Outlander (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

Mercy Shall Follow Me

- Previously: - You're to be congratulated.
Your son is now the proud owner of River Run.
I can procure you whatever you wish.
I know an Irish seafaring gentlemen who does business in Wilmington.
My husband's whisky venture Mr Bonnet doesn't do business with people he doesn't know.
Mr Bonnet will be personally meeting Mr Alexander Malcolm.
You must kill Stephen Bonnet.
Don't know if I can take another man's life.
A plan has been put in motion to find and kill Stephen Bonnet.
Bonnet could have the right to take Jemmy away from us.
He attacked me.
People of this time see the child as proof that you were a willing participant.
I could've been brave.
I could've fought.
I hate myself for what happened.
- You couldn't have stopped him.
- I could have tried harder.
It took courage not to fight.
If ye did, he would have killed ye.
The time has come to approach the magistrate with our request.
Obviously, your occupation makes matters a bit more difficult.
A gentleman has no occupation.
And that is why, as your lawyer, I advise you to be more discreet with your dealings.
You have allies among the wealthy.
You've been exonerated for your crimes.
But for now, I recommend that you lie low.
I'd like to lay low under my regular mare there.
People might turn a blind eye to smuggling tobacco or whisky, but there have been rumblings that you're trading commodities of a female nature.
My business is none of their business.
Do you want custody of your son or not, Mr Bonnet? I've made allies due to those very dealings, Mr Forbes.
They owe their wealth and influence in part to me, as do you.
So I suggest you start to behave more as my lawyer and less as my priest.
Oh, you have a priest? I need you to consult with the magistrate.
When will we have his signature, sir? I've provided him with the names of the witnesses from the tavern, and I've confirmed that they will attest to the circumstances on said evening.
We should have a signature by the end of the week, and young Jeremiah will be with his father.
From your lips to God's ears, Mr Forbes.
If we might discuss the matter of my compensation.
I'm no fortune teller but once I claim my son, I foresee an unlucky accident for Jocasta Innes and her new bridegroom.
Such a shame, them being married for so short a time.
How she chose that old buffoon, I'll never know.
And she humiliated me during my courtship with her niece.
When River Run's mine, you'll get your money.
The agreed-upon 20 percent.
We'll have a dram on the front porch in celebration.
I look forward to it.
In the meantime, Mistress Innes has asked to see me.
I'm intending to sail up on the Sally Ann to Cross Creek tomorrow.
Not a word of this to anyone.
Confidentiality is my livelihood.
I have a really bad feeling about this.
I want Bonnet out of our lives for good.
And nowhere near you or our son.
Getting rid of Bonnet is for the greater good.
Though I still don't trust Philip Wylie even though he stands to make a lot of money from this deal.
I think he'll keep his word.
But what if he doesn't? Well, if he doesn't, I'll likely be dead.
So if ye could find the time, I'll appreciate it if ye'll make him suffer for it.
Here comes our go-between now.
Mr Alexander Malcolm.
Glad you could join us.
Well, Uncle, is this what ye had in mind? Even better.
What about my markings? I'll help you find some clay to cover them up.
Though we don't have to fool them for very long.
We must get to Wylie's Landing before the parley.
We'll leave at dawn.
If we've no' returned to Wilmington in two days, go back to the Ridge.
If you don't return, we're coming to find you.
I thought ye might say that.
Dinna fash.
Bonnet's only a man.
And nothing more.
It is rather small, isn't it? Well, sometimes the smallest things in life are the most useful.
What use do you have for it? Well, it will be an instrument for a physician.
It will hold medicinal liquid.
But it has a hole on both sides.
It's not finished yet.
The smith is going to make something for the bottom and a needle to put in the top.
It's a syringe.
I've heard of those, usually a tube fitted with a piston.
Aren't syringes made of brass? Well, usually, yes.
But I prefer when they're made of glass.
It's easier to sterilise.
To use before you heal.
Well, I did blow a glass tube for a thermometer last spring.
I suppose a glass tube is a glass tube.
Come back again in a few days' time.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Well, that's one down.
Let's hope the smith doesn't think we're practising witchcraft, asking for a hollow needle.
No kidding.
When was the hypodermic needle invented, again? Not for a while yet.
I really need one.
You've seen your father.
He has a knack for almost getting himself killed every time he gets out of bed.
I swear that man is like a cat.
Got nine lives, if not more.
