Outlander (2014) s04e10 Episode Script

The Deep Heart's Core v

1 - CLAIRE: Previously - You weren't supposed to come here.
- Roger, wait.
- You could have called me.
- I wanted to call you.
- Come with me.
- ROGER: I love you.
- BRIANNA: You have all of me.
How much money do you want for it? No! No! (SCREAMS) Mistress, ye're bleeding.
You're Jamie Fraser.
My name is Brianna.
I'm your daughter.
But I wondered if I may have one or two of those gems.
The smaller ones, perhaps.
- How far along are you? - About two months.
Why the hell didn't I fight him? I'm so sorry this happened to you.
It's him.
YOUNG IAN: She saw a man that put a fright into her.
Are ye sure this is the same man who attacked her? I'm sure of it.
Could you tell me if Fraser's Ridge is near What d'ye want me to do wi' him? JAMIE: Get him out of my sight.
WOMAN: Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye (FIRE CRACKLING) (SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) (GOAT BLEATS SOFTLY) (FOOTSTEPS RUSTLING ON LEAVES) What happened? (SOFTLY) Oh.
Wee accident near the still.
Yer mother told me what happened.
Did ye ken the man? No.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Need to check on the snares.
Will ye walk with me? Do you hate me, Da? Hate ye? An unwed pregnant daughter can't be what you hoped for.
Why would I think less of ye for something ye didna do, but was done to ye? Dinna fash.
I'll see ye marrit.
- I don't want to be married.
- (GRUNTS) With a bairn coming, ye must.
I can't.
I love someone else.
Back in my time.
The historian, huh? Yeah, not that he'll want me now, after what's happened.
If he's an honorable, decent man, he'll want ye.
If he doesn't, he doesn't deserve ye.
And I will travel through time myself to tell him.
I feel so stupid.
I could've avoided it.
I followed him into a dark room by myself.
It's not your fault, Brianna.
Never think that.
- You weren't there.
- I didna have to be.
- I was scared.
- Wi' good reason.
But I could've been brave.
I could've fought.
Brianna (SPEAKING GAELIC) I hate myself for what happened.
You couldna have stopped him.
I could've tried harder! Ye're right.
Ye're right.
Ye could have.
Unless, of course, ye wanted it.
What? I'm thinkin' I'm thinkin' are ye mebbe playin' wi' the truth a bit, lass? Mebbe it wasn't rape at all.
Mebbe ye took a dislike to the lad and made up the story after.
You think I'm lying? Ye wouldn't be the first lass to make a mistake and try to hide it.
Mebbe Mebbe you enjoyed it.
- (GRUNTS) - Huh? Is that all ye've got for me lass, huh? Get off of me.
I could break your neck.
I could end your life here and now.
- Could ye stop me? - (GRUNTING) Answer me.
- Answer me! - No! (PANTING) - No.
- No.
No, and you couldna have stopped him either.
Bree would ye think yourself a coward because ye couldna fight off a wolf with yer bare hands? It took courage not to fight.
If ye did, he woulda killed ye.
Did you fight back against Jack Randall? Mama told me about him, about what happened at Wentworth.
Did you fight him? I gave him my word not to fight.
For yer mother's life, I would do the same again.
Did you kill him finally? Why are ye asking, lass? I've been wondering if it would help if I killed the man who did this to me.
And ye'll have killed a man before? Think I can't, don't you? And what will ye get back? Mama told me you tried to kill Jack Randall in Paris in a duel.
What did you try to get back? My honor.
You don't think my honor is worth trying to get back? I think ye would get yerself killed if ye tried to do something foolish like that.
At least I'd take him with me.
I did kill Randall, finally, at Culloden.
I awoke on the moor wi' his corpse on top of me.
Did it help? Vengeance didna seem so important then.
There were hundreds dead upon the moor and I thought I'd be one of them.
But he was.
So I left him to God.
I keep thinking, if he was dead, maybe I could forget.
Ye wilna forget, but time will let you heal.
(DRAMATIC PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) MAN: (GROANS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) - (YELPS, GRUNTS) - Hey, stop! Hey, stop! Stop! Stop! (PANTING) - Are ye all right, man? - No Come on, we need to get you on your feet.
