Osmosis (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Test

You are entitled to love.
This is why it's all or nothing This is how my hopes are tied And told stories of falling angels Down to the water Soaked to the bone We break all the rules For the sake of art Joy We climb every mountain till we fall Hi.
I'm Tom.
What do you do for a living, Esther? Don't take this personally, but do we have to chat? Shall we just get on with it, then? Fine by me.
[SIGHS WITH PLEASURE] [BREATHES HEAVILY] [COMPUTERIZED MALE VOICE] Esther? Esther? Yes, Martin? You're late for Paul's briefing.
The meeting started six minutes ago.
[SIGHS] Great.
[MARTIN] Sarcasm detected.
Adjust settings: Do not interrupt.
Not when I'm studying our competitors.
Certainly, Esther.
I am not to interrupt when you are studying our competitors.
Are you done downloading? The requested download is ready.
- Excellent definition.
- Can you send it to me? Done.
Should I send it to Paul? No.
I'd like to check it first.
Can you call me a cab? Okay, Esther.
[MAN] It's a big day tomorrow.
We start the beta test with our 12 candidates.
It's what we've all worked so hard for these last two years.
Because who is Osmosis for? For who? It's for all those people who've had enough of dead-end relationships on apps, who are convinced that virtual reality has killed our feelings.
Today, they don't believe they have a choice anymore.
So, they take they consume, and they throw away.
But what they really want is intimacy, passion, osmosis.
This is what our competitors are offering: "You are entitled to love.
" [SCOFFS] What a slogan! Well done, Perfect Match! For us, love is more than just a right.
It's something everyone will experience.
The masses must understand.
They have to imagine a future transformed by Osmosis.
A new world.
The promise of finding unconditional love, of finally meeting one's soulmate, that's where Osmosis's full potential lies.
We have 24 hours left.
I'm counting on you.
[MARTIN] Esther, your taxi is here.
Thanks for your attention.
It's really late.
What's wrong? You reduced the number of candidates without telling me.
Twelve beta testers is enough.
Plus there's our budget.
I need 15.
A smaller sample means too many variables.
Why? We know the implant works.
Maybe you're an exception, we can't take any risks.
Twelve candidates is all I can give you, little sister.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Are you off to the hospital? Mom's waiting for me.
We already did an MRI.
What's this for? [WOMAN] The previous MRI was part of the application test, to check for medical conditions that might interfere with the implant.
This will fine-tune your implant's calibration to the geography of your brain.
What happens if my soulmate lives in Greenland? Buy a parka! [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] So far, all our tests have shown that soulmates usually live quite close to each other.
Keep your head straight.
I'll leave you with Martin, he'll ask you a few more questions.
[MARTIN] What's the percentage distribution between your physical and virtual sexual activity? Seventy virtual, thirty physical.
Why are you the one asking these questions, Martin? Turns out applicants are more honest when asked intrusive questions by a robot.
Why's that? It's an unambiguous relationship.
There's no judgment.
Your best orgasm? Virtual.
With an avatar.
On Perfect Match.
Never happened.
I think there's something wrong with my equipment.
The electronic equipment, I mean.
"Everyone has a soulmate.
" That's what the ad said and I thought, "Even me?" "No kidding?" I'm the fatty you sleep with out of pity and then deny it the next morning.
No one has ever told me, "I love you.
" [MAN] There were 300 people at my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary.
They had six children, and lots of grandchildren.
I had a conversation with my grandmother that day, and I asked her, "So, is this what true love is?" "The one that lasts forever?" And she said, "I don't know what true love is.
" "I've never experienced it.
" So, I want to experience love.
Make the right choice.
- [ELECTRICAL FIZZLING] - [WINCING] The tattoo will only appear once you swallow the implant.
That's one of Osmosis' magical features.
You'll see.
You can remove the patch tomorrow.
And with the tattoo, you and your soulmate can connect via V-Eternity and experience complete emotional osmosis.
There we go, you're ready.
More smoothly.
Control your body.
You've got it.
[DOOR CREAKS AND CLOSES] How are you? Sorry I'm late.
We start the beta test tomorrow.
Six months to the big launch.
I've already asked Dr.
Farge for a temporary discharge so you can attend.
I have a new memory.
It'll bring you back, you'll see.
You'll love it.
Your favorite piece of music.
["AVE MARIA" PLAYS] [ESTHER'S MOM] Every morning, while combing her hair, the queen would ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me, tell me I'm the fairest of them all!" Yes, Esther.
