Outlander (2014) s04e12 Episode Script


1 - CLAIRE: Previously - YOUNG IAN: They believe it's from a Mohawk village called Shadow Lake.
There's a good chance Roger's been taken there.
You never stop worrying about them.
We're going to make this right.
Allow me to introduce my niece.
Miss Fraser, I'm an acquaintance of your parents.
Have you news of Bonnet? Aye, good news.
- [door opens.]
- MURTAGH: Hello.
Think you've got the wrong room.
Will you marry me? I'm not sure this is what your father had in mind.
[all shouting.]
What is this? MILITIAMAN: Unhand him! Return to yer wife and child.
Think you'll find there's something very familiar about my companion, Stephen Bonnet.
MILITIAMAN: I have seen you before, on a broadsheet.
Take him.
[all shouting.]
What's going on? [dramatic music.]
WOMAN: Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye [dramatic drum and flute music.]
[all shouting.]
[all shouting.]
[speaking Mohawk.]
[Roger gasping.]
[uneasy music.]
[speaking Mohawk.]
You remain captive.
- Ehhaokonsah.
- [laughter.]
[dramatic drum and flute music.]
[cries out.]
Murtagh has been arrested.
- Christ! - On what grounds? We captured a murderous bastard called Bonnet, and the militiamen got in the way.
They recognized Murtagh from the broadsheets.
Arrested both of them.
Murtagh won't be granted a fair trial.
Tryon'll make sure of it.
They'll hang him.
That thievin' bastard'll do whatever he must to send a message to all Regulators.
I was with Murtagh when it happened.
He took responsibility.
I won't let him hang.
What's taken from one of us is taken from all of us.
We'll get him back, lads.
[ominous music.]
They have captured Stephen Bonnet.
[disquieting music.]
Are you quite well? Perhaps you should sit down.
Oh, n-n-no.
No, if I sit down, I won't be able to get back up.
Uh, where? How? He was apprehended in Wilmington.
As to how, I could not say, but I have been apprised of the charges against him.
Smuggling, piracy, and murder.
I suppose it's too late to add what he did to me to that list.
It would only bring shame upon you and be of no consequence.
He has already been sentenced for his previous crimes.
No consequence? He will soon pay for all his crimes.
He is condemned and will hang next week.
I thought you would want to know.
Thank you.
I want to see him.
No, you cannot go.
Even if your condition allowed for your travel to Wilmington, which it assuredly does not, attendance at an execution could not but have the worst effects on the child.
Now, I am completely sympathetic - to your feelings, but - No.
You don't know what my feelings are.
I don't want to watch him die.
- Thank God for that.
- I want to talk to him.
Your father entrusted me the task of looking after you.
I'm not sure that involves taking afternoon tea with a murderer.
[somber orchestral music.]
JAMIE: "Daughter, I canna say if I shall see you again.
My hope is that it shall be so and that all will be mended between us.
I've been thinking about your question of whether revenge would heal the wrong done to you.
I advise you now that you must not seek it.
" "For the sake of your soul, for the sake of your own life, you must find the grace to forgive.
Freedom is hard-won, but it is not the fruit of murder.
Do not fear that he will escape vengeance.
" "Such a man carries with him the seeds of his own destruction.
If he does not die by my hand, it'll be by another, but it must not be by your hand.
Hear me, for the sake of the love I bear you.
Your loving father, James Fraser.
" I never said good-bye to him To Jamie.
But he's right.
Forgiveness won't change what has happened but it can change what will be, whether Roger comes back or not.
Whatever happens.
You are sure you must see Bonnet? Yes.
If I can say my piece, then maybe I can find a way to be free of him, but I have to try, for my baby's sake.
Very well.
You'll help me? God knows how, but I'll help you.
[gasps softly.]
May I? My God.
He's real.
I know.
[indistinct chatter in Mohawk.]
[dog barking.]
[children laughing.]
