Our Girl (2014) s03e09 Episode Script

Episode 9 - Bangladesh Tour

1 - SCREAMS - He stepped on some kind of trap.
You take the guys to the RV point, sort out the medevac.
You know our grid reference.
I'll stay with the boss.
- Right, guys, on me.
- We'll move to the village.
There was a signal there 20 minutes ago, so they haven't moved yet, thank God.
- You don't have Elvis any more.
- Well, you've still got Molly.
We've got each other, maybe.
- Stay down, medic! - GUNFIRE Rescue Zero.
This is Zero Alpha.
Emergency medical evacuation urgently required.
You will be having a new commanding officer.
Carry on, Captain McClyde.
SHOUTING Come on, move it! SHOUTING AND GUNFIRE - You'd better hurry up and move, medic! - I'm caught, I'm caught! If you don't move, I will start firing.
GUNFIRE Did your mum drop you on your head when you were a kid? Kalil, get up! Do not leave him behind! GUNFIRE Move ahead.
Why are you always last? I cannot afford to take liabilities on tour.
This ain't the Girl Guides.
What would you rather be doing, medic, skipping around, doing - whatever the hell it is Girl Guides do? - No, sir.
No? No, sir.
Well, it's about all you're fit for! Each and every one of you is a cluster-gobble in your own unique way.
So, kill yourselves if you want to, but I'm not going to let you endanger my life or the lives of any of the other men.
They aren't fit for service, are they? Which is a problem cos we're on tour in 48 hours.
We're all going on the tour, but one of you will be going home at the end of the week, the one I deem has not risen to the standard required, and don't think it won't be you, medic.
Cos I can get another medic at a second's notice.
I promise you at least one of you will be going home.
We've got two new soldiers joining us in Bangladesh.
Kingy, is it true two other guys are joining us out there and one of us is being sent home? It is, yeah.
Get some rest.
Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums Can you hear the people marching louder than This is our battle cry.
MUSIC: Ill Ray (The King) by Kasabian MUSIC STOPS The guys signed a card for you.
What, you couldn't find a stamp? Do you know how much stamps cost these days? It's cheaper for me to drive down here and hand deliver it.
You, erm You didn't reply to any of my texts.
- You off on tour? - Er, yeah.
Yeah, Bangladesh.
It's a joint training exercise.
HE CHUCKLES Little shits! I'm, erm I'm going to speak to the Brigadier about my medical discharge.
Why have you been ignoring me? - Charlie, please.
- What? I didn't want to complicate things.
Molly, Elvis, everything.
SHE CLEARS HER THROA An e-mail from Molly.
Like I said in Belize, she's not sure we should be spending the rest of our lives together.
What about you? Well I'm not sure either.
But then I think you know how I feel.
You need to be with Molly, OK? I I can't get in the way.
- Georgie, people change.
Things change.
- I need to fight this, Charlie.
Fight what exactly? Yourself? Your conscience? I'm struggling with the same things here.
I wish I'd just forked out for a stamp.
- Georgie! - What? - What, Charlie? - Could you ever love me? If I was a free agent, - if the circumstances - I need not to see you.
Not until Molly I need to not see you.
It's for the best.
Best for both of us.
Can you promise me that? Yeah.
Go! That's it.
Steady on, Bolt.
Go! Lane, in line, in line! Get those knees low! Stand up, guys.
Sorry I ain't got those white gloves on, sir.
2-Section, 'shun! About turn.
How are they looking, Sergeant King? Fitter than a butcher's dog, boss.
Right, take your top off, Monk.
- What? - Kalil, you can leave yours on.
Under Captain James, they were flabby and it was disgusting.
I don't do flabby, I do washboard.
Put your shirt on, soldier.
I am a washboard officer and I expect nothing less.
I want washboard soldiers.
Some of you most decidedly aren't.
But those that aren't will be plucked out and replaced with those that are.
Yes, thank you, McClyde.
OK, guys, relax.
So, how was your first night in Bangladesh? - ALL: Sir.
- Information packs will be in your quarters.
To be studied before our in-country brief.
Let's get ahead of the curve.
The situation along the Myanmar border continues to be volatile.
Cultural sensitivity required.
So, if any of you morons let us down, I shall be unforgiving.
We'll be doing a training exercise with the Bangladeshi army, prior to working in a refugee outreach project.
Then your VIP reception, sir.
It's not my VIP reception, Captain.
Carry on.
2-Section, 'shun! Right, welcome to a mosquito-infested shithole.
