Our Girl (2014) s03e12 Episode Script

Episode 12 - Bangladesh Tour

1 You all right little man? What's your name then? That's Sumon.
Inspector Chowdhery's kid.
It's thanks to Bones he's still got a dad.
So they want you out of the way.
It's no secret I have been very tough with these drug runners.
If we do get this right maybe it is our chance to be happy again.
Chowdhery's been picked up.
If I confess Barsha does not go to jail.
Well, if she didn't know anything, why would she go to prison? Hello, little man.
SHE SCREAMS He makes no statement! Got it? They've got Sumon.
They've got Sumon.
First night with no fatalities, got to be a good sign.
Doesn't mean we're through it yet.
Shift your arse, wanker.
I love it when you call me that.
It means I know you care.
Any news? SHE SIGHS They're taking away the computers, just in case there's any clues.
- Why would there be clues on the computers? - I don't know.
I I don't know anything any more.
I just want my little boy.
I just want my little boy back.
SHE SOBS I still need to go to the station.
Rathman doesn't know about Sumon.
I need to be the one to tell him.
Let me come with you.
Barsha, listen to me.
We will get Sumon back.
Could you actually imagine anything worse? - KNOCK ON DOOR - Boss.
I've heard.
Well done.
No fatalities last night.
But we've not won the war yet.
I mean, we need to stay vigilant.
Cholera comes in waves.
Well, let's just at least be pleased that we've got it under relative control, eh? Yeah.
I'm going with Barsha to tell Chowdhery about Sumon.
We need to get the child back.
I know this is a local issue, - but if we get Special Forces involved - Lane.
Charlie, please.
Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming louder than the drums? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? Can you hear the people coming? Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? This is our battle cry Can you hear the people marching louder than the drums? This is our battle cry.
Hurry up and get better, Geordie.
I'm not actually a Geordie.
Oh, don't give me that "Durham's different from Newcastle" crap.
Durham is different from Newcastle, Maiz.
Well, it doesn't sound too different to me.
Is there any news on Barsha's kid? It's a police matter.
Yeah, but you don't have to be Mrs Marple to know they nicked the kid to make sure the dad keeps it zipped.
Miss Marple, not Mrs.
Miss Marple.
How do you know she wasn't married? - Hmm? - Shouldn't you two be doing PT? - Yeah, I was just checking up on Ruby.
- Mm-hm.
Go on.
You all right? Well, I'm not going to die.
Oh, you are, Ruby.
Just not for a while.
My mam used to say, "I always wear clean knickers in case I get run over.
" Why are you telling me that? Because when you think you're going to die you kind of want to have your house in order.
What you trying to tell me? It doesn't matter.
Put it in, guys.
We're not like some of those police officers hiding bellies under stab vests, we are the British Army.
- Who are we? - ALL: The British Army.
- Who are we?! - The British Army! Damn right! Pride of the globe.
Now push! You going to the police station? Yeah, but I'm picking Barsha up from the outreach project first.
I think we should arrange an escort for you.
Am I not escort enough, Captain James? Some of my men could go along as well.
We think as it's an internal investigation, we should keep British military involvement to a minimum.
Look, I'm attending as medic.
But if you called Special Forces in, they'd find the child.
- It won't be too tricky.
- I can't do that while it's a local issue.
- It was my fault.
- There was nothing you could do, Lane.
Look, whoever's got Sumon is behind the killing of Bones.
That doesn't make it a local issue in my book.
Take care.
Oh, the wind was howling o'er moor and o'er mountain And wild was the surge of the dark, rolling sea When I met about daybreak a bonnie, wee lassie Wha asked me the road and the miles tae Dundee.
Guys, need you focused and on your game today.
We're preparing the ground for the new water butts arriving at the refugee camp.
Understood? - ALL: Sarge.
- Work hard today and you'll literally be saving lives.
Contaminated water is killing people.
20 minutes, get your shit together - and bring Ruby some breakfast.
- Sarge.
SHE SINGS IN OWN LANGUAGE I sing that to him every morning at breakfast.
SHE SIGHS Who's singing to him this morning? SHE SOBS Hey! Let's have a look at the patient.
Yous don't need masks, it's not airborne.
Here you are, mate, got you some brekkie.
I'm afraid there's no black pudding.
They're discriminating against us Northerners.
