Outer Range (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Loss

1 - I tell myself what's done is done ♪ - I tell myself ♪ Don't be a fool ♪ Play the field, have a lot of fun ♪ It's easy when ♪ I tell myself ♪ Mr.
We found something.
That's when the phone rings and I jump ♪ That's a rock.
I pray ♪ - Let it please be him ♪ - Look Oh, dear God, it must be him ♪ Where'd you find this? A mile or so out near the Abbotts' west pasture.
- Or I shall die ♪ - Have you seen it before? Once as a kid It must be him, but it's not him ♪ And then I die ♪ You find any more of this I want you to bring it right to me.
- After a while, I'm myself again ♪ - Understand? - I take the pieces off the floor ♪ - Leave it there.
- Put my heart ♪ - Get outta here.
On the shelf again ♪ You'll never hurt me anymore ♪ I'm not a puppet ♪ Someday ♪ That's when the phone rings ♪ And once again ♪ I start to pray ♪ Let it please be him ♪ Oh, dear God ♪ It must be him, it must be him ♪ Or I shall die ♪ Or I shall die ♪ Matt? Yeah.
I'm here.
Did you take Trevor's belt buckle out of my desk? No.
Why? Is it missing? Um let me ask you.
How long you think Royal was hanging around - my office last night? - I don't know.
Ten minutes.
You think he took it? You know, you probably shouldn't leave evidence I know that, Matt! I know that! Gate back there was pretty busted.
That the one Luke drove through? Yeah, I ought to send him a bill.
Maybe wait until after the funeral.
Oh, the buzzing of the bees ♪ In the cigarette trees ♪ The soda water fountain ♪ Where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings ♪ In that Big Rock Candy Mountain ♪ In the Big Rock Candy Mountain ♪ The cops have wooden legs ♪ The bulldogs all have rubber teeth ♪ The hens lay soft-boiled eggs ♪ The farmers' trees are full of fruit ♪ And the barns are full of hey ♪ I want to go where there ain't no snow ♪ Where the sleet don't fall and the wind don't blow ♪ In that Big Rock Candy Mountain ♪ The way you brought us, is that the only way up? It's the only way I know.
Rigor mortis come and gone, so he's probably been here awhile.
No stink though.
It's a serious shot to the throat.
Animal maybe? Grizzly, maybe a mountain lion? No, he'd a been breakfast.
Maybe he fell? Onto his throat? And from where? Well no sign of Trevor, or anyone else coming from anywhere.
Royal, this your land, where we are now? No.
It's BLM.
Our property ends at the tree line, down by the trailhead.
So what do you think? I think we got some figuring out to do, Royal.
Where's Rhett? Oh, in town at Taylor's.
Running an errand.
- Okay.
- Bet you didn't think you'd be a hero today, huh? Well, you are one in my book.
Now I just have to ask you a few things, make sure we got all the info - we need I'm good.
- Sorry, did you want coffee? I just made a pot and we also got didn't you? - What did you make? - Banana bread you want - some banana bread? - Yeah, you want some banana bread? I'm allergic to bananas.
You're allergic to bananas? - Yeah.
- What happens if you eat one? Anaphylactic shock.
So, Amy.
You were on your hike, found Trevor, ran home, told your grandpa, your grandpa called me.
Do I got that right? Yeah, I guess so.
When's the last time you hiked that trail? Um - a few days ago.
- She walks it all the time Sorry, Per, if you don't mind I, I just have to hear it from her.
Did you notice anything out of the ordinary when you were up there last? What do you mean, like what? Tracks.
Are those "out of the ordinary"? Sorry.
I didn't see anything.
Let me ask you this then.
Do you remember a few nights ago when Luke and Billy Tillerson came by? Yeah.
Did you see Luke and Billy? They were being weird.
They were drunk.
And, um who else was at the house then, you remember? Uh my dad.
And my grandma was asleep, but then she came down to get me.
Was your grandpa here, too? Yeah.
He was in bed.
It was late.
Asleep? Yeah, I'm pretty much dead at 9:30.
Man could sleep through a tornado.
What about your Uncle Rhett? Was he here? No.
No, he wasn't here.
Do you know where he was? No.
I don't know where he was.
Well, thanks so much.
I'll tell you, Amy, I think you could probably convince your dad to let you skip chores today, do something fun.
Can we watch a movie with Grandma? - Fine by me.
