Our Girl (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

1 We're getting married! Tell me again.
- He said that he can't go through with it.
- You going Kenya? Outreach project in the refugee camps on the Somali border.
I hope you told them where to stick it.
Once we're married, I won't be doing any more tours away.
We're going to be working closely with the Kenyan NGO, Kenya Crisis Care.
Generally, inside the camps here, - they are hostile to the military.
- EXPLOSIONS, SCREAMING Come on, move! We've become a target here! SUSTAINED GUNFIRE, SCREAMING - Where are the doctors? - Gone.
- Gone? - That's the reality They've taken Kicki.
They smashed their way into the Kenya Crisis Care base Was Kicki here? SIRENS WAIL He's crashed on me! TYRES SCREECH GUNFIRE CHAIN RATTLES Debus! Debus! Kingy, secure the area! Clear the inside of the vehicle! Delta fire team.
MOVE! Anyone got eyes on Lane? Anyone eyes on Lane? Has anyone got eyes on Lane? Come on, get up! SHE YELLS SHE PANTS HE SPEAKS IN SOMALI - COCKS GUN - Please, I'm a medical person.
I can help you and your brothers.
Please Please! No! Please ! Please! Please! No! Please - SHE SCREAMS, HE FIRES GUN - ALL CHEER DISTORTED PANTING Memories lie There's no such thing as a perfect life Oh, and I let it die But looking back I can't remember why Oh, my beautiful summer How the winter makes me wonder where you've gone.
One casualty.
Mansfield's been shot.
- Come on, move out! - Get him out.
Get him out.
Put him here, put him here.
You're going to be all right, mate.
You're going to be all right.
Fingers! - You got it? - Yeah.
Hiya, mate.
What have you done? Cat A casualty, one individual unaccounted for.
Hot location.
Stabilising casualty returning to zero.
Fingers, nine-niner now.
Am I bleeding out, boss? You're a bleeding nuisance! Keep still.
Don't you let me die out here, boss.
Don't you worry about that, we'll get you back to Mansfield to die.
It's Derby, you knobhead! Dangles, on me, we need to get him back in the truck.
We're evacuating! Medevac from base now.
You'll be all right, soldier.
Where? - You speak English? - I am English.
English? Doctor from ambulance.
- Sort of.
- Sort of? Paramedic.
- They said you were a doctor.
- No, I am a doctor, a paramedic doctor.
SHE WHIMPERS You make him better or we'll kill you! I haven't got any medicines or any basic medical equipment.
Right, I need morphine and I need antibiotics.
If we're across the border I know where we can get some.
Keep your eyes away, off of him! Right, he's lost a lot of blood.
We need to get him to a hospital.
His wound is already infected.
Are we across the border? Are we in Kenya? You don't ask us questions.
Just do your job! CUFFS CLICK, CHAINS JANGLE Let me know if there are any changes with his breathing.
That's why I'm here.
I'm here to help people.
I'm helping set up outreach clinics for people who are too ill to go to the hospital.
- Are we across the border? - Silence! What's going to happen to me now? IMITATES GUNSHO SHE WHIMPERS You're going to be all right now, Mansfield! Where's Georgie? We're going to find her and get her back.
Let's go.
After three.
One, two, three! Lift! - All right, boys?! - Here, take this.
I couldn't breathe with it on.
I can roll it, so your mouth is free.
Thank you.
But I must put it back on.
What's your name? Zeki.
When all this is over, I will remember you, Zeki.
It's OK.
I understand.
Zeki What will we do to her? White woman hostage.
She's valuable.
I don't understand.
"Valuable"? No, not to us.
Non-believers are worth nothing.
But to the world they take notice cos we have a Brit.
That's how the world notices us.
We want the world to notice us? Do you want change? There's a lot of injustice in this world, Zeki.
Unless we fight back, then Muslim people, they're going to be crushed underfoot.
People like you and me mustn't let that happen.
I understand that.
So, we have to show the world that we are powerful and won't be crushed.
I want to be like you, Abu.
