Our Girl (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

1 Cos you don't pull my strings Cos I'm a better man Moving on to better things But, uh-oh, I love her because Tell me again.
He said that he can't go through with it.
Let's just get married.
I'm down for it.
I am a British citizen being held hostage and will be executed at sundown tomorrow if all Al-Shabaab fighters are not released.
That one white hostage, yeah, it should put us on the front page.
The situation has now escalated.
We're soon to be joined by special forces.
How can I possibly send you out on this? It has to be me.
If they knew that I was a soldier, they'd behead me.
Lance Corporal Georgie Lane.
SHE CRIES INCOMPREHENSIBLY Be prepared to die, yeah? Paradise awaits you, brother.
Praise be to Allah.
Primary recovered.
Repeat, primary recovered.
Stay alive, no matter what occurs.
I will find you.
No matter how far, no matter how long it takes.
I will find you.
Daniel Day-Lewis, - Last Of The Mohicans.
- Yeah, I know where it's from.
Bruising but no laceration.
Need to get you checked out, though.
CT scan and X-ray for you.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I can take a punch.
You can give one, and all.
Where we going? Mombasa.
Medical and de-brief.
Is your vision OK? No, I can still see him.
Memories lie There's no such thing as a perfect life Oh, and I let it die But looking back I can't remember why Oh, my beautiful summer How the winter makes me wonder Where you've gone.
You're significantly dehydrated.
Let's check your levels once we've got some fluid into you.
You might want to check my bloods as well.
I haven't passed urine for 12 hours.
SHE SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE I'm a bit bloody relieved to see you in one piece, Lane.
Well done.
I'm proud of you.
You must think I'm an emotional wreck.
What, you think I don't cry? Look, I'm sorry about what happened to Kicki.
The thing with our job is, we can't unsee the things we've seen.
And I've seen.
Was it as hellish as I can imagine? Oh I just don't understand how people can be so evil.
When you speak to the psychiatrist, you must properly unload, OK? What, don't you think I will? I think you'll say you're fine and that you want to get back to work ASAP.
Yeah, well, I AM fine.
I rest my case.
What does that mean? It means, don't go giving it all "I'm fine".
Please, tell them everything.
You might end up with the psychiatrist in tears.
So be it.
- You want to talk to him? - No.
Why him, boss? - It wasn't my call, Lane.
- Can you imagine how I felt? Our first priority was to get you back safely.
Well, the second priority is to tell him to go.
Did Abu escape? The British guy? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Lads! Come with me.
Missed you.
Stop making it weird, man.
Not too shabby, eh, Lane? It's a completely safe zone.
We expecting trouble? Stay alert, stay alive.
It's not just Al-Shabaab sympathisers.
Pirates work this coast too.
Yeah, right! They're not eye-patch pirates, Lane.
They're just called pirates.
Basically make their living robbing ships on the high seas.
But some rob, kidnap and kill tourists, too.
Everyone has to make a living, I guess, boss.
There's always a price to pay for paradise.
Well, look who it is.
- After you.
- Thank you.
- Hello! - Hi! Come on, then.
Where have you been hiding, you little skiver? What d'you do, Lane? Whine at the Al-Shabaab like a Scouser till they let you go? - She isn't a Scouser, Monk.
- I'm a Manc, Monk.
Same difference.
If you're not on the Tube, you're all Northern to me.
Monk could have been singing like a canary at the first thumbscrew.
I did actually waterboard my mate with lager.
So, you lager-boarded him, then? - Brilliant to have you back.
- Aw Thanks for that.
- Stiffy klaxon.
- Honk! Aw, Kingy.
- Welcome back to the fold, Lance Corporal.
- Thank you.
Come on then, boss, what do you say, can we start drinking or what? No, still on duty.
R R doesn't begin until Lane finishes her debriefing.
Then we R R together.
One in, all in, yeah? - That's correct, Monk.
- Easy.
Kenyan security are monitoring borders.
- So, he's still in Kenya? - Almost certainly.
Lying low in a safe house somewhere, not knowing who to trust.
Well, he'll be aware that we have covert agents embedded in Al-Shabaab cells.
We know where he is? Or where he might be? How many white converts have we got floating around? We are aware of how urgent the current situation is.
You hold the most significant of all intel.
You can identify the entire cell.
Not just Abu but his superiors in their chain of command.
I didn't have much time in their ops room.
But enough time to see detailed plans of this shopping mall.