Carry wood to Tehwahsehwkwe's longhouse.
[wood clattering.]
That way.
[chuckles softly.]
[speaking Mohawk.]
[peaceful flute music.]
[baby fussing.]
[dramatic percussive music.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[dramatic music.]
[disquieting music.]
Are you all right? Yeah.
It's just all so awkward is all.
I thought I'd get used to being this size, but I haven't.
I just get more and more uncomfortable.
Being here's harder than I thought it would be.
A baby is expected.
Memories are not.
They simply come.
[contemplative music.]
I miss my mother.
I daresay I find myself missing her at times as well, particularly when I'm ill.
In spite of her unwaveringly direct manner, she is a rather remarkable woman.
I hope she returns before the baby arrives.
Knowing your parents, they will do everything in their power to return Roger to you.
Take my arm.
You are impossible not to like.
[indistinct chatter in Mohawk.]
Would you like some more wood for your fire? [uneasy music.]
[grunts painfully.]
Put the logs over there, by the fire.
And go down to the river, fetch us some w Yes? You want this here? [tense music.]
- [winces.]
- [growls.]
[Roger grunts.]
- [Roger grunts.]
- Get up.
Get up, Ehhaokonsah.
I'm hurt.
Aah! Where do your loyalties lie? How did you come to be an outcast? It was a mistake.
Have you no honor? Did you break your word of honor? My loyalties were to a woman.
Then you should not smile upon Johiehon.
[grunting painfully.]
[breathing heavily.]
You are British? Yes.
[exhaling heavily.]
Roger MacKenzie.
You're the man they have christened Dogface.
So so that's what "Ehhaokonsah" means.
Rather appropriate nickname, since the Mohawk do not keep their whiskers and they're rather fond of dogs.
Oh, they are? Oh, I wouldn't have known it.
But, then, I don't even know where I am.
You're in the village they call Shadow Lake.
And where is that, exactly? The province of New York.
Oh, New York.
How did you come to be here? [laughs.]
I suppose you could say I walked here.
And you? What about Why are you here? [sighs.]
[somber music.]
I fell in love.
What are ye doing? Well, you know Germain likes to play with cups and spoons Aye.
So what's yer excuse, seein' as our bairn's in his crib? [breathes deeply.]
I ken what this is.
- Ye're going to - Rescue Murtagh from jail, yes.
[exhales deeply.]
He shouldna been in there to begin with.
What, you're not angry with me? Not unless ye're not goin' to try.
We canna allow the man to be hanged.
What's this, then? Does this represent a man? Regulator? - Yes.
- Mm.
Bryan and Malachi have found men willing to help.
But even so, it's a dangerous endeavor, and I'm not sure You can do this.
If only Milord were here [sighs.]
Claire too.
I ken she risked her life to save his when he was imprisoned at Wentworth.
If they were here, uh, what would they do? [sighs.]
They'd find a way.
And we will too.
We? Aye, we.
I'll not be cast aside.
"For better or worse," Fergus Fraser.
[tender music.]
Have faith in yer plan.
'Twill work.
And we have the Regulators to aid us as well.
You're right, mon amour.
Murtagh will be freed.
Perhaps it's time to leave Wilmington and to take up Milord and Milady's offer to live at Fraser's Ridge.
I'll find us a wagon and start packing our belongings.
You are an exceptional woman.
Ye ken well, I'd join you to face the devil himself.
I came here some years ago to spread the word of God.
Chief Tehwahsehkwe heard me preach and, being moved of the Holy Spirit, invited me to return with him to his village.
I started converting some members of the tribe, and for a time, I lived with them peacefully.
But a year after I arrived at the village, I was struck with fever.
I was prepared to allow God to take me [sighs.]
Until I felt a woman's hands upon me.
Soft, cooling hands.
She cared for me with the gentle touch of an angel.
Then, after I had recovered, there was sin.
