Outer Range (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Void

You know anything about a Greek god called Chronos? [LOUD BANG.]
He carried a sickle.
He used it to cut a hole.
A tear in the cosmos [PANTING.]
between heaven and Earth.
To separate this world from the next.
To separate the known [GRUNTS.]
from the unknown.
The world has been waiting for something like this.
I I had the dream again.
Rebecca stepped right out of the dark.
Amy ran into her arms.
Perry, too.
We all cried with joy.
I didn't want to wake up.
Hmm? [KISSES.]
Royal, don't tell that to Perry.
I never do.
Get up here! ♪ Well, good morning ♪ [CECILIA.]
No, no, no, no.
- Oh, no.
Were-were they ? - Were they fighting? - Getting stabbed with, like, swords - and stuff and - Mm-hmm.
- Morning.
Well, decided to join us, huh? - [RHETT.]
- Hey, what are you doing? - Nothing.
Do not feed the dogs.
- [RHETT.]
Are you done? - [AMY AND PERRY GROAN.]
- What? - Ew.
Oh, Uncle Rhett smells like a distillery.
No! Give me my bacon! When was your last shower, Rhett? - And who was it with? - [AMY CHATTERING EXCITEDLY.]
Is there more coffee, Ma? Make it yourself, Rhett.
I'm not the one who's hungover.
Dad, are you listening? Can I tell you the next part now? - [PERRY.]
Yeah, I'm listening.
- Then he helped her.
Her, instead of her going on to the guy that turns into the wolf Did y'all hear that? Everything all right? From down old Tennessee way ♪ Yeah.
I come from Tennessee ♪ I'm gonna go feed the horses.
Oh, you'd better do it quick.
We're leaving for church in five.
It's not even 8:00.
Or I won't accept your pay ♪ Grandpa, it's 10:00 a.
Time to get a cell phone, Pops.
- All right, Amy.
Come here.
- [AMY.]
Don't want to be late.
Let's go.
He-he-he-he-he-he ♪ [DOOR OPENS.]
How firm a foundation ♪ Ye saints of the Lord ♪ Is laid for your faith ♪ In His excellent Word ♪ What more can He say ♪ Than to you ♪ He hath said ♪ To you who ♪ For refuge to Jesus have fled ♪ Hey, Grandpa! Look.
I made it for you.
Aw, thank you, honey.
What is it? They made us paint what we thought heaven looked like, so - That's me, you.
- Mm-hmm.
That's Uncle Rhett.
Dad and Mom.
- Bunch of other folks.
- I love it, honey.
Thank you.
Thank you for that.
Now go find your grandma.
All right, Amelia County, let's hear it for the local boy Rhett Abbott.
- [LOWS.]
- Rhett's up next.
- Rhett, come on! - He's gonna be riding Twister, one of the more ranked bulls you're gonna see here tonight.
Remember, folks, the right ride will help Rhett qualify and get to the big one, so I know you're gonna all be pulling - for him tonight.
Looks like Twister's got other things on his mind.
He's got himself in a bad mood, - so get on out and do it there, Rhett.
All right, folks, let's see what he can do with that bull.
Let's make it happen.
- Come on, Rhett! - Let's make some noise - for Amelia's own - [BUZZER SOUNDS.]
Rhett Abbott! [CROWD CHEERING.]
Well, folks, you got to love the effort.
Let's see what the judges think.
Wasn't enough.
I'm not advancing.
No, you did fine.
That bull hasn't rode well in forever.
- Hey, you'll hit it next time.
- Yeah.
- That was a bullshit bull, Rhett.
- Hey, now.
Easy, Amy.
- Grandpa said it, not me.
We'll see you at home.
- See you.
- [AMY.]
All right, right to bed now.
You've got 4-H in the morning.
It was a story about about this, like, um - [CECILIA.]
Come on, go ahead.
- [AMY.]
uh, what's it called? This stargazer [AMY CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY.]
Can you tell me how you and Grandpa met? Uh I've told you that story.
I know, but tell me again.
Well we met a very, very long time ago.
Your grandpa grew up hard.
Never knew his real father or his real mother.
One day, something happened that made him want to run away.
Says he can't remember, but my family found him.
He walked right up to this ranch, just a kid, same as you.
I feel like I was waiting for him my whole life.
Settle down.
Hey You feel it, too, don't you? You feel it, too, don't you, friend? You feel I hear it.
- Hello.
- [WAYNE.]
Something is coming.
Something is happening.
Wayne? Is that you? Are you drunk? - Nope.
- Who was that? - Wayne.
- Mm [LOWING.]
- [ROYAL.]
Hyah, hyah.
- I'm only getting 279.
- Well, count 'em again.
I counted twice.
Think it's the south fence again? I checked.
It's fine.
