Our Girl (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Episode 1 - Nepal Tour

1 QUIET CONVERSATION - Thanks for volunteering.
- It wasn't for your benefit.
Fair play.
Glad you're my medic, though.
I need someone I can trust.
I thought this was a straightforward extraction? No, nothing's ever straightforward in Aleppo.
Not any more.
Do we know the target? Final brief to be opened en route.
But as you're here, it may be a child.
Because women are so good with children? We don't know the extent of any injuries Three vehicles.
We're in the middle.
SF Support Group, front and rear.
And see, you're not the only hot chick on this mission.
You're the only massive twat.
She's been posted in to Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
Private Maisie Richards.
Deployed with us because she top-marked on her advanced driving course.
She's driving us middle vehicle with full medical kit-out.
Fully kitted? So they clearly need us to keep this target alive.
Well, I hope she's as good as they say she is, then.
Me too.
ENGINE STARTS Shake a leg, Doris! Ain't you heard? There's a war on.
Hello, all stations, this is Zero Alpha.
Prepare to move.
Right, listen in target not a child.
AKA "Mighty Oak".
Is he government or rebel? Does it matter? We dunno who the good guys are no more, eh, boss? GUNFIRE Get your lids on, fellas.
They tell me we had your helmet specially made, didn't we, Peanut? Biggest head in the Army.
We've all gotta have something we can be proud of.
Boss target building hundred metres on the right.
RADIO: Abort mission, repeat, abort mission! Return to RV point.
Hello, support groups one and two, this is Zero Alpha.
Turn vehicles around now, over.
Drone activity picking up RPG movement.
Route no longer secure.
Abort! Abort! - Boss ? - He said abort.
So abort! I can see the target buildings there - I can get us back safe.
- How? We can't just leave our target in there to die.
Zero Alpha to support groups one and two, move to ERV one.
We'll only be a minute.
Would you like to be transferred to the support vehicle, medic? No.
Prepare to move Move! It's a bit too quiet.
You want me to get Capital Radio on? Good luck to all our listeners in Aleppo! Clear.
Mighty Oak secured, extracting now.
Let's get the hell out of here, please, driver.
- Stay sharp, everyone! - Hello, sir, my name's Georgie.
We're getting you to a hospital in Cyprus.
You're going to be all right! Prepare to medevac from RV point.
Multiple injuries.
Possible head injuries.
Vital signs not good.
Pulse faint.
One Cat-A.
Urgent medevac required.
Nine-liner wait out.
I'm losing him, Elvis.
He's arrested.
Prepare de-fib.
RAPID GUNFIRE Prepare to shock.
Clear! Shock! Sniper 100 yards, right.
Yeah, I've got a pulse.
Watch out for the RPG! What the hell are you playing at now?! Reverse and turn right, driver.
Follow our orders, Richards.
If I do that, we'll all be dead.
- You seen something? - Gut feeling.
LOUD BLAS Why didn't you do what you were told? Just keep the vehicle steady, driver! And you just keep the patient alive, medic! Richards, watch your mouth.
Hold tight, guys.
Why are we going this way? Surface cratered but open ground to RV point will be quicker.
Just like my missus coming back from Morrisons.
If we go over a IED and get red-misted He who dares You could have got us all killed.
- Yeah, but I never.
- Lucky.
Better a lucky general than a good one.
I can guarantee you'll never make anything other than private, Richards.
Target should make Cyprus.
Job done.
Stabilised and back to the UK.
You or him? - Georgie - What? Um I just want you to know Elvis I just want YOU to know I'm not interested in you.
OK? I've got my career and right now, that'll do for me.
Yeah, well, I don't believe that and neither do you.
I'm using my brain, Elvis.
Cos I've fucking got one.
Can you hear the people marching Louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming Louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching Louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching - Louder than the drums? - This is our battle cry.
- - THUNDER RUMBLES Well, he's got a Mercedes But no-one's ever heard of him.
Well, is he Lula's boyfriend or is he like a friend who's a boy? We're not allowed to speak to him.
We're shameful, apparently.
Well, that is true, Mum.
- Hiya, just two cappuccinos yeah? - Yeah.
And two slices of that as well, please.
It's her age.
We all go through that stage.
- YOU didn't.
- Yeah Because I was odd.
Oh, you just wanted to be in the Army.
