Our Girl (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

Episode 3 - Nepal Tour

1 I wish we'd met years ago.
I'm not interested in you.
Yeah, well, I don't believe that and neither do you.
Tara lost her family in the 2015 quake.
You set your mind to anything, you'd smash it.
Be a lawyer, Prime Minister even! In UK? Maya, where is she? Where's Tara? - She's gone.
- Gone? She wants to go to UK.
Captain Azizi! Hey.
Good to see you, my friend.
You look well.
They didn't tell me it was you.
Why would they? Is this the truck? I thought it'd be more like the films.
- The films? - What, so you thought it would be more exciting? Maybe.
Haven't been here before, have I? Trust me, excitement is the last thing you want here.
Guys, less chat.
All right, guys, the ANA will take us from here to the base where we'll rendezvous with the SF.
Ooh, bring on the real men.
Steady on, Richards.
You worked with blades before, then? Yeah.
That Elvis one seconded me and Lane for a rescue job in Syria.
Let's just say the action continued into decompression.
You and Elvis? Yeah, I mean, he's a bit full of himself - but you can't deny that body.
- Hey.
- What? - Shh.
Is he riddled with something? Not exactly.
He was engaged to Georgie.
Yes, ages ago.
- Oh - We're just friends now.
What kind of a name is Elvis anyway? (HE SNIFFS) What is that smell? I thought it was you.
Eau de Kabul, that, mate.
Breathe it in, my friend.
Thought you and your brothers weren't allowed so much as a beer.
They're not.
It is a product of the conflict.
The allies needed help to fight the Taliban so they turned to the warlords.
They wanted to grow the poppy, the Taliban used to forbid it.
So what changed? Taliban were skint after the war, they had to make their money back somehow.
Heroin is now our largest export.
Get the driver to step on it, please.
We're nearly there.
Is everything all right, boss? Incoming, get down! - Contact left.
Has anybody got eyes on? - Nothing seen, boss.
No-one else, boss.
Get us into base, now! HE STRUGGLES TO BREATHE Keep your heads down, guys.
INDISTINCT SPEECH - No - Unless you want him to die, you're going to have to accept a little female help.
HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE He's got an entry but not exit wound upper right chest.
HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE No, let him stay.
He might learn something.
Right, guys, on me.
Is everyone OK? - Boss.
- All right, Kalil? You look a little pasty.
I'm fine, boss.
Welcome to Afghanistan.
Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? This is a battle cry Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? This is a battle cry.
Your face when they started shooting.
Reckon he's got proper skidders.
I thought we were here as support.
Didn't expect to be shot at the minute we arrived.
Afghan popped your cherry, mate.
First live fire and all that.
Don't worry, mate, we all shit ourselves the first time.
I didn't shit myself! No skidders neither.
Hi, guys.
- All right, boss.
- Boss.
Nice work, Lane.
He appreciates what you did for him, as do I.
Not sure everyone feels like that.
Malik is not a bad soldier.
He needs to learn when to accept help.
He's frustrated.
He comes here to fight to make his country better and what does he find? Poor training, poor equipment.
Would you want that for your men? No.
Lane, did I ever tell you how Captain Azizi and I met? - No.
- Helmand Province, 2014.
We bonded over a shared love of The Boss.
Captain Azizi, here, can't get enough of him.
His old man music is not for me.
Drum and bass all the way.
Is it really three years? It's a long time as allies.
One question, though.
What's The Boss? Oh, come on! Are you going to make me sing it? - No, no, no - It's Bruce Springsteen.
Captain Azizi, new intel on Omar just in, ready to brief in ten.
- I'll gather my men.
- Thank you.
Heard you had a bumpy ride in.
Nothing we can't handle.
When are you heading out to recce? Last light.
Well try and keep yourself in one piece.
I'll do my best.
All good with you and Lane? Yeah, we're grown ups with a job to do.
Glad to hear it.
Now let's make sure the same can be said for over there.
LAUGHTER Oh, shit.
How did you know about that anyway? You were mentioned in dispatches.
