Orphan Black: Echoes (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

The Paradox of Joyce

So what did Josh say?
He built Darros a new printer.
Apparently, he wanted to create
a different version of himself,
but I think there was a test print.
A young version of Lucy.
You knew?
How are we gonna stop this
if you're not
We've got specials,
scrod stuffed with
We won't be ordering food.
What's going on?
Look, I know I gave you the impression
- like we were aligned somehow.
- Well, we-we are,
- I mean, we have been
- Well, things have changed.
We're gonna go to my car,
and you're gonna call Lucy,
and you're gonna tell her
to meet you
in a calm, convincing voice.
Why are you doing this?
Car's over there.
I know you don't believe
in what Darros is doing.
That's why you were helping me.
Just doing what I was hired to do.
Get in.
Tell her to meet us at
the Twin Elms reservoir
in 20 minutes.
What does he have on you?
My brother.
Your brother what?
He was active duty
in Operation Lifeline.
A drone hit and injured his spinal cord.
Told him he'd never walk again.
So you took the job with Darros
to get your brother into
the advanced rehab program?
But now Darros knows
I've been helping you.
If I don't bring Lucy in
There are other treatment centres
Not for the kind of injury that he has.
I'm all he has.
I'm responsible for him.
Then you'll understand
why I can't call Lucy.
I don't think you understand
what this means to Darros.
I don't know what his plan is,
but I know that he's willing
to hurt people to protect it.
You and me.
So pick up the phone now.
- Did you see
that meathead's face, though?
He was all like, "Ah, two
badass babes in a truck!
My worst nightmare!"
- He is not dead, though,
and he will keep coming for us.
He's definitely disfigured! Definitely.
Here, use these phones.
Text your mom, let her know you're okay.
And I already texted Kira
to tell her we got Jules,
but do you want to reach out to her?
I told her I would find you.
You found me.
Can you stop telling us
to text our wives
and just sing this song with me?
I'm a streetwalking cheetah ♪
With a heart full of napalm ♪
I'm a runaway son
of the nuclear A-bomb ♪
I am the world's forgotten boy ♪
The one who searches and destroys ♪
Honey, gotta help me, please ♪
Somebody better save my soul ♪
Baby, detonate for me ♪
(ALL): Oh!
Look out, honey,
'cause I'm using technology ♪
- You lived here?
Hello, Lucy's burner phone.
(JACK): Oh? You're alive
and hilarious.
Yeah, hi. Um, I'm sorry,
I texted you as soon as I could.
It was a crazy night.
Um, but we're all We're all safe now.
How's Charlie?
She's fine.
I'm glad that you're fine.
I've been trying to reach you.
Tina got a hold
of some fake passports for us.
So I'm on my way now.
Oh, I
I didn't realise that was happening.
We talked about this, we can't stay
in Tina's guest room forever.
No, of course, it's just
There's just a lot to figure out
before we can get out of here safe.
If we're gonna fall off
the grid for a while,
we need to be prepared.
I assume that's the plan, right?
Yeah, of course. You're right.
Right. Well, I'm gonna pick
these up. I'll keep you posted.
No, wait, wait, wait. I thought Kira
destroyed the printer.
Darros rebuilt the machine.
- You saw it?
- Yeah; I saw where I was made.
These little ink jets that made my skin.
A tank where all my parts settled.
I mean, whatever, we're all
made by something, right?
And Darros printed himself out.
This kid Xander tried to tell me
he was a gardener or some shit.
But he's really Paul Darros,
printed out at 18.
But if Darros only cares
about his legacy, why print you?
Kira said she didn't even
know there was a scan
of Eleanor at 16.
I don't know. No one would tell me.
But we're gonna figure it out.
Darros' prized possession.
So, clearly I had to take it.
First time your friend from church
told you his mom printed his other mom?
But how can
I-I mean this machine
I don't understand.
It just prints people?
It, it prints, like, copies of people.
From, what, their DNA?
Their medical scans,
the ones you get
at your annual physical.
- And that works?
- For their bones, their organs,
and their brain, but
but we're more than just that.
It doesn't sound so bad.
You lost your mom
and then you got her back.
But I didn't.
She looks the same,
and she sounds the same but
but when I look at her now, I don't
I don't see God in her.
Creation, that's something God does.
Hey, hey.
It's okay. I'm here for you.
You know that you're the only
thing that's real in my life?
The only person I can, like, trust.
Thank you.
What is this thing?
I don't know. He keeps it in this crazy
glass case in his office.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
But I'm more of a neurobiology nerd,
not a tech nerd.
I might know somebody who can help us.
