Our Girl (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

That's a lovely name.
I'm Molly.
You do not involve yourself in the lives of the locals.
Her father, Badrai, sent her to spy.
We're soul sisters.
Am I going to die? Move! Where have they taken her, Sir? They're willing to help facilitate the removal of Bashira from her family and into a safe house in Kabul.
Come back to me.
I will.
Fate's thrown us together.
Captain James? Me and you.
Why can't you just be my mate? Because I love you.
Nothing happened with Smurf.
But at least now I know.
What are you trying to say, Dawes? Do you love me? They beat me with rocks because I wouldn't kill someone.
Kill who, Sohail? Man down! Man down! One Cat A, urgent med-evac required! MIST out, wait out.
Stay with me, OK? You're going to be all right.
I'm going to get you out of here, I just need you to stay with me, OK? Stay with me! Come on, stay with me! Stay with me! Just because you're tucked up all snug and safe in Bastion, does not mean you are no longer real soldiers! Now dig in! Give us a lift, Boss.
Aw, you'd only be cheating yourself, Dawes.
Oh, by the way, the last one over the finish line is on latrine clean! Now come on! Moll, fellas, if this is all the effort you're going to put in, we can do a 5k run every morning and a 10k run every evening until you do not look like the unfit rabble you look like today.
Can we remember we are the British Army! The last soldier past me is going to be on latrine clean! Very clever, 2 Section, indeed.
I think our work here is almost done! Oh, that backfired.
My hands stink of You know what they say, a job shared is a job halved.
Boys, I reckon we got another month of Bastion before decompression and home, you know.
I'm gutted we're pulling out, man.
I want to go on another tour.
- There's still Taliban out there.
- There's still Badrai out there! Where do you reckon he's hidden himself, Molls? What you asking me for? Oh, and all that time I spent writing my death letter and now no-one's going to be able to read it! You sound gutted, Mansfield! In my death letter home, yeah, I told them I wanted one of them eco-friendly wicker casket basket thingys.
Can we stop talking about dying? Me mum's shit me up enough as it is.
Why? She's just wrote to me had a premonition.
Thinks something bad's going to happen.
Shut up.
Go to sleep.
I'm being serious, boys.
Chill out, Smurf, eh? She was right about Geraint.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, just wanted to let you know that after Sohail's murder and other intel received, Badrai is very much on the Americans' radar.
What do you mean? They need him caught and will be doing all in their considerable power to support the ASF and get him caught.
He's pretty much at the top of their wanted list.
Really? Yeah.
American Intelligence have a dossier that Well, it makes for pretty shocking reading.
He's pretty high up in their network.
He's not just some lightweight, ten dollar Taliban.
He's proper.
So, the boss and I have been speaking to Major Morley American Intelligence? Any mission will involve you.
You're the only person who's eye-balled Badrai.
You'll be needed to positively ID him.
You happy with that? It'll be my absolute pleasure, Boss.
We'll let you know when you're needed.
You better go grab some breakfast while you've got a chance.
You coming to watch the volleyball? It's us against the Yanks.
I dunno if I can.
What you doing? Just got other duties and stuff.
What other duties? Smurf, I'll come if I can.
And don't worry about your mum said.
You've got a face like a slapped arse.
50 sausage challenge! Go on! 50 sausages in 50 minutes! Come on, mate, you can do it.
You ready, you ready? Three, two, one, go! You coming to watch the volleyball, Qaseem? I mean, you're basically a Brit now.
No, I'm basically not.
It was meant to be a compliment, mate.
Really? No pleasing some people, is there? I'm very happy being an Afghan.
Eggy said you're out of here.
Your contract's finished.
I'm going back to Kabul.
Is that good? I'm ready.
But is Kabul ready for you? When this is all over, can I come and visit you in Kabul? I know the subtext.
I don't even know what that means.
It means you want to visit Bashira.
I just hope that she's all right.
You never know what her dad's going to do and if he does anything to that little girl No, Badrai won't hurt her.
You mustn't worry about Bashira.
People are looking after her, I'm sure.
I just want to help.
You have done.
- Have I? - Yes.
Oh, I don't know.
Come on, Mike! Come on! Go on, lad! I'll be back in a minute.
Sometimes I don't know how I'm able to keep my hands off you.
