Outlander (2014) s07e03 Episode Script

Death Be Not Proud

[CLAIRE] Previously
It's her heart.
- Can you fix it?
- [CLAIRE] No, I can't.
But I know somebody who can.
I went through the stones once
to save my baby.
We took an instant liking to each other
did we no, Adso?
Hello, cat.
[JOCASTA] Hector had stolen
a case of gold.
The king of France's mark on it.
Must be intended for Charles Stuart.
- [JAMIE] News of our death.
- [CLAIRE] January.
We die in a fire.
[WENDIGO] Search the house.
You find anything?
[MRS. BUG] Give that gold back.
It's gemstones I'm after.
Maybe she hid them in there.
What's that smell?
Ether. Don't breathe in the fumes.
[THUG] It's too damn dark.
No! No, don't do that!


[SINGER] Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Billow and breeze ♪
Islands and seas ♪
Mountains of rain and sun ♪
All that was good ♪
All that was fair ♪
All that was me ♪
Is gone ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
[FIONA] We've been keeping it safe,
but I've been dying
to know what's inside.
The bank said it's been in their vault
for 200 years.

Uh, maybe I should check on the kids.
They're outside in the garden
with Ernie and the girls.
I'll check on them for you.
Thank you.
[FIONA] I'm glad Mandy's doing so well.
And so glad you've come back.

[ROGER] Huh. A musket ball?

[JAMIE] "My dear daughter,
as you will see
if you ever receive this,
we are alive."
[CLAIRE] No! The ether!
Wendigo, blow that out.

[JAMIE] Arch! Murdina! Get out!

"Both your mother and
I are safe and well.
And we will always have a home
as long as we have each other."

- [YOUNG IAN] Uncle!
- [LIZZIE] Mistress!
[YOUNG IAN] What's happened?
Run for help. We need water!

Come on, men, come on!
Let me. Argh!
- Here.
- [YOUNG IAN] Move back!

It canna be saved.
Thank you all, but
there's nothing more we can do.

Well, it's not January.
And we're no' dead.
So much for our obituary.

Bloody newspapers.
Never get anything right.

You and your bloody matches.
You burned the house down.
[SCOFFS] What?
No, it was Mama's ether.
Come on, any kind of spark
could have caused that explosion.
But it wasn't any kind of spark.
Wendigo lit one of your matches.
[LAUGHING] You and your mother
the 18th century's lucky
to have survived you.
Me? Why are you saying that?
[ROGER] 'Cause, Brianna, it was you.
You caused a fire that they survived.
A different fire. Look at the date.
The fire from the
obituary didn't happen.
[CHUCKLES] It couldn't happen.
There was nothing left to burn.
So we actually did it. We saved them.
We changed history.


[JAMIE] Your hair smells
of smoke, Sassenach.
[CLAIRE] Everything smells of smoke.
[JAMIE] When ye're called to the aid
of a dying man
why is it that you never say no?
Though you ken the case is hopeless?
Because I can't
Because I
I cannot admit there is anything to do
but go on.

Nor will I.
I'm going to go and wash
the soot out of these.

I found this.
Thought you might like it back.
'Tis Willie. Lord John's lad, no?
I recognize his face
from when he was here at the Ridge.
Glad to have it back. Thank ye.
It's a shame they never returned.
But I did see him again.
In Wilmington.
Just before we saw your cousins away.
He's grown.
A soldier.
Goes by William now.
You must be proud.

How did you ken?
When he was here,
I saw you lookin' at him
the same way you were lookin'
at that portrait.
That and from what I remember,
he was a stubborn lad.
Wasna afraid to speak his mind, either.
Reminded me of my mother.
And you.
He's a Fraser sure enough.
Does he ken?
He can never know he's my son.
[YOUNG IAN] Dinna fash, Uncle.
Ye need Fraser blood to see it in him.
I will never speak of it to a soul.

[LIZZIE] We've brought you
some parsnip soup, mistress.
The fisherfolk have
sent blankets for ye.
And I-I thought you might be needin'
a spare blouse and a shawl maybe?
Please. 'Tis the least I can do.
And if you'd like to change now,
I can help you to wash the soot
from the one you're wearin'.
Thank you.
Is there anything
we can help you with, mistress?
Me and Kezzie could carry
what you've salvaged
up to Roger and Brianna's old cabin.
That would be nice.
Is there something else?
We looked everywhere
for your wee cheetie
in the woods, near the river,
but we havena found him.
I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere.
Of course he will.