OK, did Georgie happen to be present during these dispatches? That's not a problem, is it? I thought you were "just friends" now? Georgie and I will never just be friends, Charlie, you know that.
You want my advice, deal with one emotional minefield at a time, - starting there.
- Yeah.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Da Chand led MI6 straight to Omar's compound in Nahri Saraj, Helmand Province.
Taliban insurgents have significant influence across the whole region.
And Omar's compound's smack bang in the middle of it.
And his men have eyes everywhere, so it's imperative that we stay under the radar.
Our primary advantage here is the element of surprise.
Using the ANA trucks as cover, we'll move to this FOB, prepare to support the assault on the ground.
Once we have achieved our objective, we will extract immediately.
Now, we've all seen what Omar is capable of.
I don't want anybody going into this thinking it's going to be easy.
It's a four-hour walk from the FOB to the compound over difficult terrain, so rest up as best you can.
Prepare to receive a more detailed brief once we reach the FOB.
Any questions? - Boss.
- No, boss.
Sir, what about Da Chand? If anything were to happen to Da Chand, it would immediately arouse suspicion.
So, we're basically just letting him go? Would you rather we compromise this mission, Richards? Well, no, obviously not, but I mean Come on, he sells kids for money, he doesn't give a toss about where they end up Private Richards, this mission is not about Da Chand.
Is that understood? Sorry, boss.
Start line 0600.
HE GROANS AND WINCES Right, I think we can live without the sound effects.
Thank you, Brains.
- I'm just trying to make it realistic.
- Shh! OK, so direct pressure to the wound, yeah? Pushing down.
Then, if possible you elevate the limb, like so, and apply blast bandage like I showed you earlier.
Yeah? OK, go on.
Her conviction is admirable.
No-one likes to see their fellow comrades suffering.
Forgive me, it's been a long war.
And then you come down tight.
We'll get there.
MESSAGE ALER Is it Tara? It's bloody Domino's.
I could just go an 18-inch stuffed crust Hawaiian.
Oh, pervert! Who puts pineapple on a pizza? HE BLOWS KISSES I'm out.
Me too.
Now, you're bluffing.
Am I now, Monk? Yeah, better luck next time, mate.
Snake! It's a tough shift, that.
Yeah, could teach you lot a thing or two.
Why do they bothering cleaning the carpets anyway? It's a dust bowl out there.
They're prayer mats, you muppet.
Maisie, come here, I'll press you.
Yeah, yeah, shh, shh! Yeah, all right.
Go on, then.
- Go on, Rab, you got this.
- Go on, push it.
Keep going.
- Keep going.
- Dig in.
Dig in.
Come on.
Omar's going to be shitting it when he sees you coming, isn't he, big lad? Richards - can I have a word? - Yeah.
Why is my man scooping everything, Maisie, Georgie? Kingy.
Oh, yeah, right.
Yeah, good one.
LANE: All right, you two.
- Yeah, we were just - I'm going to try and get some kip.
- See you later.
- Yeah Do you mind if we go somewhere a bit quieter? Yeah.
SHE SOBS Look, I had fun and everything it's you know, it's not that I don't like you.
THROUGH TEARS: Then why? I mean, what's wrong with me? Nothing.
You're lovely, honestly.
I haven't stopped thinking about you since Cyprus.
Yeah, I've been thinking about you too.
It's just timing, you know.
Look, I'm sorry to have to tell you this but there's someone else.
OK? I just I think you're so great, and gorgeous, and you've got such a massive ego! SHE LAUGHS Good one.
I mean, seriously, give yourself a break.
It was one pissed up night.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
So we're cool? We could not be cooler.
Oh, and it's none of my business but I hope that other girl isn't Georgie.
You know she's got a bloke back in Nepal? It's time to go, boss.
INDISTINCT CHATTER I'm being eaten alive here.
I reckon we're having it better than SF out on a recce.
Have you applied for selection yet? I thought they were begging you to join up.
Well, they are, but a man of my talents is needed here.
