Outlander (2014) s04e13 Episode Script

Man of Worth

1 CLAIRE: Previously GREY: Sometimes people do the wrong thing for the right reasons.
BRIANNA: You have to bring him back to me.
You think you'll survive? I have to.
I can't die like this.
BRIANNA: Forgiveness won't change what has happened.
But it can change what will be.
I am sure Roger will love the child.
FERGUS: We're here to free a friend.
GREY: We're all here in this New World not because it's new.
These lands are as old as any.
It's only new because there is hope.
And hope is at the very heart of love.
WOMAN: Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye [SOFT BANJO MUSIC.]
- Any sign of Roger? - No.
But the Mohawk ken we're here.
We should make our way into the village soon.
We've come to trade.
Do you remember me? We met a few months ago in North Carolina.
The man I sold to you, we've come to buy him back.
I will return this to you if you return the man to me.
Why? What is he to you that you would come all this way? YOUNG IAN: He's important to our family.
You must be a very good friend of his.
This man you seek, you brought him whisky to drink? Metal trinkets as well? I hope you have not traveled far.
So he's here, then? The man in the picture? You want him very badly.
We hope to trade with you.
Try this on.
It's like new.
It's all right.
It's all right.
She meant no harm.
She was only trying to show the boy the scarf.
Uncle, it's no that.
It's the stone Auntie wears.
Would you be willing to take this in exchange for our friend? No.
We will not trade with you.
You must leave us at once.
CLAIRE: Please.
We cannot leave without him.
We will not trade with you.
Do not make me say it again.
You must leave.
All right.
All right.
Thank you for the roast.
'Twas a long journey and a while since I've had a meal this fine.
I imagine it's better than whatever they were serving in the jail at Wilmington before it was blown to pieces.
I canna argue with ye there.
News travels fast.
Brianna mentioned that she'd seen ye.
What she didna mention is what it was ye did to get yerself locked up.
There's a rumor ye're allied with the Regulators.
Perhaps it was that errand ye said Jamie sent ye on.
A little of both, if you must know.
You always did manage to find trouble.
Mm, some things are worth the trouble.
Even with the risk of the noose? Ah, dinna fash.
As I've told yer nephew, I'm no an easy man to kill.
Yes, well, as the Crown didna have the pleasure of hanging ye, they'll be lookin' for ye, especially now.
Ah, wilna be the first time my face has been on a broadsheet.
Grateful as I am for the company of such a face, I think it's probably best ye dinna stay in one place too long.
I'm only here long enough to look in on the lass.
Ye need not worry about my niece.
We're taking good care of her.
How has she been? [SIGHS SOFTLY.]
She doesna come out of her chamber much.
When she does, it's to read, to draw.
She sits on the porch and watches and waits.
She was in much better spirits when Lord John was here.
And where has His Lordship gone? He was called back to Lynchburg on business, but we expect him to return soon to plan the wedding.
Wedding? His and Brianna's.
She canna marry a redcoat.
She can, and she will.
She needs a husband.
There's no time to waste.
I ken ye're fond of marriage since ye've had three yerself, but that's no excuse to ma I dinna recall asking yer opinion on the matter.
Ye're welcome to finish yer dinner.
Ulysses will prepare your bedchamber.
As you wish, Mistress.
Let me know if there's anything else we might do for you during your stay, sir.
It isn't finished yet.
I keep making mistakes.
Can't get it right.
If I can't even make that perfect, then why bother? [GRUNTS SOFTLY.]
Good news, Miss Bree, is that everything feels fine.
The baby is in a good position.
You've done this before, Phaedre? Aye, I've brought several babes into the world.
Dinna worry yerself.
'Tis a beautiful drawing, Miss Bree, but 'tis yer bairn who will be perfect.
There's a story here.
Don't know what it is, but there's definitely a story.
I'm going back for him tonight.
No, you can't.
I ken a story, one where I went to Fort William and rescued you.
That village is not Fort William.
But then you had help, and and you knew the place.
You can't go in there alone.
I'm not even sure it's safe to stay out here tonight.
I dinna ken what that stone means to the Mohawk.
I'll not return to Bree wi' a lump of rock while Roger's still here.
Don't move.
- YOUNG IAN: Uncle! - Jamie! [GRUNTING.]
We're here for the stone.
Give it to us.
We will not harm you.