The Bangladeshi army's got a lot of manpower and absolutely zero skill but I doubt the Brigadier put that in your information packs.
I told my Doris we were staying at the Bangladesh Hilton.
It's like my old Scout hut.
Were you in the Scouts, Brains? - Of course he was.
- So were you! I saw the photo on the mantelpiece.
Brace up, the boss is on his way.
Right, has everybody read their information packs? - ALL: Boss.
- Bullshit! Has anybody read their information packs? - Yes, boss.
- You don't count.
You read yours, King? (HE SIGHS) Have you read your information pack, Sergeant King? I have, sir.
Oh, you have.
What did Bangladesh use to be called? East Pakistan.
And before that? India.
Oh, well done.
On me, King.
Our two new soldiers have arrived.
They're going to need briefing.
Have we decided who we're kicking out of here yet? No, boss.
He's like my old PE teacher.
He was mental as well.
Got arrested for squeezing avocados in Sainsbury's.
He got arrested for that? - That's a bit harsh.
- Well, he squeezed them first, then threw them at the manager for being too hard.
Blinded him in his left eye.
True story.
Oh, my God! It's Fingers.
- Fingers - Yes, Sergeant.
It's good to have you back.
What are you doing, Fingers? Keeping my emotions in check.
Take a seat.
- I'm all right, thank you, Sergeant.
- Take a seat, Fingers.
I failed selection.
I don't give a toss.
You're back with 2-Section now, understood? I'm just disappointed.
I mean, what's Bones going to say? I'm going to be Fingers the Failure to that bastard.
What you think I've been called in my time, hm? What do you reckon my first RSM called me 16 years ago? Well, you can imagine, right? One inch from my face, yelling stuff that Yeah.
You don't show weakness in the army.
You don't let them see they're getting you.
That's the only way to survive.
I'll kill him if he says anything.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that, Fingers.
Sort your shit out and go and join the boys.
And remember, there's army life and there's real life.
Never confuse the two.
Here, we don't show emotion.
We do our job.
Right? Hold on.
I need you keeping an eye on a new recruit for me.
Can I rely on you, Fingers? Private Curry! Can I rely on you, Fingers? - Yes, Sergeant.
- Good.
Well, piss off then.
Curry! Are you all right, Fingers? There's a free bed there for you, mate.
You all right, lad? Private Jason Curry.
MONK LAUGHS Jason Curry? Is that what he just said? My God, I love a ruby, me.
- What's a ruby? - Ruby Murray, curry.
Come on, get with the lingo, you saddo Mickey Mouser.
Welcome, Ruby.
Are you a medic? Yeah.
Unpack your kit.
I'll be at briefing in 15.
All right? You're the medic, you should have a word.
It's fine.
Give him time.
Don't you think it's weird no-one's mentioned anything? I mean, he's thick, but he must have known there was a chance he'd fail.
Right, you won't be mentioning anything.
He'll tell us what he wants to tell us when he's ready, and in the meantime, be nice.
Fingers, over here! - Bases.
- Oh, my days! Don't go shouting! He's good to think you're taking the piss.
What, come on! We're heading to the outreach project tomorrow.
Me and you, Ruby, will be assessing potential dysentery and isolating patients manifesting symptoms.
I'll be your first.
You can learn a lot from Georgie.
She's the best.
Look at his little legs.
He's going to be a footballer just like his dad.
Why, who's the dad? I hope it's a girl.
I don't actually care.
ALL: So long as it's healthy! LAUGHTER What do you think, mate? TAPPING Oh, shit! Stay strong.
Gutted Captain James has taken medical discharge.
- Mm-hm.
- I miss the old Rupert.
Did you go and see him, Georgie? When? Did you take him our card? Mm-mm.
I posted it.
Throw me that chicken, man.
At ease, soldier.
Apples and oranges, which one's better? Better? Exactly.
Neither one is better than the other.
They are just different.
Now, sometimes an apple thinks he might want to be an orange, sometimes an orange thinks he fancies having a go at being an apple, but at the end of the day, neither one is better than the other.
You just focus on being the best apple or orange that you can be.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you, Frankie? You did your best.
MCCLYDE ON COMMS: Operation in built-up area.
Learn from this exercise.
Go, go, go! Right, a quick recap.
Situation is, there is a hostage in that target house.
Local forces will clear the area, evacuate and seal off the roads going in and out.
Joint nations specialist teams will clear the building and rescue the hostage.
Any questions? - ALL: Boss.
- Fingers, on me.