You're brave and you know how to make the world listen.
That's why that one white hostage, yeah, she'll put us on the front page.
They can kill thousands of our women and children, there's nothing.
But one white woman? - How fair is that? - It isn't fair.
It isn't right.
You're strong.
Yeah, you're ready to be a fighter.
Ready to praise Allah.
Let's give her to Gaani! DOOR CLANKS What's happening? Please, please, I need water.
Please! SHE PANTS SHE GRUNTS Understood.
Thank you.
Osman? Guys.
Relax, guys.
I've just got off the wire from London.
The situation has now escalated.
We're soon to be joined by Special Forces.
They'll get their brief from MI5.
Their aim will be to recover the Primary.
Now, I have no doubt that's exactly what they'll do! We'll back up and support Special Forces as and when.
- Understood? - ALL: Yes, sir.
SHE WHIMPERS HE GRUNTS - You have done well.
- Thank you, leader.
I want to be a proper soldier.
Praise be to Allah.
ALL: Allahu Akbar! She's a valuable capture.
Good work, Abu.
I want to serve Allah.
HE SPEAKS IN SOMALI ALL MURMUR IN SOMALI ALL: Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Carry on.
Our plan isn't to kill you.
Not at the moment.
- I'm in Kenya to help - Are you? Well, you're doing the opposite! I'm a medic.
Help You all need to leave our country alone.
Understand? Yes, sir.
We need our soldiers back.
We are using you to make that happen.
ALL: Inshallah! If it doesn't happen, then your death will be on the hands of the Kenyan and British Governments.
Do not let them talk.
SHE GASPS (Oh, for fuck's sake!) Is there a problem? How you been? Here's your brief.
Good to see you, too, Elvis(!) Nice to see you(!) [UNZIPPING] It's Georgie.
You going to be all right for this one, boss? Sorry, boss.
Right, listen in, then.
This is our Primary.
From now on, I only want to hear her referred to as the "Primary".
- Has everybody synched that? - ALL: Yes, boss.
Have you seen it? - Indeed.
- I'm sorry, mate, this isn't happening.
I'm on the wire to London, - they're going to have to find someone else.
- There isn't time.
There's going to have to be.
How can I possibly send YOU out on this.
Because I'm a professional and I can compartmentalise.
No, you can't! It shouldn't be you, Elvis.
- I should've vetoed it.
- Why would you have done that if you didn't know they were going to send me? - Because I thought you were in Syria.
- We were.
We did a tour.
We got back and this came in.
Yeah, it shouldn't be you, Elvis, - and you fucking know it shouldn't.
- Yeah, well, it has to be me! - Please, Charlie.
- No.
- You're too involved.
- Well, I'm here now and I will not let you down.
Or her.
And you know that.
Listen, we will make it all good.
I've got a good team Captain James, I'd like you to meet Spanner, Spunky and Jackson.
This is Captain Osman from the Kenyan Army.
- Pleasure.
- Likewise.
Read it.
"I am a British citizen being held hostage and will be executed at sundown tomorrow if all Al-Shabaab fighters are not released.
" When you encounter the kuffar on the battlefield, cut off their heads until we have thoroughly defeated them.
You release our fighters or we cut off her head.
VIDEO: 'When you encounter the kuffar on the battlefield, cut off their heads until we have thoroughly defeated them.
You release our fighters or we cut off her head.
' BBC's Al-Shabaab contact hasn't heard anything since receiving the video.
We're currently checking in with Al Jazeera.
They don't know she's a soldier, that's why they're keeping her alive.
MI5 are trying to ascertain the identity of the captor.
And who is this bloke? Is he a white British convert? He sounds like he's got a London accent to me.
Intelligence are checking to see if anyone fitting the bill has slipped off the radar.
Right, so sundown.
That's still We've got till 20.
03 tomorrow.
Are the lines open? Well, yes, but we don't negotiate with terrorists.
No, but we listen to their demands to stall them, don't we? Are you OK? Where are we? Are we across the border? They don't know that I'm in the military.