Goddamn it.
You sure? All right.
- [ROYAL.]
We're missing two.
What? - Did you check the - South fence is fine.
Where's Rhett? [KISSES.]
That's the million-dollar.
I'd check his bedroom, but I'm afraid who else I'd find in there.
- Hey.
- Mm.
What the hell? If you think I'm gonna bail you out of your responsibilities, you got another thing coming.
Get dressed.
Checking the fences.
This you? Not that I recall.
Something I can do for you? [AUTUMN.]
Oh, God, I sure hope so.
I'm looking for the Abbott Ranch.
Am I near it? Yeah, you're at it.
It's mine.
Where you from, Boulder, Missoula? Boulder.
Oh, what gave it away? [CHUCKLES.]
Is it the hair? No, it's the everything.
Somebody send you? Well there is a guy in town, says you're a conservationist.
You keep your land sustainable and all that.
- You homeless? - Nope.
What are you, then? I'm a poet.
- You're a poet? - Yeah, I'm a poet.
Well, we're not in the market for poems.
Oh, good, I'm not selling any.
What are you here for, then? [SIGHS.]
Peace, enlightenment, inspiration.
Just kidding.
I'm kidding.
I'm just looking for a good place to camp, to be honest, you know.
I'll only be a few days.
Yeah, we're not a tourist ranch.
We're a cattle ranch.
I know.
I can pay you.
Here, just take it.
I know you need it.
How do you know that? I mean, come on, you're a family ranch What do you say? Come on, I'm just looking to camp.
Can camp out on the west pasture.
Follow the fence with the red markers.
There's a spigot in the stables if you want some water.
Oh, my God, thank you, sir.
Yeah, Royal.
It's just Royal.
I'm glad to finally meet you.
Who's got that much cash and no car? She does.
Come on.
Still missing two damn cows.
Don't you know the Devil wears a suit ♪ And tie, I saw him driving down the 61 in early July ♪ White as a cotton field ♪ And sharp as a knife, I heard him ♪ Howling as he passed me by ♪ - Well, the Devil ♪ - Who the hell's this? Wears a suit and tie ♪ I saw him driving down ♪ The 61 in early July ♪ White as a cotton field ♪ And sharp as a knife, I heard him howling ♪ As he passed me by ♪ I see you, you see me ♪ [ROYAL.]
How'd your dad's surgery go? Fine, thanks.
Just wanted to come by and Came knocking on your door.
Cecilia said you lost a few? Yeah, we'll find them.
Appreciate your concern.
What can we do for you? Well, we felt it best to break this to you in person, but State says you're nearly a mile over our property line and you have 30 days to move your fences off our land.
If not, you'll be fined $80,000, and we'll take you to court.
All right.
What's this really about? Water rights? Drilling? Ah, it's just business, that's all.
What it is, is horseshit, and you know it.
Look, I'll be honest, I don't get it either, but something set a fire in my dad, and here we are.
- You want to talk to him - [TREVOR.]
No, no.
There's nothing to negotiate here, Luke.
That letter is straight from the county assessor himself.
The fact of the matter is, y'all are gonna lose some land.
Billy! It's not stealing.
- It's all above board.
Billy! I'll talk to my dad, see what he says.
Will you be quiet? I know your whole family's been through a lot.
Like I said, it's just business.
Luke, let's go.
Is this legit? - Seems like it.
- Want me to call the lawyer? No, I'll take care of it.
Old Wayne's either up to something or off his rocker, but whatever.
Come on, let's find these two.
Rhett, you take north.
Perry, south.
I'll take west.
Come on.
Come on.
Joy's here.
Say hello.
Joy's here.
Hi, Royal.
Say hello.
Huh? Hi, Joy.
Joy's been telling us how the FBI's gonna stop looking for Rebecca.
Look, I-I already tried to talk to 'em, get as many - answers as I could, but - [PERRY.]
Why now? Why are they giving up now? [JOY.]
It's the nine-month mark.
Lowers the priority, particularly if there's any chance she left on her own.
How many times do I got to tell them, there's no way she would've left Amy.
I know that.
What's the last thing you remember Rebecca saying to you? I mean, maybe if [PERRY.]
I already answered that question 100 times, Rhett.
Do you think I'm withholding information? - [ROYAL.]
We're not hiding anything.
- No, just trying to help.
- Well, it's not helping.
- Boys, come on.
I know.
I know.
You know I know.
Perry, look at me.
I know this is hell.
I'm not giving up.
I'm talking to you as a friend now.
You take care of your family.
Dear God, We thank you for the land.
We thank you for our health.
We thank you for Grandma and Grandpa.
We thank you for Uncle Rhett.
And please bring Mom home.
