Orphan Black: Echoes (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Attracting Awful Things

I'm getting help.
Dad, please.
memories, yeah ♪
I don't think that she's ♪
Remember through sounds ♪
Remember through smells ♪
Remember through colours ♪
Remember through towns ♪
With fear and ♪
Lucy! Lucy!
Lucy, what do we do?!
Oh, crap.
Jesus, Craig. Oh, that's a lot of blood.
No, I'm-I'm good. I'm okay.
I'm calling an ambulance.
No, no, it's just a through and through.
What are you talking about,
Craig? You've been shot!
No! No ambulance. I am fine.
We just have to stop the bleeding.
(LUCY): I'm not doing
this with you, Craig.
- I'm gonna be fine.
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
I'm gonna be fine.
Lucy! Xander, he took
- Darros' key out of your pocket.
- What? Go!
Be careful!
There you are, you little shit.
You used the whole bottle, didn't you?
Oh my God. Idiot!
Gimme it!
I hope you piss your pants,
you pathetic piece of shit!
Please, don't! Please!
Help. Please.
Oh my God.
Jules? Jesus, I've been worried.
Okay, stay where you are.
We're on our way.
A little tighter.
- Good. There you go.
- This is insane.
- I'm okay.
You are not okay!
Please just let me call an ambulance.
You call an ambulance
and then the cops show up.
I don't care about the cops.
I'm not worried about me,
I'm worried about you.
- Craig? You in there?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm here, Jones.
Are you okay? I heard something.
Yup. I'm fine.
Just knocked over some furniture
getting ready for a new arrival.
It's, uh, it's all good, buddy.
Oh, okay.
You know who lives here.
Half of them are ex-cons.
At least let me
drive you to the hospital.
I can't.
You remember when
your mini-me stabbed you,
and you wouldn't let me
take you to the hospital?
I have done some crazy shit
for you and I am asking you
to return the favour.
Now, just help me get to the bed!
- Okay. All right, well
Get some towels and some hand sanitiser
from the supply closet.
And then go to my office.
I'm gonna need a little help
from my old friend Jimmy Jameson.
Whisky is not a treatment
for a gunshot wound.
Back of the lower left
drawer of the cabinet.
All right.
Hey, Lucy, it's me.
I'm with Kira and Eleanor,
and we got the security token back.
Please, let me know. 'Kay, call me back.
Well, at least he didn't puke
in the car on the way over.
Once he sleeps it off, we'll figure out
what to do with him.
Well, I don't like having him here.
He shot someone.
I don't think that
was entirely intentional.
- Wait, what if he's a spy?
- A spy?
- Yeah.
The kid is high as a kite.
They could be tracking him.
Darros knows where you live.
If he wanted you dead,
he would've already killed you.
And, and what about her?
I mean, he's kidnapped her once already.
Look, if Xander was dumb enough
to squirt that whole bottle up his nose,
then he's gone on a very long,
very dark trip.
He can't be playing us, he doesn't even
remember his own name.
I don't like him,
but I don't really think
you're in the position to be leaving
your scientific progeny
out in the cold right now.
Well, it's hard to argue
with two of you.
So don't.
So, Lucy's friend told us
that this is the key
to a very expensive,
very secure digital door,
right, where Darros might be
storing information
he doesn't want anyone to find.
And, uh, Josh's calendar says
that there's a very important
launch in two days' time.
Okay, so we find the door,
break in and expose this
asshole's dirty little secret.
it's never quite that easy.
Uh, meet my aunt, Delphine.
- So, Felix called you.
- Mm, yeah.
He wouldn't stop talking about
how you've printed Eleanor
and unleashed a terrible new technology
and ruined his fancy art show.
So, how do you connect
to this whole shitstorm?
I'm Cosima's wife.
Who's Cosima?
Cosima is, uh, Sarah's sister.
And Sarah is Kira's mother.
Cosima and Sarah are clones.
The clones?
Aren't they like 110 by now?
