Osmosis (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

La rédemption

Would you like to expand the search for where you come from beyond Russia? What if we extend the search to neighboring countries? Moldova, Ukraine? What are the figures, then? I calculated the probability of you being adopted (A) in country (B).
If we consider the P of A with B equals the P of A plus the P of B Martin, how many? We arrive at 3,243,593 possible combinations.
She selected me like you'd pick a dog in a pet shop Do you want me to do a DNA check? What for? To come up with yet more unknowns? What am I, then? An entity shaped by that woman and her desires? I just had to "conform.
" Who the fuck would do something like that? If I am to answer your question, I can tell you that you too shaped me.
You're not supposed to tell me how you feel.
You don't feel, Martin.
I don't feel.
Stop that Stop what, Esther? You're the product of my desires.
Actually, you and I are the same.
We're creatures.
Esther, I must remind you that you need to attend your mom's cremation.
Esther? [JOSEPHINE] Paul? Paul? I miss you.
[PAUL] I miss you too.
If I'm here for you if you need me.
[PAUL] Thank you.
Just give me some time.
Do you know where she is? At Osmosis, I guess.
With Martin.
You are? [MAN] Agent Moreau.
Child protection services.
- I'd like to see Paul Vanhove, please.
- Do you have the authorization? [MOREAU] I'm here on behalf of the District Attorney's Office.
[EMPLOYEE] There's no need to shout.
I'm not shouting, I'm raising my voice because you're not listening.
- [SHOUTING] - Hey! It's okay, I'll handle this.
- Agent Moreau.
Paul Vanhove? - Yes.
I'm here about Niels Larsen's disappearance.
- He vanished from the center.
- Right.
I'm listening.
[MOREAU] We know he's one of the Osmosis beta testers.
We'd like to access his GPS location, using his implant data.
Let me stop you right there.
Do you have any authorization, a warrant? Unfortunately, our data is strictly confidential.
We're talking about the disappearance of a minor.
Sorry, but it's the center he was admitted to who is responsible.
- Not us.
- It's in your interest to cooperate.
- What do you mean? - Don't take this the wrong way.
There's a ongoing criminal investigation into Leopold Goulard's death.
Lucas Apert could be involved.
He's one of your testers, too Our testers lead their lives however they choose.
It's none of our business.
But they have your implant inside them.
Yes, and that's their business.
Trust me.
I'll be back.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [BOTH GIGGLING] Ah! [CLAIRE GIGGLING] - No - Wait! Claire! Claire! Hey, hey, hey! Why didn't you come? Don't you realize I don't know who I am anymore? - That doesn't change anything.
- It changes everything.
I don't know the person who was in that casket anymore.
Then don't let her destroy what we have left.
It was our dream to do what we're doing now.
It wasn't mine.
I just wanted to save you both.
I never wanted any of this.
This thing built on lies.
Biological or not, I couldn't give a damn.
You're my sister.
No, I'm not.
I quit, Paul.
And you should do the same.
You're about to be a father.
That's your ideal "osmosis".
Just checking in.
So, how's it going with your sports teacher guy? Not too boring? I know you're a great actress, so go for it, okay? Make him believe it's true love.
Please call me back ASAP.
[SIMON OVER VOICEMAIL] Hey, beautiful.
So, are we going out tonight? [BOTH LAUGHING] - [SIMON] I kiss you all over.
- [ANA GIGGLES] [SIMON] Call me back ASAP.
[ANA] Simon, I love you.
- I swear, I love you.
- Yeah, right.
Lucas, it's Antoine.
This is the third message I've left you.
I can imagine you're not feeling too good but anyway.
I'm here.
If you need me.
Okay? Call me back.
[DOORBELL RINGS] Come in! - I don't want to bother you, Antoine.
- No, you're not.
Come in, come in.
How are you? [LUCAS SIGHS] I'm living a nightmare.
