Our Girl (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 1

1 Memories lie There's no such thing as a perfect life Oh, and I let it die But looking back I can't remember why Oh, my beautiful summer How the winter makes me wonder where you've gone.
Elvis? Now I'm going to kill you.
You know, I could get out of this but it would involve inflicting much pain upon your personage.
You reckon? - Hi.
- Hi.
We're getting married tomorrow! - Mm-mm.
Day after tomorrow.
- Are you sure? - Mm-hm.
- Are you sure? Oh, no, shit.
No, it is tomorrow.
Listen, when I'm done here, I've gotta get back, babe.
- No, uh-uh.
- It's a full-on day.
I've got to bring the car back to London, I've got to try my suit on.
When you're done here? You cheeky bastard.
Do you think when they're married, he'll still be sneaking in her bedroom window? They'll be in married quarters so he won't need to.
Can I go through my speech one more time? No.
Just go to sleep.
It's bloody good, though, isn't it? Moving and hilarious.
Yes, love.
Oh, gross! I'd rather listen to your speech than them bonking next door.
What've you been up to, you dirty, horrible degenerate? Nothing, just been, erm, practising my wedding dance with your sister.
Oh, yeah, bet you have(!) - Oi! Tarring me with your brush, again.
- Morning.
What's going on? Erm, I am just about to head back to London, to try my glad rags on.
Not getting married in your birthday suit, then? No, can't afford the bridesmaids fainting at the altar, can we? They've been practising their wedding dance apparently.
Oh, aye? What's your wedding dance then, Elvis? You going to be shaking your funky stuff on the dance floor, Elvis? - Can't tell you.
- Hey, are you going to serenade us? I mean, your mum must have called you Elvis for a reason.
I can't tell you, it's classified! I can hold a tune, me.
- Yeah? Mm.
- Well, listen, it's our dance, it's our special song and you lot are all going to love it.
- Oooh! - See you later.
Paper dreams, honey Mmm-hm-hm So now you pour your heart out You're telling me you're far-out You're not about to lie down for your cause You don't pull my strings Cos I'm a better man Moving on to better things Well, uh-oh, oh, I love her because she moves in her own way Well, uh-oh, oh, she came to my show just to hear about my day And at the show on Tuesday She was in her mind-set Tempered furs and spangled boots Looks are deceiving Make me believe it And these tiresome paper dreams - Thanks.
- Thank you.
Hey, can I just say Please don't say anything, Dad.
If you make me cry, my mascara runs, I look like a panda.
- I'm going to get your train.
- OK.
Thank you.
So I think, when I get married, Dad, I'm going to have a horse and carriage.
That's what your dad wants for his funeral.
Well, maybe we can make a deal with the company and get a discount, eh? Can we hurry up? My hair's going to frizzle.
Even with frizzled hair you're still too good for him.
Right, family, are we ready? Are we ready? Come on! Yes, I wish that we never made it through all the summers Down through the suburbs Yes, I wish that we never made it through all the summers Hi! Good to see you.
Ahh, you look so smart.
Nice to see you.
Thanks for coming.
You look gorgeous.
Dad, your jacket There you go.
Thank you.
Oh, I've had enough of this.
Oh, hello, Grandmother's coming! Georgie, where is he? He is still coming, in't he? He should be waiting for you, not you waiting for him! Oh, he's always late on parade, it's fine.
The groom should be here before the bride, you know that, don't you? Oh, I know.
I know what he's like.
It's fine.
(Where is he, Dad? What time is it?) It's only five past, we've got the place till half past, don't worry! Have you spoken to him this morning? (No.
) What's going on? Er can we go somewhere private? Yeah.
- Is everything all right? - Who's that? I'm so sorry, Georgie.
He said Tell me again.
He said that he can't go through with it.
And that's it? Why's he done this to me? Dad! It's all right.
Let it out.
Let it out.
So, on the cry of "man down", you get to the body as soon as you can, making sure of your own personal safety.
Why, Jenkinson? Erm, so Sorry, I'm not sure, Staff.