"Ditto"? Bleeding "ditto"? I was expecting something a bit more romantic than "ditto".
We agreed we'd wait out.
I am waiting out, aren't I? I'm obeying your orders, Boss.
And we haven't actually done anything, so Well, I need to stay focused, get you guys home in one piece.
You're in my charge.
If this is a mistake, then just say.
What do you mean, mistake? If you're regretting it us and me.
You should get ready.
They think they've located Badrai.
Afghan Special Forces are waiting for you.
Are you ready? I'm shitting myself, Boss.
It'll be OK.
I promise.
I can do this on my own.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
Wait out.
These two? Badrai? This one? No.
- It's not him.
- Please, look.
It's not Badrai.
He's not here, Boss.
Don't hurt him.
Are you all right? Yeah, never been better, Boss.
Well, you will go out on these secret missions! - Jealous? - You bet! You're off like some superhero and I'm left indoors with antiseptic wipes to clean up afterwards.
What superhero do you know that's that slow they get a clump to the cake hole? Our neighbour used to have this little sign on his mantelpiece "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you.
" Oh, right.
I never knew what it meant till I met you.
What does it mean? The rest of us keep our heads down but you're like, "Oi, trouble, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.
" It ain't like that, Jack.
Seems that way to me.
I'd prefer to be indoors with the antiseptic wipes but it never really works out like that.
You never look for trouble but trouble just seems to find you, eh, Molly Dawes? Exactly.
Despite reliable intel on his whereabouts, Badrai has evaded us.
We're about ready to start questioning the three detainees.
We'll see what intel they yield.
We find him.
It's likely he has a sizeable cache of explosives with him from the factory, which from past experience we know he won't hesitate to use.
Sir, as Dawes is the key to the successful apprehension of Badrai, can I suggest next time a joint operation? Agreed.
I can't believe he weren't there.
We've just put a bomb factory and several insurgents out of action.
We have.
Now let's complete the mission.
Moll? Don't worry about me, I can take a punch.
What happened? Has someone clumped you? Don't be silly, I was joking! I fell off the running machine at the gym.
Ah, silly girl! How big a twat did I feel in a room full of septic-tanks? You haven't asked what the volleyball score was, Molly.
That's because I don't give a toss.
We come second.
Ah, you look pig sick, Mansfield.
He has just eaten a whole pig.
I'm going vegetarian as soon as I get home.
Need bodies to unload a truck.
Anyone? Anyone? Just you, Dawes? OK, let's go.
A job shared is a job halved.
Or something.
Yeah, cool, mate.
Yeah, know exactly what you mean.
Moll, what really happened? I told you.
The truth.
Moll, I know I ballsed it up between us at the fob.
But your friendship means so much to me.
I need you in my life.
I am in your life, Smurf.
And that's what makes it bearable.
I ain't just saying this to make you feel better but you really are a fucking top bloke! Really? Don't sound too surprised.
I need you in my life too.
There, I said it.
Now shut your hole and let's crack on.
Best mates? Don't push it.
Now, what really happened to your face? Mission to capture Badrai.
Didn't really go as planned.
You and the Boss Man? And the ASF.
He's still out there.
We felt guilty.
No, we didn't, we just don't trust you two alone! What are they going to do with all this kit in Cyprus, anyway? They'll get the poor sods deployed out there to unload it and then They'll stack it somewhere else.
Then re-load it back again into another container - when we're deployed out to Africa.
- What? That's where Brains reckons it's going to kick off next.
Central African Republic.
Mark my words.
Where's that then? Central Africa, you penis face.
Charming! You all right? Smurf, stop asking me if I'm all right.
The minute I'm not all right I'll let you know.
I can understand why that guy clumped you now.
Jokes! Good 'un.
If my old girl's right, I'll never get to see Vegas.
Your old girl ain't going to be right.
Great, so we're going to Vegas! I walked into that one, didn't I? That is the dress I'm getting you.
Imagine how good are you going to look on my arm wearing that? I'm not going to be on your arm though, am I? You're going to be 20 paces behind me.
Are you ashamed to be seen out with me? Mortified, mate.
You'd better cheer up a bit before we go to the chapel to see Elvis.
There's only two things wrong with that, Smurf.
I ain't marrying you and Elvis is dead.
