Osmosis (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


Shit, I got scared.
What did they do to you? Say something.
What happened? I love you, Paul, but I left.
I don't understand.
I'm sorry.
I'm exhausted.
I have a headache.
We'll talk later.
I don't understand.
Mom Mom, it's me.
It's Esther.
Mm Do you want to tell me something? [LOUISE GASPS.]
Paul, I'll explain everything.
But later.
Go to work.
I'm fine.
I just need to sleep.
Don't worry, we'll go back to the way things were before.
No, not like before.
ONE MONTH EARLIER I'll ask Martin to run a little test on our implants.
I don't know but The osmosis wasn't as perfect as usual, don't you think? [JOSEPHINE.]
I'm tired, that's all.
We're running a lot of tests right now, so that might have affected the V-Eternity output.
Paul, I'm telling you I'm tired.
It's the audition.
No matter how hard I rehearse, it doesn't seem to be working and it's stressing me out.
- It'll be fine.
- I don't know.
I hope so.
You're talented and you work hard.
It's going to be fine, I'm sure.
I've seen your Osmosis data, you're running low.
These are brain stimulants.
They'll boost your signal.
So, you're searching inside my head? I told you I was going to run some tests, yes.
And I told you I didn't want you to.
Listen, they'll make you feel better.
There are solutions, what's the problem? Can't we just accept that things don't always have to be perfect? I don't understand why you'd choose to suffer when you can do something to make yourself feel better.
I'm not suffering, Paul.
I'm just tired, and I'd like to be able to decide for myself what's good for me.
We're no ordinary couple.
We're Osmosis.
But don't take them if you don't want to.
I have a favor to ask you.
You mustn't tell Paul.
Even if you turn me down, you keep this to yourself, okay? You know I'd do anything for you.
I want you to remove my implant.
What? What about Paul? I don't want to be under Osmosis's control anymore.
Or Paul's.
I want to know exactly what I feel.
- Without the implant.
- Can't it wait? We're about to launch.
And you and Paul are basically the prototype.
I know that.
That's why I'm asking you to do it, Gabriel.
It must be done perfectly and without anyone knowing.
At least until the launch.
We have to think about any possible counter-measures.
While we deactivate the implant, I can make sure that Martin doesn't notice Josephine's gone and raises the alarm.
- As for Paul - [GABRIEL.]
I'll take care of Paul.
- But we must move fast.
- Yes, we must.
When are we going to do it? [SWANN.]
I'll prepare everything.
Are you sure you can do this? Not 100 percent sure, but I'll do my best.
Very reassuring! Well, yeah.
Sorry, I'm just being honest.
It'll be fine.
Swann is really good at her job.
Thank you.
I owe you one.
Well, you can pay me, for a start.
You'll get your money next week.
You're being a bit harsh.
Gabriel, if this gets out, our careers are over.
Not to mention how Paul will react.
Can I ask you something? Are you doing it for the money? Is Josephine paying you? No.
So, we're on the same page.
We're doing this for the same reasons.
Except that I want Paul.
And you're doing it for Josephine.
That's why we're doing it, right? Everything okay? You're handling it right? Do I question how you're handling your balance sheets? This is my thing, Gabriel.
I'm doing my best.
What's up? I don't get it, there's a firewall blocking the last stage of process.
- What's happening, Swann? Some areas of her brain aren't responsive anymore.
She's catatonic.
What are we gonna do? - What are we gonna do? - We only have one solution.
Can you do anything? You screwed up big time, here.
Yes or no? Yes.
But it won't be easy, and it won't come cheap, my friends.
How much? [PHONE BEEPING.]
I need to make a call.
But for now, let's say it's okay.
We need to take her.
It feels like her implant is trying to connect.
It's sending impulses to V-Eternity.
Unplug her, right now, and take out the nanobots.
Consider it done.
- Hurry.
We need oxygen.
Get me the oxygen tank.
Hurry, we might lose her.
You've been asleep all day.
Did you stay here? All I had was a meeting this morning.
Are you going to tell me what happened? I had my implant removed.
Why would you do that? I didn't want the implant anymore.
It's impossible! Anyway, Osmosis is the only place capable of removing the implant.
Osmosis is not the only place you can have the implant removed, there's a whole network of hackers out there.
Dark Pigalle, right? You didn't.
You didn't.
Yes, Paul.
