Outlander (2014) s05e09 Episode Script

Monsters and Heroes

1 Previously You found your penicillin.
No woman speaks to me like that.
What have you done? Don't! Roger, you spoke.
Whether ye're there to hear or even if my voice isn't able, I'll always sing for you.
My husband's whiskey venture Well, it's barely breaking even.
But a partner with the right connections Mr.
Bonnet will be personally meeting Mr.
Alexander Malcolm, purveyor of the finest whiskey in the Carolinas.
Your men left because you betrayed their trust.
I made you a captain without time to prepare you or teach you what the word meant.
He doesn't have any faith in me.
Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Sing me a song Of a lass That is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Well, the heartbeat sounds strong.
And baby's in a perfect position.
Any day now.
You know, after two, you could probably deliver this baby all by yourself.
It does make me feel better that ye'll be here.
Not so much as my physician, but to share it with me as a As my ma.
Time is marked and measured in different ways.
The colors of our lives were changing.
The vibrant greens of summer faded beneath the ever-varied canvas of sky, replaced by the russet tones of autumn, brown hues of harvest, and blue-violet shades of indigo dye.
What? What is it? Oh, something stung me.
Mm, nasty sting you got there.
Want me to blow on it? Ye are a sadist.
You must get it from your father.
What's this new word? Must have got that from his father.
Breakfast? Mm, yes, please.
Eggs, please.
And then I think Jemmy should go and see Lizzie after breakfast.
- Mm.
- Bree! Roger Mac, ye there? - Mm.
- Where else would we be? Coming! Move yourselves.
- Come in.
- No time to be lazin' about.
Josiah's seen signs of game west of the Ridge.
Uh, meat is meat, see us through the winter.
Could do with a good marksman.
Um, I'm supposed to be helping dye the cloth today, and I have been really looking forward to it.
Roger will go with you.
If ye're willing, Roger Mac, I need able-bodied men, and able-bodied ye are.
I'll wait outside.
Yeah, very good, lad.
'Tis no elk.
They have very tall antlers.
How will it be, Colonel? Well, the wind's blowing from the west.
We'll make our way down to the bottom of the slope so they willna catch our scent.
Spread out.
Roger Mac and I will come from behind and drive them toward ye.
We'll take what we can.
Bring the horses.
Do what ye must.
We'll meet back at the Ridge at the end of the day.
Very good.
I'm no great tracker, but I've stepped in enough of these to know a cow pat when I see one.
I hope we're not hunting cows.
I'll be damned.
Only three cows on the Ridge.
It's not one of them.
It's still warm.
Oh, my God.
I must reload.
Ah! A snake.
Wee bugger bit me on the leg.
Come and sit down.
Let's have a look.
Where is it? I think it's venomous.
I'll have to cut it, drain the poison by sucking it out.
Claire does this before she sets herself to cut someone.
All right, go on, then.
Quick, for God's sake.
Aah! Enough! Ye'll drain me dry.
I've made more of a mess than the snake did.
Oh, there's no sign of anyone.
Can ye walk? Go find the others.
'Tis a good day for dyeing.
I hope you mean the cloth, Lizzie.
- It sounds so ominous.
- Aye.
Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor? No.
Never really allowed myself to dream of such a career.
It wasn't easily available to women when I was your age.
And then being a nurse, that was about as much as I could have hoped for.
You seemed pretty single-minded about it later on, though.
Well, I had to be determined.
No one was going to open the door for me.
But if you're lucky enough to know what it is that you're meant to be What if you don't know? Or if you do know, but you just can't do it? Well, for most people life as they find it is often the life they lead.
Now, is this about Roger or you? Both.
We talked about maybe teaching here at the Ridge.
It just made me think about how I can't apply my calling here.
Oh, sometimes it's doctor, healer, a witch But I'm not afraid of what they call me, 'cause that's what I was born to be and will be till I die.
Uh, if I were to lose you or Jamie, I would never be quite whole.
But I would always have that left.
You're an engineer, Bree.
And whatever it is they call that here you just have to find a way to be that.
And what about Da? Does he know what he is? Oh, he knows.
A laird? Is that what you call him? Is he content with that? A laird, a husband, father Those are no small things to be.
Be patient.
If going back to our time isn't a possibility, Roger will find his purpose And so will you.
They're back.
- How did you do? - No luck.
Nothing at all? We followed a small herd of buffalo, but they moved off more quickly than we thought they might.
Did Uncle Jamie manage to find anything on his way back? No, they haven't returned yet.
We thought they were with you.
How far did you go? To the other side of the Ridge, near the boundary of your land.
We got separated in the hunt.
We said we'd meet here come dusk.
Maybe milord decided to make camp.
Fair is fair.
No sign of the men, then? No.
But perhaps they'll see the smoke from our fire.