HE SPEAKS IN NATIVE TONGUE Cover your arse, 360.
- MCCLYDE ON COMMS: Remember, you morons, you're being monitored at all times, so try not to cock it up.
Stay focused.
Watch each other's backs.
CHILDREN SQUEAL Always remember you're working for the soldier next to you and not for yourselves.
Show me you're ready for this, Fingers.
Hello, Delta fire team.
This is Zero Alpha launch phase two.
- EXPLOSION - SHOUTING EXPLOSION Arms up! Arms up, sir! Lift up your top! Identify yourself.
I'm a hostage from the embassy, - being held against my will.
- Up! Arms in the air! Arms in the air! All clear.
On your feet.
- Stand up! Stand up! - Get up.
Up! Stand up! Stand still! Stand up, up, up! Up! Let's get you out of here.
Three Bravo, this is Zero Alpha.
Prepare to move.
Three Bravo, roger, out.
MCCLYDE ON COMMS: Remember, this exercise is not over until we are back at base.
Ruby, let's check the hostage.
LAUGHTER How fucking good was I today? LAUGHTER We've got our Fingers back! We've got our Fingers back! All right, all right.
Wish me luck, you shitheads.
That was proper special forces, Fingers.
It's got to be said, there's no way you're going home.
What do you mean, going home? One of us is getting sent home, Fingers.
That's why he's brought in you and Ruby.
No, who's he sending home? We don't know yet, but everyone thinks it's me because Ruby's been brought in.
- I'm so sorry, Corporal, I had no idea.
- Ruby, it's not your fault.
He can't fucking send you home, Georgie.
That would be nuts.
You know why he wants to send one of us home, don't you? It's so we fight with each other not to go.
And that ain't happening.
No-one, not even him, is going to make us shit on each other.
Yeah? And if it's me that gets sent home, it's me that gets sent home.
Until then, I'm going to be the best I can be.
We're all going to be the best we can be, yeah? - Deffo.
- Mm-hm.
You do realise, if that was the real thing, you'd all be dead by now.
Two of those terrorists were wearing suicide belts that went undetected.
Dead, dead Dead.
Looks like I've got my shortlist of who I'm sending home, gentlemen.
I thought you searched them.
I thought you did.
INAUDIBLE UN human rights envoys have visited the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar.
The government there doesn't recognise the Rohingya and regards them as illegal immigrants, even though they've lived there for generations.
You'll be working with Mrs Chowdhrey here in her outreach project, building a temporary isolation facility.
- Lane.
- Sir.
You and Curry will be training and mentoring local medics.
We need to offer a safe haven for these displaced people.
Lane, Curry, you're on Mrs Chowdhrey.
The rest of you are on me.
As you can see, we are completely overwhelmed here.
We try and help as many people as we can but stocks and supplies are limited.
And in here is where we keep the most severe cases.
Ah, and this is my husband, Inspector Ratna Chowdhrey.
- My son, Sumon.
- Hello, sir.
- Welcome.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Ah, he's tired.
- Say hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
He's beautiful.
My husband spends as much time as he can here when he's not on duty.
He got his colleagues to build the summer school during their annual leave.
Curry, go speak to the doctor.
- Right.
- Local garment merchants donated the structure so it was just our labour.
Over here, please, this bed.
- Sorry, sir, sorry.
- Thank you.
We're all trying our best.
Mass-produced in Burma, brought across the border, moved up to Dhaka, destroying lives in its wake.
- They'll have something similar in the UK.
- What, yaba? It literally means "mad drug".
It's a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine.
Addiction here is just everywhere.
We don't want addicts here but they're not wanted anywhere.
And the drug runners are ruthless in protecting their market.
See, the women and children are always the innocent ones but when the Burmese army are attacking the Rohingya villages, they are indiscriminate.
What's the reason behind it? I mean, they must be trying to justify it somehow.
Ah, they say the Rohingya militants have been ambushing the Burmese army.
But wouldn't you fight back if it was your people being slaughtered? Well, where does it all end? Here, with us picking up the pieces.
We're still getting reports of hundreds of women and children still trying to cross the Naf River into Bangladesh.
We go and collect as many as we can.
My husband organises weekly trips.
We need a large-scale operation in order to get them here.
I know it's a lot to take in.
- Yeah.
- Georgie.
Baby's really dehydrated and I don't like the sound of his breathing.
All right, calm down, Curry.
Let's get the mother and baby seen by a doctor.
Should I set up a drip? Yeah, set up the drip and make sure they're in the queue for triage.
