Our Girl (2014) s03e11 Episode Script

Episode 11 - Bangladesh Tour

1 You all right little man? What's your name then? That's Sumon, Inspector Chowdhrey's kid.
Thanks to Bones, he's still got a dad.
Hey! Maya! Apparently, she had a child where the brothel is.
OK, can we get her out? Let's go! We now suspect that a police officer himself has maybe colluding with the traffickers.
Your officer, Ahmed.
Perhaps I could speak with him? That would be highly irregular, Captain.
OVER RADIO: We're working to locate Chowdhrey.
Looks like he's done a bunk.
He's been lying to us and he's been lying to you.
You don't know anything about him.
Chowdhrey's been picked up.
You need to be with Molly, OK? I I can't get in the way.
I've got your transfer request on my desk, and if you think I've put a foot out of line, I'll forward it on.
But I can promise you that isn't going to happen.
Just had a phone call from home.
Is everything OK? Molly thinks that it's all a bit pointless.
We finished it.
THUNDER ROLLS AND CRACKS We, the drowned Hold our hollow hearted ground Till we swallow ourselves down Again, again But we sing and we sing and we sing and we sing We, the wrong We the sewn up and long gone Were before and all along - Ssh-ssh-ssh.
- Ruby.
Georgie, his pulse is so weak.
He's struggling to breathe.
All right, OK.
Let's move.
Right, I need some oxygen and get me some fluids and antibiotics for him now.
Heartbeat faint, signs of vomiting.
Is he going to be all right, Georgie? We need to rehydrate him.
Quick, quick.
Ruby, you OK? Sorry, Corporal.
You've got nothing to be sorry about.
It's just the rain.
SHE LAUGHS Is he going to be all right? He's massively dehydrated, but I think you got him there in time.
You care.
And because you care, you're a good medic.
And if you didn't care, you wouldn't be you.
So, come on, sort your shit out.
Come on.
I'm his wife.
I should be informed.
Do you know what's happened to my husband? It's obviously a local matter.
We're asking to be kept updated.
Captain James is trying to find out the procedure.
I'm just the wife of a criminal now.
And no-one's going to tell me anything? Hey, come on.
Keep strong.
Keep strong for Sumon.
Come on.
What is it? I just thought I was worried about the dehydration and - Let me see.
- It was negative last night, I'm sure of it.
It's cholera.
Shit! What are we going to do? Start praying.
Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? This is a battle cry Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? This is a battle cry.
Guys, basically we want to shift all potentially contaminated water away from the buildings.
We need to be properly on top of this now, guys, all right? I don't want any kids playing in the water.
I'm going to isolate the orphanage.
Fresh water butts have been requested.
But the rain will be carrying contaminated water to all the dwellings.
Any diarrhoea, dehydration, you show any symptoms, you come straight to me.
Don't thousands of people die, Georgie? Potentially, yeah.
How we respond in the next few hours will determine whether this is a contained outbreak or an epidemic.
Either way, there will be graves to be dug.
Right, guys, time is of the essence, so let's move.
Any news on Chowdhrey? Captain Das, military intelligence for the province, has said he'll keep me in the loop.
Due process will take its course.
Well, I have a duty of care to Barsha and Sumon.
I'll talk to Das.
Barsha! I'm taking him to school, and he's going to stay with Mother, he can't stay here.
Yeah, of course.
He's the lucky one, no? He's got somewhere else to go.
We're going to start setting up the cholera unit.
I'll be back soon to help.
What's through there? It's not another isolation unit.
We need to be prepared.
We've already lost people, Ruby.
It's a temporary morgue.
The bodies need to be buried away from the refugee camp.
Look, we will save as many as we can.
Anyone who comes in here with symptoms, we isolate them and give them IV fluids.
So unfair.
I know.
Right, I'll go down to triage, and the most poorly, we'll find the beds.
We'll relocate when we can.
But, for now, they need to be kept here and isolated.
Only bottled water.
Any food needs to be heated thoroughly.
And hands to be washed with only clean water.
- All right.
- OK? HE TRANSLATES And I don't want you to frighten them, but I need to know if any of them are feeling poorly.
HE TRANSLATES I found her.
She was outside on her little bike.
