Osmosis (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [DOOR CLOSES] [JOSEPHINE] Did you get my message? What are we going to do? I don't know, tell me! Maybe it's insane.
This child could be a chance for us.
Paul? I don't know.
I don't know.
It's too much.
[DROPS KEYS ON TABLE] [JOSEPHINE] I know that you're scared.
You grew up with a bad mother, but you could be a great dad.
I have no answer.
Give me time.
[FAINT HEARTBEAT] [SNIFFS] [ESTHER] Paul? Emergency meeting downstairs.
And whatever happens, don't get mad.
[GABRIEL] To sum up: Esther hacked the implants of the beta testers to cure your mother.
It's wrong, we all agree.
And if anyone finds out, Osmosis is finished.
But it worked, right? I mean Louise woke up.
She needs to be permanently connected to Martin, but she woke up, yes.
Okay, she's not completely cured yet, but seriously, what were the chances of her waking up without you doing that? - [ESTHER] Zero.
- What are you getting at here? Wait, let me finish.
What's important is that Louise has woken up from a coma that should have been permanent and irreversible.
Esther, you've pulled it off twice.
First with Paul.
And now with Louise.
Once is luck.
But twice is skill.
So, what does that mean? It means that Osmosis is a medical technology.
Osmosis could become the cornerstone of tomorrow's neurotherapies.
- We're talking millions of euros.
- No.
We're not messing with the brand's image - by marketing something else.
- No.
I never said mess with the brand.
We keep Osmosis for meeting soulmates and develop another brand on the side for the medical stuff.
If I go to the Mohicans with this, I'm sure Did you hear what I said? I said no! - But why? - Just because, okay? We stop the research, we stop this Louise thing, we unplug her, it's over.
We stop! I know things are a bit complicated at the moment, and everything's kind of mixed up, but just think about it.
No, I don't need to think about it.
Okay! End of discussion.
Billie, if you consider what's just happened an ethical issue, you can hand me your letter of resignation and I'll accept it.
Very well.
You clean up the data, erase Esther's login details and keep watching over the testers.
I'll give you my login ID and password, you'll work with them.
I'll take full responsibility for this clean-up operation, and if it comes out someday, you'll say you never knew about it.
You're fucking selfish, you know that? It's fine when it's about saving your own ass, but if it's about Mom, it's not allowed, is that it? Listen to me.
You've got till tomorrow to disconnect her, or I'll do it myself.
[ESTHER BREATHES HEAVILY] Why? [SNIFFS] [MARTIN] Esther, are you okay? Did you hear our little family drama? Yes.
I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
Can I make a suggestion? What now? Being connected to the testers reactivated Louise's TR-3 network.
I know, so what? Her long-term memory is damaged, it's useless.
But her frontal lobe is operational again.
To help her recover her memory, maybe we could physically place her Physically place the subject where the memory occurred.
I fucking love you, Martin! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Was I dreaming, or did she just smile? - No, you were dreaming.
Where are we going? [KEYS RATTLE IN LOCK] [ESTHER] The brain is a very complex and mysterious thing.
Yours is like a broken jigsaw puzzle.
So, we've come here to put the pieces back together.
Do you know where we are? No.
You lived here for 35 years.
Don't you recognize anything? Don't be scared.
Do you trust me? You're a nice girl.
I wish I had a daughter like you.
Good night.
No, I'd rather keep the light on.
[YOUNG ESTHER] Press the button.
This is me, and this is you.
If everything's okay, it's green.
But if it's not Ouch! Are you mad? [ESTHER] It's red.
That way, you and me will always be connected.
- You want me to slap you back? - You can't hit girls! - But you can tickle them.
- No, no! [ESTHER SQUEALS AND GIGGLES] [LAUGHTER ECHOES] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] [LUCAS] Fuck, you gotta be kidding me? [LEOPOLD] Stop whining, grandpa! I know you're gonna love it, you'll see! - Love what? - You're such a pain in the ass! Come on! Give me your hand, come on! [MUFFLED MUSIC IN THE DISTANCE] [DANCE MUSIC BLARING] [CROWD SHOUTING, LAUGHING] [LEOPOLD LAUGHS] [FOOTSTEPS] [ELOAN] I can't really blame the traffic.
Paris hasn't had a traffic jam for 25 years.
I'm late and I have no excuse.
So, it's my treat.
And to what do I owe this honor? This pleasure, I hope! I just wanted us to have a little chat, away from the office.
Anyway, well done for the choice of location, it's it couldn't be quieter.
Of course it's quiet, I booked the entire restaurant.
[IN ITALIAN] -Excuse me.
- A Peroni, please.
And a little nibble before we order.
I'm starving.
Yes, madam.
So, how are things at Osmosis? Very good.
We're busy preparing the launch of the implant.
We're a week away from the keynote meeting.
We're kind of under pressure, but everything's fine.
That's not what I've heard.
- I hear Paul is nervous.
- [WINE POURING] He has some personal problems, I believe.
You're as well-informed as ever.
When you invest millions in a company, of course you take an interest in it.