Dead? Ah, break it to me slowly I didn't even realise he was ill! I thought you lot were supposed to be working? Boys, come on.
What's the matter with you? Dawes, I need you now.
They'll be nothing left of the place soon.
Not long.
You looking forward to going home, Boss? No.
Mansfield wanted to stay in the fob forever.
Well, if you find a moment where you feel happy You or Mansfield? They're waiting for us in the detention facility, Dawes.
Major Morley.
As you were.
The three insurgents have now been questioned and certain information gleaned.
We believe Badrai has fled to a Taliban stronghold in the mountains.
The insurgent who struck you.
You have no idea who he is? - No.
- Are you sure about that? Sir.
He knows you.
Me? I don't know him.
What's he said? I am saying nothing.
Why did you attack that British medic? Did he just say Bashira? He's saying you have ruined everything.
He knows me? It would seem so.
He keeps saying it is all your fault.
Even Bashira.
So he was just saying "Bashira"? He knows her? Yes.
He won't identify himself or give us any information.
Just that it's your fault.
Sir, permission to talk to the detainee? I really don't think that's a good idea, Dawes.
If it's my fault, Sir, he can look me in the eye and tell me.
He might reveal more.
He's been restrained.
Let's see what happens.
Are you going to tell him I'm coming in? No.
Element of surprise.
You go in there, sit in the chair opposite and look at him.
If he says nothing, simply and calmly ask him why it's your fault.
Yes, Sir.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
You ready? Count to ten and follow us in.
She has torn my family apart.
Have I? My sister has been taken and my father hunted.
Hunted like an animal.
Badrai is your father? He's saying, "Everything was fine until the Americans and British came and tried to kill us.
" Bashira is your sister? Not any more! You corrupted her with your pens and sweets.
What do you mean? I mean you no right destroy my country.
I mean you no right destroy my family.
I ain't scared of you.
We will be revenged.
My father will avenge our honour.
How? Bashira.
She will pay for her sins.
She's safe.
Not any more.
Badrai's clearly on his way to Kabul.
And he has explosives with him.
He's likely to be planning a significant attack.
We mustn't let him anywhere near Bashira.
We won't.
A contact's provided intel on the vehicle Badrai is likely to be travelling in and will inform us when he's under way.
Let's prep the mission immediately.
Afghan Special Forces and a team of your Brits as back up.
I'll lead 2 Section, Sir.
I've destroyed that family.
- No, you haven't.
- Yes, I have.
Instead of saving Bashira I've put her in danger.
I mean, what was wrong with the life that she had before I come and kiboshed everything? Right, fine, she didn't go to school but maybe that ain't so bad.
You've always done the right thing.
He's going to get her, isn't he? - No.
- Yes, he is, and it's all my fault.
No, he won't because we're going to support the ASF and make sure that doesn't happen.
You know and I know if I didn't get involved she'd be fine.
Sohail would be fine.
My section would be fine, playing volleyball and eating sausages and instead I'm about to put them in danger, all because I fucked up.
Come here.
He wanted to kill that little girl and you saved her! Her brother just looked me in the eye and told me it was all my fault.
Well, I'm looking you in the eye and telling you it isn't.
It is.
I'm an epic fail! A little while ago I would have agreed.
You've taught me more in the last few months than a year at Sandhurst and four tours ever did.
I don't think so.
Well, I happen to know so.
When I first saw you, I thought you'd hold the platoon back, be one of those bad apples that infects the rest of those around them.
Maybe you were right.
You've made me engage my brain.
We need to fix the small cogs on the wheel so the whole huge Afghanistan can work.
But I haven't fixed anything.
I've broken it.
No, you haven't, you were right all along.
We do need to get involved, look after that little girl and give her a life.
The only way we can fix the big things is by fixing the small.
You taught me that.
Really? You should be proud of the soldier you've become.
Thank you, Boss.
I'm not always going to be your boss.
Not when we get home.
"We"? Have you ever been to Bath? You know, the city.
No, but it sounds a bit shit.
It's perfect.
I don't do perfect.
Don't really suit me.
Yes, it does.
My parents have got an old house there.
It's where I grew up.
I don't like those scary houses with the big staircases what people fall down.
Like in The Omen, have you seen that? That house at Christmas is magical.
