Our Girl (2014) s02e00 Episode Script

Georgie & Elvis

Here come the cavalry.
What the ?! Armed vehicle on its way, let's go.
- Brilliant work today, Private.
- Thanks, boss.
- So you're off to Bastian? - Mm-hm.
We've been summoned to the Ukraine.
So I just wondered, maybe, you know, before we part if you wanted to see me when we get back to the UK.
- No.
- No? Nobody says no to me.
Two golden rules in life.
- One: - Right.
- never go out with a soldier.
- Right.
Right? Two: never go out with a guy who's already taken.
So sorry.
Fair enough.
Deb I found a woman of my dreams on this tour.
I think I've fallen in love with her.
Therefore, you and I are no longer an item A bit harsh.
I've only been out with her twice.
Press send.
Do your own dirty work.
So she would have got it by now.
Yeah, well, rule one still applies.
- You're a soldier, sorry.
- Oh, come on.
Can't count Special Forces in that.
Rule one applies to squaddies only, surely.
Oh, come on, bullshit aside, I mean it.
Team up with me when we get back to the UK.
The thing is I'm exactly the wrong type for you, Elvis.
I have no intention of settling down ever.
- Ready? - Yeah.
No, I am not getting in that thing with you.
Come on, I'm not flying it.
One of my mates is putting in for his pilot's licence and needs to get some hours in.
Don't worry, there is an instructor, I just asked him to drop us off somewhere.
- Where? - It's a magical mystery tour.
OK, so you think flying me off somewhere romantic is going to woo me.
I know you're not that shallow.
I'm taking you to meet my Italian family.
What, we're going to Italy? Hoddesdon, deal with it.
Tell me that wasn't the best meal you've ever had.
It was the loudest.
So when did your family move over? Let's see, my great grandparents were Italian prisoners-of-war.
Moved over here to Hoddesdon.
After the war they didn't want to go back.
So here we all are.
That makes my Manchester roots look a bit dull.
Not to me.
Look down there, what's that? - What? - There.
Fish it out, have a look.
- What, and risk getting Lyme disease? - I think you'll live.
Looks like one of those message in a bottle things, fish it out.
Go on.
- Hold this please.
- Yeah.
And that, thank you.
What do you reckon? Turn round.
Bottle, please.
Thank you.
What did you say? You'll never know.
Mate! You couldn't grab that bottle for us, could you? Do you want me to pack these T-shirts? They'll crease before you get them to Africa.
I'm so proud of you.
- I always wanted to do voluntary work.
- Yeah, got to go.
Heading to the airport, see you in Ethiopia.
Got work to do.
Need a medic.
Humanitarian mission.
On the Somali border.
I hope you told him where to stick it.
You tell me everything's all right out there.
It's it's different.
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