Outlander (2014) s07e02 Episode Script

The Happiest Place On Earth

[CLAIRE] Previously
You are not allowed to die.
I can't be without you.
Neither can your new grandchild.
Who are you?
My name's Wendigo Donner.
I need gemstones. I need to get home.
I have gemstones.
[WENDIGO] I don't want to hurt anybody.
I'm not a thief, okay?
I just needed a gemstone
to get back to my own time.
And the gold, Mr. Fraser?
King Louis never sent gold
to the Stuarts.
All I found was an empty box,
save for one jewel.
I saved it, thinkin' it might be useful.
He is the ninth Earl of Ellesmere.
He doesna ken I'm his father,
and he never will.
For if the truth were ever found out,
his life would be ruined.
News of our death.
We die in a fire.
[ROGER] Please stand
before we go outside
to lay Malva's body and that
of her baby boy to rest.
They're dead because of you.
And yet you still get to live
your happy little lives.
[CLAIRE] What do we learn from the dead
if not the lessons of life?
What had Tom Christie taught me,
since he surely was gone by now?
His sacrifice reminded me
that we should make an effort
to truly live,
to count our lives
in thoughts, feelings,
breaths, and heartbeats,
not the number of days,
months, or years,
because tomorrow is not promised.
Mr. Christie.
I looked for you after I came
back from Wilmington.
I was told you'd left the Ridge.
I've been staying in the woods
so I can be near her.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Both your sister and your father.
My loss.
I know you loved your sister very much.
Your father he loved you both.
Not as I loved her.
I loved her with all my heart.
From the time she was born
and she was given to me to hold,
there were no other for either of us.
Father was gone to prison.
And mother
Ah, mother.
I know about your mother.
Your father told me.
Did he?
Did he tell you that my aunt
took me and Malva
to her execution?
[ALLAN] We stayed
with Auntie Darla after that.
The old besom barely fed us.
It was me who looked after Malva.

[SNIFFLES] She was perfect.
So perfect.

Her skin was so fresh and soft.
Her wee privates, like a flower bud.
She was mine.
She was mine!
The old man never knew, never guessed
what we were to each other.
You killed her.
[ALLAN] It wasn't her fault. None of it.
But then I found out
that she lay with Ian.

And then again
with that filthy Henderson.
And I beat her for it.
But she cried out that she'd had to
[SOBS] because she was with child.
She said she'd have to marry
and there had to be reason
for the husband to think
that the child was his, whoever she wed.
And I said I wouldn't have it.
So you put her up to saying
it was Jamie's.
Would explain the child, see?
That way, she wouldn't have
to marry anyone.
I thought your husband
would give her money
and tell her to go away.
And then I could go away with her.
But why did you kill her, then?
She said she couldn't go
through with it.
She said she couldn't bear
to hurt you so.
No matter what I said,
she kept saying that she loved you
and she'd tell the truth.
I followed her to your house.
And I stopped her in the gardens,
and I tried to change her mind.
But I couldn't.
We're leaving today.
You, me, and our child.
Allan, please, it isn't right.
I've changed my mind.
[ALLAN] But I love you. [WEEPS]

I don't love you.
[ECHOING] I don't love you.
I don't love you.
I don't

You shouldn't have loved anyone but me.
- No. No!
- Give it to me.
- I won't let you do it.
- You can't kill yourself.
Your father sacrificed himself for me
and for you,
whether you deserved it or not.
Leave, Allan, and never come back.
I cannot live!
I cannot

He's right, Auntie. He can't.
All this time, I thought
maybe the bairn was mine.
But it was his.
Still, it deserved to live.

Sweet Malva.
I failed her
now Allan.
The whole family gone.
The terrible waste of it all.

I knew the devil had his hands
on Allan Christie
the first time I laid eyes on him.
Proved himself a liar and a thief
and God only knows what else.
I don't know what he did.
But I do know both of you well enough
he must have deserved it.
Now best we hurry
before someone else comes along.

[SINGER] Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Billow and breeze ♪
Islands and seas ♪
Mountains of rain and sun ♪
All that was good ♪
All that was fair ♪
All that was me ♪
Is gone ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
[CLAIRE] Well, the boring part
is definitely over now.
We're at the bottom of the ninth.
- One more push, darling.
[CLAIRE] That's it.
[CLAIRE] Oh, she's beautiful.
- She.

My wee granddaughter.
She looks like you. [CHUCKLES]
[ROGER] Does she?
Oh, hello there, little Otto.
What do you think? Is she a Marjorie,
- after your mother?
[ROGER] I think her name's Amanda.
It's Latin.
"She who is loved." Hmm?

