Our Girl (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 - She risked her life to save yours.
- I'm there for you, Molls.
- Nice kettle, mate.
- Rolex.
- How old are you? - 18.
Talk about easy targets.
Bashira's father is clearly in league with the insurgency.
We're soul sisters.
Am I going to die? - Move! - Where have they taken her, Sir? They're willing to help facilitate the removal of Bashira from her family and into a safe house in Kabul.
Things could have all been so different.
- Well, lady luck was smiling on us.
- This time.
MUSIC: Good Golly Miss Molly by the Swinging Blue Jeans Come on, Dawes! You're about to go on a two week holiday.
Have some human decency and put some bloody effort in! Human decency? This is war innit? It's healthy competition.
Now dig in.
14 hours on a flight with the wit and wisdom of the Smurf.
You've won the lottery of life getting R & R with me, Molls.
You reckon? Do you want me to book us a couple of tickets to the Mile High Club? CHEERING Yes, Dawes! Tell you what, Dawes Aw, shut up! I'm trying to tell a story! Will you guys shut up and get washing? HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE What is your problem, face-ache? Oi! Sorry Boss, I thought it was Sohail.
What, you wouldn't share your breakfast with Sohail? No way.
I'm not letting him dip his spoon in my Coco Pops.
I take it that's not meant to be a euphemism, Dawes? If I knew what one of them was, Sir, I'd let you know.
Sohail is a well dodge geez.
If I knew what one of those was I'd let you know! I haven't had Coco Pops in bloody ages.
- What? - What? Captain James! HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE We've not had comms from the mountain checkpoint this morning.
Kinders! Have they ever not responded before? Every morning they check in and give me the night report.
Today, nothing.
If they'd had contact This is serious enough for the Special Forces.
I'm going to need a medic.
What's happened, Boss? There may well have been an incident at the mountain pass.
2 Section.
Double in.
Full kit.
This may well mean your R & R is down the shitter I'm afraid, Dawesy.
The war rages on You'll be at my side Through it all Through hardships unseen We'll still survive Fortified.
It looks deserted.
Maybe cos they've deserted, Boss Man.
The other side offered 'em a dollar more, that's what's happened.
Something don't feel right, Sir.
The Afghan special forces are going to investigate.
Let's focus up until we know what's going on up there.
Stand by for an ambush, fellas.
Medic! Medic! Medic! Dawes! Let's go! Kinders! HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE Examine and confirm death.
He's just a kid, Qaseem.
Examine and confirm death.
No pulse.
I think we all know what happened here.
I don't care what they get paid it ain't enough.
They're just kids, Smurf.
It's sick.
Got to be green on green.
They'd have radio-ed it in if they'd been contact.
They shoot their own, don't they? Afghans.
Mind you, they would shoot us given half a chance.
Glad to see you're cutting down.
I will do, one day.
When there's less jitterbug in my head.
Do you reckon we'll still get home today? There's not much a medic can do for them poor buggers.
Er a replacement medic is on her way.
You leave in one hour.
What, Boss? You're going home.
What's the matter? Nothing.
It's just they didn't deserve to die like that.
One lad wasn't much older than Bashira.
Well, he would have said he was 18 or he wouldn't have been allowed to enlist.
Do you think she's all right? Yeah, I do.
I think you allowed her an opportunity she wouldn't have been given.
I'd love to write to her one day, you know, when this is all over Just to make sure she's all right.
She'll be fine.
How long do you think you'll stay in for, Dawes? The army, Sir? Dunno.
It's hard to plan ahead, if you know what I mean.
Like today, confirming those kids were dead they shot my mate Rolex boy point blank.
He never stood a chance.
I just feel so sad about it all sometimes.
Rolex boy, Bashira, I just wish that I could sort it all out.
Don't think too much.
Just do the job you're bloody good at and we'll be home by Christmas.
Now, erm, I have a request for you! Boss? Well, I've have had my Nespresso machine sent over at great expense.
