Our Girl (2014) s03e10 Episode Script

Episode 10 - Bangladesh Tour

1 I failed selection.
You just focus being the best that you can be.
UN Human Rights envoys have visited the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar.
The government there doesn't recognise the Rohingya and regards them as illegal immigrants.
- You need to be with Molly.
- Georgie, people change.
I need to not see you.
Can you promise me that? There's going to come a time I'm going to give them an order to move Get out of the way! and it will save their lives.
Let's face it, we're all better soldiers than we were under Captain James.
Come in, Captain.
I'm requesting a transfer from 2 Section.
- Why? - Cos you didn't keep to your end of the bargain.
Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than ? This is our battle cry.
OK, so, with this, you've just gotta dissolve this in the water supply.
Ruby, you look done in.
- Go and get some rest.
- Cheers.
How about you? You've been up all night.
Yeah, I need to check in with the CO.
- But you'll get some sleep after that, yeah? - I'll try.
See you later.
- Promise? - Promise.
OK, so, once you've got the refugees, they need to be taken to triage or to open ward unit or the isolation unit, as needed.
OK? - Barsha? - Yep? We need to get all the refugees' health records - that Mr Thakur gave your husband.
- Mr Thakur? Yeah, the refugee camp on the Myanmar side of the border.
These people are just fleeing their villages.
There are no organised camps and certainly no health records.
No, I saw.
He handed him a bag.
I saw him hand him a bag.
No-one here has arrived with health records.
These people are refugees running for their very lives.
All clean, they're good to go.
INDISTINCT COMMAND Dirty stop out! Papers and ID, please.
Thank you.
I can just see you as airport security.
Twanging the rubber glove.
Creepiest fantasy yet.
HE LAUGHS Morning, Inspector.
After the bomb that killed Captain McClyde, we're searching every vehicle going in, OK? I'd expect nothing less, Sergeant.
- Morning, sir.
- Long night? - You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
I, um I was going to get cleaned up first.
Do you ? I'm your CO, Lane.
And that's all I am.
OK? I've got your transfer request on my desk, and if you think I put a foot out of line, I'll forward it on.
But I can promise you that isn't going to happen.
There's a lot to do here and we need you.
Inspector Chowdhrey's about to brief me on the investigation so far.
Join us? Yes, sir.
Inspector Chowdhrey.
So we're working with the CCTV images of the bomber.
We haven't been able to ID him yet, but we're following a possible link to Myanmar narco activity.
Any theories as to the motive yet? Nothing solid.
But it's no secret I've been very tough with these drug runners.
And we believe the traffickers are now using the refugee routes as an entry point for yaba.
So the bomb was aimed at you, and they want you out the way? It's possible.
But I'm also not ruling out the chance that it was some reprisal from across the border, for our assistance to the refugees.
But it's less likely.
For now, we're working on the narco angle.
How can we assist? I don't know where to start.
The camp is at breaking point.
So many new children, so many unaccompanied.
Barsha told me about the infant school, that there's a spare building that could be repurposed.
The plan is to use some of it for overspill, and to make a new school of sorts.
We need a new roof.
I'm more than happy to put 2 Section on it.
I'm very conscious of how much 2 Section have done for us already for me, my wife, my child.
If it wasn't for the remarkable actions of Captain McClyde Let us just say it is my intention to honour his sacrifice in every way that I can starting by bringing his killers to justice.
Jump out of the vehicle, please, sir.
INAUDIBLE Just going to search you, is that OK? Lift your arms up.
Spin round, please.
Spin round, yeah? All right, mate.
You can go.
Thank you.
Hold on.
Hold on.
What's this? What's this? - Get him around here.
- Come this way.
Round here, please, sir.
Round here, please.
What's this? What's this? Yeah, open it up.
Hold on.
What is it? HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE - What is it? - HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE It's all right it's moonshine, innit? Alcohol's illegal.
Keep it.
Looks like you could do with a drink.
- Come back round this side please, sir.
- All right, come on.
What is it? INDISTINC It's a betel nut.