We'll consider giving it to you if you help us get our friend back.
Very bold, considering we could take the stone from you by force if we wanted.
Not all of ye will be walking away whole.
We could return later if you like - try again.
- Please.
What is your name? Wahkatiiosta.
Wahkatiiosta tell me.
Why is this stone so important to you? Many years ago, before I was born, a man came to us.
He would not tell us from whence he came.
He spoke instead of from "when" he came.
His name was Tawineonawira, "Otter Tooth.
" He talked of war, warning us of our future [SPEAKING MOHAWK.]
WAHKATIIOSTA: How we must lift our tomahawks.
"Kill the white man, or the white man will kill you," he said.
"Kill them before it is too late.
" One day, he painted himself [DRAMATIC VOCAL MUSIC.]
And danced a war dance.
Many followed him.
They returned with white scalps.
The village was angry, afraid his actions would bring soldiers seeking revenge.
My grandfather, the chief at that time, said that Otter Tooth must leave, for he would bring destruction.
Otter Tooth hid in the forest [OTTER TOOTH SPEAKING MOHAWK RAPIDLY.]
WAHKATIIOSTA: And ranted and raved.
OTTER TOOTH: Why won't they listen? WAHKATIIOSTA: They began to believe he was possessed by an evil spirit.
He would come back again and again.
Banishing him would no longer be enough.
They painted his face black for death, but in the morning, he was gone.
Did they ever find him? The men chased him for days.
Finally, they caught him.
He faced them, and he talked.
Even after one of the men struck him, he talked through the blood, spitting out words of warning.
When he lay dead, his words went on ringing in the warriors' ears.
"You will be forgotten.
"The Nations of the Iroquois will be no more.
"No one will tell your stories.
Everything you are will be lost.
" The men turned toward home, but his voice followed them.
They cut off his head so he would talk no more, but still they heard his voice.
Tehwahsewke, our chief, was a young warrior then.
He took the head and buried it far, far away.
His skull was with the stone.
How do you know that? [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
WAHKATIIOSTA: It is said that one who possesses the stone has the power to see how my people's story will end and that Otter Tooth's ghost walks with whoever carries it.
Has he appeared to you? [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
I was lost in a storm, and I took cover under a fallen tree.
That is when he came to me.
I believe that ghosts only exist when there is something to be remembered, a story worth telling, or a message worth relaying.
Do you believe this Otter Tooth to be right? Yes.
I believe he came to warn my people and the stone will enable us to see what is coming.
If you help us rescue the man that we came to take back Then we will help you preserve the memory of the man who fought for your future.
Help us.
The stone will be yours.
MURTAGH: I wanted to look in on ye.
Just in time, it seems.
I hear there's a wedding to be had.
Actually, it was me who proposed to Lord John.
Not one of my finer moments.
But Jocasta was determined to have me married off - before the baby is born.
- Hmm.
And that women does not take no for an answer.
Mm, I hadna noticed.
I'm not going through with it, and neither is he.
I just wanted to delay it long enough for Roger to return.
Thank Christ.
So are ye gonna tell me what the devil you were thinking going to see Stephen Bonnet? Da told me I should forgive him.
And did ye? As close as I could come to it.
Did it bring ye peace? Some.
Do ye think ye could forgive your father, for your sake as well as his? I already have.
- CLAIRE: Roger.
- Claire? - It's you.
- CLAIRE: It's all right.
It's Jamie.
He won't hurt you.
We're going to get you out of here.
I've done wrong to ye, as ye ken, but I've come to put it right.
For now, you have my apology.
How many have you brought with you? Got my nephew, Ian, Claire, and a few Mohawk friends.
- That's all? - What were you expecting, the whole MacKenzie clan? [ROGER GRUNTS.]
WAHKATIIOSTA: We have to get to the river.
We'll try and stop them.
CLAIRE: Come on, Roger.
- Quick, go.
Go! Go! Go! - [BLOW LANDS.]
- [YELPS.]
Stop! It's over.
It's over.
I banished these people, and you brought them back against the wishes of the council, causing violence and destruction.
You are Mohawk.
You will never be so again.
You will leave the village and never return.
You outsiders are not the reason for this strife.
The pain and disharmony caused by Otter Tooth has always been with us.
There will be no more trouble, only peace amongst my people.
Take the stone.
Leave the village.
Never return.
We are grateful.
I only ask that we may leave wi' our friend.