What if he doesn't come alone? I'm sure he won't.
He'll bring his sailors wi' him.
What do ye ken about them, from yer voyage? They sail with him like they eat scorpion fish, only when they're hungry and have no other options.
His sailors follow his commands out of fear, not love.
So long as we take care not to give them reason to think we're a threat, I don't think they'll be much troubled about Bonnet's fate.
Except they'll be in need of new employment.
Keep yer wits about ye.
This is our one chance.
There may not be another.
So we've got the kelp for the iodine.
And what else are we looking for? Well, certain shells.
I can grind them down to use their calcium.
And maybe some sponges to use in surgery.
I can do shells.
I'll save some for Jem.
Maybe I'll make him a mobile, might make him sleep better.
When he comes, I want to be the one to kill him.
Now ye're telling me.
You said it yourself, he's just a man.
I ken what I said.
I know what you're thinking.
I've never killed a man or fought in battle.
I'm no marksman and only a half-decent swordsman, but he's mine.
I will take him.
Brianna's yer daughter, but she's my wife.
Don't hesitate.
Dinna challenge him.
Kill him the moment you have the chance.
If you fall, Roger Mac, know I will avenge ye.
And if you fall, I will avenge you.
A bargain, is it? A rare bargain indeed.
Is that what I think it is? We didn't often get to see sights like that in our time.
There's so much here that's unspoiled.
There's so many of them now.
And to think by the end of the 19th century, whalers had all but wiped them out.
I can see why Melville was inspired to write about them.
God, I love Moby Dick.
Yeah, me too.
I remember seeing a whale fluke off of Cape Cod once.
Remember when we used to race there on the beach when I was little? Man, that is not as easy in a corset.
I think I'm getting old.
All right, I'm gonna live dangerously, dip my toes in the water.
Oh, you're braver than I am.
I think I might go search for some more shells.
- Are you Malcolm? - Aye.
You must be Captain Bonnet? - Pleased to finally make your acquaintance.
- No.
Captain's not coming.
He sent us to inspect the goods.
But that wasn't the arrangement.
Arrangement's changed.
- Why? - He had business elsewhere.
You want the whisky put on the ship or not? Where are the barrels? Where are the goods? Do you know whose time you're wasting? The barrels are in the shed.
What took you so long? You were doing so well, I didna think you needed the help.
Where's Stephen Bonnet? Who wants to know? Where is he? Answer the question.
Where's Stephen Bonnet? They say the sea lives inside every shell.
Can you hear it? The sea calling? What are you doing here? I was walking down the thoroughfare in Wilmington when I saw you from afar.
I thought to myself, "Doesn't she look familiar?" You see, I never forget a face.
Neither yours nor your lovely daughter's.
She seems to have inherited your beauty.
How's my son? Does he resemble his handsome father? You don't have a son.
You're misinformed.
Your daughter told me as much to my face.
I think I found Bree, run! No.
- Go! - I am not leaving you.
- Let her go.
- Shoot him! Let her go! Put that down or I'll cut her throat on the count of three.
One, two Wait! Wait.
I'll let your mother go as long as you come along with me.
It's my son and you I'm wanting.
Bree! Brianna! Would you like some tea? - Where are we? - You're safe on my island.
Where the hell is my mother? I left her on the beach.
I have no quarrel with her.
- We have a quarrel with you.
- Still? It's not because I couldn't remember your name in the jail, is it? Can't we just let bygones be bygones? I have something for you.
For our son.
He's not our son.
His father is my husband, Roger MacKenzie.
I know you had to tell him that the boy was his, but you and I know the truth.
We made him.
And there's no denying that.
I wanna do right by you and him.
To be a real father.
I have something for you too.
It's Brianna.
Where is she? Bonnet has her.
You look so beautiful in your gift.
Please come in.
Am I supposed to pull out the chair for you? Please sit down.
When we're at River Run, we'll have better servants to do this for us.
You mean slaves.
Is it the master of the house who's supposed to do it? Should I pass this with both hands? You'll teach me.
I don't think anyone can teach you a damn thing.
A damn thing, huh? I'm surprised to hear language like that from a lady.
You think someone lowly like me can't better himself? What I need is something I can't buy.
- A moral compass? - To make sure our son knows what to do, how to get on in the world.
You can show me how to be in your world and in his.
Show me what to do.
How to be a worthy gentleman, and no harm will come to you.