They must never know that, Kicki.
Do you understand? FOOTSTEPS APPROACH, HE SHOUTS IN SOMALI What are you doing? Hiding my dog tags.
I'm going to make us survive this, Kicki.
Why don't they know you're a soldier? Because they took me from a Kenya Crisis Care ambulance.
So, they think you work with me? Kicki, if they knew that I was a soldier, they'd behead me.
We've got until 8 o'clock tonight! When are they going to throw us a bone!? Seriously, - do something to speed them up, Charlie! - Soon as you get some intel, you'll be on your way.
SHOWER PATTERS - I'm getting Georgie back safe, mate.
- (Fuck's sake!) What? - Have you got a clear head for this one? - I've told you, I have! Then she's the "Primary".
And this mission is textbook.
I don't want to hear of you being Billy Big-Bollocks - and giving it James Bond.
- "James Bond"? I'm serious.
- Do you understand? - Yes! Molly is in Afghan, mentoring, now that you ask.
Glad to hear she's doing all right.
She's still putting up with you anyway! Well, she loves me, Elvis, so Poor deluded fool - How's your folks? - Bath.
Still mithering on.
Yours? Same old, still deeply disappointed I'm travelling the world, doing what I do killing people.
- Is that how they see Special Forces, is it? - Yeah.
Actually, I make them right.
You know when I get her back, I'm explaining everything.
You broke her heart, mate.
Then it's my duty to mend it, then, innit.
WATER STOPS HE THUDS (Fuck's sake!) WATER SPLASHES, ELVIS GASPS I knew that was going to be cold, as well! That should help get your head in the game.
And I'm getting her back, Charlie! Nice tattoo.
What? Well, good luck with that, mate.
Are you OK? They're just going to kill us, aren't they? FAINT BUZZING What? Can you hear ? I thought I heard a buzz.
BUZZING FROM ABOVE I can! Can you hear that? - BUZZING CONTINUES - What is it? That's the sound of them looking for us.
Who? They've got a drone scouring the area.
For us? They're not just going to abandon us.
Really? You really think they're going to find us? Yeah.
These drone things are, like, mad.
As in brilliant.
How do you know? I, um, I was once stuck in a ruin on a hillside in Afghan.
I was a medic on a mission with the Special Forces.
And, um, our vehicle went over an IED.
So, er, me and the boss dragged the casualty into the ruin and covered the entrance as best we could with rocks and I could see the Taliban coming towards us We were what we call "technically fucked".
I understand that one.
SHE CHUCKLES Well, I dressed the wound the best I could, and um and he was screaming for his mum and I had to basically gag him so the Taliban couldn't hear him and we could extend our lives for, like, an extra five minutes.
But the officer commanding was, um, was, like, whistling this tune and fiddling fiddling with something.
Not a care in the world.
And I looked at him and I thought "Has he, like, gone mad?" And, um He looked at me, smiled and said I'm getting you out of here, Georgie.
I'm getting you out of here.
The boss had got his infrared device out and he was signalling to the drone through a hole in the rocks.
He's amazing.
He was so calm.
I'd given up.
Lost two men in my charge, third dying The fourth - The officer commanding - Yeah.
Well, without him, I wouldn't be here, that's true.
It's nice to see your eyes light up Hm? when you talk about this officer.
SHE SCOFFS They're lighting up because I'm remembering the situation - Hmm(!) - It taught me to never give up.
Nothing about Elvis.
What happened to him? He went off on another mission Al-Shabaab compound.
Drone picked up activity in the last 24 hours.
Current situation? Kenyan close surveillance are monitoring.
Strong possibility hostages are in situ.
Occasional visits from lone Al-Shabaab.
And these are the only Al-Shabaab working this area? Yes.
Let's get down on the ground and examine.
Charlie, have you got those coordinates? We've got till 20.
I make it we've got ten minutes.
This is madness.
Stop, Georgie.
We need to find where we are.
They'll be looking for us.
It is better to just wait.