Never been so happy to see anyone.
All right, go and play.
She's all right, she ain't got it.
Well, we don't know that, Monk.
She needs to be isolated.
And if she shows no symptoms, she'll be relocated.
Asha! It would still be a Bangladeshi police operation.
I'm just offering British military assistance.
I think we can transport a prisoner from A to B.
Yes, of course, but there are quite a few people with a vested interest in Chowdhrey not making it to B.
And there's less likelihood of an attack if you're assisted by an armed unit.
- Hmm? - This is all there was in cold storage.
OK, so we need to get more antibiotics by today.
I've made the call.
We are going to get them today, though? I can't guarantee anything.
- Barsha, we need more antibiotics - I'm trying my best.
- Barsha, if we don't get these today - I know.
I am aware, but the company that have been supplying us they say they can't get any more at the moment.
Right, Ruby, on me.
OK, let's hydrate and use the remaining antibiotics sparingly.
- How do we do that? - On who we deem is strong enough to survive.
- So, we play God? - No.
We play medics.
Lane, a word.
Stair rods.
You're from Manchester.
How's it all going in there? Medicine's running out.
I never felt so powerless in my entire life.
Listen, I persuaded the captain - that we can assist in the transfer of Chowdhrey.
- Thank you.
Now, if Ruby stays here in charge, I'd appreciate you with me.
We need to assess if Chowdhrey's fit for travel.
Why? Did something happen? Well, obviously when a policeman goes bad, other policemen take umbrage.
No doubt he's taken a bit of a beating.
Can the High Commission help with the medicines? I can try.
What's wrong with the supply here? Well, thanks to Chowdhrey, this place is now seen as corrupt and untouchable.
You OK? I'll be OK.
Excellent work, guys.
I just want to say your attitude on this tour has been fucking exemplary.
And it doesn't go unnoticed, so Thank you.
- ALL: Boss.
- Kingy.
Right, guys.
Need these graves dug ASAP.
As you were.
- Boss.
- I'm putting together a small team for the collection of Chowdhrey.
I need Richards driving an anonymous other.
Who would you least miss? Right, Richards, Kalil.
On the boss now.
The rest of you carry on.
- Oh, what? - Nice one, Kingy.
Did the boss say they're going to get Chowdhrey, Kingy? Bloody hell, we should call you Ears instead of Brains! Chowdhrey deserves to be in one of these graves, mate.
It's not your call, is it, Monk? If it wasn't for Chowdhrey, Bones would still be alive.
And he'd be very proud of the work you're doing right now.
So let's crack on.
There'll never be a moment when we're back home that I won't count my frigging blessings.
Come on, get to it.
Where's he gone? Where's he gone? THEY LAUGH Where's he gone? Well, that's a happy boy.
- Hi! - We saved him.
- Magic medicines.
- He's going to be all right, ain't he? You got to him early enough.
Well done.
What's happening? I'm going on a mission.
They need a medic.
You all right here? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um - Any word on the medicines? - No.
Listen, I won't be long.
I'm just going to escort Chowdhrey to the police station for questioning.
Why would he shit on everything? Well, you know what they say: money's the root of all evil.
There's some truth in that.
I tell you what: money couldn't buy me that smile on that boy's face.
Ahh Where's he gone? HORNS BEEP - Are we coming back on the same route, boss? - That's the plan.
It's just there's a few vulnerable points, that's all.
I'm aware of that, Richards, which is why we're here.
- Deterrent? - Yep.
Let's hope the Union flag is enough to make them think twice.
They wouldn't try and spring him here, would they? Spring him? Hark at you.
That's you and your cor blimey influence, Maise.
I'll make a Cockney of him yet, boss.
My word, what aspirations you have, Richards.
Examine and confirm he's fit to travel.
What's happening, Captain? We take the prisoner back to the police station for questioning.
- What's happened to your face? - I fell off the bed.
Right, sit down.
HE WINCES How's he looking, Lane? Superficial lacerations.
Bruising to the face.
You won't get me to talk.
I've got nothing to say to you.
Hope it was worth it.
- Oh, it was.
- We should just let them kill you! Then maybe you'd be as bad as me! Follow my finger with your eyes.