What else have you heard? Oh, lots of things.
That there are disagreements at management level.
About the future of the company, for example.
I love your idea about expanding into the medical field.
You know, a lot of members of Mohican didn't want to take you on.
When it's about the brain, everybody freaks out.
I've always believed in you.
And until now, I don't think I've ever failed you.
Paul is brilliant but completely out of his depth.
But you, Gabriel, you know what you want.
You have a real vision of what Osmosis could be.
So, I'm asking you: Are you ready to make some money? - [TECHNO MUSIC BLARING] - [CROWD CHEERING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Fuck.
[LEOPOLD] Hey, are you okay, pal? Are you okay? Are you having a bad trip? Huh? - Come on, it'll pass.
- No, I don't want to go there.
[LEOPOLD] Fuck! This is strong shit! - [LEOPOLD LAUGHS] - For fuck's sake, Leo, shit! [LEOPOLD] Hey, I'm trust-testing you here, and you're letting me down.
You know what that means for us as a couple? - You're crushing me.
- Huh? - I'm so happy to have you back.
- You're crushing me.
You know, I don't believe it's possible to only ever desire one person forever.
I believe you can be in love with lots of people.
And I know that it's possible with you.
- Don't you want to fuck? - Get off.
Come on, fuck me! - Get off.
- Come on, fuck me! - Ouch! Leo, stop! - [LEOPOLD GROANS] Come on, you're such a pussy.
You know what, I have an idea Come on! Let's go for a swim.
- Come on! - Fucking hell.
- Let's go for a swim.
Come on! - I don't want to, damn it.
Come on, hurry up.
It's fucking cold! [LEOPOLD WHOOPS] Come on! [WHOOPS] [BOY BREATHES RAPIDLY] [LEOPOLD WHOOPS] [SIMON] Great! Nice training session! Well done! We need to pick that up too, thanks.
- Great training session.
- Really? Yeah.
Would you give me your email address? - [SIMON] Yeah.
- [GIRL] And your phone number? [SIMON] Sure.
We could go for a meal, if you like? Yeah.
Tonight, or at the weekend, maybe? Yeah, definitely.
- [GIRL] I'll call you.
- [SIMON] Yeah, okay.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- I'll call you.
- See you soon.
[SIMON] Okay.
That's it.
Let's call it a day.
I'm here to see a patient.
[FEEDBACK] [WOMAN OVER PA] Visit for Niels Larsen.
Room 28.
What are you doing here? How did you find out I was here? Osmosis.
One of them called me.
After the fountain.
They wanted to find out how I was doing.
A doctor I think it was Billie.
Really nice.
She told me.
So why are you here? I wanted to see you.
I I wasn't sure what state you'd be in.
As you can see, I'm fine.
How is it in here? It's going okay.
It's It's just the morning exercises.
[CHUCKLES] I miss you.
Don't you miss me? Yeah, sure I do.
[INHALES] It's just Well It's not cool that you've turned up here like this to see me.
To be honest, I'd rather you didn't come here at all.
I mean, I'm in therapy and I I don't need any distractions.
It's just that I need to stay focused.
Do you understand? Um What's that ball? This? This is Edna.
It's, uh it's my ball.
The lunatics' ball! I don't get it.
What's it for? Um She's my coach.
She helps me channel my emotions and, thanks to her, I'm feeling much better now.
Niels, you can't stay here.
You don't belong here.
Actually, I do belong here.
Do you understand? I do belong here.
I finally know what it is to feel good.
It feels like home, okay? Can't you see you're not being yourself? Niels! Niels! - Let me go, let me go, let me go! - I'm begging you, come.
I won't come with you.
If I go with you, I'll hurt you.
Let go of me, it's better if you don't come back.
[EDNA] Well done, Niels.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Edna.
I made coffee.
Help yourself if you want a cup.
No, thanks.
Antoine, how did I end up here? I've no idea.
I was asleep.
You rang at four o'clock in the morning, you were completely out of it.
I undressed you and put you to bed.
You fell asleep right away.
And did I say anything? No.
Well, nothing special.
Just gibberish.
I couldn't understand a thing.
I think you thought I was Leopold.
[LUCAS SIGHS] [SIGHS] Antoine, I really think I'm screwed up.
I'm not sure if it's that thing they put in my head or if it's something that's been inside me all along.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
[SNIFFS] I'm sorry.
I've got to go to work.
Um Feel free to take a shower.
I saw you left a shirt in the cupboard.
But when you're done I'd like you to leave.
It's all a bit much.
Mm? Bye.
[BREATHES SHAKILY] - Martin, are you still with me? - Of course, Esther.
Okay, let's try to make a reconstruction.
At my signal, play the images of the key memory.
But Louise's one this time, not mine.
Is that clear? Very clear.
I'm waiting for your signal.
Martin? Three two one.
["AVE MARIA" PLAYS] [LOUISE] Oh, stop that, Esther.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Esther, sit down.
I'll get the snack.
Paul, you watch over your sister.
[MUSIC CONTINUES] [ESTHER] Martin? So far so good, I have a strong signal, no distortion.
