Osmosis (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


Where does it come from? I injected it during his transfusion.
They're nanorobots.
I'm a computer programmer and a graduate in neuroscience.
You work on electronic components to stick in your brother's goddamn brain? I'm calling security.
He's been in a vegetative state for months.
There's electrical activity in the areas affected by the disease.
It's the implant stimulating the neural network.
He's still in a vegetative state.
- You turned him into a lab rat.
- There's no cure.
We shouldn't be having this conversation.
[ALARM BEEPING] What's going on? It's coming from him.
There's an increase in neural activity.
[ALARM BLARING] [ESTHER] Yes, but it's not due to the implant.
Paul? [MUFFLED ALARM SOUND] [PAUL GASPS] [ALARM BEEPING LOUDLY] - What's that? - I don't know.
It's waking him up.
[PAUL] The implant triggered something that day.
A face appeared.
Josephine's face.
She's the one who brought me back to life.
When I saw her for the very first time I knew I'd found my soulmate.
In one look, Osmosis was born.
It's like a like a connection that's out of this world.
Heart beats that synchronize then merge into one.
Self-consciousness disappears.
You become - You become something else.
- Hold on, you're usually connected, but right now you're not? I assume you've also tried calling her mobile? No, you don't get it.
I get it, you're in love.
You're saying your wife's not well, and she's logged herself off.
If I were to launch a search operation every time my wife was a mess, I Are you going to help me? There are cameras all over this city, it can't be hard.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [ESTHER] Hello.
[POLICEMAN] There are no signs of a struggle.
In my view, there's nothing suspicious that would allow us I've been getting death threats every day for over a year now.
Are you going to launch an investigation, or not? [BIRDS CHIRPING OUTSIDE] [POLICEMAN] I'll be in touch.
[DOOR CLOSES] - You still haven't located her implant? - No.
DON'T LOOK FOR ME [PAUL] Maybe we're not there yet.
Maybe we're about to lead millions of people into a dead end.
[MARTIN] Niels, are you ready to meet your soulmate? I'm kind of freaked out.
What if she doesn't like me? Everything will be all right.
Her name is Claire.
You're late! We said eight.
Are you Franck? - Yes.
- Lucienne will be here in 20 minutes.
If we're not ready she'll get mad.
- Okay.
- What's left is in the conservatory, - but now, could you help with - Of course.
Take the stumps and the sanguines.
The sanguines.
Are are you really Franck? No, no.
Not at all.
I'm Niels.
Are you an intern? Or an apprentice? No, I I was looking for you.
Have we met before? Yes.
Well, no.
But Well It's as if it's as if I'd seen you in a - in a dream or - [SHE LAUGHS] What is this? This is a joke, right? No, I'm sorry.
Do you often flirt with girls you've never met? Oh no.
No, no.
It's Well, I've never really flirted with girls, I I could have guessed that.
Listen, I'm sorry, I don't want to bother you, if you've got things to do Listen, stay.
I need help carrying the stools, anyway.
Love at first sight live! Niels is off to a good start.
What about the others? Half the testers have already met their soulmates.
Any feedback from the implants? There's no loss of data.
The reception is good.
Here, we can see a big adrenaline rush for Ana.
[MAN] Come on, let's go, let's warm up! It's not a stroll, keep it up, come on! Keep going, don't give up! [MARTIN] Ana, this is Simon.
Your soulmate.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
That's it, good.
[BIRDS SQUAWKING] Can I help you? Um I'm just lacing up my shoes.
Are you here for the fitness class? Are you the one who signed up to join? Why would I do that? I hate sport.
To get healthy, to lose some weight.
Who says I need to lose weight? No one.
It's just that that's usually why people do sports.
You think I'm fat? Do you think you're fat? Yes.
Stendhal was fat, Flaubert too.
Never heard of them? - Yes, of course, I have.
- What did he write? - Who? - Flaubert.
What's this, a French literature exam? Madame Bovary.
Don't you want to give it a go? The first class is free.
Is this a marketing strategy, flirting with potential clients? Let's start again.
