Our Girl (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 5

1 - What's he doing? - I am a British citizen being held hostage and will be executed at sundown tomorrow if all Al Shabaab fighters are not released.
Lance Corporal Georgie Lane.
SHE SOBS Extraction complete.
Primary recovered.
Repeat, primary recovered.
Raynott re-entered the country on August 28th.
And he's been following me and I'm shit scared because I don't know what to do.
The terror threat is now escalated to critical Attack expected imminently.
I can't be happy with you again.
It's too late.
- Georgie, don't go - Elvis, please! I'm leaving the army.
All I want to do is marry you.
London looks incredible.
It's nice in here, innit? Up in the clouds.
It's just a little pre-wedding treat before the chaos begins.
Can't we stay here forever? Away from the world.
Away from them two, of course.
Yeah, I'm not going to miss close protection.
We're so vulnerable, aren't we? You see, I thought you were about to say something romantic about the night sky.
You can take the girl out of the army You are gorgeous when you smile, you know that? Hm! Well, how about when I frown? - That's not a great look.
- No.
Well, I promise I'll be smiling on Saturday.
One more week and I'll be out of the army and those two will be gone! And no-one will ever bother us again.
Cheers! Cheers! Memories lie There's no such thing as a perfect life Oh, and I let it die But looking back I can't remember why Oh, my beautiful summer How the winter makes me wonder where you've gone - Are you serious? - Yes, boss.
That's a massive error of judgment.
Why? You're seriously having a free bar - and inviting Two Section to your wedding? - Yeah.
There's only one way that's going to end.
Well, you're going have to keep them in check for me, aren't you? Thought you were going to start moaning about me leaving the army.
Well, I think that's a massive error of judgment, as well.
After what I've been through! Look, I've been keeping up to date with your psyche evaluation.
- Is that allowed? - Not the details, obviously.
Just that you're progressing nicely.
Look, I've told you, you're a fine soldier.
Don't throw your career away so soon.
I've made my decision, boss.
I just wish the world could get along.
Well, good luck with that.
Two Section can't even get along.
Oi, Medic! You going to find out how my recovery went or what? Mansfield, button it.
Parade! Parade, attention! As they were, Kingy.
Stand at ease! Stand easy.
Final mission-specific training before Syria.
Well, you look after them for me, boss.
Oh, I wish you were coming with us so you could do exactly that.
16-mile tab, full kit.
Good stuff, Kingy.
Anyone not putting a shift in, - you let me know.
- Boss.
You not coming with us Georgie, - one last time and all that? - No, you're all right.
See you all on Saturday.
Where I have reassured Lance Corporal Lane your behaviour will be exemplary.
- Exemplary, boss.
- Right, guys.
Once you've sorted all your kit out, see you down at the armoury in five minutes for all weapons.
Let's crack on! What are you doing here? I am officially in Manchester until Abu is apprehended or neutralised.
Any developments? Nah.
Still questioning his accomplice, though.
And? Nothing as yet.
Don't worry.
He'll break.
Big day Saturday, then.
It's not a secret.
All right.
Well, - I'll crack on.
- Yeah, I'm going to OK.
Have we definitely got everybody? - I feel like someone's missing.
- Yeah.
No, everybody's out there, - we've just got to mix it up a bit more.
- Right, OK.
Well, let's put Dave and Jon there - and Janet and Polly and Pete on that one.
- Why? Dave and Janet and Polly and Pete together? Why? Are you completely bonkers?! - Probably.
- She married you for starters! Look, if we have all his family on one side - and all ours on the other - Dad, isn't that supposed to be - what happens in church, anyway? - Butt out, Marie.
Yeah, but people will want to sit next to people they know.
In the church, yes.
But not here in the reception! People want to sit next to new people.
That's all I'm Georgie? Each table should have family from both sides.
Thank you.
That's all I'm saying.
I just want people to sit next people that they know.
- What are you doing now? - PHONE RINGS - - Just give me a chance.