Am I a Northerner, though? - Cos I was found in Essex, so I was - Oh, mate, trust me, you ain't no Essex boy.
You were found in Essex, but you're probably like a proper, like, West Ham like you, Monkleberry.
If he was found in Essex, how do you know his mum didn't come down from Liverpool - and dump him there? - Don't tell him he's going to be a Mickey-Mouser! Come on, Brains.
Poor bastard's dying here.
- I'm on the mend.
- He could be French.
- No offence.
- He's not going to take offence to that.
He just been called a Scouser, Maiz.
- Why is everyone sending for me? - Hello! You're soldiers on a mission.
Truck, now.
ALL: Sarge.
- See you in a bit, Rube.
- Get better, bro.
- Cheers, man.
- Love you, Ruby! THEY LAUGH Boss.
I'm going to collect Lane from the police station.
Everything OK? I shouldn't have let her go unescorted.
Any chance of a shave and a tidy-up? What's happened? Tell me.
Can you wait outside with the officer? I think they need a minute.
What's happened? They've taken our boy! That's what's happened! Look what you've done to me! SHE SOBS They've taken him? The police are out searching for him.
It should have been you.
They wanted you dead.
We're waiting for the kidnappers to get in contact.
What did they want? You.
Then they can have me.
They can have me.
You tell them to bring Sumon back, they can have me and feed me to the bloody dogs! Barsha forgive me? Not until I get my son back.
What are they doing to bring him back? I want to retract my statement.
If I don't say a word they won't hurt him.
It's the only way to keep him alive! Captain Das! Das! I was forced to make that statement, tortured.
I don't know any of the names these people made me sign.
I'm retracting my statement.
There's my chin.
You couldn't have waited till he'd finished my hair, boss? Stick your beanie on, you'll be fine.
Jamila Khan? It's OK, it's OK, we're friendly forces.
We need to get you to the British Embassy.
Am I in trouble? Does my mum hate me? Well, to be honest, I think she's going to be relieved - to see you alive and kicking.
- It was Afia.
I didn't even know anything about Syria.
Am I going back home? Look, it's our job to get you to the Embassy, OK? They just bought me here.
They said that I was to marry.
I need you to get into this.
It's just like I'm giving you a piggy back.
I'll show you how to get in and fold your knees, OK? We need to get you to safety without you being spotted.
Come on.
That's it.
One foot at a time.
Nice and slowly, good.
And turn around when you get in, OK? If I say nothing, they won't hurt our son.
They'll keep him safe if I don't.
But the names you have given us already Begun, Hassan, Majeeb.
These three are the key to stopping the yaba distribution throughout Bangladesh! Well, I'll deny it.
Deny it in court.
Say they tortured me to sign a statement.
I will do whatever it takes to save our son.
He's right.
The boy's their insurance to keep him quiet.
Until they get a chance to kill him.
LOUD RINGING Georgie! Barsha! Barsha! Oh, fuck.
Georgie! Georgie, speak to me! Georgie, tell me where the pain is! I can't move you until you tell me where the pain is! Barsha! Medic! Medic! Doris is doing my canister in now.
Yeah, they're supposed to do that when they're pregnant, aren't they? Look, I told her we're five hours ahead, so she goes to me, "Well, if you're five hours ahead, then you'll know when the baby's born before me.
" She sounds like a keeper, Monk.
Hey, how many godparents are you allowed? Cos I'm thinking maybe you could have the whole of two section.
No! Cos this baby's ain't getting a christening.
Not with the name she's got in her nut to call it.
Oh, has Daenerys gone? Change of plan.
She wants to go with - Harry.
- THEY LAUGH After Prince Harry or something? It's not that bad, is it, Monk? Harry Monk? Are you having a laugh? Harry Monk spunk.
THEY LAUGH Guys! Bomb's gone off at the police station.
Full combat, let's move.
Debus! OK? Kingy! I'm escorting Lane to the hospital, all right? I need you to secure the area and call it in.
Right, guys, fan out and secure the area.
Fingers, send the ten liner.
Grid reference, 44326, 44326.
Vicinity, police compound.
What were you How come you were there? I shouldn't have let you go.
Hey, it's all right.
- Hold me.
- Hey, it's OK.
Charlie, for fuck's sake, hold me.
I could have died.
I should have died.
Maybe I did die.
All right, Lane.
Don't go nuts on me.
Hmm? It's like I went through this, some sort of I don't know, portal.