- That made you more - Odd.
In my own unique way.
It's funny, that.
Being Army makes you I honestly I don't even know how to describe it.
- I love you all equally but - Me the most.
Get Lula down to Pirbright.
- Basic training will sort her out.
Yes, boss.
Have you seen the news? Er no.
I'm out with my mum.
Why? Take a look.
- Oh Are you talking about this earthquake? - Yes, emergency relief team just being assembled.
You busy? I'm ready, boss.
Corporal Lane.
Still can't get used to the two tapes.
It's well deserved.
Thank you, boss.
Couple of new recruits.
- Yep.
- Both extraordinary valuable assets to the regiment but There's always a but with you, boss.
- One might need your mentoring.
- Go on.
Great soldier, could progress all the way.
But tends to be more - maverick than the Army accepts.
- OK.
Top squaddie.
I don't want to see all that raw talent squandered, so with your hand on the shoulder What am I, Mother Hen now? Look, I know you care about the welfare of the guys.
A holistic approach, if you will, rather than barking orders OK, who, the Asian lad? No.
Private Maisie Richards.
You can handle her.
- So what's Colchester like, then, Richards? - Shit hole.
Yeah? I quite liked it when I was stationed there.
Yeah, you didn't have to grow up there, though.
- Were your parents in the forces? - Yeah.
- You trying to be funny, Richards? - No, my dad was a postie.
Till he killed a dog.
And do we want to know about this? I do! Always carried a dog knife with him on his rounds, then one day bosh.
He reckoned it was him or the dog.
He became "Colchester's most hated" on Facebook.
Right, let's crack on, shall we? Indeed.
Come on, Brains How come everyone's asking Maisie about Colchester and no-one's seen fit to ask me about Leeds? Everyday sexism! Right, guys, listen in for a moment.
This is Major Thapa from the Nepalese Army.
Good day, men.
We're going to be heading a couple of hundred kilometres from here, nearer the epicentre of the earthquake, where sections of this country were reduced to rubble in 90 seconds.
We're heading into the mountains where a medical facility has been established.
We'll be working closely with the Nepalese Army and the NGOs on the ground there.
There'll be injuries and bodies.
We'll be dealing with those to stop the spread of disease.
Thousands have been affected and it comes frighteningly soon after the massive earthquake of 2015.
It's going to be tricky out there.
I need you all on your mettle.
- Is that understood? - ALL: Sir.
Carry on, Kingy.
Right, guys, on with the task in hand.
Did you hear about the earthquake in Leeds? Caused a million pounds' worth of improvements.
LAUGHTER Right, on me, Richards.
Peak for you, mate Did you hear what Captain James said? We need you on your mettle and not making flippant remarks.
Is this about Syria? Are you still sore about that? I have been charged with mentoring you on this mission.
- I heard.
- Right, so let's cut the attitude and start to focus on helping people in their desperate plight, understood? Attitude, Corporal? Starting with making insensitive jokes about earthquakes.
You screw up in this, it's going to reflect badly on me And that ain't happening.
Got it? Right, back to Sergeant King.
Move! Seems like whole villages have gone.
Looks like we're going to be busy, boss man.
Right, guys, listen in.
We're alighting here and completing our journey on foot.
The roads are impassable so we'll be carrying all our supplies.
- Understood? - ALL: Sir.
So what religion are they round here, then? What you asking him for? Just cos he's brown? - Um, what am I, then? - Shades, mate, shades.
- Christians, aren't they? - Hindu.
Massive majority.
10% Buddhist Did none of you throbbers think to Google where we were going? It's also 5% Muslim.
Needed to know my brothers had a presence here.
- Hey, Monk.
- Trust me! I did a project on Mount Everest in Year Seven.
Day off, I'll be up that, mate.
- Day off you'd be up anything.
- If you play your cards right, sugar tits.
- Oi, any Methodists, Rab? - No, mate, you've all been wiped out.
Aw! It is a proper nasty smell around here.
That'll be the corpses.
Guys, make sure you hold on to your supplies.
Guys, wait out here.
Major Thapa.
Who's our point of contact? I'll show you.
This way.
Guys, on me.
Right, guys, be careful here.
Don't let the villagers take anything.
Guys, keep hold of your supplies until we work out who needs what.
- Rab, keep hold of your supplies.
- Let's get organised before you start handing out water.