Um. A resident here.
Someone I used to know.
Did you just stare off
into the distance for a second?
Okay, she's my ex.
- Ooh!
- Classic us.
- Will Jack mind?
- Who's Jack?
Her boyfriend.
- Really?
- Okay.
- That's what I said!
- A boyfriend!
Can we focus on something
other than my love life, please?
Yes, sure, let's go meet the ex.
Um, we can't all go.
I don't want to spook her.
And, you know,
we are pretty spooky.
Now I'm thinking
she's embarrassed by the ex.
- Lazy eye, maybe?
- Jesus Christ.
Okay, you guys stay here
and get to know yourself better.
- Boyfriend?
- I know.
Call Lucas.
Hey, friends,
it's Lucas. Leave word.
Lucas, it's Mom. Uh, call me, okay?
We something
We should probably both
get out of town. Call me.
Oh, Felix.
She's not picking up.
I know she's gotta be in.
Jeopardy's on, and she never misses it.
She does when she's on a bender.
How long has she been gone?
Couple days.
Hasn't been here since she got fired.
We've gotta go find her.
Haven't we done enough today?
Don't you have a good-looking
guy waiting up for you?
He's out getting us new passports.
New passports? What are you
You going somewhere?
Yeah, Jack wants, um
We, we wanna go somewhere
new and start over.
What about the rest of this mess?
If PJ can figure out what this is for,
I'll get leverage on Darros
and we can finally shut him down.
And then me and Jack and Charlie,
we can start somewhere clean.
Please, Craig, come on.
There's nobody better
at talking somebody
off of a ledge than you.
You don't even know where she is.
Sadly, if she is on a bender,
I know exactly where she is.
You've been through
a rough couple of days.
You okay?
I'm fine. (SIGHS)
If you're anything like me
Guess you are
You might say you're fine,
you might even convince yourself.
It doesn't actually mean you're okay.
And if you're like me,
you know I'm not really
the cry-on-my-sleeve
kind of girl.
Lucy told me that you've been
having bad dreams.
A memory?
Yeah, we both do.
It's the day our father died.
He committed suicide.
I couldn't tell.
So, he
I thought maybe I'd hurt someone.
No. He was struggling.
Any other life highlights?
Well, on the bright side
We have a good marriage
and a beautiful son.
Less sunny is we die
of early-onset Alzheimer's.
Can't you do anything?
What do you mean?
I read your file at Darros'.
You're brilliant.
Your discoveries in neurobiology,
- they're groundbreaking.
- I developed a drug.
It doesn't work with early-onset cases.
It can't help us.
So you're just giving up?
You're just gonna let us lose our minds?
Part of being a scientist
is accepting certain realities.
When was the last time you saw your mom?
Jules, wait!
If you're gonna doom me
to a slow and painful death,
I think you at least owe me the courtesy
of looking at what's coming
to us in the face.
And maybe Melissa will know
how Darros got the scan
of us at 16.
C'mon, let's go stare
into the abyss and
- Jules
- Accepting reality!
Isn't that what you just said
real scientists do? (ELEVATOR DINGS)
Come on!
You got two minutes before
the doctors realise
no one's there to mop up their mess.
We appreciate you taking
care of us on such short notice.
Wow, yeah, these are
These are, these are great.
I'll transfer you the money.
Since you're legit,
you can come back after closing
and we can do the face scans.
Once a month, I get
free run of the place
to do some power-washing.
Wait, wait. I didn't think
these needed biometrics.
Oh, you thought you could
just snap 'em up
and fly off to Bora Bora?
You ever been to
the Cumbia thrift store before?
PJ and I used to come here
to party when we got blackballed
from the bars.
- Hey!
- (JACK): Hey.
- That was fast.
- Yeah, look,
I got the passports,
but they have to scan our faces
and it has to be tonight.
Tonight? Jack, I don't know if I can
We might not get another
shot at this, Lucy.
This woman, she's not
someone you reschedule with.
Text me when and where. I'll be there.
Yeah, I don't know, if we find her,
how much help she's gonna be.
See that vending machine in the front?
- Uh-huh.
- Get an energy drink,
a honey bun, and as much
beef jerky as you can buy.
Got it.
I saw Felix's last
retrospective at the Geffen.
Anyone who thinks
installation art is dead
- No, no.
- Is an idiot.
It's about the flow,
about the You know, right?
The lack of flow maybe?
All of this is made entirely
of hand-rolled paper.
- Get out!
- Yeah, right through here!
This is Medici discovering
a young Leonardo da Vinci.
Also, I think, but, you know,
we can talk buyers another time
- Felix!