No, we've got no TIME to wait.
Look, I wish we had, Kicki! But these people, they're irrational, all right? CLANKING We need to get the hell out of here.
I've got no more fight left in me.
SHE CLANKS Yes, you have, Kicki! Yes, you have! We're saving ourselves, all right? We've got a hell of a lot more life to live.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Yes.
CLANKING - Thank you.
- I haven't done anything.
You trusted me and sometimes that's all that matters.
METAL GROANS AND CLANKS CLANG! What do we do? We get out of the compound and hide until we see friendly forces.
WHISPERING: Kicki! Kicki! Now, listen, you wait here.
If you see anyone coming, warn me, go to the back of the cell block, all right? Kicki Kicki! You will be telling your grandkids about this, I promise.
Go! Go! Go! Go! PRAYER CONTINUES FAINTLY She was here, chaps.
I'm pretty certain of that.
Since been moved on.
I'm going to try and get a tracker on the vehicle.
All right, boss.
I'm guessing it's going back to wherever they've got her the Primary.
We need to go! - What's the point of this? - Knowledge is power, Kicki.
No-one ever told you that? All clear, good to go.
All eyes on me.
Tracker on vehicle.
Alpha One, vehicle and two tango's inbound.
Zero Alfa do not engage.
Repeat, do not engage, remain out of sight.
If we kill 'em there's no fucker to take this truck back to where they're holed up.
Hopefully with the Primary.
This tracker's leaving here! Has everyone roger-ed that? - Alfa One acknowledged.
- Alfa Two acknowledged.
Alfa Three acknowledged.
Boss, we're going to need to break cover - or you're going to be pancaked.
- Do not engage.
Wait out! Good work, fellas.
Owe you a beer or five.
Georgie! Georgie! The praying has stopped.
Let's go! Come on.
Get down.
They're going to kill us.
We'll stay here until we get an opportunity.
What opportunity? Night fall, the next prayer call, then we're going to make our escape.
We're getting out of here, OK? 100%, I'm getting you back to the refugee camp.
OK? Get down.
Tracker heading due east.
Where's that signal, Spunks? Got it, sir.
3km due east.
Must be at their base.
Let's move.
Find them.
And now I kill you.
We do it at sundown.
Give them time to release our men.
If not, then you can kill them.
Lock them up and secure the door.
Keeping us alive is a braver thing.
Alive, we're worth something.
Dead, we're worth nothing.
Look, please - Please, we can stop all this now.
- We'll never stop.
That's what you can't understand, you in the west.
- In the west? - Fucking UK, then.
What ? - You don't see yourself British at all? - Britain? That's just soil.
People thinking it's something special.
- Everywhere's just soil.
- But not Muslim lands.
They exist because of us us Muslims.
And the Americans and Brits and Israelis think it's fun to bomb God out of us.
That can never happen.
Can it? Think about it! You can't bomb God! Fucking idiots! What about your family? What do you mean? Well Must hurt, you not been able to convert them? No, they were too stubborn.
I'm sure they don't want to see their boy die in this war.
It's paradise! But they won't listen! The Prophet Muhammad said that everyone will see God on the Day of Resurrection, as easily as one can see the sun when there are no clouds.
There will be no sickness, pain, sadness or death there.
The Prophet Muhammad said that there are things in Paradise that no eye has seen, no ear has heard - and no human mind has thought of - So all your family - are going to go in the fire? Yeah! - All non believers.
I will chop your head off because I know the paradise that awaits me.
SHE GASPS Where are you from? You sound northern.
That place is drowning in sin.
You from London? Ah, soon I'll be from Islamic Somalia.
How do you know about Manchester? It is sinful.
You are sinful.
Stop here.
Signal stationary.
"Shit" is right.
Listen, they can't have gone that far.
Spunky, call in a drone, let's get some eyes on.
Hello Zero, this is Zero Alfa, over.
SHOUTING What? They're still looking for us.
They haven't given up, so we're not giving up either.
- Where the hell did you get that? - Stole it from the ops room.