There has been no fair trade.
Dogface will stay in the village.
- Roger - [GRUNTS.]
- Take me.
- CLAIRE: What? - Uncle Jamie, wait.
- I'm able-bodied, strong.
No, there has to be another way.
There isn't.
I must do this for our daughter.
Ian, tell the council.
Convince them.
Please, Jamie.
You and Ian will take Roger back to Brianna.
As soon as can be managed, I'll I'll escape, come home.
- No.
- I will.
I'll return to ye, Sassenach.
We accept.
I'm staying.
Ian, what're ye doing? It's all right, Uncle.
You are free to go to take Roger.
I'm sorry for what we did to ye.
Brave and canny move.
As soon as you can, escape, or I'll come for you.
No I mean it.
I'm staying.
And live yer life with the Mohawk? I gave them my word.
Dinna make me break it.
You gave Brianna yours.
How can I part with ye? Oh, it will be hard for us both.
But you must promise that you'll leave and no come back for me.
I've chosen this.
Oh, Ian.
Ye once said that ye wished me to become a man of worth.
Ye dinna ken how worthy ye are.
I wilna forget.
How does it taste? Oh.
Like home.
Whisky's hard to come by in the New World.
Aye, and I canna drink that horse pish they call rum.
Och, I'd have to agree with ye there.
Where will ye go? Back to rejoin the Regulators.
Have ye learned nothing? Must ye fight the same fight again? Do ye not recall how it ends? Hmm, New World, new ending.
If ye truly believe that, ye're a bigger fool than I thought ye were.
If the cause is just, it's better to fight than stand by and do naught while good people suffer.
Is that what you think I'm doing? I think living here in a fine home like this [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
Ye dinna ken what's going on out there in the towns and the backcountry, how the Crown is bringing hardworking men to their knees with corruption and greed.
I hear talk of it.
But I'm an old woman now.
My wars are behind me, and you should put yers behind you as well.
We came to the New World for a new chance.
You chose to come here.
I didna have a choice.
- Ye have one now.
- So do you.
Ye can stay here and enjoy all of this Or ye can remember where ye came from and fight back.
You'd have me involved with yer mob of ruffians? That's not what I meant.
But there are ways that you could use yer influence.
That's why you're here.
Oh, no, Jo.
No-ye've kent me nigh on 50 years.
Aye, and ye're always after something.
Ye have that sleekit way about ye, and ye don't use many words, but in yer head, ye're always scheming on how to get what ye want.
Scheming? What? Ye sound like a lunatic.
A lunatic.
Truth be told, I never liked ye.
Ye used to descend on Leoch like a dark cloud o' rain, staying well past yer welcome, drinking our ale, and griping about everything.
The way ye glower and stare, ye make folks uneasy.
Ye're as stubborn as a mule then, and you havena changed a bit.
I canna believe I allowed ye to darken my door.
Let go of me.
Damn, woman, why can't ye just [TENSE MUSIC.]
Come back to bed.
Must you go? Ye said yerself, they'll be looking for me.
I wouldna wish to bring trouble back to you at River Run.
If trouble comes, we'll face up to it then.
Breakfast is waiting.
Let it wait.
How are you going to tell Jenny? She knows her son.
She won't be happy, but she'll understand.
She kens his restless nature and need for adventure.
Same as his uncle.
Aye, always has been.
ROGER: You fuckin' bastard! Roger, stop it! No, no.
No, leave him be.
This is between us.
Go on.
Suppose I owe ye.
Happy to oblige.
You have proven yourself worthy.
You will become one of us.
Ha! Ha! [WHOOPS.]
Where is she? She's safe.
She's with Jamie's aunt in North Carolina.
She sent you for me, then? Yes.
When I met you on the ridge, I thought that may be the reason you beat me Because she said terrible things and turned ye against me.
No, she didna.
She That was my own notion.
I didna ken who you were.
Oh, thank God.
Having me beaten nearly to death and sold into slavery seemed a trifle extreme, even for a woman with her temper.
Why did you beat me, then? Huh? I mean, if ye didn't even know who I was It was a terrible misunderstanding.
A misunderstanding? Claire.
Roger Brianna was attacked.
Attacked? - What do you mean? - JAMIE: She means that after ye left my daughter, she was raped.
That's why I beat you.
I mistook you for the man that did it.
How could you think such a thing? I love her.