LAUGHING: Oh, right, yeah.
All right, guys, a couple more rounds then I want everyone hitting the sack.
Enforced rest, early start tomorrow.
Sir, I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep.
Well, I definitely will, so don't keep me awake with your yakking.
Depends on the last cards.
- Argh, I'm not picking that up! - They're all yours.
Take the whole pack Look, everyone feels it the day before a big one but try and slow your brain down.
I'm depending on you tomorrow.
You have to channel those nerves.
I won't let you down.
Never thought you would.
- Go on.
- Sergeant.
Ten, ten, tens.
Deal us in, then.
Hiya, love, you all right? - Yeah, good, are you? - Yeah.
- You've moved? - Mm-hm! Look, I've got proper walls now and everything.
I'm going up in the world.
Where are you? Afghan.
It's OK, it's a very short mission then we're going straight back to Nepal, so don't worry.
Can you tell us what you're doing at least? Catching a bad guy.
It's a support role, top team.
It's all good, I promise.
I am sorry, it's just your job I know I shouldn't worry so much.
Right, I've got to go.
Please be careful, sweetheart.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
It's all right, it's fine.
About back there, me and Elvis, we were just Your mind should be on this mission, nothing else.
Not me, not Elvis, not Tara.
GUNFIRE Let's go.
Let's go.
Move! We stay inside.
Shouldn't we help? We're not supposed to be here, remember.
What's happening? Taliban are attacking the base.
The ANA will respond.
But you cannot help this time.
HE SHOUTS IN OWN LANGUAGE There's nothing we can do here.
We can't break our cover.
All quiet? For now.
Everything all right? This mission it's too much of a risk.
I think we should abort.
Why? The attack on the way in, they know you're here.
Perhaps, but they don't know our intentions.
Are you worried about your men? No, my men are fit and prepared.
Then this mission is no riskier than anything we've done before.
I have a bad feeling, James.
Long wars will do that to a man.
We are taking a huge risk, with my men and yours.
It's what we signed up to do, Azizi, to protect your people from men like Omar.
We're in this together.
Attention! MUSIC: Traktor by Wretch 32 It's pretty brazen, this.
All the poppy growing.
Coming to a street in your home town soon.
Mate, I'm pissing sweat here.
You've a wonderful way with words, Richards.
Go on, Kingy, share the love.
It's my daughter's birthday today.
Managed to download these back at the base.
Let me see that.
She's 16.
Boy, 16, don't know how that happened.
16? You started early.
Got two boys and all.
Aww, your missus is a saint.
- Good for you, though, Kingy, making it work.
- Yeah.
Man, it's ripe in here.
Oh, it's you, bro! You smell worse than Kabul.
I showered twice this morning and used half a can of Lynx! Well you're not using it right, lad.
You've got to get right in there, - in all the crevices, bud.
- Ey! Piss off, worry about your own crevices.
INDISTINCT CHATTER THEY SPEAK OWN LANGUAGE Boss, I think we might have a dicker: bloke on a bike.
Right, keep your eyes on him, Richards.
THEY SPEAK OWN LANGUAGE Oh, yes, can we get a shower? - Boss.
- See you in a bit.
Oh, I love what you've done with the place.
Ooh, nice scar.
Misjudged combat roll out of the 'chook.
Check that out.
Man, I can't see nothing.
Fuck off, ten stitches went in there.
Sat in the park near me necking a bottle of 20/20 - Classy.
- Mm-hm.
Fat Dave jumped on the seesaw, I went flying, - teeth went straight through.
- Urgh! Fit nurse patched me up though.
Oh, don't tell your sister I just said that.
Where'd you get shot, Syria? Manchester.
Serious? Elvis and Georgie keeping the streets terrorist free.
Lucky you was there, eh, George? Should have phoned in sick that day.
Rock drill in ten.
Go on, Rab, lad.
Yeah, wash them pits.
You can't even smell anything.
I think you better sniff 'em as well.
Mais, come and smell this.
You do realise Maisie ain't interested? She ain't seen a bit of this yet, baby.