British Army being billeted in the large tent over there.
Captain James.
- You are ? - Milan Dhakal, from the NGO Nepal Disaster Relief.
Did you bring medical supplies as requested? - Lane - Have you got refrigeration? Some of the inoculations need to be kept cold.
No power.
Sourcing a new generator.
You going to let me help, then? - It's not heavy.
- So I can take it.
So can I .
Thank you.
Right, guys, medical supplies taken in here Rest of it, let's get back to our quarters.
You the medic? Yeah.
Treating the walking wounded as best we can, hoping to get those with significant injuries airlifted to the hospital.
- Any doctors? - One.
Arrived a couple of hours ago.
She'll be delighted to see you.
People still coming in from outlying villages.
How are they being transported? By wheelbarrow mainly.
The road in is impassable.
Hence the wait for the generator.
Major Thapa tasking my guys on body disposal before they crack on digging latrines.
- Risk of infection is - Bodies, water, power, shelter, food.
All desperate.
And do we have sufficient shelter for the displaced? Some.
And we're the lucky ones.
Other areas have zero help.
We saw him trying to get down the mountain pass, went to help.
HE GROANS Richards, press this on the wound for me.
Stop the bleed.
That's it.
No not too hard.
Hi, sir, my name's Georgie and you're gonna be OK.
- Can you tell me your name? - HE GROANS LOUDLY Do you speak English, fella? Doctor! I can't right now.
Rab, go and get that NGO in here a second.
- We need someone to translate for us.
- Which one was that? The handsome dude who speaks perfect English.
PATIENT BREATHES RAGGEDLY I need to turn him on his side to check for lacerations.
On three.
One, two, three.
- MAN GROANS - That's it, thank you.
Spinal trauma, possible punctured lung.
We need to get him to a real hospital.
He's in good hands.
I can see that.
Yeah, and so are you.
Do what you're told on this mission and I'll make a soldier of you yet.
I need to know what's happened to him.
OK, I'll give him some pain relief, but he needs a lot more than that.
You from here? Kathmandu.
What are you? - Like, the mayor or something? - Yes.
Posted here as soon as the quake struck.
DOCTOR: You need some help? There you go.
He's nice.
Who? What? Look at it like a holiday romance.
I'm not on holiday, Richards.
Neither are you.
He's nice, though.
Yeah, he seems nice.
I knew you knew who I was talking about.
Going to build a funeral pyre for your nan, Fingers? Why would I do that? She's not dead.
Be prepared.
You can start building it in the garden.
She lives in a third floor flat, mate.
- My nan wants a green burial.
- What is one of them? Buried in a Plymouth Argyle kit, or something? Cardboard box, left in the woods, as far as I can make out.
Once you're gone, you're gone.
Why would you give a monkeys what happens to you when you're dead? - Dignity? - THEY LAUGH Why would you laugh about that? I need you to confirm all deceased.
Yes, boss.
SOLDIERS CHATTER AND LAUGH Maybe you can kindly ask them to shut the fuck up - while I crack on.
- SOLDIER: Get off! Get away from me now.
Guys, some respect, please.
Guys, keep hydrated, it's very important.
Maisie, on this, please.
- You heading back to the medical facility? - Yeah.
Any luck with the generator? Still waiting on the diggers to clear the road.
- 17.
- HE LAUGHS Children in the orphanage.
Tara's my little helper.
17? Are these new orphans? Many killed in the outlying villages.
Your guys dealing with it.
So they come to this village for - They know this is where the help is.
- Yeah.
Tara lost her family in the 2015 quake.
I sponsor some of the kids, including Tara.
That's really kind of you.
I have everything, they had nothing.
You know the Queen? Yeah! Yeah, she knocks on for me all the time.
You speak very good English.
I speak Chinese, too.
- Yeah? - Ni hao.
Very good.
Where are the kids staying? Tents.
GIRL: Tara? There's got to be more we can do.
And can I sponsor them, too? You're already helping.
- That's why you're here.
- Yeah, but who's looking after them? - We all do what we can.
- Are they being fed? - Are they, you know ? - Read to at night? We all do what we can.
We're looking for a building we can rehouse them in on a temporary basis but most of the buildings are either fully occupied or dangerous.
Did you study in Nepal? I went to school in Kathmandu.
But I went to university in Mumbai and New York.
Ah, OK.