To the taxpayer.
Maybe, but completely justified because I'm not a fully functioning soldier until I've had my first shot of coffee in the morning.
Tea bag does me, Boss.
Now, Dawes, London Nespresso shop on Regent Street.
Go and buy me some Rosabaya coffee capsules and I will adore you for always.
Always, Sir? Come back to me.
I will.
Don't worry.
FROM OUTSIDE: Hey, Boss Man! Hand over with the temp medic and get your kit packed.
Hey, Smurf.
I want protein shake, chocolate flavour.
Some Marmite.
A big bastard, yeah? 500 grams minimum.
Get us some more boxers.
Like anything, Primark will do.
Ha-ha! Cos you've got skiddies in the rest of 'em, - haven't you, Dangleberries? - No, I used yours for that.
Bring back eye drops, Molly.
This dust's getting in my eyes and I'm in agony.
I'd say that's the early stages of cataracts! - I swear that's where we did basic training, innit? - Catterick! Sensodyne toothpaste, the one dentists recommend.
We are going on our bloody holidays so would you lot kindly ? ALL: Oh! - Good luck you two.
- Where's Sohail? - He's gone AWOL.
- I fucking knew it.
You should have let me shoot him on day one, Boss.
I'll pretend I didn't heard that.
Might have saved the lives on the mountains.
Maybe if we find him we can invoice him for the four body bags.
Oi, behave.
Am I right or I am I right, Boss? It's not always that straightforward.
"We are not wholly bad or good " Go.
See you later, suckers! CHEERING - Don't forget the toothpaste! - See you later! If Sohail's gone AWOL then - something might happen! - Go.
- But you might going to need a medic.
- We might going to already got one! - Well, she ain't me.
- Dawes.
I can't go.
That's an order.
I need that bloody coffee.
MUSIC: Interlude by London Grammar Some miracle man must've shot me while I wake I never run fast enough for my mistakes Would you really want me in the light of day? That very same man shot flaws right through my face.
GUNSHO You all right? - I dunno.
- You what? Too many people are dying.
What you talking about? Nothing.
I just can't get this morning out of my nut.
We'll be home soon.
Can't wait to meet your family.
Well, that's never going to bleeding happen.
Don't fight it.
What exactly am I fighting? Your feelings for me.
Just for clarity, if you were the last bloke on the entire globe and you had a face and a personality transplant, I'd still rather go without.
You say that, but you wouldn't be able to resist.
Feed them swans baby! I'll get my mum to give you a lift.
You're all right.
I know I am.
Anyway, it's time you met my family.
You deluded, big-eared, Welsh prannit.
I'm a fucking war hero.
What's a prannit? Dunno.
I'll ask my nan.
Touch me again and I'll break your arm.
- Maybe if we weren't in the same platoon - Zip it.
Hi, Mum.
SHE SOBS Are you OK? I never thought I'd see him again, Molly.
You know we lost his brother out there? Yeah, yeah, I do.
When his brother died, they knocked on my door and said there'd been an incident.
They said they'd got him back to Camp Bastion Hospital.
They said he was stable but serious.
And then they came back later and said he'd died of his injuries.
I'm sorry.
With Smurf, they knocked on my door and said there'd been an incident.
They'd got him back to Camp Bastion hospital and they said he was stable.
And then they never came back and knocked on my door.
That's shit.
I'm sorry.
Couldn't wait to see him and to hold him.
Did I make a prize tit of myself at the airfield? You made a prize tit out of him! THEY LAUGH What? Where you going, Moll? I'm just going to jump out here.
Why? We can just drop you at the station.
It's only a two minute walk To be honest I could proper do with stretching my legs.
Are you sure? Yeah, yeah.
It's what I want.
I promise.
The station's only round there.
I recognise it.
I've been sitting on me arse now for 20 hours.
I'll text you, yeah? I'll be in the Earl of Wakefield having Jagerbombs and you'll still be schlepping to Newport.
