Outlander (2014) s03e12 Episode Script

The Bakra

1 - CLAIRE: Previously - JAMIE: All I found was a empty box, save for one jewel.
Saved it, thinking it might be useful.
Would you look out for Willie, serve as his father? I'm grateful to you.
Archibald and Margaret Campbell.
- You're fortune tellers? - ARCHIE: Aye.
Margaret's a seer.
We are departing for the West Indies.
Sailors are a superstitious lot.
I canna risk them pitchin' my sister overboard, no when we have a wealthy client to administer to.
Mistress Fraser, I am duty bound to report your husband's crimes to the authorities in Jamaica.
Can't you look the other way? Kindly escort the doctor to the ship.
She seems to have lost her way.
JAMIE: There's a box full of ancient coins - on Silkie Island.
- IAN: Aye, I can swim that.
JAMIE: Christ Ian! JAMIE: Ian! CLAIRE: Jamie, no! (IAN GRUNTING) (MEN SHOUTING IN BACKGROUND) IAN: You canna take e away from my hom! (IAN GRUNTS) - (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - Remain still, - or I'll slit your throat.
- What do you want with me? Is that what the Bakra seeks? Seems to be.
- Who is the boy? - He was holding the box.
What should we do with him? Feed him to the pigs, fatten them for the journey? Please, let me go! You have the box.
The Bakra likes young boys.
You bastard! I'll gut you! SAILOR: Be still, boy.
You have a lengthy journey ahead.
She'll be well pleased.
Where are we? Jamaica, I think.
That's where Robbie was from, and he'd not been on a ship, he said.
They took me in Barbuda.
That's not Robbie.
That's Abeeku.
Robbie's gone.
Does he know where we are? Abeeku? He doesn't speak English.
He was here when I arrived.
There were six of us then.
Where'd those Portuguese bastards get you? Scotland.
It's far from here.
What do you mean there were six of you? Abeeku and Robbie and three others were here when I arrived.
One by one, they were taken to see the Bakra.
HENRY: They never came back.
So am I.
Are you the Bakra? GEILLIS: I am.
It's only goat's blood.
The protein and iron keeps ma skin young.
Plum cake and pudding.
(LIGHTLY EDGY MUSIC) What do you do with the boys from the pit? Eat first.
Then I'll answer questions.
After you.
(PANTS) - Mmm - (SIGHS) Hmm Here.
(TEA POURING) (EDGY MUSIC CONTINUES) 'Tis better with sugar.
My men tell me you were on Silkie Island and were holding my treasure box when they found you.
It's only that box once contained three sapphires.
And now there are only two.
My men don't have it.
They would never betray me.
Did you take it? I didn't have time to open the box before yer ruffians grabbed me.
The cake is too dry.
(HAIR PIN CLATTERS) (OMINOUS CHORDS) (SLURPING) Did you take my jewel, lad? (CUP CLINKS) I told you already.
No! (SIGHS) (SUSPENSEFUL NOTES) What is it? What are ye thinking? That maybe ma uncle took the jewel.
Why d'ye think that? Because he's the only one that kent where the treasure was.
You didn't mean to share that with me, did you? 'Tis the tea you're drinking.
It forces ye to speak the truth no matter what.
A witch doctor makes it fer me.
(DARK MUSIC) So who's yer uncle? James Fraser of Broch Tuarach.
(BREATHING HARD) Is he really? (UNEVEN BREATHING) What does he want with my treasure? He needed it to pay a debt.
(DARK MUSIC CONTINUES) My sailors tell me someone was shoutin' fer you from the hill when they took ye.
Would that have been yer uncle Jamie Fraser, by chance? Aye.
And he'll be comin' for me.
Oh, I'm counting on it, lad.
Perhaps he'll bring my jewel along with him.
(GEILLIS CHUCKLES) What do you do wi' the boys? Oh, I have my way with them.
Virgins have such power inside.
And after that, well I've no use for them, have I? (LABORED BREATHING) (WHISPERING) Come.
It's no such a bad way to go.
I'm no a virgin.
You'll know what to do, then.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) WOMAN: Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) CLAIRE: Jamaica, the jewel of the Caribbean.
(AMBIENT BACKGROUND NOISE) I had seen pictures in travel brochures Rum drinks with little umbrellas in them.
