Our Girl (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 - Come back to me.
- I will.
- Why can't you just be my mate! - Because I love you! How did you propose to your wife? You're married and you didn't think to say? We've split up.
Molls, I'm going to give you something now and no strings attached.
You've ruined everything.
You do not bring personal into the battlefield.
- Is that understood? - You did.
Am I going to die? Move! Bashira.
She's safe.
Not any more.
GUNFIRE HE GROANS Two Cat A urgent medivac required.
GUNSHO Where are they? Get to the hospital.
Molly? - Jackie, what's happening? Where are they? - Calm down Boss man? Is he going to be all right? I've got to go.
Smurf! - He died in the MERT! - What? They had to resuscitate him twice.
- We're going to lose him.
- No.
He's going to be all right.
- What have I done, what have I done? - It weren't your fault.
It was you and the Boss's.
The war rages on You'll be at my side Through it all Through hardships unseen We still survive Fortified.
GUNSHOTS ECHO ECHOING VOICES - down! - Hold your fire! Hold your fire! EXPLOSION How come I wasn't hit, sir? When Badrai got out of that truck firing, why wasn't I hit? I should have been hit, not them.
I'd do anything to make sure they were all right.
I'd swap places in a flash.
I'd like you to have a chat with the doctor.
- Can you sort that, Corporal? - Sir.
I'm not mad, sir.
I'm just saying that if it was me and not them, then everything would be all right.
- I shouldn't have got involved.
- Involved? If I hadn't got involved with Bashira, then the Boss and Smurf would be fine - and I wouldn't have had to kill anyone.
- They're going to be fine.
How do you know that? Exactly! The others are about to get some scoff.
I think you should join them.
I'll go and find someone to - square Smurf and the Boss's kit away.
- I'll do it.
OK, get it itemised, get it over to the QM's department ASAP so they can get it on the freight to the UK.
And make sure you sanitise it.
We don't want Mrs James finding an unexpected stash of porn, do we? For after our accident We lost our no claims And now I hate those pastel shades That are just within my vision range And you and I we once looked fine Until you split your lip Against the side of my face So why do we bother With all this fighting? Especially at our age.
Wow, nearly didn't recognise you.
It's me.
You look like a teacher! - I am a teacher.
- I should be a detective.
So, you're off to Cyprus now.
Yeah, that's it.
Decompression then normalisation.
Doesn't feel very normal at the moment, though.
It will do.
Takes a long time.
But one day everything feels normal again.
Do you think Bashira's found "normal" yet? She will do.
One day.
Please, Qaseem.
Will you find out where she is and go and see her? Just let me know that she's all right.
Will you do that for me? Please, Qaseem.
Just this one thing.
I know that if you promise me you'll do it, you will.
Cos you're a decent bloke.
Goodbye, Molly Dawes.
SHOUTING AND LAUGHTER VOICES ECHO 'Man down! Man down!' GUNFIRE ECHOES 'Hold your fire ' There you go.
You're a gent.
There ain't many of us left, as me grandad says.
Don't fancy a dip in the sea, no? I can't really swim.
But don't tell that lot of piss-taking tossers.
How'd you get in the Army if you can't swim? Pulled a sickie that day.
There's people here you can talk to, you know.
I'm talking to you.
You know what I'm talking about.
I just want to go home.
This is pointless.
It's decompression.
If we were complete I'd understand.
But we ain't, we're two down.
Look, I know you're pretty loved up by him, but he's in the best possible hands.
Oh, come on, it was a bit obvious.
What? You and Smurf.
Thank God HE's going to be all right.
What do you mean by that? You said thank God HE's going to be all right, like the Boss ain't.
The Boss is going to have to have an operation.
Why? There's been complications.
Is that bad? It's not good, Dawes.
But at least you've got Smurf.
GUNSHO Feeling inconstant would drive me insane EXPLOSION ECHOES Flesh to blood to bone to love Twisted And I know Yes, I know But is this real? And I know Yes, I know But is this real? There's only one thing worse than not having your parents turn up, and that's your parents turning up.
Molls - Molly! - Right on cue! I been worried sick about you.
I'm back now.
Aw you've come back to me.
- Nan! - Nan hired a Corsa for us to get here.
Nice of her, isn't it, eh? She hasn't driven for 20 years and she was shit then.
It's confidence shattering having him sitting next to me.
Seriously, Molls, he's in the back on the way home.