No more.
No more.
- ROGER: Come on.
- No more.
He needs water.
- But he's hurt - (BLOW FALLS) - (GROANS) - You do not speak.
(GROANS) (PANTING) No, get up.
Come on, get up.
Get up, come on.
Don't do this.
Get up.
Come on, get up! What are you doing? Keeping track of every passing day.
A week since I was sold to these bastards.
It's Tuesday, if you were wondering.
You want to know what day it is? To what purpose? I want to know how long it takes to arrive wherever we're going.
(COUGHS) I estimate that though we're walking slowly, we are walking all day, so perhaps ten miles each day.
And we're going almost due north.
(BIRD CALLING) I've been observing landmarks too so I can find them later on my return.
(COUGHING) You think you'll survive? I have to.
I can't die like this.
Not here, not now.
I'm going to escape.
I'm going to get back to my wife.
(LAUGHS) What? You're gonna need a longer string (LAUGHING) (COUGHS) Bree, it wouldn't be easy.
It would be dangerous, and it would hurt.
I don't have anything for the pain, only whisky.
But if you want me to, I could do it.
It would have to be surgical.
I don't have the right herbs, and well, not only are they unreliable, but they're risky.
At least, with surgery, well, it's more certain.
It would have to be soon While the fetus is still small.
I know this is an impossible decision But I want you to know, it is an option.
What would you do? I mean, did you ever consider it? What? No.
What, with you? No, I never.
Bree, it was a different situation.
I wanted you.
I loved your father, and he wanted you.
Darling, what is it? The withdrawal method isn't foolproof.
It is possible that the baby could be Roger's, right? Yes.
It's possible.
(SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) Bree, if you want to keep this baby and go back to your life, to Roger Then you would have to go now.
Now? Why? Well, you can go through pregnant.
We know this because I went through with you.
To go through with a baby in your arms I don't know what would happen.
It might not make it.
It might stay while you go Or go somewhere else.
So in other words (INHALES DEEPLY) no matter what I choose, I have to choose now.
Oh, Bree (SIGHS) (DOG BARKING) (GOAT BLEATS) Here, cousin.
Let me help ye with that.
- Are you sure? - Aye, 'tis nae bother.
I'll take it over the way for you.
Thank you.
Come, Rollo.
He's smitten wi' ye, lass.
He's my cousin.
(WOOD CLATTERS) Can ye no be smitten with cousins in yer time? It's, uh, not encouraged.
He's sweet, though.
It's nice to have a cousin.
I never did before.
She seems at peace here, doesn't she? Aye.
She'd grow roots there if she could (CHUCKLES) In her wee garden.
My father used to say the same thing.
He used to joke that she would leave us someday and go and live alone in the woods.
BRIANNA: I guess she kind of did only she's not alone.
Ye must think it's my fault she left ye.
After all that happened to you, coming here to find her No, I'm glad she did.
And I came here to find you too.
Messy cheeseburgers, with all the fixings from Carmi's.
Ah, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Oh (SIGHS) Aspirin.
Seriously? Aspirin? - Leave it to the doctor.
- Oh.
You tell me that the next time you have a headache.
- Led Zeppelin.
- CLAIRE: Led Zeppelin? Mm-hmm.
It's a band.
- You wouldn't like 'em.
- Hmm.
Maybe I would.
I doubt it.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, music.
To be able to listen to it anytime you want, just to be able to put a record on Some good jazz.
- Toilets.
- (SIGHS) BOTH: That flush.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) It's good to have you here, Bree.
(FIRE CRACKLING) (SOFTLY) Roger? Oh, my God.
I knew you'd come back for me.
Of course I did.
What's wrong? I'm pregnant, and I don't know if it's yours.
I hope it is.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) I've always wanted to be a father.
Perhaps it'll have my eyes.
No, no, no.
No! No! (GRUNTING) - Get off of me! No! - That's it, darling.
That's the lively ride I was looking for.
No! Lizzie, help me! (MUFFLED SCREAMING) Lizzie! Lizzie! Help me! (SOBBING) LIZZIE: Miss Mistress.
It's another nightmare is all.