- Sure, honey.
Hey, um, you know I didn't want to say it with Amy around, but, um Rhett was with a girl that night.
Do you know who? Uh no.
I don't know.
All right.
Well, good to know.
Does he know about the body? Why? Just wondering.
We haven't been able to reach him.
Royal, you mind walking to my truck? No, sure thing.
Well, thanks for calling it in.
Yeah, why wouldn't I? Right.
You know, funniest thing happened.
We got 12 different calls from folks saying they saw that mountain right there disappear in plain sight.
No, you serious? - Crazy, right? - Yeah.
Reminded me of when there were all those folks talking about a flying saucer up in Montana, you remember that? No.
You take anything out of my office? What? Did you take something from my office? - When, last night? - Last night.
- You sure about that? - Yeah.
Why, you missing something? Yeah.
Well, I hope you find it.
I'll be seeing you, Royal.
Matt, you there? - Found Rhett.
- I need you to go ask him what he did after the fight with Trevor.
But look, this is important: don't let him answer his phone, okay? He doesn't know about the body.
- Call your brother.
- I'm on it.
Choose enter.
Cancel again.
And that's how you open an account.
Hey, Rhett! - Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, you two.
Rhett, can we chat? Uh - Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I, uh Matt, hold on a sec.
My brother's been trying Rhett, I'm gonna ask that you don't answer that telephone.
- What? Why? - What's going on? Talk to me for one sec.
Don't answer that phone, all right? - The guy can use his phone.
- No, I got this.
It's fine.
- Matt - I just got to ask him one thing.
I'm sorry, my brother's been trying to get me Where'd you go after the fight with Trevor? What? Why? Where were you after the fight with Trevor? Don't answer that phone.
I'm sorry, I got to - Hey.
- They found Trevor.
- Rhett.
- You got to tell them you were with a girl that night.
Rhett? Rhett, I'm not gonna ask you again.
Where'd you go after you got into a fight with Trevor? I was with a girl.
You were with a girl? Yeah.
Who were you with? Rhett? He was with me.
Rhett, is that true? Yeah.
All right.
Well, thanks.
That's all I had for you.
You're on the clock here, honey.
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ I see no need to take me home ♪ I'm old enough to face the dawn ♪ Just call me angel ♪ Of the morning, angel ♪ Just touch my cheek before you leave ♪ Billy! Please, can you quit it? Sorry.
I made an extra sandwich.
It's for you.
There'll be no strings to bind your hands ♪ Not if my love can't bind your heart What? There's no need to take a stand ♪ For it was I who chose to start ♪ Baby ♪ Just call me angel of the morning ♪ Angel ♪ Just touch my cheek before you leave me ♪ Darling ♪ Jesus Christ.
You scared me.
Why are you out here? I was looking for you.
They found a body on the hillside there.
Our neighbor.
Do you know anything about that? No.
You sure? Yeah.
Is that hillside west pasture? Why? My camp's west pasture.
It is.
Is there anything you need from us? How about a picture of your wife? What? Well, I've been all around this area.
Maybe I've seen her.
Stranger things happen.
Hello? Hi, Todd.
Sorry, today is a bad day to Why that soon? All right.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm gonna grab a drink.
You want something? What was that? About Trevor? No.
Lawyer calling about the Tillerson land situation.
You doing all right? He didn't have to call that in right away.
Yes, he absolutely did.
What else would you have him do? You want to explain to your daughter why her family isn't reporting Why the hell did he put the body up there in the first place? He said he didn't.
Then how'd it get there? County assessor set the west pasture hearing for the end of the month.
Yeah, well, that can't happen.
So what do you want to do? I'll pay him a visit.
If, uh, you didn't do it, then how did that body get up there? Trust me, I wish I knew.
You think that girl had something to do with it? I mean, she saw you that night, right? It'd have to be her.
Yeah, I don't, I don't think so.
Why not? - Royal.
- What? Please don't make me draw this out of you.
I'm-I'm tired of pushing you.
I can't tell you what I don't know, Ceci.
This-this is not the same kind of quiet that I've put up with for 30 years.
Okay, you have no idea what I did for our boys that night.
I'm not talking about that.
T-This is different.
This is something more.
I see it.
The boys see it.
Okay, there's a lot I can't explain.
- Well, try! - I am trying.
That's all I do, is try! And if you'd just trust me I have stood by you at every turn! Every single injury, every drought, every fire, every time you fucking couldn't pay the goddamn bills.