Can you come home before barracks so I can look after you? I'm not coming straight back, Mum.
I've got to go to the hospital and see Smurf and that.
Oh Birmingham.
Well, we'll drop you off, then.
Well, come here! You can't even drive, mate, so wind your neck in! I also can't fly a plane but if I'm being rocked about like I'm on a waltzer I asked you to marry me on a waltzer, didn't I, Belinda? Yeah, just before I spewed my guts up.
Was that cos of the waltzer or the question? I'll pay for the petrol, Nan.
Don't be so daft.
Your dad can.
You tight old mare.
Right, come on, fellas, double it up.
Where's Dawesy gone? Probably gone to make herself beautiful for the journey! For you we'd be waiting a week, Fingers.
- You saying I'm a minger, boss? - I'm saying, have a look in the mirror.
Now on! I happen to know I'm beautiful, me.
Birmingham ain't far, is it? You can just drop me off at a station if you want, I don't mind.
It's fine.
Yeah, we'll take you.
You must be tired.
And you've got your uniform on and all that.
Most people don't hate us, Mum.
Some people actually appreciate us.
And they don't mind you going straight to Birmingham? No, I asked.
It's because I'm the medic.
I'm allowed.
You were never one for rules and regulations, eh? Flesh to bone to blood my love Twisted Is this real? He's in theatre.
The Boss.
What's happening? The first operation last week doesn't seem to have done the trick.
He got rushed in to theatre about an hour ago.
You've come just in time.
Is it that bad? The next 12 hours are apparently You know.
So the nurses have said.
He's a fighter.
Some things you just can't fight.
Smurf, I'm sorry.
I understand if you hate me.
Shut up.
How are you doing? I got a lucky escape.
Hmm not that lucky.
The scars will heal.
Smurf, I know it's all my fault.
I guess you can't help your feelings any more than I can help mine.
Nothing happened between me and the Boss.
I mean nothing actually happened.
It didn't need to, did it? - If I could have my time again - What? - Seriously, what would you do different? - All of it.
I'd do everything differently.
But you'd still love the Boss.
What would you do different? You know.
What? I'd call you after that night.
Who knows how things could have panned out then.
He's going to be in theatre a long time.
Why don't you go and rest? I promised myself I'd wait here.
I'll wait here.
How is he? It was an emergency operation.
No-one expected this latest bleed.
We'll be monitoring him throughout the night - and let's see where we are in the morning.
- Thank you.
Now go and get some sleep.
I'm not going anywhere.
Nor me.
He looks bad.
You can't tell.
Do you want your ring back? - You might need it when - Shut your cake hole.
God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts Guess he kissed the girls and made them cry Those hard-faced queens of misadventure God knows what is hiding in those weak and sunken lives - Fiery thrones - Sorry.
of muted angels Giving love but getting nothing back, oh People help the people And if you're homesick give me your hand and I'll hold it People help the people And nothing will drag you down How did you know we were here? I'm not sure you are.
Well, I'm drug free, and I can see you, so I guess I must be here.
Smurf? - I'm drug free too, Boss.
- Are you? Are you talking about hospital drugs? Oh, yeah, I'm full to bursting with them.
Can't give me enough.
I dunno what I was thinking, Boss, I lost control.
We all did.
Taught me I'm no soldier.
I'm proud to have served alongside you, Smurf.
Anyway, I'm not missing the hospital breakfast.
You going? I've seen the Boss.
I'm outta here.
How are you feeling? You're going to be all right.
DOOR OPENS Hello, scamp.
Mum! Mum! They didn't rub it off! They didn't rub it off! This is someone who helped Daddy in Afghanistan.
- I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her.
- Yeah, sorry about that.
You're funny! What I mean is she saved my life.
I would have bled out if it weren't for her prompt actions.
- I better go.
- Oh, don't go on my account.
I I better go.
It's good to see you, Dawes.
I thought it was you.
I saw you from the car park.
Have you seen him? He's going to be all right.
I promise.
She's saved me twice now, haven't you, Dawesy? Put that bloody phone down, you'll affect the hospital machines and what not.
That's bollocks, Mum.
Like having phones in planes.
Doesn't do anything, they just don't want people talking away and annoying each other.
PHONE BEEPS Guess what? They're on their way.
SHOUTING AND CHATTER Smurfy! Where is he? Where's old "sick note"? THEY CHEER Dawesy.
Oh, no, you're only allowed two visitors at a time.