Fuck, it seems to be working! [MARTIN] Yes, I confirm.
Louise's memory is reactivated.
But it was too late.
Esther died.
It makes no fucking sense! Martin, what the hell is this? The reliability of the memory is 100 percent guaranteed, Esther.
- I'm sorry, but it's the truth.
- No, it can't be.
It must be it must be because of the testers.
We got someone else's feedback.
The memory belongs to Louise and its reliability is 100 percent guaranteed Shut up! Shut the fuck up! I died that day.
But who am I, then? You are Esther.
[PAUL] You came a year later.
Louise knew people who knew people.
One of her clients put her in touch with a an agency in Eastern Europe.
[LOUISE] And this is your home.
This is the living room.
This is the kitchen.
That's my bedroom.
And this is your brother.
His name is Paul.
Say hello.
And this is Paul's bedroom.
And this is Paul's desk with all his toys on it.
You see the lamp? It's pretty, isn't it? And this is your room.
You see, here are some shelves with all your toys on them.
And look, here.
You see, pencils.
So, you can draw pictures on this little table.
And you can see the garden from here.
Huh? It's a pretty garden, isn't it? Look how big it is.
Who's the little girl, Mom? Why, Paul, it's Esther, of course.
Don't you recognize her? [PAUL] Hands off.
Don't touch, it's not for kids, you hear? - Mom! - She's not your mother, she's mine, and you're not my sister.
What did you say, Paul? Don't you ever say that again, you hear? Never! Don't worry, darling.
Don't worry.
Come here.
Are you okay, my love? Don't listen to your brother.
Come here, I love you.
You're my sweet little girl.
Tom would like to meet you.
Just what I need right now.
Don't you want to talk to him? Not now, no.
The test phase is nearly over.
Once Osmosis is officially on the market, there's nothing to stop you from getting an implant, too.
But he needs me now, not in three weeks.
There's no other way for us to be together.
I'm sorry.
So what? You want me to buy a Chinese implant online and get my brain fried? Because I will, I'm telling you, I don't care.
I don't get it, I thought Osmosis was there so people could love each other? I love him, and I know he loves me.
I just want to be with him.
There have to be boundaries.
Otherwise anyone could do anything for their own benefit.
Imagine what could happen.
Anyway, it's leading-edge technology.
Even if you found an implant, you'd have to have it configured to your brainwaves.
And no one outside of Osmosis knows how to do that.
Except for him.
I'll leave you now.
Excuse me.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [ESTHER] I found an old pack of smokes.
[LIGHTER CLICKS] Who are my real parents? I don't know.
Some Russians, probably.
I don't remember anything.
How can that be? I must have had a family.
A home.
Fuck, I must have spoken a different language.
She brainwashed you.
She She erased every trace of your former life.
She fed you images of Esther, so you could take her place.
As if her daughter had never died.
You had to be her daughter, period.
And you, for all those years? My sister died because of me.
I had to protect you.
And my mother disappeared, too.
She became a different person.
After her daughter's death, she became totally crazy.
I don't remember.
Josephine is pregnant.
[PAUL GASPS] What are you doing with that? I can't do it on my own.
When I was ill, I didn't feel the pain.
But now, everything's coming back.
I don't want to live like this.
You have to help me.
What are you asking? Huh? What are you asking? I need your help.
No, no, no.
I'm not gonna help you.
Stop it.
- Why not? - Stop.
- It's easy.
- Stop.
You drive me insane! Do you understand? You drive people insane! Look at me! Look at me.
You fucked me up.
You made me incapable of anything.
Of love, friendship, sharing a life with others.
So, what is it you want now? You want me to put a pillow over your face, is that it? I know you can do it.
It's too easy.
You'll make do like everybody else.
You'll live with your own shit.
We have to live with the shit you put in our heads, we have no choice.
You can't let me live like this.
[SNIFFS] I beg you.
Will it hurt? No.
You'll just fall asleep.
Forever? Is that what you want? Yes.
- Ready? - Yes.
Yes, Esther? Go ahead.
[SOBBING] Please forgive me, both of you.
It's me.
[GASPS] [GASPS LOUDLY] [EXCLAIMS, CHUCKLES] Uh [BALL'S ALARM BLARING] [WHOOPS LOUDLY] Hi! Bye! You're beautiful! Life is beautiful! I'm off! Bye! [LAUGHS] [NIELS SHOUTS EXCITEDLY] [ALARM BLARING] [MAN] Hey! Freedom! - Claire! - Come on! Get on! Go, go, go, go, go! - Oh! Go, go, go! - Oh! [BOTH WHOOPING] [BOTH SCREAMING AND CHEERING] [BOTH WHOOPING] [CLANKING SOUNDS] - I've finished in the bedroom here.
- What about the office? Who are you? Lucas Apert.
I'm Leopold's friend.
Why? Where were you last night, Lucas Apert? With him.
What time did you leave him? I don't know, I really can't remember.
What's going on? - Please come with us.
- Why? Because Leopold Goulard was found dead this morning.