You chew it.
Nah, you're all right.
Don't be so culturally insensitive! It's a massive insult to refuse it.
I'll save it for later, yeah? - Right guys, listen in.
- Corporal.
Right, you'll be assisting on the re-roofing of a local school to be used for refugee children.
ALL: Boss.
We've also received intel on possible narco activity on the refugee routes.
So I want eyes on at all times.
But no heroics, OK? You spot anything, you report it to me.
You think this is connected to the bomb investigation, boss? It's a strong possibility.
There's a working theory that it was a targeted assassination attempt by drug runners.
Let's crack on.
- ALL: Sir.
- Boss.
The guys are going to get started.
They'll collect the materials then head down to the school.
The rotavirus vaccines have arrived.
Oh, brilliant.
- Are you all right? - Fine.
Not really.
I I think it's the lack of sleep.
But I I keep seeing that moment.
Captain McClyde running.
Over and over in my head.
It could have been my husband.
I'm sorry.
I'm just tired.
It's OK.
Rathmel thinks it was the drug traffickers who planted the bomb.
Men like that don't just give up.
I keep thinking, we should take Sumon somewhere and and go Barsha, listen to me.
They're not going to get away with what they did.
The people here need you.
You keep this place going.
I don't know what we would have done without you.
We will catch them, you know.
Right, we need tarpaulin and corrugated iron sheets.
The roof was smashed in three years ago during cyclone season.
We want to make damn sure it doesn't happen again.
Mother Nature is one spiteful bitch.
- Ruby, we're starting vaccinations now, OK? - OK.
Remember she's a southpaw, so you're going to need the left-handed syringes.
Oh, right.
HE LAUGHS Don't forget the skyhooks for the roof, as well, yeah? SHE LAUGHS HE LAUGHS THEY LAUGH What was that laugh? You got razzled and dazzled, didn't you? - Tragic.
- Razzled.
Good girl.
Good girl.
Very brave.
I work with big, burly men, and you are a lot braver than them.
Here, good girl.
Thank you.
Do you want one? Sit down.
Whoa, whoa! All right, Ruby.
Put her on the bed behind me, lift.
It's OK.
It's all right.
Excuse me.
Sit down.
- There you go.
- Her name's Maya.
- She's a sex worker from the next town.
- Maya? Can you hear me? OK.
She a refugee? Originally, yes, but what you have to try to understand, these girls have no choice.
They're either forced into it, or offered it as a way out.
Maya, can you hear me? She's got bad jaundice and hepatitis, probably from her job.
She needs antivirals.
Not that we're going to get any here.
Leave it with me.
I'll find a way.
Maya? All right? You need to do better than that, mate.
Come on! You're going to have one soon.
I'm bricking it.
Crap with kids.
Got to channel your inner spirit of playfulness.
Why? Can't I just buy it an Xbox? All right, little man.
What's your name then? That's Sumon.
Inspector Chowdhrey's kid.
It's thanks to Bones he's still got a dad.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
More antivirals should be here, delivered by tomorrow.
Is there medication available at work? Not unless you count cattle steroids.
I wish I were joking.
The curvier they are, the more money they make.
It must be so tough.
At first.
They have ways to forget.
Yaba? I heard the drugs come through Myanmar.
Through the refugee routes.
Excuse me.
Maya, Maya! Do you know who the smugglers are or how they do it? - I don't know anything.
- Look, Maya.
Look these men.
These traffickers.
I believe they killed my friend.
We need to find them.
HE EXHALES You know, I was thinking, I wonder if it helps Bones' wife, knowing that he died saving another kid's dad.
I still can't believe he's gone.
It's mad, bro.
All that energy.
I dunno.
Maybe he's up there now, looking down on us.
Yeah, or tearing strips off St Peter for unpolished boots.
Mate, if he's up there, God better watch out.
He'll be checking his breath.
"When was the last time you brushed your teeth? "I can smell the pen and ink from here!" Probably got Jesus clean-shaven with a crew cut by now.
Mate, he's only been gone a week and I can feel the flab, already.
