Outer Range (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

The Time

1 It's quite a piece of land you got.
There's something kind of special out here, you know? Fuck! Your west pasture's gonna be mine.
And the goddamn State of Wyoming says so.
- Why west? - You tell me.
- What would you sell this ranch for? - I wouldn't.
- Hurt anymore ♪ - About my dad going after your land? We'll take everything you got.
Dear God, we ask that You show us the way here.
'Cause we're in trouble.
- Where's the body? - The body's gone.
That's all there is to know.
Something's happening here.
Something bigger than you and me.
You died two years ago.
First there was a storm of carbon and molten rock.
And that begat granite and soil.
Then land shook and cracked and rose till it spiked the sky.
And forests grew and died.
And grew a hundred times again.
And people grew and died.
And grew a hundred times again.
There were storms and seasons, and fences and blood.
Wonder and vengeance and regret.
And the land and the sky didn't give two shits.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I can't sleep.
Come on.
You know I didn't have ice cream until I was Ten years old.
Yeah, you've mentioned it a couple hundred times.
That's what old people do, isn't it? Repeat themselves.
You're not that old.
The other morning, at breakfast, why was your leg bleeding? Well Cut it on a fence.
I don't believe that.
D-Money back with you on Drive Time.
And I am so sick of talking about this, but we got to talk about it.
The quarterback situation Come on.
for the Denver Broncos once again looks abysmal.
And I got news for you: I don't think they're gonna figure it out in the draft, either.
I mean, let's be honest Morning, Gladys.
The other day you said bring one of these by, so here it is.
Everything all right, Gladys? Good.
That's good.
Hey, you ever listen to this yahoo D-Money go on about the Broncos on the radio? The guy talks like he can see the future.
You sure everything's all right? Hey! Okay, settle down.
- He's got a gun! - I know.
Drop it.
It's okay, I got it! Get the hell off me! I will break your arm if I have to.
The fuck you will! - I will break your arm! - Fuck you! Well, I told you, didn't I? This is bullshit.
It's not like I robbed the place.
For the record, that's why they call it attempted robbery.
Y'all need to be concerning yourselves about the real trouble around here.
And what's that? People just poof Disappearing.
Like, about six months ago, my cousin, he just disappeared for six seconds.
He was here, and then gone.
By any chance was he a fan of methamphetamine like yourself? No.
And I heard some guy on the Tillerson ranch, he disappeared too, just last week.
Trevor something.
Thanks for the tip.
Think you could process my friend here? Be careful with his arm.
And don't let him disappear.
Heard about your heroics at the gas station this morning.
- Nice work.
- Morning.
- Hey, so you know - Do me a favor and call Luke Tillerson, see if there's any news about Trevor.
- Will do.
So, also - Please call over to the lab and see if they got anything yet off that buckle he gave us.
Copy that.
Anyway, so Trudy Cole they turn and see a dozen cruisers pursuing their canine, who's sprinting toward them with the chief's umbrella in his mouth.
My K9 plan is a little different, but necessary.
If it isn't the Lander chief of police, right here in Wabang.
Joy, good to see you.
So, what do you think, guys? How's Trudy's K9 plan compared to mine? Come on, now, you can answer.
It's a free country, still, barely.
Uh, both are pretty good.
Hear that, Trudy? Mark likes my plan better.
Thanks, Mark.
Got a second to talk, Joy? Come on, Trudy, this isn't the first time Trevor's whereabouts have been, you know, unknown.
Sure, but apparently Luke and Billy went over to the Abbotts' after they were at the Pit Bar.
I'm up to date on Luke's theory of the case.
Now, if you want to go look for Trevor down in Lander, then please do.
Keep me informed.
I'll do likewise.
And no hard feelings, okay? I really do look forward to us working together when I win.
Have it your way.
Only makes things easier for me.
You take care now, Joy.
Trudy's a damn girl's name.
Four days, Dad.
It's been four days.
The phone company said there's been no calls from his phone since that night.
I called the credit card company, they won't let me get Trevor ain't a child, Luke.
