Outlander (2014) s03e11 Episode Script


1 CLAIRE: Previously Well, you can't just kidnap me like this.
You may be our only chance.
I must take it.
JAMIE: They've taken Claire! Captain Leonard has promised to deliver her safely to us - in Jamaica.
- CLAIRE: Someone on this ship had recognized Jamie.
I know who you are, mistress.
They have your husband on warrants for murder and high treason.
- Murder? - Guess what we found in a cask of crème de menthe? I do not relish the task, but I am duty bound to report your husband's crimes the authorities in Jamaica.
You have my blessing.
You can be married in Jamaica.
My husband, he's going to be in trouble.
I think they're going to try and use me as bait.
Water take you Co-Burn.
CLAIRE: Jump? Now's the only chance.
Jesus H.
Roosevelt Christ.
WOMAN: Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye (COUGHING, GASPING) (COUGHING) I was relieved to find land.
But as to what land I'd found, I had no clue.
It wasn't Grand Turk, that much was certain.
It was far too big, and I had floated far too long.
And worse, I had no idea where or how I would find Jamie.
I remembered the rule of threes.
Humans can survive three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food.
Right now, my most urgent need was water.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) I continued further inland, hoping to find a road.
A road meant civilization and a town at the end of it.
Perhaps there was a port on the other side of the island where I could buy passage to Jamaica.
(SIGHING) (SIGHING) MAN: Serve ye the Lord with gladness.
Enter into His presence with exceedingly great joy.
Know ye that the Lord is God.
Wa water.
Ah, ah.
(COUGHING) Please (PANTING) untie me.
Oh, splendid.
Ludo, she is awake.
Ludo found you on the path the other day.
He was gravely concerned for your well-being.
(SIGHS) Where am I? An Englishwoman.
What good fortune.
I'm Father Fogden.
Your most obedient servant, madam.
Welcome to Hacienda de la Fuente.
Please untie me.
Of course.
Mamacita thought it best to keep you restrained to keep you from scratching yourself raw.
(SIGHS) Allow me, my dear.
- Up.
- Mm.
(SIGHS) I thought you might benefit from some nourishment.
Thank you.
Take care not to drink too quickly.
I know.
I'm a doctor.
A woman? From the American colonies.
It's more common there.
Healer of the sick.
Like Saint Brigid.
Oh, I'm no saint.
Well, pardon me if I don't believe you.
It seems your powers have bestowed us with our new arrival.
Just this morning, one of my she-goats gave birth successfully.
First newborn we've had in a long while.
(LAUGHS) How did you come to be here? Where exactly is here? The Island of Saint-Domingue.
It's just to the east.
My husband's traveling to Jamaica and I need to find him.
There is a village.
Luis du Nord, where there are fishing boats that might carry you to Cap-Haitien, 30 miles distant.
How long does it take to get there? The village is a day's walk from here and to travel from there to Jamaica No more than two days, with a favorable wind.
I might make it to Kingston in time, if I leave tomorrow.
(LAUGHS) Tomorrow.
No, no, no, my dear.
Coco says it is far too dangerous.
Even for a lady as gifted as yourself.
Thankfully, Coco just reminded me that if you were to go overland, you might encounter Maroons.
- Maroons? - Escaped slaves.
Having fled their masters, they take refuge in the remote hills.
They can be a rather unpredictable lot.
Did you encounter any on your way here? No.
And, what of pirates? I-I didn't see any.
Those unscrupulous ruffians are a blight upon our isle, ransacking and plundering whomsoever they might Ah, ah, ah! Coco, mustn't stare! It's rude! My sincere apologies.
Yes, she is a pretty lady.
Not like my Ermenegilda.
But but pretty nonetheless.
Mamacita? You will, no doubt, require clean garments, will you not? Suppose I will.
Ermenegilda's dress, perhaps? No.
Too small for that cow.
(SNIFFS) You stink.
(SIGHING) (SIGHS) (EERIE MUSIC) Fried plantain mixed with manioc and red beans.
One of Mamacita's special dishes.
(SIGHS) It's very good.
So, how was it that you came to Saint-Domingue? (EXHALES, CLEARS THROAT) 15 years ago, I traveled to the island of Cuba to do the work of God, tending to the needs of the poor and of those whose souls were in peril.
Until I met her.
Ermenegilda Ruiz Alcantara y Meroz.
To my surprise, she longed for me as I yearned to be with her.