No doubt, he was a crazy bastard.
And we're all still alive because of it.
Let's move! Come on.
- There she is.
- Yo, Georgie.
We've loaded the truck.
- Going to head over to the school now.
- Sh-sh-sh! What do you reckon? Drugs? Has to be.
Is that copper standing guard? - See which way that van goes.
- What, follow it? No, see which direction it goes in.
- Where you going? - Come.
What do you reckon, man? Shall we tail it? She just said see which way it goes.
Sod that, come on.
- Excuse me, Officer.
- Yes? Hi.
We're waiting for a delivery, on infant food supplies.
- Is there any sign of it? - No.
- No.
- OK.
Well, er, when it does come in, will you let me know? I'll be working by the clinic.
- Yeah.
- OK.
Thank you.
Hold on.
Hold on.
No, don't do it.
Hold on! I thought you'd taken the SF driver's course! Took it didn't say I passed it, mate! My mum drives better after three sherries.
You're sure he's one of my officers? Yes, sir.
I got his lapel number.
He clearly was aware what the men were doing.
The exchange of packages.
Most likely to be drugs.
- Damn it! - Sir? I've had my suspicions for a while now.
But I was very much hoping that I was wrong.
This man will be arrested and questioned immediately.
Thank you, Lane.
That'll be all.
Oh, come on! Where'd he go? - We've lost him.
- Oh, no.
I think we should just head back to the school, yeah? Do you reckon Bones would have just let 'em get away, mate? Come on! Fingers, yo! Watch out! Oh, oh! - GUNSHO - Ah! Fingers, get the hell out of here, man.
Keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
I think we lost him.
- We're good, yeah? - Yeah.
Fuck! You all right? Yeah, I think so.
Yo, you're bleeding.
Did you or did you not see your officer red-misted in front of you last week? BOTH: Sir.
And did you or did you not think that chasing after the drug runners who more than likely set that bomb off was not a very good idea? BOTH: Sir.
Irresponsible is not the word.
Liability is not the word.
We don't know who these men are yet, but we know they're more than capable of targeting a senior police officer, meaning they would have absolutely no compunction in taking out a couple of idiots like you two.
You've got a kid on the way, haven't you, Monk? Do you want to see that kid grow up? Or do you want to be a photograph on your girlfriend's mantelpiece? No, sir.
Right, then.
Piss off, get cleaned up, and get to work.
If I see you doing anything more than shifting cement, I'll be spooning you into a body bag myself.
MOVE! Right.
This building's now acting as overspill accommodation for the new refugees.
It will also be a schoolroom during the day, so this work needs to be spot on.
If I see any shoddiness, any cut corners, you'll be sleeping in here yourselves, and the refugees will be staying in barracks.
- Anyone got any building experience? - Yeah, I have.
- What, bivouac badge in Scouts? - Piss off.
- My uncle's an architect.
- Ooh! Oh, what's yours, a car thief? - Anyone got any actual building experience? - No.
Right then, let's start clearing this junk, shall we? Let's move! To be fair, my uncle has actually been inside.
- Well, suspended sentence anyway.
- What for? Trying to steal a penguin from Wingham Wildlife Park.
No fucking way.
Yeah, Penguin's name was Barry.
True story.
You know penguins have one of the highest rates of homosexuality in the animal world.
There's loads of male couples.
And if they can't find a spare egg, they try and hatch a pebble.
How do you know so much about gay penguins? I saw this documentary.
Men drivers, eh? Shouldn't be allowed on the roads.
You all right? No headache? Nah, I'm fine - Just wish the bastards hadn't got away.
- Yeah.
They killed Bones.
Get that down you.
What do you reckon he was thinking, Mais, when he was running with the bomb? - I dunno.
- I think he knew.
He wasn't going to make it.
Couldn't lob it in time.
He knew he was going to buy it.
Split-second decision.
Knowing you're going to be blown to oblivion.
I can't stop thinking, would we have done the same? Or would we have just stood there like dumb fucking farm animals? Yeah, well he wasn't like us, was he? No.