They're in their 60s, actually.
Same thing.
And how are you?
I don't I don't have
an answer for that yet.
I'll tell you what
I told Cosima a million times.
It doesn't matter how you came to be.
What matters is your passion.
That's who you are.
Thank you.
And you.
The good news for you is that your
family's been through much worse.
Remember Cosima's dreadlocks?
Oh my God. And where is Cosima?
She wanted to be here,
but she's working.
You know how she gets. And besides,
for this kind of
matter, you want a mysterious
woman with an accent.
Uh, Delphine has a history
of digging and finding
information that other people
don't want you to find.
(XANDER): No, no, no! No, no!
Sounds like he's having a nightmare.
I hope it's a bad one.
The boy, the printer, security key,
none of it's legal, none of it's cheap.
In my experience
with powerful rich people,
the first place to look
is where they don't want
you to know they've spent money.
Darros Company finances
won't be an open book.
I think I know who can help with that.
My mom.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Craig, what's the real reason you
won't let me take you to the hospital?
It may, um
It may shock you to know that I was
quite a radical in my youth.
I was pissed off
at the rich getting richer.
a bunch of my buddies and I
had the bright idea
that we thought we would
take down the man.
Send a message to Big Pharma.
Set fire to a corporate office
when no one was there.
Except some
Someone was there.
I drove the getaway car.
I didn't see it happen. But I
I didn't wait around to
to get arrested either.
Been a warrant out
for my arrest ever since.
There you have it.
The truth about old Saint Craig.
She was incredible. I mean,
I mean, and the hologram, right?
The hologram was so incredibly lifelike!
I just felt like I was
there with Celine, you know?
Totally! Tot Oh, totally!
Anyway, the tickets are yours,
um, if you want 'em.
Yeah, no, it's my pleasure. Mm-hmm.
No, I was definitely gonna go again.
I was definitely gonna go again.
I mean, just, I mean
It was a really emotional
experience for me.
I just, I'm totally
slammed at work right now.
Hey, you know, you still got
that, um, contact at DOD, right?
Yeah, I'm just trying to get,
um, a rundown of names
in just this specific army unit.
- She'll be here any minute.
- Mm.
Middle of the night
in an empty parking lot.
Feels like old times.
You weren't telling me the truth before.
Cosima didn't come
'cause she's pissed at me.
She's not thrilled.
But that's not why she didn't come.
If anyone understands making mistakes
out of scientific curiosity,
it's me.
I was working for Leekie
because there were things
I wanted to know,
about evolution, genetics.
I know what it's like to cross the line.
That doesn't determine your future.
That's what your aunt taught me.
Love defines us.
I like to think that. But, uh
you know what it's like.
Something gets out there,
this technology, I
I don't think I can
put it back in the bottle.
Maybe not, but that doesn't mean
you can't control it. Regulate it.
Darros got the government
to raid my foundation.
He's too powerful to regulate.
Everybody has a weak spot.
Cosima was mine.
And we just need to find his.
Dr. Manning?
I'm Neva, Jules' mom.
Thank you for helping us.
Anything to keep Jules safe. How is she?
She's a survivor.
Yeah. She's a tough kid.
I wish I could've protected her
better from all of this.
You're doing that now.
Now, Darros Logistics' filings
from the last year
are all kept in the basement.
They put the most sensitive
information on paper.
That way it can't be hacked.
- What's the matter?
- I don't know.
I haven't been back here
since they took Jules.
I think they locked me out.
Bon soir.
Oh, Ms. Lee.
Emmanuel, I-I didn't
expect to find you still on.
New protocols.
They want us on all night now.
I have a-a meeting with these women.
Clients aren't allowed after hours.
Uh, it's an emergency.
It's a private, personal matter.
Yes, look, these
are very important clients,
and I made an exception.
The only problem
is my key card isn't working.
I'll have to check the system.
Just wait right here.
Our son.
Gambling has ruined his life
and he intends to empty his trust fund.