How are ye? Well.
Well enough.
Are ye sure? I have pins and needles in my fingers, and my lips are numb.
Is it usual, d'ye ken? Have you been drinking too much whiskey? No, I thought I might need that more later.
And what would they do in yer time for a snakebite? They'd inject you with something called antivenom.
A venom to battle the venom.
In a way, aye.
Get some rest.
We'll leave at first light.
- R-Roger? - I'm here.
D'ye ken the last rites? No.
Ye won't be needing them anyway.
Ye're not going to die.
We both read that obituary.
Aye, I'm to burn in a fire, but I feel I'm I'm burning up as we speak, Roger Mac.
I know a prayer for the sick.
And before you ask, no, it's not in Latin.
Try to get some more rest.
Roger Ye must kill Stephen Bonnet.
If I canna, you must do it.
He's alive.
I know.
Brianna overheard you and Lord John talking at the wedding.
There's a man Philip Wylie, indebted to me yet.
He's arranged for Bonnet to smuggle my whiskey if-if Bonnet agrees to a meeting.
Lord John kens the particulars.
I don't know if I could take another man's life Even one who's done what Bonnet has done.
Ye must.
If I canna do it, ye must.
Claire told me yer father, Jeremiah, fought in the second Great War.
Ye would have, too, if ye'd been of age.
Aye, I suppose, but that's different.
When a man is standing there before you, flesh and blood, with fear in his eyes Bonnet stood before me once.
I saved him from his rightful fate at the gallows.
He murdered my friend attacked my wife And Bree, he If I hadna done that But ye did, and it's done.
Ye can't change it.
Perhaps this is my penance.
Unfortunately for you the son must pay for the sins of the father for my mistakes.
You must do this.
It's a hell of a time to get philosophical.
No time like the present.
And ye're a university professor Or so everyone keeps telling me.
If-if I'm to die tonight, Roger Mac promise me ye'll look after Claire and the Ridge.
We don't have to worry about any of this because ye're going to live.
It's a dangerous path to go down vengeance.
Jocasta bequeathed River Run to yer son.
Bonnet has waged a war on us.
We're defending our family, our beliefs, those that come after us wee Jemmy.
I have reason to believe Bonnet will try to claim yer son as his own.
He'll have witnesses from the tavern Bree was willing to lay with him for a silver ring.
"But whosoever shall offend those little ones who believe in me, better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
" Matthew Chapter 18, verse 3.
Verse 6.
Bonnet's crimes are unforgivable.
Better we rid this earth of him, that he may never harm another being.
There's a fine line between a monster and a hero.
Ye're here because of yer love for Bree.
She wouldna be alive if Claire and I hadna changed things.
Even though I blamed you for hesitating to come back I'm glad ye're here.
I have to have faith the Lord has a plan.
If you want me to face Bonnet, you're gonna have to teach me to fight.
Roger Mac I will if I live.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
What is this, the bed of Procrustes? Well, it could be worse could be Charon's boat.
Ah, if I go to hell, I'm glad ye're coming with me.
Well, thankfully, you have not lost yer sense of humor.
God, I'm not even sure what direction I'm going.
What's wrong? Nothing that isna already wrong.
Look up, Roger Mac.
The wind's blowing from the west.
Follow it home.
If I die, Claire must leave.
Send her, make her go.
Ye should all go, if the bairn can pass through the stones.
It's not safe you here without me.
Tell Bree I'm glad of her.
Give my sword to the bairn.
And tell Claire I I meant I meant it.
Almighty God, out of the depths, I cry to You.
Lord, hear my voice, don't let this man die.
Lord have mercy.
Roger! Uncle Jamie! Roger! Uncle Jamie! Roger? Uncle Jamie! - Roger! - Hello.
Over here! Over here! Uncle Jamie! Roger! Hiya.
Come on.
Rollo? Roger! He was bitten by a snake.
Let's get him on the horse.
I've never seen anything like it before.
Dinna tell me ye don't have snakes in yer time.
Yes, but you wouldn't usually call a surgeon about a snakebite.
The closest thing I've come to is when a man got bitten by a king cobra, my friend invited me to watch the autopsy.
Autopsy? What ye did to Leith Farrish? You like you've been roasted over a spit.
You should work on your bedside manner, Sassenach.
Bree you stay with your father.
What will we do? D'ye have something ye can give him? I'm going to need you to get everyone to look for some maggots to eat the dead flesh.
It should help stave off infection.
Tell me Is it bad? Yes.
Can ye cut it out? No, the venom's in his blood, and his body will have to fight it.
I'll make an onion poultice.
That should help clean the wound.
I'll give him some of the penicillin broth.
Though I'm not sure how potent it'll be if I give it to him orally.
Damn yer needle be broken.