This was a bit more primitive.
(MEN CHATTERING) Still, after months at sea, the bustling port could not have been a more welcome sight.
Our dearest hope was that Young Ian was close and that Captain Leonard was not.
Now, once the casks are stowed, have Baxley take the ship out of harbor to that wee cove we saw on the way in.
Canna risk being moored here if the Porpoise decides - to show herself.
- Aye, Milord.
Maybe the Porpoise has already come and gone.
No, Leonard wouldn't have time to refit, find crew, and provision his ship before departin'.
We may still have a chance to find Young Ian and slip away before he arrives.
CLAIRE: Perhaps we should look separately.
CLAIRE: I'll take some of the crew and search the town, and you can ask - about the Bruja.
- I will not part, Sassenach.
I'm not losing you again.
We'll search the town together.
Beggin' your pardon, but have you recently disembarked the Artemis? And you are? My apologies.
I'm Kenneth Maclver.
The Artemis is my employer's vessel.
(SIGHS WITH RELIEF) James Fraser, your employer's cousin, supercargo of the Artemis.
My wife, Claire Fraser.
We brought ye French wine and brandy.
Jared's cousin? (CHUCKLES) Why, I wasn't expectin' to receive goods 'til summer, though it is fortuitous timin', I must say.
I'm expected to bring four casks of wine to the new governor's residence.
He's havin' a grand ball tonight.
You'd be welcome to join us.
My wife would be delighted to host Jared's kinsman.
Thank you for the invitation, but I'm afraid we have a more pressing matter at hand.
I see.
May I be of service in that matter? Aye.
Uh, maybe.
Show us where we might find lodging, and I'll apprise you of our search along the way.
I do hope you find yer nephew.
The ship that took him was the Bruja.
Do you know if she's been moored here? I do.
KENNETH: I took a hogshead of Vinho do Porto from her a week ago.
She departed the next day.
She's gone? Where? Likely Portugal.
Perhaps Africa.
Did she sell any slaves? We were told that if Young Ian survived that they'd attempt to sell him at the slave market here.
I do not know, madam.
I'm sorry.
You'll be wanting to make inquiries at the slave market to be certain.
Aye, we will.
KENNETH: Ye'll find fair lodgings here.
I'll send some of my men to fetch yer belongings from the Artemis.
Thank you, sir.
(TENSE, BUILDING MUSIC) LESLEY: Be glad I bought ye that parasol, Mistress Fraser.
Ye dinna want people to think you aren't respectable.
Thank you, Lesley.
I really don't care if these people think I'm respectable.
(DARK MUSIC) We're looking for a fair-skinned lad who may have mistakenly been sold here - off a ship called the Bruja.
- No, man.
I only trade savages.
What do you take me for? HAYES: Have ye heard of any fair-skinned lads being sold here recently 16 years of age? Ah, good day, gentlemen! Come! I have some of the finest Gold Coast Negroes.
I'm not here for that.
Looking for my nephew Transported here on the Bruja.
May have been in port a month past.
Yes, I know the Bruja, but she trades only in Negroes not as seasoned as mine, and yet here mine sit.
You'd think the new governor would have more sense than to buy low-quality goods.
The governor bought the Bruja's slaves? Yes.
Same governor that's hosting a reception tonight? Yes, the very same.
(SLAVER STAMMERS) Those slaves may ken what's become of Young Ian.
Yeh, we could break in and find them - at the governor's - We dinna need to break in.
I've been invited.
Where is Claire? (TENSE MUSIC) (SKIN SIZZLING, WOMAN CRYING OUT) (WHIMPERS, GASPS) (SOBBING) AUCTIONEER: Shall we start the bidding at, uh, 10 pounds sterling.
MAN: You ask too much, sir.
AUCTIONEER: Come now, look at this rare specimen, ladies and gentlemen.
Young, virile, as you can see.
Look at how tall.
- MAN: But he can hardly walk! - AUCTIONEER: No good for field work, that's true.
But a sound investment for breeding.
Can you give assurance of his virility? Mrs.
Abernathy had one three year past, big as a mule, and not a foal dropped on his account.
Assurances, sir.
Assurance! Well I'll give you a demonstration.
- See for yourselves.
- (CROWD MURMURS) See how it grows.