After what happened in Nairobi in the Westgate Mall Well, that's why you need to be as precise as you can be, so we can identify the target.
I saw photos of a, erm a a bird, I think.
Poppies - You think a bird? - Yes, sir.
A statue.
But I'm not 100% sure.
I saw, erm, Google images.
Aerial photographs printed from an internet type of thing.
You'd definitely recognise him? - Intelligence suggests he's from London.
- Yes, sir.
It's London.
All video surveillance from Kenya and across the Somali border is being scrutinised for white insurgents.
He will be found.
It's just a matter of time.
We need to get him before he gets us.
I'd recognise him, sir.
Without a doubt.
Never forget those eyes.
Is it him? Obviously he looked different.
He he had a beard.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Yeah, it's him, sir.
Who is he? Jason Raynott.
Born north London.
University of Manchester.
Converted to Islam as an undergraduate.
Last known whereabouts, flew from Heathrow to Ethiopia on a tourist visa on 14/4/2016.
No trace since.
We're getting somewhere, Lane.
APP RINGS Got you.
At last.
Oh, the connection's so bad here.
No, no, I can see you.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Yeah, you know me.
You had a full check at the hospital? Yes, everything's fine.
Level's stabilised now? Hm, honestly, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm as normal as I've ever been.
Your text from the hospital said they were taking bloods? Yeah, well, that was just, you know, a precaution because of the dehydration.
Did they put you on a saline drip? Yes, as soon as I got to the hospital.
Any headaches since? No.
I'm fine.
Look, get them to send me your blood results so I can get them to a hospital here for when you get home.
Stop fussing.
I'm fine.
Right, tell me, tell me, you know, how is everyone? Tell me how you are.
We've been at panic stations.
But I can see you so it makes me feel a whole lot better.
I'm so looking forward to getting home now.
I bet.
You look tired.
I heard about your your fellow hostage.
I hope you didn't have to see any of that.
Thank God they got you out.
Those boys who rescued you, they they they know what they're doing, huh? We owe them a pint or three.
Well, knock me down with a feather.
Did you sort this out? So you could be in the room next door to me? Cos that is really fucking creepy, and 100% you all over.
That vein thing on your forehead's happening again.
- What? - Remember.
I told you whenever you used to cry, that vein thing used to pop up on your forehead.
Yeah, well, I'm not crying so don't flatter yourself, OK? Yeah, well, I'm not crying so don't flatter yourself, OK? - Listen, Georgie - Elvis, no.
You won't even give me one minute to explain, will ya? - Raisins! - Can you do me some chips? - Oh, this bacon is - Get in my belly.
Look at that.
- All right, lads? - Here, Georgie.
- Fill your boots.
We're all inclusive.
- What we got? Better than that slop you're having as a hostage.
Most of what I had was better than rations.
Thank you.
Fruit and coffee for me.
Eye of the needle, Klaxon.
They can do you eggs any which way you fancy.
I know, I've got me omelette cooking, all the trimmings.
What are the trimmings? I think chips.
But they won't be as good as they are at home.
Well, there's no curry sauce, is there? - Yeah, they've got ketchup.
- No.
You're not putting that on your fruit, are you, Brains? Lane.
- Come here.
- Oh.
- Boss.
- Lost her again.
We think we've located Abu and his cell.
Credible intel of a gathering, possible council of war.
Now, we don't have a target but while intercepting phone calls, we picked up several keywords signifying an attack.
And all indications are that the attack is imminent.
We're going to join close observations and wait for them all to be assembled in one place together.
Then we'll eliminate the target.
One option is for special forces to go in and try to send back images of cell members for you to identify.
That's going to rely on satellite imagery which is intermittent, at best.
We could send you out on another mission with them.
Purely for observation and identification purposes.
We will not be engaging.
I'll be fine to go, boss, if that's what you're asking.
- It's not a necessity, Lane.
- Well, it makes logical sense.
I can ID them and the mission can be completed.
It save's faffing around and sending pictures back and forward.
Right, well, we'd like you to pop and see the doctor before you go.
If you're happy to go.
Seriously, Lane, no-one would doubt your bravery.
Perhaps you could do without another mission - so soon after.
- I'm fine.
I'll be sat in the back of a truck IDing people.
Unless you don't think I can do it because I'm a woman? - No-one is suggesting that.
- Good.
Then I best go and pack my kit in readiness.
It's near the refugee camp so we can use the Kenyan base there.
It's 110% safe.