[CHUCKLING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [ESTHER'S MOM] The mirror answered, "You're the fairest in the land.
" So, the queen was happy, for she knew the mirror never lied.
[YOUNG ESTHER] Paul! Help! Paul! [OLDER ESTHER] Did you see Paul? He was so tired of it.
I'd make him play lifeguard.
Do you remember? [MARTIN] Sorry, Esther.
Memory re-write failure.
Louise's brain is not responding.
TR-3 network inactive.
Given the number of attempts, we can assume [WHISPERS] I know, Martin.
[MUSIC CONTINUES] [DOOR OPENS] [WOMAN] My love, it's me! [DOOR CLOSES] I'm starving.
So? - So? - Mm-hm.
- They selected me.
- Yes! - I'm so proud of you.
- Hm.
New York - Mm-hm.
- London - London.
- Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg All the places I've always dreamed of dancing in.
Sounds like heaven And I know it's thanks to you.
Looks like gold Fills my mind with water Tastes like rum Come on.
Esther! Esther Vanhove? Hello.
I I read about you in the papers.
- Sorry, I need to take a shower.
- Wait! No, actually If you want coding tips, I shared some tutorials.
No, it's that I I applied for the test.
It rings a bell.
He really, really needs to take part in this test.
They said no to him, but please.
We're full.
Please wait.
You don't understand.
My son is sick.
We've tried everything.
We'd lost all hope and then we heard you.
What you told those journalists, that you created Osmosis to cure your brother.
That's different.
Please help him.
You're his only hope.
I'll see what I can do.
His name is Niels Niels Larsen! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] I need an extra tester.
Not now.
Please! I'd like your attention.
Right, I know this is quite a special day for you, as it is for the entire Osmosis team.
Anyway, thank you for coming.
You can't imagine how happy we are to see you here.
And most of all, we can't wait for you to discover Osmosis.
Ever since I met them, Paul and Esther have never ceased to amaze me.
Three years ago, Paul convinced me to join him on this adventure, and I quit my job that very day.
Everybody thought I was crazy, my friends, my family, everyone.
But they didn't know what I know, if any two people are capable of changing your world, it's them.
Thank you.
[SCREEN BEEPS] As you can see, the Osmosis implant is like a pill.
Once ingested, it will release a swarm of nanorobots inside your brain.
They are programmed to pick up a signal emitting from the depths of your subconscious.
With the help of Martin, our artificial intelligence, Osmosis will decode these signals, and connect them to various social networks across the world in order to select a single profile.
Osmosis will recreate the image that you unknowingly have in your mind.
And this image is your soulmate's face.
[APPLAUSE CONTINUES] Is everything okay? I have to go.
You take over.
Where are you going? [MAN] Whoo! [SCREEN BEEPS] Any questions? Hold on is your stuff mystic or scientific? Esther.
Human thoughts and feelings are transmitted through electrical impulses and chemical reactions.
Osmosis detects these signals, which are unique to you.
Actually, Osmosis doesn't create anything.
It reveals you.
And is it safe? Well, I mean, what happens if my implant gets hacked? The barriers installed to protect your implant are impossible to hack.
So, don't worry, no unauthorized person can gain access.
Right, in order to proceed, we need your official consent.
These are the contracts you already read.
Just initial and sign them.
[APPLAUSE] [CHEERING] Can you explain this to me? [WOMAN] Paul we've been warning you for months.
We asked you to postpone the beta test, and what did you say? "No problem.
" The implant is ready, our security system says it's 100 percent safe.
Why wait? The Academy of Medicine is imploding, half the Ethics Committee have resigned That's a good sign.
Opposition to revolutionary technology is par for the course.
Listen, I didn't approach you, you came to me.
You begged me to sell you shares in Osmosis.
- Right, Paul, I think - I could have taken anybody's money.
But I chose you.
And now, instead of being grateful, you're dropping us? We have no intention of dropping Osmosis, Paul.
We're dropping you.
[MAN] We think Osmosis needs a new CEO.
You're ambitious, Paul.
That's what we liked about you.
Your thirst for revenge, your energy, your belief in Osmosis.
But you're incapable of even the smallest compromise.
We're not the enemy.
We've done everything we can to bring this project to life.
You've not done a thing for Osmosis.
For you, this is about making money, just another asset in your little portfolio.
As we speak, my team is on the verge of changing millions of lives, and here you are telling me what's best for my company? Lecturing me? [MAN] I don't think there's anything left to say.