"Born to Captain Roger MacKenzie
of Fraser's Ridge and his lady,
Mistress Brianna MacKenzie"
[CHUCKLES] "A girl."
"Mother and child are in good health.
"The child's name given
as Amanda Claire Hope MacKenzie."
Well, I suppose
that makes it official, then.
I do like the way
it looks in print. [CHUCKLES]
- Well done, cousin.
- Thanks.
How thoughtful of Fergus
to publish a notice.
Our little Mandy, already famous.
- And Amy MacCallum
just sent over
this quilt she made for her.
That's lovely.
Speaking of our famous daughter,
where is she?
Oh, with her grandda.

What do you think?
A fine bay, he is.
Same as Grannie's horse.
And he's all yours, a leannan.
Foals cans stand and walk
as soon as they're born,
gallop the day after.
It'll take you a-a wee bit longer
to run through these fields,
but, now, someday you'll ride him.
Grandda will teach you.
And you will be a braw equestrian.

[CLAIRE] What do we think
of all this, then?
That's Grannie's microscope.
Yes, and all her herbs and medicines.
Hmm. And one day,
she's going to teach you all about them.
Yes. And if you'd like,
you can become a surgeon just like her.
- Hmm?

- One second, darling.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh.

Just lie still for Grannie.
One second.
Oh, bloody hell.
What? What is it? What's wrong?
Mama, tell me.
Tell me.
It's her heart.

It's called patent ductus arteriosus.
It's quite common in newborns,
especially those who are born
a little early.
And what is that?
The ductus arteriosus
is a small blood vessel
that joins the aorta
to the pulmonary artery.
And when a baby's born
and takes its first breath,
it closes permanently,
allowing blood to flow
from the heart to the lungs.
And Mandy's didn't close?
That's right. It's "patent."
So it remains open, causing excess blood
to flow to the lungs,
which then swell and become congested,
which means that not enough
oxygenated blood
flows around the body.
And you're sure this is what she has?
I can't be 100% certain.
This blue tinge on her nail beds
it's what first caught my attention.
[SIGHS] I knew something was wrong.
She doesn't nurse
like Jemmy did, but I
I should have told you.
I just thought she was a fussy baby.
I noticed her wheezing once or twice,
but I-I didn't I didn't think
it was anything to worry about.
You're parents, not doctors.
So what now then?
Since she's already
experiencing symptoms
it doesn't look good.
W-will she die?
[CLAIRE] There's no way to be sure.
But it will get worse as time goes on.
And without surgery
Can you fix it?
No, I can't.
Even with the ether?
But I know somebody who can.

[ROGER] We don't even know
if she can travel.
And she's so tiny.
Can she survive the trip?
We don't even know if we can travel.
The last time we tried,
the stones brought us right back here.
What if we get split up?
It was risky enough with three,
- but four of us
- I'll take her.
- You stay here with Jem.
- [ROGER] No.
Roger, you're supposed to go
back to Edenton.
You can complete your studies
and get ordained.
No. We're a family.
We'll all go.
God will have to wait.
We could travel
to the stone circle in Virginia
No. The ones on Ocracoke.
They're closer.
Mama said that's
where Otter Tooth came through.
I came here to save my parents.
But I will do anything
to save our daughter.
I'll have no regrets.

[CLAIRE] If I were in my own time,
I'd be with Brianna and Roger
in the waiting room,
trusting her care to another doctor.
And I'm her grandmother.
I just wish I could fix her.
But I'm not a heart surgeon.
But I-I could find a way
I did a cardiac rotation.
I-I-I watched, I assisted.
I can feel my fingers working.
Small incision in the auxiliary vessel.
A quick ligation of the ductus.
A number eight silk.
[SIGHS] It's impossible.
I don't have an operating theater
and no nurses.
And operating on an infant is
There is one thing we can do, Sassenach.
I ken it may not be
your first inclination,
but I I find it eases the mind.
Who are we praying to?
St. Eligius.
Patron of horsemen.
What does that got to do
with a sick child?
Hmm. Well, now, Sassenach,
now, that is between me
and the wee bairn.
But, uh
I ken the saint will look after her
if we ask.

Huh. She likes it well enough.
Maybe, but we can't know for sure.
Jemmy, can you hear anything
when you listen to the stone?
Yes. It sings.
She can hear it too.
Well, how do you know?
She said so.

Well, you have one gem, at least.
We could try the silversmith
in Wilmington.