Do you even know where Newport is? I don't know, don't care.
Let go of me then, you spam.
Thank you, Mrs Smurf.
Take care, love.
See you later.
See you later.
She's lovely.
She your girlfriend? Don't get fucking involved, Mother.
How am I getting involved? Do you want a drink? Yeah, go on.
What do you want? Anything.
Well, what? - Anything! - Well, Coke or Fanta or ? Anything! Fucking anything! Anything! Hi, can I have a number for a cab company please? I'm I don't have a clue where I am.
GUNSHO MOBILE RINGS Mum? Yeah, I'm two minutes away! Here, what's happened to the Earl of Wakefield? It's gone! Molly, hi! Hiya.
Oh, hello.
Hello, mate.
All right? Here, Dad, I hope you've got the hot water on, I need a shower.
I'm minging! Help her with her bags, then.
Hello, Molls.
CHILDREN PLAY FIGH Don't do this on the landing.
I told you.
Go down there.
Go down there.
Is that better? Yeah, I think that's most of the dust and shit and sand out! The water going down the plug hole was yellow! Wish I could have a shower and get rid of all my dust and shit.
Although it'll take more than that to make me feel better.
Why, are you unhappy? I'm all right, but Does anybody want a drink? No, I'm all right, thanks, Dad.
We'll crack right on it later though yeah? What's happened to the Wakefield? It's going to be apartments, they reckon.
Another nail in me coffin.
He can still drink down the Central can't he? Or the Denmark Arms or is he still barred? Stop pretending you don't get it.
What? I got friends telling me I've got potential.
You can still have potential at my age, can't you? Yeah.
But I can't if your dad's going to be a complete bell end.
You will support me won't you, Molls, like I've supported you? PHONE VIBRATES - Right, Shazza's outside.
- Who? - The one I've been telling you about! - What, the one who ? Yeah, exactly! She's been really good to me, Molls.
And I've right needed her what with you being away an all.
You shouldn't have! I enjoy spoiling you all.
Oh, you must be Molly.
I'm Shazza.
I'm just going to take this in to the kitchen.
So kind of her, innit, Molls? So kind of you, Shazza.
She don't look like a Shazza.
Well, what does a Shazza look like? Tats and a bit more meat on the bone.
Well, actually I was born Felicity Baron.
Married and became Felicity Middleson.
But I'm nobody's property so I chose a name that suited me.
I suppose Lady Gaga ain't her real name either.
It's good to meet you, Molly.
And I'm really sorry for what you're having to go through at the moment.
What do you mean? Afghanistan.
I went on the march.
"Not in my name".
But I guess you had no other options.
Shazza works at the primary.
Don't you think your mother would make a wonderful teacher, Molly? A teacher? Well, teaching assistant! Every journey starts with a first step.
Shazza's got faith in me.
It's no matter of faith, Mum.
It's a matter of GCSEs.
I think she'd make a great addition to the profession.
Right, I'm going to go get the onions out the camper van.
I'm going to make a soup.
Sounds nice? She makes her own soup? Be nice.
And she's got a camper van! She's sticking her hooter in a bit, ain't she? Getting involved.
Well, getting involved is a good thing And she cares about me.
Well, I care about you.
Yeah, but you're not here are you? I just want everything to be the same, Mum.
Well, you're not.
BASHIRA: Sang Chill Bazi? I always win You could write Bashira a letter if you want.
Why? Well, she's probably never had a letter before.
Well, can she read? No.
That'll be why then.
BASHIRA: Am I going to die? Do you like onion soup? Is that what that honk is? Thought Dave was skinning up in the kitchen.
Now Molly, are you going to have some of my soup? My nan was just telling me that you've become a part of the furniture round here.
Well, I'm your mum's friend and when a friend asks for guidance What, like her becoming a teacher? That's never going to happen.
Teaching assistant and yeah, it can happen.
Quite easily.
Not when she's got a baby.