- OK.
- We are desperate for vaccines.
We've been promised pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and rotavirus vaccine, which is against diarrhoea, but time isn't on our side with children.
Do you get the vaccines from the government? No, charitable donations.
But we're not a rich country.
Georgie, the baby's stopped breathing! Ruby, look after the mother.
It's all right, she knows what she's doing.
I need a doctor! OK.
A hot drink in a hot climate shouldn't work.
Somehow it does.
He was so small and innocent.
I know.
What had that baby ever done to anyone? He hadn't done anything.
And the mother has just THUNDER RUMBLES picked up this lifeless thing and held it to her chest, then turned and walked away.
We do what we can, OK? I mean Listen, if we let every death poleaxe us, we're not exactly helping the situation, are we? Every death.
I've never seen a dead body before.
Well, that's what they don't teach in training.
When I was that baby's age Mm? Go on.
No secrets in the army.
It's no secret.
But I, um I was thrown away.
What? Me Me birth mother left us on the steps of the Methodist church in Billericay.
Never saw her again.
But me Me adopted parents made us up a file of all the cuttings everything anybody knew about me.
Which wasn't a lot, to be fair.
- Lane.
We need help getting refugees from the Naf River.
The Naf River? Is that like a real thing? Effectively, it's a border between here and Myanmar.
- OK.
- Women and children have been stranded, so maybe we can get some transport - Not sure it's in our remit.
- What harm would it do? Picking people up who, I don't know, escaped genocide.
Do you want me to ask Bones? Lane, we got a job to do here.
Other agencies will go and assist with the transportation of the refugees, so stop emoting.
What does that mean? When my girls are being overly dramatic, that's what my wife tells them.
Stop emoting.
So, you've been to Leeds.
- Leeds? - Yeah, Leeds.
Rab's house.
I hate the North.
You do know Manchester is up north, don't you? Yeah, but at least Manchester is a bit more like a shit London.
So, you didn't like Leeds? Never been, mate.
Oh, you must have a good telescope.
Eh? To see the picture on Rab's mantelpiece all the way from Colchester.
Left, right, left, right, left, right, left.
Right turn! Left, right.
Squad will move to the right.
Right turn! Left, right, left, right, changing arms.
Change arms! Squad will advance.
Right turn! Squad will move to the right.
Right turn! Left, right, left, right.
Squad, halt! Squad will advance.
Left turn! DISTANT PARADE COMMANDS What do you think, Sergeant? Very good, sir.
Good? - Indeed.
- MCCLYDE CHORTLES Well, good ain't good enough, is it? Because the Bangladeshis will be good, so I want my men perfect.
Tomorrow, you had better be the best turned-out soldiers on parade.
Right, guys, once more.
Real concentration.
Let's get those rights sharp I want to see you dancing with your weapons.
They should look as much a part of you as your arm.
Kalil, looks like the first time you've ever even seen a weapon! I'm very not happy with you.
Squad will move to the right.
Right turn! By the left, quick march! Left, right, left, right If the Brigadier ain't happy, I will spoon out your eyes and play marbles with them before putting you on the next flight home.
Oh, yeah, don't go thinking you're exempt, Sergeant.
DISTANT PARADE COMMANDS Right turn! Left, right, left, right, left, right You got something you want to say to me? No sir.
I ain't here to make friends.
I'm here to save lives.
Your lives.
Squad, halt! We're just going to assess and assist where we can today, OK? Are we really going to put people in those battered old farm lorries? What else do you suggest, Richards? Surely they have access to something more suitable for these people.
Get to the children! Oh, my God! They're coming from no-man's land.
They know we can only take some.
We have to assess, take the most needy cases.
Right, guys, come on, let's move! What about the rest? They'll have to wait for some other time.
Come, let's go.
Let me take that for you.
- Hello, sir.
- Hi.
Take it.
This is Mr Thakur, from the refugee camp just across the Myanmar border.
What's in the bag? All the information he has on all these people.
- Health records, etc.
- How are we going to get everyone out of here? I don't know.
The tragedy is there's another 2,000 in that camp that he says time is running out for.
My God.
INAUDIBLE CHILD CRIES Mission accomplished, Lane? Talk to me.
Waterborne disease is inevitable.
What are we going to do? Inspector, how you getting on? We need these floods to hold off or no-man's land will become a sea.
And then what? These people, they have to go somewhere.
It's not safe for them in Myanmar.
What can they do? We need to do more.
I need to go and sort out beds for the isolation unit.