The sooner we can conclude this, the sooner I can go home.
To be honest, this is the best thing that could have happened, full stop, sir.
Close surveillance have been monitoring this house for Al-Shabaab activity.
He was smuggled into the dwelling a couple of hours ago.
I'm sure that's him.
That's him.
- That's Abu? - Yeah.
100%, Lane? No room for error.
Can you confirm that's a positive ID? That's him? Yeah.
That's Abu.
- What have we got? That's Gaani.
He's the cell commander.
Anything on the one on the left? Yeah, he was definitely there.
But I had no direct contact with him.
- He's Al-Shabaab? - Yeah.
Good stuff, Lane.
Eh, don't start feeling sorry for him yet, Georgie.
I'm not feeling sorry for 'im, Spanner.
I'm feeling sorry for Kicki.
Right? - Picking anything up yet, boss? - Nothing.
Sound's too muffled.
Any English? Don't know, it's too hard to tell.
We need to get in closer.
SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE THROUGH RADIO Osman, can we get in closer? We know it's him.
Lane has confirmed as much.
Not worth trying to find out what their target was, no? We want to send in air support.
The house is on its own, boss.
No collateral.
Ruhusa ya kutumia jet, Tambua.
Think that's what they call a bull's-eye.
All clear.
That must have felt very fucking good, Georgie.
Knowing that twat's been red misted? I'd have preferred him brought back to the UK, made him face up to what he'd done.
Really? He got off easy.
Over in a second and I'll have him in there a lifetime.
And that's not right.
He's still got to face his God, though, eh? It's our job, Georgie.
- You know what I mean? - Hm.
We serve our country, George.
It's what we do.
Do you ever doubt why we do it? Listen, we've both lost people in the past.
If I could go back and save them, I would.
But I've never doubted what I've done.
And neither should you.
We do our duty, don't we? It's what makes us.
I need to do something to get closure.
- It won't delay us.
- OK.
You don't know what it is.
You want to go back to the refugee camp and see Nafula.
Come on, what else would it have been? I read the brief and your role in it.
I'm sure Kicki would have wanted Nafula to have this.
I know what I'm doing.
I know.
I didn't think you'd come back.
Well, I was just passing.
I can't believe they shot her.
Why? Unforgivable.
My friend, I need you to understand this has nothing to do with Islam.
This is just a madness.
It's made us stronger.
And one day we will defeat them.
But we can't beat them, can we? - We can never beat those extreme people.
- We can.
And we will.
If people like you carry on doing exactly what you're doing, making sure the good outweighs the bad.
- But they will never stop.
- Neither will we.
We try to stop the fear.
The fear? The only way we can be beaten is with fear.
So, people like us need to stand up and say we're not afraid.
They can't win.
We win.
Kicki wins.
Do you want to know my best bits about soldiering? Yes.
Doing security for the Olympics in London, working on the flood relief in Cumbria and And what? working here, in the refugee camp with you.
One minute, Georgie.
Someone special? He thinks he is.
Do you? No.
He was just checking if - You are OK? - Yes.
Yes, he was, yeah.
He's handsome, huh? On the surface, yeah.
Thank you.
You OK? I want a beer, man.
- Listen in, guys! - I'm only joking.
The work on Lane's de-brief has now been completed.
CHEERING Don't touch her weave, man.
It's all my own, thanks, Dangles.
So, after considerable, lengthy and somewhat heated negotiations with the MoD, we have now been granted 48 hours R R with beer rations.
- What? - Now, please, please remember we are visitors in this country and representing Her Majesty.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE UPBEAT BEACH MUSIC PLAYS I'm thinking of joining the Paras, me.
- Ha! - Yes, yes! What? What's occurring here then, you little wankers? Georgie had a bet with me, Monk and Brains that you'd bang on about joining the Paras.
Up there for thinking, mate.
- See, I like Two Section, me.
- Me, too.
I need to push on from my comfort zone.
You still live with your nan.
I stay with my nan when I'm on home leave - cos she needs looking after.
- Aw.
Does she still take the top off your eggs in the morning, Fingers? Come on, Brains.
Hand it over.
I will not let this change my life, thank you.
Where are you going? - Get away from you lot.
- I don't blame you.
Seriously, though, I might see if there's a way I can join special forces straight away.
Yeah, you ignore these lot.
You go ahead and progress, mate.
You might have to start eating your spinach tonight then, eh, Fingers? Here.
Thought we were friends again.
What made you think that? Cos we had a deal.
