Outer Range (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

The Land

1 Tell me you did not drive through my gate.
Tell me that, please.
I heard what's been going on.
You've lost your damn minds.
Good God, look at you, Billy.
You're a mess.
Just hand on a second Boys, come on now.
It's late and you're drunk.
And before you do anything else stupid, I think you ought to just go home and wait for your brother there, all right? - Where's Rhett and Perry? I - I don't want to hear it! Now go home and cool off.
I can't believe I haven't even heard an apology yet.
- Sorry, Mrs.
- Thank you, Billy.
See, Luke? Be smart.
Follow your brother's lead here, and we'll talk later.
Okay? Good night.
God bless.
All right.
Where's your father? I'm-a go get a shirt.
What happened to your leg? Don't worry about that.
- You're bleeding.
- I'm fine.
All right, then.
Where's the body? Don't tell me that.
I don't want to know that.
If this all goes to shit, it's on me, too, pal.
If it does come to that, I'm taking all the blame.
Perry, stop.
We are all in this.
Okay, Royal, look you tell us everything you think we need to know.
It's gone.
The body's gone.
That's all there is to know.
- Is it on our land? - It's gone.
So, what's next? We get back to work, that's what's next.
This ranch needs to be business as usual.
So, what, just act like all this never happened? You want to tell me what else there is to do? Well, first off, there's that woman on our land.
What woman? What woman, Royal? There's a hippie chick camping on the west pasture.
- Since when? - Since recently.
- Since last week.
- Jesus Christ.
When were you gonna tell me about this? - Look - If she saw something - She didn't.
- How do you know that? I need you all to trust me.
- Is she still out there? - N-No.
I'll find her.
You get her off this land as soon as possible.
But hold on, we need to know if she saw something.
We need to find her, talk to her.
I'll find her, okay? I'll figure it out.
Yeah, you done better had, pal.
What about traces of anything else? - Like what? - Like your shirt.
Oh, my God.
I told you I don't know where my shirt is.
You sure about that? What do you mean, am I sure about that? Do not get snippy with your father.
If you're asking us to go all in on this, then we got to be on the same page.
What are you talking about? Your-your leg's bleeding.
Well, I'm all right, hon.
Why is his leg bleeding? Amy, could you give us a minute? Look, hon I have to eat breakfast before I go to school.
Was it Luke or Billy? - Huh? - That shot you.
Mm, it was Luke.
But you're telling me he didn't see you? No.
Got lucky.
Fired one off in the dark.
You think we'll be forgiven for this? Fixing to find out.
Rose, honey, eat your breakfast.
Who on earth keeps dinging you? Luke Tillerson, asking if we've seen Trevor.
Should've never given that family my cell.
Attaboy, Fred! Hey, Rhett, how you doing? Sheriff Joy.
Come on.
It's a buckle.
It's Trevor's.
Found it behind the roadhouse the last night we saw him.
All right.
- And that was when? - Sunday.
What do you want me to do with this? Investigate.
Look, there's blood right there.
You know damn well that could be anything.
- And as sheriff, I can't - Acting sheriff.
Sorry, that's just that's your official title, right? Since Burt died? Yeah.
The point is, I can't admit this as evidence, Luke, you just handed it to me.
I get that you're worried, but would I be right in assuming this ain't the first time Trev's gone missing for a day or two? Trust me.
We'll keep our eye on it.
I hear you're running against Trudy Cole for sheriff.
I'd say he's running against me.
That guy's got some fans in Lander.
Should be a good race.
- When's the vote? - 28 days.
Never been an Indian sheriff before.
Or a gay one.
Well, it's about time.
Why don't you let us know how we can help? And, uh, I'm sorry to bother you about this Trevor stuff.
You know, we're just real worried about him, that's all.
I tell you what.
Let me bring this down to the office.
You mind if I take this with me? No.
It's all yours.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Is there any change we can chat somewhere else? Uh I don't know.
I don't have a break for another hour.
Okay what? I'll wait.
Here? At the bank? Yeah, or, you know, wherever.
Meet me at the diner across the street.
That was it, until I saw my dad win the rodeo.
Ever since then, I knew.
Didn't want to do anything but ride bulls.
Congratulations, by the way.
- On what? - On moving forward.
The guy that placed higher than you was DQ'd for drugs.
You're riding next week.
What? Are you serious? Been on another planet or something? No, uh, um Just been a lot going on.
Hey, do you want to get dinner with me? - Um - I mean, not tonight.
Just whenever.
- Or tonight, if you want to tonight.
- Wait, are you asking me out? - Sí.
- Oh, you speak Spanish now? Pero es sólo poquito.
Está bien.
Voy ir a cenar contigo.
Pero te advierto que usualmente no salgo con güeros como tú.