Well, I stepped into ♪ An avalanche ♪ It covered up my soul ♪ When I am not this hunchback that you see ♪ I sleep beneath the golden hill ♪ You who wish ♪ To conquer pain, you must learn ♪ - Learn to serve me well ♪ - [SHOUTS.]
What the fuck?! Fuck! [BISON GRUNTING.]
- You hungry? - No, I'm fine, thanks.
Everything okay out here? It's perfect.
It's quite a piece of land you got.
There's something kind of special out here, you know? Yeah, I do.
- Did you come here just to chat? - Uh No.
I just, uh Do me a favor and stay between here and the creek, okay? I know I said west pasture, but Anyone know you're here? I mean, there's no cell reception.
If you got hurt I won't get hurt.
What makes you so sure? I'll be safe.
Either way, the world plays out how it's supposed to, so there's nothing to worry about.
All right, well, what if it's supposed to turn out bad? Bad how? Like the way it did for your pheasant there.
What would you sell this ranch for? I wouldn't.
I thought you'd say that.
From what I know of places like this, you're gonna have to, sooner than later.
Yeah, tell that to my wife.
It's been in her family over 100 years.
Haven't entertained a single offer.
That's your wife.
What about you? Come on, what would it cost? Five mil? Six? You talk as if you have it on you.
Maybe I do.
Prove it.
Woman's got to keep her secrets, doesn't she? Unless you want to swap.
You got any secrets you want to swap, Royal? I'm here whenever you do.
Hey, man, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to - I-I-I know you told them everything.
- I didn't mean to make you take - No, we're all just trying to figure it out.
Hey, I'm gonna go grab a drink.
You want to come? It was a teenage wedding ♪ And the old folks wished them well ♪ What if What if I just wasted the last ten years chasing this? You know, you had a wife and kid by my age.
It's a slump.
You'll ride better at the next one.
Take some risks and don't regret 'em.
That's all I'll say.
"C'est la vie" say the old folks ♪ I do think we're gonna regret this tequila, though.
They furnished off an apartment ♪ With a two-room Roebuck sale ♪ The coolerator was crammed ♪ With TV dinners and ginger ale ♪ What's Maria doing here? I don't know.
But when Pierre found work ♪ - What? - [LAUGHS.]
What? Man, you been in love with that girl since you were 16 years old.
For the life of me, I can't figure out - why you two never got together.
- Yeah? I can.
- Yeah? - Yes.
She She had a boyfriend.
Went to college.
- I stayed here.
- Okay.
- No, listen to me.
- H-How many excuses you gonna make - before you man up - No, listen.
Listen to me.
- And go dance with her? - Listen to me.
- Oh - Get up.
Come on, you bull-riding son of a bitch.
Get that ass up.
Go get that girl.
Come on, now.
- Party pooper.
- I know.
Royal? You in here? Uh, give me a minute.
I think Rebecca's gone.
I don't know what to tell Perry, or Amy.
Part of God's plan? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
- You believe that? - No.
Mm I I don't know.
You know - [CLEARS THROAT.]
just 'cause we're hurting doesn't mean God's not there.
I mean you can't fight it.
You just gotta accept it.
It's okay.
It is.
Or it's not.
Well, that-that's what I'm saying.
We can't compete with those commercial guys.
All this old-school stuff Dad Look, look, the family and the land are always gonna be more important to him than the money.
The guy only knows one way.
And that way is gonna cost him his whole ranch.
- If we'd have sold ten years ago - Oh, man - Hey.
- Hmm? - Promise me something.
- Yeah.
Don't give up on that rodeo stuff.
- All right.
No, I'll tell you what.
- Hmm? I'll keep riding bulls if you think about moving on.
Moving on.
Moving on from what? Perry, come on.
From Rebecca.
You know Shit, you know, I'm sorry.
I'm drunk.
That was just That was a stupid thing for me to say.
I think I'm at the end of my rope.
No, hey, hey.
Hey, listen to me.
You're gonna be okay.
All right? - Amy, too.
Trust me.
Whoa, whoa.
You all right? You need to go outside? All right.
You go puke, and then come inside and we'll we'll finish our beers.
- Hey, are you okay? - [DOOR SHUTS.]
You fuckin' asshole! What the fuck?! You know what, I'm just gonna go back in.
What is wrong with you, you fuckin' idiot? Two beers, please.
You got screwed.
Sorry? Whoever put you on that bull screwed you over.
You're better than that.
Unless you've got a lot worse over the last five years.
Well I was surprised to see you there.
What happened to school? I thought I thought you were gonna be a vet or something.
I burned out.
That and I missed home.
You missed this place? Well, yeah, I mean among other things.
So what about you? You finally get off that ranch? Uh, no, no, actually.
You told me the first thing you were gonna do was escape.
On me.
That's not for your guy? Trevor? No.
And he's not my guy.