My name is Simon.
Nice to meet you, Ana.
Sorry, I'm not very good with words.
I guess it's not one of your priorities.
Okay, I'll get back to my class.
I'm such an idiot.
The oxytocin is sky high but so is the cortisol, is that normal? She's tense.
Let me check she's not suffering from a rejection.
[SIMON] Tomorrow morning at ten! Keep it up, come on! [CLAPPING HANDS] [MARTIN] Lucas, don't you want to meet up with Leopold? [LUCAS] No, I don't.
[KEYS JANGLING] [QUIET BEEP] Antoine? [FLOOR CREAKING] Hey, there you are! Didn't we say nine p.
? Yes, but I had to work late, my phone died.
I'm sorry, it's been a It's okay.
Would you open this for us? Everything's ready.
[GIRL SHOUTS] I'm asking people on the darknet if they know anything about Josephine.
No, I can't believe it.
She can't have left.
[ESTHER] They'll at least help me locate her.
What are they doing? Hacking into anything they can.
Surveillance cameras in the subway, at the airport, taxi bookings And they've not found anything? Not yet.
I have to go.
Don't worry, I'm keeping watch.
If anything turns up, I'll let you know.
Thank you.
Wait, it's only natural.
When you start out, you shouldn't draw heavy lines.
On the contrary, draw light ones, light strokes, so you can correct any mistakes.
With your pencil, get a feel for the proportions, the shape, the outlines, to better express the statue's sensuality.
[SIGHS] It's a new tattoo.
Give me a bit more time.
[SIMON] Okay, let's go! Faster, faster! That's it, good.
Lift your legs higher, Nanou, higher, higher! The idea is to jump over them.
Jumping fences is for horses.
They jumped over them.
- Of course, they're mares.
- Hm.
If you jump the fences, I'll read Flaubert.
Everything he wrote? Let's start with Madame Bovary.
It seems you need a degree in literature to have a conversation with you.
So, you're planning on having conversations with me? Yes.
I need to learn one or two names, but then I should be okay.
It would be nice if you weren't so quick to judge me.
You want to say something because it's getting awkward.
It's just that usually, I'm the one being judged.
[WOMAN CLEARS THROAT] I think you have to get jumping now.
Madame Bovary? Madame Bovary! Why the hell did I mention Flaubert? I can remember the times [KNOCKING] We dance in the fields of joy You don't understand your love And where it can bring you now [MAN] squats.
Let's do 15, 15! Come on! Fourteen, 13, 12, 11, 10 Out straight.
Keep your back straight.
Nine, 8, 7 It's gone like a sleeping stone And I don't know how to Breathe in this world [LUCAS] Hey, Marco! Can you come here, please? [SIZZLING] like a sleeping stone And I don't know how to Breathe in this world Are you nervous? It's the lunchtime rush.
Nothing's ready.
They're waiting to interview me.
Is it all right? Don't move.
[BACKGROUND CONVERSATION] Can't you stay? I have to get back.
- I don't like interviews.
- You'll have to get used to it or stop winning awards with your restaurants.
Very funny! Let me remind you, it's also thanks to you and your talent that I won.
That's also why I love you.
[WOMAN] Antoine! Whenever you're ready! Right.
Go for it.
- Ready? - Yes.
- Okay? - Yes.
[MARTIN] Esther, you have a notification from Tandor.
It's about to locate Josephine.
[QUIET BEEP] Come on give us a signal.
Her transmitter just stopped working.
- Even the secondary signal? - Yes.
She really doesn't want to be found.
[MUFFLED SCREAM] [BILLIE] There we go, this is your brain.
And here, your hormone levels.
It's fascinating.
Does that reassure you? Yes.
I had a feeling you could be inside my head, listening, see what I was seeing.
No, actually, all we get are your constants, your hormone levels.
They sometimes allow us to gauge your feelings.
For example, your oxytocin levels were very high when you met Simon.
What do you mean? Of all the beta testers, you got the highest rating on the attraction index.
We'd never seen that before.