We're war heroes.
No rules! I know what you're going to say.
And fair enough, I'll take the bollocking.
Well, you wanted to get up here and see Smurf.
And we do have a modicum of compassion in the British Army.
- So I ain't in trouble? - No.
But you are coming back to the barracks with us, though.
Understood? How is he? Take a look! Well, you know he's been through a lot on tour.
- Understandable he - We all know what he did.
We all respond to contact in different ways.
I just want to make sure there are no repercussions for him.
Look, while you're all here I might go and get a drink.
CHATTER AND LAUGHTER Smurfoid, good to see you, pal.
Has Rebecca gone? She went whilst I was on my second tour.
You know what I mean.
I wasn't very good at the life she wanted.
What life was that? Settled, I guess.
Not so good at that.
Always preferred being on tour, living out of a bergen.
The Army is all I've ever known, it's all I've ever wanted.
I'm sorry.
Until I met you.
I've still got Afghan grime in my hair.
I don't think I could have actually lived with myself if I'd managed to get you killed.
It wasn't your fault.
I was the officer.
I failed you.
And the rest of the platoon.
You didn't fail anybody.
I'm resigning my commission.
It happened on my watch.
What are you going to do? I'm not sure.
What I do know is there's nothing in our way any more.
We don't have to wait out.
Parade! By the left quick march! It doesn't matter here I'm chasing more ideas It doesn't matter here Baby - We are - Parade halt! By the right turn! Step! Front! Stand at ease.
Stand easy! Parade formed up.
Ready for inspection and presentation of medals, sir.
Proud day for my section.
Our CO, Captain James, injured on tour, wrote up a member of our section for an honour six months ago after an extraordinary act of courage.
Private Dawes has been recognised on the operational honours and awards list for her bravery and valour on Op Herrick.
Private Dylan Smith was injured and with no regard to her personal safety, she put his life ahead of her own.
To save a life whilst being willing to sacrifice your own, is above and beyond the call of duty.
Her Majesty The Queen has found it fitting to award Private Dawes the Military Cross.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Here you are, Molls.
We have so got to come to the Palace with you.
Oh, mate, put me down for a bit of that.
We'll have to grab ourselves one of them swanky stretch limos, eh, Molls? Mansfield, we might even get to see your doppelganger.
Doppel-ginga! This muppet reckons he looks like Prince Harry.
About as much as I look like Duchess Kate! I am the proudest dad in the whole world right now, fellas.
- My little girl - Just drop the bullshit now, yeah? That's it, all right.
I don't want to hear any more! How was what I even did heroic? - You deserve it, Molls.
- Course she did.
You heard what that captain had to say.
Yeah, from his hospital bed! Valour and all that.
Bravery on the battlefield.
Oh, here she is! You're a chip off of the old block, ain't ya, Molls? - You all right? - Yeah.
Isn't she brilliant? MOBILE PHONE CHIMES What was that? It's just an e-mail, Nan, relax.
Smurf? What? Nothing.
Come on, it's bloody something.
It's just a friend of mine from Afghan.
Soldier? No, he's a teacher at a university.
They got a university in Af-bleeding-ganistan? Bet they don't have to pay nine grand to go there! He's looking after a little friend of mine.
Well, he's trying to Oh, why is nothing ever simple, Nan? What is it? Come on, tell your nan.
- I'm going for a run.
- Tell me first.
We got this little girl into a safe house in Kabul.
My friend was trying to see her and when he finally got permission he found out she'd been moved.
Now he's got to start the process over.
I'm sure she'll be all right.
Are you? Cos I sure as hell haven't got a bloody clue! It's tearing me apart, Nan.
Why? Because I might've ruined her life.
I might have even killed her.
Kabul is so dangerous I'm going for a run, Mum.
What, round here? You're brave.
Course you are, you're in the Army! Got medals for it.
I might run up to Stratford and run round that park there.
She's going stir crazy.
Just crazy, Nan.
Maybe they can sort us out a double room.
What, you cracking up an' all? You'd have to be insane not to crack up with the life I've had.
TOILET FLUSHES THEY GIGGLE Oh, fuck me, the coven taking the piss again.
- Oh, yeah.
- Actually, I'm thinking of doing an Iron Man next year.
- What's one of them? - Running, cycling, swimming, endurance thing.
Once I've pumped up the tyres on me bike I'm going to be full-time on it.
I'd do anything to get into shape for the woman I love.