Because a dead medic is no use to their platoon.
So once it is safe, and you've done your 5s, your 20s, proceed to the casualty.
Carry out your primary survey -- C, A, B, C.
Yeah? Catastrophic bleed, airway, breathing, circulation.
So what do we do, Cox? Yeah, erm, check the airwaves and then make sure Airway, Cox.
Erm Erm Catastrophic bleed, airway, breathing, circulation .
deformities, environment exposure.
Cox, airway.
You're all right, relax.
- Sir.
- Relax.
All right, Georgie, how have you been? Yeah, good, thanks, sir.
How's things with you? Yeah, very well, thank you.
Molly's back in Afghan.
Yeah, I heard.
She's working with the training and advisory team.
You probably know that already.
So what you doing here? Final mission-specific training on the moors before Kenya.
You going Kenya? Humanitarian mission.
Outreach project in the refugee camps on the Somali border.
Well, some of us have to work for a living.
I've just had a word with your CO and he thinks it's a sound idea.
What? Need a medic.
Top of the range, fully loaded, and you fit the bill.
What do you think? Actually, don't answer that now, you can chat it through with your loved ones and tell me in the morning.
And you can say to your new chap that it's only six weeks and you'll be back by Christmas.
Isn't that what they said when they headed out to the First World War? I wouldn't know, Georgie.
I'm not as old as I look.
How do you know that I've got a new chap? Ah.
No secret is safe with social media.
He's a doctor, I believe.
Mm-hm, a notch up from a squaddie.
Well, why don't you think that over? You won't hear from me in the morning.
Why's that? Because I can say "yes" now, sir.
Ooh 14 hour, 12 minute shift.
Yeah! Apartment.
I wish people would only get ill for eight hours a day.
What? It'd relieve the pressure on the NHS.
Well, funny you should say that, because in Afghan - Oh, during the war - Yes.
Yeah Heard it all before.
I got made a rather interesting proposition today.
Oi, you're marrying me.
Tell all the other suitors to back off.
Yeah, well, it's not that interesting.
It's, erm, work.
Yeah, well, it's not that interesting.
It's, erm, work.
A six-week humanitarian mission.
Well, I hope you told 'em where to stick it.
You're on a humanitarian mission in Manchester, looking after me.
Your eyes are rather beautiful.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hm.
Well, the sclera of your eyes are as white as virgin snow.
- I can't I'm sorry! - What? Come on, you see, I try to be romantic and you just throw it back in my face! - Everything is just medical with you.
- Yeah, military with you, young lady! It's six weeks.
OK? You're happy for me to go Kenya? What have they got in Kenya they don't have in Preston? All right, don't answer that.
And once we're married, I won't be doing any more tours away.
Maybe Maybe we should set a date to get married.
Look, I do want to marry you I do, it's just It's just all the shiz that comes with it.
- What shiz? - Everything! - Yeah, but I thought after Sierra Leone you were going to stay based in the UK.
- Yes, and I will be.
You won't even know I've gone.
Hmm? Yeah? I know I'm not exactly Sigmund Freud or anything like that, but it's pretty clear to me that you are refusing to set a date for the wedding because you're shitting yourself that Jamie's going to do an Elvis.
What's doing an Elvis? "Forgetting" to turn up.
Jamie's not going to do that, Georgie, he dotes on you.
So if you ARE going to run off and abandon him, can you please let me know first? Because I'll be all over that boy.
All right.
I'll give you first dibs.
Anyway, I'm not running away, Marie.
You can't bullshit a bullshitter, Georgie.
I know exactly what's going on here, OK? I did GCSE psychology, don't forget.
Yeah, and you failed it.
So then why haven't you told Jamie about Elvis? Look, do you mind buggering off so I can concentrate on packing my kit, please? Ooh Back of the net! What? You are running away, and you haven't told him about Elvis.
I don't give a toss about Elvis.
I ain't thought about him in years so Oh, really? Yeah, it's a six-week humanitarian tour in Kenya, Marie, right? And once we're back, we'll set a date for the wedding.