[SNIFFS] No, don't, please.
- I feel disgusted with myself.
- What are you talking about? [EXHALES] He might be dead because of me.
The cops asked me tons of questions.
What are you talking about? He drowned.
I can't remember a thing, Antoine.
Don't you get it? I've no way of knowing for sure.
Maybe we argued, or - Stop.
Stop that.
- [LUCAS EXHALES] You were wasted when you got here.
Exactly Exactly, what? You're a murderer? Stop freaking out.
- You're talking nonsense.
- I'm losing my mind.
I'm losing my mind.
I'm losing my mind.
I'm losing my mind.
Ana! Three, four, five, six Come on, Ana! Ana, come back.
Seven, eight, nine, ten Come on.
[SNIFFS] Come on, Ana! Come on, Ana.
Come on! Come back to us.
[ANA GASPS] [BILLIE] That's good! Breathe! - Ana, breathe! - [ANA GASPING] Breathe! Ana? Can you hear me? Breathe.
What the hell are you doing here? Your vitals just dropped.
You weren't answering my calls.
So, even now, I don't get to choose.
What happened? None of your business.
I erased your last heart rate records.
No one will know.
- I'm sick of your tyranny of happiness.
- Listen, you must get strength back.
- I don't think your body can - Stop medicalizing everything! You guys forgot one crucial thing: Sometimes, love hurts.
Where's that in your program? Why don't you and Esther have implants? - Because we can't stand on both sides.
- You stand nowhere.
I'll get you out of the program.
Right now, I just want you to get out of here.
Get the fuck out.
[DOOR CLOSES] - [TOM] You want to get out of here? - Out of this room? No, out of the interface.
What for? To hold hands down the street? Why do you think you spend so much of your time in here? Because you're good in bed.
It's because you're lonely.
I'm lonely.
I'm incapable of love.
Kind of ironic for the founder of Osmosis, isn't it? What if I told you that you are capable of love? You don't know me.
What if I'm in love with you? Then we stop.
I was kind of surprised when I got your message.
I thought you'd be angry for good.
I'm not that stubborn, you know.
I realize it was partly our fault, too, and that that we're not easy to work with.
I know all that.
Well, thank you.
It's nice to hear that.
You're welcome.
Actually, I asked you here because I'd like to know if you'd agree to come back to Osmosis.
- [CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] - What? Well, I wasn't expecting that.
I Would you mind explaining what the big idea is? Because I don't quite understand.
Esther wants to quit.
Billie can handle the testers, but you're the only one who can work with Martin.
Martin is Esther's baby.
No one's allowed anywhere near it, except her.
What's going on? Doesn't matter what's going on.
Okay? She's at the end of her tether, that's all.
Well I don't know what to say, Paul.
I'll need some time to think it through.
No, you must tell me soon.
We're a few days away from the launch and I want everything to be perfect.
You mean Esther might miss the Osmosis launch? No, she should be there.
Listen, I've already drawn up your contract, I'll offer you twice what you earn at Perfect Match.
So, what do you say? [LAUGHS] Well, I say I'll have a drink, for a start.
- Good.
- Can I have the same, please? [BARMAN] Yes, of course.
Cheers, then.
[SWANN] Watch the steps.
[PAUL] I'll have a quick cup of coffee and then I'll I'll go.
[HE SIGHS] Anyway, I can't go home like this.
- Here.
- Thanks.
[PAUL SLURPS] So, is it over with Josephine? What? I said: is it over with Josephine? No.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe, yes.
Okay [SHE LAUGHS] What? Well, nothing.
It sounds like things are getting quite messy at Osmosis.
- Oh, yeah? - Hm? Whatever happened to eternal love? Isn't it a bit of a shame, a few days before the big launch? And you think that's funny? - Yeah, you think it's funny? - [SWANN CHUCKLES] I ruined it, sorry.
No, it's me.
I'm an idiot, I I'm sorry, I Sorry.