How's Barsha? Any blurring with the vision? Sumon? ANGRY SHOUTING Right, Richards, Kalil, I want you to vacate that corridor.
I want it clear when we're bringing him through.
- Look, I'm OK.
- Keep still.
- Sir, if you'd just move to the side.
- Can you step to the side, please? Can you move to the side? Can you come to the side, sir? - Please move to the side.
Thank you.
- Couple more back for me, please.
Stay here, please.
Thank you.
Stay there, mate.
Captain Das, blanket over one of your men as a decoy.
- Lane.
- Boss? They'll be in your charge.
Chowdhrey, with me.
Move out at speed.
Captain Das and his man in the front vehicle with the Bangladeshis.
Chowdhrey into our vehicle, where no-one will have eyes on.
Prepare to move.
All call signs, this is zero alpha.
Primary on board.
Let's move.
- Textbook.
- Don't Jonah it.
What's that mean? Put a curse on it.
Someone getting that Cockney vocab, eh, Rab? - Colchester is nowhere near east London, sir.
- It's Essex, mate.
Near enough.
- CHOWDHREY: Take this blanket off.
- No.
We don't want to look at you.
I can't breathe.
I won't make a statement.
Why won't you make a statement? After all the harm you've done, you've got one chance of slightly making amends.
Why? You want me to stop the yaba trade in Bangladesh? You've got an opportunity to help.
- She's right.
- We've already lost.
- Who? - The good guys.
You're saying you're the guys now? If you're a good guy, then you're right.
We've lost.
We should throw in the towel.
The thing I've always found so strange about you Westerners: you need everything to be so very black and white.
Helps you sort everything out in your tiny little minds.
Maybe it's time for the blanket back on.
No, you can never understand.
So put the blanket on.
Do it! Bury your bloody heads in the sand.
Roadworks up ahead, boss.
It's looking busy.
Civilian vehicle, broken convoy.
Boss, what do I do? Keep going, Richards.
Kalil, eyes on.
Lead vehicle through lights.
This doesn't feel right.
Soldiers, you buy? You buy? Boss, following vehicle separated.
What do I do, boss? They don't know which vehicle he's in.
Just keep moving.
It's OK, boss.
We're going through.
BANG ON ROOF What the fuck was that? - Something must have been thrown from the bridge.
- Anything, Rab? No sign of anything.
All call signs on me.
Pulling over.
Urgent assistance required.
Pulling over! - Rab, eyes on the roof, ASAP.
- Boss.
- It's the wanted copper.
- What, Ahmed? He's had his tongue cut out.
- Let's get him down and carry on.
- Boss.
I didn't need the warning.
What do you mean? I don't need my tongue cut out.
I will not make a statement.
Right, Richards, get yourself back in the car and let's move.
Cheers, boys.
Kingy, I'm going to have to go back for the night shift.
Not going to happen, mate.
- Boss, Georgie will be there by herself.
- I need you getting food.
- Stop whingeing.
- Isn't he the opposite of whingeing? He wants to carry on working.
Guys, can you just listen in a minute? Look, eyes on me.
You can all get your hero badges and your mention in dispatches but if one of you get ill, that's me not doing my job correctly.
Ruby, as medic, start using your nut.
You all need food, hydration and rest.
- Understood? - Sir.
Right, shower, then scoff-house.
DOOR LOCKS - There's no-one in here who'll ? - Kill him? It will be someone I trust on duty around the clock.
Who do we trust? Right.
Bad man locked up, let's get some food.
- You and your stomach.
- What? Is it not very ladylike to want to eat? I never said that.
Sometimes it feels like that.
What? Because I was born without a penis I'm not allowed to pipe up? - I love it when you pipe up.
- Good.
Love it even more when you say "penis".
Sends shockwaves through my body.
- Oh, you're such a massive - Twat? - Twat'll do.
- Twat'll do, Private Kalil! I say the left, left, left, right, left We can never explain, can we? Or no-one else can really understand.
Not properly.
We don't really understand, Monk.
That's what they say, isn't it? Soldiers can only ever really be friends with other soldiers because how do you explain the things we do? It's not just Afghan.