What? I don't I don't know.
But I could have died.
I'm not fighting it any more, Charlie.
There isn't enough time.
Lane - you know how I feel.
- I know, I know.
And I've been I've been fighting my feelings for so long, Charlie.
I've been letting my past bury me.
Let's get this tour out of the way.
So, tell me again what you guys were hoping to do with your down time? - Maldives.
- Kilmarnock.
Maldives will have to wait, sir.
Job's just come in.
How do I look? A million dollars.
How are the others? Captain Das is fine.
He's being stitched up, but he'll be OK.
What about Barsha? Her injuries are significant, but she'll be OK.
Chowdhery wants to co-operate and you'll be pleased to hear that Special Forces are en route.
Once we've got this up and running, reckon we're done here, yeah, Kingy? I say we do what we're told when we're told, Monk.
Although, no new deaths last night, so Just keen to get home now.
Any more daft names today? I don't even care any more, Brains.
I just can't actually wait to meet the little sprog and he's not even born yet.
I just keep thinking what he's going to sound like when he starts talking.
Mate, I'm going to love it.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
Everyone's pleased to have Special Forces on board.
Well, with an explosion that size, we're lucky there was no loss of life.
Any forensics? We're confident we know who made the bomb.
My guys are out on close terrain observation now.
And the truck? False plates, as expected.
Now, you have a soldier with family in Singpa, I believe? Briefing your guys at 0600 hours.
I know you're looking at me.
As if.
Is Maisie short for anything? My dad once told me it was short for amazing.
I believed him and I told my teacher who laughed in my face.
I'm calling you Amazing from now on.
Is Rab short for anything? AdoRABle! SHE LAUGHS Night, Amazing.
Night, Adorable.
Oh, shut the fuck up! Strike, Monk! Hi.
Are you OK? The guys filled us in what had happened.
Yeah, just laceration.
I got lucky.
- How are you feeling? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Better.
Had my first solid poo since Brize Norton.
I'm not your mother, Ruby.
No, I know.
It's just my way of saying that I'm ready to go back to work.
Well, your test results are coming in the morning so we'll see.
Something on your mind? No, nothing, nothing.
Whatever it is you want to tell me, you can tell me.
It's between us.
No-one is going to bat an eyelid anyway.
At what? That you're gay.
You know, I wish it was as straightforward as that.
I have a girlfriend, Bex.
We've been together four years.
On weekend leave, I was in the pub with my pal, Jenkzi, and we ended up snogging.
Jenkzi, he's a lad? Yeah.
So basically, I haven't got a clue what I am.
You're the first person I've told.
Do you know what? In life, I think there's no black, there's no white.
I'm the grey in the middle, like the rest of my life.
One question.
Was it a good snog? I'm afraid to say it was fucking excellent.
Well, there you go.
Oh, and thank you.
For what? For trusting me.
Sometimes you have to be brave.
You there You're better off here You there You're better off here KNOCK ON DOOR Funny it takes no time To fall back down Hi.
Funny it takes the time To get back up Ooh Uncover your eyes Uncover your eyes There's no sun Where is your direction? Uncover your eyes Uncover your eyes Ask yourself Where is my reflection? Uncover your eyes Uncover your eyes There's no sun Where is your direction? Uncover your eyes Uncover your eyes Ask yourself Where is my reflection? Right, everyone, listen up.
Intelligence suggests that the child is being kept in one of seven locations.
Each pose significant dangers.
Now, I'm not overly concerned about danger to us, but we need to extract the child alive.
The child's safety is key to Chowdhery's confession.
This is the location we need to get the child to.
It's part of a lemon grass plantation.
We can then control the entire locale and use helicopters to extract.
The other locations are in built-up areas.
So we need them to feel like those locations are compromised.
- Is that ? - Your uncle, yeah.
I've never actually met him, but I've seen photos of him.
Trust me, it's your uncle.
He runs a small garment factory 17km south-west of Singpa.
Near the factory is a spice shop.
One of our seven possible target houses.
You are going to pay your uncle a visit and scope out that spice shop for the kid.
- Richards, you're driving.
- Boss.
And if the child's there? You call it in.
Nothing else.
So, all of these seven locations will be under close observation.
A, B, C, D, E, F and G.
Each of these locations pose threat to life were we to extract.