I'm hungry.
[CLAIRE] Oh, me too.
I'll stay with the children.
Thanks. I'll be as quick
as I can at the baker's.
Come on, lad.
Give your grandda a wee help
with the baggage, huh?
Well, wish me luck at the silversmith's.
Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.
We'll finish in here.
We should not be arguing
in the middle of the street.

[BRIANNA] Lord John.
Mistress MacKenzie.
My dear.
How delightful
to encounter you again.
May I present my son,
Lieutenant Lord Ellesmere?
William Ransom.
Your servant, madam.
And my I present
Mistress Brianna MacKenzie?
Have we met before, Mistress MacKenzie?
I, uh I would have remembered.
But I have seen a portrait of you.
Mistress MacKenzie is
the daughter of James Fraser.
Ah, yes.
The groom at Helwater
when I was a child.
[GREY] Yes.
And what brings you to Wilmington?
My husband and I
are on our way to Boston.
[BRIANNA] It's a long story.
But w-what about you?
I thought you'd gone back to England.
My regiment is here
to help quell the trouble.
insisted on accompanying me
on the journey.
I merely thought it was an opportune
moment to visit Mount Josiah.
I wish I was going to Boston.
I'm looking forward to engaging
the enemy when the time comes.
You know, a clever man once said,
"The best way to defeat an enemy
is to make him a friend."
Have you had a lot of enemies?
No, I-I just, uh
Sometimes the only way
to settle things is with iron and blood.
In any case, I hope
our paths shall cross again
in peaceful times.
That'd be lovely.
And I hope you'll see me as a friend.

I'm afraid I must take
my leave of you, now.
Father, until this evening.

So that was the ninth Earl
of Ellesmere, huh?
Indeed. [SIGHS]
Thank you.
For your discretion.
Of course.
So you're not ever going
to tell him about Da?
Don't you think he has a right to know?
Are you quite mad?
There are only five people who know
of William's true parentage,
two of whom have taken
the secret to their grave.
The others have expended
considerable efforts
over the last [CHUCKLES] 18 years
to make sure that no one,
William included,
should ever have cause to doubt
that he is the ninth Earl of Ellesmere.
I am the only father
that William's ever known.
Do you know what it would do to him
to find this out now?

The man who raised me
his name was Frank.
He's gone now, but I loved him so much.
When I first found out about Da,
I I didn't want to believe it.
I already had a father.
I didn't want another one.
But, then I met Da,
and it was he was
well, who he is.
I haven't forgotten my other father
or stopped loving him.
I never will.
How good to see you.
Come in.
May I offer you some refreshment?
Ah, thank you, no.
Oh, it's just as well.
We are, as you said,
on opposing sides of history.
Or at least, regrettably,
on opposing sides of what I fear
may be a lengthy conflict.
Well, lengthy, perhaps.
Regrettable, certainly.
[GREY] In Parliament, they're saying
that America is a son who has
dishonored his father.
And we must teach him a lesson.
Well, there comes a time when every son
must leave his father.
I see that William is leaving you.
[SIGHS] I wrote to apprise you
of his decision to join the army.
But I fear my missive must have crossed
while you were on your journey here.
He is determined to fight.
He has your stubbornness.
I fear you may be right
about that, John.
In better circumstances,
we'd be discussing
suitable wives for William,
not regiments.
I see he and Bree have made
each other's acquaintance.
So they have.
I do so wish
that you could spend some time with him.
Dinna fash, John. [CHUCKLES]
It is enough for me having
seen them together even once.
For now, it is a picture
in my mind always.
How long will you be in Wilmington?
Uh, only long enough to procure a jewel.
- [GREY] What sort of jewel?
- Ah, 'tis, uh
'Tis for Bree.
Well, your daughter is of the mind
that I should tell William
the truth about his father.
[CHUCKLES] She said
he had a right to know.
Hmm. And what did you tell her?
I told her that I am not of that mind.
[JAMIE CHUCKLES] On that we agree.
Bree doesn't understand.
[CHUCKLES] She has her own opinions
on many subjects.
Like her mother?
Perhaps I will take that whisky.
[GREY] Don't suppose
you've changed your mind
and renounced your association
with the Sons of Liberty?
No. I havena.
And you will not fight for the crown,
even if for no other reason
than to stand beside your son?
The day I carried my godfather
from the battlefield at Alamance,
I swore I'd never fight
alongside the British army again.
Jamie, do you really think
that anyone could oppose
the Crown and win?
It doesna matter what I think.
Now, our continued association
canna but prove to be a danger
to us both.
I-I fear

I fear we must sever
all connection between us.
Damn this war.

Believe me, even in silence,
I shall remain your most humble friend.