I got you to the camp, didn't I? A tin-opener helps me get to my beans.
It's useful.
I'm not interested in talking to it, though.
- But maybe I need to talk to you.
- Yeah, well, maybe I'm not listening.
That makes you sound so stupid.
- You reckon? - Yeah.
- All right.
- Yeah, none so deaf - as those that will not hear, right? - Just leave me alone, Elvis.
Now's not the time, mate.
Anyway, you had your chance.
Meaning? She's happy and she's settled.
Don't screw things up for her.
- I just want to explain.
- She's just been held hostage, Elvis.
Think about where her head's at.
Anyway, you should try and move on.
- She has.
- All right.
Look, the one thing you can't change is the past, and you blew it, my friend.
And you think I don't know that? - You made a tough choice.
- Yeah, was I right to? Well, now you've got to stick to that decision, haven't you? It's time to start being a grown-up about it, Elvis.
Say I made the wrong decision.
Don't confuse her.
And how am I confusing her? You've just swept in and rescued her.
Right now she might remember you as something that's not totally a bad thing.
You keep on digging, she's only ever going to remember you for what you put her through.
APP RINGS Hi, how are you? Hey, I've been trying to get you for ages.
Has it not been ringing? No.
You got me now, so So, what you been up to? Nothing.
- Looking after yourself? - Mm, yeah.
Good stuff.
What's that noise? You're not having a party, are you? Oh, it's from the beach.
That's the sound of the finest fighting force, feared across all continents, getting pissed out of their tiny minds, building a human pyramid.
Go figure.
Well, that's exactly where I'd be if I was out there.
- Where? - On the beach, partying.
Can't be arsed.
Come on.
Get out and try and relax.
I'm tired.
I'll look after you when you get home.
Oh, look, there she is.
- Oh, there's our girl.
- How are you, Georgie, eh? Oh, don't come too close! You'll bloody scare me to death! Oh.
We've been in a right state, haven't we, Max? Been worried sick, love.
Thank God we've had Jamie here, keeping us calm.
He's been above and beyond, this lad.
- That's true.
- THEY LAUGH Oh, love you.
- THEY CHEER - OK, here we go.
Hey! Oh! - Ah! - Hey, someone! - Hello, mate.
- Hi.
- Come on, babe.
- Come and get the ball.
- No, you guys carry on.
- Come on, show us your mad skills.
- THEY CHEER - Here we go, here we go.
Not a bad kick.
- Oh! - OK.
What's that, a handstand? What? Perfect form! Perfect form! Ten points! DISTORTED MUSIC GUNSHO Do you want a bevvy? No, ta.
You not a beer drinker? I'm sophisticated.
I drink gin and tonic, thanks! Is that sophisticated, is it? My nan drinks gin and she's got a face tattoo.
Shame we can't get in the sea.
- Health and safety.
- Yeah, maybe.
Can't imagine one of these boys - jumping in to save a drowning Brit.
- No.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Right, guys.
Truck's just cleared through security.
Nairobi calling, boys.
I'll catch you up.
Georgie! I'm sorry.
WOMAN SCREAMS: Stop him! Somebody stop him! No, please help! Someone stop him! HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE GUNFIRE Georgie, get down! - Get to cover.
- Take cover! Get to cover! Get to Argh! - GUNFIRE CONTINUES - Sh Georgie! - Man down! - Man down! Shit! Georgie! Elvis! What are you doing? Take cover! - ELVIS! - Argh! - Elvis! - Target's down.
Brains! Fingers, shout for medevac now! How is it? How is it? OK, I need you to keep really still for me, OK? OK.
King, I need a spinal board and neck braces.
- Is anyone shot? - Yeah, one of the Paras took an entry and exit gunshot wound to the thigh, through and through.
But don't worry about it, the guys are on it.
- No.
Leave him.
- Oi! - We must take him away and arrest him.
- No, no, no.
At the moment he's in my charge and you're not taking him anywhere, do you understand? - Kingy, please.
- Look, you heard the medic.
- Not now you don't.
- Reckon I'll be all right? You weren't all right before you fell so that's unlikely.
Just keep really still for me, OK? I weren't going to let him shoot you, Georgie.
He's got a pulse and his airway's clear.
- Kingy, just take over for me, OK? - Yeah.
Keep his keep his head still.
- There you go.
- Got him.
Suspected spinal - and internal injuries.
- Yeah.
We've got a compound fracture to the left tib and fib.