You see, my son, her touch had awakened a desire I had long fought to suppress, an impure, unholy desire.
I thought I had conquered the feeling, thought I was immune to temptation, only to discover how weak was my resolve.
A woman stole your heart.
A very old story, Father, perhaps one of the oldest stories in the world.
Our union created a child.
And that offended the Mohawk.
No, they welcomed both our union and the child with open arms.
I don't understand.
They expected me to baptize the child, save its soul, but I could not.
Well, why not? I am not in a state of grace.
I have broken my vows, and so, by the edicts of the church, I cannot perform the sacrament of baptism.
Yeah, I doubt very much that the Mohawk are perturbed by the niceties of the church, Father.
No, but you see, Roger, I am.
I have broken faith with my God and my calling.
I know that I am damned.
I will not also damn this child with the false blessing of a fallen priest.
I will not.
The child's mother is the healer? Johiehon.
Do you still love her? I have prayed that my love for her would abate, that I would stop seeing her face in my dreams, that I would stop feeling the touch of her hand, stop smelling the rainwater perfuming her hair stop hearing the gentle lilt of her laugh floating on the wind.
But my prayers have gone unanswered.
I cannot hope that you would understand.
No, actually, Father I know exactly what you mean.
[leaves rustle.]
- Satehoronies, Kahnontiio - [speaking Mohawk.]
You are hidden here because of your dishonor.
You will go naked before the Lord, your God.
[uneasy music.]
Pray for me, Roger.
[dramatic percussive music.]
[Father Alexandre screaming.]
[dramatic music.]
[grunting painfully.]
Bloody hell.
[groaning softly.]
- Father - [groans.]
I need to clean this.
[groaning painfully.]
So sorry.
Please, let me finish.
[soft flute music.]
O Father of mercies and God of all comfort, we humbly beseech thee to visit and relieve the sick servant for whom our prayers are desired.
Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy.
Comfort him with a sense of thy goodness.
Father, here.
Here, let me help you.
Here, drink.
[groans softly.]
What happened? I was offered another chance to baptize my child.
My refusal offended them.
[breathing heavily.]
They have given me until morning to change my mind.
And if you don't? Then they'll bind me and put my feet in flames until the pain consumes me and my body fails.
I have seen this punishment inflicted on another poor soul.
He lingered for three days before finally dying.
My God.
Please, - no more blasphemy.
- Just just listen to me.
These people, they don't know anything about the rituals of the church or the vows you took or why you hold them so sacred.
All they want is to see you pour a little water on the baby's head and say a few words in Latin.
- I can't.
- Why not? - I - Ye don't have to perform the sacrament.
Just say the Lord's Prayer or or a Hail Mary and be done with it.
They'll never know the difference.
But I will.
No, my son, I know you're trying to help, but this this is the Lord's punishment for my great and foul sins.
Ah, so you fell in love.
That's your sin? You're human, for God's sake.
Ah, yes, forgive me, Lord, oh, my blasphemy.
I will not mock the sacrament, even to save my own life.
You're being an idiot.
And yes, I'm saying that to you right here, in the sight of God Almighty.
Do ye know why I can say you're an idiot? Because I've been an idiot myself.
I fell in love with a girl.
[tender music.]
Beautiful girl.
I asked her to marry me, and she said no.
So what did I do? Instead of walking away, I actually followed her across an ocean.
Like an idiot, I pursued her through time and space, determined to prove to myself and the universe that I did love this woman, just like all those great love stories written by all those great idiots.
I pursued her and chased her and finally tracked her down and convinced her to marry me.
And on the very night when we were handfast, wed in the eyes of man and the Almighty, we started fighting, and we said angry words to each other Words to regret but which can never be taken back.
So I left her.
I intended to go home, but then I changed my mind and went back, like an idiot, and instead of finding her, I found a man who I now believe was her father, who beat me near unto death and sold me to the Mohawk.
