Our Girl (2014) s03e02 Episode Script

Episode 2 - Nepal Tour

1 Couple of new recruits.
One might need your mentoring.
Great soldier.
But tends to be more maverick than the Army accepts.
We're going to be heading a couple of hundred kilometres from here, nearer the epicentre of the earthquake.
We'll be working closely with the NGO's on the ground there.
Tara lost her family in the 2015 quake.
I need $1,000 now.
- Whoa! - I want that money! - Sharpen up or go home! There's a great, big world out there just waiting for Tara to take it by storm.
I'm not interested in you.
Yeah, well, I don't believe that, neither do you.
Milan? PANICKED SCREAMING Kingy, get everyone here now.
Roll call, ASAP! Guys, on me, now! Everyone OK? - Yes, boss.
- Fingers, come on! Last man, Sarn.
Milan! WOOD CREAKS Milan! MILAN GROANS Oh, Milan! Are you OK? Just just my eyes.
METAL AND WOOD CREAK Keep as still as you can, Georgie.
Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums Can you hear the people marching louder than This is our battle cry.
Boss? Er - everyone here? - Boss.
Medic in the med centre, but everyone else present and correct, sir.
- Brains, go and get her now.
- Boss.
I'm not being funny, but how do they cope? I can't find the medic, boss.
What? - Where is she? - I don't know.
Who last had eyes on Lane? I thought she'd be back, boss.
Spit it out, Richards.
She was heading off to source some diesel with the dude.
Thapa, my medic's gone missing, let's search for her right away.
HE SHOUTS INSTRUCTIONS IN NEPALESE Couple of buildings razed to the ground down the bottom end of the village, - but there's no reason to presume - Look, let's kit up and cut away in your search teams, now.
Kingy! Right, Alpha team, zone one.
Bravo team, zone two.
- Let's go.
- Boss! They'll be out looking for us.
They don't know where we are.
They'll come and find us, Milan.
Milan, I guarantee they'll be out looking for us.
It's what we do.
- Georgie! - Lane! Georgie! Georgie! Will they really come? Yes.
We never leave a man down.
We don't even know if they've survived.
Don't think like that.
ROCKS CRASH AND SMASH, THEY SCREAM SHE SINGS: I vow to thee, my country All earthly things above Entire and whole and perfect The service of my Is it an army song? No.
No, it's a hymn.
I guess we've adopted it.
Not sure it'll make number one.
It's no One Direction.
You know when the aftershocks struck, and we fell? A million thoughts ran through my mind.
All those things I should have said.
All those things I shouldn't have said.
I wish we'd met years ago.
Oh, no.
You wouldn't have liked me years ago.
Why? Milan, we ARE getting out of here.
- Anything? - No.
Lane! GENTLY: Entire and whole and perfect - Guys! - What? Inform Zero, Monk, I've bloody found her! Right, on it! Hello, Zero, this is Alpha.
Lane? - Can you hear me? - Richards? Richards? What's the situation in there? The roof is about to go.
Stay out.
Injuries? No.
Both superficial injuries.
Don't come in on your own.
Stay out, that is an order! If the frigging lot comes down, you'll be able to find me.
I'll be at the end of this rope.
Just wait, Maisie.
They'll be here any minute.
They'll need someone inside to assess, - so I might as well be on the front foot.
- Just wait, Maisie, please.
They'll be here with kit any second now! All right, but I'm holding the frigging rope.
Private Richards! Slowly.
Don't worry about that, fella.
Slowly, slowly catchy Georgie.
Move this, I can't breathe.
ROCKS CRASH - No, keep your helmet on, Richards! - Excuse me a sec, mentor.
Do you mind if I get you out, my way? And you can court martial me later, yeah? Agreed? Shit! There you go.
How good am I? What's the rope for? We get pancaked, they'll be able to drag us out under the door.
If we get pancaked together, does that mean I'm spending eternity with you, Richards? Ready? - You good there, Rab? - Yep.
Come on, come on.
You are a nutter Maisie, you know that? Hi, Rab.
Take your time.
Nice one, Milan.
You OK? Well done, Richards.
I dunno what you were doing in there, mind you.
I'll let that pass.
Lane? Is everyone OK? Yes, boss.
Right, Kingy, get the med kit down there.
Everyone get down! RUMBLING METAL CREAKS AND BREAKS Shit, man! Are you OK? Oh, God! Oh, my God! - ls everybody OK? - Yes, boss.