She's also got a husband who can lend a hand, surely? What's that got to do with you? All I'm saying, Molly, is why can't she have something that she can be proud of in her life? You've got your army.
Oh, it's my army? - Well, you joined.
- Have you got a problem with that? Thanks to us there hasn't been another 7/7.
There wasn't one before 7/7.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
I say, that's the first time we've ever agreed with your dad on anything.
- Eh? - She needs being rolled in a carpet and lobbed off a bridge onto the M25.
You had any of her soup? What do you think about Mum going to work? I think she needs a check up from the neck up.
You don't think she's started batting for the other side, do you? Not that there's anything wrong with that I wouldn't say no if that Princess Grace of Monaco took a fancy to me.
In her prime, of course.
Not now.
She's dead, isn't she? All right, Moll? My mother's a lesbian.
Come to Newport.
Is it on the tube? Newport? Bloody English! If it's past Barnet then I ain't coming.
Come over.
I'm just sat in my room.
Might as well be in Afghan to be honest.
But I'm supposed to be getting some rest and recuperation from the likes of you.
Molls, no-one else understands.
OK, I'll come.
Ditch the flowers, you noofter.
There you are.
You don't like them? Bin.
- You joking? - What is this? A Tampax advert or something? Beer? You pisshead Taffs.
Go on, then.
So how many people you killed then? Loads mate, and I'll add you to the list if you carry on staring at my tits.
You all right? Yeah.
You? Sort of.
Don't feel Normal? How long until everything gets back to normal? It can't, can it? I think we just put Afghan in a little box and shove it under the stairs.
- Eh? - Out of our minds.
And don't go near that fucking box, that's when you get proper fragged.
How do you think they're all doing? I don't like it that they're there without us.
We all need to be together.
Let's hope they've caught old scar face Sohail.
Dunno if he pulled the trigger but he definitely had something to do with what happened at the mountain pass.
I knew from the off that he was Taliban.
He could have already pulled another little stunt It don't bear thinking about.
This R & R is unbearable.
We've got each other.
You better get over here Smurf, it's £89.
Right then you shitheads! ALL: Way-hey! Cheers, Boss.
Come on, get that down you, Smurf.
Come on, come on, Smurf! ALL: Way-hey! What's up? No-one can ever know, not really.
What? It's impossible to explain, innit.
There we go, we got to look after each other.
Well, I'm looking after you.
I know that.
You agree with me? You're my mate.
I'm glad you came down to see me.
I'm glad too.
Although I have to be honest Smurf, Newport is a bit of a shit hole.
Hey, don't push your luck.
I'm going to show you the most beautiful sight in the world.
Well, where are we going? It's not the countryside is it? I hate the countryside.
Trees give me the willies.
I love a bit of Laugharne, me.
Not too shabby, eh? It's all right.
Most important place in the world to me.
That's why I had to share it with you.
We scattered my brother here.
Boss Man stood just about where you are now.
Captain James was here? And he liked it, yeah? Loved it.
Loves Dylan Thomas.
That's where he wrote all his stuff.
Captain James knew all about it and he read a bit of it when we scattered Geraint.
It was Perfect.
He always knows what to do to make everything just right.
The Boss Man's spot on.
It's fluke.
Every bloody thing.
It's fluke.
Where we're born, who you meet, who you fall in love with.
It's all fluke.
We're here Smurf but anything could happen.
One of us could stand on a mine, or get sniped, or green on blue, anything.
Like you getting the battle casualty replacement call and joining the Under Fives And if I hadn't joined the Under Fives We'd never have got back together.
Don't push it, mate.
I done a project on butterflies when I was in primary school.
They only live for a day, don't they? No, that's mayflies.
See them stingers there, that's where butterflies like to lay their eggs.
Then them eggs turn into caterpillars, then the caterpillars turn into butterflies.
What? The life cycle of a butterfly.
You learn something new every day.
Shot or fragged.
Life cycle of a squaddie! Catterick.
War hero.
