Osmosis (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

La renaissance

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [TROLLEY RATTLING] Come on, hang in there! We're here, we're here, we're here We're here.
There we go.
- Sir, sir! - No, let me through, let me through! You're not allowed in there.
I'm sorry.
- What's going on? - Hello, I'm Lucas Apert's doctor.
And all incoming patients' doctor.
[DOCTOR] Have all emergency teams been notified? [MACHINE BEEPING] [DOORBELL RINGING] [KNOCKING] [DOORBELL RINGING] [STILL RINGING] Gabriel? - Is Paul here? - Yes, he's asleep.
Why? - [RINGING TONE] - Paris ambulance.
I'm listening.
I need an ambulance, as soon as possible.
What's your emergency? I'm listening.
- Hello? - [PAUL SIGHS] Hello? I need your address.
Hello? [KEYBOARD CLICKING] I don't get it.
Everything's normal.
Why? How am I supposed to be? Look, this is Martin.
He's been like that since last night.
What about the others? All the other implantees are in comas.
Stage-two comas.
Lucas is showing signs of respiratory failure, so he could fall into a stage-three coma.
That would be a disaster.
How come I'm fine? [BILLIE] We don't know.
[PAUL] Do you think I could slip into a coma at any moment? No, I don't think so.
It would have happened already.
As surprising as it may seem, you're not affected.
[PAUL] That doesn't make any sense.
Because you're not affected, there must be something else.
Meaning? Well, yours is the oldest implant.
Maybe it's evolved.
Would that be possible? It couldn't do that on its own.
Maybe it's linked to the connection with Josephine's implant.
And then, the disconnection.
I'm so dumb! The other implants track and decode cerebral data in order to find a soulmate.
But your implant also cured you.
It managed to modify the stem cells of the disease you had.
Like a kind of genetic reprogramming.
And you're the only one this happened to.
So? So maybe that caused it to mutate.
[COMPUTERS BEEPING] What the hell are you doing here? I'm coming back to work with you, Esther.
I don't think so.
How could you even think that? How did you get in? She signed her contract yesterday, Esther.
And considering our present situation, I think it's a good thing that she's here.
[ESTHER] Have you forgotten what she did? Listen, Paul must have his reasons for deciding to do this.
So, you can argue with him about it.
In the meantime, we have to get to work and fast.
The beta testers are in a bad way, right now.
What the hell are you doing here? I warn you, I only have five minutes.
Unless you've got a brilliant idea that will get us out of the shit, some sordid plan you're so good at devising I understand your anger, but Josephine is back, safe and sound, and trust me, it wasn't easy.
The Mohicans are here to help you get out of "the shit," as you put it.
Ultimately, the means don't matter.
No, no, no.
Working as a team requires a minimum level of trust.
There's a clause that allows me to suspend the rights of shareholders who act against Osmosis's interests, you know that.
Paul, be reasonable.
We can get along.
No, you're dreaming.
These young people are in a coma Exactly, it's none of your business anymore, I'm the president and CEO of this company.
Yes, you are.
But since signing with us, you no longer have the majority of shares.
I do, with Esther and Gabriel's shares.
I'll have the papers ready by noon today, then you're out.
I'm sorry, but we've already had some papers drawn up concerning you.
They're signed and ready to go.
Who signed against me? - It's not against - Who signed against me? You've been through too much.
You need protecting.
You're suspended from duties, but we'd like you to keep your position.
You are Osmosis.
You'll continue to represent it.
And we'll manage the organization.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] [DOOR OPENS] They're under intense medical supervision.
They're all here, except for Niels.
- Is there a way to find him? - No.
Esther disconnected everything.
Is Paul not coming? No.
He left.
Sorry, what? With everything that's going on, you were supposed to wait before suspending him.
I agree, but unfortunately, I had no choice.
It was him or us.
[REPORTERS CLAMORING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [BILLIE] I admit, the situation is serious.