- Thank you for your help.
- You're welcome.
He's been trying to persuade local factories to donate money for beds for us.
- Say bye.
- Bye.
It's pretty basic, Lane.
There has to be some place for the refugees with infectious diseases to be isolated.
Think we'll fit 50 beds in here? If we push them tightly together, we might just do.
We need to sort the ventilation out as well.
Do you want me to task the guys on sorting the air-con out next? Bit too early for army banter, sir.
- See, how come no-one's ever heard of this? - What? Us Muslims are always seen as the beardy-weirdy ones, running round in a suicide vest shouting some bollocks.
Yet, here, crimes against humanity are perpetrated ON Muslims.
We are trying to help, Rab.
Right, we were just saying we're going to pick up that flooring.
- What flooring? - Well, that's strong, a bit.
Plastic sheeting, not ideal.
- Go on, then, move it, you two.
- Sir.
I think we should ask the boss, get some access for the larger trucks.
- I'm not sure this is the week to ask him that one.
- Why? Well, he's more concerned with being top troops at the VIP reception.
And if we're not, we going to all be going home.
PHONE BEEPS How far is Singpa? PHONE BEEPS VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: Singpa is 57 kms south-east.
- Decent! - What you doing? Do you remember my grandma was saying I had an uncle in Bangladesh? I don't know what she was going on about, do I? Well, that's us sorted for when we get 24 hours' leave.
We can look him up.
I'm not wasting my day off going to your uncle's gaff! You might be turning your back on the adventure of a lifetime.
Oh, he's not another bicycle repair wallah, is he? Oh, that's nice.
And have you been blabbing about me going to Leeds? You promised you wouldn't say a word.
I haven't said a word! Eyes on the road, driver.
My uncle might be like a local dignitary.
Yeah, so maybe he'll be at that VIP reception tomorrow.
All right, so it's unlikely but I'd love you to come with me and help me try and find him when we get some downtime.
Don't get all sincere on me, wanker! It's only cos I need a driver.
You know, if he sends you home, I'm going home too.
He's not going to send me home cos I'm going to make sure I'm much better than Monk and Brains.
Oh, I forgot! I have got an amazing bit of intel on that Ruby.
What intel? What intel? Rab! What intel? - Are you coming to my uncle's or what? - Oh, my God, just tell me! You're coming to my uncle's though, aren't you? Tell me! - Georgie.
- Cheers, Ruby.
Make sure everyone keeps hydrated.
- Hydration? - Absolutely! Got responsibilities and that.
My Doris is sprogged up.
Proudest moment before that was farting to Bohemian Rhapsody.
I'm a changed man.
- Hydration? - Cheers, mate.
Is it true you were left on the steps of a church when you were a baby? Yeah, I was.
Hydration? How the hell did you know that? Georgie.
But YOU weren't supposed to say anything.
But I thought you were just lying, like normal.
So, was he like abandoned? Well, yeah, I don't suppose he walked himself there.
He's suddenly become much more interesting.
You all right, George? - Eyes on me, 2-Section.
- Guys! Take your time, medic, I've got all day.
Kit inspection at barracks, 2100 hours.
Oh, what, you think you're too good for a kit inspection now, do you? - ALL: No, sir.
- No, sir.
Right, let's crack on, then, shall we? You fuck up, and that's MY job on the line.
What was all that about? Bones wants us to sweat about this VIP bollocks tomorrow.
Basically, he's putting the squeeze on Kingy because the Brig is putting the squeeze on him.
Or Bones is just mad.
I don't think so.
Really? I think he just wants us to be him - and when we're not - He'll send us home.
Let's face it, we're all better soldiers under him - than we were under Captain James.
- Fingers! I'm just saying we've all upped our game.
Boss! Boss! I know what you're going to say.
You're miles ahead of me then, cos I haven't got a clue.
- I ain't here to make friends, Sergeant.
- Clearly.
- Don't push your fucking luck, Sergeant! - Sir.
Get the men back to the barracks in their kit and looking immaculate.
I want to be proud of them when they march.
I want everyone else looking at them and then looking at me and thinking, "Wow, they are a chip off the old block, made in his image.
" Look, there's going to come a time as their OC that I'm going to give them an order to move and they will move.
- Thank you.
Mm, you don't mind if I You carry on, sir.
You'll be eating at the barracks.
Of course, sir.
Just you said you might want to be present for the kit inspection.
Yes, can I delegate? You can delegate.
I'll be happy to inspect on my own.