Our love could not be subdued.
Must've been very complicated.
You being a priest, falling in love.
Quite right.
Which is why we ran away.
Far from the reach of Don Armando, cruel husband a man of great wealth and influence.
It was God's will that we escaped Don Armando's grasp unscathed.
How so? The English invaded Cuba the very day we fled.
It was impossible for Don Armando to locate us amidst the chaos which ensued.
I would like to think it was my loyalty to the Crown which allowed for that stroke of fortune.
We rode to Bayamo and paid passage for a boat which brought us safely here.
But soon after our arrival, my Ermenegilda became unwell and May her soul rest in peace.
I'm so sorry.
May I offer you some yupa? It can make one feel quite, uh, euphoric.
Quite all right, thank you.
(EXHALING) The village that you mentioned earlier, how do I get there? I would like to leave tomorrow morning.
(LAUGHS) Allow you to journey alone? Good heavens.
Coco and I could never forgive ourselves if you were to do that.
No, I shall accompany you.
That's very kind.
- Next week.
- Next week? I'm afraid I can't wait that long.
You need your rest.
What I need is to reach Jamaica.
Although your spirits seem much improved, you are not yet well enough to undertake such a journey.
Perhaps in two weeks' time I am a doctor, for Christ's sake.
I think that I know when I am fit to travel.
Madam Physician, blasphemous language is not permissible in my home.
I fear that your irritability is due to your fatigue.
Traveling would only exacerbate your already delicate condition.
That whore must go.
What (LAUGHS) - - - FOGDEN: Mamacita? - (DOOR SLAMS) CLAIRE: I was determined to get to St.
Luis du Nord with or without Father Fogden's help.
I see you're struck by the sight of this.
A most eye-catching garment.
It was Ermenegilda's.
It's a very beautiful dress.
(SIGHS) My apologies for the quarrel you witnessed.
You see, Ermenegilda was Mamacita's only child.
The agony of losing a daughter haunts her still.
I understand.
So a visitor especially one of the fairer sex Mamacita fears that I will forget her daughter.
Which, of course, I could never do.
When you love someone as much as I loved Ermenegilda, it never leaves you.
It doesn't.
You have loved someone so much that you would risk everything for them.
My husband.
And if I don't make it to Jamaica I could lose him forever.
Then you must be reunited with him.
(SIGHS) Then perhaps we could leave for St.
Luis du Nord tomorrow morning? What a wonderful notion.
(LAUGHS) I will consult with Coco in the morning.
He will know if the time is right.
(SIGHS) My clothes had been washed and mended.
Clearly, Mamacita wanted me to go.
But I still needed to convince Father Fogden.
Yes, I'm feeling much better.
Thank you for asking.
Well, I will be very careful And Father Fogden will take very good care of me, as well.
Good morning.
Coco was just telling me that today's a good day to go to the village.
My poor Arabella.
(EERIE MUSIC) If our Lord cares even for the tiny sparrow, how can he fail to care for my Arabella? Voracious little fellows.
From a sacred cave called Abandawe.
Abandawe will devour ye! Abandawe! Abandawe.
Abandawe? It is hallowed to the natives of Jamaica, a place of great power.
It is said that folk disappear there.
(SIGHS) How could those wretched sailors do this to my beloved Arabella? Kill her, roast her on a spit as though she were some sort of feral animal.
To think of her A feast for a Chinaman.
- A Chinaman? - Yes.
He murdered my Arabella.
Mamacita saw him.
The ship he was on, was it nearby? What else did she see? Many sailors and broken sails scattered on the sand.
Where is the ship now? What does that matter? Those heathens ate my Arabella.
And I am sorry for that but I need to know how to get there.
Devils, the whole lot of them.
How do I get to the ship? (THRILLING MUSIC) The sea holds untold dangers.
Aye, milord.
Those seen and unseen.
Even knowledgeable mariners must be wary - of uncharted shoals.
- Hm.
And those gales didn't help matters.
'Tis lucky only the foremast fell and the hull remains intact.
There's naught to be done for the men we lost, but no shame in grieving for them.
I do not grieve for them, Milord.
There were times during our journey I wished Captain Raines dead.
Warren, too.
Now they lie at the bottom of the sea with Mr.
I fear the Lord's wrath for my unholy thoughts.
The Lord is merciful.
Ye may have impure thoughts, but Wi' a pure heart, ye will have His forgiveness.