I've had my implant removed.
I want to be able to love you without Osmosis.
This is nonsense.
I want to feel free.
Free? What the hell are you talking about? I'm talking to you about an absolute and organic love.
One that involves total trust.
Paul, I want to be able to give you that love without the implant.
Can you accept that? I'll ask Esther to re-implant you.
I don't want that.
You don't love me anymore.
I do.
But not like that.
I'm glad you came.
Do you realize? She woke up.
Mom? - Mom? - [LOUISE.]
She recognized you! - [PAUL.]
I couldn't care less.
- Paul! - [PHONE BUZZES.]
Aren't you going to answer? Is Josephine calling you? [PHONE STOPS BUZZING ABRUPTLY.]
Without Josephine, will I fall ill again? What do you mean? She's had her implant removed.
That's why she left.
What's that smile? [ANA CHUCKLES.]
You look a picture.
- Have you snapped? - You idiot! I'm happy.
Me too.
It's insane what you do to me.
Honestly, I never knew it was possible.
Being here with you.
What does that mean? Am I some kind of trophy for you? No, stop it.
Am I more of a World Cup trophy, or some crappy little medal? No! You just wait.
I love you, Simon! Are you crazy? It's seven a.
! - I love you, Ana! - [BOTH LAUGH.]
- What's wrong? Are you okay? - My head hurts.
- Are you all right? - Shit, I have a terrible headache.
- I have a headache.
- Did you hear that? A woman screaming.
- No, I didn't hear anything.
I have to go.
- What do you want me to do? - Nothing, I really have to go.
You can stay, but I have to head out.
I'm stepping out.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Hallucinations? The same as before? Yes, but not exactly the same.
Same place, the pool still but empty.
And lots of dirt.
And no little girl swimming.
But mainly, I heard a scream.
A horrifying scream.
Like a scream of unimaginable pain.
Well, everything looks fine.
Your brain activity is normal.
When did it happen? This morning, I'd say around seven a.
Apart from that, everything seems to be going well? - Yes, very well.
- Simon? Ooh la la, I can't believe it.
We're really on the same page.
I'm happy for you.
I've never been so happy.
Thank you, Billie.
You can thank Esther and Paul.
Stop that, it's good you're here.
You're the one who keeps things running around here.
We know we can count on you no matter what.
What about you? Your love life? Well, if you don't mind me asking.
It's just We're always talking about me, so It's my job.
And it takes up all my time, so those other things will have to come later.
- Don't you want to get an implant? - No.
I'd try a more natural approach.
That's such a shame.
Don't you want to enjoy what you're able to do for us? Okay, I've noted down all the details of your hallucinations.
I think we should run some more comprehensive tests to check it all out.
Do you think I worried for nothing? I doubt it's anything too serious.
Interference maybe.
- Hm.
- You were right to tell me about it.
We have to find out what's causing it.
Bye, Ana.
See you soon.
Just checking in.
So, how's it going with your sports teacher guy? Not too boring? I know you're a great actress, so go for it, okay? Make him believe it's true love.
We're going to act soon.
So, be ready, huh? And don't forget, Ana, you're working for the future.
It'll be over soon.
You'll be free.
Please call me back ASAP.
Our center could help Niels a lot.
To be honest, I'm not convinced it's the best solution.
CONTROLLING YOUR ANGER, CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE I think it's for your son to decide.
He's the one who called us, he's the one who needs help.
I've asked Niels to come and live with me.
I'd like us to build a real relationship that's beneficial to him.
Niels, what do you think? I want to join the center.
Don't you think that's a bit extreme? I've found a new therapist, she seems amazing.
- You could stay home - No, I want to join the center.
I don't want to be a threat to my loved ones anymore.
Do you understand what it is you're committing to? Niels, if we sign, you'll have to stay here for at least three months.
- Maybe if we removed the implant - No, the implant's not the problem, OK? I just have to learn how to control myself.
So, go ahead and sign.
Your parents are right to insist.
It's a serious commitment.
- You won't be allowed to leave.
- But I don't want to leave! I don't want to leave, okay? I I just want to learn how to control my anger to get rid of my aggression.
It's not about getting rid of it, Niels.
The violence and its causes are inside you, forever.
At this center, we're not psychiatrists.
We're here to restrain you, to control your emotions.
But our method is harsh.
- It requires complete submission.