Why do you want to be a gentleman? You saw something in me.
You're drawn to me.
We're drawn to each other.
That's why fate has brought us together again and again.
To be parents to Jeremiah.
You know his name? Of course I do.
Let's eat.
Elbows off the table in polite society.
And don't bend down to your food.
You bring your fork up to your mouth.
It's improper for a lady and gentleman to be alone like this.
I can have some of my men come and join us, if you'd prefer.
Thank you.
What now, then? How do men and women of our standing pass the time? You could read to me.
That is something a gentleman would do.
Or if you don't know how, then maybe I could read to you.
Is that something you do for our son? Does he like that? I love reading.
Putting yourself in other people's shoes living with characters, learning what drives them.
Usually it's love, money revenge.
Which do you think drives me? Money.
That's why I'm here, isn't it? Because you want River Run.
It isn't ladylike to hurt a man's pride, surely, thinking me no better than a common thief.
Well, it isn't love, is it? Prove me wrong.
You don't hurt the people you love.
And if it's revenge, I have done nothing to you.
There are two sides to every story.
You don't know mine.
If I were to tell Jeremiah my story, our story will he feel for me? You can't make someone love you.
Well, I've heard the expression "learn to love.
" Perhaps you could learn to love me for the sake of our son.
I think I could learn to love you.
When you came to me in the jail and told me that there'd be something left of me on this earth I couldn't forget how that made me feel.
It wasn't for revenge or for money.
So will you teach me how to love? I'll read for you.
Like I read to Jeremiah.
This book is a good one.
I think you'll like it.
"The mysterious sea captain of the Pequod was a man named Ahab.
He stood on two legs, one of flesh and bone.
The other one was made out of the bones of a whale.
His leg had been taken during a voyage by another monstrous white whale known as Moby Dick.
" This is one of Jeremiah's favourites.
So my son likes tales of the sea.
"Captain Ahab nailed a doubloon to the mast of his ship and swore that there would be a great prize for the first man to sight the whale.
He said they would stop at nothing until they found him and killed him.
" Please.
Please keep reading.
"The beast was unpredictable, as was the sea.
But every day, they arose thinking that today would be the day that they would look the monster in the eye.
" What happens in the end? Does he get the whale? Well, you don't want me to tell you now, do you? There's so much more to come.
You must be tired, and I wanna know how this ends.
I really hope that Ahab slaughters the whale and gets his revenge.
Moby Dick capsizes Ahab's boat, destroys the ship, and Ahab is dragged under the sea.
What, the monster prevails? And Ahab is drowned, then? Well, that depends on which one you think is the monster.
The man hell-bent on revenge, or the whale who's hunted.
The sea is a treacherous place where creatures prey upon one another.
And the sea herself is hungry for souls.
What does that mean? A nightmare.
The sea it comes for me.
Darkness closes in.
I cannot move.
No one comes.
No one ever comes.
It's only a dream.
So you don't think any less of me for telling you? No.
I could never think any less of you.
Does Jeremiah get scared? Have nightmares and the like? Sometimes.
He's only a little boy.
He needs his mother.
Oh, I never had a mother.
Or a father.
Or a I was an orphan.
What do you do to comfort him? How could I comfort him? Please.
Please tell me.
I would go to him take him in my arms and I would hold him there until he feels safe.
Will you show me? A lady would say "good night" now and she would go to her bed.
Then I look forward to bidding you good morning.
Me too.
Good morning, my lady.
Breakfast is served.
Tea? So would we live here? We could live anywhere you'd like.
A place in town, if it pleases you.
I was thinking I should go and fetch Jeremiah.
I can't be away from him for too long.
I'll come with you.
Perhaps it would be better if I tell him that you're going to be in his life.
We don't want to upset him.
He is only young.
We don't how my family are going to react.
My father and Roger are Well, they're not like you.
It would be more prudent if I were to go.
Then I'll come back to you.
Fate will bring me back to you.
Like it has before.
Is that what you want? Well, it's what we both want, isn't it? When would you go? Should we not spend more time together here first to bond? I miss Jemmy so much, and I know that you want to meet him.
The sooner I can leave, the sooner I will return to you.
And while you're gone, I'll go to Wilmington and find us a place.
With a parlour and a bedchamber for us and for our son.
And we'll seal our promise to one another with a kiss.
If there's one thing I don't need to be taught it's what a kiss is.