It was him, wasn't it? The man who Here.
You know, then? He canna hurt ye now, Mistress.
I know.
- But still - No.
He wilna.
I can promise that.
How? I ken it, is all, Mistress.
You know something.
Something you're not telling me.
I swore I wouldn't, but ye need to ken, Mistress, if only to rid you of these nightmares.
He was here.
What are you talking about? I s-saw him on the road, and I told yer da.
I told him who it was and what he'd done, and yer da beat him.
Nearly beat him to death, he did.
And he had Ian send him away.
So ye see? He canna hurt ye again.
He was here? Wait, how do you know what he looked like? I saw him with my own eyes.
When? Did I not see him come after ye and grab you outside of the tavern? Lizzie, who is it you think did this to me? (FOREBODING MUSIC) MURTAGH: The mash will be ready for distilling within the month.
JAMIE: Aye, good.
The the next batch is almost ready for a taste.
Oh, and, uh, Tom Burley's already requested two casks.
(DOOR CREAKS) Where is Roger? Lizzie told me Roger was here, and Jamie beat him.
I thought Roger went back.
Yeah, I thought so too, but he didn't, did he? What did you do to him? Your hand It's true, isn't it? I think I'll, uh, wait outside.
- Come, lad.
- Aye.
No, he stays.
He was involved in this too.
Weren't you, cousin? (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Jamie, what have you done? Aye, I gave a man a beating.
But if it was yer historian, then I didna ken it.
And you said he'd already left here.
Even so, if he did ravish ye as Lizzie said Ugh, Lizzie was wrong.
He didn't.
- What, he didna bed ye? - No! (SIGHS) Well, yes, he did, but I wanted him to.
We were handfast, and then we got in this huge fight, - and he left, and that was - You bedded him from lust? Ye said he'd raped ye of yer virtue.
I nearly killed the man.
To think I was defending your honor, and now I come to find ye claim yourself violated upon findin' yerself wi' child I was violated, you self-righteous bastard By someone else! You beat up the wrong man.
Is it true? - I'm sorry, lass, I - Go to hell.
I'll make it right.
You have my word as your father.
My father would never have said the things you said to me.
He was a good man.
You're nothing but a savage.
Bree BRIANNA: (WEEPING) Then who was it? Who attacked you, cousin? (STAMMERS) If it wasna Roger, then who? (FOREBODING MUSIC) It was him.
Bonnet? Yes.
Now where the hell is Roger? Wi' the Mohawk.
I I I sold him to the Mohawk.
You sold him? (GRUNTS) Bree! I thought he'd violated you, cousin! Yeah, I understand.
LIZZIE: I'm so sorry, Mistress.
You should be.
You do not get to be more angry than me.
(TENSE MUSIC) Now, how do we get Roger back? Where do the Mohawk live? They were they were only passing through, trading with the Cherokee.
So we go after him.
CLAIRE: Bree The Mohawk live in upstate New York.
That's at least 700 miles from here.
(SPEAKING MOHAWK SOFTLY) (DRAMATIC PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) Today we ride faster than yesterday.
Will they kill him? YOUNG IAN: I don't think so.
The Cherokee say the Mohawks are fierce but honorable, and the ones I met seemed so.
They won't kill him if he's of use to them.
It's said that they adopt folk into their tribe (SIGHS) In order to replace those as are killed or die of sickness.
When I gave him to them, they gave me this, and So that was your price? Aye, it was, I suppose.
But now, this will help us find their village.
Aye, your cousin and I will find him.
We'll trade all we have Whisky, cloth, coin You think I'm letting the two of you go and find him alone? You're insane.
You've done enough damage.
We're all going.
They're more than a week ahead of us.
If they dinna stop, we'll be lagging behind for months.
So we'll go faster.
Not wi' a lass wi' child among us.
If we must go all the way to New York, there and back it is four months' time or more.
Brianna? You haven't even decided yet about I have.
I'm keeping it.
Are you sure? It could be Roger's, right? It could be.
If there's even the slightest chance it's his, then (INHALES DEEPLY) I'm gonna keep it.
And not just for him, but for me too.
And if it's not his, then I'll love it anyway.