Big bastard house in Newport.
Life cycle of me.
I think that's the life cycle of someone a bit higher up in the chain of command than you, mate.
Maybe the Boss Man.
Except he would never move to Newport.
You never know.
I think we do.
Captain James would never really mix with the likes of The likes of us? The likes of you I was more thinking.
Fate's thrown us together.
Captain James? Me and you.
Molls, I've got an idea.
Let's go London.
We need to be together.
What did he read? Who? The Boss Man? At Gerhaint's funeral.
"We are not wholly bad or good, who live our lives under Milk Wood, and Thou, I know, wilt be the first to see our best side, not our worst.
" I'll look after you, don't you worry about that.
Where we going? London.
- Am I coming? - Yeah, course.
How else am I supposed to look after your ugly mug if you're hundreds of miles away.
Classic! Why would anyone want to live in a shithole like this? It's sort of beautiful in its own way.
No, mate.
Sort of shit.
Well, you're a know-nothing Newport wank stain.
What you going to do with your deployment money? Dunno.
I'm going to Vegas.
I'll have about 14 grand.
And I'm going to stick the fucking lot on red.
You know, the roulette wheel.
And I'll walk away with 28 grand.
Tidy! Come with me to Vegas and I'll let you put the money on for me.
You can bring me luck.
I ain't got anything to wear.
I'll get you something nice.
Red and silky.
Mm, classy.
All dressed up like a gangster's moll, walk into the casino and whack my dough down.
That does sound cool.
That's a proper binding contract, that.
You and me to Vegas.
Might have even persuaded you to marry me by then.
MUSIC: I Love You, Sleepyhead by Lanterns on the Lake There's a fallen shore I know And I'm thinking of home tonight There's a spark in our eyes But I'm letting you down tonight.
You asleep, Mum? What's the matter? Where's Dad? He's gone to sleep downstairs.
Smurf's down there.
Well, he'll sleep somewhere Or he'll sit up all night drinking.
What's going to happen, Mum? You used to snuggle in with me every night.
Yeah, until you had all them other little bleeders then there was no room for me.
I love you lot.
I do.
I love you to bits But why can't I have a job and have kids? I'd be home by lunch time.
Is it too much to ask your dad to help out? No, I don't think it is.
Really? I wanted to reach out an all.
Eh? I could have stayed at the nail bar but I wanted to try something different, see if I could do it.
You've done well for yourself.
I'm having a go.
She's helping me believe in myself, Shazza.
I mean, God knows why.
Sometimes you can become friends with someone that you never thought you could ever be friends with.
And the differences just disappear and just being with them makes you happy.
I knew you'd understand.
Just don't let her ruin anything here.
Well, why would she do that? She's coming in between you and the people you love.
You still love Dad, don't you? Yeah.
I mean, he makes me wonder why half the time but he's all right.
Tell me the truth, do you think I should knock it on the head and just ? What? Carry on washing Dad's pants? No.
No, just go for it.
Just let Dad know he's loved and he'll be there.
He'll lend a hand.
I know he will.
Argh, give me your toes! Argh, num-num-num! Right, there's bacon, bread, eggs Are the eggs free-range, Mum? That's a myth.
What's a myth? It's something what's bollocks, that's what a myth is.
Can I just say, Molls? You got a good un there.
Nan, I'm a trained killer.
Say anything stupid and I'll render you speechless Oi, take it from someone who knows, a good un comes along once a life time if you're lucky.
I ballsed up and chose your grandad cos he had a Triumph Herald.
I let the good one go.
So if that Triumph Herald hadn't come down the road at that precise moment in time, then you'd be with your good un? And I'd have never had all that grief from your grandad.
And me and mum wouldn't exist.
Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.
Come here, you little monkeys! Dinosaur! Rawr! Argh, no, I'm a monster, not a horse any more! Seen Nan's come round with the moody food? All nicked.
You all right? Fighting fit.
Might join the bleeding army.