And even then, even then, I had yet another chance to walk away, to go home.
Against all odds, I broke free from my captors.
I found a way home.
All I had to do was reach out and touch it.
But did I? No, I just stood there with freedom within my reach, and I hesitated, like an idiot, because after all that, I still loved her.
Then you do indeed understand the pain I've Agh, that's what I'm telling you, man.
That's what I'm trying to tell you, man.
I understand.
But the difference is, I've learned something from my pain.
I've changed.
There's a saying where I come from: "Look out for number one.
" From now on, that's me, and if you're smart, you'll do the same.
Turn your back on love and take your freedom.
Save yourself, because if you don't [laughs.]
No one ever will.
While you were gone, I've been digging.
Help me.
There's a spot on the south side of the hut where we can escape without being noticed.
Come with me, and we'll both get out of here.
You still do not understand No, I understand that you still have choices in front of you.
Find a priest, confess your sin, let God absolve you, and you can continue His work, or we can find Johiehon and take her and the baby with us.
You can make a new life as a husband and a father.
I don't care what you choose, but both are better than staying here and dying a horrible death.
[breathing heavily.]
[hopeful music.]
[foreboding music.]
[indistinct shouting in Mohawk.]
It's hopeless.
With another hour's work, it will serve.
We don't have another hour, and that hole is nae big enough for a cat, much less a man.
You will have time to complete the work when I'm gone.
What are you talking about? I'm staying.
Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
- You need not blaspheme.
- Aye, I do If you're still determined to stay here and be tortured to death out of some misplaced sense of loyalty.
Did ye not hear a word I said? I heard every word you said.
Well? And I understand your feelings on love and its concomitant idiocy very well.
However, I do not share those feelings, Roger, and I must do that which my conscience dictates.
Then you're a bigger bloody fool than I thought possible.
That is most assuredly the case.
[men whooping.]
- They're coming for me.
- [man whoops.]
We must hide our work.
[tense music.]
[leaves rustle.]
Have you decided? Yes.
[somber music.]
I cannot baptize the child.
I'll put myself in the hands of the Lord.
God be with you my friend.
[leaves rustle.]
[breathing heavily.]
Bloody fool.
[tense music.]
If you ask me one more time if I'm sure I want to do this, I'll scream.
Well, your mind is clearly made up.
Couldn't help but notice that the rest of you seems rather apprehensive.
I've been thinking about this moment, and now it's finally here, I guess I'm nervous.
Perhaps we should take a moment allow you to prepare yourself.
I'm ready.
[dramatic music.]
Good day, gentlemen.
I am Lord John Grey.
This is my betrothed, Miss Brianna Fraser.
Governor Tryon has arranged for us to have an audience with one of your prisoners, Stephen Bonnet.
His Excellency's secretary sent word apprising us of your arrival.
[tense music.]
I've moved Bonnet to the cell at the end of the corridor, chained him to the wall for your protection.
[dramatic music.]
- I'll see him alone.
- You will not.
- If anything were to happen - He's in chains.
He can't hurt me.
I'll be waiting right here, if you should need me.
[lock clanks.]
[cell door creaks.]
[tense music.]
Go on, then.
The sooner ye retrieve the auld coot, the sooner we can be on our way.
Walk on.
[dramatic music.]
Do you know who I am? The Queen of Sheba? I don't think you were after telling me your name, sweetheart.
Don't call me that.
I remember your face And a few other things But not your name.
My name is Brianna Fraser.
Brianna Fraser.
That's a lovely name.
My parents are James and Claire Fraser.
They saved your life, and you robbed them.
Oh, if you've come in the hopes of retrieving your father's jewels, then I'm I'm afraid you left it too late.
See, I sold them to buy a ship.
There was a Was a trinket you were after when we first met.
A ring? Oh, but you got that back.
[tense music.]
Good sirs, we are here to visit a prisoner of yours.
No visits without prior permission.