Seen a bit of what? ELVIS: Listen in, then.
Omar's compound Two vulnerable points.
Point Alfa will be over here, the breach.
That's where me and my boys come in.
Charlie, you and your boys over here at Point Bravo, the irrigation ditch.
Sentry guards change every morning.
This will be our opportunity to seize control.
Charlie Fire Team, led by Kingy, will launch a diversionary attack here while Elvis's team will launch an assault via support helicopter, here.
I'll be waiting at the extraction point with Delta Fire ready to cut the enemy off.
And where's the casualty collection point, sir? - With me.
- OK.
- Any questions? - ALL: Boss.
Let's crack on.
On me, boys.
Everything all right, Richards? Yeah, boss.
Spit it out.
You remember that dicker on the way out here? I think Azizi knows him.
Well, did he talk to him? Not exactly.
It was It was sly.
It was like a sly nod.
Look, I know he's your mate, sir, but you do hear about it, don't you? Green on blue.
What would it look like if Azizi were to acknowledge an innocent civilian? The same, boss, but The same.
Look, I saw something.
I trust Azizi to stand beside me the same way I trust all of you.
Is that understand? Yes, boss.
Think I might've cocked up.
No way! You?! Go on.
I thought Azizi knew that dicker at the checkpoint.
I told the boss, but he reckons it's hearts and minds.
I was right to say something, though? Yeah.
It's not like I don't get bollocked most days, but he had another go at me about Da Chand.
Look, I get it, all right? Letting him go does seem a bit messed up.
- A bit? - Look, I'm agreeing with you.
Look, if you weren't so switched on, you wouldn't be a good soldier.
But getting too involved, well, that isn't great either, OK? You think I'm a good soldier? Don't push it.
Could have given me the "don't be an arsehole" chat - a little bit earlier.
- Eh, I did.
- When? - Kabul.
Oh, I thought that was just you tripping over Elvis.
You are cool about you know? Cos if I'd have known Look, me and Elvis are free agents, OK, so, no, I'm not "tripping".
PRAYING IN ARABIC HE CONTINUES PRAYING HE MOUTHS So, is it a superstition thing? Just something I do before a mission.
Keeps the head clear.
Up here for thinking, eh, Peanut? Oh, it's all kicking off at home.
Rachel wants booze at her party, Jules isn't having it.
Choose your side carefully.
My 16th was a mega lash.
My nan got ASBO'd.
So being a piss head runs in the family, then? Oh, like being a wanker runs in yours, yeah? Guys, you're not helping.
No, the boys are easy, you know? They're bears, like you lot.
Throw them an apple, kick them in the nuts, it's all good, but Rachel, she's powerful.
You should start a support group with my dad.
There's three of us.
No, thank you! No, you've got to support your missus, Kingy.
You've got to back her.
You just said your 16th was "proper messy".
Eh, exactly.
But cos I can always wrap my dad around this, see? He went down the offy for us.
I'm struggling to work out the moral of this story.
He shouldn't have sided with me, should he? The kids are a team, the parents are a team.
I'd have respected him more for solidarity to his platoon.
I like that.
- There you go.
- You're right.
Mate, I should've been one of them agony aunts.
All this wisdom is just wasted on you lot.
Especially you.
Now, let's see if she still likes me when we get back to Nepal, eh? Hey, it's come to something when the light at the end of the tunnel is returning to a disaster zone.
You know what I mean? I hear that, I hear that.
Yeah, you must be looking forward to getting back to Nepal, Lane? It's a beautiful country.
Yeah, beautiful country, friendly people.
Is that a problem? Nah.
No problem at all.
All done, pal.
Erm, so how did your nan get ASBO'd? Oh, my God, she tried to take a piss on next door's front garden.
Like slash attack! What the fuck was that about? Oh, Georgie, I'm sorry, truly.
What exactly is your problem? I'll tell you what my problem is: you! Just you with someone else.
Here we go again.
- What, you don't think I know how this goes? - How what goes? The second, the very second, I'm with someone else, - there you are trying to fuck it all up.