What with your back? You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
I'm trying to be really nice and everything, Moll.
Well, maybe you got to be nice for as long as you've been a twat.
But I've always been a twat.
I thought that's what your mum loved about me.
Why can't she just stay at home and teach our own kids reading? Cos she wants to go to a school and do it and be appreciated and feel like she's moving on up.
I don't want her moving on up.
Dad, if you hold her hand you'll move up with her.
That's what's happening to me.
Who's holding your hand? Well I mean the army.
Where you going? She's right, you know.
Everyone's a fucking smart arse all of a sudden, eh? MUSIC: Keep on Trying by Lanterns on the Lake Well your creature comforts won't save your soul But you've found a way to lighten the load And your family secrets are safe and sound And you keep on trying.
Do you need any help? This this whole shop is just for coffee? Yes, Madam.
There you go.
Certainly, Madam.
Look after her, Smurfy.
I'll do my best.
Mum, I'll text you when I get to Brize.
Here, I'll take him.
Love you.
Love you.
All right, mate? HELICOPTER WHIRRS ALL: Oi, oi! Back safe! Anything can happen in that London! He looks like the cat who's got the cream.
He's been hanging out of her back doors all R & R, believe me.
I reckon! - What was that? - Well, have a look! We said goodbye to the boy and hello to the man, Sir! Way-hey! No need to bother unpacking by the way.
We're going back to Bastion.
All right, boys? Your eye drops are in there.
Oh, cheers, Molls.
Let's have 'em, then.
You all right, Boss? All right, Dawes.
Eggy says we're out of here, back to Bastion for the duration.
That's right.
You should probably do a hand over with the temp medic.
Helicopter's waiting.
Yes, Boss.
Double away then.
So no news on Sohail? Nah.
Still AWOL.
I was worried he might try something.
If anyone knows our secrets, it's him.
He ain't tried anything yet.
Maybe he's just lying low waiting for you to come back.
Don't say that.
That's creepy! How the hell did Mansfield Mike slice his forehead? Apparently he was shaving gangsta nicks into his eyebrows when someone burst a balloon behind him and made him jump.
I bet the Boss weren't too happy? Mainly because gangsta nicks are banned in the military.
- You ready? - Yeah.
See you later, Molls.
Thanks, Jackie.
You OK? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? I'm glad to be back.
Felt weird.
I couldn't get my head back into "normal".
What, so you're glad to be back to "abnormal"? I see your boots are wearing in all right? What? I can see in here you haven't had your blisters checked by the medic.
Well, maybe you can give them the once over later.
See these are the medical emergencies that I've missed, Sir.
Out here in Afghan, I'm at the cutting edge of this conflict with your blisters.
Are you really glad to be back? I wanted to come back.
Oi, Molly, you went to bloody Newport and you weren't a hostage? You went to Newport? Old Smurf is a silver-tongued cavalier Sorry, Sir, didn't see you here.
So, how big a shit hole is it then? Dawesy and Smurfoid sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
It's like being back at school! Ooh, someone's tired.
What have you said? I just said that we hung together.
You know what the piss-taking bastards are like.
- They're doing my nut in.
- Ignore them.
You haven't said anything happened other than what actually happened? I haven't said anything.
We just chilled in Newport and London.
Wasn't a secret was it? No, it wasn't a secret.
Drink some water.
Why? The journey.
Heat and that.
You might be a little I'm quite capable of knowing when to drink water, thanks.
Molls I'm not stupid.
I told you I know you don't want to go out with anyone in the platoon.
No, Smurf, no.
I don't want to go out with you.
You're my mate, that is it! Why can't you just be my mate? Because I love you.
We just hung out.
It was nothing.
What you telling me for? When are we off to Bastion, sir? 0600 Tomorrow.
You should probably pack.