So untwist your panties for a heartbeat, all right? When I'm callin' you ♪ Luke's right to be worried, Dad.
Just doesn't feel right.
Make Royal an offer for his west pasture.
An offer? The assessor's gonna rule in our favor.
He's already bought and paid for, why would we make him - an offer? - Offer him a million for it.
A million dollars? - The hearing's next month.
- Hearings! Hearings.
You know what animals got the best hearings? Bats.
Bats and moths.
They bounce sound off of walls and each other.
That's also how they mate.
Ultrasonic sexual communication.
They are remarkable creatures.
You couldn't hear it with a Oh, shit! Billy, what are those things? A megaphone? Yeah.
Make him the offer.
I want that land.
Why? Oh, Jesus.
You sound just like your mother.
Billy, go tell Carol to fix me a Clamato.
Take your brother with you.
That son of a bitch cares more about some worthless fucking pasture than his own son.
He must feel something.
I'm sorry, Luke.
I'm not offering him shit.
I got, I got, I got, I got ♪ Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA ♪ Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA ♪ I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA ♪ I got hustle though, ambition, flow inside my DNA ♪ I was born like this, since one like this ♪ Immaculate conception ♪ I transform like this, perform like this ♪ Was Yeshua's new weapon ♪ I don't contemplate, I meditate ♪ Then off your fucking head ♪ This that put-the-kids-to-bed ♪ This that I got, I got, I got, I got ♪ Realness, I just kill shit ♪ 'Cause it's in my DNA ♪ I got millions, I got riches buildin' in my DNA ♪ I got dark Sorry.
I'm here to pick up a prescription for Autumn Rivers.
It's for lamotrigine.
It should've been called in Yep.
Got it right here.
Have you taken this before? Because if not, - I need to - Not my first lamotrigine rodeo.
Got to stay stable.
Hey, uh, is Royal Abbott in here by any chance? I saw his truck parked outside.
I'm Perry Abbott.
Royal's my dad.
I'm Autumn.
I'm camping on your land.
Yeah, yeah.
My dad mentioned you.
This is what I call a great place to have a beer in the middle of the day.
Hell yes to that.
- I'll have what he's having.
- Coming right up.
So, uh how long are you planning on staying around here, on our land? Hmm, I'm not really sure.
- Not yet, at least.
- Why's that? I'm still waiting for my sign.
Well, um, the thing is, uh, - Autumn - Mm.
thing is, um well - My family's - How long you been married? I just saw the ring on your finger.
A little over ten years.
Oh, that's amazing.
She's missing.
My wife.
Nine months now.
No one knows anything.
Perry, I want to tell you something.
For the longest time, I felt like I was in a dark room.
I'd be feeling along the wall, searching for a light switch.
And, y-you know, you-you start to think that maybe there's not one there.
But then there it is.
It was really nice talking to you, Perry.
Um You tell your dad I say hi.
Hey, Amy.
You want a ride? You want? No.
Maybe Trevor's with your mom somewhere? What do you mean? You say you want your freedom ♪ Well, who am I to keep you down? ♪ It's only right that you should ♪ Play the way you feel it ♪ But listen carefully ♪ To the sound ♪ Of your loneliness ♪ Like a heartbeat, drives you mad ♪ Mrs.
Abbott? Mrs.
Abbott! Wait, wait.
- You forgot this.
- Oh, thanks.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Rebecca? Ow.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- You sure you're all right? - Yeah, I'm sure.
Worry about yourself, about riding tonight.
It's your last shot, pal.
Keep your head on straight.
- My head? - What's that? What about you? Moving the cattle for no good reason and Sorry, you-you making the decisions around here now? - And what about Perry? - What about him? No, go on.
Get it out now, Rhett, 'cause if I hear you talking this way around him or your mother Oh, right, can't hurt Perry's feelings.
Fragile as he is.
You done? Your brother's not fragile.
You and him are just different.
You're more like me.
You ready? I was, uh I was praying for Rhett, for tonight.
Couldn't do it.
I-I never felt that before.
Did you, did you hear what I just said? - I'm sorry.