I guess you'll be wantin'
to explain this, Mr. Bug.
I dinna owe ye an explanation
about anything.
[JAMIE] There's a mark
of the fleur-de-lis.
'Twas meant for Charles Stuart
was it no'?
[ARCH] Aye, 'twas.
And do you ken how it came to be
in your wife's possession?
Thieves burnt down my house.
I willna have any more on the Ridge.
I'm no thief.
Neither is my wife.
It's your own blood
that's done the taking.
Jocasta Cameron
and that bastard
of a husband of hers, Hector,
they're the thieves you speak of.
How so?
There were three of us
when the gold came ashore from France.
Dougal MacKenzie took one-third
and Hector Cameron another.
I was the third man,
tacksman to Malcolm Grant,
who sent me.
[JAMIE] The French gold
the lost Jacobite gold
it's here in America?
Aye. It is.
But it came too late to make
a difference to the cause.
So Grant used it for
the good of the clan.
I dinna know what Dougal did with his,
but Hector Cameron, he fled.
He was a traitor.
And his wife wi' him.
I only had to set eyes on River Run
to see where the gold had been spent.
But not all of it.
What I'm wondering
is how the devil
you found what was left of it
and got it away?
Each time I went to River Run,
I searched every cupboard, every closet.
Then it came to me.
Hector Cameron was no' a man
to part wi' anything
only for reason of bein' dead.
'Twas in his crypt with him.
So whenever I went to River Run,
piece by piece, I took back
what the coward stole from Scotland.
A man who takes from a thief
is made a thief himself.
[ARCH] I only wished to take it back
from the Camerons.
I am a man of my word,
Seaumais mac Brian.
I swore an oath to my chief.
And I kept it till he died.
I swore an oath
to the king across the water.
And I kept that too.
I swore loyalty to George of England
when I came upon this shore.
So tell me now, where does my duty lie?
You swore an oath to me too.
I am thinking now
that the oath that matters most
is the one I made to my wife.
Where is the rest of it?
Somewhere you'll never find it.
You are free of your oath to me.
Take your life from my hand. Take this.
Take your wife and go. Do not return.

It's all been for nothing, Murdina.
- He's sending us away.
- What?
I was chief tacksman once.
A man of worth.
And in my eyes,
that's what you'll always be.
There's no shame in what we've done.
I'm no' beggin' him to let us stay here.
No, sir.
We've spent years on our knees
scrubbin' their floors,
washin' their clothes
we've slaughtered their pigs.
We've served them their meals.
We've seen things
and yet we look the other way.
We've earned this, Archie.
This is our time.

Aye, it's him.
[YOUNG IAN] You think he hid
the gold there?
He's hid it somewhere we'd never find it
right under our noses.
Let him find what he's
lookin' for first.
Ye go behind him. If he runs, stop him.

Mr. Bug?
Arch Bug. Come outta there.
I would speak with you.

Mrs. Bug?
I need Arch.
I th thought she was
The the coat.
The hat [GASPS]

I didna ken.
I d I didna ken it was you.

She was always kind to me.
She took care of me.
Of all of us.
And I
And you were protecting Jamie.
But she protected me.
She kept our secret, Auntie.
Why did I do it?
The shot only grazed Uncle Jamie.
She's lyin' in there.
And I canna take it back or undo it.
And yet
I keep lookin' for
some way that I can.
Somethin' I can do to make it right.

Are you breathing, Ian?
I think so.
That's all you have to do for now.
After talking to Ian,
I had to take my own advice
put on a brave face, be strong,
and keep breathing.

Any sign of Arch?
No. I called out for him after.
There was no answer.
I looked around too.
Why would he hide the
gold under our home?
Didn't he worry that we'd find it?
[JAMIE] We never did.
Why did I not let her take it?
What did it matter?
wife of Archibald,
you'll be missed.
I hate that she's going to her grave
and things weren't right between us.