(SLAP) CLAIRE: Stop it! Get your hands off of him! - Get off him, now! - (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) - CLAIRE: Leave me alone! - (SHOUTING) Get off me, you animals! (ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) - CLAIRE: Get off me! - AUCTIONEER: Order! (ALL SHOUTING) CLAIRE: Get off me! Claire, ye all right? (HOARSELY) I'm fine.
Do something help him.
(MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) (DRAMATIC PERCUSSION) You bought him? In my name? (EXHALES) Well, 'tis the simplest way to appease the man that owned him.
I told him it was your your first time at the slave market and you were overcome.
You weren't lying.
"Received of Claire Fraser, the sum of 20 pounds sterling being in full for the purchase of a Negro slave named Temeraire.
" Aye.
The bill of sale needed a name to make it legal.
And you were the one that wanted me to do it.
We have to free him.
We do.
But Canna release him in Kingston.
He'll just be captured again.
At least with us, he'd be cared for.
What if I tear this up? Well, then he'd be just a companion.
Well, then you'll have no proof he's yours.
(STIRRING MUSIC) He'd have no proof.
By law, someone else could claim him.
It's a nightmare.
We'll think of something.
We'll keep him safe take him wi' us and set him free when it means he truly can be.
In the meantime I've accepted Maclver's invitation to the governor's reception tonight.
Why? The slaves from the Bruja were purchased by the governor's household.
They may ken what's become of Young Ian.
I wasna sure they'd trust me, but They may trust him.
(HOPEFUL STRING MUSIC) We want to free you.
We don't know how yet, or where we can safely.
But we will free you.
You buy me to set me free? (STUTTERS) We've no desire to own you.
So I'm free? (QUIETLY) Aye.
When we can find a way.
We plan to leave the island soon.
First, there's someone we must find My nephew.
He's been kidnapped Taken into slavery as you were.
There are some men that may ken where he is, but I canna speak with them.
They've been enslaved.
If you will come with us to the governor's reception tonight, speak with these men, learn what has become of my nephew, then we shall be indebted to ye.
Will you help us? Then we have a bargain.
(SOMBER MUSIC) GEILLIS: I need to find the missing stone! ARCHIE: Perhaps Margaret could do the reading with the two stones that you already have.
Are ye daft? Have we not combed over the prophecy - of the Brahan Seer for weeks? - ARCHIE: Aye, we have, - I simply - The prophecy states that a seer must hold all three sapphires at once.
'Tis the only way I'll ken when the new Scottish king will rise.
ARCHIE: If it's 500 years hence? Don't concern yerself with that.
(SOFTLY) I fear the treasure, Archie.
- 'Tis born of blood and death.
- That's enough, Margaret.
What did she say? Margaret was just wondering how did you hear of the jewels? (SIGHS) They were handed down from father to son for generations, until they came into the hands of Dougal MacKenzie.
He hid them along with the family treasure on Silkie Island.
Never got to use it, poor man.
(SIGHS) He died a hero in the Battle of Culloden.
Then you truly have no use for the treasure other than the stones ye require? GEILLIS: Ye'll no get a shilling until yer sister's gifts are rendered.
(SWELLING STRING MUSIC) Show my, uh my manservant to the slaves' quarters - where he may be of service.
- ATTENDANT: Yes, sir.
(QUIETLY) Find us when you have news.
(EXHALES) Oh! So do I look like a Scottish provocateur? MARSALI: No.
You look like a dandy.
FERGUS: No, ma chérie, he looks like a Frenchman.
- WILLOUGHBY: The same thing.
- (CHUCKLES) - No one will be looking at you anyway, Milord not once they've had an eyeful - of Mr.
- JAMIE: Well, that's why you're here distraction.
JAMIE: Now, you are a vision, mo nighean donn.
To look at you, could be back at Versailles.
That was a very long time ago.
(SIGHS) Ye look as 'twas yesterday.
Campbell? Why Mistress M-Malcolm, was it? Oh yes, it was.
Um uh, Archibald or, well, his sister Margaret was my patient in Edinburgh.
I remember you said you were coming to the West Indies, but What chance that we end up - on the same island, eh? - (BOTH LAUGH) Well, I'm, uh, delighted to see you.