So we need to flush them out and get them to take Sumon to the lemon grass plantation here.
Until the child arrives at the plantation, we do nothing.
Any questions? ALL: No, sir.
I'm only here because it's an order.
You love me now I'm in Special Forces.
Sounds like my uncle's a bit of an important person in the town.
How do you work that one out? Got his own factory.
Maybe he could give you a job.
I had an holiday job in a factory once.
Seal-wrapping chicken portions.
Never eaten chicken since, but I don't want to talk about it.
- Thank God for that.
- The things some of the lads did - with the chicken - Oi, I thought you weren't talking about it! RADIO: This is Zero.
What's your location, Oscar Bravo? Oscar Bravo to Zero, - 20 minutes from Singpa, over.
- Roger that.
What if the child is there? Well, we do exactly what Blue said: flush him out and get him to the lemon grass plantation.
Well, he's right, it's easier to control this area, and there's a place for a helicopter to land.
UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS - SHE LAUGHS - Hi! - It's not too shabby here, Maize.
- Yeah, it's so nice.
Erm I think its either that one or - one of these two.
- Here comes your uncle.
- Ah! - Is that him? Yeah.
Clock the schnozz.
Striking family resemblance.
Eat, eat! You need to explain you're not Prince Harry.
They know I'm not Prince Harry.
They just think he's my best mate.
It got lost in translation from my grandma.
You're grandma speaks the same language! What's he saying? He's just asking if you like the rice.
Mm, lovely.
You need to ask about lemon grass.
Already been discussed.
Post-meal promenade.
Fazel Enterprises.
This is the family empire.
You better not retire just yet, Rab.
Come on.
Spice shop, eh? Come on.
Lemon grass.
OK? Child.
Peanut, call it in.
Charlie to zero.
4x4 has pulled up at location D.
No eyes on.
Bug and device in place.
Confirm, child present.
I say again, child present, over.
Roger that.
Stay in place.
We need to compromise the other locations and wait for the boy to be moved.
Do you think the green is a different green out here? Seems more green than England green.
Well, I wanted somewhere special and memorable.
Will you marry me, Maiz? SHE LAUGHS - I mean it.
- No, you don't! - Maisie, please, will you marry me? - We haven't even kissed! We've not even kissed and you want to marry me?! - Well, are there rules? - Yeah.
Yeah, there are.
MUSIC: Honey Sweet by Blossoms I'm out, will she love me? I'm still seeing honey sweet You shout, "Don't you leave me" - "Don't you leave this incomplete" - Private Kalil.
What the fuck?! - Private Kalil, make your way to the vehicle now.
- Belongs to my eyes and only mine Then I'd go back and show my love - Bye! - Thank you.
Royalty! See? - He remembered.
- SHE LAUGHS Bye! Private Kalil, you're on an observation mission.
You'll meet a local agent who'll be posing as your supervisor.
Richards, you're back to barracks.
Oh, er, I'm, er, definitely going to get you a ring.
I just wanted to make sure you said yes before, like, I spunked all my money on a decent one.
We're not getting married.
But the kiss wasn't shit.
HE CHUCKLES I knew it.
Delta fire team to Oscar one.
Photos to follow.
Confirm, target is on the move.
The child is on the move.
Local authorities are currently compromising all other locations, including the spice shop, so they'll have no option but to take him to the lemon grass plantation.
So, from Chowdhery's initial statement, we had names.
Names that were already significant with Bangladeshi Special Forces.
Corporal Lane.
Chowdhery got involved with the importing and distribution of yaba from Myanmar.
He was recruited to receive the drugs while corrupt officials smuggle them across the border with the refugees.
His intentions were to use the money to support the refugee camp.
Robin Hood, if you like.
When he realised he was in too deep, he tried to cease his involvement, and the people who was making money through him weren't happy about that.
Chowdhery would deliver the drugs to this man, Begun.
He would then take them to Hassan.
And he was working for Majeeb.
Chowdhery thinks that he's the boss, the man behind everything.
Local dignitary, Babu Aktar.
Aktar controls most of the drugs coming into this area.
His brother controls Dhaka.
Aktar is a rich man, supposedly because of his plantation, but the distribution of the lemon grass was the perfect cover for the transporting of the yaba around the country and beyond.
Until the child arrives at the plantation, we do nothing.