- Lane, are you all good? - Yes, boss.
Richards found a way in.
Couldn't afford to wait, boss.
I got her out just before the final moment of a massive Kerplunk game.
Let's get you out.
Apart from the shit attempt at humour, good work today.
Thank you, boss.
You're going to have a decent scar.
Something to remember you by.
I could have got us both killed.
I'm sorry.
Someone wanted us to carry on with our journey.
That really hurts.
I'll find you a "brave boy" sticker.
Think that's a Western thing.
You OK? Yeah.
Take more than a collapsed building to stop me, boss.
You had me worried there for a minute.
You're getting quite caring in your old age.
I'll be back on duty tonight, boss, at the orphanage.
I'll sleep up there with the kids.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'll get better sleep there than I would dossing with a load of hairy-arsed squaddies.
What were you doing up at the building anyhow? Not another goat? Something like that.
Make a note to yourself, Lane.
Don't be a twat again.
Already written it, boss.
You're lucky your mentee was there to help you out.
Glad you survived, Lane.
Are you OK? Yes.
I'd been saving this for a special celebration.
Open it and eat it now.
That's an order.
Like you bother with orders.
BABY CRIES My family died.
In the earthquake before.
And now my house has gone.
Everything has gone.
Not everything.
You're still here.
We don't have earthquakes where we're from.
You also don't have mountains as sick as that in Leeds.
Wondered where this was.
I found it.
You can look after it for me while I'm here.
Take some photos.
Are you mad? It's on airplane mode, I know what I'm doing.
My number is in there, OK? So, in an emergency, you just flick it out of airplane mode.
Don't be wracking up a big bill.
Photos only.
Hide it so no-one else sees.
You're actually quite a nice person on the quiet.
And you're actually quite a nice person just pretending to be a knob.
Yeah "nice" don't exactly get you anywhere, does it? Tara's "nice" and here she is, clinging to a fucking rock, waiting for the next earthquake to kill her.
Rock with a view, though, eh? Stop looking at me, you wanker.
You trying to hit on me? Course I fucking am.
Best offer I've had all day.
All week, then.
Mais! Maisie.
Have you got any reception, Kingy? Just looking at photos.
Homesick? I just like to say goodnight to the kids, that's all.
You all right, boss? This fucking place, Kingy.
What do you mean? What do I mean? This fucking place.
I, arm I prefer an enemy you can see.
Eh! We do what we can and fuck off, boss.
Well, that's the new recruitment leaflet sorted, then.
DOOR CREAKS OPEN - HE WHISPERS: Come for a walk? - Sh! Shouldn't you be resting? I couldn't sleep thinking about you.
Whoever said romance is dead.
Not me.
Erm I haven't brushed my teeth.
I'll live with it.
You're not stepping out with anybody? No.
No, I'm, I'm not stepping out with anybody.
You gotta give yourself a moment Let your body be We gotta lose it We gotta lose it Lose it, lose it, lose it, We gotta lose it Lose it, lose it, lose it, We gotta lose it Do you reckon they drug the dogs here? Maisie's the dog expert.
It looks like they've been on the puff.
It's the whole Hindu thing.
- They've properly bought into it.
- The dogs? If you never been kicked, you don't know how to kick.
Proper Hindu.
Zen shiz.
Look, these dogs have got to be a bit peckish, but they're not even bothering to eat chicken! Maybe they're veggies, Rab.
Dogs can't be religious.
Stop talking bollocks.
Learnt behaviour, Brains.
No such thing as bad dog, - just a bad owner, according to my nan.
- Learnt behaviour? Although her poodle can be a massive tosser.
That's what I'm saying, Brains.
We're all controlled by learnt behaviour.
Mind you, so can my nan.
KINGY: Listen in, fellas.
Squad holt.
Squad, well advance.
Right turn.
Right, guys, shower, scoff.
Briefing down at the bottom end of the village at 0700.
Fall out.
Maisie, have you see Tara? They're up at the top, aren't they? Some are.
Not Tara.
I can't find her.
Six of the kids have gone missing.
- I'll send her to the med-tent when I see her.
- OK.
Hi, this is Rab.
Sorry I can't be there right now.
If you can please leave a message Straight to your soppy answer message.
Airplane mode.
Tara's smart.
If she was in trouble, she'd have clicked out of that.
All right, guys, listen in.
We need everyone moved to the top end of the village.
This entire section must be vacated this morning.
- Is that understood? - ALL: Sir! KINGY: Relax, guys.