- That's not fucking fair.
But embarrassing me out there in front of all them, that was fair, was it? How about not turning up on my wedding day? Was that fucking fair? Hey, and when I was on my own, where were you, hey? Oh, yeah, that's right, shagging Richards on decompression.
Fucking fair! Are you serious about him? You're unreal.
You are unreal! I said are you serious about him? That's none of your fucking business.
I wondered if you might have some spare supplies so I can help if anyone is hurt tomorrow? I can come back later.
No, no, it's fine.
It's fine.
We're done.
Right, let's go.
Not bad for an old man.
I'm sorry about the graffiti.
Do not bother on my account.
I am familiar with the allied sense of humour.
Does our presence here frustrate you? Yes.
You're surprised? You abandoned us to our fate and now you return and bring with you more chaos.
Maybe we were naive but there was so much optimism when the allies left.
We thought we could win.
And now you don't? Look around you.
We don't have the methods, the equipment.
The Taliban are as strong as they ever were.
The war continues and we make no progress.
Catching warlords like Omar is progress.
- You do still believe in what we're doing here? - Do you? Do I believe it's the right thing to catch men like Omar? Yes, 100%.
There are many Omars.
Catching one changes nothing.
I'm tired, James.
All I want is for this war to end.
Yeah, I understand that, but men like you are key to this country's future men who refuse to give up, who believe that one day all this will be over.
Be careful.
Always, my friend.
OK, there's some haemostatic dressing, there's a tourniquet.
Do you remember your skills and drills from training? Corporal, it's Tara.
Let me see what else I can dig out.
I'll come and find you.
- Thank you.
- OK.
Don't worry.
I can make it to the UK.
Then, maybe I will be Prime Minister.
I will call you soon.
Well, we know she's alive, that's the main thing.
It's my fault, isn't it? I put that in her head "Prime Minister".
How stupid was that? You gave her something to hope for.
Yeah, and what if she doesn't make it? The one thing this job teaches you is you can't control everything.
We do what we can and try and shut out the rest, otherwise it'll drive you insane.
I'll let Milan know.
What happened earlier with Elvis, I think that might be on me.
I told him about Milan.
- Nice one.
- Well, I didn't think it was a big deal.
It isn't.
I'd just rather not have my private life be the source of company gossip.
Yeah, but I couldn't help it.
He was trying to give me the big brush off, like I'm even interested.
Now, look, I am sorry.
- I thought it was history between you two.
- It is.
Are you sure Elvis got the memo? Well, if he hadn't, he has now.
Right, guys, on me.
Try not to shit yourself this time.
Worry about your own arse, mate.
You're all aware of your missions.
I'm trusting you guys, as always.
Keep your eyes on.
Stay focused stay alert and stay alive.
Hello, all stations.
Radio check.
Hello, Alfa Two Zero, this is Zero Alfa.
Please confirm your position at the start line.
Alfa Two Zero.
Roger that.
Position set.
Zero Alfa to Tango One Zero.
Tango One Zero.
All call signs are in position at Cherry Tree Lane.
Daffodil is good to go.
Roger that.
Hello, this is Tango One Zero.
All call signs prepare to initiate Phase One.
Stand-by, stand-by! Initiate.
Ten liner.
Wait up.
- Boss? Enemy, 50 metres, hard left! MAN SCREAMS Man down.
Man down.
Take cover! Engage! Alpha Two Zero, do you require assistance? I say again.
Do you require assistance? Over.
Tango One Zero cleared that area at 0400.
- Must have been receded since then.
- They knew we were coming.
Hello, Zero Alpha.
This is Alpha Two Zero.
Do you read me? Over.
Does anyone have working comms? - No, Sarge! - No, Sergeant! - Argh! - IED's affected the comms.
Trying to re-establish the connection now.
- Boss, we've got to help them.
- Don't move.
- I need to help - Hold your position, eyes on the high ground.
Fingers, keep on trying.
Hello, Tango One Zero.
This is Zero Alpha.