Just give me This! This is exactly why no-one should ever get married.
Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I can't speak.
What do you want? Cab driver's just called in, he's picked up someone matching Abu's description.
- Was it definitely him? - Yes.
We think it's him.
Almost certain.
Matched it to CCTV in the street.
Did the driver say where he dropped him? Somewhere by the canal.
- There's no CCTV there, though.
- Oh, you're joking.
DOORBELL RINGS Everything's going to be OK.
All right? I've got to go.
Mum! - Hi.
- Hi.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
A bit of a mad house in there.
So, er So if you change your mind He's not going to change his mind.
We thought we'd just meet your family, then - get out of your hair.
- Yeah.
Come through.
How lovely to see you all! Gary, Faith.
This is my mum and dad, Grace and Max.
- Hi.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Hello.
- Hello, Max.
And then my sisters, - thing one and thing two.
- Hi.
Oh, and my nan.
Lovely to meet you.
What's your name, love? - Faith.
- Faye.
- Gary.
- No, Gary, Nan.
- Gary.
- Faith and Gary, yeah.
And can I just say with God's pencil we could not have not have drawn - a better son-in-law! - Aww.
What a lovely thing to say, thank you.
I should have got a two-bedder.
You got a one-bedder so your parents wouldn't stay.
Do you think they're shagging in our bed? - Aw! - What? Don't pretend you weren't thinking exactly the same.
Believe it or not that is the furthest thing away from my mind I said we should have slept on the sofabed! Er, wouldn't hear of it, Mum.
He's a gent, Faith.
That's because I was the pushy black mum.
All right, Mum.
Go to bed.
Stop over-sharing.
Someone's been a busy boy.
You could have made more of an effort, considering it's your last week.
Didn't look that fast to me.
It was a CFT, thicko.
Wasn't meant to be fast.
Thought you might like to know that we've raided Abu's safe house.
I mean, he'd long gone, but found a big haul of explosive materials.
Forensics are going over it all now.
And tell your sister to update her privacy controls on Facebook, will you? What, you stalking her, you weirdo? Not me, no.
Who is? Abu? He'd printed off pictures of you and stuck them to his wall.
Do you think he knows about the wedding? We're not discarding any possibility.
Is it safe to go ahead? What? We just need to be certain that you're safe.
Well, how can we be certain!? We don't know what the hell he's planning.
That's why we need to figure out his target.
It could be anywhere.
More likely to be somewhere that's important or significant to him.
It's personal now, George.
Anyway, the mother wants to meet you.
- Abu's mother? - Yeah.
She wants to ask your forgiveness.
Counter Terrorism think you might be able to extract some useful intel.
Might reveal something to you that she hasn't been revealing to us.
A word, please, mate.
I haven't got any cash on me, if you're going to try and tap me up for a fiver.
So why did you get transferred up here, then, Elvis? Er, you know, - just thought I'd, er - Stop you there, pal.
Rhetorical question.
I think I bloody know why, don't I? She's leaving the army and starting a new life.
Back off.
What am I supposed to do ? - I know you, Elvis.
- And you love me, Charlie.
Warts and all.
And it's your warts I'm worried about and their effect on Georgie.
Now, leave her alone.
Understood? Is that another rhetorical question? Yes, now fuck off and let me get on with some real work.
Yes, sir.
See you later.
I mean, the thing is The table displays are all very nice.
Something simple for the centre of the table, I always think.
Is there a cost implication? All taken care of.
Which ever one you think, guys.
What about allergies? I think you should meet her.
I'll come with you if you like.
Moral support.
Thanks for agreeing to this, Lane.
Top of the hill, first bench on the left, green jacket.
Georgie Lane? Yeah.
How was your journey? Yeah, fine.
Thank you.
- Did you come down from Manchester? - Yeah.
Train? They say Guy Fawkes' conspirators came up here to watch Parliament explode.
It's a good place to watch London burn.
Millions of people down there.
No idea we're up here watching them.
Do you know where he is? Where he might be? If you only came for information, you're going to be disappointed.