OK, and that's when you're going to tell him about Elvis, yeah? Do you tell all your boyfriends about your previous relationships? No! And I didn't fail, I got a D! Yeah, for demented! What, into Nairobi? - Yeah.
- And then how many hours' drive? About six, seven.
I bet.
Bloody hell.
Oh! I love a woman in uniform! Come here.
- Let me see you.
- You used to love ME that much, Mother.
In your dreams! You look gorgeous.
- No, I do not.
- Gorgeous.
- Thank you.
Right, guys, we're just going to update you on our current situation and give you your missions and tasks.
We're going to be heading towards the Somali border, here.
We'll be imbedded with the Kenyan army, under the command of Captain Osman, who was, incidentally, at Sandhurst with me.
Firstly, welcome.
I'm looking forward to working with you over the next few weeks.
We're going to be working closely with the Kenyan NGO Kenya Crisis Care.
They are working here at the large refugee camp -- a breeding ground for Al Shabaab.
Many NGOs have been killed, many more have fled, leaving the camp very unstable.
Primarily, we'll be tasked with supporting the Kenyan army in restoring order and assisting the Kenya Crisis Care with delivering medical services to tens of thousands of inhabitants.
The insurgents have a ready supply of weapons from across the Somali border and they are proficient at making IEDs.
We need to stay focused, stay alert and stay alive.
This is effectively a war zone.
Therefore, whilst our mission is primarily humanitarian, we need to protect ourselves.
The situation on the Somali border is anything but straightforward.
When the Brits drew a border between countries, they did it in a straight line which has resulted in the displacement of many ethnic Somalis.
Generally, inside the camps here, they are hostile to the military.
Their men with guns hate our men with guns.
Pretty much.
But also, the NGOs, needing to remain impartial so they can function within the camps, cannot be seen as taking sides with us.
Albeit we're there to help them.
We don't want to add to the confusion within the camp.
We are there to help then we will withdraw to a military base three miles outside the camp.
That's where we'll be based and we'll move into the camp for a specific purpose.
Any questions thus far? No, boss.
Right, guys, get your heads down tonight.
Breakfast tomorrow at 0530 then we move out at 0600.
I like our new medic, boss.
I've got to hand it to you, you've got moves like Jagger.
What does that even mean, Fingers, you weapon-grade scrotum? All right, I'm just saying, hand on my heart, I've had worse.
Oh, so we choose our medics based on their appearance, like a beauty contest? I would.
That's exactly what I'd do.
That's cos you're a bell-end, Monk.
Thanks, boss.
When you're shot, you're unlikely to have a hard-on, so we choose our medics based on their ability to deal with medical emergencies.
I don't know, I reckon I'd still have a raging boner.
All we need now is to get you shot, Monk, then we'll find out.
And that will be arranged if you two don't start getting a shift in! You two shitheads need to switch on, sharpish.
All right, babe, you need a hand? No, I'm all right, thanks.
You married? Just thought I'd get straight to the point.
You'd better crack on, hadn't you? Crack on to you, that's what I'm saying.
I'm engaged.
And I'm here to work.
Got that? I like you already.
Welcome aboard.
- Kicki, the soldiers are here.
- Did they bring the equipment? I'm sure.
They're only just parking up now.
OK, let's go.
- Everyone off.
You all all right? - All good, boss.
- Hey, Kicki, how are you? - All right, and you? Good.
Nafula Captain Osman.
Let me introduce you to Captain James.
Right, C Operation now! Lane, on me! Help! Help! - Approximately - Kicki, come on.
- eight casualties.
Lift them and get them into triage.
Quickly! Don't move them until they've been assessed! Let's get 'em stable first.
I need tourniquets and morphine from my med Bergan ASAP.
Come on, move.
We become a target here! Get down! Contact? Has anybody got eyes on? I think one shooter! No, three, 200 metres, hillside! Don't shoot until you're sure! We need to get them extracted, now! Into triage, quickly! Escort casualties! - Lift on three.
- Yeah? One, two, three Go! Right, mate, we'll take over.
Hi, sir.