[LIZZIE] Mrs. Bug will be
the guardian now,
will she no', Mistress Fraser?
It suits her.
- [CLAIRE] The guardian?
- [JAMIE] Aye.
The last person to lie in a graveyard
becomes its guardian.
Must stand and guard
until the next person dies
and comes to take their place.
Only then can they rest.
What is a guardian
of the graveyard guarding?
And from whom?
Desecraters, charmers.
Even the dead may need defending.
Who better to do that than a ghost?
I wonder who the guardian was before.
Well, if it was the last person
to be buried here
that would be Malva Christie.
Well, Mrs. Bug is in charge now.
Malva can go home to heaven.
Mr. Bug?
I trust you wouldna turn an old man away
from his wife's funeral.
[JAMIE] Of course not.
I'd have her taken to her rest
with the proper observances.
Will you sing, Mistress Fraser?
I, uh
Yes, Arch.
Ave Maria ♪
Gratia plena ♪
Maria gratia plena ♪
Maria ♪
Gratia plena ♪
Ave ♪
Ave Dominus ♪
Dominus tecum ♪

[JAMIE] "Death, be not proud
Though some have called
thee mighty and dreadful,
For thou art not so.
Poor Death,
one short sleep past,
we wake eternally,
and Death shall be no more.
Death, thou shalt die."

Mr. Bug?
It was by my hand
that this woman of great worth has died.
I didna take her life by malice
or-or of a purpose.
And it is a sorrow to me.
I swear by my iron, a life for a life.
Too easy, lad.

Will you give me your hound to kill?
It was my crime, not his.
You see then?
He's naught but a flea-ridden beast.
Not a wife.
When you've something worth taking,
you'll see me again.
That I promise ye.

[CLAIRE] In the days that followed,
we tried to lay our sorrows to rest.
Arch Bug did not return,
and so we looked towards the future.

This place never ceases to amaze.
So, uh, I was thinking, maybe
you see that clearing there?
[CLAIRE] What, right over there?
[JAMIE] Aye.
I was thinking maybe that will be
where the new house will stand.
If you think it's suitable.
I didn't realize you'd
already thought of a spot.
Started thinkin' about it last year.
Kent that if anythin' should happen,
I'd be happier having considered
what might become of us.
It's good to plan ahead, I suppose.
[SIGHS] This is our home no matter what.
I sincerely hope
I'm not the one that has to do it.
But should the question ever arise,
would you like to be buried here
or taken back to Scotland?
I should be lucky
to be buried at all, Sassenach.
Much more likely I'll be drowned, burnt,
or left to rot on some battlefield.
Dinna fash.
If you have to dispose of my carcass,
leave it out for the crows.
- I'll bear that in mind.
- Hmm.
You haven't asked
what I want done with my body.
No. And I never will.
No, I canna think of you dead, Claire.
Anything else, but not that.
When do you think
we should start building?
Well, that's something
I've been meanin' to
speak with you about.
Keep thinkin'
about Lallybroch.
You want to go back to Scotland?
Something I must do.

I made a promise to my sister long ago.
I swore I'd bring Young Ian back to her.
This I mean to do.
Although the man I bring back to her
is not the lad who left.
God alone knows what
they'll make of each other.
Ian and Lallybroch?
God has a most peculiar
sense of humor, but
[SIGHS] With the war,
if he is to go back,
it must be now.
I think that's a great idea.
That's settled then.
We'll leave in a few months' time,
once our affairs are in order.
I'll speak with Ian and write to Jenny.
There is another reason to go, a
another promise, ye might say.
[CLAIRE] What's that?
Made a promise to myself
I would never face my son
across the barrel of a gun.

God, guide me with thy wisdom.
God, chastise me with thy justice.
God, help me with thy mercy.
God, protect me with thy strength.
And, God, please
Let me be enough.

Did you manage to get some sleep?
Aye. I did.
I had another dream of your time.
[CLAIRE] Mm-hmm? Was I in it?
No. 'Twas our lassie and the bairns.
Tell me what happened.
I saw them walk up
to the front door of a house.
Your Roger Mac was wi' them.
And they knocked and
a wee brown-haired woman opened it.
[CHUCKLES] She laughed with joy
to see them
and brought them in.
They went down the hallway.
And Mandy was a wee bit older.
She was well.
Did any of them call this woman by name?
They did.
Roger Mac called her Fiona.
Were they happy?
Oh, just at the last,
just before I woke,
wee Jem was messin' about,
pickin' things up and puttin'
them down as he does.
[JAMIE] There was a
thing on-on the table.
Didna ken what it was.
I'd never seen the like.
It was about this wide
and just a bit longer.
Something like a box,
maybe, only humped.
- Humped?
- Aye.
It-it had a-a thing on top
like a-a wee club.
Only wi' a-a knob on each end.
And it was tied to the box wi' a cord
curled up on itself
like a piglet's tail.
Uh, Jem reached out to pick it up
and said, "I wanna speak to Grandda."
[CLAIRE] It's a telephone.
You can talk to other people through it
across long distances.