Put her down, it's quite vomit inducing.
Did you say you're going out, Molly? I'm going for a run.
Why, are you coming? Starting tomorrow.
Can you get us some rolling papers? I've got some change upstairs.
Nah, it's all right.
I've got 14 grand in the bank.
- Deployment money.
- Get us some baccy an' all, then! Here, I might get you to buy me a new Beemer, eh, Molls, eh?! You'll remember your old man when you're flashing the cash, eh? Not long now and that'll all be luxury houses.
What, round here?! They might have marble worktops but they've still got to look out the window and see you in your pants.
I've been over there.
West Ham.
Told them you've come home a hero.
They said they want you as a guest of honour plus one.
Football? Do it for Daddy, Molls.
I can't afford to go else.
All you got to do is walk around the pitch.
No! Nip over there.
Bloke called Ben.
He'll show you what you got to do.
- No, Dad! - There's a free meal and everything! And I'll get to meet my heroes.
Paolo Di Canio, Paolo Di Canio Paolo Di Canio! EXPLOSIONS ECHO Excuse me You dropped this.
You want to buy - Two, one, go! - Come on.
Mum said upstairs.
Give me that back! It's not fair.
Give it back.
What's the matter with them bits of cheese you've cut off? - Don't like the end bits.
- It's Cheddar, it ain't got any end bits! There's people in the world that would be grateful for that cheese! Some people that are trying to survive in places so frightening MOBILE PHONE RINGS Hello.
'Qaseem, it's me.
' Molly Dawes.
'I'm sorry to call you I just wanted to talk to you.
' Did you get my e-mail? Yeah.
What's happened? 'I'm trying to track her down.
The authorities say that they moved her from the first house because she was in danger.
' Qaseem, we have to find her.
We have to make sure she's safe.
' How the hell do we do that? You deserve another medal for tackling this kitchen.
There was a lump of Marmite under that window that I swear was there before I went on tour.
Well, I'm such a slovenly madam.
MOLLY SNIFFLES I'm dying, Mum.
What are you saying? What you talking about, Moll? - Don't be daft.
- I'm not a hero.
What? I dunno whether what I done in Afghan was good or bad.
I'm just worried that I put that little girl's life in danger.
What little girl? I killed her father.
What have they done to you, Molly? I'll look after you, baby.
I'll always look after you.
- You're with your family now.
- I had her taken away from her family, Mum.
I just need to know that she's all right.
It's all got to have been for something hasn't it, Mum? Yeah, well, you're home now, you're with me.
I dunno what I was thinking, Mum.
It just all seemed possible.
Everything just seemed possible on tour.
And coming home is like coming home is like waking up.
Oh, Molly.
QUIET MURMUR OF CONVERSATION You look beautiful You don't look too shabby yourself.
Even with a limp.
Especially with a limp.
It's cute.
I can see it's a nice place.
The restaurant? No, Bath and that.
Yes Yeah, it is.
So are you going to stay here then, Boss? Charles.
Charles? Are you smirking? No.
What's so fucking hilarious about Charles? What are you going to do? Call me Boss Man for the rest of our lives? - A bit previous there, weren't you? - Well it's chemistry.
I failed that.
Well, you know what I mean.
Do you want me to choose for you? No.
So are you going to stay in Bath then Charles? I've got some rehab at Headley Court and then yeah back here for a bit.
There's worse places to be holed up, I guess.
So how's being back home? Coping? Well, obviously it's a different ball bag with you and that but being back with my parents I just can't sit still.
I can't get a calmness in my night.
It just feels wrong.
Has your CO been in touch? He forwards me on MOD trials and things that I might be interested in.
They want to keep you in.
- What about you? - Nah, I don't think sitting behind a desk is - my kind of bag.
- Ooh, not half.
Sitting behind a desk does my head in ever since school.
There you go.
Kinship is just as undeniable as the difference.
- Whatever.
- I mean maybe we're more alike than we know.
That was obvious from being on tour.
Did you just wipe cabbage on my hand? I didn't want to soil the napkin.
MURMUR OF CONVERSATION What happened on tour I know I failed you I failed myself.
You're not to blame, Molly.
It all just fell to shit.
I hear Afghan when I shut my eyes to sleep and - when I wake up - You think you're back there.
I don't know.
I don't know where I am.
I'm all over the shop.
Which roles has your CO sent you? It doesn't matter.
I thought I saw one about mentoring Afghan medics.