'Tis hotter than the Devil's arse.
Must be what it's like burning in hell.
Dinna fash, lads.
The foremast will soon be mended.
With luck on our side, we'll be on our way to Jamaica.
- Ohh.
- Plenty of rum and rations.
And lasses.
What lass would lie wi' ye? Ye're like a tatterdemalion and smell of fartleberries.
(LAUGHTER) Ye dinna look (SNIFFS) Or smell any better.
(LAUGHTER) If ye worked as hard as ye gabbed, we would have been long under way.
(SIGHING) The men are growing restless.
I dinna blame them.
MAN: Lesley.
I'm eager to get to Kingston myself.
Be reunited with my wife.
With Captain Raines dead, I can man the helm.
But I shall leave charge of the men and the captain's quarters to you.
I'll no argue that matter with you.
- Oh, look at - That's a tighter (GRUNTS) The next tide could serve us if we had more hands.
I ken someone who's a fine hand wi' a needle who can help us with the mainsail.
MAN: Aye, just over there.
Two, one.
(MEN GRUNTING) That's it.
Ye boat.
- Get those crates loaded.
- Lesley, over there.
Ah! - Get that box for me.
- Hurry up and take down those tents.
JAMIE: That's it.
Keep going.
(GRUNTING) How long until we can depart? If we have her rigging in place, we make sail tonight when it's cooler, that the tar on the foremast might harden.
Jamie! Jamie! Check the yardarm.
Baxley, hand me yer spyglass.
Claire! (CRYING) (SWEEPING ORCHESTRAL MUSIC) Claire! Jamie! Claire! Ohh, oh.
Thank Christ.
I feared I'd lost ye again.
What happened to ye? Mac Dubh's wife turns up in the most unlikely of places, - does she no? - Aye.
She just drops in out of nowhere.
(SIGHS, WHIMPERS) Strange as that priest may have been, Sassenach, I'm grateful he took ye in.
- Mm.
- Still canna believe ye jumped from a ship into the ocean.
Well, I had to tell you about the warrants.
Sir Percival found the body in a cask of crème de menthe.
We should've cut that body up, left nothing to find.
Jamie, Captain Leonard is an ambitious young man.
He won't stop looking for you.
And I won't stop searching for young Ian.
Leonard canna arrest a man he canna find.
Dinna fash, Sassenach.
I was a wanted man when first we met.
Yes, well, I didn't like it much then either.
We best get to Jamaica before Leonard does.
All finished, Honorable Wife.
Thank you, Yi Tien Cho.
I couldn't have done it better myself.
I, uh I gave my blessing to Fergus and Marsali.
You did? He loves her.
As I do you, Sassenach.
So much death and suffering.
The crew we lost on the Artemis, Captain Raines, Warren, Murphy.
We have time to spare, waiting for the foremast tar to harden.
It would be a blessing to find a wee bit of joy, would it not? Yes, it would.
And what did you have in mind? - A wedding.
- A wedding? I think I know someone who can help us with that.
I am (SIGHS) deeply sorry for the pain I've caused you, Father Fogden.
I did not know of Arabella's importance to you.
Where I come from, goats are not revered, as they are here and as they should be.
Please, forgive my ignorance.
There was a time when I was a stranger in a strange land, much like you are now.
I forgive you, Mr.
May I offer you some yupa? Here, let me help.
Any nerves? No.
Why would I have nerves? Well, I was nervous on my wedding day.
There was so much I didn't know.
There's one thing I dinna ken.
When Fergus and I lie together, how do I not have a bairn? You don't want a child? It just seems most young women do.
I would like one, someday.
But for now, with Fergus, I just want to enjoy it.
Fergus says he kens what to do and I'll like it fine, once we're past the first time.
I I'm just not sure that's true.
Well, why wouldn't it be? After Jamie marrit my mother, I saw how 'twas between them.
When he drew her close, she'd shrink away.
But when I saw you wi' Daddy on the ship, I think ye enjoy being together.
We do.
I want to be happy wi' Fergus the way you are wi' Daddy, without having to worry about a bairn.
You being a wisewoman, I thought you'd be worth asking.
When we get back to the ship, I'll explain to you how it's done, hm? So there is a way.
(CHUCKLES) Maybe you're no the devil after all.
I bid thee welcome.
Dearly beloved, I bless you in the name of the Lord.
Wilt thou have this woman Uhh, not me, sir, no.