Are you inviting me for Christmas, Boss? You got a moment, Boss? Get in there.
What do you want, Smurf? Nothing to do? Boss, it's just, er Smurf? Sorry, Boss.
What's wrong? Engagement ring.
That is very sweet of you and all Smurf but my feelings for you are purely platonic.
Despite what my grandad says, Winston Churchill ain't the greatest Brit who ever lived.
You are.
And if I had a dad, I'd want him to be like you.
I'm a bit young to be your dad, aren't I Smurf? Mum's got this kind of gloomy feeling that I ain't going to be coming home.
I told her all about how I feel and that and she sent me her engagement ring.
Reckoned she didn't need it any more.
And she said I shouldn't put off until tomorrow what I can do today.
Cos there might not be a tomorrow.
You never know.
What the hell are you talking about? You know, Sir.
No, I don't.
Molly! Smurf, nothing is going to happen to you on this tour.
Tell your mum to stop panicking.
Can I suggest you put that ring in your pocket and you don't get it back out until you're in Newport? You're here to work and I won't have anyone take their eyes off the task in hand.
But if Molly says "yes" You do not allow personal feelings to interfere with your work.
I'm not, Sir.
That is exactly what you're doing.
Word is, we're out of Bastion on a mission and I wanted to square it away with her in case something happens.
Smurf, put the ring away and don't mention any of this to me again else I'll put you on the first plane home.
It's against army protocol and it's endangering all of us.
Is that understood? How am I endangering all of us? Smurf, go.
Sorry, Boss.
Just I only wanted some advice.
How did you propose to your wife? Mission briefing at 20:00 hours.
Now, go.
This is exactly what I meant and why I said "wait out".
You're annoyed with me? How the hell does that work? But I'm saying I've done the same as Smurf.
We're supposed to be here to work, Dawes.
- You're married and you didn't think to say? - We're split up.
- I've come on tour so she can sort everything out.
- You're married.
What, did that just slip your mind? Did you not hear what I just said? - You lied to me.
- Not once.
Well, you were very fucking economical with the truth.
What are you going to tell me next, that you've got kids? Oh, shit.
He has.
Briefing at 20:00 hours.
It's happening.
You all right? You seem a bit I'm just being quiet, that's all.
Fair enough.
Do you want me to get you anything? I can get you a pizza or something if you want? Are you sure you're OK, Molls? Hey.
Hey, don't you worry, all right? What am I not supposed to worry about, Smurf? The mission.
No-one will hurt you.
It's OK, let it all out.
What am I like? Don't worry about it.
Sorry that I'm such a fuckmuppet half the time.
You and me both, eh? Sometimes things can creep up on you I'm the same.
Thank you.
I couldn't have got through this tour without you.
We help each other through.
That's the point.
You're a proper mate.
Molls, I'm going to give you something now and maybe it don't mean anything as much as maybe I'd like it to.
Please Smurf, not now.
I know what your answer will be so I'm just going to give it you now, no strings attached.
While I've got the chance.
Might not get the opportunity again cos things happen and that and we're on a mission so It's my mum's ring, but I want you to have it.
I mean, you're my best mate and it so doesn't suit me.
You are so sweet, Smurf.
Am I? Sometimes.
You'll keep it yeah, the ring? Well, if it doesn't suit you I'll look after it until you want it back.
You've looked after me so I'm going to look after you till I've got you home.
That Badrai ain't getting anywhere near you.
I promise.
Sit up! Relax.
The insurgent known to us as Badrai is on his way to Kabul with a cache of explosives.
Our objective is to ID and apprehend him before he causes significant loss of life.
Badrai is currently in the mountain region.
In order to reach Kabul he needs to cross the river where there's an existing ANA check point.
Now, reliable intel informs us that the truck he's likely to be travelling in is already on the road.
The ANA will stop the truck so no suspicion is aroused.
The only person who can positively ID the target is Private Dawes.
But any visible presence of UK forces risks alerting Taliban spotters who will warn Badrai.
So it is imperative that this remains a covert operation At 02:00 2 Section will board the helicopter and travel to the region under the cover of darkness.
We'll be dropped 3km from the bridge, so as to not attract any attention.
From there we will make our way to the check-point along an irrigation ditch.