- Don't you want me to stay with you? - I want you to be brilliant.
What does that even mean? Well, it means I love you.
You don't know me.
You only know the me on tour.
You can only see the tip of an iceberg, but you still know it's an iceberg.
Are you calling me an iceberg? THEY CHUCKLE Well, I'd be on that plane with you, given half the chance.
You think I should go.
I don't think you've got a choice.
You're part way through a journey.
I'm looking for something.
I'm just crapping myself at what I might find.
And you're not going to find it stuck here with me.
Driving me back and forth to rehab.
I can't drive.
I'm all right.
Thank you.
I've been desperate to kiss you since we first kissed.
My parents are at Lake Garda.
The house is empty.
SHE CHUCKLES What's funny? - There is nothing funny about that.
- It's just the way you said it, like you were desperate to lure me back.
Well, did it work? Well, I thought I was going to have to go halves on a Travelodge.
When I close my eyes I hear you singing Singing me a song that I'll forget I always forget I try to trick myself back to sleeping You pick me up But I let you down It was so clear but now it's gone I couldn't keep my eyelids shut Why can't you stay Stay Stay What is it? What did we have on our first ever date? - Wimpy on the Barking Road.
- Exactly.
- Ice cream floaters! - Yes! DOORBELL RINGS Door! What is it, kittens? How do you work that one out? What is it, then? Who ordered that? Here, - did you order anything, Mother? - Relax dad.
It's for me.
Right, come on you sad Welsh twat.
Where are you? We are going to Vegas, for a laugh.
How much are the flights, then? I dunno.
It's a bit confusing.
Like 700 odd quid by the looks of it.
That's for economy.
We're not going economy.
Hark at you.
Premium economy, a grand and a bit.
Five grand for Upper Class.
That's a bit more like us, innit? - No.
- Come on! My treat! You ain't spending that amount of dough on flights.
I'll go with you instead, Smurf.
Seriously, mate, you'll have a lot better time with me.
Thanks, Dad.
Do they really call it "Upper Class"? That's sick.
Yeah, they might as well call the other two Middle Class and Lower Class and just be done! Well, I'm booking Upper Class.
I've got loads of money to get rid of.
This screen's really doing my nut in.
You might be going to need glasses.
Oh, don't say that! Do you reckon? - You getting headaches, Smurf? - Yeah! Well, that's it, then.
- You need glasses.
- Jeez, what's next? - Grey pubes? - Ha, ha! She's got them, ain't you, Belinda!? Try them.
You'd look all right in specs.
THEY ALL LAUGH Fucking cockneys! You just see them on the telly all the time and I dunno I could never get tired of being in one! A black taxi? Yeah, I can't stand London but I love buses and black cabs.
You have to pay, you know.
I've got loads of money.
No class, mind! That's true.
Not long now, Molls, and you'll be in there hobnobbing with them all.
I don't think you sit round having a cuppa.
Will you mention me? To Her Majesty? Yeah, I'll tell her what a prize pranny you are.
For Queen and country.
That's what it's all been about, Moll.
Will you stay in? Only till I'm better.
I've got to go and see a psychiatrist.
Really? Yeah, I mentioned I been having these dreams real vivid.
Do you know what I mean? About Afghan? Yeah.
Reliving it every night.
Wake up and the bed's soaking.
I've got to talk it all through with someone.
We're all fragged.
How can we not be? What are you going to do after you leave? My uncle's got a garage in Merthyr.
He's going to fix me up to do an apprenticeship.
To be honest, I only joined up because of my brother.
I don't want to put me mum through another tour.
Yeah, it's probably a good call.
I dunno if I'm ready to quit yet.
You're still bloody coming to Vegas with me.
Especially after I splashed out on that dress.
How did you know what size I was? I asked my mum.
Yeah, I am bloody coming to Vegas with you.
As my best mate.
As your best mate.
More than happy with that.
I know you've set your sights a bit above wife of mechanic in Merthyr.
I've got something that will impress you.
Oh Oh, ho, ho.
OK, I'm a bit impressed! I'm a war hero.
Imagine standing out here in front of 30 odd thousand people on a match day.
I haven't said I'll do it yet.
You've got to.
- Besides, I've only got to walk around the edge.
- Ah, people love soldiers nowadays.
Go for it.
My dad's keen cos he gets a free ticket! He's proud of you.
I dunno I just don't feel like a hero and I find it all a bit embarrassing.