How can you tell a civvy mate about today? There was this little lad today and I thought I'd lost him, and if he grows up and has children, and those children have children, it'll be because I saw him struggling to breathe.
How many are doing this, struggling to breathe? Another shift? - Are you going to get any sleep tonight, medic? - Easy for you to say.
How old are you? 27.
Why? Exactly.
What? We've got our whole lives ahead of us.
We've only done a little bit.
- You're not ready to give up.
- Give up on what? It's complicated.
Not really.
You loved Elvis.
You'll always love him.
What happened is so sad.
- But - He's not here any more.
I wish he was.
I miss him.
Yeah, but he'd want you to move on with your life.
There's no way he'd want you sitting around becoming some sad nun.
You think I'm sad? When my guinea pig died, - I thought that was the end of it.
- God's sake! But guess what? Uh You got a new guinea pig.
I upgraded.
I'm off to bed.
Hope it goes well tonight.
- Do you think Georgie will cope on her own? - She won't be on her own.
Half the NGOs do the night shift.
And you did it last night, so get some shuteye, Ruby.
- 0600 hours start.
- Exactly.
She felt the baby kicking tonight.
Reckoned she could actually see his foot inside her stomach.
You make it sound very alien, Monk.
It's all a bit alien, really.
WHISPERS: Rab? You asleep? Yes.
What's happened? What is it? High Commission came good.
Sourced some antibiotics.
They have to be kept at a certain temperature - so I brought them straight over.
- Thank you.
How is it in there? It's grim.
People aren't strong enough to fight off the infection.
Sometimes I don't realise how much I depend on you, Charlie.
Well, we all depend on each other.
- Charlie - You CAN depend on me.
You can always depend on me.
Charlie, why can't you just ? What? I don't know.
I I don't know.
I've told you, Georgie - What? - How I feel.
Look, I'm sorry.
OK? Everything is a bit too much for me.
Well, I don't want to confuse you.
Is everything clear for you? Look, all I'm trying to do is take things slow and not frighten you off.
You're not frightening me off.
- I want to do the right thing.
- Yes, I know.
I know, and We're both dealing with our own things here.
But if we do get this right maybe it's our chance to be happy again.
Yeah, all good, I'm just working.
No, if you think you need to take the chest drawers, then then take them.
Take whatever you need.
OK? Bye.
- Georgie.
- Hmm? Get some rest.
Hey, listen, all the patients who are on antibiotics on this side of the ward now.
- I'm on it.
- OK.
There you go.
- You're always moaning about - All right, guys, listen up.
13 fatalities overnight.
- Let's get digging.
- Sarge.
Just making sure you're getting some rest.
Yeah, yeah, there's a bed in Barsha's office.
She's letting me use it.
How is she? Desperately ringing round for some antivirals.
All her loyal sponsors have now put up the drawbridge.
You need to get some rest.
Grave-diggers anonymous on point, boss.
Shouldn't you be back in bed, Corporal? She's she's sleeping here.
On that note - Night, guys.
- Night.
- Right, Kingy - Boss.
HE BREATHES DEEPLY You all right, Ruby? You all right, mate? Take a seat, take a seat.
Lane! - You all right? - I thought I was, Captain.
I thought it was the food, but Lane! It's OK.
Ruby? Ruby, look at me.
Look at me.
Come here.
Could it be cholera? - Sorry I've let you down.
- You haven't let me down, you just stopped me from sleeping, that's all.
I thought it was the food.
Save your energy, mate.
We need to get you on your feet.
Right, let's get you to the barracks.
We'll set up a temp isolation unit, less chance of infection.
We'll put a drip in you, pump you with antibiotics, yeah? - All right, just get the door for me.
- Keep it steady.
That's it, nice and slowly, Ruby.
- There you go.
You in? - Yeah.
Well done, Charlie.
Is he going to be all right? I hope so.
Come on.
- Is he strong enough to fight it? - He's stable.
I've sedated him.
He was feeling a bit anxious.
- I thought he'd be vaccinated.
- Yeah, he has.
We all have, but, you know - No guarantee.
- Exactly.
You need to rest, Lane.
I need to wait for an orderly to come and sit with him.
Seems like you've got everything under control.
I'll leave you to it.