- Just, uh, a second.
- Felix, uh
- So sorry, Henri.
- Uh, is Lucas here?
- You're late.
You've just cost me a sale
and you look like a lunch lady.
I, uh, came across
some unexpected challenges.
God, is that blood?
No, it's just a scratch. Is Lucas here?
Uh, yes. I saw him in the lobby
but I haven't had a chance
to talk to him or anything.
- I need to tell him that
- To tell him what? Huh?
That even more of his life
has been a lie?
Oh, God, did Eleanor, your mother
She's not my mother.
- That's not true.
- Did you know?
I'm sor Know what? What is going on?
- She's not even Eleanor.
- Of course she is.
Hang on! Can I please get a recap here?
Or a "Last week on"
or something, someone, please?
Eleanor is an imposter. She's a lie.
And you're the liar who made her.
- Lucas, please
- What do you mean "made her"?
- What does that mean?
- That's right.
My real mom has been dead for two years.
Isn't that right?
Oh, good God, Kira, no.
I-I was trying to save her.
I tried to save her!
I-I didn't want you to lose her!
No, you didn't want to lose her!
And this is what happens when you think
that there's nothing bigger
or higher than you!
But you are not God.
You're just a sad, lonely woman
who can't accept loss.
No, no, Lucas, Lucas! Listen to me!
I know you are angry
and you're upset, okay?
But there are,
there are people out there,
and I have pissed them off.
- Okay, if we don't leave town
- I don't care.
- They will pressure you
- I don't care. Okay?
You stole my chance
to say goodbye to my mother.
- No.
- My real mother.
I'm not spending
another second with you.
Lucas, please.
I do believe you owe me an explanation.
Don't you, Dr. Frankenstein?
You were right about one thing.
Disappearing is fun.
Lovely. I know that you're having
a really low moment right now,
but I could use your brain.
Do you know what this is?
Oh, yeah. I know what this is.
You need me for something.
PJ, please.
I remember the last time
you needed me for something.
What was it again? Oh, right.
Just four months of tender,
loving companionship.
I am really sorry about that.
It was not a great time for me
I'd come knock
on your door every morning
with fresh coffee.
It was shitty, but it was hot and free.
Best part of my morning for a while.
And then, one day, you were just gone.
And I was alone.
Nobody needed me anymore.
Lucy could've been more honest with you.
It's one of the many things
that she could work on.
But you can help her start
that work by forgiving her.
That's a power that you have.
It's a security token.
Multi-factor authentication
to access bank information.
A key to stuff people
wanna keep super secure.
But then what about the pictures?
I don't know.
Some bullshit budget code probably.
It belongs to a billionaire.
I'm sure it's trickier than that.
Depends on what kind of
computing power they have here.
All right. Here you go, Melissa.
The usual: mint chocolate chip.
I don't mean to be difficult,
but I ordered the soup.
It's ice cream night, Melissa.
You seem very nice (DOOR CLOSES)
but I'm afraid I'm going to
have to ask to see the manager.
This isn't what I ordered.
I don't like sweets.
Melissa, it's Peter.
I'm one of your aides.
I think you might be feeling
a little confused.
Yeah. All right. All right.
Hey, you two.
Oh, the chocolate looks good.
You enjoy, okay?
Hi, Mom.
I-I-I'm expecting somebody.
Mom. It's me.
It's Eleanor, your daughter?
Don't be ridiculous.
You're not Eleanor.
- Mom, it's me.
- You clearly don't appreciate
all the things
that I've had to deal with.
If you had any idea
what I have been through,
but it's always about you, isn't it?
I'm sorry that I haven't
been to see you for a while.
- How are you?
- I'm very busy.
Mom. Mom,
has anyone ever asked you
for medical records of mine?
A body scan from when I was younger?
There's never enough time.
You would understand that
if you'd ever made any effort.
Mom, I'm sick.
You're not sick. You look fine.
It's not that kind of sick.
Oh, you're so dramatic. (CHUCKLES)
There's nothing wrong with you.
Actually, there is.
I don't understand
what's happened to my soup.
Have you seen the waiter?
I'm gonna start to forget things.
Ask me what you came here to ask.
What's it like?
Forgetting the things that
you never wanted to remember
in the first place,
that's not so bad.
And the things you do want to remember,
the blessing is that you don't
know what they are.
The thing that's really terrifying,
that'll keep you awake at night,
is that you don't know who you are.
Mm. This is delicious.
(KIRA): I know what you're gonna say.
All right, then.
Why don't you say it for me?
That I'm
I'm a monster.
That more than anybody,
I should know better than to play God.