- Sorry? Y-You may have made up your mind about God a long time ago, but is it really possible that you still don't understand that for me I-I was at the market today, and I thought I saw Rebecca.
It wasn't her, of course, but this-this everything, it's all I feel like What do you, what do you want me to say? You know, walking over here, I saw Ricardo Olivares's daughter Maria.
She's back in town, huh? Yeah.
Guess so.
You guess so? I always rode better when your mother was watching.
- Figured if I won, you know - No, oh, my God.
- Stop it.
Stop, stop.
- What? Well, that's a sight.
Two generations of Amelia County rodeo greats.
Sorry, Royal, can I get a minute alone with Rhett? Can it wait until after he rides? - Yeah, it'd be better if - It's about Trevor.
He finally turn up? - Where, Vegas? - Actually it's just Rhett I need to talk to, if you don't mind.
- He's just about to ride.
- And he's gonna do great.
You know, the bull you got last time was just bad luck.
I'll-I'll be quick, I promise.
All right, then.
You feel good? Yeah.
- All right.
- Okay.
What's going on? Trevor's belt buckle was found in the parking lot over at The Pit Bar.
It had some blood on it.
We had it tested and it came back that it was your blood.
What? That's I mean, how does that even Your DNA is in the state system from a DUI you had last year.
Any idea why your blood was on that buckle? I don't know what to tell you.
I really don't.
I mean, I was there that night, but that's it.
Good luck out there.
They found Trevor's belt buckle.
Has my blood on it.
All right, folks, let's hear it for Wabang's own, Rhett Abbott, now in fourth place before his third and final ride, - looking to jump to the top - Go Uncle Rhett! of the leaderboard tonight.
And I think this hometown cowboy can do it, folks.
Come on, Rhett.
He's something special.
Everything okay? Yeah.
You good? Hold on! You got it! Hold on! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, Rhett! - Why'd you leave grad school? - I just wasn't as focused as I should have been, or at least as I was in college.
My mom isn't cutting me any slack, that's for sure.
It's like she thinks if she's enough of a constant bitch, I'll reenroll just to get away from her.
Far as I'm concerned, you should stay right where you are.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I'm not sure I agree with you on that.
Well, it'll grow on you.
Can we get two more, please? What you got there? Oh, painkillers.
Bull rider's best friend.
I bet.
- Got to be careful with those.
- Oh, yeah.
I know it.
I know it.
Why didn't you ever ask me out in high school? Or, you know, ever? Didn't think you'd say yes.
Oh, I wouldn't have.
You want to dance with me? Can you really dance? Well, I'm not drunk.
No, I mean, can you dance at all? Even sober? Well, definitely not sober.
- Sorry.
- Whoa, hey.
Hey, hey.
Where you going, pal? I think you owe somebody an apology.
It's all right, Rhett.
I'm fine.
Do yourself a favor, son, and sit back down.
I told her I was sorry.
Well, tell her again.
I'm not much for repeating myself.
Well, let's change that.
Just give me a second, hold on a second here.
Wait, wait.
- You okay, there? - You impressed yet? Let's get you home.
All right.
- Come on.
- Let's get me home.
For what it's worth, I would've still taken that guy.
Oh, yeah, anyone could see that.
I'll call you tomorrow? Mm-hmm.
Good night, Rhett.
What the hell? You're pissing on my car, Rhett.
Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
I didn't I didn't realize.
Well, stop pissing then.
Uh Not so easy to turn off the faucet after riding bulls.
You think that's funny? Oh, come on, it's a little funny.
I have to go out and see Frank Harlan tomorrow morning.
Oh, boy.
About what? Got to kiss the ring of the Chamber of Commerce if you want to be sheriff in Amelia County.
You think if I'm sheriff they'll give me a new desk? Hey, there.
Did some celebrating tonight, huh? The kind that required taking a leak on Mark's cruiser? It was an accident.
It's pretty dumb is what it was.
But seeing as you rode so well tonight, I'm gonna let this one slide.
You call someone yet to come for you? Yeah.
So here's the deal, Rhett.