What, so this is the end, yeah? MUSIC: Fate by Grey Reverend So goes a day lost in my memory It's only fate Some things are meant to be Who needs to know Looking for reasons When life casts a stone Leaving me screaming inside So much for love Lost you and over again Covered in blood But you have the sense to stay calm and contained There's no sense in crying my blues for my brain Leaving me standing outside Show me a sign Something that's shiny like Tears in your eyes You can surprise me Cos I want to be the one you return to You just believe You're not alone in the world It's only fate It's everything you've bargained for It's only fate It's everything you've bargained for It's only fate It's everything you've bargained for It's only fate It's everything you've bargained for It's only fate It's everything.
The kids are going to school.
Try not to run the little bleeders over or it'll all have been a bit of a waste of time! Our work here is done.
CHEERING So, are we at Camp Bastion till draw down, Sir? Until we are told otherwise.
Sweet! Sir, there's only boys! There's only boys going to school, Sir.
We've been called back to Bastion, Dawes.
The ANA are in control of the area.
It has nothing to do with us.
Are we nearly there yet or what? THEY SHOUT AND SING Chill! ALL: The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round Round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round all day long The gun on the bus goes bang bang bang Bang bang bang, bang bang bang The guns on the bus go bang bang bang.
ALL: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Sheet pinned down by rocks.
Looks like there could be a body underneath.
Blood all over the sheet, Sir.
Probably booby trapped.
I'm ready, Boss.
I want you guys out and covering.
Dawes, you come with me.
SMURF SPEAKS INAUDIBLY Need you on that gun, Smurf.
It moved! It fucking moved.
I swear, Sir.
Did anyone else see that? Are you sure it wasn't just the wind? I'll investigate.
You wait out until I call you in.
Dawes, what the hell are you doing? Molly? You got a death wish? Maybe.
Anyway, it's good to have some quality time together.
Is that why you're risking your neck? Nothing happened with Smurf.
But at least now I know.
Know what? Well, I never thought you would look at someone like me.
I thought that you were out of my league.
What are you trying to say, Dawes? I'm just saying I'm fond of you, Sir.
And I wanted to tell you in case we get to that sheet and someone detonates it and we're blown to smithereens.
Well, let's continue this conversation when we're back at Brize Norton, shall we? You mean that love's stronger than army regulations? Nothing is stronger than army regulations.
Do you love me? Sohail.
Sohail? Vallon the perimeter.
Sohail, just stay with me, all right? I'm going to need you to give me them evil eyes again, OK? Kinders, it's Sohail! Wait out.
We going to need to cas evac him out of here ASAP.
Kinders, make sure they send in the mert.
Cat A injured ANA.
Roger that.
Let me die.
Tell them to let me die.
Just keep your head still for me, OK? HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE He says he has nothing to live for.
We've all got to have hope, mate.
I'm a West Ham fan, believe me, I know what I'm talking about.
Who did this to you, Sohail? Taliban.
They ask me to do something.
They beat me up because I say, "No".
Is he going to make it? Massive internal bleeds.
We'll operate and try to alleviate some pressure but How you doing, mate? Well, hang in there for us, yeah? They kidnap me and beat me up.
Anything to do with the green on green at the mountain pass? No.
Was it something to do with Bashira? Her father, Badrai, sent her to spy.
That's why I tried to keep her away.
He said I had to say where she is.
You didn't tell him did you? He mustn't know where she is.
I don't know where she is.
So they beat you with rocks? They beat me with rocks because I wouldn't kill someone.
Kill who, Sohail? He's gone off.
He's gone off! OK, his last GCS was 8.
He's suddenly dropped his GCS.
His blood pressure is going up and his pulse is dropping.
- OK.
- No radial pulse.
Let's get him into the scanner.
Call an anaesthetist.
You're going to be all right.
I'm going to get you out of there.
I just need you to stay with me, OK? The insurgent known to us as Badrai is on his way to Kabul with a cache of explosives.
This mission will determine how successful our time in Afghanistan has been.
It's not Badrai.
- Bashira.
- She's safe.
Not anymore.
Man down! Man down! I want you to be the last thing I see.