I've kept it with me
these last 20 years.
Take it for Brianna.
John, are you sure?
You said you took it from that island
all those years ago
because you thought it might be
of use to you one day.
Perhaps this is that day.
Thank you.
It is my very great pleasure.


[ROGER] A silver thimble
with a garnet
set in a crown.
And a hair comb from France
with a small diamond in the filigree.
Seems you've been quite successful.
[BRIANNA] So that makes three.
From Lord John. Spoke with him earlier.
He wanted you to have it.
We set off for Ocracoke tomorrow.
You come for a walk with me, Brianna?
So you've met your brother?
Can't believe he's marching off to war.
I worry for him.
Aye. I worry for you both.
Guess that's what fathers do.
[BRIANNA] They remind me of Disneyland.
[JAMIE] Aye? Where's that?
[BRIANNA] It's this place
where stories come to life.
They say it's for children, but
really, it's for the child in everyone.
Mama and Daddy would take me
there every summer.
And the trees all had
these little lights in them.
Like fireflies.
What was it like there?
Oh, it was magical.
You'd hear music everywhere.
Musicians playing horns and drums,
marching up and down the streets.
- Hmm.
- You could go up
and shake hands with Mickey Mouse.
What's that?
It's this human-sized mouse
with these big ears and gloves.
What, a giant rat?
- They let the bairns
- play with it?
It's not a rat. It's a mouse.
But really, it's just a person
dressed up like a mouse.

When you're there,
the real world disappears.
Nothing bad can happen.
They call it
"the happiest place on Earth."
And for a little while
it really seems that way.
Is it disappointing here?
In this place? In this time?
No, not at all.
You are magical to me.

[JAMIE] Hmm.
I've thought about it now and then,
wondered, you ken, what'd it be like
if I could go with you to the future.
I'm trying to picture it.
You behind the wheel of a car
or going to an office
in a three-piece suit.
Or sitting in a movie theater
with Jem and Roger, watching Godzilla.
But I think you'd do fine.
- You could publish newspapers.
- Hmm.
You know how to do that.
Or-or-or I could be a farmer as well.
Surely folks still eat. [CHUCKLES]
This world of yours, this America,
this freedom that you go to,
there'll be a fearful price to be paid.
Will it be worth it?
Do you think?
Almost nothing would be worth
losing you.
But maybe that comes close.

[JAMIE] Bree was trying
to imagine me in the future.
If only we could follow them, Sassenach.
I've seen you there, you ken?
Dreamt of you in your proper time.
What was I doing?
And how did you know
it was my proper time?
I kent it was that time
because of the light.
You were
you were sitting at a desk,
maybe writing.
And there was light all around you.
It was shining on
your-your face, your hair.
But it wasna a candlelight
nor firelight.
I recall thinking to myself
as I saw you,
"Huh, now that must be what
electric light is like."
But how can you recognize
something in a dream
that you've never seen in real life?
Well, I dream of things
I havena seen all the time.
Do you not?
Well, yes.
Peculiar landscapes
or-or people I don't know.
But that's different.
Oh, I dream of the past.
Why would I not dream of the future?
Of course you would.

Why did you not tell me this before?
It's something that only happened
the past few years.
Didn't want you to think I was daft.

Where did you get this?
Been saving it.
If we hadn't found another,
I'd have given it for Mandy.

I thought, should I be killed,
you could take it, go back.
- You're still here.
- Aye.
But if you want to go with them, now

You're throwing it out?
I love you.
I'm not as brave
as I was before, you ken?
Not brave enough to live
without you anymore.

We should probably go fetch that gem.


I went through the stones once
to save my baby.
Now you're going back to save yours.
I love you so much, Mama.
[SNIFFLES] I can't believe
this is goodbye.
Last two times we said goodbye,
I thought it was forever.
Yet here we are.
So who knows?
My littlest angel, you're in good hands.

now, you-you look after
your baby sister, always.
And, uh, you teach her
how to play hide and seek
the way we taught you.
I love you.
I love you.

You traveled two hundred years
to be with Bree.
Wasna the life you chose,
but you didna let that stop you
becoming a husband, soldier
father, and a man of God.
A man of honor.
[CHUCKLES] I'm proud of you, Roger Mac.
And there's no other man
I'd trust with the lives
of my daughter and the bairns.
I'm so proud to call you family.
I'll remember you to the children.
So many stories to tell them.
Yeah, maybe leave out the one
about the snakebite, huh?
I felt like you were family the first
moment I met you.
Look after our girl.
I will.
I don't want to leave you, Grandda.
Oh. You're not leaving me, a bhailach.
I am always with you.
If, one day, you should meet
a very large mouse named Michael,
tell him your grandsire
sends his regards.