The ditch leads to a disused compound 50 metres away from the check-point, which we will need to reach and secure before dawn.
An ASF officer who will be with the ANA will make contact.
We then await the arrival of the truck suspected of transporting Badrai, at which point we'll break cover and Private Dawes will be called up to ID the occupant.
Once Badrai has been apprehended we'll radio for extraction.
This mission will determine how successful our time in Afghanistan has been.
If Badrai eludes us, lives will be lost.
One life is one too many.
Any questions? No, Sir.
Let's go get him.
Right, Smurf, central in the ditch, edging forward.
Everyone else focus up.
Keep a couple of metres between you and the person in front of you.
Let's go.
You can hate me if it helps but I'm getting you home in one piece.
What the hell was that? Has anyone got a visual? Everybody stay down! - Is everyone all right? - You OK? Must have been a mortar It's ringing in my ear holes! Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
It's thunder.
It's bloody thunder! Ha-ha-ha! Rain in Afghan! I'm so not booking this again next year, Sir.
Everyone focus up.
Smurf, on you go.
That's the bridge 50 metres west, Sir.
Got it.
I can see the check point.
That's the compound.
50 metres south.
Right, guys, let's secure the compound.
Baz and Smurf, lead on.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Kinders and Dangleberries, I want you out those windows - on guard duty now.
- Yes, Sir.
Mansfield and Smurf next.
Then Fingers and Brains, then Nude-Nut and Baz.
Dawes, I want you setting up a temporary med centre.
Let's get this place squared away.
You need help? I'm all right.
Are you? Yeah.
What? We are doing the right thing.
Never lose sense of that.
I just hope that the right thing doesn't get those boys killed.
Everything is under control.
You volunteered for this mission.
You could be safely tucked up in your gaff in Kabul.
This word? Gaff? House.
We had an apartment.
Did you sell it? There was an explosion.
Is that what happened to your wife and daughter? Now I have nothing.
Except the guilt.
It weren't your fault.
But I survived and sometimes I wish I hadn't.
So you volunteer for missions? Bashira's the age my daughter was when she And you are the age my daughter would have been.
Unidentified male approaching! Has he got a weapon? Can't tell, Boss.
Identify yourself! Halt! Stand still! Sergeant Ramazan-Ali.
Sergeant Ramazan-Ali.
He's ASF, Boss.
Advance one and be recognised.
Relax, guys, he's our ASF contact.
Salaam alaikum.
Wa alaikum assalaam.
Manchester United! Nah.
Derby County me, mate.
Support your local team, mate.
Manchester United plays in red and Manchester City plays in blue.
What is this going on? You? Who you? I'm a red, mate.
Liverpool? Me and you are going to fall out, mate.
He says the ANA at the check point will make radio contact with him as the truck approaches.
So what now then, Boss Man? We wait out.
All right? That Ramazan-Ali's a bit of a case, isn't he? Yeah, bit of a nut case.
It's a bit worrying that he's the best that we've got at the check point.
It's going to be all right.
What is? Everything.
We're going to have Badrai by the short and curlies and back at Bastion before breakfast has finished.
You were all gloom and doom a few moments ago with your mum's premonition and everything.
I just know everything's going to be all right.
Perfect, in fact.
You're wearing my mum's ring and we're going home! Calm down, mate, it's around me neck not me finger.
When I first came out here to Afghan, I honestly didn't give a toss what happened to me.
But now Stop talking bollocks, Smurf.
Fair play! It's funny though, innit? When you think about it.
What? Well, I just wish I'd text you back.
I knew you were keen on me but I knew I was coming to Afghan.
"Keen on you"? Dream on, mate.
If I'd have called you back and we'd met up, who knows what might have happened? I do.
I'd have ended up killing you before you got on that plane to Afghan.
Funny though, innit? How everything works out.
Like the bullet that got Geraint.
Thousand to one they reckon.
Fraction of an inch either side and he'd still be alive.
That's all I mean, if I'd have called you and we'd met up after that night round the back of the Indian takeaway maybe we'd be together, maybe Smurf, go back to Newport.
Find someone who deserves you.
Well done, Dawes.
It's all looking ship shape.
I've packed most of it in the med bergan, Boss.
In case we need it at the CP.
It's not an ideal situation if we're attacked from the south up here.