Do we need to clear the entire bottom section of the village, boss? I mean, you're sure we're not over-reacting? Weather turns and the rains come, the buildings that are left are at risk of mud-slides and the people sleeping outside will be washed away.
- You want us on that now, boss? - They're priority.
Let's crack on.
Has anyone seen anything? Nothing.
They're going to sweep around the far side of the village and see if anyone has seen them.
Milan, this is all my fault.
- No, it's not.
- If we hadn't had been I should have been in there with those children.
We'll find them.
Come on! Tara! Mia! - Tara! - Mia! Tara! Mia! What is it? - He's gone.
Da Chand.
- Da Chand? His truck was seen heading towards the main road.
Well, he was never going to hang around, was he? If he's gone back to Kathmandu What? What, Milan? - You think he might have - This isn't London.
I know this isn't London.
What's that supposed to mean? What it means is some people will do anything for money.
You really think he's taken the children? Those children are worth something.
I'm presuming that his NGO is registered at his home address.
- Although - What? This paperwork hardly looks official.
Did you pay him cash? We had no choice.
You don't have evil people in the UK? We have to go to Kathmandu as soon as possible.
We don't know he's gone to Kathmandu.
With all due respect, his options are limited.
He's from Kathmandu and I'm sure the kids'll be moved across the border into India, but he'll lay low first and divide them up.
Thousands of children were trafficked that way - after the 2015 quake.
- Thousands? Tens of thousands.
Boss, we can intercept them before they even get to Kathmandu.
We have got a job to do here.
If we don't go now, chances are those kids will never be found.
They were in our charge.
- We have a duty of care, surely.
- We have a duty of care here.
But if we get Richards driving, get a small team, - retrieve the kids and be back - We're the British Army, Lane.
- We don't go on gut instinct.
- Corporal Lane is correct about your duty of care.
You're the officer in charge.
It's your personal duty.
We'll deal with this correctly.
Inform the Nepalese Police, they can intercept and deal with the situation.
Well, we can try.
There's been an earthquake.
All agencies are stretched to breaking point.
They're only an hour ahead of us, boss.
That's all.
One hour.
Look, we're all ready to go, just waiting on your word, boss.
I can send some guys in a follow up vehicle to pick up the kids.
- Here.
- No, it's fine.
I'm sorry.
I should be the one that's sorry.
- This isn't your fault, Georgie.
- Yeah, it fucking is, though.
I can't.
This is a bit like a foursome, yeah? This is harassment in the workplace.
Try her again, Rab.
What you saying? "Where are you, Tara? Please tell us you're OK.
" Soon as she turns the phone on, we'll get a notification.
PHONE NOTIFICATION It's her! "I'm fine.
" Fine! She's obviously not fine.
She's being trafficked! Maybe she wanted to go with him? Message back, Rab.
Find out where she is.
What do you mean? Lots of kids think they're going for a better life.
- "Where are you, Tara?" - And maybe to some, a brothel in Mumbai is better.
She's turned it off again.
She's too young to be making those decisions.
We have the name Da Chand.
Probably false.
Possibly false.
But the photograph is a very good likeness, so perhaps you could unearth other identities.
And any other faux-NGOs he's been associated with.
Fucking hell.
- Is it OK? - Fine.
There's going to be some damage to the roads, by the looks.
Can we get through? We should be able to from here.
They're going to need to wait for them trees to be moved.
- What's happening? We heading back? - Call it in, Rab.
What do I say? We're heading back? And the following vehicle's stuck? Tell them that the roads aren't damaged ahead and we're pursuing the target.
Catching flies, Rab? RECORDING: Hi, this is Rab.
- Sorry I can't - The phone's still off.
Straight to his soppy answer message.
Look, if I have to listen to that one more time Does he know everybody in Nepal? Yeah.
Aye, do you feel confident to go on? Abso-fucking-lutely.
Let's get the kids and hold Da Chand.
We'll worry about the rest later, yeah? They think he's about 30 minutes ahead - but said his truck seemed slow.
- OK.
My uncle's in the police in Kathmandu.
I'll try to get him to call all the petrol stations en route.
If Da Chand is seen, they can call it in.
- Good call.
- Unless Well, they're not going to send police to wait around on the off-chance.
They haven't got the resources, like you said.
If they're asking the petrol station to call in if they spot them, it might lead to Da Chand being tipped off.
We don't want some toe-rag letting him know we're after him.