- Yeah.
- He's stable at the moment but we need to make him a priority.
- Give me a collar.
- Boss, we need the medevac now.
- Fingers is already on it.
- OK.
How's Elvis? He fell on top of this guy.
This guy landed on the rocks.
BRACE! NOW! ASAP! Come on! Are you sure Elvis is all right to travel by road? Yeah, I'll go with him.
To drop him off at the hospital.
For crying out loud, I'm fine.
It's just a rib injury.
Yeah, and potential punctured lung.
Other than that, he'll live on to twat another day.
Let's get him on.
We ready? Georgie.
SIREN BLARES Well, he's a very lucky man.
- Is he? - A fall like that could have killed you.
Well, here I am, alive and kicking.
Only you could have took a fall like that and ended up with sore ribs and bruises.
X-rays show no fractures then? Hairline fracture to seventh rib.
We can give you some pain relief.
Other than that, rest up, young man.
You so nearly died, Elvis.
Thank you.
What for? Being concerned.
How is he, Doc? It will be very painful for a few weeks.
Pardon? That's what comes of being a mad bastard, eh, Elvis? Just trying to save a life, Captain.
As there's nothing wrong with you, Elvis, - you can get your own pudding.
- Yeah, right, you can jog on, mate.
I'm in a bad way, I've got bruised ribs.
Ask the medic, she'll tell you.
You made that poor kid break your fall.
To stop him shooting at you! Bit of appreciation wouldn't go amiss, would it? Jesus! Right, guys, I'd like us to show our appreciation to our Kenyan hosts for their magnificent, nay, veritable feast.
I'd like you to remember just how tasty this meal was because tomorrow you'll be back in Blighty, queuing up at some miserable godforsaken chicken joint waiting for a takeaway in the rain.
So, - to our chefs! - THEY CLAP Elvis, seeing as you're guest of honour, and to celebrate the fact you're actually still alive, you get to pick our first song.
- Oh, pressure now! - Please, if you get him to play Oasis I will chuck you off that cliff myself! Not leaving me much choice there, Charlie.
- What's it going to be? - Oh, go for, erm Do She Moves in Her Own Way.
So at my show on Monday - I was told that some day - THEY GROAN You'd be on your way to better things It's not about your make-up Or how you try to shape up To these tiresome paper dreams Paper dreams, honey Hey So won't you go far Tell me you're a keeper You're not about to lie down for your cause Cos you don't pull my strings Cos I'm a better man Moving on to better things Well, uh-oh, I love her because She moves in her own way Well, uh-oh, she came to my show just to hear about my day I'm going to go and chill in my room for a bit, OK? Yeah, of course.
Get some rest.
And good work today.
Looks are deceiving Makes me believe it And these tiresome paper dreams Paper dreams, honey, yeah So now you pour your heart out You're telling me you're far out You're not about to lie down for your cause But you don't pull my strings Cos I'm a better man Moving on to better things Well, uh-oh, I love her because She moves in her own way Well, uh-oh, she came to my show just to hear about my day DISTANT MUSIC AND LAUGHTER Don't turn around.
Just listen.
I loved you from the very first moment I saw you and I'll love you till my very last.
I wanted to marry you.
I did.
I wanted to turn up.
But on the morning of our wedding suddenly this little girl walks into my life.
This little girl I didn't even know existed.
Debbie and I had been out a few times, which was fine Then I went on tour and met you and I texted her and told her that her and I were over.
And I promise you, the first time I knew anything about the baby was a knock at the door before our wedding.
I felt like that one moment my entire life had just flipped upside down.
All I wanted to do was run to you.
And there I am with this baby in my arms and I felt like I had to step up to the plate and take responsibility.
And shit on me? I was shitting on myself too, George.
I had to sacrifice you, didn't I? I sacrificed the one thing I wanted more than anything in this world.
Throwing you away to give this baby some sort of a life.
I thought I was doing my duty.
I was in agony, George.
And I've been in agony ever since.
Why didn't she tell you she was pregnant? Because she knew I loved you.
And you texted her and told her, did you? Yes.
I'm so much happier without you, Elvis.
Yeah, well, I'm happy for you and your new boyfriend, your new life.
I just needed you to know that I never meant to hurt you.
Let you down.
Are you and Debbie together? No.
I have Laura whenever I can.
She's my life now.
I wanted to tell you, Georgie.
I did, I tried to tell you.
I just didn't know what to do.
- I was - Weak.