And your sister? She's here? She is, though the wee urchin has wandered off from me As is her wont, the poor darling.
Is she feeling better? Oh, much.
She's greatly happy here.
We have the most wonderful lodgings.
(CHUCKLES) Well, it was lovely to see you.
(GRAND STRING MUSIC PLAYING) (OVERLAPPING CONVERSATIONS) Canna stand to wait in line like this, but I'm sure the governor's the right man to speak to about Ian.
(MOURNFUL STRING MUSIC) When does it end? The slave trade? Not for another 70 years in the British Empire and 100 in America.
Where did you find him? (GIGGLES) I must know.
Is he genuine? (STRING MUSIC PLAYING) (CLEARS THROAT) May I introduce my acquaintance, Mr.
Yi Tien Cho, late of the Celestial Kingdom of China.
Really? From China? What an unthinkable distance you must have come.
Do let me welcome you to our small island, Mr Mr.
WILLOUGHBY: If all of the woman are as delightful as you, I shall feel quite at home.
He even speaks English.
(GIGGLES) MARGARET: Truly, your lost lad will reach distant shores without harm, and one day one day will be free of the shackles that bind him.
- (BREATHY SOUNDS) - Thank you, mistress.
- Thank you.
- ARCHIE: Margaret.
Stop that.
Leave us.
ARCHIE: How dare you disobey me, telling fortunes without my permission? (SOMBER MUSIC) (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (GIGGLING) Do you remember when we were like that - So obvious in public? - Aye.
Couldna keep yer hands off me.
'Course, you were holding on from the back of the horse for most of the time, so it couldn't be helped.
(CHUCKLES) (WHIMSICAL WOODWIND MUSIC) (CHUCKLES) (SPEAKING GAELIC) (GRIPPING STRING MUSIC) Perhaps it's because of yer coming through the stones.
- Perhaps what is? - The ghosts that keep coming into our lives, drawn to us the way we are drawn to each other.
Your Excellency.
Good to see you, John.
This is my wife, Claire.
Claire, this is Lord John.
John Grey? Yes but I thought that Aye.
I thought she'd died too, but she returned to me.
My God.
But how? (CHUCKLES) Uh, that's a rather long story.
Let's talk in private.
(STAMMERS) Are you quite all right? Is Willie h-here? Oh, she knows.
Uh, no.
He's not with me.
I only arrived a month ago myself.
Isobel and Willie will join me in the summer, when the journey's less daunting.
- How is he? - He well.
- He's growing very fast.
- Does he still ride? Yes, he's a marvelous equestrian.
You taught him well.
I'm pleased, uh he's a good lad.
I've missed him.
And he, you.
He still remembers you.
(STAMMERS) Uh from time to time.
'Tis no important a-as long as he's happy.
So how is it that you come to be Governor of Jamaica? (EXHALES) By malediction, I believe.
This clammy isle is the terminus in a number of posts and so-called promotions.
Though I should ask the same of you.
What brings you so far from home? Well, our nephew, Ian Murray, has been kidnapped.
We believe he's been brought to the island.
Well, what can I do to help? Could you introduce us to some of the landowners on the island Those that keep um, indentured servants? Of course though that will be nearly all of them.
My, uh manservant is speaking to your slaves now.
We hope that some of them may know where the lad is.
Oh, whatever I can do.
(LOW, DRAMATIC STRING MUSIC) Is that (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Indeed it is, the the sapphire you gave me at Ardsmuir.
I I wear it to Remember our friendship.
Excuse me.
I must return to my guests.
I shall find you shortly.
(LAUGHS) My God, it is good to see you.
Thank you.
Glad you've returned.
I'd like to introduce you to a Freemason who's acquainted with almost everyone on island and may know something of your nephew.
Go on.
I'll make some inquiries of my own.
(MUSIC CONTINUES IN DISTANCE) WILLOUGHBY: I do not want to disturb you Your brother he does not treat you as you deserve.
(SOFT MUSIC) (TRILLING NOTES) You are a rare soul.
And you are rarer still.
(SPEAKING CHINESE) What does that mean? Flower from heaven.
I see they've put out the champagne.
Would you like some? - Or some brandy? - Brandy, thank you.
We've met before, you know.
Before the Rising.
In a barn just outside Corrieyairack? (CHUCKLES) You defended my virtue.