Uh, that I'm awful.
What I did was unforgivable.
Well, that's all true.
Except for the last bit.
Kira, when Colin got sick,
I found myself begging,
praying even,
for something to make him better.
And I'd have done anything to save him.
And if I'd had the opportunity
to have another weird,
nerdy, wonderful Colin
in my life, for even a week
I don't know, I might've done
exactly what you did.
But you're right.
You of all people should know
not to play evil genius with human life.
I'm so tired of the lies
and the guilt and the worrying
about Lucy and trying to find
a cure for Eleanor.
And I've put everybody at risk.
Yes, you have.
Which is why it's time to hitch up
your big-girl knickers
and fix your mistake.
What if I can't?
Oh, Kira Cassandra Manning.
You have put a terrifying new
technology out into the world,
and it's your responsibility
to work out what it's being used for
and to destroy it.
My middle name isn't Cassandra.
I know.
But I needed a good middle name
to land that speech.
For God's sake, don't tell my mom.
Oh Christ, never.
God, she'd flay us both.
I'm so sorry for your loss, darling.
After my dad died
we never talked about what happened.
It was just too
it was too messy for her.
Everything had to be okay all the time.
There was no room for anything else.
What would you have said
to her if you had the chance?
I would have told her
that I needed her to tell me
it wasn't my fault.
I would've told her that I wasn't okay.
Do you think it would've helped?
It might have.
Who are you texting?
Kira. You're right,
we shouldn't give up.
It's time to find out what kind of
treatment she's been working on.
Great. Let's go.
This is between me and Kira.
I'll take you to Settlement
and I'll wait
- until Lucy gets there.
- No, it's fine.
Lucy will be there soon,
and I don't need a babysitter.
I know.
So you can hook up to your work portal
- with these old junkers?
- Oh, computers are like
a fine wine. As they age,
plug three of them together,
pray they work.
Well, let's just try
to keep this low-key, ladies.
Okay, so the King of Divorce
used me to track the opposition.
These rich couples
are hiding cash in the Caymans
when they split up,
and that's where I come in,
sniff out those funds
like an offshore truffle pig.
- Okay
- I built this program
that can scan a security token
and identify what kind
of hidden cash it's connected to
crypto, offshore banks.
Divorce lawyers do the rest.
'Kay, so you should be able
to see what accounts
Darros' token is connected to?
Oh, it's not a matter of "should."
I can smell those truffles.
What's going on?
(BEEPING) (LUCY): What's going on, PJ?
It's a slam.
- What does that mean?
- It means that this thing
knows I'm an unauthorised user,
and is shutting down
the store's system.
Okay, this is not low-key!
- What?
- What are What are you doing?
PJ! What are you doing? We need that!
What the hell, PJ!
- (CRAIG): What the
- (LUCY): Shit!
Watch out.
What the hell, PJ?
This device beat my program,
infected every computer in this store,
and is made out of some kind
of incombustible material.
So what does that mean?
It means whatever box this opens
is some kind of hardcore,
deepest-of-deep-state, super-max shit.
Shit, Lucy, what the hell
are you involved in?
Unless you're going to buy something,
you all have to leave.
Come with us. We'll give you a ride.
I'm not going back.
She has to want it for herself.
PJ, you know where to find me.
Okay, uh
take care of yourself.
I will. Hey, um
Do you think if we had met
when we were younger,
or even older,
we might have made it?
How 'bout this?
If we both survive
the next couple of days,
I will bring you coffee
and we'll talk about it. Okay?
Depending on levels
of exposure for law enforcement.
I don't anticipate resistance there.
Hey, I'm sorry I'm late, sir.
I would've been here sooner.
Obviously, I had to pay a little
stop to medical services.
Those little bitches
We don't use that word anymore, Tom.
And you're not late,
'cause I didn't call you in.
Oh. 'Kay, um, well, um,
I mean, obviously,
Lucy and Jules escaped,
but I got their license plate number,
so if Emily's in position, we just
Emily's dead.
This is her vehicle. Incinerated.
And this is her mandible.
It's the only thing
we were able to recover
after the explosion.
We matched it to her dental records.
Wait, Dr. Manning did this?
You let Dr. Manning do this when
you assured me that Emily could handle
something this simple.
Well, then there's only
one response now.
I get a couple of guys
Myung is taking over
the search for Lucy and Jules, Tom.
And Kira? You're just gonna
let her get away with this?
You've lost your ear, Tom.
Maybe you should, uh,
take a week off.
- I don't need a week
- Mm?
Go get a sound bath.
Do some hot yoga.
Whatever you need.