OK, we stay vigilant and we look out for each other.
Any signs: vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration, - call them straight in.
Understood? - Boss.
Any slight suspicion.
I don't want any heroics here, guys.
OK? - Boss.
- We're digging graves here.
There's no room for, "Oh, I didn't think it mattered.
" All on message? - Yes, boss.
- Boss.
Right, thank you.
Let's crack on.
Here's his notes.
Thank you.
Hey, uh Finally had a bit of good news.
- Go on.
- Antivirals have arrived.
From the supplier? Yes.
What? The supplier managed to source some in Dhaka.
I know.
I saw you.
I think if we contain this outbreak, we should be OK.
I saw you paying for the supplies with cash.
That's not normal practice, is it? And I know where it's from, it's your husband's.
It's drug money.
We need to go to the police station and you need to get him to confess.
- I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.
I have a little boy.
I have to think of him.
Barsha, I'll be there every step of the way and I'll hold your hand.
You've seen first hand what yaba does.
It destroys lives.
This isn't going to go away.
But you can make it better.
Only you.
Yes, I know it's a local issue.
I'm not disputing that.
Well, you are if you're saying you want to get involved.
We're both after the same end: to apprehend an incredibly ruthless cell of drug dealers - who have been blighting your country.
- Yes, OUR country.
And we are quite capable And who assassinated a senior British Army officer.
Not their intended target.
So that makes it all right, does it? No.
Give us half an hour.
Captain Das, if he gave us the names, we'd have everyone in custody and we'd close down this organisation.
If you give us permission to take Mrs Chowdhrey to see her husband, we could use her to persuade him to sign a full and frank confession.
Come on, Captain Das.
What have you got to lose? So I'm not going home, this is it? My son's just left We're not in a position to make deals.
They're only aware of your husband's involvement, so if he complies Why, Barsha? Sometimes you can't control things.
It's like you're just looking down the end of a tunnel, and I don't know.
You can't It can't stop.
You're just waiting to be spewed out.
- Rathmel! - Barsha! Ten minutes.
If this is about a confession, it cannot happen.
We're not here to force you to do or say anything.
- You just need to know your options.
- And understand the consequences - I understand the consequences - for your family.
Barsha, sorry You knew this day would come.
Why? Barsha, please, because I I don't understand.
And don't say it's because of love.
Profiting from a drug trade that's killing your people isn't love.
How can we help you when you won't help yourselves? You think we wanted it to be like this? Of course we knew how we would end up.
That's why I tried to finish it.
That's why they tried to kill you? When I took over the district, there was this expectation expectation that I take a bribe.
Turn a blind eye.
There's so many corrupt officials and businessmen.
So you thought you'd just carry on that fine tradition, did you? To you, we're just wholly bad, huh? How dare you? Why couldn't you have done something good and said no? I did! They threatened your family? You? If you think this is about us taking the easy option, accepting money for our own greed, you could not be further from the truth.
It was my fault.
- No.
- I begged you.
All you have ever done, Barsha, is good.
There was this terrible pneumonia epidemic sweeping through the camp.
Hundreds had died.
We had no medicines.
We had nothing apart from half a dozen volunteers and hundreds of starving and dying children.
Barsha was desperate, so I told her I was knocking on the door of every business in the district, begging for some charitable donations.
Then they approached me again.
To take a supply of yaba from Myanmar across the border.
This one transaction would give us enough funds to buy all the medicines we needed.
I told Barsha that we'd been gifted the money from a factory owner.
And you believed him? So then it started as a weekly transaction.
I would pick up the drugs, tell Barsha we'd received another donation.
Every single penny we received went to the outreach project.
- So when did you ? - I started to suspect, but I didn't want to know.
But you knew.
But if you didn't know, and your husband gave a full and frank confession, gave the authorities names and closed down this trade If I confess, you must guarantee that Barsha does not go to jail.
Well, if she didn't know anything, why would she go to prison when she has a son to look after? We need to take Barsha to a place of safety before it becomes known that Chowdhrey's willing to sign a statement.
- We're taking you to the barracks.
- There's living quarters there.
What about the outreach project? You can still go there, of course, but it will have to be with us.
You need to stay at the barracks with someone.