(SMALL LAUGH) Come, now.
We both know your virtue was not in jeopardy.
No, it wasn't.
Jamie told you about Willie? Yes.
And his mother.
Your wife's sister, I believe.
(INHALES SOFTLY) He has told you a great deal.
That really is a very beautiful sapphire.
Jamie gave that to you? Yes.
Although, to be honest, he didn't actually give it to me.
He, uh, surrendered it after he'd escaped.
He found it after he was searching for you.
He believed you might have come back to him.
And Now you have.
I have.
Well, it certainly is a pleasure to finally meet the love that was his every heartbeat.
(MYSTERIOUS MUSIC) (BREATHLESSLY) I'm so sorry, I You'll have to excuse me.
I I believe I've seen a ghost.
GEILLIS: Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world.
It is you.
I thought (MOURNFUL STRING MUSIC) I thought you were dead.
- How did - Did I escape the pyre? Ye'll recall I was with child back at Cranesmuir.
Of course.
Well 'twas the wee ratling that saved my life.
They had to wait for the bairn to come before they could carry out the sentence.
He was an innocent, ye see.
They kept you in the thieves' hole that entire time? Three months.
When my pains began they took me out of the hole, and the babe was born in my own bedroom, in the fiscal's house.
(DARKENING WOODWIND MUSIC) They let me hold him and he was as warm as his father's balls.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) And of course Dougal came to fetch him, fer fear someone would find out it was his.
(SIGHS) Why are men such fools? Ye can lead them anywhere by the cock for a while.
Give them a bairn, and you have them by the balls again.
But it's all ye are to them, whether they're coming in or going out A cunt.
Well, here's to it, I say.
Most powerful thing in the world.
Dougal helped you escape? I got him to bribe the locksman and ensure that the hooded figure dragged to the pyre next mornin' wouldn't be that of Geillis Duncan.
Then who was it? Auld Grannie Joan MacClellan had died three days before.
Few rocks in the coffin, lid nailed down tight, and Bob's your uncle.
She blazed something beautiful too.
You were there? Aye.
Wouldna have missed it.
No one gets to witness their own funeral, let alone their own execution.
(DARK STRING MUSIC) Then Dougal found a home for the bairn.
Got me away.
I hid out for a while.
So, then why did you come here? To Jamaica? After Culloden when I found out about Dougal's death I married a plantation owner drownin' in sugar money.
Poor sop died years ago Very unhealthy atmosphere it is for Englishmen in the tropics.
Any little thing will carry them off.
(SIGHS) I'm Mistress Abernathy now of Rose Hall.
So I was right about you.
Yes, you were.
And you saved my life.
Never got to thank you.
(LILTING MUSIC) I did wonder whether our paths would cross again after Cranesmuir.
Why are you in Jamaica? We're looking for Jamie's nephew.
He's been kidnapped.
We think he might have been sold into slavery - somewhere here on the island.
- (GASPS) That's terrible.
(SINISTER MUSIC) How can I help? Well, you know a lot of people here.
You could ask around.
Of course.
What are friends for? Ah, your necklace.
It's beautiful.
Is that Uh black coral.
From Jamie.
Oh, do let's go say hello to your wee fox cub.
Perhaps he'll have a bauble for me as well.
CLAIRE: You remember Geillis? How could he forget? Aye.
Have you met the governor? Aye, just this evening.
It's a wonderful soiree, Your Excellency.
I wish ye welcome (EERIE CHORDS) Wherever did you get that lovely gemstone? This has has become quite the conversation piece tonight, hasn't it? I should wear it more often.
Uh, well, it was found on an island off the coast of Scotland many years ago, and given to me by a friend.
Given to you by a prisoner.
Well I tend to omit that detail.
If you'll excuse me, Governor.
We'll speak again soon, I promise.
She's a touch strange, isn't she? (CHUCKLING) Uh, you have no idea.
(EERIE OFF-NOTES) I need your sister to do readings for the crowd.
- Now? - Will that be a problem? No, but I didna think her talents were required - this evening.
- Well, they are now.
Might I ask a small fee from those that come? Ye do whatever ye must.
I care only for one reading.