We need to find him.
I don't know where he is! He had a girlfriend at university.
Her parents took her up to Manchester.
She was a Muslim.
So do you think Saira got him interested in Islam? I think he was in love with her.
And, erm, he wanted to know everything he could about the religion, for her.
Then he started going to the mosque.
But then it went way, way beyond.
It Sorry.
It's OK.
Go on.
Then Saira finished with him.
I mean, he was heartbroken.
Then angry.
But I tried my best, you know? I don't know who my son is.
I was hooded thrown in the backs of vehicles, I was beaten, kicked abused.
Physically and mentally tortured.
I had my head held back, by my hair while they spat at me.
I got told that I was going to die.
Filmed begging for my life.
All for your son's pleasure.
And the more pain and torment I was in, the closer to heaven your son felt.
- I'm so sorry - No, it's fine.
I don't want you to be nice to me.
You wanted to understand what I I went through.
My friend died in my in my arms.
I'll never get her blood off my hands.
You know, every day I look down and I can imagine it.
So sorry My arms were chained so high, the pain was so intense, that I wanted to give up.
I had boots on my head, their hands all over my body - But they rescued you.
- Yeah.
But, you know I wonder if, er, Abu Jason if he would've I wouldn't have these thoughts in my mind, you know? Do you think he's evil? I mean, do you think there's no hope, that he's just pure evil? Yeah.
Thank you.
Right, so go on.
Well, they're analysing every little flicker.
- What, upstairs? - Yeah.
Psychologists working with Counter Terrorism.
Anything else? They found a phone that Al-Shawadify has been using.
And? Photos of potential targets.
Including my wedding? No.
You're about to be called in to see the Brig anyway, though.
Why? Wants to err on the side of caution.
Get you to move your wedding back a day or so.
- Oh, piss off.
- I'm being serious.
Yeah, on the back of your recommendation! I'm only thinking about you.
No, you're thinking of yourself.
You're a fucker.
Look, it's not a big deal, Mum! You're here all week.
We're just pushing it back by a day.
Tell her my mum's ringing round.
Did you hear that, Mum? Grace is calling round to all the guests - Yes, the honeymoon is booked - Look, Georgie say's it's for everyone's safety, yes.
Mum, Mum, Mum, I've got to go I love you.
- How you doing? - Er, yeah.
I'm ready.
OK, cool.
We've got to go.
Got to go.
All right, close your eyes.
- No.
- Go on.
What do you reckon? This is Wayne Rooney's house.
But it could be ours.
What? - Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to see you again.
Lovely to see you again Erm, shall I just leave you to it, then? - Yeah, thanks.
We'll have a look round.
- Thank you.
It's so much bigger than it was on the internet! - This was the one you picked, right? - Yeah.
Dream house? Yeah? Wow.
It's frigging massive.
We need 'frigging massive' with all the kids we're going to have.
You see, all we need now is a goal in the garden.
I just can't imagine myself living in a place like this, you know? I know, it's amazing, isn't it? Yeah, it's beautiful.
Wow, the garden's huge.
Well, we'll get a gardener.
So what am I going to do, be a lady who lunches? - It is what you wanted, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah, of course it is.
Just think I'll have to do something else, you know, for me.
Would you like a coffee? Yes, lovely, thanks! PHONE RINGS - Oh, sorry, I just need to get this, yeah? - Yeah.
Hello? Hi, yeah, this is Georgie.
Oh, hi, Saira, thanks for getting back to me.
Yeah, yeah, it'd be great to meet.
Erm Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that'll be possible.
Right, I'm off.
- See you later.
- See you.
Elvis, I am going to see Saira.
Yeah, I know she's already been interviewed, but if I have five minutes to chat, we might find something of significance.
Yeah, at the university.
Yeah, I'll be fine.
With a vest.
I'll be in control.
This one means everything to you, Abu Jaseer.
So you won't fail.
He was always on his own.
Even in lectures, he'd sit apart and I don't know, I guess I felt sorry for him.