I know I will.
(SIGHS) I will help you through everything.
You're not gonna be here to help me.
- Of course I'll be here.
- No.
He's right.
I'll only slow them down.
- But you won't.
- No.
After everything those two have done, can you look me in the eye and tell me you trust their judgment? You have to go.
The last time Roger saw them, they beat him and sold him to the Mohawk.
He won't see them as rescuers.
He'll run.
He needs to see the face of someone he knows and trusts, and if it can't be me No.
Absolutely not.
Mama, he's gonna need a doctor.
I am not leaving you alone here, not in a million years.
I'll have Lizzie.
I'll be fine.
I am not leaving you and Lizzie here alone.
Well, then (SIGHS) Think of something else.
Aunt Jocasta.
It's the safest place.
But River Run's in the wrong direction.
We'd never catch up with the Mohawk.
I'll take her.
I remember Jocasta from Leoch.
It's been an age, but I remember.
Aye, I'll write her a letter explaining everything.
Lizzie can go wi' ye.
I'll ask Tom Burley to look out for the The crops and the animals.
It's settled, then.
- Brianna - Mama, you're going.
All of you are.
And you're going to bring him back to me.
(SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) Ye told me he'd gone back.
How was I to know? Ye knew it was Stephen Bonnet yet said naught to me.
- You told me you hit a tree.
- No.
You said that.
I-I just let you believe it.
I didna want ye thinkin' Claire! I must ask one more favor of ye.
When ye've delivered my daughter to River Run, head to Wilmington.
Find Stephen Bonnet.
- The man who - JAMIE: Aye.
Bring him to me in secret.
I'm gonna kill him.
Let me guess My carriage awaits.
Bree, I might not be back before the baby's born.
I know.
There will be midwives at River Run.
And Jocasta will make sure that you're well taken care of.
Oh, here, I, uh I made this.
I thought I don't know.
I thought maybe it would help you find him.
It will.
It's a good likeness.
Brianna, have you thought about wh-what do you want me to say to Roger? Tell him everything.
I thought he left me, Mama.
But he didn't.
He came back for me.
Yes, he did.
But this baby might not be his, and he deserves to know that.
Auntie Claire, we're ready.
And we're ready as well.
You have to bring him back to me.
Cousin? For my part in this calamity, I want ye to know, if we dinna find him It would be my honor to take yer hand in the holy sacrament of marriage Get off yer knee, ye idjit.
I will find him, lass.
I wilna rest until I do.
Ye have my word.
I'll hold you to that vow.
You take good care of my daughter, Lizzie.
Aye, Mistress.
I will.
I'm so sorry, Mama.
For what? For making you leave me.
(SIGHS) Oh, Bree.
(SIGHS) Walk on.
May I inquire as to who is asking for her? Ah.
Will you follow me? - (CLEARS THROAT) - What is it, Ulysses? A letter, Mistress, from your nephew, written in his own hand.
Well, read it, please.
ULYSSES: Mistress.
MURTAGH: It says, "This letter is carried to you "by my godfather, Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser.
" Murtagh? - Is it you? - 'Tis.
Blessed Bride.
Come closer.
Oh, aye.
I'd know those hands anywhere.
They told ye, no doubt, that my eyes have long failed me? Mm, aye.
You must have taken careful note of my hands to recall them after 30 years have passed.
(LAUGHS) How could I not? Ye could hardly keep them from my sister every day of her young life.
Every time I looked at her, there ye were wi' a hand held out to help her, or wi' flowers in them for her.
Little good it did me in the end.
You gained a godson, as I recall.
That I did.
(CHUCKLES) (FLOORBOARDS CREAK) Who else is here? Brianna, Jamie and Claire's daughter from Boston.
Daughter? It's a long story.
And what else does this letter convey, Ulysses? (CLEARS THROAT) It says that I am with child and unmarried.
It asks that you look after me, despite the mark it might bring to your good name, while my mother and Jamie search for the man to whom I have been handfast, who may or may not be dead more or less.
That is about the extent of it, Mistress.
Oh, my sweet girl.
Come here close to me.
(CHUCKLES) Of course you may stay with us.
My dear, sweet girl.
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