(EERIE MUSIC CONTINUES) MARGARET: The sun rises on a snake and true, - slithering in close to you - (GUESTS MURMURING) A wise rabbit will guard its den, but a fool Sorry, what's happening? They're telling fortunes.
ARCHIE: Your neighbor to the east is a thief.
Guard against him.
CLAIRE: That's Margaret.
Yer patient? Yes.
Archibald said they were coming here in the service of a rich patron.
Must be Geillis.
How would you like to have your fortune told? I daresay I'm fortunate enough.
- (CROWD LAUGHS) - Nonsense.
Indeed it is.
Forgive me, but I have guests to whom I must attend.
What do you say, friends? Shouldn't he oblige us? (GUESTS MURMUR AND CLAP) If I must.
(APPLAUSE, MURMURS INCREASE) I dinna want to do this.
Oh, so you'll do your part to entertain the heathen slaves for no payment in return, but not for our patron? Has she no been kind and munificent to us here? Now, when she brings the governor over, add his stone to these and deliver the prophecy.
I want to help people.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) This'll bring death.
I can feel it.
Oh, can you now? Ye'll do it anyway or I'll get out the stick.
- (INHALES SHARPLY) - Here she comes.
Now, she'll need something personal of yers to hold, Your Excellency.
(CROWD MURMURING INDISTINCTLY) (DARK INSTRUMENTALS) (GASPS SHARPLY) (IN STRANGE VOICE) When twice 1,200 moons have coursed, 'tween man's attack and woman's curse and when the issue is cut down Then will a Scotsman wear a crown.
What a peculiar pastime.
(CROWD LAUGHING AND MURMURING) (SHAKY BREATHING) GEILLIS: What do the words mean? "Twice 1,200 moons"? I know that's 200 years.
Aye, 200 years must pass between man's attack and woman's curse.
A woman's curse is childbirth, of course, and man's attack is Well, saving your presence Um, planting one's seed.
Don't worry about my presence.
No, of course not.
The, uh the issue that must be cut down that's the child.
Of course.
"Issue" means "progeny.
" So, then a new king will rise in Scotland upon the death of a child that is 200 years old on the day of its birth.
A 200-year-old baby? (SOFTLY) Aye.
Do ye think I'm an idiot? I brought ye here to tell me when it will happen, and instead, ye give me the bloody Case of Benjamin Button.
(SIGHS) It's all right.
Just because it's cryptic doesn't mean we can't solve it, aye? Quite right, madam.
I'm glad you see it that way.
I-it takes time.
Time, I have.
Fetch yer sister.
We're leaving.
- MARSALI: Pinch me.
- Oh, here? (MARSALI GIGGLES) Must be a dream, being here wi' you in this beautiful place you, my husband and I, yer wife.
You're not dreaming.
- But can I still pinch you? - (LAUGHS) - Not here.
We must hurry.
FERGUS: Milord.
Captain Leonard is on the premises.
(GRIPPING MUSIC) Go! Temeraire.
Have our carriages ready and find Willoughby.
We'll meet you at the inn.
What did you learn? Did you find them? Escaped slaves in Bruja see white boy.
Tall, yellow hair, speaks strange - Like you.
- Aye.
That's him.
W-where is he now? - Boy stay on ship.
- Well, do they know where the ship took him? Mistress Abernathy.
Rose Hall.
That's Geillis' place.
- She lied to me.
- JAMIE: I told you - she had a wicked soul.
- TEMERAIRE: Keep bargain? Aye aye.
When we're in a place - that'll have ye.
- Free men here.
In Jamaica.
Escaped slave live in mountains, near Rose Hall.
Show us.
We'll take ye there.
I see the mark.
TEMERAIRE: This is the path.
I go this way.
- God go with ye.
Now, we must get to Rose Hall.
And when we get there, I'll distract Geillis.
And I'll search the grounds for Young Ian.
(HORSES GALLOPING) Jamie! Claire JAMIE: The portraits of the children For safekeeping.
I see you found your husband.
(INTENSE MUSIC) James Fraser, also known as Alexander Malcolm, you are charged with the willful murder of John Barton, Exciseman, and high treason for the printing of seditious libel.
I apprehend you in the name of His Majesty King George.
After everything I did for you and your men! CLAIRE: You bloody bastard.
I am the only reason any of you survived.
MAN: Come on.
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