No offence, Milan.
If he's half hour ahead, we will be able to catch up with him before Kathmandu.
ON PHONE: Police HQ, hello? - Hello, Police HQ? - OK, let's go.
Hit any of these at speed and we could bollocks the vehicle.
We're still gonna catch up with him though, yeah? Yeah.
- If we don't catch them - Zip it, Rab.
Just saying.
I mean How the fuck do we find them in Kathmandu? - Still no reply? - Phone's off.
It'll tell me when the texts are received.
And, after Kathmandu, what happens to them? Taken across the border to work as sex slaves in India.
Right, so we need to make sure that the border control are alerted.
There is no border control as such.
Porous borders, as they say.
Between Nepal and India.
As soon as the phone's turned on again, I'll know where she is.
How? I only did it as a joke when you were asleep.
- What? - What? You put the tracker on? It was for a laugh, Rab, so chill.
I just wanted to say, "Get out of Burger King" or whatever to freak you out.
Congratulations, you've freaked me out.
Although I'm slightly flattered you care so much.
ON RADIO: Mike two zero, this is Zero, over.
Yes, boss.
Why didn't you call in losing the following truck, Lane? Over.
We had no idea we'd lost the truck, sir.
And by the time we did, we were close to Kathmandu.
Milan's uncle who is the chief of police had offered us an escort.
And how far are you from Kathmandu? Over.
Ten minutes, boss.
Police escorting us.
Roger that, please keep me updated, over.
PHONE NOTIFICATION Last text gone through and read.
- I'm getting a location from the tracker now.
- Right let's go.
Data roaming ain't going to be cheap out here, eh? What? I am just saying.
Do you think they have aftershocks in Kathmandu? I left my crystal ball at home, Brains.
For someone clever, you ain't half thick, Brains.
No, I'm just saying, there's tall buildings there so, you know, way more dangerous.
- You know what, if I was in change - Bloody hell, was that another aftershock? Oh, no, you're all right, that was me shuddering - at the thought of you being in charge, Monk.
- Look, hear me out.
If I was in charge, I wouldn't let no-one build anything above one storey high.
You get a bit of corrugated iron on your canister from eight feet, chances are you'll survive.
30 storeys high and you're brown bread, mate.
That's true.
He's well out of his comfort zone.
What's that supposed to mean? Done a lot of tours with the boss man and I've never seen him so This place, it's a head fuck.
Child snatchers.
Yeah, well, they're snatching the kids back, though, aren't they? I hope so, Kingy.
Look, never in doubt, so let's crack on and give these poor sods somewhere to sleep tonight.
Come on.
Let's go.
What does he need to discuss with the police? - We've got a building, so - Exactly.
Let's just get in there and get them out.
Yeah well, we don't know whether she's still there, though, do we? - Or what's happening to her if she is.
- Indeed.
But our responsibility lies with the welfare of the kids.
But the longer these planks chatter They can't do anything until the uncle arrives.
Is he that important? Milan's uncle genuinely is some sort of high up official.
It'll be fine.
Let's just hope she's still at the dwelling.
Hurry the fuck up! Calm yourself, Richards.
- Nepal time.
- I don't know why we needed to involve local plod when we could have just gone in and got the kids ourselves.
You've got a brain! Use it.
Switch on.
What? We need Da Chand arrested and for the kids to be looked after properly.
I'm just saying, if it were up to me, we'd be on our way back to the village with the kids already.
Look, if we storm that building, us three, with no back up, and met with armed resistance, then what? - I guess we're ying and yang.
- You reckon? You're like the head girl and I'm like the The girl sat at the back of the class not listening? Yeah.
I'm the one that's bunking off actually living a life.
You reckon I don't live a life? Think you're a bit too scared to.
No offence.
Yeah, well, you don't know me.
Maybe I do.
That the uncle? More bloody chatter.
- We know the kids are there.
- We know the phone was there.
Your Russian roulette soldiering can only have one outcome.
What was that about Russia? What? Wanker! - Russian roulette.
- What is it? One bullet in a six chamber gun.
Pft! She thinks that's how you soldier.
She's proper up herself for a northern Doris.
RADIO SIGNALS - Yes, boss? - ON PHONE: So what's happening? We're observing and here in a support capacity.
Supporting who, Lane? Nepalese police operation.
You were assisting us.
Of course.
Right, shall we head inside? On me! That's him.
IN ROOM: You are a very stupid man.
- You've done a very stupid thing.