So that's why you speak better English than me.
THEY LAUGH What's your funny little accent? I haven't got an accent.
It's Manchester.
MAISIE: Don't they get their drinking water from this river? No, further up.
Think I'll stick to San Pellegrino.
So what about the poor fuckers further down? Their stomachs must become immune.
It's a weird old world, that's what I say.
Yeah, it'll be even weirder if you don't crack on.
Come on.
MONK: Swear to me you don't like football, Rab? Honestly, hate it.
Love my phys, but football? Crap sport played by thick tossers.
You can't watch badminton all day long, though.
I don't watch it, I play it.
I would smash you at badders.
You talk the talk, but can you hack it with the racket? Whoa.
He used to play for West Ham.
Be careful, Rab.
- Juniors.
- More than you'll ever do, Fingers.
Oi! Put them down, please.
She's just tying to help, Kingy.
She earns bits of money from helping around the place.
You all right? I'm helping.
Thank you.
KINGY: In your own time, Maisie.
Oh, chill out, Kingy.
It's good to encourage her.
She's a sweetheart.
GEORGIE: Hi, Tara.
I need you to find all the other kids for a health check.
A very quick health check.
You understand ? I need a couple of volunteers.
Do you mind? No, go for it.
Richards, Kalil.
On me, please.
What's your name? TARA SPEAKS GIRL'S LANGUAGE - Nimissa.
- Nimissa.
- Ah.
- Ah.
How old? TARA SPEAKS GIRL'S LANGUAGE MAISIE: Whatever we're paying you, Tara, it's not enough.
- So you speak Nepali, English - And Hindi.
Oh, and Chinese.
Ni hao.
Ni hao ma.
Jin tian hen mei.
That was Chinese.
- Shut up! - What do you speak, Rab? English.
Don't get clever, or you'll get a bitch slap.
Focus, Richards.
All the children need to be photographed and each name attached to the photo for reference.
Tara, you help me with the names, yeah? SHE SIGHS - Come on, Maisie.
- What? Don't just give one kid all the sweets.
She'll share 'em round.
They love sweets.
Don't just bribe her to like you.
She'll like you if you do your job.
Have you ever actually met any children? You give 'em cabbage, I'll give 'em sweets.
Get on, Richards.
Thank you.
Tara, ask this lad if he's ever had any problem with his ears, and if he's been examined by a doctor.
SHE SPEAKS BOY'S LANGUAGE So you must know a bit of Indian? I'm Pakistani.
Schoolboy error.
And I don't speak it brilliant, much to the shame of my grandparents.
OK, and does he get a lot of earaches? SHE SPEAKS BOY'S LANGUAGE OK.
Well, tell him we'll get him checked.
You're a good girl.
Richards, come here, please.
Look into this lad's ear.
Significant signs of an ear infection.
Can you see? Yeah, I think so.
Right, when you're examining children, always check the eyes are clear.
Look at my finger.
And always check the ears and the throat.
If you do notice something that doesn't look normal or healthy, refer them.
Here you go.
It's really important that you concentrate, Maisie.
There's actual lives at stake.
OK, next one.
- LOUD RUMBLING - SCREAMING Get down! We had 4,000 aftershocks in 2015.
You better get used to them, Captain James.
You OK? MONK: What the hell was that? - Did the earth just move for you guys? - Aftershock.
Apparently, there's nothing to worry about.
Erm, says the guy who just shat his combats.
All right, guys, grab your gear, head back and get scrubbed up as best you can.
FINGERS: Whoa! That was mental.
You shat yourself, mate.
What are you talking about? We've sent up some temp showers.
What, bucket of water type temp showers, Kingy? Not that luxurious, I'm afraid, but soap and water.
Very important, guys.
I'm not mucking about, trust me.
You can't go in there, Tara.
It's dangerous.
- But I heard a cry.
- What? You heard a cry? INFANTILE CRY - Wait there, Tara.
OK? Promise me.
- INFANTILE CRY Maisie, don't be mad.
Get back here.
We heard someone crying.
I'll call it in, boys.
- There's just been an aftershock, it's dangerous.
- Hello, Zero Alpha, - this is Alpha 4-0.
- There's a tiny gap, I can get through.
No, just wait for the cavalry.
I'm just going to investigate.
Fucking hell.
We need to get the building propped first.