Hi, can you hear me? - Can you tell me your name? - Soon as he's off - .
I want you back outside.
- We're going to get you to a doctor as soon as we can, OK? Put pressure there for me, yeah? Push down.
- One, two, three - Push down, yeah? We have to take his blood pressure.
I have been in this camp for ten years.
Which I think beats your seven minutes.
I was worried, all right? If we moved him he would've bled out.
Not moving them would have resulted in a bullet in the head.
For them as well as us.
- We've got morphine so we can give them pain relief until the doctor arrives.
- Doctors(?) We We treat them as best we can until it's safe to get the most seriously injured to hospital.
Where are the doctors? Gone.
Gone? German doctor was taken hostage last week and the rest of her team withdrew to the hospital in the city.
That's the reality Lane.
Kicki, we need you.
- We have a head trauma that I don't understand.
- I'm here.
What, from the fire? Why would you have it from the fire? Right, night, lads.
- Night.
- Goodnight.
Give us a shout if you get lonely, sugar tits.
Monk! I don't want you to think I'm a humourless Northern bird but one more comment from you and I will inject you with a serum to make your cock shrivel to the size of your brain.
You just got told! She can handle herself.
Oh, yeah, she's good.
Like, everything's a bit out of control.
'My grandparents went to Kenya, said it was lovely.
' Well, we're in a bit of Kenya that I doubt your grandparents came to! 'Can't be as bad as Afghan, can it?' Erm It's It's different.
'Are you OK?' Yeah, miss you.
'I miss you too.
Look, tell me everything's all right out there.
' Maybe I can do something good.
Medic, are you decent? I've gotta go, OK? Love you.
'All right.
Stay safe.
' Yeah, come in.
Sorry to disturb you, Medic, have you got any painkillers? Yeah, yeah.
What's the matter? Oh, I've just got a headache.
It's the heat and lack of sleep All right, keep hydrated, yeah? I just wanted to check you were OK.
You know, what with Kicki and that.
I thought you were 100% right, if that's any help.
I'm fine.
Thanks, Brains.
You know, under normal circs we shouldn't have moved those people till they'd been assessed.
Well, I don't think that normal circs exist round here.
Everything all right here, Brains? Yeah, boss.
Sorry, boss.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
I'm just getting everything ready for tomorrow.
Do you think it's safe to leave supplies in camp? Ah, we can ask Kicki about that in the morning.
Well, she has been here for ten years, boss.
I know! I imagine six weeks is going to feel like a lifetime to us.
It's good to have you on the team, Lane.
I was worried you might say no because of the friends I keep.
He's not Voldemort, you can actually mention his name, you know.
Well, it was horrible and I think Elvis could have handled it better.
It was the best thing that never happened to me.
Have you heard from Elvis at all, caught up on his news? Nope.
Honestly, boss, I'm so not interested.
Look, I know he's a complete tosser but But he's your mate.
I know.
Yeah, he's a good mate.
Not a good boyfriend, obviously, but as a mate Can we Can we just get on with the tour? I realise he's your mate but can we just shut the door on yesterday, please, boss? Get some shuteye.
Tomorrow may well be momentous.
Lane? Lane Lane.
Lane, you need to wake up.
What's happened? What is it? They've taken Kicki.
What do you mean? They smashed their way into the Kenya Crisis Care base.
She's been taken hostage by terrorists as yet unknown.
We need to get down there and calm the situation.
- ASAP, please, Lane.
- Boss.
Right, guys, debus.
We're supporting the Kenyans with crowd control.
Calm the situation and get these people away from the med centre.
'How? 'How can anybody do this?' If you guys hadn't have come, maybe none of this would have happened.
Your presence with your guns has stirred their anger We're here to help.
Well, it hasn't helped.
Everything's ruined! Look I don't know how things are ever going to get better.
Or how to carry on any more.
Right, guys, in here now! We'll bring in all med re-supplies, get you back up and running.
House party carnage! Learn when to keep quiet, Fingers.
Right, you and Monk go and get a truck.