Through Rebecca.
Through this.
And-and, holy shit, we made it, we stuck together, because we had to.
And all a sudden, you're telling me you want to go it alone? Do you know what that feels like? - Thank you.
- Yep.
Hi, Maria.
You got a minute? Sure.
I'm on a break in ten.
How about you take your break now? How long you been working at the bank? A few weeks.
- You like it? - It's all right.
You were with Rhett the night Trevor disappeared, is that right? Yeah.
You go to school with Rhett? - High school.
- High school.
So did Rhett drive you home that night? Yeah.
What time was that? 1:00, 1:30.
Now, if I call your parents, can they confirm that? Well, they were asleep when I got home, so I doubt they can.
Maria, Trevor Tillerson was found this morning near the Abbotts' ranch.
He's dead.
Look, it's completely normal to want to protect a friend.
But this is likely a homicide.
And believe me when I tell you, the best thing for anyone to do when being questioned in conjunction with a homicide is to tell the truth.
'Cause when you don't tell the truth, even for what can seem like the right reasons, well, there are really bad consequences.
Not nine times out of ten.
Ten times out of ten.
You understand what I'm telling you? Yeah.
So was there anyone else behind the bar when Rhett and Trevor got in the fight? Hello? Let's start with what happened after the fight with Trevor.
I grabbed Perry and we left.
Did you drive home in your truck or Rhett's truck? Rhett's.
He dropped me off, and I guess he went back out.
You know where? To see Maria, I think.
To see Maria, yeah.
And what'd you and Maria do? Look, I don't really remember Maria confessed to me that she lied.
That you guys didn't go back out that night.
Do you know why she would lie about that? I-I don't know why she'd lie to you.
Ask Rhett.
- Ask Rhett what? - What happened.
He told me what happened.
Is there something you're not telling me about Perry? What about your dad? Do you think your dad's hiding something from me? If you weren't with Maria, then where were you? With Perry? I know he's your brother, but be smart.
Think about that rodeo career.
Look I assume Rhett was telling me the truth.
Maria said the last person she saw in that parking lot was you.
Perry, you and I been through a lot.
Last thing I want to do is drag you and your family through another tragedy.
Especially Amy.
This is important, okay? Do you know where Rhett went after you got home? No.
I don't know.
You told Matt you were with a girl.
But you weren't, so where were you? Maria says she doesn't know.
Your brother says he doesn't know.
That's what Perry said? He verified exactly what Maria told me.
Nobody knows where you were for two very important hours, Rhett.
Your brother's blood was on Trevor's belt buckle, not yours.
Perry was the last one seen with Trevor, not you.
So I'll ask you one last time.
Is there something you want to tell me about your brother? All right, boys! Let's get you home.
- What happened? - We're okay.
- What the fuck did you say about me? - What? - Nothing.
Why? - Rhett, let's do this at home.
Think twice before you throw me under the bus, Per.
All right? I swear to God, if you're throwing this - towards your brother - Course I'm not.
I'm What am I supposed to do? Dad, you want me to go back in there and confess? I want you to keep your fucking mouth shut.
I want you to buck up and be smart for once.
Goddamn it.
What do you need me to do? I don't know.
Turn back time? Billy.
How could you not push them to investigate sooner? I'd like to mourn my son without you breaking my balls, Patricia.
Wayne, he was missing for five days.
Well, if you cared so much, you should've stuck around.
Oh, please, don't you dare.
You're the one who wouldn't let me take them with me.
Because this is their home.
Wyoming is their home.
Not Aspen.
Wyoming! Wyoming! Jesus.
Oh Fuck.
Have you thought about a funeral? Something small.
I don't want to be speaking to a bunch of glad-handers.
Luke thinks the Abbott boys killed him.
You think that's true? They're hiding something.
Always have.
Something about Trevor? About the land.
It'll be mine.
County assessor's got it covered.
Oh, my God, if this is that west pasture nonsense Luke told me about It's not nonsense, it's valuable.
And if you're still concerned with your lousy 10% stake 'Cause you are certi-fucking-fiably insane.
No! Do us all a favor, cut the superstitious bullshit! I got news for you, there's more, there's more, there's more than money at play here, toots.
Going after a few lousy acres is a waste of everyone's time.
Stop! Pick up that rock.
What is it? That, Patty is what we've all been looking for.