So we need to access
our finances before midnight
before the trust changes hands.
- Merci, Emmanuel.
- Mm.
I just hope they find
something we can use.
For you.
Is that the serum?
Does your son know Kira
was using his blood?
Yeah, I told him.
I told him everything.
Look, I don't know
anything about being a mom
but ever since I met you and Lucy
it's cheesy but
I finally feel like I belong somewhere.
Like there are people
who really know me.
All I'm saying is whether
Lucas knows it or not,
you're a good mom.
Thank you.
And I don't want a hug
or anything, I'm just
Come here.
Okay, we are switching to water.
- I thought we were friends.
- I was just texting with Jules.
She's with Eleanor, and they're
tracking down a lead on the key.
Lucy, you got bigger things
to worry about than me,
so get outta here, find your selflings,
- and take care of business.
- No.
I'm gonna be okay. They need you
No, I can't, okay?
I'm not leaving people.
Eleanor told me that
my dad, her dad, whatever
He killed himself.
And I've always just
I've always carried around this feeling.
That it was
That I did something wrong.
That it was my fault, somehow.
Lot of people take that on
when there's a suicide.
No. I think Eleanor
didn't want me to know but
when I saw you laying
there on the ground
I understood.
She could've done something.
She just left him there.
I mean, am I the kind of person
who could do something like that?
Most people here,
they've done things
that they're not proud of.
Let people down that they loved.
Hardest thing to do,
hardest thing for me
to help them with
is to get them to understand
that whatever it is that they've done,
however shitty they think they are,
that the thing that matters
is what they do now.
So the past doesn't matter?
Gee, I hope not.
Jack and Charlie,
they get their passports?
Uh I-I don't know.
Lucy, I know you that you wanna get back
to where you were
with Jack and Charlie
And I am, that's what I'm doing.
Mm-hmm. Well, the picture got
a little more complicated, kiddo.
We're working on it,
and we're almost there.
Means you might have to make a decision
that you don't want to make.
Lucy, what's going on?
Craig, meet Jack.
How much time do we have?
Neva said she'd buy us 30 minutes
and then we have to find
our own way out of here.
You know, I-I don't even
know that I'll recognise
what it is if I see it.
Basically, you're looking
for something that looks
like a lot of money going nowhere.
Whatever Darros is planning,
whatever this launch is,
it costs money.
But he must be hiding
the spending somehow.
What? What is it?
Articles of incorporation
from last year.
An anonymous LLC.
One single real estate
investment. The whole company.
No income, no dividends,
and the only loss
is the depreciation of the land.
And how much was the investment?
$44 billion.
What's, what's the address?
5634 Foster Road.
Oh my God.
Now, why would Paul Darros
want to invest $44 billion
in a tiny piece of coastline?
If we leave now, we can get
there in an hour. Let's go.
I-I really wish I could come,
but you're gonna have to do
this part on your own, ma chère.
- I have to get back to Cosima.
- Okay.
Thank you for-for helping me.
And for understanding.
Everybody makes mistakes.
It's something we often say to children,
but sometimes we need
to hear it again as adults.
Just don't give up.
I won't.
Well, I appreciate your concern, man,
but it's just a scratch.
- I don't like his colour.
- Craig.
Thank you for coming.
I didn't come for you.
- What?
- I need to concentrate.
Okay, well, just let me take
a look at it
and then we'll go from there, okay?
Can a man get a little privacy?
Something you should know, you know,
don't know if it applies, but I'm, uh
I'm on my second liver.
Drowned the first one in liquor.
When did you have the transplant?
Twenty years ago.
Probably should've died,
but there was a trial on printed livers.
- Oh, Christ.
I thought I had, uh,
stopped the bleeding.
You didn't feel anything?
I thought I just wet myself.
Happens to the best of us.
- He must've nicked a vein.
- A big one.
You need to go to the hospital.
I already told Lucy, I can't.
I got an outstanding warrant out on me.
Better arrested than dead.
I go to the hospital,
what's the over and under
on me walking out of there?