Once the target is located, we extract in our fire teams: Delta in the helicopter, Oscar and Bravo fire teams, you await local forces to secure the house as crime scene and then a second vehicle will be sent to collect you.
Emergency extraction by the river.
Canoes will be placed along the river banks at these three locations.
We're getting him back.
Thank you.
Thank me once we've got your little boy back.
And we will get him back.
Yeah? I think you should be staying here.
I'm the only one who knows the child.
- I think maybe it's become too personal for you - You heard what he said: it's a straightforward extraction, but I feel like I need to be there in case anything goes wrong.
We're getting him back.
We are.
Right, let's move.
Right, guys, lids on.
HE SCREAMS HE GRUNTS - Ruby, how are you feeling? - Buzzing.
First action.
Action is the last thing we need.
Put the child in danger.
You OK? Yeah.
I need you to be careful on this one, all right? Yeah, you too.
As soon as that child is extracted, I want you in the MERT.
I know what I'm doing.
Eyes on Monk.
Call it in.
- Boss.
800 metres north, approaching.
Please confirm that's you approaching from the north, over.
Oscar one, confirming.
'Tis I approaching, like Lawrence of fucking Arabia.
PHONE PINGS Who's that? It's all I've ever really wanted.
No way! Hey, he's beautiful, man! THUNDER I could so go a cup of char right now.
Awaiting confirmation the child's in the compound, then we move.
Roger that.
Charlie one to zero.
Confirm, confirm.
The child is now in target building.
Six bogies, plus four guards.
Thakur with child.
Confirm, Thakur with child, over.
All call signs on me.
Delta, initiate.
Medics standing by.
All fire teams, diversionary on the windows, support helicopter on standby two minutes away.
Oscar fire team away, Delta fire team away.
Prepare to move, guys.
Initiate phase two.
Clear! GUNFIRE Clear! Door on the right! Clear! Clear! Clear! EXPLOSION Man down! Man down! Medic! - Get them clear! - Medic! Medic! Man down! All call signs on me: man down! Right, It's going off.
Let's move.
Move right.
Kingy, continue clearing.
Ruby! On me, now! Fingers! Can you hear me? - Yeah? - Kalil! Hold.
Sir, it's all right, she's talking.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
It's all right.
I've got you.
I've got you.
Going to get you to hospital.
- Mummy's going to be waiting for you, OK? - BOY CRIES I've got you.
Look after him.
He's all Barsha's got, OK? Be careful.
There you go.
There you go, darling.
Bye, darling.
SHE COUGHS - How you doing Richards? - Rab? Yeah.
She's all right, Rab.
I'm only winded.
- Is she, medic? - Let's get you up so we can see.
Get this off.
HE GROANS IN PAIN My tooth! - Medic, my tooth! - LAUGHTER Lucky I still believe in the tooth fairy.
Location secured.
Thakur terminated.
Sumon's been evacuated.
It's all good.
He killed one of our own.
It was always going to happen.
Right, well, it's a crime scene now.
We'll leave you to hand over to the local forces.
Let's secure the area and call it in.
Kilmarnock, here I come.
Oh, lock up your grannies! Shall we? Primary recovered, compound secure.
- Bit late to the party, boys.
- LAUGHTER - Boss! - What is it, Kingy? Get down, guys! Boss, bogeys approaching fast.
Heavily armed.
How many, Kingy? Four vehicles, at least 20 men.
I mean, we could try and hold defensive positions here, but - If they've got RPGs - Exactly.
Right, guys, we leave out back, through the thicket, we escape by the river.
They'll think we've left in the helicopter.
- How are our walking wounded? - We're fine, boss.
Let's move! Move! Go on.
MACHINE GUNFIRE Keep moving guys! Keep moving! - Keep it moving! - Move it! The river's to the west! We head that way! Move! Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Whoa, whoa! - Jesus! What do we do now, boss? GUNFIRE - Hey, eyes on.
- Eyes on, boys.
We've got no other option, have we? We can't go back.
Right, guys.
Ten paces back! Drop any daysacks, sling your weapons.
MUSIC: Movin' On Up by Primal scream You're getting that tooth fixed before the wedding.
SHE LAUGHS You made a believer out of me I was blind, now I can see Yo, Brains, I don't think I can jump.
I'm a dad.
Let's go.
Come on.
- I'm movin' on up now - Prepare to move, guys.
Getting out of the darkness Move! My light shines on My light shines on My light shines on.