Vas a tender que echarle muchos huevos.
¿Entendiste? I didn't understand that at all but, um, how about how about tomorrow? Yeah.
Tomorrow works.
Is that what you wanted to talk about? No, it was something else.
The other night, I'm not too proud of what I did to Trevor.
You mean the fight? It's all right.
I never liked that guy much, anyway.
No, it's just Well, you know the Tillersons.
If you wouldn't mind, keep that quiet.
You got it.
Hello? Hey.
600 acres? Some snake of a lawyer for the Tillersons - just called and told me.
- I know.
I know.
Well, why is this the first I'm hearing about it? A lot's been going on around here, in case you haven't noticed.
We got bigger fish to fry.
Oh, I'd say half our west pasture is a pretty damn big fish.
Where are you going? Go see Todd Barney.
Hey, hey.
Take Perry with you.
No, he's got to work.
No, what he needs is his father.
Now, I-I don't know if he can shake this, Royal.
Please, just try and help him.
Can't bear to see him like this.
- All right.
- Okay.
It was an accident.
Both of you were drunk.
Got in a fight.
Went too far.
It was an accident, right? I stopped believing in accidents.
You talking about Rebecca? I'm talking about fate.
What about it? Is that how you think the world works? I don't know how the world works.
So this here's your ranch.
Rights assigned in 1878.
And this here is the Tillerson ranch.
Right assigned in 1872.
Now, these honeyfugglers claim you're 600 acres onto their land, and here's why.
State had all sorts of issues when they restructured country lines, so what you got here is a good old-fashioned topographical fuck job.
See that? That's a corner of your west pasture.
But by this map, you can't tell if it's Tillerson land or no one's land.
It's all higgledy-piggledy.
Point is, they got a hell of a case it ain't yours.
Or what, they got a county assessor in their pocket? - Certainly possible.
- Mm.
You want my advice? - Give them the damn land.
- No.
It's pretty country, but it ain't worth losing the whole ranch over.
All right, let me get this straight, Todd.
My own lawyer's advice is just to go chickenshit on this and hand over a mile of our own property? This ain't just any piece of land we're talking about.
It's where our family ranched for three generations.
I'm not just gonna up and give it away.
All I'm saying is, the Tillersons don't lose.
A first for everything, Todd.
Look, he's got a point.
We give them the acreage, maybe they'll back off the Trevor stuff.
Why not cozy up to them, get them off our backs? Son, let me tell you about the Tillersons, okay? Look, when you were a kid, Wayne Tillerson had a ranch hand that was gored by a bull.
Stuck clean through the stomach.
Everyone knew he was done for, but no one could get him free of the animal.
So, with the ambulance, like, an hour away, Wayne had two choices: shoot the bull, killing valuable stock but giving the man a dignified death, or don't.
Wayne chose the second one.
Sent everyone back to work as the guy dragged around on that bull before the ranch hand breathed his last.
You don't cozy up to the Tillersons.
You keep them as far away as possible.
Something happen to your leg? Ah, just old age.
Pulled it getting out of bed, if you can believe it.
I'll let him know you're here.
from myself ♪ There's nowhere to hide ♪ Don't make me close one more door ♪ I don't want to hurt anymore ♪ Stay in my arms if you dare ♪ Or must I imagine you there? ♪ Don't walk away from me ♪ I have nothing, nothing ♪ Nothing ♪ If I don't have you ♪ All right.
Come on.
How's the, uh Luke, would you fetch me a Clamato? Royal, something to drink? Clamato? Uh, you got iced tea? Oh, same as him.
- You still looking for Trev? - Luke's on it.
I'm sure he's just off on one of his hellbenders, or passed out in some biddy's bed, or blah, blah, blah.
Let's get down to brass tacks, Roy, you're on my land.
- Now, hold on now.
- Hey, you should be happy I ain't asking for reparations - for all the years you stoled it.
- Now, let's be honest here, no one's stealing anything but you.
This is Wyoming, Roy.
It's only ever been stoled since the day it got its name.
You pay someone off? Only one person breaking the law here.
State says it ain't me.
Then why now? Maybe I just want to get closer to you.
I'll give you 200 acres of my south pasture instead.
Why west? Why west, you know? You tell me.
You know, there was a period in the late '80s when I got really into erotic art.
I must've bought three dozen paintings.
You know, I ain't talking about any prudes, you know.
I'm not talking about Aubrey Beardsley or Pablo fucking Picasso.
I'm talking about the real out-there stuff.
Stomach in your throat kind of stuff.
Nan Goldin.
Betty Tompkins.
George Condo, you see what I mean? Ah And I did it because I thought I wanted something spicy, I thought I wanted something gooey.
Yeah, I wanted my home to be a place where your ticker sped up.
But that didn't happen.
So I bought more and more.