- Saving children? Where are the kids? TELL ME! You, mate, need to be taught right from wrong! KIDS' VOICES ABOVE THEM Let's go.
Tara! Tara You've had us so worried.
Are you OK? - We've got 'em back, Rab.
- Safe and unharmed.
All children accounted for.
They'll be travelling back with our escort tomorrow.
CHEERING MAN SPEAKS IN NEPALESE They can transport the children back to the village in the morning.
Major Thapa has arranged for us to stay at the barracks tonight and we can follow the bus taking the children back tomorrow.
- That's good.
- Yep.
Maybe I can show you around first.
What do you mean? Well, this is my city.
If you don't have to rush back to the barracks, I can, erm give you a quick tour.
Yeah, I'm sure I can follow the guys back.
Half an hour.
We can charge him with child trafficking.
And also fraud.
Obtaining money under false pretences.
- His NGO was fake? - Yes.
He is an opportunist, exploiting the disaster.
Phone call for you.
It's the Brigadier from Whitehall.
Needed you urgently.
She doesn't want to come back.
- What are you talking about? - Tara.
The rest of them understand, but Tara is adamant she doesn't want to come back to the village.
Did you get my phone back? She can hold on to it till we get back to the village.
Did you flick it back onto airplane mode? I wish I could flick you onto bloody airplane mode.
They've arrested Da Chand.
That means you need to come back home.
I don't know what Da Chand promised you, but he was lying.
You need to come back with us, Tara.
Da Chand was lying to you, and he's going to prison for a very long time.
You belong back at the village.
We need to get you back where you can be looked after properly.
Once you've finished your schooling - They marry me off.
- No.
No, not if you don't want to be married off.
You don't know anyone in Kathmandu.
You're young No.
You do know where Da Chand was taking you, don't you? You know you were being shipped to India to work as prostitutes? I'm getting a better life.
It doesn't work like that, darling.
Tara! Oi.
Don't be letting people put nonsense into your head.
You need to come back home with us.
Everything's going to be OK.
We're going to go back to the barracks here in Kathmandu and we'll have something nice to eat together.
Does that sound good? OK.
Right, guys, listen in for a minute.
Finish what you're doing here, then square your kit away.
Briefing in 20 minutes, Kingy.
What's going on, Kingy? Find out in 20 minutes.
- Let's crack on.
- Sir.
- I don't understand, boss.
- You don't need to, Lane.
Stay in Kathmandu.
I'll be joining you in the morning for Da Chand's release.
Is that clear? Yeah, but why's he being released? She's going to be all right, mate.
I hope so, Rab.
We got 'em.
We saved 'em.
We done our job.
- Gob like the TARDIS, you.
- What? - I'm hungry.
- Remind me not to take you anywhere fancy when we're back in the UK.
What makes you think I'd be interested in going anywhere with you when we're home? Cos you fancy a piece of my arse.
I could shag you whenever I wanted to.
So, if I ever want to, you'll be the first to know, OK? So, you saying you want to? I'm saying the opposite.
You don't fancy me? - Remind me, when's your tenth birthday? - Do what? The idea of you slobbering all over my tits gives me the massive creeps.
Don't knock it till you've tried it.
Scoff's not as bad as you'd think, medic.
We all have a responsibility, Richards.
- What have I done now? - Filling Tara's head with nonsense.
- Who has? - You, telling her that anything's possible.
A wonderful life in the West awaits her.
- Prime Minister - Look, - I didn't exactly - You did, "exactly", Richards.
Think! We got her back now, so problem solved.
Well, thank God we did.
Cos if we hadn't Well, it don't bear thinking about, does it? Yeah, but I thought we were supposed to be going in the morning.
- Yeah, well, now we're going now.
- Something's happened.
- Like what? - I don't know, that's why I was asking.
As you were, guys.
We're flying direct to Kathmandu.
Get a briefing at the barracks there.
Let's move.
All right, guys, grab your kits and let's go.
HELICOPTER BLADES BEGIN ROTATION I couldn't live without my burgers.
Look, I know you lot worship the cow.
Hindus don't worship cows, you plank.
Er, they do! I thought you was supposed to be Muslim, anyhow? Yeah, but that doesn't mean Did you not do Religious Studies at school? Hated the teacher.
Refused to listen.
Sat at the back with Kylie Dunn practising doing tattoos on my arm.
Is it true they are letting him out? Da Chand? Who told you that? - A soldier.