You saved me and your local club wants to honour you.
Don't let them down.
There's a big life ahead and you might not get another opportunity.
It is a big life ahead, isn't it? Yes, mate.
You got to run at life like you're running into the unknown cos that is what you're doing, I suppose.
You never know what's round the corner.
It could be a cliff, could be a I dunno.
Just ignore me.
Everything's going to work out for you, I know it.
If I ever buy a car, can I come to Merthyr and have a free service? Hm mates' rates.
Not free.
Don't push it.
And the Smurfoid takes on one man, beats another and shoots! Goooaaal! Bingo! Goal! West Ham 0, Newport 3! Smurf, what are you doing? Smurf? HE MUTTERS Sometimes I dream he's still alive and I wake up and I wonder if somebody's dead.
Smurf, what's the matter? HE MUTTERS Smurf, I can't understand a word of what you're saying Smurf, Smurf, talk to me.
Where does it hurt, Smurf? Smurf, talk to me, OK.
Don't do this, don't fucking do this! Someone get me an ambulance! Smurf, just stay with me, all right.
Smurf, talk to me.
Smurf Smurf I have been - Your champion - SIREN WAILS So why do you walk away? I bought you the sky And the oceans too By the look in your eye The only thing I couldn't do Was fail for you Don't ask me to fail for you "Every morning when I wake, Dear Lord, a little prayer I make, O please do keep Thy lovely eye On all poor creatures born to die.
And every evening at sun-down I ask a blessing on the town, For whether we last the night or no I'm sure is always touch-and-go.
We are not wholly bad or good Who live our lives under Milk Wood And Thou, I know, wilt be the first To see our best side, not our worst.
O let us see another day! And bless us all this night, I pray, And to the sun we all will bow And say goodbye but just for now.
" I gave the Army my boys.
And they gave me back a flag.
How are you doing? I feel so sad.
How did it go unnoticed? It was such a tiny bleed in his brain that sometimes things are so small that you don't notice them.
Apparently the stress of his shooting could have made the haemorrhage worse.
Who knows? I knew he wasn't right.
He wasn't himself.
I just thought he was nervous and fragged like the rest of us.
I didn't realise it was serious.
If there's anything I can ever do Have you got a TARDIS? I've taken your advice.
I've got a short tour.
Afghan? You need to sort it out.
Your world, and everything in it.
OK? 'You're nearly there.
' So you think I'm crazy too, then? The rest of us are heading out of here you've come back! I'm training Afghan medics.
So I'll be back in Nuneaton and you'll be in Kabul.
You take care, for God's sake! It just feels right.
They used to talk about the "golden hour", how we as medics had the first hour to treat the patient to intervene to save their lives.
Now the talk is of the "platinum ten minutes", and if you think about the narrow window of opportunity it kind of highlights the need for prompt action in the field in order to minimise the loss of limb or life in Afghanistan.
APPLAUSE 'I've found her.
' I want to see her, then.
Please, Molly, it can never happen.
Yes, it can.
I've been excused the VIP lunch.
- We've got two hours.
- Then we sit here and talk.
Qaseem, don't do this to me.
Let's go.
She is fine.
We have moved her into a safe place.
I look forward to seeing it.
You don't have to compromise your safety to see what I am telling you.
Yes, I do.
Please, come on.
I'll go on my own, Qaseem.
You know that, don't you? Yes.
You couldn't have just written to her like any normal person? I ain't a normal person, Qaseem.
You know that.
This is true.
I'm giving you my 14 grand deployment money so that she can have an education and everything that she needs to have a life.
Besides, I know you won't spend it on wine, women and song.
I like a nice song.
You will look after her for me, won't you? The guards know me.
I will tell them you are my wife.
Can't I just be your glamorous younger sister? The children do lessons in the morning and then they come into that courtyard there.
When they arrive, we walk out I talk to the guards.
You have one minute with Bashira and then back in the car.
EXCITED CHATTER OK, the children are coming.
I will open the door for you.
- How are you? - Hi.
You well? Good to see you This is my wife.
We have just come to see Bashira.
Just for a few moments.
What, you're not going to talk to her? Look at her, Qaseem.
Molly! Right, listen up.
Stay alert, stay focused, stay alive.
Disasters happen when we are not 100% on it.
We lose lives through catastrophic bleeding.
Our actions in the first few moments will either save a life or lose a life.
You are the most important people on the ground.
Missed me?