Bring it down here and start loading this up and get this place - cleared ASAP.
- Sir.
- Kingy.
Right, fellas, you know what to do.
Weapons and helmets down here, let's get this squared away! Lane Captain James.
Intelligence suggests an Al Shabaab-inspired group, but possibly a breakaway faction working on their own.
MoD up to speed on all events.
Our special forces are out looking already.
We've got to get this facility up and running today, boss.
People will die without this care.
You're in your own time now.
They've been onto the Swiss Embassy.
They're trying to contact her family.
But we're her family.
I'm her family.
You know, this was her life We were all that she knew, all that she cared about.
Without her She'll be looking at you to carry on, Nafula.
Every minute of every day, she was saving lives.
We're not just going to let her life's work go to waste, Nafula.
Let's bring all the supplies in, yeah? See as many patients as we can.
They took the computer.
Kicki and others were working on a database of patients How long have you been working here? Not as long as Kicki, but this is my life too.
What's this? Kicki's Dictaphone.
Maybe it's not broken.
Is that Kicki? Thank you, Lane.
She was dictating notes when they came in.
She obviously had the gumption to leave it running.
Captain Osman will now be passing this to Kenyan intelligence.
Where is she, what are they doing with her? Undercover Kenyan special forces are imbedded in Al Shabaab.
They'll find out where she's being kept and we'll do all we can to bring her back alive.
You don't exactly sound massively optimistic! Right.
On me.
They're trying to stop a flood with I dunno, a fishing net.
We're here to do a job, Lane.
Let's focus on the task in hand.
I don't even know what that means any more.
What can I do? We need to do a quick assessment, divide them into urgent and non-urgent cases.
Urgent on the right and we'll try to see them today.
Life-threatening at the front.
We're doing all we can, Nafula.
- Mother with babies here - Go on.
It's worse than Manchester Royal Infirmary on a Friday night, mate.
All right, boys, look, your Amazon delivery is here.
Guys, how about helping with the fridge? And the med kit needs to be taken into the triage ASAP.
You struggling? Shut up, Monk.
We had one fridge all the way through my childhood.
You must have been poor, then, Dangles.
I always thought we were quite rich until I started going out with Glynis.
You're joking! What's wrong with Glynis, man? We've all seen Glynis Please keep calm.
What is that? Is that a Tic Tac? Kicki's idea.
Not everyone, but some people just need a little pill.
My mother, for a start.
Really? It seems to keep them quiet and makes them feel better.
Tic Tac! Good tac-tics, eh, Lane(?) Can you ask him how long he's had this? - Two years.
- Two years.
Right, let's clean it up and dress it as best we can.
Have you got any antibiotics? Just flip him over for me.
Going to flip you over, sir.
There you go.
Just hold that nice and tight for me, there.
Thank you.
Keep it down.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Georgie.
Got a kid with a mouthful of maggots, Medic.
We're walking past this kid and I smiled at him, and when he smiled back all these maggots fell out.
- Straight up, boss.
- My dad was a fisherman, boss.
24-carat maggots.
We're here to help.
Calm, calm.
Come here.
What's your name, darling? - Jomo.
- Jomo.
- Jono? - Jomo.
OK, Jomo.
Bit of a pen and ink in the old north and south, eh, Georgie? OK.
I'm going to look after your son, sir.
Lie back for me, darling.
There you go.
Open your mouth.
Your mouth.
Open your mouth for me.
Yeah, the tooth is very loose.
I'm going to have to extract.
Erm, will you get me some lignocaine gel, please? Have you ever done an extraction before, Lane? Erm, only on myself, but I was seven years old.
All right, I'll pull the tooth out, then we'll flush the infected area out with saline, OK? - Can I have the forceps, please? - Need a hand, Lane? Yeah, Monk.
- There you go, darling, thank you.
- What do you want me to do? Just hold his head, very gently, yeah? There you go, darling.
That's good, thank you.
I'll try and get as many of the maggots out as we can.
OK, keep your mouth wide for me.
OK? That's it.
- You're going to be all right.
- You're going to be eating crisps in no time.