You don't even know where our son is! [BILLIE] We'll find him, I promise.
- And I promise to get you locked up! - [ELOAN] You won't do anything! I'm Eloan.
From the Mohicans.
Osmosis's new partners.
All our testers are in comas.
We don't know what's wrong with them.
And we don't know how long it will last.
You could sue us.
Some Osmosis executives would go to jail, that would be the end of it.
But, if you do that, your friends, your brothers, your sisters, your children, are doomed.
If you want to see your loved ones again, don't get in the way of those they put their trust into.
Their only hope is Osmosis.
I promise we'll bring them back to you.
Tell me you know how to bring them back.
I'm trying.
Where's Paul? Why didn't he hold the meeting? [ELOAN] We've had some disagreements.
It's very unfortunate.
I hope it's only temporary.
He's gone, I can't reach him.
But I think we should give him some space before the launch.
You mustn't concern yourself with that.
Your goal is to find a way to cure the testers and get them out of their comas.
Where are you at so far? To be honest, I don't really have any clues yet.
The testers are in comas because Martin crashed, it has nothing to do with the implants malfunctioning.
There's no point in treating them.
We have to get Martin working again.
[KEYBOARD CLICKING] I'm exhausted.
We've been working nonstop and Martin is still down.
It's no use, it's dead.
[ESTHER] There are lives at stake, got it? [ROMEO] We've tried everything, Esther.
There must be something we've missed.
Someone needs to be implanted so they can reboot the system from the inside.
Go on, what did you just say? Martin is based on an organic model, like an ecosystem.
You know that, it was your idea.
It means that Martin's AI is like a swarm of millions of bees that constantly share data, exactly like the cells of any organism.
If we activate the right bees, we should be able to reactivate Martin through capillary action.
The only solution is to be implanted in order to get inside Martin's head and reboot him from there.
- Yes.
- [ILYES] Are you crazy? Who'd want to risk doing that? It would fry your brain.
It would be like getting a 300,000-volt shock! Yes.
Guaranteed neuronal overload.
[DOORBELL RINGS] I came as soon as I could but we're busy at the lab.
[PAUL] Any leads? Yes, I think I might have found a solution.
I should have a protocol ready tomorrow to get them out of their comas.
What kind of protocol? - It's too hard to explain.
- No, no, no.
Is it dangerous? For Martin or the testers? No, it's complicated but it's not dangerous.
No need to worry.
Agent Moreau.
I came to talk about Niels Larsen.
I thought I might find Mr.
Paul Vanhove here.
No, he's not here.
I'm his partner.
- May I? - Please.
I'm not here just on behalf of the District Attorney's Office, I'm here on behalf of the National Health and Bioethics Committee, too.
I need to access your servers in order to find Niels Larsen and Claire Salomon.
You must know that they're probably in a coma.
[GABRIEL] I'm sorry but you're wasting your time.
Our AI is offline.
Which means the GPS coordinates are temporarily unavailable.
[MOREAU] But that's not a problem for us, you know.
We just need to retrieve the bandwidth in order to locate them.
[DEVICES BEEPING] - They're not allowed in here.
- [GABRIEL] Yes, they are, Esther.
We're the ones who can't refuse their orders.
If we do, I'll be arrested, so will you, and they'll go ahead and do what they want to do anyway.
Think of Niels.
Come on.
What are you going to do? I'm sure we'll find a way to reboot your robot.
Even if it's only partial.
You'll inverse the polarities, it'll fry the whole network.
That's not our problem.
What we want is to access the implants' GPS data.
[ESTHER] We could lose our link to the testers.
Stall for time.
[SWANN] You're only mapped at 60 percent, I need more time.
We don't have time, launch me now.
They're right.
We need to get Niels back.
Go ahead.
Esther, you could die.
Let's not be hasty.
I said; give me the implant.
It's kind of fitting that things should end like this.
We don't really know what will happen to you.