I should leave Sorry, I Paul, are you okay? Paul? She was here? - Did Josephine come here? - What? Did she come to this apartment? Answer me! Did she come here? Tell me.
[DISTANT CONVERSATION] How much did it cost? How much did it cost you to have her implant removed? You don't sound so good.
Let's talk about that later.
You bastard.
What did she entice you with, our dear Eloan? I only did it to help Josephine.
She's the one who wanted her implant removed.
How could you agree to that? All those fucking lies, the video, the screams, do you know what it did to me? - I couldn't stop her.
- You couldn't stop her? We were about to lose Josephine.
Eloan agreed to help us.
It's thanks to her that we managed to save Josephine.
She supplied all the money.
I thought they were going to kill her, do you get that? You let her manipulate me with some fake kidnapping, just to get me to sign with them? I didn't think it would pan out like that.
I called Eloan to help Josephine.
Only to help Josephine Are you kidding me? What did she offer you? My position, is that it? No, of course not.
What is it you want? Oh, no No, it's not my position you want.
- It's my wife! - Stop it, Paul! You idiot.
You should have taken advantage of her, - it would have done you good.
- Stop! What are you doing? Go on, hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me, go on! [ALARM BLARING] What's happening? What was that? A blackout.
Where's Esther? We need her.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] [ESTHER PANTING] [PANTING CONTINUES] [BILLIE] Esther! Esther! - Now, you stop that and come with me! - [ESTHER GROANS LOUDLY] - My head, fuck.
- What's up with your head? This is what's crushing your brain.
You're throwing your life away, Esther.
Well, it's the only thing that makes me feel good right now.
Do you realize you're a complete virtual sex addict? What do you plan to do, now? Stay here with your sex toy? Honestly, you couldn't have found a seedier place.
Oh, come on, you don't need me till the launch.
I'll be there for the big day, but then [CLICKS TONGUE] Who cares about the launch? Ana tried to kill herself.
Niels is out of control and Lucas's endorphins are in free-fall.
And Martin's on the blink.
He's not functioning properly, Esther.
What's going on with Martin? We don't know.
Romeo and Ilyes are working on it.
What happens to the testers if Martin crashes? You can't let us down.
Nothing significant, just the usual threats.
Nothing abnormal in the cache memory before the incident.
How long did the blackout last? A nanosecond.
Not even.
Not long enough to damage the files.
Well, there's something, here.
Like a power outage.
We have our own standby power generator.
That's impossible.
He's never done anything like this before.
But what does it mean? Well, it's as if Martin stopped breathing for a fraction of a second.
What are you doing, Martin? [FAINT ELECTRICAL BUZZING] - Can we talk? - No, I don't have time.
All I did, I did with Osmosis's best interests at heart.
I'd never End of subject.
I'd like to avoid talking to you from now on.
With the launch and all the problems we really can't afford to do that.
Finish what you're working on, then we'll see.
No, on the contrary.
With the Mohicans' new financing, we need to rethink everything on a bigger scale.
I've got work to do.
- Good morning, Antoine.
- Good morning.
I'm Billie.
You wanted to see me? Yes.
So What is Osmosis? Do you realize what you're doing to people? It's completely irresponsible.
We're very shocked.
I don't know what to tell you.
It's a tragedy.
I realize that.
But Lucas knows he can count on me.
He screwed up with Leopold.
I'm sorry.
But that's the whole point of a beta test.
At this stage, malfunctions can happen.
And there's a margin of error.
I explained that to him.
What do you mean? Well, I'm convinced that Lucas is in this margin of error.
So, all this mess All of this is for nothing? You really love him.
Maybe there's a way.
We could reboot Lucas's implant.
If it works, we might find out if you're his soulmate.
I don't want any technology between us.
He either chooses me or not.
He takes the risk.
I understand.
But maybe you could help me.
You owe him that.