If it was you down there, Rab, you'd want someone to pull you out, rather than waiting six hours for health and safety bollocks.
No, no, tell her to wait! Mais Oh.
- Oh, my God! Oh, great now, she's saving goats.
Wonder how she's going to top this tomorrow.
You're not taking that home, Richards.
Is that understood? Well, what if I get it a pet passport, boss? Can you get Monk one while you're at it, boss? What you saying, bruv? Maybe you should have waited, as instructed.
Look, I heard a cry and I thought it was a baby, and I stuck my hand in and I pulled this out.
I'm sorry, Corporal.
I wasn't being defiant, I was just trying to Look, I just thought, "What would Lane do in these circumstances?" And I decided you'd save the baby.
Yeah, sorry, my bad as well, boss.
I called it in when she was on her way out.
You shouldn't mess around in these unstable buildings.
Right, guys excitement over.
Sort her out, Kingy.
- Lose the goat, Richards.
- THEY LAUGH Yeah, your family don't exactly have a good track record when it comes to domestic animals.
Oh, mate, I love a curried goat.
Should probably bring it back to our quarters to cook it up, Kingy.
Don't they eat cats round here? - That's China, isn't it? - And that's dogs.
We're nowhere near fucking China! That's on the other side of the world, bro.
- Wow.
- No, it ain't, pal.
It's just the other side of them there mountains.
Yeah, right.
Flippin' China, I don't think so.
Hey, India just there, China just there.
I'll make him right.
Wait, wait, wait.
So we're, like, wedged between China and India? My favourite two takeaways.
That's mental.
I never knew that.
Did you, boss? You still chew your tongue when you write your name, Monk.
I'm guessing Geography GCSE isn't a prerequisite at Pirbright.
I'm surprised half of them could find Pirbright.
So how's it going with your mentee? Full of attitude and a gobby little mare, just like my sister, but We'll get there? If she doesn't kill us first.
- Have you given it a name yet? - Lose the goat, Richards.
- You heard the boss.
- FRENCH ACCENT: Pardon? THEY LAUGH KINGY: Lose the goat.
Good work today, guys.
We'll sort some scoff and then get some shut-eye.
Another busy day tomorrow.
It's imperative we get the power back up and running.
In the meantime, we're awaiting some emergency generators.
Medic? Guys, personal hygiene is crucial.
All right? There's a massive risk of infection, so no-one fuck up on this.
You need to wash your hands at all times before eating.
- Understood, guys? - ALL: Sarge.
I could do without any of you presenting in the sickbay.
And I want the kit guarded at all times.
If it's left lying around, it will go walkies.
Right, Fingers, on the rations.
- Thanks a lot.
- There you are, my love.
- Thank you.
COCKEREL CROWS Bloody aftershocks.
I love the smell of burning corpses in the morning.
I mean, if they're happening all the time, what's the point? What's the point of anything we do if it ain't going to be standing by Christmas? Following orders, Richards, and doing as you're told.
And not abandoning hope.
I get that, Rab.
You bought a badminton set, then, Rab? Are you, like, seriously good at it, Rab? Yeah, I thought that was just the Japanese.
Chinese, but, hell, let's not be too culturally sensitive here.
The Chinese are good at it? What about you nip across the border and borrow us a couple of rackets? - THEY LAUGH - Will do.
I'm sticking my money on Rab for this one.
Sorry, Monk.
Right, guys, no time for phys this morning.
Crack on, get something to eat, and then we're disposing of the rest of the bodies ASAP.
Richards, Kalil, once you've eaten, I want you to jog up to the top road and see how long they think before it's accessible.
The digger is on its way, apparently.
We need that generator.
- The drugs are no good without it.
- ALL: Boss.
Right, guys, let's get going.
- Our generator! - My generator.
You're bringing it into the village, yeah? For Milan? It will take too long to clear this road.
I can sell it to another village.
No, we need this, matey.
It ain't going anywhere.
I haven't been paid.
Well, don't worry about that, you'll be paid.
By you.
Fella, I am looking you in the eye and telling you, you'll be paid.
End of.
How much? How much did you agree on? I need $1,000 now.
You'll get 'em.
But for that I'm going to need the keys to your truck and drive the genny in myself.
How you going to do that? That's the only road in.
Keys, and we got ourselves a deal.
The fuck you doing, Mais? - Oh, what's the worst that could happen? - We could die.