- That was just our first time - Don't.
- We should try again - I'm not good enough for you, eh? - No, no.
That is not - I'll give you a reason to despise me.
I hoped I hoped you were being truthful.
I was.
I I let my feelings cloud my judgement.
And the last time I did that, I was a young workman, and I was fooled into thinking the other men liked me.
And they got me drunk, and they left me for dead in the foundations of a cellar I'd helped them dig.
I don't need you to get Jemmy.
I'll show you what you're missing.
For a few pennies more, you could watch me and her.
That one won't be enjoying herself today.
Then I'll collect my money.
But send for me again when it suits you.
I'll fetch your coin.
But don't let her out of your sight.
Do you know where we are? This place? Ocracoke.
Do you know Mr Bonnet well? Yes.
He sends for me when the fancy takes him, or he brings me out on a boat with him.
He's fond of breakfast in bed, if you take my meaning.
But I've never known him to have two girls together or to be wanting someone watch while he's at his pleasure.
Was it to your liking? You don't understand.
He's holding me here against my will.
Well, whoever you are, he takes what he wants and you better not cross him.
- What's your name? - They call me Eppie.
Eppie, I have to get away from here.
Chances are he'll tire of you in a few days.
No, you don't That's not what he wants from me.
- Is it money? - No, I He means to ransom you? I've never known scruples to interfere with the man's appetite.
If I give you this, will you help me? Help you do what? Get word to my husband.
His name is Roger MacKenzie, and he's in Wilmington, as is my father, James Fraser.
You need to tell them where I am.
Rich, your family, then, are they? Very.
I'd like to help you but Bonnet is a fair man, as long as your interests run with his.
- If it doesn't, there won't be no warning.
- Please One moment, whisky and song, the next, you're breathing blood, if you're still breathing at all.
Mind your tongue, and all will be well.
I am begging you, woman to woman Fuck.
Mr Wylie.
What is the meaning of this? Why are you accosting me in the street? Tell us where Bonnet is.
You said he'd come to us, but he didn't.
Did you give us up? Did you tell him it was me? No, I swear.
I don't know where he is.
He keeps his goods at my landing, and all I did was arrange for him - to meet you there.
- He has my wife! Where's his ship? Where does he make berth? I don't know.
If I did, I'd tell you.
He's made my life a misery, threatening me with blackmail over business he draws profit from.
There's a brothel he frequents, Mistress Sylvie's.
He and I have had meetings there in the past.
I'm sure you will find someone there who knows Bonnet.
He is a creature of habit.
And make yourself scarce, Mr Wylie.
Without a shadow of a doubt.
You two stay in the tavern in case Bonnet or his men come looking for us.
Dinna ken what he might do.
Claire and I will pay Mistress Sylvie a visit.
Will ye have Mary fetch some of her wee cakes, Ulysses? Of course, sir.
There's no need, Ulysses.
This is business, not pleasure.
We can eat afterwards.
Very good, mistress.
I'm not invalid.
But you've been suffering wi' yer headaches of late.
I have been looking forward to this.
You have my blessing to do as you wish, my dear.
Mr Forbes, mistress.
I'll leave you to it.
I'll see you're not disturbed.
A pleasure as always, Mistress Innes.
What can I do for you? My nephew, Jamie, visited us not so long ago with happy news from the Ridge.
My great-nephew, Ian, has returned from the Mohawk.
Oh, really? How interesting.
And Marsali's had another bairn, a wee girl.
Oh, yeah, that's lovely.
So I was thinking, we're very comfortable, Mr Innes and I, and we will be for the rest of our days.
We dinna want for much.
We canna take it with us when we You can't take what with you? Our earthly belongings, Mr Forbes.
I want you to help me bestow some gifts upon my family.
Gifts? What kind of gifts? My fortune.
- Can I help you? - Good afternoon.
Unusual to have husband and wife visit, but not unheard of.
Mabel wouldn't mind being partial to women.
We're not here for that.
We would like to speak to your ladies, urgently.
That'll be 10 shillings for the inconvenience.
And what price would you put on a girl's life? Are you threatening me? No.
We're looking for someone, and we have reason to believe that you or some of your ladies might know where he is.
We're looking for a man named Stephen Bonnet.
You'll find paper and writing implements on the table.
Now, Marsali and Fergus, I'd like to give them 100 pounds.
And you're certain that Mr Innes is amenable to this? He is indeed amenable.