He was mustard.
He died to save us lot.
We've got to make it worth it, what he did.
You know, this is my favourite part of the job, working with NGOs.
Yeah? You ever thought about joining them, jumping ship? To be honest, yeah, I have, yeah.
But I keep getting pulled back in.
Army life does that to you.
You're close to your colleagues.
Yeah, it's this job it's It's hard.
We spend all our time together.
We watch our mates get killed.
It's intense.
Things can get complicated.
What about going home? Settling down? I don't think everyone's cut out for all that.
I never thought I would settle down, have a family.
I was 28 when I met Rathmel and had Sumon.
In my mother's eyes, positively an old spinster.
I envy you.
You and your husband, out here doing amazing work work that actually means something.
But still having a home.
A family.
We are lucky.
I'm sorry about Ahmed.
Must be hard having a corrupt policeman in the system.
Not knowing who you can and can't trust.
You know what's hard? Keeping 50,000 refugees alive in the face of a global indifference.
Ahmed is just one bad apple.
We can't let his actions detract from the work we do.
What do you need, Brains? Grab us that hammer in a minute.
Hey, hey, Chuckles Montgomery! Aww, Monk.
Looked like you were having a fit, bro.
All right, whatever.
Aww, don't be mean, he's just practising.
To be Stratford's shittest kids' party entertainer.
Hey, would have thought if anyone can muck about, it'd be you.
I'm the youngest, all right.
None of my mates have kids.
I don't what to do with them! - Back to work, you lot.
- Sir.
You know how you make kids laugh? Don't try so hard.
These kids can smell it a mile off.
- Like fear.
- Mm.
Hey, come here.
What is that over there? What is that? Ooh! Take it.
Take it.
Oh, push these.
Whoop! It's yours, you can have it now.
Don't worry about it.
It'll come when you've got your own.
What if it don't? What if I'm just a shit dad? Sweating over a Happy Meal every Saturday.
The mere fact that you're even worrying about it means that you won't be.
You know, maybe I should take a class.
Look, just be there.
Kids don't need much, believe me.
You can buy them expensive toys and they'll barely go near 'em.
But they just want you to be around.
Do you miss 'em? Yeah.
Every minute of every day.
Toughest part of the job.
I'm telling you, you won't know what's hit you.
And then I look at these kids here.
How much they need our help.
You know, 40% of these are orphans.
Your little one's got it made.
Two loving parents, born in the best city in the world.
You don't have to worry.
Before, I didn't mean, you know, all Bangladeshis are No, it's OK.
I can't deny there's an endemic problem here, from the top down.
There's a problem with accountability in government and it's affected many other institutions.
All we can do is continue to do our work, and try to help these people best we can.
I need a doctor.
There are none.
Not till tomorrow.
Maya? Right, help me get her to the clinic.
- Quick.
- Coming through! Right, move.
Come on, bring her through.
- Is her airway clear? - Clear.
- Pulse.
- Thready.
Right, get her on the floor.
Watch her head.
Watch her head.
Watch her head.
Maya, Maya, can you hear my voice? Maya? Maya? Right.
I need a saline drip.
- Maya, come on stay with us.
- I need an airway as well.
Barsha, take over, please.
- Hold her head.
Hold her head.
- OK.
Pulse is faint, but racing.
BP's through her boots.
Maya, come on.
Abdomen is rigid, which means she's bleeding internally.
What what what can we do? She needs a blood transfusion.
She might need surgery, as well.
Please, Doctor.
Please save my friend.
- Oh, shit.
Her pulse is faint.
- Doctor, please! She's arrested.
Right, I need a bag and mask.
- Bag and mask, now! - No.
Just keep talking to her, OK? Keep talking.
Bag, now! Stay with us, Maya.
She's gone.
She's gone.
I'm so sorry.
Wait a minute.
She was your friend.
Did you see what happened to her? Who did this? The same person who did this to your face? Please.
Please, we need to know what happened.
So we can catch them.
She should not have spoken to you.