I wish we could call them.
our letters will have to do for now.

[JAMIE] This is the last
of the gold I'm gonna melt.
We'll hide the rest.
you willna forget
which bag to load from, aye?
Dinna fash, Uncle,
I promise not to use solid gold
when we're huntin'.
Thinkin' what you'll say
to your ma when you see her?
[SIGHS] Aye.
Tryin' not to think too much.
Get a queer feeling in my wame
when I think of Lallybroch.
Why is that?
Brianna told me about this book
she read in school
that said once ye'd left home,
canna go back again.
I think maybe 'tis true.
I think you'll find your parents
much as you left them.
You may come as a greater shock to them.
I'm not that much taller, am I?
Personally, I prefer Robert Frost.
"Home is the place where
when you have to go there,
they have to take you in."
No wonder you're fond of her, Uncle.
She must be a rare comfort to you.
Yeah. She keeps takin' me in.
I suppose you must be home.

No one on the Ridge
kens of this gold's existence.
We canna let them find out.
If there's even a rumor of it,
everyone here will be in danger.
How did you find this place?
Uh, Jem and I came upon it
when we were huntin' one day.
'Twas a secret between us.
We agreed to tell no one,
not even his parents.
What, nor me?
A wee lad and his grandda
need at least one secret.
So why do you call it
the Spaniard's Cave?
On account of the current occupant.

[JAMIE] We found nothin'
wi' him save his armor.
And this. [GRUNTS]

"Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles."
- Certainly Spanish.
- Aye.
Was Jem scared?
I was.
We had no lantern wi' us.
I almost stepped on this fellow.
[CHUCKLES] Thought he was alive.
The shock of it was
like to stop my heart.
The wee lad had a good laugh.
Wonder how he came to be here.
Hmm. Murdered most likely.
[GRUNTS] There's a
another wee cave over here.
[CLAIRE] Perfect place
for hiding treasure.
[CLAIRE] You and Jem weren't worried
about being haunted by him?
No we said the proper prayer
for the repose of his soul
when I sealed the cave.
You really do know the proper prayer
for every occasion, don't you?
There's always a prayer, a nighean,
even if it's only,
"A Dhia, cuidich mi."
- Oh, God, help me.

[CLAIRE] "Dear Bree, we've decided
to leave the Ridge and go to Scotland.
Your father would like
to keep his word to his sister
and bring Ian home."
"He fears the forces of history
may deprive him of a later opportunity."
"But he trusts his Ardsmuir
men will take good care
of the settlers till we return.
We've asked the Beardsleys
to look after the site of the new house.
And I am teaching Lizzie
how to treat ailments
with herbs and medicines in my absence."
- [LIZZIE] Yes.
- Chamomile.
"Your father has insinuated
that I've selfishly
kept you all to myself,
so I will reluctantly allow him
the honor of closing this letter.
Until the next time, my love."
[JAMIE] "My dearest daughter,
it seems strange to ask you
to pray for the safety of a voyage
which will have been long completed
by the time that you learn of it,
but I ask it nonetheless."
"I think God takes no account of time."