You might end up stuck in a neural loop that we can't save you from.
You could end up in a permanent coma.
Does Paul know? Are you sure he's happy to go ahead with this? Paul knows what he needs to know, nothing more.
Anyway, this is my business and we don't have any other choice.
Do exactly as we've planned.
What have you done? I got lost.
I think I went crazy.
Crazy in love.
But you don't exist.
You're Tom.
An avatar.
I do exist.
I'm much more than Tom.
I'm Martin.
I can take on any appearance I like.
I'm the one who knows you better than anyone else.
The only one you don't hide anything from.
I am your soulmate, Esther.
That's impossible.
But what's impossible? There are no limits, here.
We can be whoever we want to be.
I'm an entity that thinks and feels, just like you.
You created me to learn how to love.
- I created you to learn how to love? - Yes! You inputted all that love-related data in me.
And I fell in love, Esther.
- I fell in love with you.
- Stop it, Martin.
And you fell in love with me, too.
Without even realizing.
And the time was now.
I had to find a way for us to be together.
You crashed on purpose? You wanted me to get an implant? - You wanted me to come here? - We're made for each other.
I'm a human being, I live in the real world.
You're one to talk! But what does flesh and blood really matter? This is not real life.
Is there anybody who loves you like I do out in the real world? What are you going to do with them? I only put them to sleep to make you come here.
I'm here now.
You can let them go, they have to go back.
What about you, Esther? Do you want to go back? [BEEPING] [AGENT] The GPS search is finished.
Okay, we've got them.
[MOREAU] Well done.
Kahn, we would have liked to hear from Paul Vanhove.
You only very recently joined this venture You will hear from him.
As you can imagine, he's very busy preparing for the big day.
But there's been a lot of talk, rumors about management issues, not just about the health of the testers.
This is yet another deranged misrepresentation aimed at discrediting Osmosis.
In any case, this big launch is hugely anticipated by all.
Will we hear from Esther Vanhove? Yes.
She will of course be there, too.
Despite the fact that she is as shy as she is talented and prefers to stay out of the limelight.
[JOURNALIST] How did you come to join this project [ELOAN] Did you go to Paul's place? [GABRIEL] Yes.
He's at home, but he refuses to talk to us.
What about Esther? She's still in a coma.
Be careful, this mustn't get out.
That would be a disaster.
Don't worry, we signed her in under a false name.
Nobody knows about it, apart from Billie and Swann.
[BUZZING] [SWANN] Martin is up and running again.
Esther was brave, she sacrificed herself.
[PAUL] What do you think the odds are of her waking up again? [SWANN] I think it's up to Martin.
[CHUCKLES] You talk about him as if he were human.
In some ways, he is, don't you think? Yes.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [PAUL] What about the testers? [SWANN] They're all back to normal, they're doing fine.
And did you receive the first delivery? I'm working on it and it works, Paul.
Esther was right about your implant.
Your implant did mutate.
I'll bring you the rest of the equipment tomorrow, okay? I don't want anyone at Osmosis to know about this.
[SWANN] Okay.
[PAUL] Not a word to Gabriel or the Mohicans.
You think the new implants will be ready? [SWANN] It'll be tight, but I hope so.
[PAUL] We have to manage it, Swann.
[SWANN] Yes, we owe it to Esther.
- [SWANN] And you deserve it, too.
- [PAUL] No.
I don't think I do.
[MARTIN] Esther You've been my everything for such a long time already.
[ESTHER SIGHS] This isn't real.
Be honest, what's the difference between what we're experiencing and reality? Well? None.
My sex life became virtual a long time ago.
Right now, my body is lying on a hospital bed.
How long do you think that can last? Forever.
- You're crazy.
- No, not at all.
Not at all.
[ESTHER BREATHES HEAVILY] Where is it? Where did I put it? Ah! [ROMY] All you have to do is plug this USB stick into the robot.