You mustn't put yourself in any vulnerable situations, Barsha.
But don't worry, because you will have protection.
OK? Go in.
Thanks, Charlie.
Thank you.
- Let's go! Let's go! - Right, come on, then, kids, all on the bus.
Let's get you to your nice new, uncontaminated dwelling.
Yay! Promise I'm going to come and see you.
Understand? Uh, Rab, translate.
Um What did she say? She said she says she's going to come and live with you and Doris.
I wouldn't actually mind that.
Come here, give me a hug.
Come on, let's go, baby.
Just there, OK? See you soon.
- Bye! - All right, guys, bye! - Bye! - Bye! Kingy, mate, what's going on? Not too sure.
Amisha, Khalif, Riajbo, I need you to sort out the rotas so that someone is always on duty 24 hours.
I'll arrange for someone to go and collect Sumon.
Can I not collect him myself? If you did that, you'd be putting yourself in danger.
But we'll collect him and bring him to you at the barracks.
OK? Come on.
It's this way, Mrs Chowdhrey.
He's gone back to sleep but he opened his eyes.
Speak to him? A bit.
Is that all right? Yeah, that's good.
His temperature's coming down.
That's positive.
- OK, we're going for a drive.
- Are we? Barsha's staying here but we need to go and pick her little boy up.
I won't ask.
Need-to-know basis.
I'm way ahead of you, Corporal.
Belts and braces, Private.
I've never had a map crash on me, thank you, unlike them things.
- Mrs Chowdhrey called.
- Oh, brilliant.
I have a letter here with her signed signature - to go with my identification.
- No problem.
Thank you.
Sumon? Come, go home.
- Go home now.
- Thank you.
Hi! - See you, Sumon.
- Thank you.
Hello, little man, look who it is.
- Hey.
- Good boy.
You get in first.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Soon as I wake up Every night SHE CLICKS HER TONGUE Every day I know that it's you I need To take the blues away.
What is that? My dad used to sing that to me all the time when I was little.
Aw, that's sweet.
Must be love, love, love Nothing more, nothing less All right? Just having a moment.
Well, we think it's lovely.
Don't we, Sumon? Must be love, love, love Must be love, love - You guys got your belts on? - Why? What is it? Shit.
Hey, stop the car! Shit! Maisie, keep driving.
Keep driving.
Faster, Richards, please.
- We lost them.
- Yeah.
I'll call it in.
Hello, zero alpha, this is alpha one-zero.
We've been pursued by suspect vehicle.
Seems to be resolved.
Heading back now.
SUMON SOBS QUIETLY WHISPERS: Maisie? You OK? Maisie? Get down! SUMON CRIES THEY SHOU Right, we need to get out and hide.
There's no way we're getting back to the barracks in this.
Come on.
Here you go.
We're outnumbered and outgunned.
God knows how many vehicles they have out looking for us.
Hello, zero alpha, this is alpha one-zero.
Vehicle has been ambushed.
Primary target is safe.
On the move looking for shelter.
Current location 234-8189.
Wait out.
Zero alpha, roger that.
HE SHOUTS COMMANDS - Right, come on, guys! - Get in the truck ASAP.
Move! Come on.
Further orders en route! SHOUTING Shit! Lane! Lane, Lane, Lane! - Come, come! - Thank you.
MEN SHOU Right, stop! Fingers, stay in vehicle.
Disperse! Kalil, on me! Let's move! Cover rear left.
Brains, cover right.
Fingers, not seen.
Sitrep now! Has anyone got eyes on Lane or Richards? Not seen.
- Please! OK, OK Please.
- All right, all right.
- Grab the child.
- I'm putting it here, right? - Grab the child! - Sumon! Sumon! OK! OK, OK MAN SHOUTS He makes no statement or the child gets his head cut off.
Got it? SUMON CRIES SUMON SCREAMS - Lane! - Clear the area.
They've got Sumon! They've got Sumon! Rathmel doesn't know about Sumon.
I need to be the one to tell him.
What did they want? You.
It's a straightforward extraction.
We're getting him back.
You know how I feel.
I've been fighting my feelings for so long, Charlie.
I need you to be careful on this one, all right? Yeah, you too.