Is that why she was beaten? Please don't ask me to say anything else.
You not hungry? What, for more rice? No, thanks.
Could murder a really dirty burger.
What about your stash of sweets? I gave 'em all away today at the school.
Aww, you big softie.
Can't believe how many of them are orphans.
Poor little sods.
You'll be taking one of them home to Leeds.
Can think of worse ideas.
We could adopt one.
"We"? Why not? We could have like, eight.
You can work and I can be the house husband, baking cakes and stuff.
What? What do I do, just chew it? Well, it's not a suppository, mate.
That poor girl.
There was nothing we could do.
She was bleeding inside, so No-one could have tried harder to help her.
Um, I didn't get a good look at the guy.
But it's connected to the trafficking, I know it is.
She was being punished.
- You should speak to that officer - Thank you, Corporal Lane.
It's taken in hand.
Whoever did this to her, we'll find him.
That I can promise you.
HEAVY RAIN HITS ROOF Lane? You did everything you could for her, Lane.
It wasn't enough.
Get some rest, OK? Oh, it won't fucking come off! - What won't? - The betel nut! That'll teach you for being so culturally sensitive.
What do I do? Maybe keep your mouth shut till the end of the tour? I heard about yesterday.
That's rough.
I know.
It's actually mad what these people have to go through.
It's drugs trade mixed with displaced, abused people.
It's a recipe for suffering.
You actually think it's connected to the trafficking? Yeah, has to be.
They're questioning the policeman they've got in custody.
He must know something.
- The one we saw? - Mm-hm.
Ahmed? He's not in custody.
What? Not as of yesterday afternoon, anyway.
I saw him pick up his little boy at the school we were fixing.
Well, they must have already interrogated him and released him.
Ahmed is our only link to the traffickers and very likely the perpetrators of the bomb.
Look, they know how important that is, they would never just release him.
We know there's trafficking going on.
- We can't be certain that Ahmed's linked to it.
- I saw him.
- He was standing guard for them.
- Lane.
We have to trust that Chowdhrey knows what he's doing.
I didn't want to tell you before, because I didn't want to jump to conclusions.
When I was at the border, I saw Chowdhrey receive something off a guy called Thakur.
He told me it was the health records for the refugees.
Barsha said that these records, they don't exist.
I think Chowdhrey's lying to us, sir.
Come on, you lot! Bones may be off your backs, but that's no excuse to look like mush! Quicker, come on! Push.
That's it, Khalil.
Almost look like a soldier.
I want to see some real effort.
I want to see washboard.
35 degrees and you still look like the colour of rice pudding.
Racist! That's it, you lot, on your feet.
- Morning, boss! - Richards, on me.
I need everyone else to stay here.
And I want more bodies on the gate.
No-one comes in or out without us knowing about it.
- Boss.
- I'll brief you when I get back.
Is it about the bomb investigation, sir? Is that why you're going to see Chowdhrey? Can't say yet, Richards.
But you have got a lead on the bastards who killed Bones, right? You all miss him, don't you? It's brilliant to have you back, boss.
For what it's worth, I think you do a bang-up job.
We're really glad you're here.
- I want all vehicles searched.
OK? - Yes, sir.
Every car, every lorry, everything.
- I want no excuses, you come to me.
You understand? - Yes, sir.
Inspector Chowdhrey.
Captain James.
Just the man I wanted to see.
What happened to the girl is simply unacceptable.
These people come here to seek shelter and find more brutality than ever.
Your Corporal acquitted herself with the greatest distinction.
Is there any progress with the investigation? We'll be setting up a police cordon outside the refugee camp, searching all the trucks that come in from now on.
Well, 2 Section can help with that.
Thank you again.
And your officer, Ahmed.
Did you manage to get any intel out of him about the trafficking? Not yet.
He's refusing to talk.
But we will.
- So he's in custody? - Of course.
Perhaps I could speak with him? That would be highly irregular, Captain.
As I'm sure you're aware.
Well, I'll leave you to your work.
Please do keep us informed.
Everything all right, boss? I need everyone in the comms room in ten minutes.