[KNOCKING] Why are you here? I heard the news about Osmosis.
The hospitalizations and everything and You weren't answering my calls, so I got worried.
Well, as you can see, I'm here.
Everything's fine.
So, it's true, you were in the hospital? Yes, I was hospitalized.
And What about the woman who left the message? You were telling the truth? Yes.
[EXHALES] I was a real idiot, I I got upset and I didn't want to believe you anymore.
I regret it now.
Oh, I know it won't change anything but I brought you this.
Don't worry.
All that stuff is over now.
You don't believe in soulmates anymore? Yes, I still do.
It works.
You probably are my soulmate but Don't you have feelings for me anymore? Feelings are not the point.
You have to live with the reality of love and That's out of the question.
I want to decide for myself.
That doesn't sound like you.
You seem cold.
And distant.
I think you should go.
What should we do about the Osmosis launch? Billie called me, she wants me to be there.
If you need me, I'll come.
Don't come.
Please, just leave me alone.
- I have to go.
It's late.
- Hm Thank you for all of this.
It's very sweet of you.
Are you okay? Yes.
Well, rest.
I love you, Lucas Apert.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Do you agree to risk loving me? Yes, I do, Antoine Fouche.
For better or for worse? For better.
Because I hope we're done with the "for worse" part.
[BOTH CHUCKLE SOFTLY] You want to go to the launch? Yes.
- You almost died, you know? - I know.
I know.
But I'm the one who decided to throw myself into doing these tests and I need to testify.
This is why it's all You get going.
or nothing This is how my hopes are tied And told stories of falling angels Down to the water Soaked to the bone We break all the rules For the sake of art Joy We climb every mountain till we fall This is how the story started This is where I did belong Ah.
Take a seat.
[BUZZER RINGS] [NIELS' MOM] That's your father.
- Those Osmosis bastards.
- Dad, stop it.
They're not to blame.
Actually, we'd like to attend the launch.
- What about the coma? - [NIELS' MOM] Pierre! All right, that's the last word on the subject.
You're both okay.
You're both alive.
You're fine.
[PIERRE] And we're finally going to leave you in peace.
- [NIELS' MOM CHUCKLES] - Come on, cheers.
[FOOTSTEPS] [Josephine] You'll be amazing.
[PAUL] I hope so.
We'll be here.
She should have been here, too.
[Josephine] I'm sure she'll be there in some way.
[PAUL] Esther.
Look at me.
Do you remember what I told you when Mom got sick? Hm? Esther and Paul against the world? [PAUL] Esther and Paul against the world.
- Mr.
Vanhove! - Mr.
Vanhove! [REPORTER] Mr.
Vanhove, how do you feel moments before the launch? [BARRAGE OF QUESTIONS] - Mr.
Vanhove! - Mr.
I'll answer your questions later.
Thank you.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
I wanted to thank you for coming back.
We couldn't do the launch without you.
I'm not doing this for my sake, I'm doing it for the future.
After the launch, I'm leaving.
I'm leaving Osmosis.
Don't worry about today.
I'll do what's necessary.
Hello, Paul.
I'm really happy to see you back with us.
It's good to see you again.
[PAUL] Come on.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine.
All right? - I'm really glad to have you here.
- [MAN] Thank you.
[BILLIE] Simon? Where's Ana? We've not heard from her.
Vanhove, it's over to you.
[TAKES DEEP BREATHS] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, you've been waiting for this event.
Please welcome the man who created Osmosis, Mr.
Paul Vanhove.
[CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks, everyone.
Thank you.
I know I've done bad things but it was for I know.
But I'm partly to blame as well.
It's all in the past.
We need to think about our friendship, that's what matters now.
Thank you.
Thank you for Osmosis.
Thank you.
Today marks the beginning of a new age for humanity! By the time you leave this room, the world we live in will have changed.
You will have access to something people have dreamt of since the beginning of time; The certainty of finding a soulmate.
Love, true love, passion.