- Submission? I don't know if Can you just shut up and sign the papers? Okay? Fuck! [EXHALES.]
Wow, that was fast.
You didn't waste any time finding a "new catch".
Um, I'm leaving.
Hey, don't act like you don't know me.
I am who I am.
The guy showed up unexpectedly, I couldn't say no.
We don't care, do we? Hey.
Are you okay? What's wrong? You got a message.
Hi there.
Just checking in.
So, how's it going with your sports teacher guy? Not too boring? I know you're a great actress, so go for it, okay? - I can explain.
- Make him believe it's true love.
It's nothing.
She's talking trash.
Trash about me, when she's never even met me? How come? Wait, it's not what you think.
I I'm playing with her, I I am lying but it's Romy I'm lying to.
Because, at first, Osmosis Oh, it's hard to explain but but I'm bluffing! I tell her what she wants to hear.
Yeah, you're such a good actress that I thought you loved me.
Just shows what an idiot I am.
No, Simon, I I am pretending but with her! I shouldn't tell you this, but I've infiltrated Osmosis, it's political stuff, but then I met you and everything's changed.
Stop, you're just making things worse.
You're a mole in Osmosis? And you're using me? What do you want me to say? Well done, you've managed to make a fool out of everybody! Maybe I should tell them what you're up to.
Simon, I love you.
- I swear, I love you.
- Yeah, right.
What time do we eat, here? [ALARM BLARES.]
Is somebody there? There's a problem.
Something's making a terrible noise, here! Is anybody there? Hey! How do you turn this ball off? [PIERCING ELECTRICAL SCREECH.]
Come here, Niels.
Pick me up.
You've failed the test, Niels.
Accept the beep.
Try again.
- No, no, no.
I'd need to run a complete check-up, with tests and a scan.
But I can't see any sign of the disease.
Were you really diagnosed with Eisenmann? Yes.
Yes, by Dr.
Jaubert about about five years ago.
Yes, I know Dr.
I'm very surprised.
I would need to contact him.
With your mother's condition, maybe he We just want to know if there's a chance he'd re-triggered the disease.
There's nothing to indicate that.
Are you sure about your symptoms? Yes, I guess Fatigue, fainting spells pain in my neck.
What about neurological symptoms? Any blackouts, memory loss? Serious mood swings? No, I don't think so.
I think it's just exhaustion.
And stress.
Take better care of yourself.
I'll bring you the printouts of the results.
- Do you really think I'm cured? - Do you realize? It's worked.
If I'm no longer dependent on Josephine's implant, why have I been so sick? I think it's related to her having the implant removed.
The nano-connections between you two were very dense.
It might have provoked the symptoms.
Some kind of neural tearing.
I cured you, and I'm going to cure Mom too.
Oh, drop it, will you? [LOUISE.]
Look how happy you were.
- You weren't scared at all.
Look, you dived.
Again and again.
Look here, we can see how well you used to do it.
You were so cute.
It's our memory, Esther.
Our favorite memory.
Are you happy? [ESTHER.]
Do you like it when I show you these pretty pictures? Stay there, Paul.
You know I like you to be here when I go over these memories.
And here's Paul.
He was your savior.
You'd jump in the water and you'd wait at the bottom of the pool.
And Paul would come, quick as a flash.
Paul always came.
He'd pull you back to the surface and you'd laugh.
Right, Paul? You were her savior.
Tell your sister.
Paul, tell Esther.
Paul! Paul, I've told you a hundred times Tell your sister! Paul, look at me! - Look at me! - [GAMEBOY CLATTERS ON FLOOR.]
Do as I say! You won't get away with this.
Do as I say! You tell her! - [ESTHER.]
Mom! Stop! - [ESTHER.]
Paul? Are you okay? You really need some rest.
That's the last thing I need.
OSMOSIS LIES TO YOU I'm one of the beta testers.
I trusted it completely.
I was looking for love.
And now, my mind is not mine anymore.
Things pop into my head, things that are not part of my life.
I feel emotions that are completely alien to me.
I could even get violent! I don't know who I am anymore.
Whatever you do, don't ever do what I did.
We all need to stay calm, okay? It's a fake, it's ridiculous.
Shouldn't we be suspicious about the beta testers? - Like what, Ilyes? - I don't know - Why would they do that? - Infiltration.
To destroy Osmosis.