Was weak.
I was going to say lost.
I just I just wish that I could stop loving you.
You need to sit up, take the pressure off your chest.
Come on.
- You done there, Marie? - Nearly.
Oh, it looks brilliant.
Where's Jamie? Oh, he's inside, I think.
- Is that high enough? - Jamie, come on.
- Let me see.
- Is it tight enough? Yeah, that looks fine.
Just tie it in a double knot.
Have you finished? - Yeah.
- Let's have a look.
If a tad American.
Oi! Don't be so cheeky, you! I'm joking, it's great.
I love it.
You looking forward to being at home, Kingy? Yeah, there's a couple of people in need of a good visit.
- Yeah.
Long time, boys.
- Long time.
Right, square these away and get them on the bus.
Right, guys.
Grab your bags and let's go.
Don't think you're always getting a car back to Manchester, Lane! Boss.
Your humanitarian tour.
- Something to tell the grandkids - Oh, yes.
You OK? Yeah, I'm just a bit knackered that's all.
We're off to Syria in five weeks' time.
I'd like you with us as our medic.
Does that give you enough time to sort yourself out? Boss, man.
Don't want to like push it or anything, but to save me heading back to the barracks and farting about for a day, why don't I escort Lane back to Manchester? Because, Fingers, you're not on leave for another 24 hours.
Well, I will kind of be on duty, be looking after Lane - and she's dead vulnerable, aren't you? - Oh, yeah.
- Very.
- Look, fall in line and leave her alone.
No, to be fair, I don't Honestly, I don't mind.
- It's nice to have a bit of company.
- Get in! Are you mad? - I'll meet you out front.
- All right, see you.
Take care of yourself, Lane.
Give me a ring in a couple of days' time.
In fact, you can ring me any time you like.
You know that, don't you? Yeah, thanks, boss.
You'll be all right.
- What did she say? - Just going past the shops, she said.
- Is that her? - We don't know what car she's in, do we? I think it is.
It is! Come on.
Family hug, eh? - Oh! - Oh! Welcome home, kid.
Where have you been? Hiya.
I'll give you a hand with that.
I missed you.
- You still here, Fingers? - I know when I'm not wanted.
Erm, Jamie, this is Fingers.
- He's a fellow Manc from the platoon.
- How you doing, mate? - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Erm, cup of tea first? Yeah, yeah.
I won't say no to a brew, me.
- All right.
Mum, is the kettle on? - Course it is.
Come on then, love.
- Why ain't you asleep? - Hm? No, I'm too happy.
You OK? Why shouldn't I be? It must take some adjusting.
Even for a colossus like you.
You calling me fat? - Strong.
- Fuck off! You're safe now.
Am I? Of course.
You don't think you are? Ignore me.
I didn't mean to I didn't mean to rush tonight.
Why would you say that? I just, I just want you with me.
I am with you.
I know it's going to take some time.
That's that one done.
So it was the Addis Ababa flight, was it, sir? Yes.
Business or pleasure? I've been working for a charity.
- Visiting some outreach projects.
- Very nice.
Thank you, sir.
Ah, yeah.
- So good.
- You fill your boots, love.
We could come here for the wedding breakfast.
Oh, God.
Don't give your dad any ideas.
I shouldn't even be eating this.
I'm going to be so bloated! And I intend to pull at your wedding.
Oh, don't worry.
Men aren't fussy at weddings.
Oh, bloody charming(!) - THEY LAUGH - No.
I didn't mean that! I just meant, you know, with a free bar and that Mum, when you're in a hole, stop digging.
Hold on, there's going to be a free bar? - That doesn't sound very Dad! - No, because my Jamie's paying, that's why.
See you back at base camp, yeah? - Yeah, give Jamie our love.
- Will do.
You not staying at his tonight? - Probably.
- Dirty mare.
- Bye, Mama.
- Shotgun.
- Bye, Baba.
Love you.
- Love you.
- See you later.
- See you! PHONE RINGS Elvis, you can't - Hi.
- Hey.
- Everything all right? - Yes, massively! Just had a big fry-up with the family so all is well in the world.
SHE GASPS Georgie shouldn't be contemplating going on tour.
- She needs complete rest.
- I'm seeing people that aren't there.
Raynott re-entered the country on August 28th.
Do they think he's planning something on home soil? Did anything happen between you and Elvis out there? - Jamie, no.
- I do love you, you know.
Terror threat is now escalated to critical.
Attack expected imminently.