What do you mean? It's valuable? How often at night ♪ When the heavens are bright ♪ With the light from the glittering stars ♪ Have I stood there amazed ♪ And asked as I gazed ♪ If their glory ♪ Exceeds that of ours ♪ There's something out there.
All right.
You know what? Here's how this is gonna work.
I'm gonna plan this funeral, and then I'm gonna find out who murdered my son.
And then I'm gonna make sure Luke saves this ranch while you slowly lose your mind and die.
It's good to have a list.
Still got a fine nutcracker, Patty.
Yeah? Hi, there.
Karl Cleaver? Yeah, our lawyer mentioned that you chatted about the Tillerson dispute.
I was already in town, so I thought I'd just Oh, right, right, right, come on in, Roy-boy.
Thank you.
How's the first few months been? Shelley's not riding you too hard, is he? Ha! Old Softy Shelley? Man's as weak as a whisker.
So, what can I do you for? Well, I was hoping we could clear up this west pasture issue.
You know, that land's belonged to my family for over Well, the hearing will be at the end of the month.
We'll just have to see how it goes.
Karl, you and I both know that that claim's not legit.
- The Tillersons - Hearing will be end of the month.
So, I heard you had quite some commotion up at the ranch there.
Angry neighbors, dead bodies.
Where you from, Karl? Texas, born and bred.
What you think of Wyoming? Well, I'll tell you I don't know why you folks put up with all the oddities coming through here.
Y'all got buffalo and immigrants and Indians running around.
Heck, somebody told me that, um Was it Kanye West and Kimmie Kardashian, they're buying up whole towns.
Yeah, well, live and let live.
You know, we stay out of people's business around here if you catch my drift, which is why Hell in a handbasket, you ask me.
Why I wanted to chat about this west pasture.
Put down the Fritos, pal.
Now you listen to me, you slack-jawed tub of guts, I know the Tillersons are paying you off, but hear me when I say my west pasture is my west pasture, and if you don't call off that hearing, I might just have to show you a nice big hole in the earth that you do not want to be acquainted with.
'Cause guess what you're not gonna find in that hole, Karl.
Fritos? There are no Fritos in that hole, Karl.
So munch up while you can, big boy, 'cause I got plans for you.
Nice hat.
- Joy, this is Trevor's - Oh, no, we know each other.
From when you started.
Under Burt.
I'm glad you finally made it.
Welcome back.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I know this can't be easy.
It'll be a lot easier when you all make an arrest.
Well, why don't I, um, get started? I don't blame you for being frustrated.
We're doing our best.
I know that.
No, we're all just so eager to move on.
I had Gary speed things up here so we could bury Trevor Friday.
I hope you'll come.
Hell, you might even snag a few votes.
I'm sorry.
Gary, you've been so patient.
All right, well Hold on, Ms.
Tillerson, you can't be in here for the coroner's report, it's against the law.
Well, can you make an exception? I'd really rather be here.
Why is that? It took five days to find my son's body, four days for your office to even show any concern, and you've never handled a murder, so I don't actually trust that you know what you're doing.
There's a lot of folks around here that feel the same.
They're all pretty reticent to vote for someone like you, and after all this, well, I can't say I blame them.
If you want to win that election, you'd do well to remember who it is you serve.
I serve the people of Amelia County.
And I do that by upholding the law, and like I said Well.
Please be quick.
Died from blunt force trauma to his windpipe.
The big question we ran into is how come it's so clean? - Clean how? - Aside for some metal lacerations on his torso, there's no residue, no drag marks, nothing.
For showing up on a mountain, that's what I'd call an anomaly.
But here's the hardest part: He was dead less than ten hours from when he was found.
Are you sure? Ran it three times.
Surprised us, too.
When was he last seen? Eight days ago.
In this proud land we grew up strong ♪ We were wanted all along ♪ I was taught to fight, taught to win ♪ I never thought I could fail ♪ No fight left or so it seems ♪ I am a man whose dreams have all deserted ♪ I've changed my face, I've changed my name ♪ But no one wants you when you lose ♪ Don't give up ♪ 'Cause you have friends ♪ Don't give up ♪ You're not beaten yet ♪ Don't give up ♪ I know you can make it good ♪ A time to mourn and a time to dance.
A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones together.
A time to embrace and a time to Nobody told you to stop.
and a time to refrain from embracing.
