
who used to live here?
Actually, this old woman
wandered off while she was on
a field trip with her
assisted-living community
last month. 'cause she thought
this was her house.
We drove her back. Obvi.
Luxuriant Legacy!
Duh. Legacy Assisted Living.
Do you remember the woman's name?
Oh, yeah! Melissa was
the best. Totally hilarious.
- And her hair was amazing.
- Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry to barge in.
I used to hate when my mother did that,
but it's very late to sleep in,
even for a teenager.
I had my appendix
taken out when I was a kid,
which seemed fine, 'cause they
told me it was useless.
But you know what?
Based on my life since then,
I think maybe it controls motivation.
do you know where Jules is?
Um a class trip. Weekend excursion.
For for yearbook club!
She wanted to go on
the yearbook club fun bus.
They're going to the zoo!
Wes. If you know where she is,
you need to tell me.
Wes! Really!
If there's something going on,
I need to know.
Jules is worried she can't
trust you and James.
What? What do you mean?
Of course she can trust us!
People have been following her.
Jules learned some things
about her past aren't true.
There's this lady who looks
like her who kidnapped her.
Kidnapped her?
I'd figured they'd be back by now.
Jules has my phone.
I'm starting to get worried.
Don't worry, honey.
I'm gonna take care of this, okay?
But you need to tell me
exactly what's going on.
I know how to find her.
Here they are.
Hi, there. Reception said
you're here to see Melissa
about a research project.
That's pretty neat.
Yeah, we're really excited
to talk to Melissa.
She's in the Day Room.
I'll take you right to her.
By the way, September
is Alzheimer's Awareness Month.
- Is it?
- It is.
Never forget.
Helps with the runners.
Hi, there, Melissa.
I've got some visitors for you today.
God bless America, Eleanor.
Why haven't you done your hair?
It looks awful.
Really, Eleanor.
Sometimes she's a little confused.
If you need anything, I'll be
back at the nurses' station.
Thank you.
Can I play with you?
And what game are we playing?
You've reached Kira Manning.
Please leave a message.
Hello. Nurse Marty
from Legacy Assisted Living.
Just checking in. Uh, Melissa
has a couple of visitors
and is having a bit of a hard time.
She keeps calling both of them Eleanor.
I've never heard her do that before.
Anyway, uh, we'll keep you posted.
We went by your old house today.
Do you remember the one
in Jamaica Plain?
How long did you live there?
It's your turn, dear.
This is so pointless.
What did you say, young lady?
I said, this is pointless.
Eleanor! Why aren't you ready?
I'll bet your father
isn't ready yet either.
Come on, already! You know
the bus is slow on the weekend!
We have to go fix Eleanor's hair
so we can get on the road!
She doesn't know anything, okay?
She doesn't even know
where she is right now.
We've made it this far, haven't we?
Hurry up, Eleanor!
There were things
we'd never do again ♪
But then they always seemed right ♪
There were nights
of endless pleasure ♪
It was more than all
your laws allowed ♪
Baby, baby, baby ♪
When you touch me like this ♪
And when you hold me like that ♪
It was gone with the wind ♪
But it's all coming back ♪
Well, that's that's a shame.
When you see me like this
And I see you like that ♪
When we see what we want to see ♪
It's fine.
All coming back to me ♪
I can barely recall ♪
But it's all coming back to me now ♪
You need to take better care
of yourself, Eleanor.
This is a big day!
You're getting bad habits
from your father.
Let's see.
Definitely gonna be late.
Melissa, do you remember
when you moved into that house?
Did anything bad happen there?
Help me.
You said that today was a big day?
- Where are we going?
- Don't ask stupid questions.
You're always asking stupid questions.
- I-I'm sorry
- And stop interrupting me.
You're always interrupting me!
- I didn't-I didn't mean to.
- Will you just sit down!
Wow. Melissa's kind of a bitch.
Just checking in.
Uh, Melissa has a couple
of visitors and is having
a bit of a hard time.
She keeps calling both of them Eleanor.
I've never heard her do that before.
Anyway, uh, we'll keep you posted.
Oh my God.
Melissa, who is this?
Don't be silly. That's you!
Wait. So-so we really are Eleanor?
when was this taken?
That was the
that was your high school graduation.
I was so proud of you that day.
After everything.
Nothing was gonna hold you back!
So you're my mom? Like, my real mom?
Our real mom.
What was I like as a kid?
You were always getting into something.
You were too smart for your own good.
You-you said that you were
"so proud of us after everything"?
What did you mean by that?
You know I have the perfect hair clip!
It-it's your school colours!
What happened to us in that house?
What happened?
Do you know what I did
with that-that hairclip?
Where where's that hairclip?
Oh shit.
- What's wrong?
- We have to go.
Now! Now, now!
We need to split up. It'll be safer.
- No, no!
- Yes!
I'm the one they wanna hurt.
I'll find you.
Oh. Shit.
- Push me.
- What?
Jules, oh my God! Are you okay?
Just push me.
How do I know you're not one of them?
One of who, honey?
Jules, come on, please.
You can trust me.
How can I trust you
when you've been lying to me?
- Hey. You good?
- Yeah, go.
Lucy! Get in! Get in the car!
You are the last person that
I would ever get in a car with.
Somebody has been lying
to the both of us.
I know it doesn't always feel like it,
but I am your mother,
and I just want to protect you!
What's going on with this thing?
- Jules?
- Come on, come on, come on!
Are you kidding me?
Let's go!
I know you want to know who he is.
Come with me and I will
tell you about who you are.
Get in the car!
So, did Melissa try to brush your hair?
I'll tell you everything.
First, you should know
you were made out of love.
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