Up there for thinking! What use is it to us? In case they give us a telly.
It's infra red.
The drone should pick it up.
Anyone with half a brain cell watching the footage will know it's a signal.
From a remote control? I know! It's amazing.
I need you to get me up there.
That's it.
Are we ever gonna get out of here? We don't need to.
This does.
What do you think? Has to be a signal! What is it? There was a compound a couple of years ago, we raided and closed it down.
Here! What, you think the signal could be coming from there? Hm! Checking coordinates from the drone.
Pretty good match.
- She's managed to get a signal from there? - Hm, yeah! I tell you what, you have to hand it to her She's a bloody survivor! Primary at grid 256901890.
- Compound north-east of your location, over.
- Roger that.
James, we're doing this stealth on foot.
Prepare to launch operational circle.
Once we've confirmed Primary exact location, over.
Roger that.
Phase one, air support goes in and softens the captors, phase two, paras with two section infantry support attack the gate, phase three, that's you, Elvis.
- Over.
- Roger.
They've gone.
They didn't spot us, did they? They'll never give up.
Understand that.
- Really? - Hmm hmm.
I'm going home and getting married.
Really? Don't sound too surprised! I love him.
He's everything that I could ever want.
Someone proposed to me once.
What happened? I was going to say, "Yes.
" Honestly.
I opened my mouth to say "yes" and "no" came out.
Leo Ekbert.
He sat in front of me at school.
I was right to say "no" for Leo's sake.
- When I was at university - Ah.
I fear what's coming for Leo's sake.
- There was this guy - Yes.
So many stories start off like that.
He introduced me to Africa.
He was working for a news agency.
Journo? War photographer.
He was going out to Sierra Leone.
He'd got a contact who'd arranged a meeting with the West Side Boys, a militia who were ruthless.
He was so excited and somehow I said "no" to Leo in order to get away.
Africa! I could go and be his assistant.
Was it ? Was it Africa or him you wanted? Him, without a doubt.
And then the bastards shot him.
I ended up being looked after by people from an NGO.
Worked in West Africa before, erm, getting a permanent placement in Kenya.
You didn't go home? Africa became my home.
Nafula can carry on my work.
Right, guys, we're part of phase two.
Op serpent, in support of the para's.
Phase one is an air strike, phase two, we launch at attack.
Phase three, the Special Forces go in and rescue the Primary.
Now this is as dangerous a mission as we've ever undertaken together.
To reiterate, once the Primary is confirmed at the compound, phase one air strike, then phase two, we attack.
Let's move.
Let's make this a moment to remember, not one we want to forget.
Let's go! Tell you what, they're looking a bit switched off, chaps.
Should see them, there's no chance this place being compromised.
There's no-one guarding the perimeter, either.
What you thinking, boss? I'm thinking I get in, confirm Primary presence and get out again before these fuckers have had time to finish their cornflakes.
- Keep the net clear.
- Shall we call it in, boss? No! - Need to know basis.
- Boss, you ain't going in there alone.
Remind me of our job again? Roger, out.
Compound reached.
Stand by for confirmation of Primary presence and prepare to launch phase one.
Wait out.
Is he actually in there? Please confirm your exact location.
Repeat, confirm your location.
MAN SHOUTS Zeki? - You mustn't talk to me.
- Zeki, please.
We need some water.
- Your governments - We're here in Kenya helping your people.
Families like yours.
We're against our governments.
Zeki, please.
You can help us.
But I'm not in charge.
No, but you're a nice person.
- Am I? - Yeah.
You've been kind to us and I know you don't want to kill us.
But we want our country back.
And we have a duty to Allah.
You're a good boy.
Is your mother proud? Yes.
She'll want you back safe.
She wants me to Zeki, look.
It's all right, I can look after you.
You're a good person and I know that.
But I'm not sure Abu is.
He is a fighter.
The rest are not worth the dirt from his boots.
He's willing to die - for our cause.
- Yeah.
Yeah, this week, maybe.