Is that the reason why you went out with him? Pity? No! Not really.
I'd go and sit with him in the canteen.
He'd stare at me.
I sensed that he was grateful.
We went out a couple of times, saw a film, went for a pizza.
And before I knew it, we were sort of a couple.
Then he said he wanted me to take him to the mosque.
Oh, God, I must sound like such a fool.
If I was sitting where you are now, - that's exactly what I'd think.
- No.
Not at all.
I just floated along.
Then I sort of said that maybe he should chill out with the mosque.
And he just lost it with me, telling me I wasn't a good Muslim.
Is that why you ended things with him? I tried.
And he started blaming all the other students for turning me against him.
Did you hear anything of him after he went to Ethiopia? He texted me from the airport when he left.
He said, "I'll see you again.
" - That's it? - And my name.
Well, he used to call me Saba.
My initials, SA.
And he'd joke that when I graduated I'd be SABA.
So he'd call me Saba.
So when that text came in Well, he hadn't called me that in a really long time.
I don't know.
It was It was like I had him back for a moment.
It's been really good talking to you.
Thanks for coming.
Me, too.
At least when I graduate on Sunday, I can leave Manchester.
So, that'll be the first day of my new life.
Mine, too I'm getting married.
You OK? Shouldn't I be? Yes.
That's OK, then.
- [SHE SIGHS] Go on.
- What? You tell me.
Well, how about you tell me who you really just met up with? I told you, an old friend.
Then you had to give Close Protection the slip - to meet this old friend? - Yes, because I didn't want the palaver of me telling them where I'm going and who with.
Yeah, maybe cos they might know who he is.
SHE GROANS When you going to stop fucking lying to me, Georgie? - Hm? - I promise you All right, promise it wasn't Elvis, if that's what you're thinking.
I promise you.
I had to see someone so I can draw a line under everything.
But I promise, OK? I promise it wasn't Elvis.
I went to see Abu's girlfriend from university.
Why? Why would you do that without protection? Because Maybe I need closure.
PHONE VIBRATES - It's Captain James.
- Take it.
Boss? Tomorrow? OK.
All right.
All right, I'll see you in the morning, yeah? At the barracks.
OK, bye.
I want you to come in with me tomorrow.
Why? Cos I want us to walk out together on my last day.
New beginnings.
And I want a chauffeur.
Well done! Lane, we just wanted to say goodbye - and good riddance! - Oh! Thank you.
Just a little token of my esteem.
Oh, Brains, thank you! Thank you.
It's a mould of his arse made in chocolate.
THEY LAUGH - It was good to meet them.
- Yeah? Mm.
So everything all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm just a bit sad.
And happy at the same time, if you know what I mean.
George? Can I have a quick word? Er, yeah.
Yeah, what is it? I just need to brief you on something.
Well, DI Williams has already briefed me.
Yeah, well, this is classified, so Well, you two crack on.
I'll wait in the car.
Are you sure? - Absolutely.
- Yeah, OK.
- What's classified? - Don't marry him.
- Shut up.
- It's too dangerous.
Abu is out there somewhere.
Don't marry him till you've got your head straight, - at least.
- I'm fine.
Do you have any new intel? Yeah, you're marrying the wrong bloke.
What, and you're the right one, I suppose? Look, we're going to get one chance and I'm not screwing it up this time.
We need each other.
Without each other, we're useless.
No, you are.
For not turning up at our wedding day.
- Now it's too fucking late.
- It's never too late.
Bye, Elvis.
Why would he have pictures of you on his wall if he wasn't planning something? Do you love me? You know I do.
- And you'd do anything for me? - Yes.
Find Abu and neutralise him.
What if they're onto me? Worked out my target? How can they have worked it out when it's only up there? CALM BACKGROUND CHATTER Nobody talks to each other.
Astonishing, that is.
CHATTER RISES Sh, sh! Quiet! Boys, behave.
THEY CHEER I'm so sorry, they followed me here.