[JAMIE] You're a Fraser and a MacKenzie.
Same as me.
Your heart is strong.
It willna fail you.
I don't have the words, a leannan.
I canna say goodbye to you.
[BRIANNA] Dinna fash.
When you said goodbye
to Mama at the stones,
when she was carrying me,
you said that
[SNIFFLES] that I was all
that would ever be left of you.
But you are so much more than that.
I will carry you
in my heart and soul always.
You will always have me as well.
Nothing is lost. [SNIFFLES]
Only changed.

You are my daughter.



For your sake, I will continue.
Though for mine alone, I would not.
Is she all right?
- [BRIANNA] Yeah, she's breathing fine.
Are we here?
I don't know.
Well, Mama and Da are gone, so maybe?



What is it, a nighean?
[CLAIRE SIGHS] I don't know.
Every time I close my eyes, I

We've lost our family.
Fergus, Marsali, the children,
Brianna, Roger.
And we tell everyone
they're in Boston, but they're not.
They're not dead, Sassenach.
They're 200 years away. And
we'll never see them again.
Sometimes [SIGHS]
I think of Murtagh,
the weight of his body in my arms,
his eyes as he lay dying.
I think of my mother, father, brother
our wee Faith all gone.
And Jenny and Ian,
if I'll ever see them again.
- William.
We've lost a great many between us.
Can you bear it if I touch you?
I don't know.
Can you weep for them, mo nighean donn?
Grieve for them.
When you're done, I'll be here.

[CLAIRE] In the weeks that followed,
I took what comfort I could
in knowing that Brianna
and Roger were not dead,
but only elsewhere.
Lizzie delivered her son,
and the joy in baby Rodney's laugh
softened even Jamie,
who allowed the rather unusual family
to remain together.
We made new memories every day,
added them to the ghosts of older ones:
Mandy's foal, Jemmy's face
smeared with honey,
Brianna's laughter,
Roger's hands carving
one of the little toy cars.
But it had not cast its shadow over us.
We counted our blessings.
It really was
the happiest place on Earth.

Where did you get these?

My daughter made them.
Clever girl.
I wish I would have thought of that.

What the hell are you doing here?
I need your help.
How dare you come here
and ask me for my help?
Where were you when I needed help?
[WENDIGO] I wanted to help you.
But I couldn't.
Brown would have killed me.
You met my son-in-law.
He told me all about it.
Yeah. Smug bastard
wouldn't help me escape.
But I got free on my own.
What do you want?
[WENDIGO] Answers.
I took a gem to the stones.
But because of what happened
last time, I was nervous.
So I drank a bottle of whiskey.
I touched the damn things,
and I blacked out.
And when I woke up on the ground,
I was in the exact same place
I was before.
You have to tell me what I did wrong.
You have to tell me
how these things work.
You're the only one I can ask.
Nobody knows how it works,
not exactly.
You just have to think of someone
or some place. That's how you steer.
- Steer?
- [CLAIRE] Yes.
You can't drink, for God's sake.
You have to concentrate.
You have to go there with a clear head
and focus.
- That's all?
- [CLAIRE] Yes.
And you'll get
where you're supposed to be. I promise.
Now get the hell out of my house.
[WENDIGO] Not just yet.
See, when I woke up on the ground,
my emerald was gone.
So I'm gonna need another gemstone
probably more than one.
I assumed you wouldn't give
them up so easy,
so I brought some friends.
- Jed, in here.
I get the stones.
They get whatever they can take.
That's the deal.
You two, search the house.
- This idiot wants gemstones.
- So he said.
Tell me where they are,
or I'll shoot her in the head, I swear.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you. She's
the one who kens where the gems are.
- What?
- [JAMIE] Aye. Aye.
Last time I went out with the militia,
she hid them. Damn woman.
She willna tell me where she put them.
Dinna believe we've been
introduced, sir.
I'm James Fraser. And you are?
Wendigo Donner.
You find anything?
Certainly did.
Lookee here.
[MRS. BUG] Give that gold back.
Thievin' bastard.
- It's mine.
[WENDIGO] Shut up, God damn it.
Quit the gibberish.
It's gemstones I'm after, not gold.
Maybe she hid them in there.
Go search it.
There's nothing in there, I swear.
You idiot. There's nothing
in there for you.
What's that smell?
Don't breathe in the fumes.
[THUG] It's too damn dark!
I can't find anything.
No! No, don't do that! [MATCH RASPS]
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