Roger said Jamie was vomiting.
That seems to have stopped.
And Fergus said that he was making snide remarks about the sled Roger made.
Those are good signs.
But if his leg turns gangrenous, then Then I'll have the whole Ridge out looking for maggots.
Did, uh, any of the men take a buffalo? I do ken I shot one.
They came back empty-handed.
- Huh.
- Josiah won't stop berating himself for letting them get away.
Penicillin broth.
Lucky for you, this doesn't have to get injected into your bum.
Aye, good.
I've had enough of yer needles for one lifetime.
Is there anything else I can do to help? Marsali has everyone out looking for maggots.
I'm sure she could do with some help.
You feeling any better? Huh I thought I was, but now I'm not so sure.
Why? It's only When you scold me like a magpie, I k-ken I'm gonna be all right.
And when ye're tender as milk Ye havena called me any wicked names or uttered any words of reproach since I came home, Sassenach.
Does this mean ye think I'm dying? Fine.
You fool Stepping on a snake.
Why didn't you look where you were going? Ah, not while ch-chasing a thousand-weight of meat downhill.
You scared the hell out of me.
Ye think I wasna frightened, too? You are not allowed.
Only one of us gets to be frightened at any time.
Right now it's my turn.
What on earth are doing up? I ken what ye're thinking, and I willna have it.
I'm not gonna die, and I dinna wish to live my life with half a leg.
I've a horror of it.
I'm not too keen on the idea either, but If it's a choice between your leg and your life It's not.
Jamie, it may be.
- It won't.
- Fine.
Just give me the bloody thing, and I'll put it away.
Yer word.
- My what? - Yer word.
I may be fevered and lose my wits.
Not if ye to take my leg and not be in a state to stop it.
If you're in that state then I won't have a choice.
Perhaps you won't, but I-I do.
And I've made it.
I'm looking for dead rabbits.
Hey you did everything you could.
I was hoping that if I got him home to Claire in time He'll be fine.
He's too stubborn not to be.
Is there something else? If the worst should happen, he wants me to go to a place called Wylie's Landing.
For what? A plan has been put into motion to find and kill Stephen Bonnet.
Yer Da thinks Bonnet could have the right to take Jemmy away from us.
He attacked me.
Well, people of this time see the child as proof that That you were a willing participant, because God wouldna allow a child to be conceived through Rape.
You're Jemmy's father.
We were married already.
Doesn't the law protect you? We were alone when we handfasted.
There were a hundred witnesses at our wedding after Jemmy was born.
Possession is 9/10 of the law.
I don't think the law means much to a man like Bonnet.
Say something.
Let's just find these damn maggots.
There's nothing dead here.
Found some! Ooh, here we go.
Oh, dinna fuss, baby.
Hey, we'll go in in a second, once I've got these in.
Here we Hey! Here, here! Come over here! Here, here.
Come on, this way.
Come here, here.
Come on.
Yeah, come on.
Here! Come on, follow me.
Over here, come on.
Come on, come on! This way, come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Bree! - Oh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- Ow.
Aah! What in God's name were you thinking? Josiah found these in a dead Never mind.
Uh, we have some.
That's all that matters.
Thank you.
How is it, man? I'll do.
Oh, these suckers won't hurt.
They'll tickle something fierce, mate.
He's a great comfort that Roger Mac.
Be honest.
His body's defeating the venom.
But the infection in his leg It's bad.
It's too deep for the maggots to make any difference.
If only I had a way of getting penicillin into his bloodstream, but Roger Mac.
Do you need something? I wish to sleep in my own bed.
Um Ferrying you about is becoming an everyday occurrence.
God, the thought of amputating just makes me sick.
Can't we just wait a little bit longer and see if the maggots take effect? But if there isn't any improvement, then I don't have a choice.
Except that he made me promise that I wouldn't do it.
At least he'll be alive to be mad at you.
Except every time that he would look down, it'll be a constant reminder that That I was the one who did it to him that I didn't keep my word.
Come help me! Come.
Where are you moving him? To his bedroom.
Why? I want to be in my own bed.
But surely you should listen to Auntie Claire.
Stay there so she can heal your leg properly.
She thinks the only way to do that is by taking it off.
Come on.
And what good would I be with only one leg? Well, did ye ever say that to my father or to Fergus? Fergus was but a-a wee lad when he lost his hand.
And what difference does that make? He and yer father are far more courageous than me.
Or not as proud or as stubborn.
They're still the same.
It's still them.
It is a matter of honor.
They lost hand and leg in battle.
There's nothing honorable about being bitten by a snake.
Maybe I should go.
No, stay.
I want someone else to hear this.
You know, there were times I felt guilty when I was younger for wishing you were my father.
I admired you so much, I ran away to Edinburgh to be with ye.
But ye're right.