You're going into shock.
You're losing a lot of blood,
you need to do
a blood transfusion and even then
Then whatever happens happens here?
It's This is kind
of my place, if you follow me.
So, if anything goes wrong
I'm good here.
Key detected.
Incorrect thought pattern.
You have two more attempts.
(KIRA): It's an underwater
server farm.
Those are for heavy data storage.
The subsurface temperatures
keep everything cool.
The security on
the access terminal,
I've never seen anything like it.
It's advanced neurotech.
I've read about it.
Individualised password encryption
based on fractal patterns of cognition.
What does that mean?
The device triggers a thought,
a memory, a pattern of neural firings
that only Darros has.
Eleanor, there is a timer!
It's tailored for him.
No one else can unlock it.
(ELEANOR): We're on our way.
Stay there.
Okay, Sleeping Beauty,
time to earn your keep.
You're creepy enough as it is, okay?
You don't need to lean into it.
Okay, listen, Kira found
this thought-triggering machine
that Darros has, and we need
you to be him to unlock it.
Did it sound like I was asking you,
because I meant it more as a demand.
I can't be him, Jules.
I thought all you wanted was to be him,
"become him"?
I did.
But that was before
You saw something.
Something in his memory.
He's terrible.
Then help us.
Who am I?
Who are we?
We're Xander and Jules.
Nobody else.
You sure this is gonna work?
They said you were type O-Negative
at the hospital, right?
- Yeah.
- Then it's just about
whether or not we're in time
to keep his organs
from shutting down.
See? Not so bad.
That's supposed to be a joke.
I'm not ready to lose you.
I'm gonna tell you a secret.
It's important. You listening?
I never really had a family.
I didn't think it was right,
knowing that I could be found out
or not knowing that I could
always be there for them.
The work that I have done here,
and the people that I have helped
Seeing you become your own person,
find your own family
that's the thing that
I am most proud of.
Thank you.
For believing me.
Oh, come on.
Kira! Xander, come here, quick!
Come on. Does he still
have enough of the drug
left in his system?
Yeah, he took the whole bottle,
so he's still deep in Darros-land.
Just focus on the image, Xander.
Whatever comes to your mind
should do the rest.
- I-I don't know what happened.
The machine, the calibration
must have been off.
His skull wasn't able to fully close.
Can you fix it?
If we get him to
the hospital right away,
- they might have a shot
- No, no, no.
Can you fix the calibration?
I uh, yes.
But what about him?
If we don't get him help
right now, he'll die.
We're gonna let nature take its course.
You don't know how hard
it is to be the strong one.
One who survives.
Good evening, Mr. Darros.
My God. I can't believe it. We're in.
Whoa! Whoa!
Are you okay?
- You okay, Xander?
- What is it? What did you see?
I saw another,
and then he then he let him die.
All right. All right.
Get him outta here.
You're okay. You're okay.
Let's go get some air.
- Stay with him.
- Yeah. Come on. You're okay.
What is it?
It's medical records.
Well, you got the jump on me.
That Special Forces training
is no joke, huh?
What the hell was in that?
Where is she?
Where's Lucy?
Why do you want her?
Because she's not human.
She killed a friend of mine, actually.
She kind of put me in a really awkward
situation with my boss.
It's not just a job for me,
which is obviously something
I need to prove to him,
but, anyway, enough about me.
Where is she?
Go to hell.
Oh, crap.
Hello, there.
Darros must've bought access
to the Central Medical Records Database.
But how? I mean, no one
is allowed access to that.
It's every procedure, doctor's visit,
imaging, for everyone
in the whole country,
going back decades. It is all on here.
What were the last records he accessed?
He accessed 12 full-body scans.
The names are encrypted.
GP scan sequence 1 printed.
We have to figure out who they are.
So, his colour's good.
His pulse is down.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, Tina.
Who What?!
What's wrong?
What is it?
Someone-someone took her.
- What?
- Someone took Charlie!
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