Your assets will be frozen, starting tomorrow.
It's over, Paul.
Oh, no, it's not.
This is just the beginning.
[DOOR SLAMS] Hi, my name is Niels.
I'm a sex addict.
Well, I'm not really addicted to sex, I'm addicted to I started watching porn when I was eight.
Films I'd found.
It's the only thing my father left behind when he abandoned me and my mom.
[CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] Nice parting gift, eh? And I started watching it more and more.
I started to I stopped leaving my room, and and it kind of started taking over my life.
I remember the the day the doctors told my mom I needed help, I felt like throwing myself off a bridge.
I remember the look in her eyes.
And I mean, even though she loves me and everything, because she has to, she's my mother I could tell I disgusted her.
I could see the disgust in her eyes.
It was the same look she had when my father left.
And I don't know if Osmosis can help me, but but I think I'd just like to to feel a bit less lonely.
I think with someone I love, I could change.
I want to I want to change.
- Any congenital disorders? - [MARTIN] None.
Residual traumas? He's in perfect health.
Please ask Billie to come.
[KEYBOARD CLICKS] that was all my father left behind when he abandoned me and my mom.
[CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] Nice parting gift, eh? [BILLIE] You wanted to see me? Niels Larsen, you didn't select him? No.
Why? I'm interested in his profile.
He only met 60 percent of the selection criteria.
I'd like to reconsider him.
He's underage.
Plus, we already have 12.
He turns 18 in two months.
We just need a waiver.
I can ask the Ministry.
Thank you.
Did I miss something? Mm.
I think we can help him.
That's also what we're here for, isn't it? [DOOR BEEPS AND OPENS] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Well? - Call our lawyers.
- What? Why? They must trigger clause 2-A of the shareholders' agreement.
Clause 2-A? That's the termination clause! What's happened? - How much money is in our cash reserve? - What's happened? They're dropping us.
What do you mean "dropping us"? They're scared.
Of public opinion? - Of their own shadows.
- Let me talk to them.
We'll convince them we can get back on track.
- We need to tell them - No.
Are you with me or against me? What? This is important.
With me or against me? I'm with you.
Are you serious? Then trust me.
How much money do we have left? I'd say two weeks' worth.
If we don't pay ourselves.
[FOOTSTEPS] The shareholders are dropping us.
Can you complete Osmosis within a month? In a month? No! Selling the house, how many weeks would that buy us? - I'd say two.
- The house? We've no choice.
We're not selling the house! It's Mom's house.
She'll need to be in a familiar environment when she wakes up.
So, we need to be ready in a month.
What about security? Right now we're only connected for a few minutes a day but once users are in the thousands or millions, we're talking 24/7.
She's right, security is paramount.
We can't One month.
I can't do the impossible.
You've done it once before.
Look at me.
Do you remember what I told you when Mom got sick? Hm? Esther and Paul against the world? Esther and Paul against the world.
How much time do you need? Give me two months.
Two months.
[ESTHER] Martin? Do you have all the testers' final MRI scans? I do, Esther.
Check if anybody has a TR-3 network similar to Mom's.
What are you looking for? Do as I say! We only have two months left.
[MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] I'll get you out of here.
[MARTIN] Here, these are the candidates whose TR-3 networks are the closest match to Louise's.
Even 99 percent is not enough.
Esther, I don't understand.
Memories, Martin.
Imagine someone with the same, exactly the same TR-3 network.
The same neurons.
If we include them in the Osmosis test, and I program their implant to activate Mom's That would be illegal.
If I don't do anything, she'll die.
[WOMAN] You'll find a way.
You know how to convince people.
[PAUL] Today, that wasn't enough.
[WOMAN] You'll find the money.
[PAUL] Esther also has to succeed.
[WOMAN] You should tell her truth about what happened to your mother.
[PAUL] It would crush her.
You are entitled to love.
Did you sleep here? They weren't able to stop us.
The Committee and the Ministry gave us the green light, we overcame the technical difficulties.
So now they're playing their last card, to cripple us financially it makes perfect sense.
Paul, I have some bad news.
SDM sent us their latest invoice.
The payment is due 30 days after the end of the month.
It was supposed to be 90.
Call our lawyer, we'll contest.
It won't change anything, Paul.
If we don't pay, they'll cut us off.
- Then we'll sue them.
- With what money? You know what I think? We should play for time.
Tell the beta testers.
It's not too late, you know.
They go home, we take a step back for a few months, look for new investors and start over with them.