A time to get and a time to lose.
A time to keep and a time to cast away.
A time to rend and a time to sow.
A time to keep silence and a time to speak.
It was Perry.
Beautiful singing.
Who are you? I'm Autumn.
Where's Rose? Playing with Matt.
Pretty ballsy showing up here.
Maybe they're telling the truth? Either that or Royal Abbott is a damn good con man.
Thank you so much for coming.
I know, it is tragic.
Hey, can we talk? I never should have let you say that you were with me.
I-I froze.
I'm sorry.
Maria, this isn't me.
- I promise.
- Look, I like you.
But whatever you're wrapped up in with your family, I don't want any part of it.
I'm sorry, I just can't.
Quite a service.
Yeah, quite a family.
You find what you were looking for? No, actually.
Well, retrace your steps.
That's just the thing.
It doesn't feel like there's any steps to retrace.
Everything's just kind of disappearing.
- Hmm.
- You know? Yeah, it's a crazy world.
Strange times.
What can you do? Same as I've always done.
- Be patient, keep looking.
- Mm.
Something will show up.
World is not that crazy.
You ever wonder if the world's not what you think it is? What are you talking about? No law, no order.
Just chaos all the way down.
Heck, look around.
We just put a man into the earth, and it's all folks can do but drink themselves silly fending off the dark.
Fending off the end.
I'm gonna hit the jakes.
Abbott? Karl P.
Cleaver, county assessor.
Your husband paid me a visit this week.
Yes, well, I've been meaning to pay you a visit myself.
No need.
Your hearing's been moved up to next week.
What? Why? You tell your husband I don't take well to threats.
You much prefer bribes, don't you? You got some sauce on your tie, Karl.
Read 'em and weep, boys.
- Goddamn.
- Yeah! New Jersey turnpike ♪ Riding on a wet night ♪ 'Neath the refinery's glow ♪ Out where the great black rivers flow ♪ License, registration ♪ I ain't got none ♪ But I got a clear conscience You cheat these guys out of their paychecks? Oh, hey, Royal.
Hey, yourself.
Mind if I sit down? Sure.
How about five-card? I'll deal.
What's your ante? Ten? 20? - Oh, it's whatever you - Let's do 20.
Feeling lucky or something? I'm feeling something.
Before we start, though, you mind showing me your feet? - What? - Your feet.
You got to show me your feet.
It's a custom around here.
What the fuck are you talking about? Well, while back, some guys were playing cards.
They were sitting at a table just like this, in a place not too far from here, in some dark kind of night and bang.
What-something comes knocking through the door was a tall pale man in a long coat, says he wants to play.
Tall pale man sits down at the table, and they get into a couple three-hands and one of them drops a card on the floor.
Guy grabs a lantern, goes to pick it up, shines the lantern under the table and you know what he sees? The pale man's feet are hooves.
They knew right then they were playing with the devil.
He grabbed the card, looked back up.
Devil was gone.
You're the tall pale one, buddy.
Why don't you show me yours? Nah, I'm square.
You thirsty? You look like you need a beer.
Yeah, I want a beer.
Can we get a couple of beers? - And a whiskey.
- Christ.
You're like a walking cliché, Royal.
You want a pack of Marlboros, too? Aw, you're still angry, aren't you? I thought we said all that was water under the bridge.
Everyone, Royal Abbott is angry because I pushed him into a goddamn hole.
Now, ain't that some schoolyard shit? I'm sorry Let's play.
What are we playing for? How about you let me stay on your land forever? What? All right.
I lose, you get to stay as long as you want.
You lose, I get the whole story behind that rock around your neck.
You want to up it? Yeah, I want to up it.
How about the thing itself? I want that doodad around your neck.
What do you want with my necklace? Well, I'm guessing same as you.
Maybe it's like you've been saying.
Something's been happening around here.
Something more than we can know.
So what do you say? I tell you what.
You put up that rock around your neck and I'll put up my west pasture.
- What? - You heard me.
Your entire west pasture? All 1,200 acres.
Are you serious? You wager that rock and I'll put up all that land you seem to be so fond of.
All right.
All right.
Gunsmoke starring James Arness as Matt Dillon.
Oh, goddamn it! Hey! Come on, motherfucker, show me something! I'm gonna find you.
Come on, motherfucker! Show me something! Oh, me, oh, my.
Who could you be? I got you.
No! Where you headed? No, do not!
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