Oh, don't be silly.
They're fine, they're not doing any harm.
No, it's just an intimate pre-wedding dinner.
Er, I can get shot of them, if you want.
- He's kidding.
- Yeah? - No, it's fine.
- No, it's fine, I'm joking.
- It's weekend leave before Syria, so - Here we are, then.
Here's a little something to liven up the party! GUESTS GASP Pass them down, mate.
Pass them down! Long day tomorrow.
Anyway, guys.
Let's get these down our gullets and don't worry, they're on Dangles' tab! Thank you, Dangles.
Are you ready, everybody? One, two, three.
THEY GROAN I love that burning sensation! HE JIBES DRUNKENLY GLASS TINKLES Lords, ladies and gentlemen, if I can have a bit of hush? - Dad, sit down! - Unaccustomed as I am I thought the speeches were for tomorrow? Yeah, well, the proper speech is tomorrow.
But I've just .
I've got that sorted, it's moving and brilliant.
I just wanted to say tonight, with the coming together of the two families God, that's the Tequila! No, seriously, life is full of ups and downs.
Pigs and troughs.
Our beloved daughter, Georgie, is marrying Faith and Gary's son, Jamie.
Georgie is the most remarkable, brave, beautiful woman any of us will ever meet.
I mean, what she's done, most of us would've crumbled.
I know I would.
And now I look at her.
Proud dad, I know.
But Sorry! Dad, please.
Hey, how often am I going to get a chance to say in public how proud of you I am? How much I love you and how it broke my heart when I thought of you in that cage with Yeah, I know.
And I would have swapped places in a heartbeat if I could've done, cos you don't deserve that.
You only deserve love.
And how lucky are we all, eh? She's back! Home.
And you've got us to look after you and take care of you for evermore.
With Jamie's help, Dad.
Look after her, lad.
I will do, sir.
Right, well, that's me done.
Oh, caught me unawares there.
I've not cried since February when I got that big gas bill.
THEY LAUGH I can't believe you're leaving me to manage my parents alone tonight.
You can't see me before the wedding.
It's tradition.
Well, I'll just have to see you at the altar, then.
Well, I'll be the babe in the veil hurtling down the aisle.
And I'll be the cool dude in the corner pretending not to be massively over excited.
TELEVISION: The hunt continues for a man wanted in connection with terrorist offences.
Jason Raynott, who's 21, is thought to be in the Greater Manchester area.
Police say that, if spotted, Raynott shouldn't be approached.
Anyone who thinks they know of his whereabouts should contact police immediately.
PHONE BEEPS PHONE BEEPS PHONE BEEPS RATTLING SHE GRUNTS You really think you can stop me? - Nothing can stop me! - SHE SCREAMS Hey.
Are you all right? - What happened? - Dad, I'm sorry, I just - Bad dream? - Yeah.
Oh, - just ignore me.
- Hey.
Don't be daft.
Yeah, but I am daft, aren't I? You should know me by now! Georgie.
He'll be there.
I guarantee it.
He's a good lad.
Now, you're bound to be worried, after what happened last time.
That's understandable.
Jamie's mad for you.
He's properly madly in love with you.
I've never seen anybody dote on someone the way he looks at you.
Is everything going to be all right, Dad? Course it's going to be all right.
It's going to be more than all right.
It's going to be brilliant.
SHE SOBS Trust me, I'm a butcher.
Lie down.
OK? - Thanks, Dad.
- OK.
Love you.
Love you.
I know, have a good time.
Hello, people.
- How are you doing? - All right.
How are you? - Yes, I'm all right, yeah.
- Yes.
GUESTS CHATTER How you doing man? It's great to see you.
- You all right? - Yeah, - good.
- Good.
Is there a panto round here? Cos the Munter Sisters are ready for their entrance.
Oh, shut up.
You look beautiful.
You all right? Yeah, I'm just having a dizzy spell.
Aren't you supposed to, like, put your head between your legs or something? Yeah.