I kept thinking if I could just find the right painting, if I could just find the right photograph, you know? Pretty soon the walls were covered in smut, it would make your toes curl.
And yet, still, it didn't work.
And what I realized was that what got my heart racing was what I couldn't see, what I didn't know about.
It was hidden from me and kept me looking.
We're born to hunt, and one frontier begets another.
I'm hungry more than anything else.
Ah I want your west pasture 'cause I want your west pasture.
I'm offering you a hell of a deal on the valley I don't care if you're offering me a second dinger, Roy.
That west pasture is gonna be mine.
And the goddamn state of Wyoming says so, too.
I guess we'll have the lawyers figure it out, then.
What's so special to you about that land? I suppose it's just sentimental.
You always were shifty.
Ever since the day we met.
Thanks for the clam juice, Wayne.
Can I go for a hike? I did all my chores.
Uh All right.
- Stick to the trail.
- Okay.
Back before dinner! Excuse me.
Uh Why are you here? I don't know.
But I know that I'm supposed to be here.
Why? You see that? I've been I've been drawing it for years and years, and now now I see it all over the place here.
Looks like my family brand.
You're an Abbott? - Is Royal - You know him? He was acting all weird this morning, but I guess he's always been weird.
Today? Yeah.
At breakfast.
Why? Nothing, I'm I'm just happy to hear it.
I like your necklace.
This? Mm-hmm.
Me, too.
Me, too.
- Potatoes? - Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
- Rhett, hand me the bread, honey.
- Yeah.
Can I pray? Hmm? I want to pray for the supper.
All right.
Dear God we pray for Trevor.
For his family.
And for our boys.
Our family.
We ask that You forgive us.
I guess.
We ask that You show us the way here, 'cause we're in trouble.
We are desperate.
You made this crazy world.
So maybe You can give us some sort of hint as to what You're up to, 'cause I don't have the first fucking clue.
And maybe it's that You have nothing to do with this, or maybe You're not even there, who knows.
There is a big distance between You and us A gap, a void There is a great void, and I'm asking You to fill that void.
I'm asking You to fill that void.
I'm asking You to come down here and explain Yourself, because this world of Yours isn't quite adding up, and I hate You for it, I really do.
And I don't even think I fucking believe in You, but I really hate You.
Uh, is there something Sorry I'm late.
- Where you been? - Just out hiking.
I met some hippie woman.
You met some what? Um, a girl named Autumn.
She knows you.
You stay away from her, you understand? - Don't you ever talk to her again.
- Why? And that goes for everyone.
No one talks to her.
Got it? No one.
We're moving the cattle.
What? Moving the cattle to the east pasture.
- When? - Tomorrow.
They only grazed the west for a few days.
- It's not time to Why? - We're moving them tomorrow.
'Cause I say so.
There's no way we'll find enough hands in time.
I'm counting ten perfectly good ones around this table.
- Amy has school.
- Mm-mm.
Not tomorrow, she doesn't.
- Royal - No, it's what we're doing, damn it.
All by ourselves.
We're moving the cattle.
And there is a great void! We're moving the damn cows off the west pasture, and that's that.
Now, pass the goddamn potatoes.
Come on! Hup, hup, hup, hup.
Where's he going? Off his rocker, you ask me.
What are you looking for? I'd ask you the same.
Want you off my land.
No, you don't.
And why is that? 'Cause you need me to keep a hell of a lot of secrets, least of which is the fact that you threw a body into a hole.
So did you.
But you came back.
How? What's your real name? Autumn.
- What's your last name? - Rivers.
How'd you get all your money? Trust fund.
Fuck you.
You have an interest in mining? - Mining? - Mm-hmm.
You have an interest in mining? No.
- You work for the government? - No.
- Have you ever? - No.
You ever been involved in a cult? Yes.
What does the color yellow mean to you? What does the color yellow mean to you? I'm thinking.
Why? - What's the color yellow - Power.
- You ever kill anyone? - No, have you? Was that you that did that? Were you trying to kill me when you threw me in? No.
My turn.
What do you remember from your childhood? Do you remember anything before the age of nine? Why? 'Cause I didn't until I got here.
Do you believe in fate? Something brought me here.
What would that be? That's what you're gonna help me figure out.
Something's happening here.
Something bigger than you and me, and we're the only two people that know about it.
And we can help each other understand this.
We don't have to be afraid.
What did you see in there? Once again, I repeat: we have movement inside the wire.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
I say again: Sector A through manila Oscar Mike in 20 seconds.
All teams, teams, maintain vectors of fire.
This our land? No.
Not anymore.
You died.
You died two years ago.
Okay? You died in my arms.
All teams, take your positions.
We're live, we're live.
I say again: all teams, take positions.
We're live.
Bravo 5.
Do not move!
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