- How's your gob? - Hmm.
It's still pink then.
High Commission.
Change of plan today, guys.
We're not going back up to the school.
I want you at the refugee camp, setting up a police cordon.
All vehicles entering must now be searched.
What about the bomb investigation, boss? The following does not leave this room, is that understood? ALL: Boss.
As you're all aware, we believe the bomb that killed Bones was planted by narco-traffickers targeting a senior police figure.
We now suspect that the police officer himself is stonewalling the investigation into the bombing and colluding with the traffickers.
High Commission are currently seeking an arrest warrant for the officer in question.
Until that happens, keep eyes on for anything suspicious but no-one does anything that might raise the alarm.
Is that understood? ALL: Boss.
Don't say anything to Barsha but keep her in your sights.
Full search inside and out of every vehicle.
Check papers and IDs of the drivers.
Anything suspicious, you let me know.
- Clear? - ALL: Sir.
Let's crack on.
Georgie? It's about Maya.
Apparently she had a child.
A daughter in Bhulna, where the brothel is.
They've been living with Maya's madam.
Right, can we get her out? That's what I was hoping you'd ask.
2 Section? I can get you all the information you need.
A translator.
But they will need to be careful.
Maya's likely to have left a debt unpaid and the madam will think the child is collateral.
Excuse me, there's a queue here.
Inspector Chowdhrey.
Very pushed for time here, Sergeant.
If you don't mind.
Monk, Richards, Fingers, on me.
- He's clear - Cheers.
So we're getting her out? I'll give you the directions to the brothel.
Richards, you'll be driving, Ruby, you provide medical aid.
God knows what state she'll be in.
You'll also be accompanied by an NGO interpreter, OK.
Hang on.
You're coming too, though, right? No, there's something I've got to do here.
The boys have gone to Bhulna.
Thank you.
Your husband just in? Yeah What was it? News on the investigation? No.
Just er, domestic arrangements.
He seemed tense.
You do too, actually.
It was a quarrel about whose turn it is to buy the groceries.
Now, if you don't mind, - I have a mountain of paperwork to get through.
- Yeah He came in about 20 minutes ago.
Came to see Barsha and he left very quickly.
He's not just stonewalling.
He's bent.
- So he is corrupt? - Yep.
So why was he the target of the bomb? Don't know yet.
Maybe some kind of dispute, or perhaps he'd made one mistake too many.
They've issued a warrant for his arrest.
But he's not at the station and we can't get hold of him.
He's been tipped off.
Right, let's do this.
You stay with the jeep.
But don't drive it, yeah? I want it back in one piece.
Right, guys.
Keep your eyes open for 35E.
- Hey, handsome, how are you? - Sorry.
I'm good, thank you.
I'm good.
Do you know this? Come with me? - It's not here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can you tell me where this is? No, no women.
No women.
Where? THEY SPEAK OWN LANGUAGE She says give her some money.
For this yeah? She said follow her.
She'll lead the way.
You'll be working with Bangladeshi special forces to locate and bring him in.
If he crosses the border into Myanmar, we'll never see him again.
- That understood? - Boss.
I need you to speak to Barsha and find out what she knows.
I doubt she's going to help us arrest her husband.
Tell her it's either us or the drug runners.
They've tried to kill him once, now they've got even more motivation to try again.
Come with me? Come? KING, OVER RADIO: We're working to locate Chowdhrey.
Looks like he's done a bunk.
Eyes on for any sign of him.
I really have a lot of work to do I know you weren't arguing about the groceries.
I'm sorry? His colleagues can't find him.
- Where's he gone? - I I don't know.
Look he's been lying to us, and he's been lying to you.
He let Ahmed go because he's protecting him.
He's involved with the traffickers too.
That's ridiculous Please, look I'm sorry, Barsha, but he lied to my Captain's face.
You don't know anything about him.
Perhaps he had his reasons maybe he was giving a loyal officer the benefit of the doubt I saw Ahmed working with the traffickers.
There's no doubt here.