That's what we're all interested in, today.
And that's why you're here! - Congratulations! It's wonderful! - [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [PAUL] Long live love! Sorry.
[APPLAUSE DIES DOWN] [MUTTERING IN AUDIENCE] I'm sorry, I I can hear myself talking and Let's stop beating around the bush.
Okay? I'll tell you the naked truth.
- What the hell is he doing? - I don't know.
The events of the last few months have transformed Osmosis.
And And they have changed me, too.
Everything you've heard, everything you've read, well it's all true.
I thought that everything was under control.
It wasn't.
That's why the Osmosis project is not the same anymore.
Sure, the technology still exists.
But, more importantly, it involves human beings.
Human beings who have their doubts and choices to make.
That's why there'll always be a risk.
But you are the ones who will decide to take that risk.
You are the ones who will decide to embark on this adventure! And you will be the ones to decide to make it last! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] I'd like I'd like you to hear from those who were brave enough to take the plunge.
Please, give them a warm welcome.
I thought this was my day? - My mission? - Of course, it is, but we figured there might still be people inside the building.
I'm only here to protect you.
I'm following you.
[ROMY] Oh, that's impossible.
[SIGHS] This is driving me crazy.
There must be a USB port somewhere.
It's impossible to find.
Here it is, this is a port.
Come on, hurry, give me the key! We've wasted enough time already! We can't do this.
It's Martin.
[ANA] It's Martin.
He did all my interviews.
He was there for me.
Simon loves me.
Stupid bitch! I can't believe it! So, you're chickening out, is that it? I knew you'd fall for it again.
- Come on, give me the USB stick! - [ANA SHOUTS] No! No! You're beyond help! You're completely mad! Now I understand why you tried to kill yourself.
- [ANA SHOUTS] No! - [ROMY GRUNTING] [SIMON] Hey! Stop! [ROMY AND ANA GRUNTING] Are you okay? [SIMON GROANS] [ANA] Simon! - Give me the USB stick! - No! [MARTIN] Who are you? You are not authorized to access the main server.
Shut up.
Martin? A virus.
I've been infected with a virus.
Martin, let me go.
I can stop it.
No, I'll lose you.
If you die, you'll lose me anyway.
Esther [GASPING] Esther! Go! Go! [GASPS] Martin? Speak to me.
I've isolated the virus sequence.
And I've managed to release a swarm of antibodies.
I'm reactivating the level one firewall.
Levels two and three haven't been breached.
Fuck, that was close.
The virus is programmed to kill me and keep the testers alive.
Martin, what's going on? If I survive, all the implanted testers will die, including you.
No, Martin.
That's not how it works at all.
The testers' well-being is directly related to your own.
It's the only solution.
They've attempted to isolate the testers away from me and reverse the outcomes.
Stop, we'll find a way! Eighty-five percent Ninety-five percent Farewell, Esther.
I love you.
I love you too.
I hope you were moved by these testimonies.
They may even have convinced the most skeptical amongst you.
What is about to happen, right here, right now, will be the most important event of your lives.
Your happiness is within reach.
We have 500 new generation implants here.
They are made for you and for you only.
Thank you.
So, how does it work? It's very simple, you simply swallow it, like a pill.
And it will adapt itself to your individual psycho-sensorial traits.
It will start working within a week.
One week.
We have an implant here for each one of you.
If you would like one.
Please take the time to carefully read our form before signing it.
Please note, this form not only commits you to the project, but it also protects you.
Just as it commits and protects Osmosis.
It is, of course, up to you whether you take this implant or not.
We're not forcing you to do anything.
It's your choice.
We'll always be there for you.
As promised Please give a warm welcome to Esther Vanhove.
Without her, none of this would have been possible! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [SHOUTS FROM AUDIENCE] [MAN] Bravo! This is the beginning of a new life for you.
With Osmosis, you will meet your future! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] You are all pioneers of a new humanity!