Oh, you're fortunate to have found such a good match.
And 50 pounds for their son, Germain, and of course for Joanie.
Twenty for the wee one and perhaps 20 more for luck.
Are you recording this? Of course.
Every word.
Do stop me if I go too quickly.
Oh, not at all.
Young Ian, bless him, something to get him on his feet.
One hun No.
Two hundred pounds.
Well, that is astonishingly kind.
You hardly know the lad.
And he's been living with the Indians.
Nevertheless, he is kin.
Was it not enough to bequeath your property to young Jeremiah MacKenzie? You're diminishing from his inheritance.
'Tis better to give than to receive.
Brianna and Roger.
I'm hoping to give them a sizeable sum.
Perhaps 1000 pounds.
Well There we are.
Miss Brianna and her husband will be quite comfortable as well.
I had hoped it would be you she chose, but 'tis all water under the bridge by now.
Oh, we mustn't forget young Lizzie.
The servant? She's a poor sweet thing.
- Twenty-five pounds? - No.
No? Whatever is the matter, Mr Forbes? You can't give away my money.
Your money? You've left me no choice.
You've robbed me of my dignity.
I would have been a good husband to you or Brianna! You won't rob me of my share in your fortune! Mistress! Mistress.
Never heard of him.
Your hip.
What did you call me? I didn't call you anything.
I merely identified what's causing the pain in your hip and your back and the pain that shoots down your leg from time to time.
How did? Are you a conjure woman? No.
I'm a healer, and I can tell that you're in a great deal of pain.
Let me help you.
Turn around.
Give me your gown.
Here, hold on to the chair.
Did you know that your legs are uneven? Your left leg Well, it's longer than your right.
And lift your right heel as I adjust it.
Lift up.
Any half-decent cobbler should be able to make you a lift about this thickness.
It should greatly reduce your pain.
Perhaps even in time, it'll completely disappear.
I'm not so popular as to have spare money going for fancy shoes.
I'll be happy to make a contribution.
- Why? - Because when someone is in need and you can help, then you help.
Stephen Bonnet took my daughter.
She has a husband and a small child, and I need to bring her home.
If he ever learned it was me, he'd slit my throat.
He will never find out.
You'll need a boat.
I found a boat from a fisherman.
Very good.
Let's go.
What did you pay him with? Oh, I didna need money, Auntie.
He gladly took Mr Malcolm's new clothes in return.
Come and greet Captain Howard, sweetheart.
Please, sir, I'm being held against my will.
My husband and my Of course you are.
I wouldn't be here to make a purchase if you were here voluntarily.
Very lovely indeed.
But the red hair.
I do prefer a flaxen mane.
She's very fine.
She's in good health.
The teeth The teeth.
Very nice.
Has she Wild bitch.
Captain, she's not yours yet, is she? Mine or not, someone should teach her some manners.
I admit, I don't often shy away from a challenge.
Breaking a wild mare.
Six pounds.
We're old friends.
You can take her for 6.
She's nothing but property.
She's not worth more than that.
We're agreed, then? Yes.
She's yours as soon as I see the money.
Follow me to the boat.
Manny holds the purse.
Very well.
First, let's have another drink.
For you, sweetheart, brandy.
Well, you've earned it.
Please, don't do this.
Please, I am begging you.
I can't be parted from Jemmy.
Please don't do this.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of him.
My purse.
Bree! Manny! Brianna! You're safe.
We'll take our leave.
To the boat, lad.
Come on.
Do you think his men will come for him? Not if they have any sense.
They'll be rid of him soon enough.
They'll have a ship and their freedom.
And we saved them the bother of a mutiny.
You can have a drop.
For your soul.
Know that whatever happens, the last face you'll see on this earth willna be that of a friend.
I wanna take him to Wilmington.
I want him to be judged according to the law.
But can you trust them? His dealings have bought a lot of influence in Wilmington.
This bastard may have influence with businessmen and landowners, but surely Governor Tryon outdoes them all.
Even from New York.
Tryon still owes us for his mistake at Alamance.
He'll see him condemned.
That I'm sure of.
Stephen Bonnet, known pirate and smuggler, was tried this morning before the Wilmington Committee of Safety.
And upon testimony of his crimes having been presented by a number of persons, was convicted of them and sentenced to death by drowning.
Was that mercy? Or was it to make sure he's dead?
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