So, if I have this right, you're always in my head? So, this thing is not just medical, it's a kind of emotional surveillance too.
We only do it for the test.
We won't do it anymore afterwards.
Listen, we don't want you to feel monitored, Ana.
So, if you have any problems, you come to me, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Martin? - Yes, Billie? Will Paul be here soon? He asked for a debrief.
His vehicle is nearly here.
How far have you got with finding a soulmate? Swann and I are working on it.
We need 60 minutes.
I needed six months to finalize things.
We put cart before the horse.
We should have found investors then - What? - The cart before the horse! Yes.
And Paul? How is he? He's fine.
Have you spoken to Josephine recently? No.
Why? - [ALARM BEEPING] - What's going on? Fuck! What the hell is going on? I'll call security.
What's going on? It's okay, Swann.
I'll take care of this.
[ALARM BLARING] [MUFFLED VOICES] - [PAUL] What the - Martin, open the door.
Impossible, Esther.
- Security protocol activated.
- Deactivate it, Martin.
[YELLING] [PAUL] Fuck! Martin, open the door.
- Osmosis shatters your brain! - [PAUL] Turn it off! I told you to turn it off! OSMOSIS SHATTERS YOUR BRAIN - [ALARM BLARING] - Martin, open the door! [MASKED MAN PANTING] [PAUL GRUNTS] Where the hell is she? Where is she? - Where are you hiding her? - [GROANS] - Where is she? - [ESTHER] Paul! - Where the hell is she? - Stop it! [MAN GROANS] [JOURNALIST] Mathieu Christo, Paul Vanhove just assaulted an activist.
As president of Osmosis, a company that guarantees everyone a soulmate, don't you think that's rather ironic? A man who champions love but turns to violence just as easily? What's brilliant about Paul Vanhove and his sister's approach, is that they sell us a totalitarian project wrapped in the cutest packaging, love.
Who is against love? The sole purpose of Osmosis is profit.
To benefit a few shareholders, what are we sacrificing? You can't deny that this is Can you leave us for a second? Osmosis is not a revolution, it's a coup against humanity.
Do you realize the deep shit you're getting us into? I don't know where she is.
What? Who are you talking about? Josephine.
She's been taken, or she left, I don't know.
Did you call the cops? They don't listen.
Hold on, hold on.
It can't be.
Josephine is Osmosis.
If it doesn't work for her, then it won't work at all.
Paul, we've known each other for 15 years, right? I'm here, what can I do to help? Nothing, don't worry.
Don't worry.
Esther will track her down.
No, but she'll come back.
It's just not possible, otherwise.
I need to talk to you about the company.
Can you handle it? Yes, yes, go ahead, I'm listening.
We've got a huge cash flow problem.
And with what's just happened, it'll only get worse.
We might have an opportunity.
It's in the early stages.
But they seem very interested.
They have clout, it's a big organization with lots of money.
Who are they? Here.
It's the Mohicans group.
They'd like you to talk to them about Osmosis.
We have a meeting tomorrow.
Can I count on you? Yes, yes, of course.
How do you feel? Weird.
I feel like I'm being watched all the time.
- Hello.
- A coffee, please.
Anyway, they continuously receive my medical information, my hormone levels.
I wonder, what if they're listening to me, or watching me? What you're doing for us is really important.
Everything you say is true.
It's the last great battle.
We've reached a point where they really can colonize our brains.
I I need to feel useful.
How are you getting on with infiltrating them? I met my soulmate.
You think it works? I'd be surprised.
He's a sports teacher.
[THEY LAUGH] It's bullshit.
Don't you like him? Yes, I do.
So, it does work.
I don't know.
I I'm attracted to him, yes.
Excited, yes.
But we've only spoken for a minute.
You're a good person, Ana.
As far as I'm concerned, you're very important.
This technology is monstrous, we're going to need your help.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
What would you like me to do? [MACHINE BEEPS] Her blood pressure is up.
Martin, show me the MRI.
Her neuronal activity fell by 15% last night.
[ESTHER] It wouldn't be hard to make them work together.