I'm in close contact with each of them.
I have absolutely no doubts about their integrity.
- The statement is fake.
- [PAUL.]
This is fake news.
If we respond, we'll lose our credibility.
How long do we have left? We have less than three weeks to go.
We'll continue releasing the information as planned.
Till the launch.
And then people will hear what the real beta testers have to say.
Obviously, we can expect this to draw attention to us, but for people who really want to find out more about us, it will be irrefutably clear how serious our work here is.
Right, I'll let you all get back to work.
I know you have plenty to do.
Thank you.
It must be the Humanists again.
We have to stay strong.
Hey, Paul.
What the fuck are you doing here? Josephine is back, so we can sign our contract.
From now on, Mohican is Osmosis.
And no one takes on Mohican and gets away with it.
I assure you that the alerts running everywhere right now will stop.
How will you do that? Mohican has a very high operational capacity to cause damage.
Whoever the target.
Whatever the means.
Very dissuasive, and very discreet.
You won't even hear about it.
So, your money is going to solve everything? [ELOAN.]
That's right, Paul.
Now, it's your turn to honor your part of our moral agreement.
Hey, Lucas, are you all right? I don't know.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
I didn't sleep a wink last night.
You didn't recognize some of the faces that appeared to you? No, I didn't recognize any faces.
Mainly it's this swimming pool thing.
And that scream.
It's like being in someone else's head.
Or like someone else being inside your head.
Why did you say that, Billie? I'm not an idiot.
I've seen the alerts on my phone.
They describe exactly what's happening to me.
- Lucas, it's fake news.
- Oh, really? Fake news? The system is completely secure.
I feel like I've been hacked.
What am I supposed to do? [SHOUTING.]
What am I supposed to do if some jerk decides to fry my brains without even asking me? Or runs tests on me? - Lucas, stop it! - Do you realize You're freaking out.
Okay? - Calm down.
- It's all going to be fine.
Trust me.
We'll find out what the problem is.
Let me give you my phone number.
It's my private number.
You can call me at any time.
I'm here for you, Lucas.
What are you doing here? I came to see you.
I've got work to do.
What's wrong? I'm jeopardizing Osmosis, is that it? Why did you have your implant removed? I couldn't stand being controlled.
I needed to really feel our love.
And? Well, I love you and I miss you.
What is it, Paul? I can't.
Why not? It was thanks to Osmosis we met.
There's no reason for us - to stop loving each other.
- I need certainty.
Without the implant it's not real, it's not reliable.
Your feelings could change, you could lie to me, you could do anything to me.
I'm sorry Love is difficult for Esther and me.
We don't know how to trust people.
I should have made that clearer to you but Please, leave me alone.
- Martin? - Yes, Billie? Can you get me the beta test data? Of course, Billie.
For all the testers? Yes.
Can you isolate the incidents? Just keep Ana and Lucas's data.
Add Niels in there, too.
Compare the hormonal activity of these three testers.
No, that's not it.
Compare with Osmosis's activity.
The logins of every employee.
- What are you looking for, exactly? I want to understand where these bugs are coming from.
Oh, fuck.
Who are you? Who are you? It's me, Mom.
Your daughter.
I don't have a daughter.
Yes, you do, Mom.
Don't touch me.
Nurse! Nurse! - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Go away! Leave, get out! [NURSE.]
Please, leave.
Esther? When were you planning on telling me about your mother? I'm sorry? The little girl.
The smell of chlorine, the swimming pool.
How come three testers have the same memories? I compared the testers' data, with the Osmosis employee logins.
Every single incident coincides with when you're logged in and active.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'll make myself clearer.
Did you implant memories into the testers' heads? Oh, Esther.
Does Paul know? Shit, you're all crazy in this family.
We could go to jail, do you realize that? And these kids' minds you've screwed up, without even asking them.
Fuck, I've just spoken to Lucas, he's completely confused! - What were you thinking? - It's over now.
- I don't need the testers anymore.
- It's too late, you stupid bitch! Come on, it's not like I'm the only one crossing lines around here! - I'm sorry? - You think I don't see you getting pally with the testers? Being the center of the world for those kids makes you feel like you have a life.
You use Osmosis for your own gains too, so don't come lecturing me, OK! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm a real bitch.
I have to speak to Gabriel.
Esther? - Not now.
- I have a suggestion.
- Martin, please.