Phase One has been compromised.
I say again, Phase One has been compromised.
Acknowledge my last.
Well, it appears to have all gone Pete Tong, fellas.
No change there, then.
Hello, this is Tango One Zero to all stations.
Continue with Phase Two.
I say again, continue with Phase Two.
Kalil, on the medic, now.
We need to move.
30 yards, half right.
Dead ground.
OK, people, you heard her.
That's our plan.
Can you move him? - I can try.
- Zero Alpha, this is Alpha Two Zero.
Permission to move.
Fuck Boss, we need to go and help them.
We wait until we know what's going on, Lane! On my signal, we're going to make a break for the dead ground.
Go low and let's get the fuck out of here.
Kalil, prepare to move.
On me Go, now! Double, double, double! Three, two, one Go! Aargh! Shit! Man down! Fuck! Hello, Zero Alpha.
Hello, Zero Alpha, this is Alpha Two Zero.
Zero Alpha, I never thought I'd be so pleased to hear your voice.
Send me a sit-rep.
We've got three men injured.
One cat A, one cat B and Kalil's got a gunshot wound, left shoulder.
If you think this is getting you a sympathy shag, you can think again.
What about a hand job? What, for a little nick like that? Jog on.
Boss, those casualties will bleed out without any treatment.
This isn't up for discussion, Lane.
LANE! Lane, you get back here! What do you think you are doing? You are in danger! Lane, back off! Lane! HEARTBEA MUFFLED SOUND Fingers, give covering fire! No line of sight, boss! PILOT: Mayday.
Returning to Kabul.
Zero Alpha, this is Tango One Zero.
Clear! Clear! HE WHISTLES GUNFIRE CONTINUES You took your fucking time.
Looking good, Rab.
- Never better, Lane.
- Put the bandage on, OK? I need to deal with the cat A.
I'll be back in a second.
Take your time, Lane.
Maisie's enjoying copping a feel.
Oh, mate.
You are such a freak.
We're going to get you out of here, OK? All right, keep talking to me, yeah? Keep talking to me.
Malik, keep talking to him, please.
We're getting you out of here.
Nice work.
You might have just saved his life.
Thank you.
Aargh! Get him under cover! Aww, you Taliban tossers! Tango One Zero to all stations.
We have a man down, man down.
No sign of target.
We are bugging out.
We need to get the injured out of here, now.
There's no chance.
- Richards! - Maisie? Right, everyone, keep your heads down! Oh, I felt that.
Can anyone see the enemy? Look at me.
Look at me.
Are you OK? - Oh, my ears are ringing! - OK, look at me, look at me, look at me.
Look at me.
What do you need to do next? Hmm? Remember your training.
Stay focused.
What do you need to do next? - Look after Rab.
- Georgie, how's she doing? I think she's all right.
She's lucky.
All right.
Look at my finger, follow it.
- Tell me when you can see it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? This one? - Yeah.
OK, all right.
Are you OK? - Yeah.
- Right, OK.
Taliban must be losing their touch, missing a target as big as your napper.
Vehicle approaching from compound.
50 metres, red truck, moving right to left.
Shoot! Stopping! All call signs, this is Zero Alpha.
Taliban appear to be retreating.
SF have man down.
Roger, over.
Fingers, Brains, push forward, help secure the compound.
- Boss.
- Khan, you follow, support Zero Four Alpha.
Azizi! Watch out! THEY SPEAK IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE It was you? You told them we were coming? How could you do this? I trusted you! I warned you.
I told you to abort the mission, but you wouldn't listen.
Do you know how many men's lives you've put in danger? You still don't understand.
There can be no peace in Afghanistan whilst the allies are here.
You think the Taliban will bring you peace? Not while they are responding to allied bombs, no.
You strike, they retaliate on and on for 17 years and stuck in the middle is Afghanistan.
What, so it's our fault?! I will NOT watch my country die! You would rather watch ME die? I tried to warn you.