Shh, shh, shh.
There you go.
A few more, a few more, it's OK.
That's it.
Right, just keep him really still, OK? You're going to feel a little tiny bit of pain and then you're going to be fine.
Yeah, it's going to be over.
Yeah? OK.
Monk, just hold his head tight for me, yeah? Reassure him.
What? Reassure him.
Shh! Reassure him.
She came from Greece She had a thirst for knowledge She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College That's when I Caught her eye Gauze in.
There you go.
Monk, you've stopped singing.
A maggot landed on my hand, you threw me out of my stride.
Did Kicki go home often? - Back to Switzerland? - No.
Why? There's never a quiet moment in the camp.
How about you? Do you manage to get back home? Let's just say that when my grandfather passed away, we had an outbreak of malaria.
You didn't go back home? I couldn't leave Kicki.
You need to sort your work/life balance out, young lady.
What does that mean? Seriously, you need to find some time for you.
But there's work to be done.
Well, are you going to get married, have your own family? That's not for me to decide.
Your parents? No, Allah.
Are you married? Erm, well, no, I'm engaged.
To a doctor.
He should come out here.
Is he a nice man? Of course! I wouldn't be marrying him if he wasn't pretty perfect.
He's perfect? Yeah.
Yeah, he is, Nafula.
Perfect for me anyway.
I think I might end up married to the Kenyan Crisis Care like Kicki.
Yeah, but look at Kicki.
Sacrificed everything and Life is about sacrifice.
But it shouldn't be about regret, should it? No.
- Kicki's watch.
- Mm? This one.
She was very proud of that.
It was very special.
She said it kept absolute perfect time, although she always kept it five minutes fast.
I need to go and see Captain James.
Are you all right here on your own for a sec? I'm hardly on my own I've half the Kenyan army outside.
Jomo's father had that watch! Or one like it.
No, I'm pretty sure it was that one, boss.
It's not in our remit to start investigating petty theft, Lane.
But it's not exactly petty theft, though, is it? He must know something about her abduction.
Let's get Kenyan intelligence to investigate.
- We can't just abandon her, boss.
- We're not abandoning her.
But it feels like she's been abandoned to me.
Then you don't understand.
Our sources are looking at likely safe houses So, are we going to investigate? Once we've ascertained for sure, we move in.
Your passion and your information are appreciated.
As I've already said, Lane, we're here to do a job on this camp.
And that job is so colossal we need to focus on that.
And that job will be made a whole lot easier if we find Kicki.
Thank you, Lane.
'There were these clowns in the cancer ward today.
' Clowns? 'Yeah, yeah, but we're not allowed to call them clowns.
' Why not? 'Well, cos so many people have clown phobias.
' So what do you call them, then? 'Er chuckle monsters.
' You taking the piss?! 'No!' All right, well I think I might have a chuckle-monster phobia.
'Oh, yeah? Well, I think I might become a chuckle monster.
' Why not? If we're not careful, life's going to slip through our hands without us realising.
'Oh, what?! 'What, do you do you feel like life is slipping though your hands?' Erm Today I do, yeah.
'Have you been putting your sunblock on?' Yeah the sun's got to me! Let's just get married.
As soon as I get back.
'You serious?' Mm-hm! You know, I don't want a huge thing.
'I'm down for it.
' How many babies we going to have? 'I'll think about it and text you.
' OK.
Lane, you decent? - Got to go.
- Lane? Yes, boss.
Come in, boss.
As you were, Lane.
- I've got some very interesting intel coming in.
- Boss? An eyewitness has seen a Western woman being taken into a dwelling.
Kicki? It's looking hopeful, Lane.
And this individual has been seen frequenting the place.
Jomo's father.
O Group, mission briefing 0600.
Mission briefing? Need a combat medic.
Full battle.
Well done, Lane.
Thank you, boss.
Gents, sit up! Relax, guys.
We're about to embark on an operation to help Captain Osman and his men.
Kenyan intelligence have got eyes on this dwelling.