Just make sure they're immaculate.
I'm on it, sir.
General Sir Iqbal Nurbhai.
- Good evening.
- Sir.
The General and I are slightly competitive.
- Just slightly.
- He thinks his troops are going to get one over on mine.
That won't be happening, Captain.
- No, sir.
- That is not a question.
How are they doing? I'm very proud of them.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'd be very proud to have any one of them alongside me on the front line.
But they are soldiers, aren't they? So I can't go letting them relax into thinking that they're the best that they can be.
INAUDIBLE - DOOR OPENS - Room! Room, 'shun! You are slack and your hair is a mess.
- Sir.
- Did you somehow not notice or, more worryingly, just not care? - Should be wearing a beret.
- That's irrelevant.
- It's not irrelevant - Oh, please, fuck me, not you! Sir.
You save lives and I save lives, so I thought we were on the same side.
We are, sir.
Then when I look at you, I need you to know what I'm saying.
You will understand.
FINGERS EXHALES Have you brushed your teeth this year? MCCLYDE SIGHS Just because we're in some mosquito-infested shithole does not mean you dress accordingly.
We never lose because we are never behind.
At anything.
But we are only as strong as our weakest link.
So, start over.
But remember, sometimes you can't start over because somebody's put a bullet in your head when you weren't ready.
Sort them out, Sergeant.
And stand up bloody straight! Right, guys, let's move.
Richards, hair.
He's right, it's a mess.
Brains, boots.
Fingers, teeth.
I've done them twice this morning, Kingy.
BANGLADESHI ARMY PARADE COMMANDS BANGLADESHI ARMY PARADE COMMANDS 2-Section! 2-Section, 'shun! 2-Section on parade, ready for inspection, sir.
Thank you, Sergeant.
You carry on.
At ease, guys.
Well done.
Thank you, Brigadier.
Squad, by the centre, quick march! Left, right, left, right.
MILITARY BAND MUSIC What do you think? Looking very good.
Very good work, McClyde.
Squad, halt! Good morning, sir.
British contingent formed up on parade.
Permission to carry on, sir.
Carry on, Sergeant.
Stand at ease! STRING QUARTET PLAYS CLASSICAL MUSIC INAUDIBLE CHA You all right, fellas, eh? You sure? INAUDIBLE - delicate spices.
- Very nice.
RUBY: I mean, it's a bit strange, I'll give you that, but I don't think it makes me interesting.
Oh, it does, Ruby.
It makes you a lot more interesting than us anyway.
Yeah, but that's not me, you know.
Me mam, maybe, whoever she was.
- Never been traced, no? - No.
Was it in the papers and whatnot? - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, I think I read about it.
I don't think he's the only abandoned baby ever.
I wish I was abandoned.
In fact, do you think it's too late to abandon my parents? You hear about older people getting abandoned in supermarkets.
- I've never seen any.
- What? - Old people abandoned in supermarkets.
- How do you know? Seriously, every time I go into a supermarket, it's like thousands of old people just wandering about.
How do we not know that they're not all abandoned? How good is this? All of us together, staying together.
It's nice.
Very well done, 2-Section.
We were just saying, - almost as good as the Bangladesh army.
- LAUGHTER Right, guys, let's get back to it.
- Ah, Corporal Lane.
- Sir.
- New career.
- Yeah.
Good choice.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
2-Section, get everybody out now! Everybody out! Move! Evacuate now! Get out of the way! Move out of the way! PANICKED SHOUTING SHOUTING AND SCREAMING Bones! EXPLOSION WOMAN WAILS DOOR OPENS Just thought I'd crash in here with you guys for a bit.
- Guys.
OK, relax, guys.
Thank you, 2-Section.
Captain McClyde's last conversation with me was to say how proud he was to serve alongside you guys and how he wanted you to continue to help the Rohingya refugees.
Your new commanding officer will assist in this.
Come in, Captain.
I was fortunate enough to persuade him not to take medical discharge.
I will escort the body back to the UK.
In the meantime, I will leave you in the capable hands of Captain James.
- You all right? - Yeah, let's go.
CHILD CRIES Hey, hey, sh Right, you take these two back to the truck.
- I'll go and find some more children.
- OK.
By the way, I've requested a transfer from 2-Section.
- Why? - Because you didn't keep to your end of the bargain.
He's been lying to us and he's been lying to you.
You don't know anything about him.
Maya! Full search inside and out of every vehicle.
Anything suspicious, you let me know.
Move! - Damn! - Where's Monk?