- A soldier? So, we have to stay here, yes? You're safe.
He's not going to get you.
I know he's not.
Do you feel better now, about going back to the village? - Well? - There's a big world out there.
I thought we were meant to be confined to barracks? Ooh! It's not like her to be all Naughty.
You ARE fucking ten! BELL RINGS It hit us two years ago and again now.
How will it ever be repaired? Slowly.
You can't solve all the world's ills.
What you do is enough.
Is it, though? It's a start.
But all this, the children being taken not your fault.
At least we've got them back, I suppose.
Sir! $1 please.
$1 Sir! - Have you ever seen a living goddess? - Huh? Good price for you, madam.
Not expensive.
Where are we going? To see a living goddess.
Is this a joke? No.
The Kumari, or Living Goddess, will appear at that window.
OK, so these are just ordinary girls that have been chosen? And they're deified until puberty.
So this is just a tourist thing, yeah? Traditional.
The Kumari is believed to be the incarnation of the goddess Taleju.
BELL RINGS These goddesses don't hang about.
Maybe one day you'll show me your town.
You can't move for living goddesses in the Arndale Centre.
SHE GIGGLES Guess what? That top window is going to open and a living god is going to pop his head out and call last orders? It can be arranged.
My house.
Erm, I have got to get back to the barracks.
Are you sure you don't want to be spontaneous? Are you saying I'm not spontaneous? I have Nescafe.
Is that a successful seduction technique in Kathmandu? Has it worked? PHONE RINGS OU CALL ANSWERED TONE What is it, Richards? Just a heads up, boss is arriving right now.
You're going to need to get back here, pronto.
He said he was coming in the morning.
I'll get you a taxi cab.
Wait here.
Taxi! Boss.
I'm sorry, boss, I thought you were arriving in the morning, that's why I didn't rush back from my NGO dinner.
I was invited.
I I just didn't call it in.
I'm sorry.
Boss? You are allowed to eat, you know.
- Briefing at 0500.
- Boss.
Come on.
Elvis? Why are you here? A mission.
You look flustered.
There's a difference.
- 5am briefing.
- Yeah, I heard.
- Goodnight.
- Night.
Relax, guys.
Mr Da Chand.
Currently under arrest about to be released.
A small cog in a larger wheel.
Good morning, guys.
We've been working undercover in India and Pakistan, trying to locate a cache of weapons that were stolen from a UN platoon on the Afghan border.
Nine members of the platoon were killed.
We know who ordered the attack.
Aaban Omar.
A Taliban commander currently masterminding attacks on mainland Europe and, indeed, the UK.
In the popular parlance, Aaban Omar is our most wanted.
Intelligence knows the weapons will be coming his way, they even have the name of the designated driver.
Da Chand.
So, we're hopeful Da Chand can lead us to Omar.
We'll be supporting special forces on this mission before returning to the village.
Target released.
Monitoring movement.
We will follow at a safe distance.
Vehicle on the move, boss.
OK, Charlie, let's move.
Right, guys, grab your kit, let's go.
I'll see you in a minute.
I do hate these early starts.
Early bird catches the worm.
The early worm not so lucky, though.
So, you were surprised to see me, were you? No.
Oh, you thought they'd have spooned me into a body bag by now? The day is yet young.
Don't jinx it! They were on Ops in Pakistan.
- It wasn't like I put in a request for him.
- I'm a soldier.
I do what I'm told and work with whoever I'm told to work with.
I'm going back to the village with the kids.
We'll be back.
Mission's complete once the prefabs arrive.
How long will this operation take? Well, we're just supporting Special Forces.
They're flying out now we're following later.
Milan, where the hell's Tara? HE ASKS HER QUESTION IN NEPALESE Maya, where is she? Where's Tara? - She's gone.
- "Gone?" What do you mean, she's gone? I wouldn't go with her.
Right, where's she gone? She doesn't want to go back.
She wants to go to UK.
Lane, let's go.
- Tara's not there, boss.
- Well, then get someone local to have a look inside.
She won't have got far.
We have to leave, come on.
Find her for me, OK? - I will.
- Find her and look after her.
You promise me? See you in Kabul.
- You and Elvis? - Yeah.
We're done.
You know she's got a bloke back in Nepal? This mission is no riskier than anything we've done before.
I have a bad feeling, James.
GET DOWN! Well, it appears to have all gone Pete Tong, fellas.
- They knew we were coming.
- I trusted you! Welcome to Afghanistan.