I'll work for free.
For as long as necessary.
If we back down now, they'll crush us.
So? We're not backing down.
My name is Paul Vanhove.
There's been a lot of talk lately about my company, Osmosis, and about its technology.
But in fact, Osmosis is more than mere technology, it's a revolution.
Decades ago, we allowed technology into our private lives and our bodies.
We entrusted it with our secrets, our pleasures, our memories.
Then, technology began changing our fates, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse.
But it never changed human nature.
Osmosis is going to profoundly change humanity because it will allow each and every one of us to reach the ultimate goal, being happy.
Which is why I'm delighted to announce that Osmosis will be available to all in exactly one month.
[SHE WHISPERS] Honestly, Paul, what am I here for? I make forecasts, budget plans, I give you advice, all for what? How am I to do this? - We won't last the month, cash-wise.
- Yes, we will.
You sold it? You sold Mom's house.
We'll get it back later.
I can't believe it! How do you fund all that research you do for Mom? Martin, the MRI's, Osmosis.
Are you telling me you're doing all this for her? If we fail, we lose everything.
You and me.
And you know that.
How can you compare anything to losing Mom? [FOOTSTEPS RUNNING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Are you okay? Mm.
Are you new? I don't remember seeing you here before.
I'm I'm a stand-in.
Well, I'm on the waiting list.
If someone leaves, I take their place.
You're young.
What's the rush? Uh I'm a juvenile sex addict and I've relapsed after my third treatment.
[LAUGHTER] [EXHALES, SNIFFS] [ESTHER SNIFFLES] I'm sorry, I had no choice.
I did this for you.
- To protect what you've created.
- Stop it, it's not mine.
Is that really what you think of me? - Do you ever think about Mom? - I think about you.
Why do you refuse to be happy? Take that pill and find your soulmate.
I already have two soulmates, they take up all my time.
Who's that? Our number 13.
In case somebody backs out.
They all confirmed this morning, but Billie says some might back out when it comes to swallowing the implant.
Listen, the time has come.
You may now open your box that contains the implant.
Take your time.
There's no pressure.
No one will mind if you back out now.
You don't have to, you know? [CHEERING] [BILLIE] Okay.
Okay, please.
Ilyes and Romeo will now hand you your ear implants.
[SHIVERING LOUDLY] [BILLIE] Marceau? Marceau, are you okay? [MARCEAU BREATHES RAGGEDLY] Marceau, are you okay? - [LOUD THUD] - [MARCEAU GASPING] - Breathe.
- Take it out.
Take it out.
Take this thing out of my head.
[MARCEAU PANTING] We'll remove the implant, okay? It's just a panic attack.
It can happen.
We'll remove the implant.
[INDISTINCT EXCITED CHATTER] [INDISTINCT] Martin, can you show me Niels' MRI, the TR-3 zone compared to Louise's? [MARTIN] According to his latest MRI, Niels' TR-3 zone is compatible with Louise's by 62 percent.
Sixty-two that's useless.
Yes, but according to his latest MRI [VOICE GLITCHING] Martin? Niels' TR-3 zone is compatible with Louise's by.
Yes, but according to his latest MRI Martin? [WOMAN] Esther, come quickly.
[MARTIN'S VOICE GLITCHING] Since Paul's announcement, we've been bombarded with attacks.
I thought I could handle it alone, but Fuck, Swann.
You're in charge of security.
How did this happen? [MARTIN'S VOICE GLITCHES AND ECHOES] [MARTIN'S VOICE FADES] Martin? Are you okay? - [BEEP] - [MARTIN] I'm fine, Esther.
Diagnosis? The CPU is damaged.
Some disks need resetting.
You want me to do it? No, I don't need you.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] Martin, what were you about to say before the attack? About Louise? I wanted to show you this.
None of the beta testers are 100 percent compatible.
But if we were to take three different implants Fuck, of course.
It wouldn't be hard to make the three work together.
To insert my memory into their three implants and make them converge with Mom's to activate her entire neural network.
[MARTIN] But I need authorization to break the rule against introducing external data into the beta testers.
Authorization granted or denied? Esther? Are you there? [LOUD POP] [POURS CHAMPAGNE] Josephine? DON'T LOOK FOR ME [MARTIN] Welcome to Osmosis.
Your brain implant is connected and has sent us your data.
We are now ready to introduce you to your soulmate.
Close your eyes.
Their face will appear in a few seconds.
Are you ready to find out what love truly is? [SIGHS]