I've personally taken over
handling Dr. Manning.
I'm glad you messaged me.
How are you?
You said that, uh,
you've been working on
new transplant techniques.
Yeah, I-I've been printing
neurons, putting them into rats.
But you can't get them to activate.
No. I've tried all kinds of stimulants,
nothing works.
But the treatment
I've been putting in your tea,
- it's out of Wake Forest and
- You said
You said that that delays
the onset of symptoms?
Why haven't I heard of it?
There were serious adverse effects,
so they never published.
the treatment only works
with the antibodies
from a healthy mitochondrial
genetic match.
You've been busy.
Printing me, drugging me.
Look, I thought
if it gave you two more years,
it'd be worth it.
I went and saw my mother today.
I went with Jules.
I haven't met Jules yet.
What's she like?
She's stubborn as hell.
Sounds familiar.
My mother
has become an angry,
lost shadow,
and I don't want that
for Jules, or for Lucy.
I know that there's a non-lethal way
to activate the neurons.
We just haven't found it yet.
Look, if you think there's a chance,
I will work with you.
I've got two more years, let's use them.
But let me be clear:
this isn't about us.
I don't even
I don't even know
if there is an "us" anymore.
This is about the work.
This is not forgiveness.
Ground floor.
Wait, wait, what?
That's impossible.
They don't have authority.
No, I'll be right there.
Who was that?
It was my head of security.
The FDA is in the building.
There's been a report
of biological contamination,
and they're gonna shut us down.
- What?
- I have to stop them.
Wait, wait, no. Don't do that.
Do you have any idea
how many organs I have
ready for transplant?
I mean, people will die
Yes. Think!
Clearly, this is connected to Darros.
If you go back in there,
you could get arrested.
There might be a criminal investigation.
We have to go. Now.
Falling back to grieving ♪
Are they disappearing ♪
Or are you someone else ♪
Are we all someone else ♪
Are we undetermined ♪
Are we all someone else ♪
Are we undeserving ♪
Innocence, innocence ♪
I can still get to Jack.
I didn't say anything.
Well, your face says plenty.
Hey, can I call you back?
Are you with Jules at Settlement House?
No, I What are you talking about?
I thought she was with you!
Darros just shut down Additive.
He's escalating things.
She shouldn't be by herself.
I just tried her,
but she's not picking up.
Um, okay, I'm-I'm close.
I can go get her.
You gonna make a U-turn?
I have to.
I once dated two women with
the same name at the same time.
I couldn't choose; I lost them both.
It was "the Paradox of Joyce."
One of these days,
you're gonna have to choose,
between this way and that way.
Your lady better hurry up.
I'm almost done here.
Just gonna be a couple
more minutes. I promise.
And I don't have all night.
This is her. This is her.
One minute. I swear.
Where the hell are you?
(LUCY): I'm going to be late.
But I am still coming.
We're-we're all waiting for you.
I'm so sorry.
I have to go get Jules.
She might be in danger, but I
will be there as soon as I can.
The raid?
Darros, he thinks I crossed him.
There's a woman who works for him.
Her name's Emily.
- Oh my god!
Are you hit?
No. Are you?
You don't have to do this.
You don't want to, I can tell.
I don't have a choice.
If I cross him again,
knowing what I know
I can help you.
Darros will find me if I run,
just like he's been hunting Lucy.
I can't just disappear.
Maybe you can.
- You didn't have to help her.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah, I-I did.
Darros can come for me all he wants,
but I am done letting him
hurt other people.
(XANDER): Look, I just need
something from you-
(JULE): You need to leave!
mean you any harm!
I just need something
Are you okay?
Who is this?
Darros' beta.
He was waiting for me
in here like a creep.
How did he find you?
I messaged Wes online.
- Y-you did what?
- I'm sorry.
Who are you?
She's another printout.
You're less special by the second, huh?
- Did Darros send you?
- No.
I'm here on my own. I need the drugs.
Well, first of all, let me
commend you for coming here.
You're in a safe place.
- He means this.
- That's it!
It made me see something in his past.
I-I need to know who he was
if I'm gonna become him.
You think we're gonna
to help you become Darros?
You're delusional!
You don't understand.
My whole life is about becoming him,
being good at being him!
Listen, we just need
five more minutes, please.
Time's up, buddy. Window is closed.
Okay, she's coming.
Please, please, just We need this.
Don't make me embarrass you
in front of your kid.
Too late.
Do you know what this key is for?
- How did you get that?
- How do you think?
Do you know what Darros is planning?
- Back off! Okay?
- Okay.
I didn't want to do this!
Oh my
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