What about next week? He's been with us for three months now! You don't understand! Zeki, please.
Please just Just get my friend some water.
Primary confirmed alive.
Repeat, alive.
Second hostage in situ.
Launch phase one.
Standby! I'm getting you out of here, George.
Spunky, en-route back to your location, over.
- Boss over? - Microphone directed at the Primary.
Do the guards on the gate have eyes on us? Negative, boss.
Did we say give them water? No, leader.
In 20 minutes, we make your final video.
You! Do not let them talk.
Yes, leader.
Right, listen in, we need to move now.
Extraction point by helicopter one click.
- You fit? - It's been said, Spunk.
Listen, I've had eyes on the Primary and one other hostage.
She's alive, boys.
Zeki, please.
All right? You can help us.
I know that you don't want to kill us.
- They haven't returned our fighters.
- They will do, I promise you.
What are these? WHAT ARE THESE?! WHAT ARE THESE?! Give me.
Give me 'em back.
- Give them to me! - What are these? They're my boyfriend's, in the UK.
- These are yours! - No, they're not real, they're fake from Camden Market.
She works for me.
- Stop talking! - Zeki, Zeki, you're my friend, all right.
I can tell the way you look at me.
- You don't want to kill like the others.
- You're army? Zeki, you know, after this, we can be friends.
- Friends? - Yeah.
Zeki, please - Please give me them back.
- Abu! - Please, please.
- Abu! Abu! They're soldiers, Abu! Abu! They're soldiers, Abu! Abu, they're soldiers! Abu, they're soldiers! Abu! Abu! She's been compromised! Let's go! Lance Corporal Georgie Lane! You've done well, Zeki.
You're a man.
A soldier.
You You're our prize.
Are you a soldier too? Are you?! No, no.
Are you a soldier too? You knew she was a soldier! Kill her.
You deserve to be called a fighter, now kill her.
On your knees.
- ON YOUR KNEES! - She's in She's innocent.
Please! Please! Kicki! Zeki! Please! She's innocent.
Please, Zeki! Shot fired! We need to move!! - Are we getting air support? - No time! Nine minutes out.
There's already one hostage possibly shot.
Let's go! It's OK.
Paradise is waiting for you, my friend.
- Now kill the other infidel.
- No, we wait.
We film her death so that the British can watch her die.
James! James! Repeat, Primary compromised.
Launch phase two.
Now! Go now? Please confirm not waiting out for phase one air strike.
Repeat, Primary compromised.
Launch phase two.
Go! Both teams prepare to move to position alpha.
Move! - Am I dying? - No! No, you're gonna be fine.
- You're gonna be fine.
- SHE COUGHS GUNSHOTS AND SHOUTS Can you hear that? Eh? They're coming to save us.
They're coming.
Tell Nafula to stay strong.
She needs you back, fit and well.
Ey! We all do.
She can do it.
She must never give in.
You! You must never give in.
You must never give in, OK? I need you, Kicki.
I need you.
We all need you.
I need you.
Look, look.
They're coming to rescue us.
Like I said, Kicki.
I said I said they were coming, didn't I? I said it, Kicki.
Please, Kicki.
Gate breached.
Man down.
Contact! Engage now.
They're attacking the gates! - Leader, they're attacking the gates.
- You're a soldier now, Zeki.
Stay and fight.
Abu? What about me, Abu? Your brothers are fighting! Be prepared to die, yeah? Paradise awaits you, brother.
Praise be to Allah! King, on me.
Fingers, Brains, enemy behind vehicle now.
Zeki?! Down! She's dead! MUSIC PLAYS This is Zero Alpha.
Extraction complete, Primary recovered.
Repeat, Primary recovered.
All is well in the world.
- Why him, boss? - It wasn't my call, Lane.
Those boys who rescued you, they know what they're doing.
- But maybe I need to talk to you.
- Yeah, well maybe I'm not listening.
Let's try and find out who the convert Abu is and identify the rest of his cell.
We need to get him before he gets us.
That's Gaani.
He's the Cell Commander.