Hey, do you want to, um Do you want Aw, shit.
One second.
Calm down.
Why don't you head back inside - and find Luke? - Find Luke? - Hey, hey.
- Fuck you, man! [MUTTERING.]
You touch him again, I'll put you in the fucking ground.
Oh, is that right? Well, if you fight the same as you ride bulls, I'm pretty sure I'll come out on top.
Can I tell you the truth real quick? I know I don't bring much to the table, but that guy's the biggest asshole you're ever gonna meet.
I'll pull the truck around.
♪ - [RHETT.]
- I know, it's funny.
Like a spacesuit and a astronaut.
I lie awake at night ♪ And wait till you come in ♪ [PANTS, SPITS.]
Son of a bitch.
You know, I felt for y'all, about my dad going after your land.
But now I don't give a shit.
We'll take everything you got.
Your whole world will fucking disappear, pal, just like your goddamn wife.
Oh, are you, are you too ashamed to admit that she found a better man? Or did she just wise up and take off to get away from your ass? [TREVOR GRUNTING.]
Perry I need you to tell me what you want me to do, all right? If you want to drive the two hours to the hospital, you gotta tell me.
If you want to go see the sheriff, you need to tell me.
♪ ♪ [ROYAL.]
What's this? His brothers know? No.
No, they were trashed.
We thought i-if we brought him back to his place he'd have a better chance Why is he here, goddamn it?! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Let's fix this.
You're not calling the sheriff? Look, I fucked up, okay? Don't make this your problem.
We dial that phone, both of you go to jail.
Not just you.
You get that, right? Come on.
Me and your brother are gonna figure this out.
Anyone calls, you don't answer.
Your mother wakes up, don't say a single goddamn word, you got it? [ROYAL.]
Look, there ain't a clean way around this.
Your brother's been through enough.
There's not a chance in hell I'm letting Amy lose her dad, too.
You agree? Sure.
But what's that mean for me? I'm just supposed to go down by myself? I'm not losing either of you, all right? So what are we gonna do? [ROYAL.]
I want you to burn the shirts, clean out the truck.
Leave the body to me.
What are you gonna do with it? [ROYAL.]
Just wait in the stables till I get back.
Got it? When I come back, we'll never say another word about it.
Hey, you seen Trevor? [INSECTS TRILLING.]
- What's that? - [KNOCKING CONTINUES.]
Go back to sleep.
- Who is it? - Shh.
- Hey.
- What's up? What's going on? Your brother home? - Why? - Y'all get in recently? Um, I got back, like, an hour ago maybe.
Why? What's wrong? Hi, Amy.
Go back to bed, honey.
I need water.
Where's Rhett? Can we come inside? - No, I don't think so.
- [LUKE.]
Let me ask again, then.
- Where's Rhett? - [DOG BARKING NEARBY.]
He's not in here.
Well, where is he, then? I don't know.
His truck isn't in the driveway.
I don't know, then.
You seen Trevor around? Not since the bar, no.
Dad, I'm thirsty.
Hold on, sweetie.
Hey, whoa.
Whoa! You are not coming in here.
What happened to your hand? Horse stepped on it.
All right, would you come outside with us? Just have a look.
Dad, water.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mom, would you put her back to bed for me? - I gotta - Who's at the door? Never mind that.
I got it.
Honey, Grandma's gonna put you back to bed.
I'm just gonna go outside for a minute, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Come on.
Luke, it's 1:00 in the morning.
Look, I don't know what you're hoping to find out here.
Luke, come on.
- [LUKE.]
Can you open these up? - [PERRY.]
Why? What is it you [LUKE.]
Just open the damn doors, Perry.
If Rhett's in there, he's trashed.
I'll tell you that.
Gotta go back to the house - and get the keys for the other side.
I think we're getting in right now.
Guys! Knock it off! [HOOFBEATS THUDDING.]
Luke, might want to have a look at this.
Looks like somebody's out riding.
What? No, you idiot.
That's obviously from earlier.
Seems pretty fresh to me.
Tillie! Tillie! ♪ [GRUNTS.]
What is this, Royal? I don't I don't know what it is.
Well, you must know something.
Why else would you throw a body in there? [FLASHLIGHT CLICKS.]
You know about the Greek god Chronos? What? He's trickled down, you know, into every civilization.
He's evolved here and there.
He always carried a like, a sickle.
- Listen - He used that sickle to cut a hole.
You know, make a tear in the cosmos between heaven and earth to separate this world from the next.
To separate the-the known from the unknown.
You see, that's how we got time.
Because Chronos is chronology.
Who else knows about this? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
No one.
Really? - Yeah.
- Why? I won't tell anyone.
Hey, I'm not gonna tell anyone.
This'll be our little secret.
Deal? The world's been waiting for something like this.

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