Uh, him, please.
Him? Are you sure? (SCOFFS) He's missing a hand.
- Will the bride mind? - I will not.
I don't suppose it's an impediment.
Not as though he's lost his cock.
- Uh, he hasn't has he? - If ye'd hurry up and get on wi' it, I could find out.
- Marsali.
- (LAUGHS) Ye know I've been waiting to bed you for months.
I'm sorry, Father.
She she speaks her mind.
One of the many things I love about her.
Your name, in its entirety, my dear? I cannot marry you without it.
Marsali Jane MacKimmie.
(SIGHS) Marsali.
(LAUGHS) Marsali.
For the love of God, Father, are we to stand here havering about my name? Or d'ye intend to marry me? Will thou, Marsali Jane MacKimmie have this man for thy wedded husband? To have and to hold, from this day forward - forsaking all others - I will.
(SIGHS) And you have a name, too? And a cock? I cannot marry you without it, it's not allowed.
In its entirety, if you please.
It's just Fergus.
Surely, you have a surname, do you not? I cannot marry you properly without one.
Um JAMIE: Fraser.
His name is Fergus Claudel Fraser.
Well, Fergus Claudel Fraser.
Wilt thou, Fergus Claudel Fraser, have this woman for thy wedded wife? I will.
The ring.
And now, I unite you in wedlock in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
- Je t'aime, ma femme.
- I love you, too.
May God bless your union.
(LAUGHTER) And may God bless your union, as well.
Thank you, Father.
JAMIE: Thank you, Father.
Ye, uh ye didna take this wi' you - to the Porpoise.
- Mm.
It wasn't enough to treat the hundreds of men.
Besides, that antibiotic wouldn't work against typhoid.
This soup is delicious.
Willoughby shall be pleased.
He made ye the wee broth, special.
(LAUGHS) Christ.
You're burning up.
I know.
That's why I need this.
- Here.
- Mm.
I am the doctor.
Mm bugger.
Let me help you.
(SIGHS) Just push it through.
And then pull up the plunger.
A little bit more.
Now pull it out.
Turn it upright.
And just push the plunger a little.
BOTH: Oh! (LAUGHS) All right, well, this is your chance for revenge if you want it.
Ye want me to stab ye in the arse with this? Yes.
(SIGHS) I've done it to you before.
You know what it feels like.
It's not too bad, is it? (CHUCKLES) Dinna think I ken do it.
Oh, for God's sake.
Give it to me.
Now, just push the plunger down.
- Mm! - (GRUNTS) Ahh.
- You - Mm.
Should keep yer strength up.
What kind of soup is this? Oh, turtle.
Manzetti took a large hawksbill last night.
Willoughby wasted no time putting it in a pot.
- I've never had turtle before.
- (CHUCKLES) Mm, you know, turtle is supposed to be an aphrodisiac.
That is very bawdy for a respectable married woman.
What do you mean? I'm respectable.
Are ye now? Sitting there, wi' your hair loose and your nipples staring me in the eye, the size of cherries.
Well, it's nothing you haven't seen before.
Bolt the door.
Bolt the door? Mm-hmm.
Why would I do that? Do I look like the sort of man that would take advantage of a woman that's not only wounded and boiling with fever, but drunk as well? I'm not drunk.
You can't get drunk on turtle soup.
You can if it's Willoughby's turtle soup.
- (LAUGHS) - By the smell of it, there's a whole bottle of Sherry in it.
Besides, you once told me that you can't be drunk - if you're standing up.
- Aye.
- Ooh, now - Aye, but you are hardly standing up.
Stop trying to change the subject.
And ye will stop talking about it.
Because I wouldna use force on a woman.
(GRUNTS) But you do have a very healthy grip, - for someone with a fever.
- (LAUGHS) Oh, ah No, it would hurt your arm.
- Let me worry about my arm.
- Ahh.
Oh, oh.
This must be what it's like making love in hell.
Mm! - Ohh! - With a burning she-devil.
Honorable Wife, she enjoyed the turtle soup? JAMIE: Ye yes, yes.
Very much.
WILLOUGHBY: It was a fine, hawksbill turtle.
A most elegant beast.
(BOTH MOANING) Does she wish for more? I have made a fresh pot.
- CLAIRE: (MOANS) - JAMIE: No, no, no.
No, she's had more than enough.
No, she hasn't! JAMIE: Good night, Willoughby.
Good night.
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