- OK, I'll get you some water, yeah? - OK, thanks.
Come on.
KNOCKING It's not like you to turn up on my wedding day.
Listen, they've moved me from Old Trafford to work with Close Protection on you.
- Who has? - I have.
Just to be safe.
You promised me you'd catch him.
- Yeah, and I'm keeping that promise.
- Oi! - What the hell? You, - Dad.
- gone, now! Now! - Dad, wait.
Dad, - it's all right.
It's all right.
- No, it's not all right.
It's all wrong.
Clear off.
Listen, I'm working Close Protection now, Max.
I don't care who you're working with.
I don't want you anywhere near my family.
Dad, please.
Just one minute.
- It's your wedding day! - I know, please.
One minute.
One! Then I never want to see his face again.
You're determined to fuck this up for me, aren't you? What, because I think your wedding day's a credible target? Think about it, George.
The first day of your new life.
You don't think he'd want to ruin that? PHONE BEEPS You all right? Who is it? Georgie? Do we have a presence at the graduation ceremony? What graduation ceremony? It Saira's graduation today.
So? So it is a revenge attack, and it is fucking personal.
It's not me.
It's her! Bloody hell.
- What the hell's going on, Georgie? - Dad, please.
No! Dad! THEY TALK INDISTINCTLY Right, that's it.
Me, you.
Right here, right now.
- Let's sort this once and for all.
- What are you doing, Max? - You're making a scene, calm down.
- It's her wedding day, for God's sake, Elvis.
Just go, please? You are not going! - Come on! You don't wanna do this.
- Dad, we've got to go somewhere.
Stop! You're running away with that?! Epic.
We need backup at the university right now.
We are en route.
First response heading there now.
It's here on the left.
I'm sorry, lad.
Eyes on.
Repeat, eyes on target.
TYRES SCREECH INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER Allahu akbar! - HE FIRES SHO - SCREAMING - Allahu akbar! - Jason! Nobody move! Nobody move.
I will blow this place up! Allahu akbar! Abu, Abu, let her go.
Jason, please.
You think this is about you?! It's not about you, it's about God! It's fucking typical you and your fucking privilege thinking it is! Abu.
Let her go Inshallah.
I am being a good Muslim by blowing up the kafir.
I took you to the mosque I was always there for you.
They wouldn't want you to do this, you know that, don't you, Jason? Ja I'm not Jason any more.
SHE WHIMPERS CRYING In position, boss.
No, hold your fire and wait for my signal.
No collateral.
- Repeat, no collateral.
Abu Jaseer! Elvis.
Why don't you be a man? You let the female go - Engage! - SHOT FIRED SCREAMING - ONE SHOT FIRED - ELVIS! Contact! Contact! Gunshot wound, right abdomen, get me an ambulance! SHOUTING SIRENS BLARE REGULAR ELECTRONIC BLEEPING I knew you'd pull a stunt to stop me getting married! You're here, though, aren't you? All is well in the world.
SOMBRE MUSIC PLAYS Elvis got shot.
He's in the hospital.
Maybe I could finish him off on my next shift.
It's not him, though, is it? No-one turned my head, Jamie.
I'm just not the settling down type.
- I'm sorry, I really want to, but I - You just can't seem to manage it? Yeah.
You're about to be court-martialled.
Oh, come here, love.
It's all right, darling.
It's all right.
You all right? Ohhh, bet you hate me.
What are you talking about? We love you so much, Georgie.
Well, I mean, we're getting used to this it's not like it's the first time, is it? I didn't plan for this to happen.
When I woke up this morning, I thought I'd be a married woman by now.
Maybe it's not for everyone.
Maybe not, no.
So what will you do now, Georgie? I guess you're heading off to Syria? Come here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi! - It is so good to see you, Nafula.
- And you.
I wasn't sure if I'd see you again.
Well, I fancied coming back for my honeymoon.
- Just without a husband? - They're overrated! And you don't have one? I've got something much more important, - a job to do.
- With the army? I can't leave now.