I do not think permission will be necessary.
I'm told you're going to hang.
I'm told the same thing.
[dramatic music.]
You'll not have come from pity, though, I shouldn't think.
I'll rest easier once you're dead.
Well, what is it you want from me, then? Nothing.
I came here to give you something.
I came here to forgive you.
Mm, oh, I've had whores try to foist their spawn on me before.
I have no reason to lie.
You're going to die, to hang by the neck until you're dead, and if it makes dying easier for you to know there's something of you left on this Earth, then you're welcome to the knowledge.
[exhales deeply.]
So I'll soon be gone but not forgotten.
I have no choice but to live with what you've done to me, but you will be forgotten.
My baby will never know your name, will never even know that you existed.
While you rot in the ground, I will raise my child to be a good person, to be nothing like you.
[scoffs softly.]
For his maintenance.
I don't want anything from you.
Dying man's last wish, then.
Take care of him.
[tense music.]
Stand down.
Halt! Halt! [grunts.]
[man yells.]
Oof! [grunts.]
- [gun cocking.]
- Unhand him at once.
Lord John? Fergus.
What is the purpose of this attack? We're here to free a friend.
I have the keys.
Do not harm him, but do not allow him to leave.
His allegiance is to Governor Tryon.
I'm very sorry.
Murtagh! Murtagh! Where are you? Here, lad.
What are ye doing here, lass? You were arrested? Why on Earth would ye come here? There was someone I needed to see.
We must hurry.
Well, I'm not entirely surprised to find you here.
I suppose this is the devil that brought ye here to see the villain? He's not to blame.
I insisted.
Come with me, lass.
I'll deliver ye to River Run.
You? Whilst every militiaman and redcoat in Wilmington hunts you down? I will escort Miss Fraser to River Run.
Over my dead body.
Which you would assuredly be if you are caught.
She will be under my protection.
FERGUS: Tryon's protection.
If she's seen with you Her neck'll be in ropes.
I'll trust ye to Lord John, then, lass.
Be careful.
Hurry, lads.
We haven't much time.
The powder's been lit! You intend to blow up the jail? A diversion to cover our retreat.
We haven't a moment to waste.
What about him? We can't just leave him here to die.
Get him out of here, lads.
Marsali's waiting.
[music intensifies.]
MARSALI: Hurry! Get in! MARSALI: Walk on, boy! Go on! [grunts.]
[tense percussive music.]
[Father Alexandre screams.]
[Father Alexandre screams.]
[people clamoring.]
SOUTHWORTH: Your Lordship.
Yes? You are unharmed? I am.
- And you, Mistress? - I'm fine.
I'm glad to hear it.
We're uncertain how many perished in the blast.
I am told you were visiting a prisoner in the jail prior to the explosion.
Did you apprehend any of the insurgents? No.
They were more prepared than we could have anticipated.
It appears these Regulators were intent on releasing their leader, Murtagh Fitzgibbons.
Did they mention where they were taking him? Unfortunately, the event transpired with stunning rapidity.
I heard nothing that would aid your search, though I trust you will find them.
We will, my lord.
Governor Tryon will not allow this to go unpunished.
[music crescendos.]
[Father Alexandre screaming.]
Don't go soft now.
- [Father Alexandre screams.]
- He chose his fate.
He wanted this.
[Father Alexandre screaming.]
There's nothing you can do.
[Father Alexandre screaming.]
[tense percussive music.]
Don't be an idiot.
Be smart for once in your stupid, idiotic life.
Be smart.
[Father Alexandre screaming.]
[Father Alexandre screaming.]
Aah! Damn you, you stupid, stupid fool! [Father Alexandre screaming.]
Ah, fucking hell.
[melancholy music.]
[no audible dialogue.]
[no audible dialogue.]
[no audible dialogue.]
[no audible dialogue.]
That's it, lads.
Take me back to the idiot hut.

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