- Oh, and get court-martialled.
- Oh, you should have joined the Navy, you big wuss.
Get in.
Just don't do anything too nuts, Mais.
ENGINE STARTS Oh, fucking hell, now she's going all Resident Evil on me.
I am getting you mentioned in despatches, you melon.
- The angle's way too steep.
- No, I reckon we could do this, Rab.
- I don't like the "we" in that.
- I'm going to need you for ballast.
Get in! Now! GIRL CRIES Come straight through.
Boss? We really need to get these trauma patients evacuated to hospital.
In a perfect world which we don't live in.
So do what you can, please, Lane.
GIRL CONTINUES TO CRY THEY SHOU You're Indian, Rab tell 'em to relax.
I know what I'm doing.
- I'm Pakistani.
- Well, they'll understand you more than me.
What the fuck did you say? SF drivers course.
Have you ever done Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park? Yeah, and I shat myself.
Seriously, Rab, this is a piece of piss.
You've just got to hold on tight.
- If it was a piece of piss, then we - It's not going to topple at 45 degrees so long as we keep a bit of speed up.
You ready? Nope.
Good stuff.
Ah! My head! HE BELLOWS - You OK? - Yeah.
Got the genny in! Smashed it! Yes! Come on! DOCTOR: What happened to you? - Window licking.
- What? Oh, he banged his head, but he never lost consciousness.
Sit over there.
Oh, does it need stitching? I hate needles.
Get an infection in that, and you could die.
Anyway, a scar's going to look cool when you're getting your Queen's award for gallantry.
I'll tell you what she's done now she's risked two lives to get the generator in, instead of waiting ten minutes for the digger.
She's fucking annoying.
"She's fucking annoying" sums it up perfectly.
You're her mentor.
Sort her out, for fuck's sake.
Goody two-shoes is sticking her schnozz in.
Got your genny in.
Shut up and listen for once.
Yes, you got the generator in, instead of waiting ten minutes for a digger.
Teamwork, Maisie.
Sharpen up or go home.
I'm fed up with this for a game of soldiers.
What? I risk my arse getting the much-needed generator into the village, and I end up getting a load of shit for it.
Then leave and join the fucking circus.
Have you sorted her out, Lane? Well, I tried, boss.
Let's see.
Hey, you, are you in charge? I need my money.
I thought you Brits, - if you shook on a deal - Right, calm yourself, sir.
- I will calm once I get money.
- What money? What deal have we shook on? - I knew it.
I trusted that girl.
- What girl? The one driving my truck into the village.
- Give me my money or I will call police.
- Sir, calm down, and don't poke your finger at me.
She promised me money if I let her bring the generator in.
MILAN: You've had your money.
THEY SPEAK OWN LANGUAGE Your female soldier, - I want that money.
- You're not getting a penny more.
HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE You all right, Mais? Keep out of the boss and medic's way for a bit, if I were you.
What? They're fuming that you offered a local guy some extra money.
Medic reckons it's going to come out your wages.
Sometimes, I'd like to knock her perfect teeth down her throat.
They are perfect, aren't they? Have you updated your profile pic yet, Rab? Show off your war wounds? Soon as I get internet, mate bosh.
What are you going to say happened? The truth, I was attacked by a tiger.
They don't have tigers round here.
- Do they? - THEY LAUGH My father used to say you could stand on the mountain, raise your arms and touch the sky.
OK, well, I would like to try that, but I'm a bit busy.
Supper for the children.
Come and help me hand out the rations.
Yeah? Don't you ever feel like starting somewhere else? I mean, there must be easier places than ? Yes.
Mind you, I feel like that half the time, and I'm from Manchester.
HE LAUGHS But I guess our problems are tiny compared to - First World problems.
- Exactly.
We have to have armed guards on humanitarian aid.
Well, you can't leave your knickers on the line in Salford.
HE LAUGHS I could go and be an engineer in America, or Canada, or Sweden but I want to stay and help.
It's your country.
And I want to help rebuild it.
But, then, what if it happens all over again? Then, we rebuild again.
I just I don't know how you survive here.
We see another world on our phones.
And, of course, people want to go live an easier, - more comfortable life.
- A better life.
But what is a better life? We have agents here in Nepal.
They find jobs for people in Dubai, or Hong Kong, or There are no jobs for people in Dubai or Hong Kong.