[CRICKETS CHIRPING] [CLAIRE] Do we have any money left for food? [OWLS HOOTING] [NIELS] We have a bit of money, but we can't really spend it.
[CLAIRE] Why not? [NIELS] We can't risk going into a store.
You think they can find us here? [DISTANT HOWLING] They have all the means to find us, but But we should be fine here.
[CLAIRE SIGHS] Are you cold? No, I'm okay.
Yes, you are.
Plus we've not had anything to eat.
Is that better? Yes, much better.
[SHE SIGHS] [DISTANT DOG BARKING] [DISTANT HOWLING] [PAUL] What the hell are you doing here? I have a rogatory commission issued by DA Portal.
[PAUL] And? Pierre Larsen has filed a complaint against you.
He believes Osmosis is behind Niels Larsen's behavioral problems.
I am fully authorized to seize anything related to him.
That includes using the implant's GPS data to locate him.
Secure the premises, on both floors.
I want to be in constant contact with you all.
- You can't do this.
- Yes, I can! I'll sue your ass, Moreau! You're violating all agreements we signed with the State, you hear me? I'm talking about the fundamentals of confidentiality.
This is illegal.
[MOREAU] Everybody out.
Listen, this technology is beyond you, okay? You've no idea what you're doing.
Go ahead.
Locate the GPS signal.
Secure the doors.
Government agents are here for Niels.
They're seizing everything, they're in the control room.
They'll be here soon.
LOADING Are you logging in directly? That's way too risky.
What? You'd rather I left the field clear for them? [SHE TAPS KEYS FURIOUSLY] Martin? - [ELECTRONIC BUZZING] - Martin? Martin? [AGENT] I isolated the robot.
External connections have been disabled.
I've got it.
There you go.
We can follow him now.
[PANTING] CONNECTION ESTABLISHED I've got a signal, what do I do? [BEEPING] Turn it off.
- But that's irreversible.
- Yes, I know.
We'll lose them.
- Come this way! - [BOTH PANTING] Turn it off.
It's time we left them in peace.
Or maybe it was a GPS error to begin with.
- [MOREAU] What's going on? - [AGENT] I don't get it.
- [MOREAU] Write down the coordinates.
- I don't fucking believe it What did you do? Go back to the last coordinates.
I've lost control.
Everything's locked.
What the hell have you done? What's happening? I don't know.
You messed up, that's what's happening.
Eleven people and a kid are linked up to this machine, and you don't know what's happening? It switched to autonomous mode, as if it was rebooting itself.
Who's this guy? Martin? Esther? But it can't be Yes, it can.
Martin, what's going on? I love you, Esther.
[ELECTRONIC BUZZING] [BILLIE] As long as the testers have implants, we can't do anything.
We need Martin.
It's way too dangerous to deactivate it.
Could you reprogram him? Esther? I don't know, I don't care You find a solution, you hear? You'll fix the mess you've made! Can't you see I'm not in control of anything anymore? In control of what? Martin or yourself? Fuck, this isn't what I created.
Maybe it is.
Now you have it: the perfect "osmosis".
With a machine? It's a machine.
But it gives you everything you've ever wanted.
What? Unconditional love.
- Hello.
- Hello, Louis.
Hello, Ana.
How are you? Fine.
Do you feel ready? What has to be done? You just need to plug this into the robot.
It's easy for you to get into Osmosis.
Yes, with the implant I have free access but There are always people around.
People will see me.
They'll all be at the launch.
Listen to me carefully, Ana.
The humanists are here for you.
We're offering you this adventure, but if you don't want to do it anymore, we'll find another way.
What will the USB stick do? [ROMY] It will spread a virus.
The virus will slow Martin down, till it deactivates it completely.
And what are the chances of it succeeding? Good.
Yes, we're being honest with you.
This is a serious assignment.
But I know you're very brave.
[CHILDREN SHOUTING] [JOSEPHINE] You grew up with a bad mother but you could be a great dad.