Now I do see how courageous my father was and is.
I never thought I'd see the day I'd be ashamed of you, Uncle.
What on earth is going on? I, um I'm just gonna go and see about a thing.
I had to move, Sassenach, because I willna have you sleeping in the surgery or on the floor.
Ye'll sleep with me.
What is it? It's nothing.
Oh, you're a terrible liar.
We were just talking about you is all, Roger and I, saying it would be a shame if you had left Marsali and walked all the way here to see Uncle Jamie, because he's tired.
But I did walk all the way out here to see him, and I did leave Marsali.
So I'll go and see him quickly.
I think he's resting.
Maybe wait until later.
What is it? Where is he? Auntie Claire thinks she might have to amputate if If it gets worse.
Why don't you want me to see him? You don't think I can take it? No, I ken you can, but I'm not so sure about him.
He's stubborn.
He doesna want to lose his leg.
He's acting like it's the worst possible thing that can happen to a man, and well, I didna want you to be upset.
In one stroke, he's going to be a man of leisure.
What? It's what I told him when it happened to me that I would depend upon him, and he would be there for me.
It was our agreement, if I lost an ear or a hand in his service.
I was teasing him.
"Man of leisure", eh? Well, I can't wait to hear what Marsali has to say about that.
Oh, I'm sure she'll have plenty to say.
She's seen what it's like to live with me.
You know Marsali and I try not to think about what we lack but about what we have.
You and I have a father and an uncle.
We should be there for him when he needs us.
That's all we can do.
What? Sleep beside me.
How do you feel? Like a pile of moldy tripe With maggots.
You'd laugh on your deathbed, wouldn't you? Does it hurt much? No.
Just feel tired.
It's no wonder you do.
Dinna leave me.
I could never leave you.
I'm cold Sassenach.
Touch me.
Touch me before I sleep.
No, no, no, no.
You stay with me.
Here, I'm here.
No, don't leave me.
You're not leaving me.
Oh, stay with me.
I'm right here.
That's it, yeah.
Ye gave me yer word.
Now I'm giving it back.
When the time comes ye may take my leg.
I don't know why I even took it.
Just felt compelled, for some reason.
I thought maybe if Claire knew the species, it might help.
It's stupid, really.
Smell it.
Okay? Better? This one, you can pick it up.
Yeah, pick one.
Touch it, just This one, pick it up.
Pick it up.
- Fergus.
- Pick it up.
- Fergus.
- What is it? Uh, I'll go fetch milady, all right? There's no time.
Oh, this one's not waiting.
Oh! Ye're not going anywhere! I'm here.
Where the hell is everyone? I need more than one pair of hands for this.
When it's done, take the leg and bury it And never tell me where it is.
I'm sorry, Uncle.
I didna mean what I said to you before.
Aye, ye did.
You meant it.
You were right to say it.
It's all right.
We're ready I suppose.
If you're inclined to pray then now would be a good time.
You'll need this.
Did you know that pit vipers have beautiful engineering? Their fangs are connected to a venom sac in their cheek.
So when they bite down, the cheek muscles squeeze the venom out of the sac, down through the fang and into their prey.
- What? - Mama, their fangs are hollow.
Jesus H.
Roosevelt Christ.
You made a syringe.
Is that the same snake? Fair's fair.
Brace yourself.
Beautiful engineering indeed.
I'm so sorry I missed your arrival.
But I'm very happy that you're healthy and safe.
We're going to call her Félicité.
It's beautiful.
I wanted to wait to be sure ye were fine before I, um Well, I'd like to point out that you are, in fact, alive.
I didna think ye'd be one to gloat Professor.
I wasn't gonna pass up this opportunity.
I may never get another one.
I want you to know You are no longer under any obligation to fulfill my dying wish.
I know.
But I still want to go with you to Wylie's Landing.
I want to be there when you meet Stephen Bonnet.
You tried to die on me, didn't you? That's why you had Roger and Ian bring you in here.
Yeah, it wouldn't have taken much effort.
And not dying was harder.
I may have resigned myself to die, but that was that was before I made my choice.
When I realized my heart was slowing, the pain was growing further away The fever faded from both body and mind, leaving the mind clear.
I saw it Saw what? I-it wasn't a-a door exactly, more of a passageway of some kind.
And I could go through it if I wanted, and I did want to.
I knew what lay behind me, too.
I realized at that moment, I had a choice Go forward or turn back.
And that's when you asked me to touch you? I knew ye were the one thing that could bring me back.
So why did you choose to stay? 'Cause ye need me.
But not because you love me? Whether I'm dead or you Whether we're together or apart I will always love you.
There's a war coming.
God has made me what I am.
He's given me a duty.
And I must do it no matter the cost.
Well, whatever the reason James Fraser, you made the wise choice.

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