Not for our destitute.
These poor people are trafficked to God knows where Syria, Bangladesh, India and exploited.
Basically, they're sold into slavery looking for this better life.
- It's fucked up, innit? - (HE LAUGHS) Yeah.
- So we have to un-fuck it.
- SHE LAUGHS HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE Tara, - what did Da Chand want? - Nothing.
Tara thank you.
GENERATOR PUTTERS Right, tell her we're going to give Tell her we're going to give her something to make her feel more comfortable.
Well, we'll get an eye expert to check if there's any permanent damage.
But in the meantime, I'm going to flush her eye out with water.
GENERATOR CUTS OU GENERATOR PUTTERS GENERATOR ROARS Has it started to clear? Oh, can't fault your timing.
She can see your light.
That's got to be a good sign.
Now, I need you to use your influence to arrange for an eye specialist to come and visit.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm going to have to go and access some more diesel - for the generator.
- Good.
I could do without the fridge going off in the middle of the night.
- Richards? - OK, - back later.
- Here.
You rang, m'lud? Richards, escort Tara back with the other kids.
Milan needs to go and source some diesel for the generator.
Here to serve.
Shall we cut the attitude, Richards? Come on then, scamp.
If you give me five minutes, I'll come with you.
It's the bottom village.
A steep climb back up the hill.
I'm an Army girl, I'll survive.
I was thinking of me.
Then, I'll put you in a wheelbarrow and push you back up the hill.
What you going to be when you grow up, then, Tara? Married, children.
You, right, could do anything absolutely anything with your life.
Now, I've watched you survive here.
If you can survive here, you'd piss any job in the UK.
What do you mean? Seriously, you could do anything.
I'm not mucking around here.
You're brighter, smarter than anyone I've ever met.
No-one could do what you do day-to-day.
You're a bloomin' miracle.
You set your mind to anything, you'd smash it.
Be a lawyer, politician.
Prime Minister, even.
In UK? And you wouldn't have to take orders from some Doris like me you'd be the one giving the orders.
So when they say you got to get married, tell them you've got bigger fish to fry.
You're going to conquer the world.
There's a great big world out there just waiting for Tara to take it by storm.
Understood? Yes.
Two more doctors arriving in the morning.
Might allow you a moment or two to rest.
Everything all right, Richards? Oh, so what happened to the diesel? You need to get back to your quarters and get your head down.
You going off on a moonlight walk with Mr Lover-Lover? Move, Richards, now.
Some fucking mentor.
Let's pretend I never heard that, Richards.
- Some fucking deaf mentor.
- I suggest you double away before you get yourself into serious bother.
- Sure.
- One more word, and you'll be packing your kit and you'll be sent home.
SHE SIGHS - You OK? - Yeah, it's just that girl.
She drives me insane.
She's always got to cross the line.
Sometimes it's good to cross the line, you know? We have a plan to rebuild every devastated area.
Quake-resilient schools and hospitals and homes.
We just need two things time and money.
"The God who made the mouth will provide the food.
" Do you believe in God? Do you have a faith? I have an absolute faith and belief that what we are doing is right and for the best.
That's why I joined the Army.
I know.
How mad is that? COCKEREL CROWS There's quite a lot of rudeness in your religion.
Everywhere I go, I've got willies pointing at me.
Will you stay in the Army? Erm I do wonder what life would be like outside.
I think about it all the time, but I never quite I never quite make the jump.
We all think about other lives.
Paths not taken.
Have you ever been married? Nearly.
Touching is forbidden.
I keep forgetting.
This was Tara's house.
Really? Not been touched since the 2015 quake.
We could go inside and take a look? A quick one? DOGS HOWL AND BARK What's all that about? RUMBLING - What's that? - I think it's an aftershock.
Drop, cover, hold on! - Whoa! - RUMBLING CONTINUES Me hand! Guys, is everyone OK? What the fuck's going on, boss? It might be another earthquake.
Is everyone here? - LOUD CRASH, SCREAMING - Get down! Milan? Milan? SHE PANTS Milan?! I can't find the medic, boss.
- Who last had eyes on Lane? - I thought she'd be back, boss.
HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE You all right, boss? I prefer an enemy you can see.
I could shag you whenever I wanted to.
So you saying you want to? HE SHOUTS COMMAND SHE SCREAMS