[CHILD SHOUTS] This child could be a chance for us.
- [FROGS CROAKING] - [CRICKETS CHIRPING] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [NIELS GASPS] [CLAIRE GASPS] [MURMUR OF CONVERSATION] - [ANTOINE] Are you the guy Billie sent? - Yes You're Benjamin, I guess? What's this? It's the video of Leopold's death I gave the police.
[LEOPOLD] Lucas! Come and swim with me! [LUCAS] I'm too fucked up.
I feel like throwing up.
[LEOPOLD] Come on, Lucas.
Come and join me.
Stop smoking and come over here! - [LUCAS] I'm leaving.
I feel sick.
- [LEOPOLD] Come on, guys! [LUCAS] Hey, Leo! Hey, Leo! Hey, Leo! [LEOPOLD] Lucas? Lucas! Help! Lucas! [LUCAS] Fuck fuck.
Fuck, shit.
It's for you.
You can keep it.
He didn't do anything.
- He didn't see anything.
- Yes, you're right.
He didn't do anything.
He didn't see.
It's my video that has exonerated your dear Lucas.
You wanted to know.
Now you know.
Good night.
They won't find you here.
What makes you think we've run away? [FAINT BEEPING] As you can see, I have no means of communication here.
None whatsoever.
Right, well, I'm off to bed.
I prepared some blankets for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[NIELS] We'll be okay.
I promise.
The perimeter is secured.
[ELOAN] Well? Where are we? [GABRIEL] Martin's showing some loopholes.
[ELOAN] Everything needs to be put right again.
[GABRIEL] I know.
[ELOAN] It's urgent, Gabriel.
Did you write the report? You just need to sign it.
Has Esther signed it? Not yet.
But because you're the main shareholders, we don't really need her agreement.
This is really unfortunate.
I hope it's temporary.
Samuel, we have no choice.
We must get Osmosis back on track before the launch, and with Paul in charge, things are very complicated.
What do you intend to do about the launch? To the general public, Paul and Esther Vanhove are Osmosis.
- We can hardly do without them.
- [ELOAN] Let's see.
Paul's only temporarily dismissed from his position as general manager.
There must be a way to deal with him.
- Cleverly.
- We have a problem.
Paul found out the truth about Josephine's implant removal.
- About my involvement, and yours.
- He already knew we'd helped her.
The big picture.
But The bogus tracking location for Josephine.
The video.
- What's he talking about? - I'll explain later.
Something awful enough to weaken him and push him to sign on with us.
Don't look at me like that.
What's the saying? "The end justifies the means.
" [INAUDIBLE CONVERSATION] What's going on? [LUCAS] Hey, Leo! Hey, Leo! Hey, Leo! [LEOPOLD] Lucas! Lucas! Help! Lucas! Fuck fuck.
Fuck, shit.
[ANTOINE] Look at me.
You didn't kill him.
You didn't do anything.
You didn't kill him, okay? I went to Osmosis.
It turns out Leopold might not actually be your soulmate.
I knew it.
So, what was the point of all this, then? [LUCAS SIGHS] I freaked out.
I freaked out because you were becoming everything for me.
You were perfect.
But I'd experienced something incredible with Leopold too.
I really freaked out.
I was scared that someday I'd wake up next to someone thinking: "Shit, he's not the one.
" And I preferred to believe that Osmosis knew better than me.
And even when this fucking implant bugged, you see, when this fucking implant bugged, I kept on thinking it would know better than me.
I'm sorry.
[SIMON OVER VOICEMAIL] Hey, beautiful.
So, are we going out tonight? I kiss you all over.
Call me back ASAP.
Hey, beautiful.
So, are we going out tonight? I kiss you all over.
Call me back ASAP.
I miss you.
What the fuck is going on? Lucas, what's the matter? [GASPS] Tom? THIS PROFILE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.