We just wait out for that truck and for Badrai.
You OK? Why wouldn't I be? I have a son.
He's part of my life.
Of course I wanted to tell you but the appropriate moment never came up.
You really hurt me.
All I want is to make you happy.
Well, you fucked up big time.
In that ditch, when the thunder Frightened the life out of me.
In that moment a lot of things flashed through my mind.
I thought it was the end.
So did I.
I turned and looked at you and you were all I wanted.
I want you to be the last thing I see.
Boss Man, target on the way! Ramazan-Ali has comms from the checkpoint.
They will stop the truck.
We await instruction.
Right, everyone, prepare.
Kit up.
The truck is approaching the first check point.
Sir, they're letting it through.
It's crossing the bridge.
- What's he saying, Qaseem? - He's making sure they stop the truck.
We're going to lose him, Sir! They've got it at the second barrier.
It's stopped, Sir.
Right guys, listen in.
We're together and we're in one piece.
And that's how we're going to leave once we've ID'd Badrai.
Is that understood? Sir.
I am proud to serve alongside each and every one of you.
You make me the soldier I am.
Baz, lead out.
Yes, Sir.
Boss I've clocked him, Baz.
He don't feel right, does he? It's the ones you can't see you got to watch out for.
Everyone take up your positions.
Smurf, you're with me.
Farmer Giles still having a gawp at us.
Smurf, eyes on that farmer and covering west.
You're to examine the back of the truck.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Salaam alaikum.
Everything looking as it should do, Dawes? Something ain't right, Boss.
- Was that contact? - Take cover.
Smurf? What the fuck are you doing?! Come on you wanker, go for your weapon! Smurf, what he fuck are you doing? Does that farmer even have a gun? Go for your weapon! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Put your gun down, Smurf.
- Is he an insurgent, Boss? - Has he got a weapon? Smurf, what the fuck happened? You.
That's what fucking happened.
What are you talking about? You've ruined everything.
- What? - I looked in.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about but you will put your gun down now, Smurf.
Are you all right, Smurf? Boss, what the hell's going on? Hold your positions! Smurf, put your gun down.
Worried I might shoot you? What's happening? Is the target in the truck, Boss? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about but you will put your gun down now, Smurf.
Lower your gun now, Smurf.
I'd have laid down my life for you, Boss.
And Molly.
Private Smith.
Lower your gun now.
That is an order.
But she wants you to be the last thing she sees.
Sir, we need to ID the people in the truck and get it moving.
Me and Geraint were identical twins and yet I was always the ugly one.
How's that possible? I always got the shit end of the stick.
Everyone loved him.
I did.
You did.
And then, for the first time in my life I found love, and then suddenly everything felt right, everything felt like it should.
And what happens? The man who I trust more than anyone else in this world smashes me in the face with the shit end of the stick.
Dylan Smith, you are endangering this entire mission and the lives of your fellow soldiers! You do not bring personal on to the battle field, is that understood? You did.
Boss! Boss! Boss, it's Badrai! He's in the burka.
Everybody take cover! Man down! Man down! Captain James is down! One Cat A, urgent med-evac required! MIST out, wait out.
Zero this is amber three zero bravo.
One Cat A.
Urgent medivac required.
Just stay with me, all right? You're going to be all right.
I'm going to get you out of here.
Molly keep your head down! Get the fuck down, Smurf! Two Cat A, urgent med-evac required! Repeat, urgent med-evac required.
Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Zero this is amber three zero bravo.
Emergency med-evac required.
Wait out.
Smurf, I'm going to need a bit of self-help.
Can you get a tourniquet on that? Stay with me, Sir, all right, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Molly! Oi, that's Dawes to you.
Smurf! How's Smurf? Where is he? Did he take a hit? Put direct pressure on this, Boss.
How you doing? Smurf? How's he doing, Molly? He's doing all right, aren't you, Smurf? I dunno, Moll.
Yes, you are.
You're going to get better.
You're going to get better cos you're taking me to Vegas.
You still want to go? More than anything in the world.
I promise you.
Direct pressure.
Put direct pressure on that.
Can anyone confirm he took a hit? How you doing, Boss? No, you have to treat Smurf.
I'm treating both of you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Where the hell is he? Does anyone have eyes on Badrai?