Your husband is protecting him because he's working with them too.
I have work to do.
People need my help.
Barsha, please.
Help us find him before it's too late.
Think about it.
Why else would your husband let Ahmed go? So maybe Ahmed turned a blind eye to a few yaba pills.
And maybe Rathmel didn't want to destroy his life for one mistake This isn't about a few pills.
They killed Maya.
Innocent people are dying.
Your husband knows all this, yet he still lets them go.
Why? Rathmel was the target of that bomb.
If he was in on this then why would they want to kill him? That's what I'm trying to find out.
I know my husband.
And I know, with everything in my heart, he would never let innocent people die.
You saw the way he was over Maya's death.
That was real.
Do you remember when I asked you about the health records that your husband received from Mr Thakur? We both know that those documents, they don't exist.
Do they? What's he said to you? Where's he going? He suggested we go away for a few days.
A holiday Well, it's not exactly a holiday, is it? Where is he? I don't know.
He he seemed scared.
Kitty party We're looking for a child.
A girl.
Her name is Asha.
THEY SPEAK OWN LANGUAGE - She says there's no Asha here.
- Her mother, Maya, used to work here.
All right, look, the woman that brought us here said that she would know.
- Ssh.
- Ask her where she is.
You can see she's lying.
Ask her again.
It's all right, I'm here to help.
Ask her where she is, cos all this time wasting is just getting on my SHE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE She says the child is hers.
Except that isn't true, is it? She's Maya's.
Look, for God's sake.
This girl needs proper care we're not leaving here without her.
SHE SHOUTS IN OWN LANGUAGE Look, all right, hold on a sec.
You know Rolex? Very expensive.
For you, OK? And we take the girl.
SHE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE OK, she says she eats too much anyway.
All right.
Come on.
Give me the girl.
Come on.
Come on.
All right.
Come on.
Don't worry.
You're safe with me now.
Come on.
- All right, Monk Wait.
- What do you need to do? Just checks.
Asha, look at me.
No obvious signs of illness.
- Ahh.
- Ahh.
Bit malnourished, but we'll soon sort that out.
SHOUTING - I think we might need to get a shift on.
- Why? - "Rolex" had two Ls.
Snide as.
- Shit.
Come on.
No, no, no.
Come, come.
Come on.
Let's go.
Where's Monk?! SHOUTING IN OWN LANGUAGE Come on, we're going to get you out of here.
KING, OVER RADIO: Sorry, boss.
No sign of him.
Looks like he may already have crossed the border.
Roger that.
Keep me in the loop.
PHONE BUZZES I loved that watch.
That watch wouldn't survive a bath.
I knew it was a fake.
Her name, Asha.
It means hope.
Isn't that ? Shit.
I'll call it in.
Sorry, sir.
Barsha doesn't know anything about where he could be.
Any intel on the SF guys? What's happened? Sorry.
I just, um Just had a phone call from home.
Is everything OK? Yeah.
Molly thinks and I agree that it's all a bit pointless.
What, she just called? Yeah.
Bad timing.
What did she say? We've finished it.
Me and her.
She said our relationship needs to be put out of its misery.
Are you OK? Well, she's right.
It's just I don't know.
When the axe finally falls, you feel a bit Yeah, of course.
You must be in shock.
From what you had and now Nothing.
Charlie Listen.
What I promised you yesterday about not crossing the line.
Nothing changes.
Whatever happens next, it's It's up to you.
Guess what, Chowdhrey's been picked up.
The guys passed him heading to Bhulna.
Looks like he was trying to get to the border at Pulai.
Let's move.
I've told you, Georgie.
- What? - How I feel.
We're both dealing with our own things here.
What is it? I was worried about the dehydration and It's cholera.
Don't thousands of people die, Georgie? Any signs: vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration call them straight in.
We need to go to the police station and you need to get him to confess.
- I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.
I won't make a statement.
- Why won't you make a statement? - Following vehicle separated.
This doesn't feel right.
Hello, Zero Alpha, this is Alpha One Zero.
Vehicle has been ambushed.