No, I won't let you walk away from this! No! Fuck! - Azizi! Fuck! - GUN CLICKS EMPTY Fuck! Azizi! It's all right, Azizi.
I've got you.
Do you reckon we got Omar? One of this lot must have told him we were coming.
He'll be long gone.
You, here.
Hello, all call signs.
This is Zero Four Alpha.
Compound looks to be clear.
No live bogies in this location.
Now securing area to establish a Charlie Alpha Papa.
Confirm location from Tango One Zero.
HE WHEEZES AND TAKES SHALLOW BREATHS Fuck! You're going to be all right.
Man down! Stay with me.
FUCK! Watch your footing.
On me, Rab.
All right, put him down there.
One, two, three Rab, sit down here.
- All yours.
- That's it.
I knew it was you.
I could tell.
Must he love.
Nah, I just heard some big Doris screaming.
I thought, "That's definitely not me.
Must be Rab.
" You did good, mate.
ANA wouldn't have made it back without you.
Well done.
It's not pretty, but it's a flesh wound.
You're going to be all right.
What?! All that screaming, just for a scratch?! Will I still have a scar? If you ask her nicely, Lane might stitch you up messy.
Turn that way.
I thought I was finally getting rid of you.
No chance.
You heard Kingy.
I was critical to operations.
Lane, we've got a gunshot wound.
He's lost a lot of blood.
Bring him through, quick! Upper left thigh.
Think it's a through and through.
You with me, Dyno, yeah? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Sit down, mate, OK? All right, it's an in and out, but it's a bleeder.
I need an ETA on the MERT.
- Hello, this is Tango One Zero.
- Help me! - I need an ETA on the MERT.
- Lane! - On here! - One, two, three What's happened? Boss? All right.
Azizi? - Azizi? - Captain? Gunshot wound to the chest.
No exit wound.
I'm sorry I'm so sorry Stay with me, OK? You're all right.
Is he going to die? We need to get him stable.
Get me a chest seal.
Tell them there was no other way.
HE CHOKES You told them we were coming? Shit! Got no pulse.
All right, bag him.
Bag him! Quick! FUCK! Here.
- Boss - Leave it.
He's gone.
He's gone.
How does this shit even get here? Hey, this looks like it came out of China yesterday.
Least we got some souvenirs, eh, mate? 40 minutes to bag up and extract.
Let's get out of here before the Taliban have a chance to reorg.
- BOTH: Boss.
- There you are, Brains.
Fingers? Helicopter on the pad.
Rotors turning.
I shouldn't have trusted him.
I'm a bloody idiot.
Charlie, this place is messed up.
All right? Don't drive yourself mad trying to make sense of it.
We could have lost everyone! Richards tried to tell me.
What have we achieved, Elvis? I've done five tours of Afghanistan.
For what? You think he acted alone? You mean can we still trust his men? How can we know? I'm just glad it's a support helicopter and not a road move.
BEEPING Kingfisher.
Extraction in 20 minutes.
How's Dyno doing? He's stable.
Hey, come on.
You are going to get ME going in a minute.
No, it's fine.
It's just Oh, God, it's just this fucking place, you know what I mean? Try not to let it get to you.
Kingy! I lost Azizi.
I mean, Dyno was close.
I thought he was Well, at least we know you don't want me dead any more.
Don't get excited.
That's a very low bar.
You were right.
You know, about the way I've acted.
It wasn't fair.
But I do think you're wrong when you say we're done.
Nothing's changed for me, Georgie.
I'm still madly in love with you.
And if you don't feel the same, I'll leave and I mean it this time.
I'll let you go.
I'll let you get on with your life IF you say you don't love me.
Loving each other was never the problem, Elvis.
It can't work.
What's happened? The support helicopters have had a no-fly, due to a sandstorm two miles east.
We're in the shit here.
Tango One Zero, all my call signs on me.
How are we going to get out? We're sitting ducks here.
After Azizi switching sides, I don't trust any of them.
Can you hear me? Have you done this before? No.
With all due respect, sir, we've all lost friends here.
Me, I don't want to think they might have died for nothing.