To insert my memory in the three implants, and make them converge on Mom's to activate her entire neuronal network.
Martin, let's do it.
Esther, I need clear instructions.
Encode my memories in Ana, Lucas and Niels's implants.
Then combine the signals so they reactivate the TR-3 zone.
Am I right in thinking you're authorizing me to break the rule against introducing external data into the beta testers? Yes.
Authorization granted.
The protocol states that Paul must approve any procedural changes regarding implants.
ANY DECISION REGARDING I've modified the protocol.
Are you connected to the three implants? Affirmative.
Then, go ahead, encode them.
[MAN] Anyway, thank you for inviting us, too.
Samuel Kahn.
I'm pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Mr.
- Call me Samuel.
[PAUL] Humans have always dreamt of controlling their fate.
Hm? Warding off disease.
Warding off death.
Forecasting the weather.
Predicting earthquakes.
[NO SOUND] What is Osmosis's crime? Making the most of one's life? Suppressing pain? Come on, Samuel, we're the humanists.
You'd even turn their own arguments against them? Have you found love, Samuel? Hm? You what would you give to be sure? Really sure that it's her? That she'll be there for you.
[JOSEPHINE SCREAMING] She won't leave you, she won't be taken away from you? [GROANS] Osmosis responds to a huge demand.
It will sell in the millions.
[SAMUEL] I'm sure.
But there are also more complicated elements, especially over the long-term.
I'm talking about a a fundamental need.
Humanly fundamental.
You're closer.
I'll send the GPS coordinates.
Martin will guide you.
[BIRDS CAWING] Hey! [QUIET BEEP] [QUIET BEEP] [QUIET BEEP] [QUIET BEEP] [QUIET BEEP] [CLATTER] [ESTHER PANTING] Can you free the lab for me? I'll be ten minutes.
What about Paul, is he with you? No, he's gone to the police.
This time, they can't deny she's been kidnapped.
We have another problem.
The DA wants to open an investigation against Paul for assault.
- Shit.
- The humanists have pressed charges.
So, that crate of tomatoes is going to fill itself, is it? Hey! This is Antoine's order.
It's important, isn't it? Shit.
Is it because of your beta test? Yes.
Yes, but you were right.
Osmosis is an app.
It's just an app.
A kind of pseudo-magical thing that I expected way too much from.
Antoine is my boyfriend.
He loves me.
I love him.
It's real.
I'll have the implant removed tomorrow.
So, no more doubts? Well, no more, really no more.
Lucas [BIRDS CHIRPING] It's complicated.
Right, so you're still thinking about Leopold.
You're an idiot, Lucas.
No algorithm can tell you how you feel.
You must make up your own mind.
So, talk to Antoine.
Don't wait.
[BIRDS TWITTERING] [CLAIRE] No! No! [SHE GIGGLES] [BOTH LAUGHING] No! Oh! Oh-oh-oh! [SHE LAUGHS] [EXCLAIMS] Cha, cha! [CLAIRE LAUGHS] [DOOR SLAMS] The serial numbers are erased.
[MARTIN] Black light activated.
They did a good job.
We won't find anything.
Still no signal from the phone? No.
Josephine's phone has gone completely silent.
The implant too.
We should at least get a signal from the battery.
We're all traceable.
[RINGING TONE] Pandore? It's Theseus here.
- Still working on your implants? - Yes.
I have a question.
It's been ages since I went in a Faraday cage.
How many are left in Paris? A box with electromagnetic shielding? Only one.
Can you send me the address? It's already in your inbox.
Great, thank you.
Go ahead.
I'd like a booth for an hour.
Twenty euros.
No phones, no tablets, no watches, no web-connected implants, no electronic circuits, no chips, nothing.
Clients must respect the anonymity and privacy of the other clients.
I know.
If you require a computer, games, video equipment, sex toys, we can provide these.
You're not to bring anything digital in or out.
I know.
Would you like anything? Some popcorn? That said, it's good to see you.
I heard your implant totally rocks.
My girlfriend just dumped me, so I'm considering it.