It's an Al Shabaab dwelling known to be frequented by Mr Sidiq, among others.
He is well known around camp and has many contacts there, that's why this morning's operation needs to be swift the element of surprise on our side.
As the Kenyan army always do the morning sweep around town, our presence will not be unexpected.
Any questions? No, sir.
ETA two minutes.
Focus on, guys.
Prepare to move Two alphas.
Keep eyes on.
'I repeat, keep eyes on.
' Perimeter secure.
Right, we're searching and clearing.
Charlie Fire team on me.
Delta, right-flank it.
Prepare to move Move! Lane.
Two fatalities here and attend to this one.
Yes, boss! Delta Fire team, push up.
Keep your hand pressed down firmly on your neck for me, all right? There we go, keep the pressure on.
Delta Fire team, push up.
Cut! - Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Charlie team! Dangles, cover this door.
Mansfield, Monk, on me.
Eyes for hostage.
Check for captive.
(One, two, three) Monk, on me.
Move! Move! Move! - Go onto the balcony! - Balcony clear.
- Stand up slowly! - Stand up now! - Stand up now! - Get up, get your hands on your head.
- Put your hands on your head.
- Turn tound now! Brains, turn him to me now.
Positive ID.
Right, that's dressed, that should staunch the bleed Let's give you something for the pain.
Dwelling clear! Lane, need you.
Hey, it's all right Remember me? Remember me, yeah? We obviously had to search him in case he was booby-trapped.
Hence his distress.
It's all right.
Your father's all right, I've seen him.
He's alive, they're just taking him to the police station.
Does he speak English, Lane? You understand me, don't you, Jomo? It's all right.
Let's get you looked after.
OK? Where's your mother? Dead.
I'll be outside.
All right We'll take you back to the camp, with Nafula.
Do you remember Nafula? They're looking for a lady from the camp Kicki.
Do you know Kicki? Was Kicki here? Is she still here now? Where was she? Boss! Boss! Right, this is now a crime scene.
No-one contaminate anything.
I'll leave the police here on guard.
Let's get the injured to hospital.
Kenya Crisis Care ambulance on the way, boss.
ETA three minutes.
Nice one, Kingy.
Right, guys, listen in.
Good work out there today.
If I had to single out a man of the match, I'd give it to Lance Corporal Lane.
- Thanks, boss.
- You've always had a thing for the medic, boss.
Strike one, Fingers.
- Sorry.
- Her interventions led to the arrest of several Al Shabaab figures in there today.
This is exactly how it started with Molly.
Strike two, Fingers.
Right, guys, stay here.
Lane, on me.
I'll need to go with him, boss.
If he crashes and there's no-one medical in the ambulance You do know he's Al Shabaab, Lane? I need to keep him stable get him to the hospital alive.
We can't just let him die, boss, whoever he is.
Kingy, get 'em all loaded up, we're escorting the ambulance to hospital.
- Boss? - Lane can't do this on her own.
Mansfield, jump up front in the ambulance.
Kingy, in front of the truck with me.
Eyes on the ambulance throughout.
Let's go! Right, guys, you heard the boss.
Let's go! Good luck, Lane.
Right, that's all done.
Fuck! - You all right back there, Georgie? - He's crashed on me.
Anything I can help with? Fuck all, mate.
Let's just get him to the hospital ASAP.
Right, come on, put your foot down.
Slow down.
Slow down! Watch out.
Move! Get to the right.
Get to the right.
- What's he doing? - No idea.
What's going on? Is everybody OK? Captain Osman, find out what's going on.
What the hell's he doing?! - Contact.
- Yeah.
Take the doctor.
Has anyone got eyes on Lane? 'I am a British citizen being held hostage and will be executed 'at sundown tomorrow if all Al Shabaab fighters' are not released.
You release our fighters or we cut off her head.
The situation has now escalated.
We're soon to be joined by special forces.
What's going to happen to me now? Pow! Please, I'm a medical person.
I can help you and your brothers.
Please! You're under arrest.
You're going to prison.
In what sense are you free? I live at a level of intensity unknown to you and others of your type.