Starting tomorrow, we're gonna be talking to everyone who was at The Pit Bar that night.
And please believe me when I tell you that if your memory is gonna get any better about things, it'd be way, way better for you if that happened, like, right away.
Because, trust me, whatever happened, it's gonna come out.
Always does.
Okay, Rhett.
Okay, look.
Trevor and I got into a scuffle out in the parking lot.
He was drunk, popping off.
I gave him a bloody nose, that was it.
He was on his feet yelling at me as I walked back in the bar.
And that was all of it.
Why not tell me that straight away? Because Luke's been crazy about this from the get.
I mean, he tell you about coming to our house, driving through our fence.
I should have told you.
Royal's here.
Have him wait outside.
Anyone else see this scuffle? Was anyone in the lot with you two? No.
No, it was just me and Trev.
Wait here.
- Joy's getting Rhett.
- Okay.
Hiya, Royal.
- Joy.
- He's all yours.
Lucky me.
Come on.
I'm gonna tell you something, but you got to keep it to yourself.
I've always told you, and everybody else, that my parents died when I was a kid.
That's only part true.
My dad died, but not my mom.
After my dad, I was I was real upset.
And I left.
I ran away.
I never went back.
Never saw my mother.
Or my sister.
Yeah, I had a sister.
A younger sister.
I never saw either of them again.
Okay, well, that's my spiel.
Your what? Why I'm running for sheriff.
I know you always supported Burt.
I'm hoping you'll support me, too.
Last week, one of the fellas that works for me was down near the south end of my property, about a quarter mile up the mountain.
There are these caves around there.
Anyway, he's down there and he hears a weird noise.
Like, from an animal.
So he goes to check it out and he hears this rumble.
It's coming from the mouth of one of these caves.
So he gets his torch out, heads in.
He shines his light deeper still, and he sees.
What? Mastodon.
Prehistoric elephant, basically.
Inhabited this area during the late Pliocene up to their extinction at the end of the Pleistocene.
Those are eras.
And it isn't the first time that one's been spotted around here, either.
Fur trappers used to spot them all the time.
And hunters.
Of course, the Indians got tons of stories.
So, if you're going to be sheriff what are you going to do about that? Whoa.
So, uh, I was wondering, if we could sort of start over? Absolutely.
I'd like that.
Yeah, the other night, in the barn, you said that you don't remember anything from before you were nine years old.
Why? I was in some kind of accident when I was a kid.
I woke up in the hospital in Jackson.
Only thing I could remember was my name.
Why'd you push me in that hole? Maybe I just needed to see what would happen.
I'm sorry, Royal.
I'm happy that you came back.
I need you to promise me something, that you're not gonna say anything, to anyone about this.
You know, the hole, all of it.
And that you'll stay away from my family.
'Cause they don't know anything about this.
If you can do that, you you can stay.
I appreciate that, I do.
But I'm gonna need more than that.
I need to know what happened to you in there.
All right, listen to me, okay? 'Cause this is the truth.
This isn't something to be poked at, - or-or tested - Why the hell not? Where did you go? What did you see? - I saw this place.
- And? - It was different.
- How? Another time.
What do you mean? The past? Or the future? Holy fucking shit.
Oh, my God, Royal.
You traveled through fucking time? Did you see me? Stay quiet about what you've seen, and you can stay, and we'll keep talking, about all of it.
You have my word.
Okay, Royal.
Something wrong? No.
What? Going for a hike, Grandma! Hey, how'd it go with Frank? Fine.
Yeah, here, too.
You're not gonna believe this, but we've got all kinds of calls coming in about people seeing a mountain disappear.
Hmm? - A what? - Joy! We need to talk.
Whose blood's on that buckle? - Well, we're still waiting for - Bullshit! I know it's Rhett Abbott's.
And so do you.
I saw Trevor on the mountain.
On the trail.
I think he's dead.
Arrest him for what? We are investigating, and this buckle Goddamn it, it's Rhett's blood.
Joy, it's Royal.
Amy was out hiking.
She found Trevor.
He's dead.
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