Who who did this to her? A man named Stephen Bonnet.
Bonnet? [GASPS.]
Brianna was raped by Stephen Bonnet? JAMIE: You ken the bastard? He [GASPING.]
He was the captain of the ship I came over on.
And where were you when he attacked her, huh? - Ye coward! - CLAIRE: Jamie.
Bree was angry with ye, so ye ye ran away.
You left her alone! That is the last unanswered blow.
I didn't leave because we argued.
I left because she told me to go.
But even then, I came back for her.
But I was forced back onto the ship by bloody Stephen Bonnet.
Got these from him.
I wanted to see her safely through the stones.
That's why it took me so long to come to Fraser's Ridge.
But that bastard made me sail up the coast.
- He's a madman! - I ken what he is.
I can take her home, back to our time.
There's there's another stone circle.
Here? Aye.
Somewhere between here and Fraser's Ridge.
Roger Brianna can't go back.
I don't understand.
Not now.
She's pregnant.
- She - She can't leave.
She might have been able to when we first found out, but now it's it's too late.
I mean, by the time we return to North Carolina, she'll have already given birth.
And I-I don't think you can go through with a child.
She has to stay.
But he doesn't.
What, you think I'd leave her? We're handfast.
She's my wife.
And now she's carrying my child.
It may not be your child.
When did it happen? Same night you left.
Brianna wanted you to know so you would have the choice.
So I'm asking ye, can ye go back to her, live with her knowing it might be Bonnet's child that she bears? Do ye mean to stand by her or not, because if ye canna, then say so now, for I swear Jamie, for God's sake.
Just give him a moment to think.
I know this is a huge decision, Roger, not one you should take lightly.
This is all too much.
You cost me a lad that I love.
And my daughter doesn't need a coward.
- What? - I'd rather she hate me for the rest of my life than for you to break her heart again.
- So - CLAIRE: Jamie.
Make up your mind.
I need time.
Well, if you need time, then you should take it, because this is our daughter, so you'd better be sure.
I know.
JOCASTA: Brianna.
You've a fine braw lad.
I counted his fingers and toes myself.
- It's a boy? - JOCASTA: Aye.
And we will choose his birthday wisely, but ye can be sure the lad was born in wedlock.
- Where is he? - Phaedre's cleaned him up, and she'll bring him in, if you're ready to see him now.
I'm ready.
Hi, baby.
Look how he's grown.
I know.
Two months old today.
He'll be a sturdy and tall lad.
He'll be towering over you in a few years' time.
Miss Bree! Drusus came racing into the cookhouse saying he saw riders coming down through Campbell's fields, and one of them is your mother.
They're coming up the front road now.
Well, go on, lass.
He's alive.
We told him everything.
What's his name? She hasna named him yet.
She was waiting for Mr.
Jocasta, we are so grateful to you For taking care of our daughter.
It was my pleasure.
What do ye think of yer grandson? He's a wee fighter, like his mother and his granny.
I should go look in on Bree.
Jocasta, would you like to take him? Bonnet.
I had the bastard.
But we were set upon by militiamen and thrown in jail.
There was an explosion.
I got out.
He didna't.
I'm only sorry ye didna get to kill him with yer own hands.
So am I.
Can I get you anything, darling? I want to take you away from here, bring you home to Fraser's Ridge, where you will be surrounded by family and we will take care of you.
Come here.
It's all right.
Thank you again, Auntie.
We won't forget your kindness.
You're welcome to come visit us anytime at Fraser's Ridge.
Perhaps I will make that journey someday.
Oh, oh! [GASPS.]
You're here.
I'm here.
I didn't know if you'd come.
I may be stubborn, but I'm not a fool.
I love you.
I always will.
I love you too.
The bairn? A boy.
Take me to see my son.
Soldiers! Redcoats.
- Murtagh, you must hide yourself.
- Jo, I You must get to the slave quarters, quickly.
Ulysses, you must hide him.
ULYSSES: Mistress.
Let them in.
JAMIE: Can I help you, sir? We're looking for a Mr.
James Fraser.
I'm James Fraser.
Then I have a letter for you from His Excellency, Governor Tryon.
Good day, sir.
Good day.
Well, what does it say? He's ordered me to muster and lead a militia to fight the Regulators.
My first mission is to hunt down and Kill the fugitive Murtagh Fitzgibbons.

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