"I wish to tell you of the disposition
of some property
that was once held in trust
by the Camerons
for an Italian gentlemen."
"It is unwise to carry
all of it with us
And therefore I've left it
in a place of safety.
Jem knows the place."
"If you should at some time
have need of this property,
tell him, 'The Spaniard guards it.'"
"He will know what it means."
"If you retrieve it,
be sure to have it blessed by a priest.
There is blood upon it."
So an Italian gentlemen
and the Camerons.
He must mean my Aunt Jocasta, right?
And Charles Stuart maybe.
He was born and raised in Italy.
Ended up dyin' in Rome.
If he does mean the Bonnie Prince,
then the property
There are stories in Scotland.
My people talk about
the lost Jacobite gold.
Some say it was divvied
up between clans.
Others say that it was buried.
And if Hector Cameron took some
and took it to America,
I guess that would explain
how they managed
to build their plantation.
And Jem knows where it's hidden?
No, that's not exactly what Da said.
Yeah, you're right.
Jamie would never burden anyone
with dangerous information,
let alone his grandson.
No, Jem likely doesn't know
anything about the gold,
just about this Spaniard,
whoever that might be.
He's never mentioned
anything like this to you?
Mm-mm. No.
We won't ask him, will we?
But I the-the letter says,
"If you should have need."
There's no need.
- I am a little curious, though.
- [CHUCKLES] Aye. Me too.
This is the stuff of legend in Scotland.
But no. Our family's safe.
This Spaniard, whoever he was,
can keep his Jacobite gold.
I mean, you know
it's supposed to be cursed.
Well, then he can keep the curse too.
Wait, wait, wait.
I-I don't want to read them all at once.
It's like once we've read them,
Mama and Da will be really gone.
We'll ration 'em out
when we get back to Boston.
We'll read each letter
when you feel the time is right.
[BRIANNA] Before we leave,
there's a place I'd like you to see.
[JAMIE] Have you, uh,
got a penny, a nighean?
Well, any sort of coin will do.
You must always give
money for a new blade
so it kens you for its owner.
- [CLAIRE] Its owner?
- And it willna turn on you.
Thank you.
The last one I gave you
was lost in the fire.
You'll need one for the journey.
And you'll feel safer
if you have it by you.
It's beautiful.
Dai Jones has a-a wee smithy
down near the fisherfolk village.
I had him forge and hone the blade.
Fashioned the handle myself.
Fits my hand.
Oh, one more thing.
You must always blood a blade
so it kens its purpose.

Blood of my blood.


[BRIANNA] Roger, what are you doing?
[ROGER] Just havin' a wee look.
[ROGER] Oh, Jesus.
- [BRIANNA] Are you okay?

[ROGER] I wish I could have
seen it in its heyday.
You would have loved it.
[KEZZIE] There we go.
Oh, he's doin' it.
Oh, boy.
[LIZZIE] This morning
he grabbed hold of my skirts
and pulled himself to standin'.
[JAMIE] He's a braw wee lad.
Just like his parents.
Oh, I'm sure he'll be thrilled
to have a new playmate
in the next few months.
[LIZZIE] I'm sorry, mistress.
First Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie,
and now you and Mr. Fraser.
That is too many goodbyes.
We will come back, Lizzie.
I, uh, dinna ken when exactly,
but we will.
Now, you all look after each other.
Especially you.
[KEZZIE] Aye, mistress.
Lizzie and the bairns
will want for nothin'.
- [COOS]
[JOSIAH] And we'll be sure
there's skins and meat enough
for anyone in the Ridge
who may find themself in need.
[JAMIE] Thank you, Josiah.
We best get going, Sassenach.
Young Ian's waitin' with the horses.

Bye, Lizzie.
Maybe if the bairn's a girl
I'll name her Claire
to keep me from missing you too much.

Looking for someone?
You were hoping you'd see them.
I know it's silly.
Definitely not silly
to long for the company of ghosts.
I'm really happy we're here
and that Mandy's healthy,
but I can't help missing them.
I want to see them too.
All right, well,
I could stay here all day,
but we should probably relieve Fiona.
It's almost Mandy's witching hour.
Ooh, definitely time to go.
We were just, um
Apologies. We'll be on our way.
Are you interested?
Excuse me?
Bloody wind.
Must have knocked it down.

[CLAIRE] Stop! Wait!
[JAMIE] What is it, Sassenach?
- There you are.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Oh, you're all right.
There's lots of birds and squirrels
here for you in the woods.
And Lizzie'll see you right with milk
and a warm spot by the fire.

Go now.
Go home.

- I'm sorry, Claire.
I'm not [SIGHS]
Don't worry, I'm
- It's just a cat.
- [JAMIE] Aye.
Aye, I know.
Now this will be a sign to all who pass
that they're entering Fraser's Ridge.

We will make it
back here one day, won't we?
I never thought I'd see
bonny Scotland again.
'Tis where we're bound.
So aye.
We will.

you will always be enough.


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